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7-15 6:20am Tommy, Jimmy Graham watch

Jul 15, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL sports reporter & producer Steve Geller about the latest with the Jimmy Graham contract negotiations

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But that we welcome and Steve Geller an esteemed member of our sports team is a Jersey guy but he's a friend of -- would welcome -- -- -- the area. Tell me about Jimmy Graham about the negotiations about the contract and some people call this the excruciating minutiae of NFL. Contract details. But other people say you know it is pretty important because you could be looking in at a situation that would severely affect the -- so take us from one end of the spectrum to the other. Yeah and getting and the whole sports industry I have this vision of fun. You know in playing games in actionable on the field stuff and it's all. Business exactly that reason you're not an accountant right absolutely units every day I'm talking about numbers now. I'll know -- lawyers out there that a fascinated by this there are. Accountants that are fascinated by this but like Q I like -- green football field like guys in each other and passes intact. Yeah and hopefully will be getting to that very soon training camp a week away a little over a week away will be in the West Virginia as soon and right now -- Graham. Where we've been in this holding pattern for ever now -- Farley at the deadline today. And from all indications everyone seems to be very optimistic -- fuel will be finalized today and like we've all been saying it comes down to the last minute and win. You know push comes to show. -- a deadline finally pay place the saints are gonna work something -- DeWitt Drew Brees a couple years ago and Jimmy Graham's agent is also. A guide that we heard from ESPN business analyst Andrew Brandt who was a VP with the Green Bay Packers. And as you know into the dealings with. Jimmy sexton he's worked with him before with other players right and says he's he's the deadline type of guy if things are gonna come down. To the deadline which were act today -- 3 PM and you know we can expect something I think in the nine and a half to ten million dollars a year -- we're hearing that -- will be the highest paid. Tight end in the history of the NFL so you have that -- and you know forty even though he's not getting top wide receiver money at twelve mini twelve in the year. He's still gonna be getting. I would say second year wide receiver money then but first here top tight end like account first -- tight and money and second year wide receiver money so when it and as since he still is getting paid like a wide receiver. Got to would take a break here we come back we'll talk about what -- but it's a big ask but what if they do not reach a deal by target and -- good negotiator. Really I I would guess not because my wife always wins it was a program director for awhile and and they want me to -- a guy out like ten cents an hour. And it Annika it was a good workers and it's like on the hotel in this town. And understand throughout the corporation it matters but I was at that point -- it -- -- that meant to be a manager because I think it's full x.'s whole negotiation thing. If if you. Pay me less than you wanted to then use Roland. -- assailants and so I'm. I'm -- this -- just pain don't don't try to screw me and and and negotiate -- down where you really think I'm worth twelve million to Eliot. Buy it and and try to get you for ten while if you think I'm -- while paying me twelve that whole negotiation -- -- decrees. Six when he four time for Traficant that we go to Mike. Tucker 628 Jimmy Graham deadline day. Both sides and that they'll probably reach yeah. Decision and and -- is gonna hang around NTELOS after the news what happens if they don't in. I guess the thing that we're talking about over the break is I hate the cold negotiating process negotiating process and and I get it I understand how it works again considerations with other employees in the business. He -- considerations with other players and salary cap in the NFL. So if you can if you can -- Jimmy. Down and unity to apply that to other areas not the players. However I think a case can be made that if your -- 75000. Dollars a year to a company. And they only want to pay you fifty in -- -- get another offer than they pay you 75. I would say that and there hose and you 125 because you really worth 75 to them that make sense to make things up and mine it. Known by our -- to say you have to I guess be. Believing yourself and your abilities and end up fighting for what you feeling her. Or have another place to go which -- brings suspected Jimmy Graham and he doesn't have another place coaches not right now he's -- he -- -- 31 other places to go just not. Right now or 32 actually if you can't count single unless the team wants the pony up 21 round draft picks plus pay him. The big the big dollars it -- a draft picks we'll continue our conversation at any comments or questions -- here immunity six 187 Neitzel three. 866889087. Grand Central station golden Graham David Blakey anymore. Now I was the only one I've looked grim reaper I every girl like it. How about that maybe -- come up with some names for this this contract negotiation and Jim Ingram 630 timely news and for that. We -- -- David David you know our primary responsibility is get people to work on some schools on on now wherever they're going to maybe it's time. The green -- But anyway on times if you're stuck in any of that traffic gets reports -- -- -- it to six when he sent me. Still free 866890878. And -- -- text here. WW owls and out telegram's. When Jimmy signs be artsy looking at it there. And speaking of -- and sign up for WL sports alerts. By texting the word sports 28787. In and you find out as soon as anybody else's money -- attacks comes in. From this I twelve pleaded his taxes just for beat -- springs exit. Cement truck in the trees on the side of the rock -- I too obese closed at Hammond did an accident I guess that's when they're talking about. And then there's another one that says Jimmy is Graham standing. Are. You out I'd Steve Geller a couple more minutes -- this tell -- Quickly if you William prediction honestly think happens. I think the long term deal will get finalized today we've been hearing that you know deadlines force things to get done I believe that I think the two sides. Tom wanna work things out there a saints once you meet your long term. Jimmy wants to be as saint long term in the end final. Our ticking down. Say a five year deal worth around nine and a half million per season about. 24. Million guaranteed a fraud. I we can't appreciate -- time Steve Geller and that's that's that's -- salary range here. Nine -- many years when he forming right yeah right around there for sure imaging and point four million up front and just for signing your name and just gone back to work. Be tough to do and thank -- -- Nice -- and he is always.