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7-15 7:15am Tommy, security districts in NOLA

Jul 15, 2014|

Tommy talks to Jeremy Deblieux, the President of the French Quarter Business Association, and Meg Lousteau, Executive Dir. of the VCPORA, about whether the French Quarter should pay for a security district

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy -- 717 talking about these. District security districts -- people vote to tax themselves they've already done it lake view in mid city and some other places. For increased police protection and again -- thank you when you talk about slow response times from NO PD and people waiting hours to get reports written. I just wonder if maybe the future of NO PD is almost a tier of services levels like cable TV where floor. Basic you you get tax where you can pretax dollars you get basic protection where. Response time's going to be slow not a lot of patrols. And if you want a report on Wednesday he might wait a couple -- dollars for that but then if you pay more for premium protection in the form of a security district. And maybe get -- police officers. To patrol around they had to respond quickly. And and to keep your area safer from crime merit meg -- joins us right now executive director of the thumb. The duke rape property owners residents & Associates. Organization and Jarrett Jeremy. W president of the French Quarter business association I get it right Jeremy -- Thank you lump Tellme. First off about the idea behind forming your own security district and who could pay Jeremy make somebody jumped in morning. This year. It's our board of directors for a quarter this association which were essential to safety -- quarter. Our board of directors was given India presentation about change. Wish chair of the security cash portion French Quarter and district -- -- the state chartered. Entity. -- -- -- security task -- the industry used police beat tea. Paid for partly by businesses and rations in the French Quarter and this is a pilot program. To Swedish programs outlined our organization. Is -- It would be a pilot program for six launched and engaged. It's effectiveness Schobel over its six month period. -- look for permanent funding -- action. Businesses and residents in the area -- paper that full time like is done in many neighborhoods. Ignorance. Meg -- the executive directors of Ukraine property owners residents & Associates on. -- I'll pay an extra -- for what should be considered or could be considered basic policing and other areas. I -- I get it ready cash and in your career are. -- because of how argument voluntary. In a position on this -- pertinent to what -- and that. I don't annually to agree that we ordered -- every question on a trip on a lack. And not only could sit in danger which are obvious but we endanger a can get back at -- -- -- situation. I'm so you know they're clearly need for long term solution which you get our -- pack up. And short term solutions you know what the deal out of it yeah stands at -- with a pilot program. I think and -- and Jeremy W is if we don't have enough police officers and they had a replies the different way of assigning them some of the other things we heard -- that. The police officers working too many details and it was tiring them out either regular ships etc. and trying to get down to. How is that with the limited police force. You can and get the protections that you need in one if you pay extra for it but not if fetus. A tax money Fleury -- -- -- and where these offices comment from an organ double shifts. You know cording to according to -- him she's had numerous conversations with -- -- Walsh. Rouge commander of the district. And they would try to work with in new. -- -- -- -- Secondary employment. Which handles details. To utilizing. District officer urged. In clear for our ships. In the Earl -- Shall not talking about built ships. I don't know that that the problems with the with the details system previous. Would add anything to do it all working officers as marchers some officers getting more war. -- -- -- Sure well in that case what you want picture would you want to same officer. Arms of the same a couple of offices group patrolling the the French Quarter so they would become from Mary was who it is it's there with a possible troublemakers are the merchants Saturn. Well let me ask you this in your neighborhood if you'll go higher detail officer which you wanted to eat sugar regularly work -- would. Definitely short shortly but you don't have that choice to. Well. They're going to be some negotiations with the officer of secondary or. To see. The first option can be given to -- district change. In this pilot program. So that would seem like. It would be violating the terms of the consent decree because. I thought it was supposed to be at random meg doing anything formula to go. -- thank you appreciate your time -- and Jeremy talk to you again.

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