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7-15 7:45am Tommy, security districts in NOLA

Jul 15, 2014|

Tommy talks to Freddy Yoder, the President of the Lakeview Crime Prevention District Board, about how the Lakeview security district works

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker -- WL talking about security districts there thinking about instituting one in the French Quarter where people pay it -- special tax district and they pay. For added police protection and again. From attacks -- get and I think some of viewers thinking I'm advocating this I'm not advocating it at all but I'm asking you. Looking down the line is this going to be the models to get decent -- police protection in New Orleans Arena dire in essence. A private police force. So watch jewelry -- neighborhood. Is going on for quite some time. In lake view and we're joined right now -- -- -- -- -- Freddie notre presently you crime prevention district board. Now Jordan tells me dropped off so we'll open phone lines a 26 1878 -- freak. 8668890878. Do you think this is what it's headed for. Because and I'm confused how you can't. The field enough officers. To recover the neighborhoods and provided decent response. Unless people pay extra reform and then you get the police officers. On DTL and you would think if they were available or detail work and maybe. They just work overtime and you get on the same prediction protection something's just not and up to me. Is he there and I Freddie notre presently view crime prevention district joins us right now morning Freddie. Good morning. Good thanks for taking the time with this. And I MI. Make himself up here if I look at. Mid city if I look at. Would you guys have done in lake you know the French Quarter considering it where. If you want really decent police protection you have to pay for it with text district. I'm an epic but it's about a supplement in the officers that this city you'll Torre has Sri increasing the presence ball on the street in order to reduce crime. That's what we that's a cooperative effort that we have between what we currently Q and maturity. And what goes on with the police department. So. Yeah I guess what I'm understand ready to pay a Maxtor right you Graham and a private details to come on do police work. We're not in commodity all of our employees of the city's law and just in general are. We weren't great -- -- among -- that your parents and sister in law center pacing all -- work or. Our patrols that -- in the time and and the city campaign and it won't. Well I don't think the city has the means -- -- -- think they're orange color that this as a supplement that people in late Q praise they are 112. So ear and goes to all and the board -- crime prevention boarded ministers. We -- commanders urgently and they. Benjamin. And he coordinates the officers at work on this special this -- patrol for a. Has the shortage of offices -- LTD in. And trouble recruiting new ones in the attrition that happens is that affected the availability of officers. -- it Hitler as a minor effect on it but we have a pretty good track record -- But being able to find the options that we -- not only on the opposite respond good officers conscientious -- -- -- same goals and aspirations we. That is so work for with the frequently. Do you get to choose what officers you want and because is not a detail. No we don't necessarily it to -- who we want but we do get department it would be an able to use Iran arrested over and over and sometimes we have new officers that are incorporated into programs child torture and accused same boxers and mixed. But it's not saying the same boxers Spain today. Who would always think the differences in the enhanced police protection that you pain for with the tax district as opposed to what you would normally get is. But it's all about focus on me at about. An area of late is too. And have been very very commander that does nothing but focus on that particular area ordinary -- officers -- in the hotspots move to different areas. And they are not drawn into that stereo like in the third it third extra interest. With the other churches of very large area that you all we have a smaller area within the larger number source of the concentration hasn't been. The offices that are working as part of the security district that have paid by the city after you guys tank she sells 125 bucks a year to provide -- The money of the resources. -- do you do day. Have the same. Known trying to say privileges as an on duty officer they make arrests today. Respond -- calls are urged to do the calls -- -- the main switchboard you guys have a direct number to the officer. No the reason back in 1997. When that -- formed. And then in kind late 97 -- related decision to uses -- department in -- little apps such security district. That was exactly the reason we made that decision they are all tied to the same network to -- Radiant Systems. Mail and instant calls. Whatever goes out over the air the ball was -- also grew out of the year for our production surged so whatever lease sale there or whatever several players -- by virtually everybody. Anybody can respond to a depending on the urgency. Yeah I guess a question I was asking is do the lake view as security district offices as such as -- QB Minh city wherever do they work for you. Or do they work for NO PD meaning if there's a a call in in the Ninth Ward that requires action would would they go to that are would they say no this is. Where -- where assigned to the security district -- people are paying for. The officers that work for a stay within the footprint globally cute currently -- area they do not go outside that area that is virtually by contract that we have which Indian law. But in terms are -- arrest procedures they are on the clock officers and can do any of that. They can do anything a normal police culture can do conceptual -- Got to does it you. Well let's -- it in 1998. Problem started this over 330 usually are crimes in that your. We got on the books right now and actually got seventy. So -- you know we have had we -- have considerable drop in crime significantly I'm talking about. Hundreds of percentage that we dropped twelve percentage points and -- just in the two month period. So you know this is the key to. Making the streets and not only link cue ball below sacred -- -- the seven other security districts that important serie a compliment that -- -- saw the police department and helping them murders are crimes as well and they were able to get country tradition that we aren't normal police officers redo on streets in their particular neighborhoods. Sure crimes -- ago -- -- over a prime example. The one thing that is our biggest concern right now is. It's it's a model that works as a model that is proven to work and Natalie war but work -- well beyond our wild strange. And that model can go out into other areas but to consent decree that has been in the news in the talked about it all locked apartment just as we are working with him. We are working with them and they ought to try to help them understand how this is such a compliment -- -- important aspects -- -- crime prevention and battle electorate at all of the -- laws and you don't need to change you don't need full with the we are not indeed. We -- remote and we talked in the French Quarter people earlier now I think they were under the impression that. It would be a details though is do you know if anything's changed in Freddie or maybe they didn't quite know how it works and are you working with them and all the help set this up. Are different quarters different deal for a quarter use the jail -- they say they -- officers directly I don't have a contract with -- loans. They they use that detail boxers that are available. -- not set up the way we are we buyer complete score or commander. In -- -- pay the states that you suppose all social we are actually going to be electric market so like per quarter so it. It's a different animal and you're talking about creating this is ready I appreciate your time -- really do thank you forget the work out.

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