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WWL>Topics>>7-15 8:15am Tommy, Graham signs a contract

7-15 8:15am Tommy, Graham signs a contract

Jul 15, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL NFL analyst Mike Detillier about Graham signing a new contract

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker real quick before we get to Jimmy Graham we're talking with the cold front coming through and somebody texted in Tommy the temperature will be too bad that the windshields to be around eighties and and radiate which declined. Kinda funny 816 -- detail EA joins us right now our NFL insider -- WL. NFL analyst college football expert Mike and you've seen the tweet from Jimmy Graham and we think. It's -- done this undated. It's that can be partly. Deadline or reason it's funny wow where it's normal that low organic. In the group Greek situation. It came down the last couple days I think it was two days -- brigade who ordered deadline got a deal done. Thing to watch your with decorum issue and and I always felt. And get a view of -- -- fifteen it was how global -- shot. -- Graham doesn't wanna play that one year on gender something happens being held physically. You go -- Ordered them. At the award the top player at a position that. It's called being reported very. Got that out all grown up. Got -- and it was great fight as old balls could I got the full grown. In that position. -- that guaranteed money. We pay our enemy is in a well. When it's also done. And look at -- -- a -- look at not that guarantee. Crack wise. It's -- guaranteed money and match our secure credit he. Jimmy Graham Jimmy -- Thanks walk and on ground that note I did it ever seen book or not about. Money. A million dollars and that is the most important thing. Where -- Horry football player. That. Back to a lot to ask you talk about cabinet -- Mikey through your experience and is there. Trend when he comes of players sign in the big contract that. You know I hate to call and allow all or that for whatever reason this season the following doesn't turn out too well former they're a little off or is that just. We remember the ones that that happens to and we don't remember the ones that had the the blockbuster season after send big contract. -- members of the moment a lot hurt and and any. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Help him. I mean it should you. In that vacuum that we remembered -- -- that real well. According back from my. Contract. Really. Quick. Like. That and -- for -- act or. And what is that day. And it. Go out our sport or. Right and -- The national -- Gently drop ball. But the weapon out this way to this. Out. Debra you played Blatche are. Would that in April and looked. Oh yes some. What players and may adopt. The guys. Of it -- -- at the same level. I think upgrade from the court. -- -- -- -- Local. And numbers. Act or -- Thank you Mike I appreciate your time -- -- talk a lot between now and one February guess in the super doubles over right here today.

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