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7-15 8:20am Tommy, Graham's new contract

Jul 15, 2014|

Tommy talks to the Big Chief Deke Bellavia, co-host of Sportstalk, about Graham's new contract

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I tell me to not care if we get Jimmy Graham tweeting it's official I'm leading black and gold this morning thank you detonation girls support which. I'm presuming his big chief Deke Bellavia joins us right now that means it's done a big chief. -- -- -- -- I'm glad I'm glad that they got on Thursday night at 4 o'clock through a -- popular morning and so we we take him. -- you get an idea with -- key might have been inning in his honor wasn't always -- again like a fait accompli a done deal of the bulls point and we just dickering over numbers. You know. Used that they -- sport become an approach I got an opinion but. Company outlook expert tree and Internet called prophet warned that because. It into. He's now he had been in a real. Analysts in a pot of Green -- act at all he negotiated. Long term view that bridge -- -- his career you know the deal to buy into an object to own -- he. Utilities and I don't quit your day all the -- It is ought to give an account cop what -- of -- and integrate and he is negotiator. You -- make you look at the albeit. Negotiate an -- Have been done -- I heard Ian. -- -- you don't always have people come out. -- -- -- you -- appeal means you want people to explain it in hopeful. It would appear OK -- Would you eat what kind of put in the situation. -- -- -- -- going to. And on the and how that can be read -- group told -- The deal with the appeal credit will be more -- -- -- look at and the people Matt what do what do they could appeal. What did -- you know between appeal. Of the popular -- I now that now that he you know we we here would no details yet on numbers or anything that he has reached a deal in the saints and all their bodies on the same page. What does conversation turned to Jimmy Graham and his performance toward the end the last season play and hurt common backed. I think you know we note on the everybody point toward a bad out. -- about -- -- Altamont -- and when and how broken these old spectrum -- one point you know when you look at people who look good potentially great compound there are moments when they cannot go to great pick up more than when a moment to put a great cookies can -- Inaudible particularly rich -- and again Jimmy Graham and Seattle. Seattle -- actual patient pretty much you can lead -- economic people he would be one of the best. A political position I have a full out there and look at I look at it kind -- seat included in the corporate parent want there. You are in their -- touchdown reception in a guerrilla -- -- -- -- -- And you're -- rhetoric about what to tie and what you retrieve all alone when you look at this bad comedy writer and actress -- good tidings to all group together. And it's kind of put an arbitrage. And -- them at all of those play this year and he's the best the -- -- -- -- terrible into the season in order and the only country in the wannabe and eight in game our morning. I would say I'm an entry in me maybe a little give -- -- economic come out but. He won't be here love. And obligated by critics. They -- deal got -- especially when you consider. 88 operate out of and operate. And considering. You know NFL in any any football really is the action and reaction that doesn't mean those guys and have the same success against him next time. -- absolutely -- and again you know. Got a lot of pain in -- you know you can get. People look at what they call on the street the character and all greedy sometimes you've. Got rid of the -- that communicate fear. Good team to potentially on critical. -- could. Be a special change. It's -- additional -- air in the championship will feed on its fees and I don't know go all out -- that what sort of revenues despite a disability and. -- tell you what it did when I think Jimmy Graham I think him dragging people and in the end zone from 567 yards out Greg -- soldiers waited. The new Wallin saints confirmed that the team has agreed to terms on a multi year deal with tight end Jimmy -- I think. -- call an official. -- hit a pitch pay it prepares it appears and then that -- -- -- -- Have been all I have to bring in needed a big current date -- because of all what looks to -- what could be ancient theaters specialty. So it's only about sports to market in which a -- coming up. Well. Will be in about Jimmy Graham -- -- -- on my immediate days and Alabama the close you know well all right now Belichick. Kamal are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The big. A great deal on the -- or any well post training camp the elbow in O'Keefe gym and out traveled out Sunday to do on Monday and the in the week and that -- can't -- what. Ultimately increase Bjorn. Opposition groups trying. I don't think it would be beyond the realm of possibility that you talked to Jimmy Graham this evening. No I. Looting we already killed promising we gave them radio show I'm sure -- -- You'll be excited about -- and I'm not sure what he could be gone he really critical situation maintain you know. I am not an open and he's been in the granite and if you got -- -- -- to go looking it as a great player models for the and that. And a good guy and implement changes almost -- he did -- We had a chance to spend some time within a couple of christmases ago for four hours news impressed me is just. As nice and courteous a young guys you could sign an iffy if anybody had a reason have a big head it would be him and as -- -- opposite he did not. Now he's a humble -- and now he's you know I think people feel install or if you're making a move about -- -- one day. They -- thank you date we'll get you to play the part of being chief Deke Bellavia. -- type -- thank you sir have a good afternoon listens this evening on sports talk.

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