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7-15 8:45am Tommy, Graham signs

Jul 15, 2014|

Tommy talks to Clark Judge, a senior writer and NFL insider, about the Saints and Jimmy Graham reaching a new deal

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

First and goal from the seven accident I tailback Thomas. More wide right Colston wide left. Graham to the right side of the formation throwing it right but Jimmy Graham and we're. I want this done -- with a touchdown. And a seven year. On strike is Jimmy Graham takes the football for the -- Since planks of the draws his first touchdown grab. Of the season. That's against Atlanta last year Jimmy Graham of course we'll be able to do the spike this year because of the new. NFL rule outlawing that in nine I think against Atlanta things matter fact is when he damaged the goal posts and had to slowly game down to a to straighten it out anyway very happy to have him signed sealed and delivered at least that's what their buddies saying Clark judge. Joins us right now senior writer and NFL insider for the sports exchange in morning Clark. Nice to talk to you tell me your reaction Jimmy Graham being signed and what it means for the saints. Well I'm not surprised honestly I mean when all of this. Suspense going now what is it matters -- -- that he's not mean honestly it made perfect sense for both parties. That he would get a deal done he's an indictable player to the things they needed. That said. Which he gonna play for that the tender and -- an injury for one year hoping to get along to deal -- need to make any sense to -- -- We contacted the laughter which I think as the average roughly nine point five million a year the top dollar it would put him at the top of the tight -- class. Made perfect sense to me and I remember going to that W that would -- human people technology and society -- of course you can sign the centerpiece of that that organization of course. Jimmy Graham is not the centerpiece Drew Brees is the commitment not far behind at the plate that he needed and he knows who want the long term deal with them talk. -- so it seems to -- Clark you know fans can be fickle again a couple of people here that. For whatever reason have turned on Jimmy Graham currently leasing and -- -- alligator arms in the playoffs that he would use punch human amount that the line of scrimmage and having seen some of the plays that he made not just athletic is in the region over the pylon that we answered but I can't remember numerous please him dragon people 567 yards. Sometimes scores sometimes just to get a first down. I don't understand how anybody can question. His toughness and granted he had trouble against Lee Manning and Sherman but I would think that something you learned from and and do better next time. But the only definitely had some problems if you'd term it means that happens flippant -- can't be. An all pro every game Jimmy Graham it is good to get the deposition and for those credit. Who. -- on his case for either this contractor of this past performances that David in the thinks about it. Go ahead play sixteen game that he liked it. I thought better with him in the lineup than without him and I he. He he he's he's an app that that you really want to have that without and you suddenly reduced seemed to -- adopted he's no longer. They Drew Brees were used to he's looking for -- -- target that sometimes are always there Jimmy -- it is good. A red zone predators out there has good eight medium and intermediate target -- on the -- Clark we've always enjoyed avenue is -- guess now and a senior entering in the talk radio. We. Typical art show and once a week or two dollars want to. It's like that -- no defense of bag covering in the NFL once we have two hours. It is down like. You know vacation you do it -- myself. Started out you know onto a lot more on the -- -- of the Dallas morning news for the treatment Altman electorate -- -- and then do it. But we -- web site with it is well -- called the talk of main network so it's something we've been working on the last year and I'm pretty excited about it yet but we can contribute I mean absolutely not. No doubt about talk about it. That's about competing and just talking about two -- four hours by yourself as opposed the you know two hours got a whole studio full of people and just did -- Clark I think you -- do great added in. Where do you find a hall of fame what does it. Well aware we got so we we are going through affiliates right now we're gonna happen. Close -- -- hundred signed by the time we launch later this month Tommy's and a but yet but we will launch later this month but for people looking. For -- atop the same network dot com and you can read a story there. And is that it offers historic conference with the symptoms Seattle they're a part of that register remained president -- -- epic. In any case it's something where putting together now and it said the -- that have been covering football combined. Or over a hundred years so -- -- a hall of -- board selected and that's -- -- -- it but all the pain and a perspective on a lot of things that I will be honest with you. We're gonna have a shall we talked about tight end Jimmy Graham will be one of those that we talked about. And where they will be in ten years with Jimmy Graham in politics -- Antonio Gates Jason -- people like. Tommy with Jimmy Graham signed sealed and delivered what are where what is saints attention turn now some people's and most talented saints team member but. Are there any glaring weaknesses -- need to be addressed. Well that. It what you gotta do what you gotta catch up with those two teams that the topic the the leaderboard and Gary you're conference unfortunately and that. -- sit still and -- but I would -- that the development in the candidate Tommy. On Seattle and you know that that without being in Seattle last year and you and I talked about it before and it said that it can't -- you know the and it it was. But they killed them in there and certain companies -- we before and -- -- -- and that's the fact that work. I Natalie competitive -- was -- into the teen Internet be the best team and it fell in a ball but he never lose Obama never was about the cardinals last year. That chilled -- the distinctive very close. Getting it done I think he needs -- at the wide receiver position coming in the -- and that to -- was the key. -- the angry of course -- the expertise -- the -- victory. But it needs to be on the outside. And done it now deceased and productivity that. I think they're right there can be when you're talking about the top of the I'm an adult now I I includes Seattle. And insensitive go along with you want -- you want to -- there because he demonstrated it play out. Now being -- some weaknesses and honestly admit that I am very very well. Thank you clock I appreciate your time and a lot. But -- you that we'll talk to again Clark judge senior writer NFL insider for the sports exchange.