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7-15 9:10am Tommy, homelessness in New Orleans

Jul 15, 2014|

Tommy talks to Vickie Ryan, Executive Director of Grace at the Greenlight, and David Bottner, the Executive Dir. of the New Orleans Mission, about the homeless problem in New Orleans

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is a good day include Atlanta as it is certainly Jimmy Graham to be there ready for signed up happy everybody getting go to green -- and and have a great training camp then come back in the pre season here and remain Willis and a month away and -- receive our game today. Our football is coming back man and it is makes you happy be here be a saints fans let's get a cold front -- -- up. Villagers in them but 99. And like so many Texas earlier Winchell of 88. So. Take the necessary precautions. Exactly I don't think there's any need for pets pipes -- plans tonight. And that's my ability atlas human -- Collison. Dry dry -- -- run at it gets right. Right to our edge and then stops Deanna what he would do that. Wait till October Whittle Halloween -- cool. And it's true. -- -- I -- it is uncomfortable also for the people letter living under the pilot training expressways in and now we're hearing reports of aggressive panhandling guests almost. Approaching. And -- -- shake down nor is. It's close to it -- life I've talked to friends of mine. That have had trouble with that in in recent months and one guy practically. Climbed right in the car. Really yeah. And that's where there's that fine line between asking for how open an extortion almost Stewart. Robbery whatever -- to talk to David but right now executive director of the greater new loans mission. And Dickie Ryan executive director of -- at the green light in one question I have David and animal I don't mean as David up Blake Ellis and I mean this flip Bentley. Is when this Super Bowl was here in David -- some people at a homeless as we walked in in the morning. It before the super ball over two weeks before they were gone and yeah I don't think you could find a homeless person into long ones and then. The morning after the Super Bowl got. That they were back in and I'm not trying to be flippant when I say this but you'd like to know. Where they go and how did they get back so quickly in maybe David Wagner -- Dickie Ryan can help us right now good morning folks. There are more holes thanks for taking a time when this bomb I guess we'll start with the situation. Under the -- trying to expressway because just in my eyes it would appear as though. -- gets in I don't know there's a pejorative term cleaned up let the good people are gone and then they come back hundreds and reds and then before you know it you have a big problem. -- and reports I read talking about pretty bad smell under there aggressive panhandling and satirist so. I don't know who once starred David or picky with the state of the of the get a place there now. I'd certainly speaks that typically see your questions at -- C Super Bowl yeah. The amazing work that we had done several organizations. Prior to -- Opel. Tickets all of these. Stretched -- cleaned up and -- get those folks in here are shelter as well a couple of markers. On and that's where where they would -- you are shall we we eat. We're -- Max capacity. A couple weeks prior Super Bowl and brought it excite. It's an opportunity to help more people -- and those men and women began to get sobering equally. -- what happened wise. Unfortunately. It was not at NC and -- and and where a lot to go back to old hat. And immediately issues stated. The air this -- -- wind and it was moved back then too and and the folks that we will work in winners and we're beginning trying to -- light. They could well. At the bit they can scroll back up under the bridge and then they -- allowed to do that before you know that is 120. Two under its back on that. So it's a matter of enforcement David a law enforcement and is there something that. -- the police did or could do to force the people from under the expressway into your shelter. Yeah that they export into the shelter. But they certainly. A leash -- it backgrounds. And I'm not allow men and women choose that so then they had nowhere else to go and that's when you give -- shelter. And it's a great opportunity to help them to transform lives to PR to perform their creative per. Which pollutes the enemy you don't want anybody under that country and expressly. Know. Dickie Ryan executive director of grace that the green light well why does this keep happening in your opinion. And -- Great that the -- -- Providing. Our outreach. Logo can be and primarily. Doing it and why it should be a program on them they. Don't water distribution general straighten it legal. Our approach. Or outrageous debate. And the ways that we feel very strongly about -- connected. Agreed to -- or object that there aren't. And it's always. Been the story on how to that you will look at what the point where they are. One thing that say that you. Read in court. Situations involving chronically. There -- species. Irritation with issues on. A solution. -- why a lot of it is. People make that promise to -- Out -- Cha. Com and they come program content over a lot of people -- programs where that money. On it in the it could -- go. The self determination. The wind. To get them all shall be fooled me why why why. Shall. At how well like now it would you do. Within. -- -- And so that it will take advantage. You know. Are. Like eight and it. Used to call -- Provided it. But it would speak -- our own goal in. Each. Of the story. What should at Oakland. And under stay one children that they do and and and reach into the community. The court in which one. -- that -- so much. -- Two on and that they had it of people that relationship on the -- Is Iran on water -- there they're sanitation facilities. War is not -- -- out there and do it to be able to use opera. We're going to -- it out a lot. Lot of volunteers. Help me in the war. Part of the solution and not a part of the problem. The -- and the wait and let me. -- -- The rate would like. Them that only. That but the clock and the lean on when it comes -- -- -- -- -- That they can go on global. -- I was doll which you use our. -- -- -- -- issued a -- of the people honestly believe it. -- Ago. I'd be okay let me get -- again let me give -- timing it would seem to -- like would assume normally did have a place to go which is a new long -- nation and I don't think. Anybody on public property has a right to live and total and complete squalor and aggressively panhandle people at that -- go -- as she talked about self determination -- but at some point. I think -- to take the public goodwill into effect. And -- will be aggressively panhandling others that are driving along that area to it to be I guess two and a bathroom business on the street to have no sanitation facilities. That I think you're talking about a Third World country and don't think that's self determination David why why do you think somebody would choose to live. Under that that -- -- expressway in squalor -- It did not I guess would -- he was talking about in your place not on being able to come and go how Willie please why do you have like the police body of the rules in your shelter that you do. What to treat that. First one. I understand it I do agree. That there is a lot. Mental stability. With some folks there on the rich. Part -- re why. They are in that. Ability. Relief. From their childhood. And is an -- -- And the -- Which as you were not Bode Miller and law. So what we -- it. It will gay is okay. You know law life I don't know because you have mentally. We act structure in life. We outlaw. Got her car and because. They and lead people choose the path. Of I -- in which cooperate eager and what they're currently living. Light the -- you have reached three week. Our goal. Connect with people to promote change. And not leave here we're at our. -- and I recognize. That he's not here. They're community. People. There is sure. -- And it related. In this very. And they were like say. And there will be out. Under the upgrade is not. There -- an. Artery. Every day and we don't talk. In that whole time people that leader David -- Yet women who live there. There is there are vulnerable. There. -- There are ill with one another growth. Under that -- It that we -- Equal. And printing and -- now we are world. It got -- By god. And -- -- law. No lately and I. They want to crank so -- -- and again and show the real life it works well -- here. The Super Bowl and -- -- that you're not your. He -- It was a great or has got together. And -- to work together to promote change. We did not the law as we said this as the solution. Different. -- He's the only Clean. Air Act. And what happened what we -- and -- Hat or after three weeks. If you're at and -- -- that person can. You'll see each ally. I ate dinner in connection over our people from shop there and help the Sherry they were I'd get. Told they would work. They were Baylor suicidal. We're Bert than that it. To equity in the state. Where people should and it -- And that it be cool not that may -- portable. And let them do whatever they do -- -- and he'll trot. -- com. -- promoting should mean more polite not making you comfortable where you'll. I will pick it up here we come back and I think you answered it techsters question which uses their strategic plan. For the homeless southern just put out fires -- gets real battered just. Maintenance it to be underneath the media radar well -- underneath the radar is we're talking about in. David and -- I presume you'll take calls from people at 260187. Until 3866889087. In. Very good on you and talk to either David or -- do you have some different ideas when it comes of them homeless. Specifically into the punch -- expressway I would love to hear front. Tommy Tucker coming back under the W. Tommy Tucker 927 talking about the homeless situation under the punch train expressway. -- hang on a mullet to talk in the second year but I Google. Just -- entry. Interest on homeless punch train expressway have signed an article from October. Of 2011115. Homeless people living under the punch -- expressway removed 85. Went to respite housing twenty placed in shelters. Ten put on buses and when you talk about lawless action David I understand the part about rapes and and robberies and assaults and murders but. The DeWitt did Kenneth city do something they keep this from happening time after time after time when could be as simple as put an offense up and saying you can't go in here. I think that would be your great solution but the problem. They they will migrate to another. -- show. Eight at eight collaborative. Actor where the master. Which only -- nations have to go out get involved and the ones that we can help. -- -- The ones that or education and health and and and then I think it where it can sit there with this -- is clear they were actually great change. They hear it there are couple people out there they're torn. There would be very difficult to get off the street to do anything else prepare our harper. -- can we control work there there. And facilitate change I really believe that in having -- -- as well and seeing it. Then your -- but they're very comfortable. In their option. In their environment -- Getting their needs met with one -- out there. I'm sure we Parker that can be that they -- they're beatable. At noble goal. A -- don't I don't flip out here we got the news coming -- -- -- has long. As long as you need I don't you commentary that phone as well as he can come into a phone in my throat I don't want that to happen to handle on. We got the news coming up let me ask you vote is real quick before we take the news -- -- news story from October of 2111. Says Maryland -- established a homeless services working group to develop and going to the text we got a system a systemic solution homelessness in new long ones. Now represented as a business criminal justice's health care higher education faith based government nonprofit. Neighborhood in Philanthropic. Sectors did you all ever hear anything from -- group or about. A a systemic solution homelessness and -- -- -- with you first had him. On certain. In the evening and I mean. On the court -- -- -- problem what we aren't the police department to regain our home city park. In the action at all -- -- Primarily on screening group. I mean I don't always working with the Hispanic I I say -- at that particular purpose. Right David gallust -- ranting about mayor's homeless services working group. -- it -- Formed an aligned. With each Jack what you'd get at it headed up by eight. And Trulia. It and beating war together collectively. And that's why -- means. A major change in the number of homeless open of course that passed out -- -- -- one. That initiative like start it at the -- Thank you both will come back tee and a second cyber -- WL first news now talent here from the audience into 601878. Till 3866. 8890878. Tom are you bothered by the situation under the -- -- expressway have you ever been aggressively panhandle. And is it just an eyesore to you or is -- a problem that actually. Touchy you and one way. Or the other and and when it comes in general homelessness in new -- that seems to me. Like the cities somehow uses the punch train expressway is a collecting area and then when. When he reaches number I don't know if it's as tablet share not let go over a hundred then they decide to do something on -- we'll talk about it we come back right now they'll likely say. David Blake -- WL persons I Tommy Tucker talking about thank you David talking about the homeless people and community if you will under the -- -- expressway -- and I would invite you to Google. Homeless and concentrating expressway because of the timeline. It's an annual event apparently November 2 money twelfth. 55 people staying under the constant expressly told that they had to -- February 2014. If people -- -- -- contrary expressly told that they had to leave now here we are June of two when he fourteen -- due July actually Tony fourteen and and and other problems so Dickie Ryan tell me if you think it's acceptable and you can refute whatever or respond to whatever David said. I should tell people were talking to David Wagner executive director of the new loans mission Dickie Ryan executive director of Greece at the green light. I had a question like a lot of people did about the homeless in a wall and and where they go in the Super Bowl came to town and and why were they back the day after in Davidson that's because they were told. That they couldn't hang around in essence and that they wound up in the shelters -- David says he was able to do them. I he shelter at least a lot of good but then when they were able to go somewhere else they left in every bit of good that he had done. You went down a drain pretty much David accurate or not in this for announces. Yet except that the sheriff that. I'd Vicki tell me now where you are -- -- And I must start by asking you do you think this is acceptable under the -- -- expressway do you really want people live -- like that. We don't want people in my opinion that heard talk that people everyday chop. -- that -- at how. Quickly she. On the part of why. Don't they. Should all went home. For by four in a different. In the -- long we -- strategy. Now. Eight which -- goal of getting the job and it. How are getting getting out in the service that. I and although. Common goals and strategy. And date and the agent for the work that they do -- they are nickname. Actually. 82 the problem that I belong here. And a lot of you know call allegation that and tighten that didn't. Count it in -- -- -- -- -- And individuals. Are. About. Change reached -- not committing crimes not pain and shell of what they know. Community life where all. Of all protect. Demonstrate every street. Corner you've connected it. -- wallet is a lot of negative. Probably because of understanding. That there are people would help. You or is while it -- in making a different week by the content will be part. Great in the the green light I'm sure they update -- On. But typically -- it -- -- a lot of button hole. And it. How early and initial situation. All -- and an -- about her daughter out. -- living like a lot -- I got to the yeah yeah. Maybe apple never encountered. People who work. Hard for her job and how. -- -- comfortable with -- but. It. I get -- -- and at this story from Tony eleven -- -- 115 people were removed and and as I said someone to shelters others were put on buses to be reunited with family members. -- one -- -- the one if you do we know if these are predominantly local people. Under the country expressway these people that came from somewhere else and and is there another gathering place or resist. I'm not trying to be flippant here when I say it is is a place to go if you're homeless. The combination. Of trying to calm and go about -- Waiting for collected by the they are they like -- -- and quite frankly a lot of what I what I heard. I'll talk about. The people that the united even know. At -- a lot of the ninety. -- you know I'll call it would be that com that no connection -- -- and New Orleans at all from what act. There I let me just say -- here in and I took a try to you know think of things apparently but. If we had a plan that worked for the Super Bowl. I don't know why in the world we wouldn't stick with that plan because David would would did you did people feel as though they were confined to were prisoners in your facility. What I'm sure that there is absolutely. Eighty. Be a problem waiting -- begin to complete freedom you can drink you can use struck -- every street if you want. Yeah indeed retire. -- Mardi -- comparison but you get my point. Right here okay in the morning you got it up you've got to do chores. And then work in the interview at some training clash or you're. He spoke at that we vocational. Class. We have jobs right you're an admission that we go secure and they start giving aid all the work that. We -- yeah so yeah that it would -- -- change. Triumph waking up and laying around to -- structure. And I at the end that you made a great point reality different. Approach our approach is to. Get someone walking through their creative -- that. -- bit when they get into. Eight and then. Campbell saying that. On Iran certain they they'll just wait. For someone and the -- yet. We we rarely do that grant approach to promote change. And that is really what we facilitate the -- mission. Sure yet that is probably shovel would be -- years. And that's where if your goal and not. Your apple not to tell -- in your mind and put down the drugs. And there's a lot or organizations. There will take. Different approach and I'm not saying good battery -- there on. What I know that we see that the war mission and we want you more. And I really birdies that we can tackle it up and cleanup -- and discouraged. If that's what I. One can. Predict it caught this eighty billion they're now. And so if we can create a date your commissioner. And change may be the facility a little bit to make more of an -- sure that people don't have to leave there and that they want a program. It. -- and -- -- get there and there's a lot of solutions. Bet we can bring to the table that would be immediate exit over the next ninety days the six months of the permanent. Then replace a place. Real quickly. I liked it and eat eat eat -- and -- -- like it -- -- outcome volunteers. -- right about here in London where. He beat me. -- people get. That kind of lose out and there -- sure we. And they claimed a -- -- the next two month quarter. But why now we we medications that. We kept that. We have all. Health issue. -- Out reached well why. We are all currently rent like what I am saying. He wouldn't have let a -- Bring them here. When you -- I'll pay you are bit eat right now Easter. Where the public doesn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ridder corporate speak for walk across the street. -- and her shirt and one -- do they shouldn't even Neil. You're -- You're -- connection at that we are. David and thank you shell island. -- couple we are -- here clinic we. Diet meal we clinic real true that they. And her. -- century. We churches that we park there. We helped -- all that well for him to. In what your issue. Should your anger. One another -- -- I definitely and it. Certainly agree that we do get there at that compensation and on -- but what I say is that we know. We -- hectic lately he's got -- he's got more. -- we need more. We need more info at the capacity situation that they. And situation we need more. We we being out Oakmont. We could -- there. We we we we could get more. -- in which shall meet we re. Seeking. Re. Is it you act to call. Eager well let me rattle any Carolinians route to -- on restart and -- may provide me a bit in common. It down and shouldn't -- And any of the news there well and I -- mean I only cholesterol problem. That they I don't know sound you certainly aren't rational. Stay part of -- -- you're a one bit but he's got some different. Between our sport and you are. I don't mean this is sound flippant but you know we're not -- -- animals here but in terms of behavior if you keep feeding somebody under the bridge. Is there any incentive to go like your time of the day room Dave -- -- to go and avail yourself of shower facilities etc. and and they can't get askew the -- seems to me like just because you don't wanna help yourself you can't you can't live on history and become a nuisance Steve thank. You see what you mean absolutely approach is. Nobody that -- approach it. Report to get people -- don't try to be elegant thing to do now. To create our cats say. They. Mean we give people like this. It was can feel they're Hagerty. And didn't see it that. Simple expecting. More services at this point we've -- -- -- -- Where they come in -- And shouldn't eat out is where the dollar night we have a full court -- Our brain we gotta we gotta take a break you grow gradually come back on talking about a couple of different things one. I knew coroner in the corner new loans as the one who handles mental health issues. And secondly about it. Composition of the people under the hot -- expressway. In terms of veterans how many veterans around there will take some phone calls as well Tommy Tucker talking about a homelessness under the punch -- expressway. We'll be right back on that -- have you. I Tommy Tucker talking about homelessness under the punch train expressly David but they're very quickly your take on. They composition of our revenue corner what difference that'll make as far as treating mentally ill people. What you know I'm not as for me with -- and as I would like to be but I do know that any help. With the mentally. And stable that we -- -- it's going to be a great blessing to this community. Amen thank you David in quickly do you -- you veterans under the punch train expressway any ideas to what. How how many veterans around there. Count count. Me in that. Age cop war -- job. Who are indeed a how to spend that -- -- -- like anyone is interested in the advocated without. About children need volunteers that were in the group helped but it pops up what you've -- what -- -- We all in the form -- -- additional money and a lot of individual Cheney Cheney and cotton. Thank you -- appreciate you time and I'll be in both come on again because I know it's been happening under the -- training expressway thinks all it took part in the discussion this morning we're gonna revisit does. Homeless situation under the -- -- an expressway with just EU. And take your calls and we might do that tomorrow because and getting some very interesting text -- -- in for Garland next to talk about. Dawn of the planet of the apes and -- and anti gun message and then film. Plus a lot more tummy -- it thanks a lot talking tomorrow morning at six.

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