WWL>Topics>>7-15-14 10:10am Scoot: on Jimmy Graham's new contract

7-15-14 10:10am Scoot: on Jimmy Graham's new contract

Jul 15, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and talks with Saints sideline reporter Kristian Garic about the team's new contract with tight end Jimmy Graham.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- out this morning from Jimmy Graham and it's official I'm leading black and gold this morning thank you who dat nation for all the support. Jimmy Graham is now the highest paid tight end in the history. The NFL signing a long term deal with the saints four years forty million dollars Tony going guaranteed averaging. Ten million year. Christine -- silent reporter and co host of double coverage from our sister station -- -- -- thirteen fifty joins us live in the studio this morning I'm -- in court Hurley Christian. Your first reaction to the deal. Lives as expected -- I've kind of maintained since. March when they franchise tag -- that a deal would eventually get done I know made some folks nervous yesterday when he filed an appeal of the Burbank ruling. The arbitrator the independent arbitrator from a couple weeks ago but that was just. A leverage move. And had to facilitate this move that we're seeing today and ultimately deal will be worked out that. -- both sides should be happy with it forty million dollars over the life of four years at ten million dollar per season averaged 21 million dollars of that. Guaranteed in -- Point seven years old and you know the -- I think the biggest win in Jimmy Graham's case the size 21 million dollars in potential guaranteed money. Is the fact he's going to be 31 when his deal expires and have an opportunity another pretty good payday so. And a originally I think the most part we thought that it would come in the neighborhood of five to six years. In. 2324. Perhaps 2.5 million dollars in guaranteed cash and lie wasn't that high it's still win. I think for the saints obviously it shows that deadlines do -- action. We kind of felt that way. That it would give -- you know spill into the eleventh hour fuel I didn't think you'd go right to 3 o'clock. But I think the saints should be -- -- this deal obviously they get a dynamic player he's one of the elite players in the national football. Like Jimmy Graham -- to stay with somebody like Drew Brees because that is gonna make -- -- not that they wouldn't be top quarterbacks around the NFL for him to. Two actor to play with Drew Brees is is phenomenal and they are. They're such a combination well it's idiotic relationship mean. Certainly you know Andrews numbers have gone up since Jimmy -- come into the mix for the new policies three straight years of 5000 yards passing since Jimmy Graham has been the full time tight and didn't. You know he -- Jimmy Graham from 2010 as a third round draft pick out of Miami very little football experience. Just really blossom and flourish under Sean Payton and Drew Brees. Since he came to the saints at that point in season are during that point in season and in his first year Richard -- -- -- in his role evolve a little bit. Towards in that season but he really took off. And that's 111 campaign and again it's just another weapon for office it's already lifeline top five offense you're in a year Allen. With the way they've retooled his defense. -- I mean you can you can obviously see that this is the final piece where analyses to truly focus on football. And try to make another run and on Barney which they built that roster specially done. The last two off seasons they've made a concerted effort to get better on the defense of some of the football and an issue with the addition of branding coach he would Jimmy Graham back in the mix. There's a lot of reason to be excited about -- 2014 save -- bought a good wide receiver makes you regret more effective -- -- and makes a wide receiver more effective absolutely mean it you know. The biggest thing that last year and the knock on Jimmy Graham was really gets shut down by big time quarterbacks etc. but at the same time to be fair he got to look. And ultimately. The biggest threat on the saints' offense last year was Jimmy Graham and he didn't have. Always the compliment and maybe he needed me branding coax along with Marcus Colston re emerging last year picking up his play I thought. Towards distress down the stretch there Marques Colston. Was was put together a quiet end to the talk to -- this season and and it just under a thousand yards receiving approval for Marcus -- last year this -- is loaded for bear once again. Do the saints' week for these deadlines more than -- Teamsters is just typical in the NFL. I think it's typical in the NFL however. On the saints have shown a bit of history going back to Drew Brees a couple of years ago that deal got done two days I think before. The deadline in this -- it's done a few hours before. The deadline and Jimmy sexton Jimmy -- agent has also been a deadline. Agent in negotiators so it too I guess pros if you will it at hammering out the they they knew. About what it would take anyway. Prior to even prior to today but if you were Jimmy Graham if you were the saints. On July -- July 15 on July 12. Would it wouldn't be who view to send your best offer to Jimmy Graham -- if his saints know. If your Jimmy Graham -- it behoove you to sign the deal they get from from the saints on July 12 -- could -- not playing game you're not missing practice at that point. So wait until the eleventh hour maybe a better offer comes in. You mean prominently seen none on about on this thing yet -- -- from Jimmy -- is expected analysts in the saint perspective way to the last minute. Cause some aches the -- that's part of negotiated. It's messy it's nasty. Sometimes it's not. It's not disgusting. It's not it's not bitter -- -- it's it's it's truly what they say. That it is it is the business why I think some fans feel like they're there they're part of the audience and in. These theatrics that they take place yeah unfortunately that the fans there are caught in that because they have so much emotional energy invested in this team as they shoot and it's an organization that it's enjoying. Extreme. Success right now and you get caught up in a player's. You emotionally tied to the players because of what -- what they do for you. In your city and that's -- understandable. But. At the end of the day you know if you just look at it. If you step away from it look at it you can kind of see some of these things fallen in place even with the appeal. The initial appeal than in -- appealing of the ruling yesterday news just totally about. Now -- the last of the Jimmy Graham ultimately had to ensure himself that a deal was -- a common place and if it didn't come at a place at least he had that the protect the I scary for all the talking to say sideline reporter Kristian -- results of the morning posted double coverage of -- -- our sister station three WL thirteen fifty. We're talking about the news that Jimmy Graham -- things have reached a deal four year deal. Forty million dollars -- -- of twenty what they. What exactly does that mean will this bring down into two bonuses but there's a guarantee of of twenty -- is in some way shape reform through roster bonuses signing bonuses etc. They they guarantee he'll make when he -- -- dollars of that for you don't get caught up in necessarily in the forty million dollars over the life of the contract it's all about the guaranteed money. And and they can divert that. It's really. It's really complicated in terms how they can spread a move that money around Mickey Loomis entirely of done that before world -- divert. One bonus to another act and to be out for the. It's above my level of and. Counting that I could describe and explain but they have creative ways they can move that money around but ultimately. You that's when one million dollars in guaranteed cash and that's and that's what you paid it's -- that's with agents and and and the players patent it Tuesday want to security. The long term security knowing that -- Now compared to this year. If you played in this franchise tag. He's only and get guaranteed seven million dollars well that's fourteen more million dollars that he hits in guaranteed money he knows he's got that. It is seems like throughout the history of the NFL's there have been players who kept the big contract and then the next year. You know it's almost as if -- -- satisfied and they're not it's in schools hungry yeah will that happen with him not at all on the that would be. That we won my last concerns with Jimmy Graham this is it is a player that. Has come in with a chip on a show was always played with a triple A -- -- coming in from Miami. Nobody believes -- he slipped in the third round. He's got Drew Brees pushing them is now. If I don't wave of that. And always -- and frankly the saints wouldn't tolerated anyway and Jimmy Graham just not that there at that way MEB if you go back can remain in -- history. And -- use an adopted kid even lived in orphan orphanages so. He's got a story that. It's interesting and I think it provides for. Just drive constant drive from Jimmy Graham and if you spent talents on until he. He's that just that way he's and he's never really satisfy me he wants to be re. And that's proven by his play and also by the way the way he works now all I'm also not concerned about. Him coming and camping in good shape you know he's going to be in good shape that's just the kind of player is. And the six head to something on him because he it was in his best interest to sign a long term deal because you sign a one term deal what if what if you're injured yeah I mean that was. To me that's what I kept. Looking at and saying okay. Seven he goes back who we just talk about. Seven -- dollars in guaranteed money are you gonna risk that against in this case fourteen million dollars more in guaranteed money a one year opposed to fourteen million dollars in in -- really. Four years. I just I didn't think anybody would do that and you're not gonna even if they didn't come to an agreement. You wouldn't risk seven million dollars and sit out. So the saints alternately had the leveraged Jimmy Graham had some but. And I think this is again a win win for both sides are really do the saints. -- long term deal done to provide some cap relief. They wanted to player that -- that was unique in their offense and had dynamic player they got him retained Jimmy Graham won its security. He got that hey it's I think it's I think it's a fair deal is only six wide receivers in the NFL averaged more thing Gramm's new deal. This -- also adds I would think this would add an emotional boost -- through the team it's curious as -- watch in -- -- you watch the reaction on Twitter a lot of saints players and tweeting about the new deal and and you know they welcome Jimmy Graham back with open -- if there's one thing. That players can relate to with another player its contract disputes and and trying to get paid because -- they stand united obviously with a with the union and everything else they're trying to get they're trying to get their values in their excited about this and this was the final. Peace now I know they don't have to hear this in training camp what -- Jimmy Graham junior -- this and that it's all about football now for this team and they reported training camp in nine days and they -- to totally focus on trying to win another championship. What sense do you have of how the national media is reacting to this. I've heard some criticism and Jimmy Graham didn't get a good deal here and if you go back and look at Rob Gronkowski contract that he got with the New England Patriots. He got about thirteen million dollars in guaranteed money he and Jimmy Graham got eight more than then Rob Gronkowski guarantee cash. I ask it again. When you look at the ability for Jimmy Graham after four years maybe even after three he can renegotiate another when -- still be 3031 years old. And a chance at another nice contract towards I don't wants it back in of his career but. Certainly not in as he will be the young the young spring chicken anymore right. So I think that's where Jimmy Graham ultimately by not signing a six year deal. Help themselves the ability to negotiate again in four years like Kristian -- since sideline reporter. And morning host -- double coverage on our sister station. TWO thirteen fifty thanks for your expertise disorders. Like here's our Debbie -- you a pretty -- look people this morning Jimmy Graham is now the highest paid tight end in the history of the NFL's. Deserved. No yes. It a -- -- of like going to our website WWL dot com we'll give you update on this week fact that throughout our show. -- what is your first reaction to this deal between the saints and Jimmy Graham are numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. X seventy. And a text is attempting activity and -- fort Garland and we'll be right back at WL. There's a lot of excitement in The Who dat nation the saints and Jimmy Graham have come to long term deal a four year deal worth forty million dollars. Tony -- guaranteed an average of ten million deal. A year this makes the deals -- better than the run but custody deal between the patriots which was about nine million dollars a year. For Jimmy Graham is now the highest paid tight ends in the history. Of the NFL is that deserve. Or not that's a W a throughout pretty jacked up to Nicole. And here's an update on the pole is it deserved 10%. Say no. 90%. Say yes give -- your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. ISO the movie dawn of the planet of the -- over the weekend has some powerful powerful messages I thought it was a profound movie. This group blog is about that it's on our website at WW dot com if you CNET. I read the blog and share with others who have seen it or haven't seen it there's there's no spoilers in there. But it's you might agree -- -- -- to a totally disagree that's on our website it to WWL dot com will be talking about that's later in the show. So what's your reaction to the saints coming to this to deal with Jimmy Graham. There will always there'll always be those cynics and those people who are not happy but there's general excitement in who dat nation. Which -- talked to saints' sideline reporter Kristin -- Who has every reason to believe that the final piece is in place the saints have done so much with defense and now they put a final piece in place on offense. For this to be a team that really does go for. Another Super Bowl victory now of course anything can happen during the course of the year -- that -- the piece is now seemed to be in place sinks in nine days away from the opening of training camp. And we're not that far away from the first pre season game of the year. Here is a text it Reid said that's great news Jimmy Graham for the next four years signed a great deal deserves every dollar of this deal. But here's a text that reads now Graham has got his money. It's time to trade him for some other picks. Other skilled players. It's been proven time and time again once these players skip the big contract. They don't play as hard. They don't give it there all on every play like they did before saint -- offensive -- bad Sen -- to buffalo or Jacksonville. Then we will appreciate. What he had that he will appreciate what he had in New Orleans. Kristian -- address this will be there they're. There have been times when players have gotten big contracts and it seems like that next year they -- they're satisfied they've got what they wanted. And they they don't seem as hungry. By its with what Kristian -- knows about Jimmy Graham with -- everybody seems to know about your decorum that's just not in his character. And that's not -- happened yet. And I have this sense that he's gonna have an outstanding year. Here is attacks have -- says forget the players to let's just by the Super Bowl or at least come up with another scam. Like bounty gate. Again there are going to be those immediate cynics if you wanna join us with your reaction your conference this morning to the -- signing a deal with Jimmy Graham. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. Enter text -- is -- 77. I stood in for garlic here is a text that read so why are we more honest. Why do we allow this pretending to go along the -- -- show is just silly these guys. Have been and will not. Bring us to. Not exactly sure where the rest of this Tex goes. But this isn't a comment about the the theatrics the -- go law. And Jimmy Graham. I just yesterday filed an appeal that he's not a tight end he's a wide receiver. And that's believe tour -- -- bargaining point on TV -- part. So there are theatrics that to go on here it really does come down to sometimes that the deadline even though. The saints know something's gonna happen Jimmy Graham knows something's gonna happen it's in this is -- Jimmy Graham's best interest. Two to come up with that a deal and not plea for one year because if he's injured. That's gonna affect the rest of his career he -- have the guarantee that he would have if he signs a long term contract. So and encryption agreed that this was one of the bargaining chips that the saints always Sampras Jim -- But it both sides no one it's gonna come down to. Are you happy or does it bother you that it comes down to the deadly. And this is a very very common for the saints and I'm sure it's common for other teams as well. If you -- join us with a -- hard numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Saturday at tech's number is 87870. And here's our WWL pretty -- bopping of Paula Jimmy Graham is now the highest paid tight end in the history of the NFL. -- Give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com and we'll give you an update on that as -- -- -- tour -- also Bobby -- -- -- that he says that Jimmy Graham is worth. Worth this deal and you can read Bobby's reaction. And more reaction on our web site. It over W delta account if your -- stay with the securities join us with your reaction to the saints coming to. An agreement with Jimmy Graham for a long term deal. Four years forty million dollars. Here's our number 2601872. All free 8668890870. And a text is a 7870. It's 10:30 or Tuesday morning we've got some weather on the way we'll hear more about that in just a moment here's -- WWL news updates with Chris Miller. What about the think tank got -- fort Garland Robinette if you just joined us the saints have agreed to a long term deal before you deal worth forty million dollars we have this excited Jimmy Graham. He's got the highest paid tight end of the history of the NFL. From New Orleans author you're gonna get you out. Good morning -- yeah standing up. Now because he -- I think they're happy I have a lot of going back there -- the people -- bank here. The truth them. Who always played very well. -- -- -- He liked it you know and -- and now. I'm meant if you get the money. The way I was -- -- -- -- -- it was that is that possible. Treat you're not bothered that the saints waited until the last minute to it's like that's just part of well. Right but it. It. For example look at. -- -- work out well. Look at that well and Vicki -- from them. During dented the award. So I'm happy. About it and it. Looks brilliant -- on it. He needs of -- flags on sale. Yeah absolutely not ugly. Sixty crowd of people bought the candidate. And I everybody by the board yeah reasonable fight. I'm an author keep listening if anybody knows where there saints likes of the cars on sale on April she'll want to thanks thanks for listening. I'm from comic and all your -- WL. -- -- -- -- -- I. -- -- -- It a great act actually and I. -- Wagner blown out. Are you excited about the upcoming season. -- -- -- I appreciate you taking time to caller sure you join or you're enjoying summer off. Ireland dispute get back to school work hard. All right Allan good to go if you wanna join us for your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's heavier tech's number is 877. Jimmy Graham tweeted out this morning and I've I think this is the official time. At 7:52. Just before 8 o'clock Jimmy grant tweeted out. It's official I'm bleeding black and gold this morning thank you who dat nation for all the support. And the saints senior vice president and tweeted out -- 8:27 this morning. The New Orleans Saints confirm that the team has agreed to terms on a multi year deal with tight end Jim Ingraham. It's four years forty million dollars. Disagree Graham deserve -- that's a W if you appreciate of people -- shipping by going to our web site of the. If you want to come. If you wanna join us with your reaction to the Jimmy grand deal it's a done deal now Christie Garrett was on the year -- mr. earlier -- this is the last piece of this offensive puzzle. The saints do to make a real run for. The Super Bowl and they've done a lot of things on defense now they're doing this on offense. Everybody should be excited but there always are cynics. If you would join us with your comment this morning on numbers 2601870. Till 3866. To 89 through exactly. -- -- -- -- is a city except -- security for Garland will be right back Debbie if you know. Jimmy Graham is now the highest paid tight -- in history the NFL. Is that deserves. Significant you appreciate my opinion poll this morning as student for darling is an update on the whole. 13% say no 87% say yes -- -- -- like going to our website W real dot com. And before getting back to -- your reaction -- reminds you every if you don't want to help. You beat the heat because we're giving you a chance to win a thousand dollars -- cash. And a nationwide summer splash cash contest. Just listen deputy of the well weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM at 5 PM for the code word. And Texaco were to seven to 81 for your chance to win. But -- putting on your phone that's seven to 81 every weekday four lucky listeners nationwide win a thousand dollars each. And don't miss out on the money you can also sign up by going to our FaceBook page WWL. But which -- do before you do anything else is signed up for the alerts. Go to WWL cash club at W google.com. And you can also just text the word cash too late 787. We ruler to fifteen minutes before each code word is announced so you don't forget to listen and -- -- out. As a thousand dollars nationwide in our summer splash cash contest. And don't forget the times to listen right before the top of the hour news 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM. And fight the have a good -- for sport radio intercom and all of -- -- definitely real and remember we never charged protects an individual plan text and data rates may apply. A from -- Floyd joined every W real good morning. He's. Just just not just want to say. Immigrant were the money Indo Asian and very important piece of offense. You know that's about it today about your. Using your site are very excited emerged out of Padilla Padilla got concerned at any point we concerned he wasn't gonna happen. -- you know. -- what happened you know just got it right elbow trouble or should be and column. You know that's that's that's just -- and. It's interesting how human nature requires us to take advantage of -- Today we know what's gonna work out why not both sides just beyond -- to say okay here's the deal this is the best deal we can give. But it it comes down to the deadline which I think it's a result of human nature. Exactly exactly -- like that you -- You know he's eating a good partner French got a potential candidate and no doubt that -- -- -- -- -- you know. I just hope restore it and social change come this year belted out -- at all drenched. And I are really think it to -- guys you know. That they -- to competitive football league. Floyd a bicycle regularly join us with your comment this morning our numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And it takes a -- 7070 the -- rear July cold front moving through our area. And gays are gonna really make things Coulter but it's going to make this humidity a little more tolerable at least by Thursday but this hour rain. You might be unit right now if you're to the north or west of the city it's not -- in the downtown area yet. But I'm getting a text year and I wanna remind you about this it's amazing that we have to tell people to do that it's. -- please tell people to put headlights on during heavy rain. I was in a rainstorm the other day. And a woman was it a nice nice -- card. She had a flashing lights on while she was cruising. At fifty miles an hour in the settling. -- hazard lights on she didn't have her light so. But she had her hazard lights. And -- the rain let up she turned her hazard lights off. -- my understanding that that is illegal and yet some people feel like oh my god you I have to what you -- got to turn my flashing lights on so. Turn your lights on. Here's a text about today Jimmy Graham. Is he the highest -- paid to tight end he said he's not a tight pants well he. He is a tight end the NFL declared that he is a tight Anthony's being paid now as a tight and he still the highest paid tight and Indiana fail. Here's a Texan -- Jimmy Graham deserves every bit of the money go saints. Here is attacks -- can't block and Colston has better hands. And is a better weapon. -- numbers are inflated because -- forces him the ball. Our offense is nothing but short passes to tight end or screen passes use the White House more and -- won't have those numbers. If you are join us with your comment this morning our numbers 2601878. We reacting to the saints agreeing to a four year forty million dollar deal long term deal. With saints tight end Jimmy Graham making him the highest paid tight end in history -- -- -- -- our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890870. At a text Amber's late 7870. Here's attacks that they are all overpaid cry babies who won't last today. In the real workforce. Here is that taxed -- it reads it's a shame the player wants more money I think grand. Is the only one in the NFL I have a feeling that's just a little bit sarcastic. I hear is. And other text that reads. Diagram should take some of that you know that's derogatory comment about Jimmy Graham again it's just it's amazing how. How angry and and bitter some some people are here's taxed to. God thing scoot I suggest. I was just about the call about the flashing lights my biggest pet peeve when driving. And I in in -- yeah I don't understand it away you're not supposed to turn here flashing lights on -- -- your vehicle is. A hazard to the other vehicles on the road. And you're not a hazard if you're if you're driving you're not a hazard if you cruising at fifty miles an hour. In the -- in the center lane and again I think it's so amazing this is not the first time I've seen is people putting on their flashing lights in the rain but they don't put the lights on. I mean if it's important enough departure flashing lights on wouldn't you think it would be important enough to put your lights on in this is just a reminder that. There are so many people behind the wheel of the car. Who really aren't. Very intelligent here's a text Jimmy Graham is a beast quit Haiti. Here's a Texas think these people out here. Are out of their minds as saying anything negative about Jimmy Graham he's awesome. I think the people with that attitude are probably the same. Feel the same way about anything in life negative miserable people who'd had. Congratulations to Jimmy Graham. And the -- Yeah I I agree. But there are some very negative thing whether it's about this or politics about anything and they're going to be people who say negative things about Jimmy Graham. But I think this is exciting news and I don't have a sense increasing your talked about -- -- the -- earlier Jimmy Graham. It's gonna have a down year and was sentenced and had a powerful here. And we got a new wide receivers which is going to benefit ran and -- succeeds that benefits the white outs and the running game. If you gonna join us with your reaction this morning our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 are taxed as a 7870 I was good for garlic and we'll be right back. I mean if you good morning as security for Garland I think a line of thunderstorms. Around them -- passion. Well -- very very sound southeastern tip of Louisiana. There's a rare July cold front moving through the area we're expecting a stormy day today it's done. Stuff storming over much of the area but if you are in any of that whether -- -- turn your lights I've got a text here justifying. Using your using your flashing lights in the range saying that sometimes it's hard to see even with tail lights on levers behind someone a couple of weeks ago. And I couldn't see him for nothing. And his lights were on and then he turned on his flashing lights it'd make it easier to follow him staying in line with the lengths. Well you still not supposed to do that it's the flashing lights look if if if you're so close she can't see somebody's tail lights. And you tailgating. You're you're simply too close flashing lights are supposed to indicate. Their cars stopped. And think about if you see flashing lights he slammed on your breaks -- your driving of people behind you would run India the -- would cause a chain reaction accident. Here's an update on our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll Jimmy Graham is now the highest paid tight end in the history of the NFL. Deserve to 11%. Say no. 89%. Say yes. I think most of the -- nation knew this was gonna happen and it did happen this morning we've got reaction from Bobby Hebert Kristian garic. On our website at WW real dot com I'm studio for Garland coming up in the next several talk about the movie don't of the planet of the gates. The -- blog is titled apes movie has profound powerful messages. About human nature it's also a movie about. An anti -- message. Talk about the coming of the next hour mark Menard does a sports flashes in the afternoon here in WW Allison -- of morning sports occasionally on Debbie WL for -- And John Mark joins us now from the get the studio with his first reaction to the signing Jimmy Graham. Com it's pretty much what I expected. You know. I thought they would get a deal done today. I didn't know newbies -- quite this early I thought Jackson might come down to the wire even closer than it did. I thought would be more like a five year deal before year's forty million very respectable 21 million guaranteed. Is is about in line with what he deserves you know he deserves to be paid -- the best tight -- in the NFL and to the people who are saying -- he's got too much. Well. If you don't pay the exceptional players like they're exceptional players then there's no incentive to be exceptional. Yeah I would agree with him and I think that goes into the workplace as well when it comes to a employees and I think businesses should pay the exceptional players and that having exceptional employees and hopefully that would make everybody wanna strive for that kind of success. In a -- pointed out that you'll still be young when this deal was over have a chance to sign. Another big -- contract yet and and you know you look at he played through an injury last year in a contract year I think that tells you where his mindset is and how party's ruling. I don't mark Menard with a WWL sports thanks for that information here's a text that -- -- Jimmy Graham is a thug. He is. From the U he is. Garbage just and anyway. There are going to be those cynics.