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7-15-14 11:10am Scoot: on Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Jul 15, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and talks about the summer's latest blockbuster, "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes."

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Good morning on security holes early today. Big news this morning has been -- the official news that distinction -- program reached an agreement for a long term contract. It's a four year deal worth forty million dollars 21 guaranteed OT -- has not yet known as president Richard ten million dollars here. Gramm's new deal -- previously highest paid tight and witches and the patriots. Rob Gronkowski who was making nine million dollars a year. So -- I -- -- if you're a pretty general -- to -- Jimmy -- is -- the highest -- tight -- in the history of the NFL. -- If you're talking about going to our website WB will not comment more updates and it. As a technical flourish here and did -- we've if you wanna get some more reaction to this tiny -- program. Bobby -- reacts -- Christian Garrett who is a -- -- -- on the arcing sideline reporter morning most of double coverage on our sister station three WL thirteen fifty. Says that this is there really a positive moment for the saints in the saints have done so much on defense and now this piece comes together and offence that the saints have nothing to do now except concentrate on football. Training camp opens in nine days and he believes that this is a year the saints are really seriously focusing. On Super Bowl trophy not that they don't do it every year but it seems like the saints are really going on their way to put the right pieces together to win another Super Bowl. I am getting a number of texture and I'm sharing some of the text that are negative about it Jimmy Graham. And here's a text -- so all of these grand haters need to get a grip who dat. Here's attacks I -- Graham will post the best numbers yet this coming season. Here's a text as scoot debts -- falcons fans bashing Jimmie today they're just mad because their team. Blanks. They need to go listen to of their own radio station and stay off of mine who -- get a -- about it here's an update on our poll. Senators Jimmy Graham deserve it highest paid their tight end of the history of the NFL 11% say no 89% say yes. Somebody said -- Texas said those who are saying oh the 11% are all Atlanta Falcons fans. And obviously Jimmy Graham will be difficult for the Atlanta Falcons and anybody to cover if you wanna join us with your comment this morning -- numbers 2601870. Tool free 86680. -- nearly seventy and a text numbers 87870. I saw the movie dawn of the planet of the -- over the weekend. The original plan to VH in 1968. Opens with an American spacecraft crash landing on what is believed to be another planet. Where humans are considered to be animals and eight rule the world. The audience -- that movie and I was among them. We start and at the ending win there's a scene with the top of the statue of liberty. Sticking crooked. Out of the shoreline. Which meant that the -- the American astronauts. Had actually landed on earth in the future. In the future apes rule the land. This is not that far in the future. Now all of the planet the apes movies since 1968 have had -- the profound messages and the Jewish people don't of the planet of the -- as a strong message about humankind. Again this is not as for the future and it's at the original planet of the -- but he still said it in the future. With all the intensity. Concerning the gun control gun rights debate in America. I pushed really shocked were sort of watching this movie and picked up on a real powerful anti gun message. In dawn of the planet of the -- I'm surprised that there wasn't more. Set about this quite often before movie comes out as somebody has seen a preview of it. And they just start blasting the move before it's a political overtones. I am really surprised that nobody so. Maybe somebody wrote about this and talked about it but I didn't read it see it or or here. But there's a very powerful anti gun message -- on the planet of the apes. It's an anti gun message. But it's a message more about. How humans use guns. How humans need guidance. Rather than meets the promotion of stricter gun control. In don't have -- plan to -- the majority of the human population has been wiped out by simian virus. After experiments debt advanced the brain some apes escape the laboratories where humans experiment on them. And form their own civilized society in the forced outside of San Francisco. There's a small colony of humans that live near the decimated -- Cisco area. They venture out into the woods and attempt to restart a power player to restore limited power to the city. On their mission into the forest we humans encounter the apes. And they're stunned. By the heat's ability to communicate. -- talk. And the gates are shocked and threatened by the presence of humans because they know humans have guards. There's fear and if -- distrust. Between the apes and humans on on on both sides. And really that's a kind of a metaphor for current -- tensions in the world today. Did you see -- of the planet of the apes what message did you get from the movie if you are join us with a comet this morning -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text amber is a 7870. Beyond the age however in -- of the planet of the apes are more civilized in humans. And -- promote the idea that apes do not kill apes like humans. Kill humans. Beers a test of the eight civility very early in the story -- a human shoots and kills a young eight. And a very sound of a gunshot. Was so foreign to the society of tapes. That they immediately reacted with with fear of humans with guns threatening their their peaceful world. Some of the -- demanded revenge and expressed hate for humans. And humans were fearful of the possibility of an invasion by the apes. There were some tapes that tried to promote a peaceful coexistence. And VH live by this idea that -- don't kill each other. Humans do and to me that center and a strong message about. About humans. Win. A human says it's. To another that just the slightest -- makes him sick to his stomach. The audience immediately is drawn into this judgment -- judgment that is is really part of the world we live in today. -- of the planet of the -- really does illustrate the flaws in in humanity. What stood out to me most was the obvious message that humans need guns. And the humans. Read all the -- because the -- did -- guns they need -- point reporting out. They don't they don't have guns they don't need -- like it's something or -- I can't believe they do all they do with just spears. Gods were not part of their society so I think this was the strong anti gun message but again it wasn't about controlling the sale distribution or the availability of guns. It was more about. Why human beings. Need guns and the willingness to use guns against each other. In order to protect their society the apes did -- -- be human colony. Which used to actually set to on common street near to a link here in New Orleans but the movie is set in in San Francisco. It was also interesting to pick up on who was to blame for the world that existed in the movie. Some of the apes that had been research facilities and -- experimented on by humans. They were bitter resentful and they wanted revenge against the humans for treating them that way. Some of the humans blamed the -- for the simple virus that destroyed most of humanity. Now. The -- that had due to live in in research captivity obtained a gun from a human and shot another eight. It was promoting peace so you know I can just think of numerous people throughout history. Who had been shot. And killed. Because they stood for peace. That eight was acting more like a human than an -- in the movie. There were some tapes that hated humans because they would subjective experience but the general message wise. That humans do not forgive. And apes in general. Are more compassionate. And this was one of outstanding. Messages to me in the movie. That. Animals. Are more compassionate. Than humans. Animals don't murder. Animals don't hate. Animals don't judge. Animals don't need guns to maintain a civilized society. They need less technology. And yet. We issue means. Seemed to need those things. We hate we merger. So based on this movie you know the next time someone tells you your acting like an animal. I take it as a compliment. Did you see -- the planet of the -- A lot of people saw this weekend as one of the top movies at the box office what was your impression the movie and in my the only one who got a message out of this movie about about guns and about humanity. If you sort what did you think if you wanna join Russia with a comment this morning our numbers 2601870. It's all free 866889. Zero it's evident in a text numbers 877. Cisco -- today is -- -- movie is powerful message has a powerful message compounds. About human nature. It's on our website at WWL dot com if you seen the movie you might do agree or disagree with me you can read that it share with others. To -- if you know dot com. And also continued to talk about the saints of reaching an agreement a long term deal with Jimmy Graham. Our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 Texas a 78 -- will be right back I'm stupid for Carlin. -- -- -- -- And -- the the humans finally get to the power play in the fours. And don't over the front of the -- And electricity comes back on. Believe this is the song that was playing from. A service station and had musical with a power. Had -- out ice coated with -- I don't plan to -- -- over the weekend I thought it was an excellent movie. Set wise. Character wise costume makeup wise it was brilliant it's a science fiction movie and I'm not a science fiction. -- I've admitted that that's not my favorite genre but I love this movie does especially because there were so many great messages it. And one of the strong messages to me was a strong anti gun message which aren't surprised I didn't hear about before the move. Here is a Texan reads it showed the movie showed showed -- humans have the false sense of security. When carrying a weapon. It was also about fairly struggles and similarities of man an eight. Trust was also talked. And it was also very much about judgment. And how there are some people who don't judge has some people who were highly criticized. Because they don't -- they're people who were criticized because they want peace. And -- we have a history in this country of denouncing people and in some cases killing people. Who stand for peace. Here is Texan -- to stop telling us the movie plot -- this is this is like watching a trailer I don't believe I'm really exposing anything about the movie that would cautioned not wanna see it. But tonight to talk about movies that I see. I'm being careful not to reveal any of the intricate to story lines but if and if this is your philosophy that you don't wanna hear anything about a movie that I would suggest that you would not look at previews or. Complain about just seeing the trailer. Here is attacks of people were killing each other before guns. It's if something comes out. It simply comes out to kill more effectively guns will go away yeah I understand that it was really about indeed that humans have. Four for using guns. And the apes were more civil. And they didn't have guns. For -- date here on WWL. It took him. It cause banner agreed and Powell. You know. Before we aired on stroke people in Tokyo an -- also when NATO popularly. You know a lot -- you know humans -- we're. -- in the we don't want nobody's called but this country and know when. We try harder. -- -- -- you ever -- everything but ultimately you know. Where animals so popular figures -- And we just want to go to about the line attack in same age you know -- It's more fair but. Technology and everything you -- created their -- invite you destroy. Well that's like three -- -- I would I would agree date did you like the movie. Fantastic movie but you know it is you know anecdotes. Which can check. You know what. You're in -- ultimately you know pre pre pre pre in and out those -- -- make people want it make you smarter than not. -- You know there's another smarter than me right now. I'd -- I'm going to call if you and join -- for the economy decency don't of the planet of the apes and what message did you get from the movie. It is about greed its about power. It's about trust it's about civility. The movie had really strong strong messages or messages then -- I thought and yet looking back on all of -- That the franchises of the plenty since the original planet of the apes in 1968. There have there had been messages in all these movies about humanity. Here's a -- Reid says -- I thought the apes were like early humans before technology. That's an interesting point. What message to get in the movie don't plant gates. Numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. -- here late seventy. And a -- -- late 78 -- to order text here in just a moment here's a quick update on activated you'll project whopping -- Jimmy Graham is now the highest paid tight end in the history of the NFL. Yes the saints and Jimmy Graham came to long term deal agreement this morning. Is this contract to serve four years forty million dollars. 14% say no 86% say yes that's had a VW project opinion poll. It is your opinion by going to our website and revealed comic -- and share your thoughts with this we're talking about that this morning as well from -- -- Tony you're on WW. Yeah I Apple's problem but they're giving him credit traffic in our home. You know Kabul this one at saint we did tree and what you think we would have gotten. Sure we would have gotten allied against the the questioners. -- we benefit from from Jimmy Graham. Hillary well we know we hand he's been a piece of the the offensive puzzle all along and while he didn't have a great year last year he was playing through injury. Well. I'm looking at now to a puppet games. Both -- which we lost the patriots. And Seattle. In the regular season. And both of those gains. Immigrants mile in my. View last mile. Griffin of the -- that you you know physical with. He's not the -- Well that was good that was criticism of give Jimmy Graham obviously the saints. Have enough companies -- to have signed into this contract. I am that's squandering it it was a good sign her. I think I'm not saying that he didn't deserve it he does he doesn't matter. You know -- -- -- future tell if it was good. Thanks. -- right Marty I'm I'm sorry I'm Tony and logical. -- from general Marty joined every WL. Up. Call for more common -- -- -- This actually were. Strong for. You. About the actual project which he. State. -- -- -- about but -- largely from a large part so. Shot. Two. Compromised. Well this is so much -- he went went without him. -- Actually we Marty might well. -- did you see the movie plainly don't play the -- -- it can. Take out of the you say about you. Are. Not that they -- -- -- But. We still. -- Street. Yeah. I do this that was right around the corner from the apartment building it into town on Thomas street near -- avenue. And -- I walked by the year quite often during the filming is dissent was extraordinary. You concede. Canal place and he -- my apartment building in the background to get final. But really I thought that I thought the set was incredible. And they get to. Like pot some particular street to become. More complex. Don't want the poll question -- -- -- GP series but that should it was futuristic the say that. Caught the ball well. But. What we're right here for mr. Marty -- bicycle official listing if you saw dawn of the planet of the apes what movie did you get from this movie that was one of the top movies at the box office. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- are -- sending a text numbers 877 you are also continuing to talk about the news this morning. At the saints' Jimmy Graham have reached a long term agreement. I'm scoot him for Garland here's another WL news updates with Chris Miller. We are expecting a stormy day in New Orleans -- throughout south Louisiana and south Mississippi in the rain has it hit the immediate New Orleans downtown area yet but there's a rare July cold front moving in this direction. There is some rain and I've already got some -- of people that say please tell people to turn on their headlights. In the rain. It just amazes me that some people will get behind the wheel of the car. And not turn on their headlights and some won't turn their headlights that turn on their flashing lights which is also the wrong thing to do. They were talking about the deal reached this morning with Jimmy Graham and the New Orleans Saints giving grant tweeted out at 7:52 this morning it's official. I'm leading black and gold this morning thank you who -- -- all the support. And saints a senior vice president communications between about any 27 this morning. New Orleans Saints confirmed that the team has agreed to terms on a multi year deal with tight end Jimmy Graham Jimmy Graham is now the highest -- tight end in the history. Of the NFL and that's -- WW property -- opinion poll. Is it deserved. 15% say no 85% say yes if you would join us with your comment our numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your tax receipts have creativity. -- talking about this movie that I thought was a profound movie -- of the planet of the -- have much of it was shot in New Orleans -- you wouldn't know blades seeing it in the movie if you if you know the buildings you'll recognize a few buildings. But it was an elaborate sets on common street. And I guess this would be dismissed before two inevitably it's it's the best way to describe scifi fans will love dawn. Because of it the scifi on the giants but if you're not a scifi fan I thought there was a lot of a lot of important messages in the movie. And the the scifi aspect of the movie doesn't really distract from what is an amazing story about. About humanity. Here is attacks that reads Escude I think you're over reaching with the anti gun thing but other than that I agree with most of your blog. And the scope blog is on our website at -- if you -- icon it's titled apes movie had its powerful. Messages about human nature. Here's a text at the message of the movie was guns don't kill people do. And when I say there's an anti gun message in the movie I was very clear to say that it's not about gun control. It's about. The need that humans have for guns. It did we are that so many of lesser evil we need guns to protect ourselves from each other. And with the movie pointed out to be from a philosophical standpoint -- Here we have these these animals. In the force the -- And they were more civilized than humans. They didn't have guns they do need guns. They didn't have power. They do need power and -- accountant about the technical power electricity. And and beat the humans were in all that they could get along without the power. I mentioned earlier that animals don't murder and a -- a couple of text about this saying that that's that's absurd. Ever watched a cat they don't always eat what they kill. That's true. But in general animals don't don't murder. Here's a text to say animals don't murder is ludicrous a -- line. Wind. Taking pride. We'll kill. The dominant male and all of the cops kill not eat that's murder to me. Well I understand that but it's it's. It's out of an instinctive protection. There's not there's not a motivation of of hate the way the region in human beings. And that's the main thing that I'd I got from the movie. Here's attacks the movie sucks downtown New Orleans is just like the movie I've received the number of Texas a downtown new worlds is just like the movie I don't know whether these people. Have actually seen the movie and I don't know if they've actually been downtown. Anytime recently. If you wanna join us for the comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text number is 87870. Here's a -- believe that Jimmy Graham led the NFL touchdown so how was that not a good year but he did have a great year but. That there were a lot of times it. Jimmy Graham didn't seem and again maybe this was due to his injury but there were plenty times that we talked after game about. Jimmy Graham and missing passes. And and he was a great player I'm glad the saints came to this this decision I didn't think there was any doubt. I think -- Jimmy Graham had not signed the agreement with the saints if they had not reached an agreement that would have been very pretty big news but I think most and who dat nation. Figured that this was going to be a done deal. But it still came down to the last minute. The deadline which 3 o'clock today and it was announced this morning you know deepen their hearts and minds the saints in -- brand over the gonna come to an agreement. But it's human nature to drag things out to the deadline. Here is a text -- check out the murders in this country 32000. Total from guns most from suicide. I don't see how that impacts of what we're talking about. There are people who are so sensitive to. Two guns and the gun issue. Then if I saved to the movie points out an anti gun message because humans. Are the ones who need guns. That's that's really addressing the evil. In humans and it's not about gun control. If you enjoyed a show with your comic did you did you see dawn of the planet of the -- are numbers 2601870. What message did you get from the movie. 26 so what it's evident to all free 866. Feet eight. 90 activity and our checks up it's a 787. I'm scoot it for growing sport your comments are next but -- WL. And this is the latest from better than us this song is called crazy lucky and -- CD comes out at the end of this month. Of this so. I'd get a scoop can't video we can't sit back -- the house of blues. That's the only criminals could do to get much of it. You know there's there's this idea that they're always ones. Backstage. Concerts and they're they're not always drugs being conscious and changed some degree. So I would backstage with scoot him looking for drugs that video is on our website at -- if you will not gone down the left hand column a significant if you know. Video we've been talking about the movie dawn of the plan to. Gates I sort of the weekend thought it was an excellent movies the effects. Everything -- which phenomenal another scifi fan but I thought the movie was brilliant. When I enjoyed most with the messages abouts. Human nature. -- -- Power. Trust that there was also an interesting scene where an an infant eight bonds with with the human. And I think the message there is that the eight had not yet learned to fear humans. Meaning that. Prejudice is something that is learned. He's talked. And saw that there were a lot of just really really good messages -- in the movie and since the animals were more civil than. The humans. And decreed wise -- don't kill apes like humans kill humans. I think there's a lot for us as human -- to learn from this. That's the -- blog guy apes based movie has powerful. Messages for. Human nature -- -- you can read and share with others it's on our website at WWL. Dot com. If you wanna join us with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Steroids having a text numbers 87870. And we've also been talking about the -- the new deal between the saints and tight -- Jimmy Graham. Yesterday he was gonna appeal his decision to be tight and that's that's over. That was believed to have been a gesture to put the saints in a position to sign him whether that was. This thing that made it all happened -- gonna happen and -- Irish pretty convincing was gonna happen anyway. But the saints have agreed to a long term deal for years forty million dollars 21 million guaranteed. With saints tight end Jimmy Graham and he is a tight end and we're also talking about -- getting your reaction if you wanna join us this morning -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And a text number. Is -- 77 with shall have Angela hill in a radio family here to -- W -- she's got another great show planned for you today at 1 o'clock MacKey shall stone. He trains world class athletes like tennis champion Serena Williams -- boxers. Roy Jones junior and Bernard Hopkins plus baseball hall of Famer Ozzie Smith. Now he's gonna train new. Talk to you about exercise and health and fitness myths and there are a lot Becky shall stumbles at the record straight and you take your calls. At 2 o'clock with Angela on the front porch in the warehouse district. Should the powers that be in New Orleans make an exception for new hotel in the warehouse district or should they stick to the city's master plan. And at 3 o'clock Jimmy Graham and the saints in Angelou will join a former saints offensive lineman Steve court and his co host from fans first take during the football season here on the saints. Radio network Todd -- don't miss an open mind and mentally -- And I today and we -- from. Went for whatever WL tougher district and Joshua -- WWL. Now indicted. That's the -- and -- -- -- about. Eight and you know -- abide you know that. At -- -- means a real. I mean -- I don't need. -- home. Did you see the movie -- the and you didn't think there were any messages in the movie for humans. Yet I have met the did but at the and everything. Okay -- and you didn't think there was -- there was a message about humans are less civilized states. Are in a movie yeah -- and that nothing to do you know like you -- -- like -- (%expletive) line and I mean a line you know you know looking finally learned to cut and everything that detectives you know animals. An animal that -- and aggression out. To have aggression but it usually for protection animals in general don't murder. Animals don't have to hate that humans Tate and that was one of the things that I get out of the movie. And also on -- data I'd love each O'Malley from within it like regular radio in the only. We Josh we appreciate you listening. -- have a great day. If you and -- join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy protects -- 7870. Institutes. For -- we're coming right back after this break but -- The sixty Jimmy Graham have agreed to an agreement here's an update on WW operating -- bopping -- Paula Jimmy Graham is now the highest paid tight end in the history of the NFL. Deserved. 16% say no 84% say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site WW elderly come. And coming up on sports talk this afternoon the voice of the saints Jim Henderson at 435 and cajun cannon Bobby Hebert at 640. Talk about the saints had to deal with Jimmy Graham four years. Forty million dollars. Tony -- guaranteed. We don't know all the details beyond that and we have got the latest information on our website at W if you -- dot com. We've got to Christine York state that Katie -- take all of them on our web -- to -- -- -- -- -- also -- blood on our web site is about. The the eight movie I don't of the planet of the apes and the messages that I got out of the movie I thought it was a really interesting movie with a lot of those strong messages did you see it and did you get any messages out of the movie here's a text look up the word eight. Humans are include it. I'm just saying the movie made me look it up LO well. Here's a Texas saw the movie this past weekend and enjoyed it however might take on the movie was a little different from viewers humans and animals have a capacity for cruelty. Have you considered grizzlies. Lions tigers and dogs for that matter that stalk and attack humans. If you find yourself in that situation a gun. Might be needed. But. If you go into their territory. Then you might be affected them and they would be territorial. And that's why they would attack. I don't know effects that there -- -- although I've I've got an update here that it baboons in chimpanzees in and some members of the -- family. Are known to have calculated to commit murder. Over. I'm on a mate so I guess it would be domestic violence. Related. So. I guess some I mean obviously some animals do but for the most part animals don't carry hate with a they kill out of necessity. They kill to -- and again there will be some exceptions. But what I got out of the movie wise. It's humans that need to have guns because some of us are so evil we need to protect ourselves against our own. And to me that was just kinda sad that was the big the big contrast and to be the big message in the movie. Dawn of the planet of the -- again I thought it was an excellent will be much of it was done here nor was so you really would recognize it. But he have a senior term go see it and the -- bloggers on our website at WWL dot com if you saw the movie. I believe it or beer or or disagreed thank you -- -- sent me an email if you disagree with the blog or your -- with it. By email address is -- act WWL dot com. I think that you -- not me. You and I. Have the ability. To solve. The humanitarian crisis at the US border how to we do it we'll talk about that next WL.