WWL>Topics>>7-15-14 1:10pm Angela: with Mackie Shilstone on wellness

7-15-14 1:10pm Angela: with Mackie Shilstone on wellness

Jul 15, 2014|

Angela talks with fitness expert Mackie Shilstone about tips to improve your health and wellness.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well welcome to another beautiful day except we're about to get drenched you're down -- you can hear the rumbles that's OK stay inside listen to the radio. Very very exciting dated. First of all a whole hour with MacKey shall -- So. Any questions about -- gonna give us a call any questions about vitamins about anything you wanna talk about MacKey this year. Our second hour. Some very upset people on people who live in the warehouse district who fought very hard to stop. The building of a new hotel proposed new hotel that they feel is an appropriate for that area. The City Council voted for their gonna continue their fight and we're gonna have an in studio for the second hour. And our third hour -- doesn't get better because you know we've been talked about it's Jimmy Graham. But we've got a state court in top Manassas who are so wonderful about this. All of sports but in particular the subject him we're gonna depend on new to give us a call with your thoughts about not just about Jimmy Graham -- thinking about. For the saints this year. It could be the year yes it could always say it. OK it is never too late to get in shape and if you haven't gotten into your bikini body this summer. Our guest would say start the process right now. -- shall -- who has the fitness expert top athletes and the fitness and -- wellness expert at saint Charles hospital. Is going to be with us for the next hour to answer any of your questions about getting fit and getting healthy. So give -- to call 26017. Day to talk with Mac. But we're gonna start with -- -- he's -- dispel some myths I love these two but before we get to the myths we have to talk about the reality. You'd just come back from a whole month listen to that lead -- gentlemen at Wimbledon. So deserved but and you're working. But every one was so upset when they saw what happened to Serena. Well apparently it to arm. It it it sounds complex but it's it's rather simple. She got a virus and be interesting enough my wife Sandi got it first. And well -- over the while we were over there and end to. -- it it was going around interestingly enough in in the town Wimbledon now will go to is a village and a town. And at the talent is that the pace of this hill and I used to run up that hail and -- the base of the hill is the train station. And the. On bus station and I remembered from another time that I went to Wimbledon to work with Serena. But in this particular case we lived in the village up top and we had this flat that was rented by. Our team and we shared it with our physical therapist and -- and her boyfriend. And sandy went down for the count. And I had to get it down the street 81 of the Wimbledon doctors. To look at my wife. And and again I mean that we're in a different country. Of course we speak the same language I I manage a lot of sports medicine is you know for over the years so I just. -- went on auto pilot. And he added that he had to give my wife for prescriptions she had inner -- she was you'd think she was walking down the street. 02 having taken back electoral or something and at it because she heard she was her balance was off. -- make a long story short is going around. So I think I'm pot and I think what what really happened was that that's what happened to -- -- got a virus. The virus still affected. You say inner ear -- of watching her not being able to grab the ball. Not being able to hit was I thought well she's having some sort of neurological issues. Well you know you again she might think that but you know she was checked out by the doctors and and everyone came to the conclusion because. You -- you know she'd had issued communal had a little bit of respiratory issue but -- that that the stipulate that -- you think about inner -- it affects year that Steve -- or your balance. And I think the closest thing for someone to do to think about it would be. Two. To stand up and closure eyes on stand on on one on one foot -- don't even have to raise the other photo -- And you'll see how quickly you fall over. Or you or you have to put your foot down now open your eyes up and do the same thing. And most people will be able to -- features raise your foot a little bit off the ground. So it it it it is all about this -- -- response. So it doesn't make literacy throwing a tennis ball and remember there has to be the space shall awareness. So in other words if I have a ball. If that -- -- ballots is often inner ear. The anyone out that had swimmers a year or anything like that understands what this is about how long was sandy hill and it was saying it was ill for a ballot I guess for about 34 days. And and in fact one day she had to stay in bed all day. Cheney Aaliyah and and and from what we understand in talking to the lady. That we got to be friendly with who we rented the flat from them because are hot water kept going out it was 6360. Degree is admirable thing in the -- 58 degrees I'm thinking not Retief is this -- and so she says you know what this virus. Is going around and and I'm sure enough same god. That you carry. Rick -- yes we tortured look at. Let me Q we're gonna get into the myths we've got a call let's go ahead and take Mike Mike thank you for com. Competency. Got an exiting you know recently. And they're to -- -- what do you have been making and that no. Not that I had no law applies to. Recently. I want banana market. Tingling numbness. In my cable news. And kind of -- dry mouth epidemic about a war would go to sleep wake up so I'm wondering. What ecological. Where you know your doctor he you know I've position on whether it be even an it Weathers and optometrists ophthalmologist. One of the first areas that you -- gonna pick up that things such as hypertension and diabetes. Is going to be in the eyes in fact I've worked for Major League Baseball for all fourteen years working with and a Major League umpires. And they do extensive -- screening on on pars. And one -- one of the things they look at behind the guy is the capillaries. You have talked at length with one mile. -- ophthalmologist -- with Kenny hike. And you know he's often talked to me about the fact that the ophthalmologist may be one of the first people to diagnose. Such things as. Diabetes in in individual much like nowadays we understand now that dentists. May be on the forefront. Perry -- specifically of cardiovascular picking up cardiovascular disease because of the bacteria in the mouth this the same thing that can affect the heart. And and then there that is of the dentist may may be on the four for an imaginary. But when you talk about the net that the numbness in the tingling you really have to look. And talked to what you're internal medicine physician. Because you may have to -- neurological issues you can get the numbness and tingling from a compression of a -- on a disk. So it can be a host of things the dry mouth this. Is now a little more concerning a drinking a lot of water EU really. You really would start to see all a significant increase in urination. I think I I think my memory serves me correct and. The internal medicine's doctor out doctors out there may well of course we want correctly but I think you don't show that urine. And it sugar in the -- tool it goes over about. A bleacher or 300 again I'm not the expert there. But EU EU really want your internal medicine physician to check you out to make sure that you're you're not pre diabetic or in in fact diabetic. Have you -- have you been tested. You know and protested. But -- com. This kind of amazed at my I kinda like this -- question. -- and let me tell you what he's looking at if there any leaking capillaries if there's any. He can see it when he's looking behind you it hit the behind behind in the back of your -- where all that where all the blood vessels are so so he or she can. Pick that up e-book diabetes is typically define as a blitzer for a 126 milligrams protests earlier. But you can be pre diabetic in the range of 110 to 126. Some laboratories drop little bit lower. They'll also look at something called hemoglobin a one C which is a marker. Of where your blood sugar may have been over the last two months it's related to the outcome of not a Trace that red blood cells will leave women die off. And and and and this can be measured. They may also look. And do -- coal -- to our -- to call attempts were they would keep you up the 75 grams of -- sugar drink you'd think it's a very sweet drink. In and they'll monitor your blood sugar. Out over a period of time so definitely something for you to look at catching this early. Would definitely be to your benefit if in fact there's anything to catch. This question is in my objective is there. Like something permanent and can it. Yes -- well first of all they would put you one more of a Mediterranean style eating plan. Emphasis more on the chicken -- -- in -- -- who once worked once or twice red meat more fruits and vegetables. But again be a consultation with a registered dietitian at specializes. In in in pre diabetics and conditions if in fact that's the case would be there. And there is a depending you on your Asia I doubt your juvenile diabetic type one type to. Is onset later although they -- children now moving in to type two diabetes. And unfortunately an early age but there there are some very effective medications one of them being called qualifies -- Foreman. That has some profound benefits of what your doctor will guide you in BP moderated gatekeeper. Thank you so much Mike got Sam I want you to stay with this we're gonna take a quick break we'll be right back. While our special guest is the great MacKey shall stone and not -- another caller salmon the West Bank Sam. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like that. On most cities in the country. One now. -- ought to do that -- -- Should work. Work. -- -- what was look at. Amendment that means you know summed up there outlook but it is time. Nutrition diet things it in my -- vitamin C helps a lot. Deal and Apple's. -- -- to promote its majestic arts -- -- I'm I'm doing -- I had a couple court. Can. -- that help in the so. Or like. Oh protein powder and on. Let me let me let me UT -- -- -- -- -- that they should -- building muscle that's early tissue work and let you create -- bookkeeper. What were pathetic that that's an that's an interesting point let me ask you what type of shoulder surgery did you have. Everything rotator. Rotator cup -- from our attendance from the biceps right into the being gay voters. -- -- -- Well it when you get a label tear when you have a by -- ten didn't care. And then you have probably on any gas and when she tell me differently super -- not a stare. That that I would say yeah that's the that's the big story. He -- a while it's nowhere near the ACL anti cruciate ligament of pain in the -- Your surgery undoubtedly was a little bit painful. In the recovery. Are you getting physical therapy. Not yet disorganized as two weeks ago opulence themselves stretching out the PP art after like four Bob weeks. Probably but still like like that's a stretcher on -- -- actually anymore it's six didn't feel a little and I've got this kind of like. Across the board -- -- It let me ask the next. I think I would tell you you might wanna go back to your surgeon and asked the question. Four and five weeks post op. Com. When I'm not the doctor but I've worked on 3000 pro athletes and more physical therapists and I work with around the world -- Remember. At it that the idea is I think you might want to be. War involved. In a more managed guideline program. Rather than sit out four and five weeks. On that signature up my own white parent -- teacher. And we got her in or rather quickly. Ticket range of motion back to -- I physical therapist on what you have will have a standard protocol. And specific goals and objectives that must be met. -- not only the doctor but also by requirements of insurance reimbursement. And these -- apples will be set in advance. So I really would suggest from the from the management. Standpoint that you might ask your doctor. Is in fact four to five weeks awhile before -- get involved that may be what you're doctor once for protocol. In terms of healing I would -- -- to a product that Houston cancer recovery. And wound healing you find it in wound -- but -- -- Sanders -- recovery Sanders. It's extremely effective it's called Jews and JUV and. I take it every day. Every night for a good -- bad for different reasons to poll on the muscle mass when we get older I'm I've got some years when -- 63. You we lose muscle that's called circle PD with H I'm not gonna get. And and so T June than it is JUV ENN dot com. And you can look at it on the Internet it's it's it's sold by Abbott Laboratories is too big pharmaceutical but it is not. A pharmaceutical I've actually sold it for years and might GMC stores. And we've used it with athletes and under a separate name called muscle armor it's approved in the NFL. So it is something that's used in wound care centers. And I would tell you to really go look at that now for the cancer -- population you're taking to packet today. In your particular situation -- could be even though item -- knee surgery. -- take one packet today now -- that create team create team is three different amino acids it's in -- just human body. The human body manufactures about two grams -- -- it excrete 66%. To create team that you'd do it's filtered through the kidneys. It's broken down by the liver. Christine may end up being one of the benefits down the line. To such diseases as multiple sclerosis not as secure but as a coping mechanism. And in in sports. It's use quite that 00 oh quite a lot. I've actually written a book called lean and hard why go into the physiology and explanation of how to effectively use creating I don't recommend it for any child. Anyone under the age of eighteen each use for explosive activities although there's some current research showing that it does benefit the endurance athlete. There you might very well with your doctor's permission Flickr she wanted in the medical record while you recovering use that you've been. And use only one or two grams of the create team why you going three affair beat. Because during therapy you will be experiencing some discomfort and what's called re modeling. And the therapists will guide you in the therapist will do amazing things for you it's going to be your commitment. But I think from a diet standpoint just managing inflammation and looking at the Omega threes increasing -- in the diet maybe some fish oil. But ask your doctor about Jews and. And and you can look at it on the Internet. -- As a powder it's a powder. -- -- Well actually it's three amino acids it's and it -- gluten mean arching -- And HM be addressing that will be direct and and and it's got proven scientific evidence behind it. You'll see all the science behind it in in all their journal publications on the website Abbott Laboratories but it's Jews and dot com. Sent by output to repair at a parking Robert tidbit that that's surely help would be ligament Japan and yes at Dawson and our building I would look at. Actually the -- is a variation of three amino acids. Which are used in burn -- -- let me tell you if you want to learn about what it is to repair lean tissue you go see what they do and burn -- But the wait for a team. The way -- is a fast acting. Whey protein I would look for something called a way isolate or away high draw Russell. Those are the two most active those half in the you know clog things that will build -- helped to build not only your repair but your immune system. And you can actually get him in food bars -- can get it didn't drink you can take into power -- take 25 grams of whey protein every morning. With my breakfast. Sam I'm afraid we're gonna have to go but good luck in your recovery and stay with -- every one Mac easier for the next step -- we need to go to the news and check out what's happening. Well we're talking with MacKey shall stone about all kinds of things and we appreciate those calls. We're gonna talk about some myths some common exercise myths and one of -- is. You know is also working on them make any difference when I eat diet is gonna affect me. The united -- there is a I was reading this morning -- college sports medicine of their member for 25 years. And at the end of the journal of medicine science was this last piece about. How and the American Dietetic Association their college sports medicine. Are going to have to really they've taught by dietitians who -- and just such a wonderful job in the hospital now out in the in the world of why stop. But they're going to have to take a less myopic approach because right now like it's easier Angel and tell you that if there's 3500 calories in a pound of fat. And the futures dropped 500 calories -- -- you'd die every day which might be. The two slices of bread and may be something else if if I do that for seven days I'll lose one pound. And that physiologically. Or fit from a physics point of view while I can't dispute that however it's -- it's an intertwined web. Is this holistic way out. You cannot just look at it from a dietary standpoint because of that last caller talking about -- Repairing you and I were talking about preservation of lean muscle tissue. The key is preserving that lean muscle tissue as we age. So if you start cutting the calabrese down. In you don't make the appropriate type of the drop could -- you dropped 500 calories out but she drops some of the pro team down in May be in your life you're unique. Person. You'd -- drop down something that you need we your meeting the guidelines from dietary from a doctor's standpoint but physiologically. It doesn't work that way. It really is a more intertwined web. So. I think you could use the old expression of Jim fix the it's a great runner wrote the book you know the. That the years and years ago and he's a marathon very drops dead. Right place smoked I think but the fact is diet alone is only part of the apostle -- gonna have to look at what the American College of Sports Medicine says. Roughly a 150 minutes of exercise a week that could be done over five days. An -- light intensity defined is not breaking a sweat or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise. -- over the week which you probably could do three days a week which is gonna have few break a sweat. Moderate exercise moderate to vigorous is breaking a sweat light exercise is not breaking sweat don't let the heat in new world it's fully -- writing it. About it because I'm sweating it's something I'm not moving and it's what I thought for a -- another one a myth. No pain no gain if I'm not hurting during work out and I'm not working hard enough. Well you know. Working with 3000 pro athletes that back to comment that that feeling that the athlete feels that I've got hurt. But common sense tells you that when you have pain they're sensations going off in the body that tells you that something is wrong. The real problem is when we take an anti inflammatory. Or pain medicine when you were in sports. And were taking it necessarily right after we've been injured. That's not letting the body actually go. And do what it has to do now granted the body's gonna bring in cortisol. And it's gonna bring in inflammation. In its -- -- attack that problem now that information -- get out of control -- gonna have to suppress it is certain point but a lot of orthopedic surgeons will tell me that they're not gonna Cuba at a particular. Let's -- in the inflammatory in the acute stage. They're gonna do. Give it to -- after. The bodies had a chance to do what it does I think letting the body do what it does. Is best is is the key so I think in my mind it's one thing to say got to push real hard and I'm really tired. It's another thing that block captains thank god my -- -- my shoulder hurts that's a big difference between acute pain. -- -- you'll get 48 to 72 hours after exercise. That's known as delayed onset muscle soreness now that's a big difference from acute pain like that really hurts. But that there is that mentality of I'm not working out hard enough if I don't suffer. We -- yes and I think we could really define that is eat redefine that. I am not working out hard enough if I'm not breathless. Verses I'm not working out hard enough if I don't hurt. Yes that is correct there's a big big difference yeah. Stay with us everyone and give us -- call 2601870. In any questions for -- we'll be right back on Angela on WWL. Here with a great -- shall stone were talking about some myths. I'll work out -- number three I don't need to customize exercise planner program and just go to the gym and do any exercise. That I feel will achieve the same results -- it. She said I'm I'm I'm I'm writing a column now for muscle by magazine and and couldn't comment on this particular. But -- your mate here's a study that was reported the journal strength and conditioning. In the the current issue they don't the January issue. And that he did researchers at the David Geffen school of medicine at University of California Los Angeles UCLA. Wanted to see the effect of a personal trainer. On on on individuals. And their ability to do one thing but it would might be what our caller just talked about -- a cup a couple of calls ago. Build -- lean body mass. And they used as the moderator for this -- is scanned. A Dexter is a scam and they can look into the compartment. All of the muscle fat bone tendons everything in it could see how much and bone fat in -- -- down the -- it's the gold standard I use -- a program at saint Charles parish council -- -- the first person in this market. To use it to test athletes and it is now the gold standard and an over all people that were overweight. Well what they did was they took forty people -- broken into two groups in the took a twelve week program. And they teamed up with equinox fitness. And they took half the people would at least they screamed out for people -- eighteen an eighteenth. And they told eighteen people that we're gonna give you 36 sessions with a personal trainer. And it's three sessions for twelve weeks times a week. We're gonna give you that and then we're on our goal is going to be to build lean muscle we're gonna put -- in the -- scanned before hand in scanned you and see how much muscle you already have over your whole body. In fact. And then we're gonna take the other eighteen people and let them work out in the fitness center. But we're gonna let him be on a self directed program do whatever you want to do. Follow the guidelines and we only make 11 statement your objective is to gain lean muscle that you would on your own. And they follow these people for twelve weeks and at the end of twelve weeks it was amazing to see. The people who did -- self directed program on their own. Were lucky to gain maybe the zero point six tenths. Of kilogram muscles kilograms 2.2 -- so it was just a little bit. The people who were on the debt that directed program where they got some type of direction gained almost one point eight kilograms of muscle will kilograms 2.2 parents to what 45 pounds of what my -- time to board two times one point. So eat your you're seeing that there is something to say about getting some type of direction. In up in in your program. Whether you go to seek it from a consultation. What you're gonna get some supervision on a regular basis. And again both people in the group did not have any dietary counseling. While they were not told when you follow this -- that -- the kind of left diet alone. They just wanted to see whether supervision may -- different I wonder if supervision also doesn't encourage you to do better on diet even though it's never discussed. Did you think somebody is watching. Well you would think this. You would think that both these groups supervised at unsupervised. Will who were -- scan going in would would would would want to compete and they did. It turns out. That when they were only supposed to do three sessions a week. Well it turns out that that that that when it looked at the total number -- sessions they both ended up adding an additional totaled two sessions. But what was it state. The people that -- self directed spent 61% of their time doing aerobic activity. Which is probably not indicated. In group gaining a lot of muscle mass now -- our reporter on your show just the last time I was on that you can gain some even with some aerobic training. But these people to 61% of their training. On -- strength training and activities. So I think the supervision. It gives you some guidance. -- what to do but there's no question that people are very successful without supervision that and I in my column. If you don't know they secret is. Asks the right question. The right question. And I think you'll find that and you can ask it on the Internet but you can also call into shows like this you. -- -- -- you can do it in and a MacKey she also near for heaven's -- what about that you can -- the right question you know this is something I've always wondered about the machines. Are safer way to exercise -- free weights. Because you're doing it properly every time that that we if I was sitting here maybe six years ago seven years ago. I say yes but nowadays I have to say now. Because the machines have adapted and have been brought in something called accommodation in range of motion. For instance some of the side -- equipment now not only lets you adjust the range of motion up or down depending on your body size. But it can actually accommodate you during the movement to exercise that's called functional motion train. And there are some pieces of from what McCall functional motion equipment. Now that is a big advantage that gets you closer to freeways -- the difference between a freeway him in a machine but they're getting a little bit closer now. Is one gives you more stabilization. And one human stabilize but it should you question news. That individual. B whether they be on a machine or whether they be in a freeway they're gonna have to beat that in certain ranges of motion. For instance if I'm doing a chest press and on ballots in that bar off my chest. What I'm doing is opening up my biceps tendon. Two potential surgery like that gentleman who -- again. However Favre rolled up a bath -- It put a piece tape around it put it on my chest -- did a chest press and -- the chest -- hit the top of the cal went back up he just went to ninety degree angles. And that's where you're safe ninety degree angles. Won't take you wrong. Very very good signal line. All right supplements can be a replacement for the lack of nutrients in my diet. Well you know I actually have seven GMC stores and I will tell you that I will never tell she's going to pop a supplement and play somewhat and number of put a qualifier out there. I'll never tell me by to put the supplement in place of their diet. It has to start with you -- it's just not gonna work. Now where might you make a change to that. What typically the American diet and I've seen the English diet to your gonna need some help. So even years ago The New England Journal of Medicine said a multi vitamin and so I think you might wanna start there. I think now the scientists pretty complete if you could do anything that you can go look at. Ask your doctor -- to check your vitamin. 250 which vitamin. And they're trying to see whether you are sufficient. Or insufficient or. Sufficient. Is going to be greater in in in these are really the recommendations thirty nanograms per milliliter opt eighty above that you can get yourself in trouble. But when you start seeing people below twenty. Or between twenty and thirty which would be insufficient. That's where you begin to see a lot of changes. Testosterone function in man. Auto immune ET potential for it or risk increases. People that have multiple sclerosis tend to have a low vitamin. And right now there -- over 17100. Processes in the human body that is tied to vitamin. The idea that vitamin. But now scientists looking at it is not a vitamin but -- -- hormone a secondary harm. Well so we you made definitely want to have your vitamin. Stay with us everyone we're not done and also coming up on a little bit our cash contest so get ready I'm Angela on WW -- Fastest hour in radio with the not a wonderful MacKey shall stone I can't thank you enough -- gonna get you back we'll do more -- symbol to more other things and a lot of talk also the next time year. The wonderful article he wrote about some NFL linemen are Walking Dead. Will just do that is a little -- but thank you very during the match up well with it okay if you will get you back -- and thank you to all of our callers.