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Jul 15, 2014|

Angela talks with the hosts of WWL's First Take - Todd Menesses and Steve Korte - about the

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well it was music to the years of saints fans Jimmy Graham is we believe signs. Definitely sealed and our hearts and soon to be delivered forty million dollar four year contract with over 50% of that guaranteed. And that makes me very happy camper in West Virginia. This hour is yours who -- so you give us aren't your thoughts on the Jimmy -- signing and what your thoughts are for the whole team. This could be the year I'm pretty convinced of the as -- the two Superman sitting right across from me Todd Manassas and Steve court co host a first to. Wait wait wait. No that's not what this is more like Superman and Jimmy Olsen over here for the but what both of you got such -- The small assuming your order the I think you'll and missing. Sound like it's that is enough to put on for reasons you're doing wrong. You know -- -- against -- were due in command like go to Syria and. -- they're adorable both of them and I'm really grateful to both of you for being here this is a big day and I just wanna know was sort of a sigh of relief when you heard he signed. I was accepted something. It wasn't a sigh of relief for -- I think it was more of you knew it was gonna get done via -- I mean you really did I mean this was sort of I guess for lack of better -- maybe sort of normality Internet disorder goes through to got to do the contract part of it but. I think everybody knew that they won't let this Geico I mean there's no way I mean as productive as he's been an. You know solid citizen he's been in what he's meant to this team I just don't I couldn't see it happening you know Melissa was solemn. You know on the Gramm camp that was going to be completely unrealistic and I don't think you know Jimmy represented himself happy represented assuming they would do that so. I think anytime you Philly -- reasonable -- -- side of it that way willing to deal with the states the way they have that you knew it was gonna get done it was it's kind of a matter of sort of figured out the numbers needed. I think it was thought I was also nomination of news the saints and Mickey Loomis and Jimmy Graham's agent. They're both known for liking to be deadline negotiators and they like to take it as long as they cancers each one thinks. Okay we're got more -- -- -- in the end here the other within them. And an editor restaurant yet and -- they did have retreated a deal to him in both instances with the saints -- they've done with players before. So we Drew Brees and these guys this agent has done it before with other players in Green Bay and so forth so. It's kind of their style so everyone kind of felt it would get done. It's part of. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know. If it hadn't I mean ultimately he would have played hopefully. But it would just have been this little mark on the season that everybody has high hopes for that there are many other components -- To go to the campus not in yes he's a professional he do it a 100% to. It would just be that. Lingering and it would be that cloud over camp everyone asking house Jimmy Graham feeling healthy housing going to be under the franchise tag you know all season long do you think you gonna give us a deal signed with him you gotta get a long term. Now they don't have them you would really feels Saturday stressed. Played football. Just plan. But it was a good deal on any time you. Come away on both sides can. You didn't get as much as you wanted on both sides or. Feel pretty happy about on both sides. European technical issues and not think. It is anyway via. -- and falcons. But -- -- A little -- -- was unhappy about but the big deal was to guarantee. That's always -- that anytime a player. Is -- negotiation and you see the guaranteed money you can pretty much rest assured that is really. There. It is that's really well again it was before he actually runs determined that contract. They'll be -- renegotiation some. Room again into -- -- is only for certain portion obviously it's straight on and then. He replaces an average and that's gone. Well it gives him -- shot I think the fact that we signed a four year contract. And it tells me. Still kind of young guy and hopefully he can stay healthy for years emea McCracken and money's not going now. Now I think with fans here you know forty million deal to program is agreed to a forty million -- Forty million dollars where we get paid that 49 seconds. When he's probably like Steve says he's probably -- and see that. You want to guaranteed money that's what they'll look for that you have to look for it's on its not like the NBA. And the NBA their country to guaranteed with the -- forward you've got to pay a -- that. The NFL's not that way so even if they break their big toe -- first game ends so low. Now Claudia played since when did that when he hit balls timeline yeah NFL's ailments though not exactly element but I think it's because well baseball players play a lot longer too but. But the NFL UConn. It's got to the point where you wanna make you money when you can connect they're either very Long Will look. You have an expiration date for a second where he finds that not gonna Wear on your body is gonna figure that out but. -- you have an expiration date and you know some guys are more fortune others and can play written and played at eye level for awhile and then there's others that. You have almost nearly -- wanna see a -- look taken for instance like Gradkowski. Who you know obviously is a guy that you could arguably say is is is a Jimmy Graham right. More physical player but but nevertheless -- and I'll ask -- to do quite the things that they suvs do. But nevertheless the way he plays. You know about 50% of that -- -- comes back on him he can't stay healthy and you know this is a guy you can sees him in this. This -- unbelievably he gets kissed him feel so. Now look this is expiration date is is probably sooner than others. It is he the one who has the larger. Contract. I think he was until you're scheduled -- -- that but isn't that I am I gonna read that this was the second best contract. Always yet gronkowski has wanna leave if if you're looking comparing it to wide receivers. Then I think -- like that the second if if you wanna say it's a wide receiver contract advocates the second or third best wide receiver contract. As far as tight ends. Yeah eighties he stops now. And and some of the other guys like Vernon Davis was trying to wait to see what was gonna happen Jim Ingraham -- he's trying to -- renegotiate right now with with the 49ers. So does that now bump him up higher include more valuable than than Jimmy Graham for the saints for the for the 49ers and and quite frankly he is maybe -- they use him a lot and in a lot of different ways to. So does that give him now bargaining chip to go up higher on this I mean. The good look at Drew Brees you're really gonna be the highest paid pitcher position. For so long. Joseph Flacco. I say it again Joseph Flacco. Became the highest paid quarterback over Drew Brees after he won the super balls so. It's not gonna stay around forever and that's just the way the market is so he got accepted so some people are upset that he's now the highest paid need to desert be the highest paid. Just hold your breath because in a couple of weeks maybe next season he won't be the -- -- anymore mr. When everyone stay with this we're gonna continue with Steve court in town Manassas and and I like to know. What work or are some of the thoughts that. Maybe she didn't deserve to stay with this financial under the -- give us a call 2601 point seven. We're talking Jimmy Graham as everybody is talking to immigrant immigrant problem with the two best people -- Korean top Manassas who. As you all know our co host first take. I would announce in a while we want everybody to call 2260187. Day. Give us your thoughts on the signing and give us your thoughts on what the -- to going to be doing this year is I think everybody's very optimistic. Well those people are calling him I'd like to know -- well this is my own. Unimportant. Scoop I -- know what do you think he's gonna buys them. -- well yeah. Wanted some nice I would hope it's something night. I mean all of the sudden he he's made a very nice out but not the big -- and this is a significant thing. So he's a happy guy and good for him. He's gonna say I wanna thank my -- I wanna think some but what do you do. If I sort and I don't know Jimmy but if if -- can. Correctly assume that when I've been told about him he's probably already taking care well I don't I would think so that is well I don't know if something else -- -- away with some it would down they've become. -- I don't know why but I can Americans assume that he's probably already really don't -- a -- for but that doesn't mean that you want to pick up a couple of based. The thing that I think that other days out of thirteen million. Signing bonus of these gap is gonna receive this year it is well twelve million signing bonus one million dollar base salary if you wanna get down to it. It's a little more than the 3.3 million he's -- over the last. For -- years he's been with the saints. But look let's talk realistically you get that amount of money and again three cheers for him. Which -- taxes on. Or is there a -- eve of a differently. Deferral. Timing still left and pain it but I write what you do -- you kinda sort of stretched along com and not take this huge hit each year now. It's still probably comes out and you know off. -- -- -- early offense some sort of I'm sure there's tax attorneys EPA's after the figures this out the word you know like him some advantages it looked. Do this that the other women and you might not have to -- you know subject yourself to as much tax but you're still gonna have to pay. Wilma I'm I have to take back what I said about him being the behind -- because I saw something. An accountant had put together. After Drew Brees -- after Joseph Flacco signed and he became the highest paid. Basically after taxes. Drew Brees is still the highest paid quarterback because tax rates higher up in Baltimore where corporate Joseph Flacco lives that it is out of Louisiana so you don't have -- Internet or that right now they talk about that ultimately our gross and -- -- sort of I guess today if you do if you -- look at it that. But we'd like them and also do we know does he have a girlfriend. I'm telling -- this is the important stuff. I missed calls still the two guys -- -- Since you predicted. I've never seen him make any comments on this Twitter account but that does -- that does yes and people are very -- -- and we're trying to invade -- privacy what is I want the inside story. Anyway I just wanted to go to dinner had a wonderful celebrate that that might be that might be a discussion for Angela once and he's definitely an ambulance and scoop up some. I do and I wish him well we have a caller Wendell in Slidell. Yes. Yeah that Colin and glad. Glad they got contract. I think it is there going. I -- like. That bad and the bank goes bad. This year it's going to be -- you know albeit bill would give accurate treat it as reduction because. Of -- and now it's it's sort of like at a target on your back. In the you'd you'd hit the field bullet -- going to be here expenses. To try and to sit back and. Went to limit today this and it just tell you this this. There's no secret I mean they've been double teaming him for the last ten years so. There's not going to be any different the fact that he's now signed a big contract. -- a lot of between the white lines that don't care about. -- he bites make in their does know this guy as a threat and they're gonna double team anyway you can always -- tournament brackets and always got somebody on their -- when he -- a nickel guy on him. I'm not gonna put him up against -- linebacker -- that's a mismatch so. You know hi this is something that he's gonna be used to I think the fact that you know he signed this contract religious points -- relevant when the on the field it just affected. They know he's a dangerous guy I think we don't know knowingly played through some injuries last year you know and her little -- over the same time. Look at a lot of times players go out after the signing of the contract and they wanna make sure that day you know letter but he knows they are there were you pay. I think one left this city and then close. You know would be that this that they wanna try to it is currently they'll try to do it. But -- just seeing him back then when Nate being. Contracted. Not yet jet black -- yeah walker and I think yeah played. Bet you fight through it you know I think you're at. Is that connected your opinion OK all that it -- you. Read it exactly because one Libya. -- But would that be it. I don't let that that's that's that's -- man coverage when they do that answer -- what's gonna happen is they're gonna try to -- somebody like that they're gonna try to keep -- from you know make you know kind of get him out of his rhythm and taken from a rat line of scrimmage and -- to hold that pattern up so. As -- as the timing patterns usually been you know they go outside of around these for them and see a lot of things going on what not to do it. They're like Olympia. As -- but I appreciate that they didn't think it can't be that bad that he got it done and we can concentrate on this beat. That's exactly right thank you -- of the calling. And give us a call 260187. -- love to hear your thoughts as well. And one other thing you know Wendell there that the players like you said they're not -- lineup and try to take him because he's the -- but they're happy he got the money. Does that now means that they got a chance to get that -- that's what they're happy OK and rock and gradually. Everybody's ratcheting up but it is that next year that the new TV contracts going in. As the next mark is an expert the year. -- territory I want authorities I think it's fifteen and think it's 50s50 OK not so much this season and into next season so it all goes up again yeah. It just goes up and up and so that's what there you know that's the way to force of this helps all the other players who wanna get a better deal would like -- -- All these other -- Vernon Davis and -- were sitting back witnessing what happened with Jimmy. This whole thing anytime you see that NFL shield on something. It is money money it's not political crisis there I've never seen a business model like that anywhere that. Each and every year is just exponential growth and you know and everything that it put lends itself to -- just makes a huge amount of money I mean it's just. Am -- wrong that I read or heard that attendance is still not viewership but attendance and how does that impact. I don't think it impacts much at all simply because it's TV it's -- right yeah so people are watching more group house. There's still the big screen names auction their big screen TVs switched into an I thought I look alone the feel of being in the game yeah but I liked it more as a player. -- will be as a fan writes that at the same time if I can watch it. Great big screen TV you know have Mon -- Heineken and all that well a lot of -- -- that's unbelievable -- perspective from the press boxes. -- you -- I mean while it is very unique it's microscopic is that tolerance. Companies don't -- -- -- -- you know I think that is it that is something the NFL's gonna have to address. And they're trying to do things. At least they said they're trying to do things to make it more like the college game experience. Because there's still attendance and college games as bill fairly really robust. And so they're kind of looking at that. But at the same time lists that. They're doing things like passing the rule that you can't dump it over the Google handles more Jimmy Graham and there's no more -- as the so you're not making it like the college experience because you're not allowing the fans to really be part. Of the game. Now. And that has -- the nazis' final golden words on the but you're right you -- I think that's the truth you. They're compromising in funny ways. Losing it we're gonna take another break we're gonna go the newsroom but. Keep Colin and everybody will get to Carl and everyone else stay with this I'm Angela under the WL. But -- -- court in top Manassas you're talking about the news of the day of course Jimmy Graham let's go to Darrell you've been holding on thanks so much. Yeah yeah. -- -- it all saw. It we did you. Look at. -- -- -- -- He got all. Got out that -- -- get up at. -- Yeah no one name in my I think in my understanding right you think it's a good thing right yeah. Yeah yeah how can disarm and studio guys you know look I agree with I think it witnesses. We look we won the Super Bowl without him but at the same time were much better team now -- and I think it. He obviously is this is this this this office now it's changed it does each and every year you know even look he got some of the same players missing. They developed differently and do different things and obviously you see now did you know Jimmy -- -- be much better player. You know this year that he would be in the past two years and he's been nothing but great the last couple years. Definitely wanted to keep a -- keep that stability because let's face -- this is going to be somewhat of a transition year on offense you don't have the year Thomas anymore you don't have -- more -- you know Vietnamese prison -- I mean and -- Sproles Pharmacia Pierre Thomas distill their photo call -- But that Lance born Sproles are gone so. Colston was kind a little banged up last year along with Jimmy Graham -- and realize that hopefully they're both healthy this year calls and says he feels great he's got problems with his foot. Will see -- Jimmy Graham is and so you got that bit of stability in and you bring an end. You know the new guys and branding cook she got Kenny stills has got to step up now and and and come of the play well. So I take a little bit of trash -- you know this is that the thing is about this. -- -- from office -- you can argue with what they've done it in -- and done a great job and obviously scouting departments and what they do and personnel guys -- they've done a great job of sort of identify the guys that need command and then obviously you know what you -- bonafide guy out there have been elected Jimmy Graham. You know it was in a matter of sign him just a matter when you're gonna sign him it's sort of get -- religion and region and yes they basically said look we're going to take solid you know -- to pick you know stopper for -- any distractions going into this year. And obviously they're gonna get this things are awfully good roll now I think words purposely did pretty well. You know the defense can do with what we hope they can do and keep improving the way they have I mean. That was an absolute meteoric rise last year yeah yeah it was I've seen a major. You know and and and hats off to -- -- -- do -- -- as he was really sort of leave the guys -- orchestrated this whole thing and obviously the guys were -- his philosophy and and you can see with the results were so. You know now we've had a couple guys in the back you know we hope those guys can -- you know to help you work with him or not. So. You look this is this is going to be a fun year and obviously so long as you've got a guy. In their quarterback spot and there's probably about. -- separate rooms in the league not any more than that you know and they give you bonafide chance to to be in the big game. And obviously you know version number nine is -- guy. Is that guy absolutely let's go to a Gerard. In New Orleans. Oh man have rated -- Anyway. Thing that you need to be in the jail oh it's great. If you weren't known to be here but for the saint Atlantic game. Those -- saw. But nobody played together. That it was a it was electric. Your finger I don't I don't -- that. You're -- explain it sort of the atmosphere of Alex are you an idea it's it's unique look I got that was fortunate got to play and really all the stadiums and -- -- of the newer stadiums and obviously you know. Carolina wasn't around you know but. Look. This is the best place to play and I can pay the fans down here are are really and I know there's there's a couple other places that have great fans that. Until -- financial before this it is just absolutely ingrained. In our purse on a Dan. But it. It plays it's that whole thing together first the fans to -- -- Because I was there. It was a cry -- Yeah now -- that tremendous but you which are really talking about -- I love even walking into the down. Walking out of the I mean it is the whole experience. Yeah and and sometimes if you're saying it's easier to -- account and a big screen and comfort of your own bathroom etc. and that can be a lot of fun but there is something -- about the electricity. An -- and you know that was the unique experience running. I mean that you talk about Hillary you reopening of the domes which did happen -- -- OK okay I. -- -- you know look I was there for that -- -- and I was sitting in that press box and who -- -- -- say anything for longest time I just had tears streaming down my face and that was that was a religious experience for me release that. That was murdered on that turf of something that did not only a few years ago is like represented the worst of man kind to me and now all of a sudden it was like complete rebirth of everything it was like the -- our purpose and beat them it was -- -- wonderful thank you so much to -- appreciate the call. And and actually -- if you're if you're looking about the that game -- -- I don't know if you you've got if it's still out there you can find it but after the saints won the Super Bowl and they released. That the dvd -- there's one of them that actually as. That game on an even those not from that seasons there but it's the rebirth of the dome that on there as he goes on it. As studio to my -- -- the -- deceived in thinking about it gangsters. Yeah that was I just love is too emotional guys just until much of it. -- -- Here the when I hear the you know the saints are common him you -- -- every day though the live version from there I still get the -- Stay with this -- goosebumps we'll continue right after this I'm Angela under the W. Really mean this I appreciate emotional man because they're multi dimensional it isn't just that the game it's all the emotions that are involved in a and lucky for us Steve court and Thomas since I've loved every minute of this let's quickly go to Anthony in New Orleans east. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pretty excited if Jeremy has signed a bill and the bank bought. It. Outlook I'm nervous that -- And it also fit that -- that it wasn't so it should act to. Not. People can't multiply. Well you know and and -- I haven't I have a theory does not approve but I think the other teams were also waiting to see with that arbitration was going to be you have to -- him as a tight end or wide receiver. And maybe you might have some some interest in about any of these different dad is this big difference at three salary. Right there are no luck right out it. Got to all can't get a lot of weapons even though it doubled up on Jimmy Graham. Local game that was really crucial to a -- They've doubled up on but. -- tell you what if Brandon cooks can work out like they think and he is as fast as everyone knows he has been if he can work out and get and get on the field. With that speed. If you're double team and Jimmy Graham you're gonna have this guy wide open and he's fast. -- let's not forget about dual -- and also. -- Joseph Morgan true he's got to make the team again and and you know can still solid coming looked at it's all speculation right now -- to we have right are conducted -- so if there's anybody they can sort of take this thing apart they're gonna. Obviously is certain situations they're going to they're gonna bracken Graham they're gonna make sure that he's not a guy that either convert the first down there obviously you try to to humanity and so on and on the other short yardage stuff political stuff but. You know eat -- they've tried many times for him and do it now you're obviously you can run up against some really good teams I mean Seattle's secondary. Sort took us out of the game you know because of the way of the physicality and some of the things they did that looked at. That defense right now especially in and and they beat us up -- them feel element days so. Those are I think we're good enough to obviously to win them to NFC south of the you know talk a little earlier I think that's great. But you know Seattle still looms in San Francisco still there and as analysts now that is those are the two teams that we're going to be measured against so. And obviously we're gonna get aircraft yet so I think that we just take care business and make sure that we get enough wins to get that second season. You also looked really. But on a different outlook for the cardinals to compete Natwest to be it is the back end of that season went went armor learns the system. He got he got that that system down he was he was thrown some while that when we didn't we didn't. We didn't match up against anybody in that division up here who who thought the other rants of with. -- know so we can look at it many times -- we didn't match up well against the -- or cardinals or the other two teams so. That's -- and obviously the strongest -- conference there is out their disappointment but nevertheless I think pursued in a good spot. I can't we don't let your -- No thank you for calling. We talked about earlier on. I just was a huge fan of Sproles. -- for many reasons I hate that he's gone. That more impact does other than. You know his fan base -- -- that. Well look at the energy -- You know I think anytime you get a guy that's a playmaker like that in like I was always call -- house call him mark and Swiss army because there were some different things that you do you know. And and I think he did so many of those things well he's a playmaker and he's a tough dine and obviously you know he's excited to launch. And Alice dislike anybody else has a little disappointed just to see him open look and I am. Not wish him well I don't -- to the Eagles -- open but I certainly wish him well I I I wish you -- gonna be if all the well. Think it nevertheless it is -- I you don't know sort of what you know it was going to be -- on him. -- his age don't know what his health really -- and other so many different things -- taken you know consideration and they just didn't think that he was a guy at this point Tuesday. For lack of a better word to mean wanted to move on where and so that's okay plus it just isn't -- -- variety is yet you had to sign because I took him in the -- you know -- -- draft choices and you got the guys you know -- you know -- they signed free agency in the secondary mean. They took care of business and I think they're really upgraded lot of spots in and sometimes you do that you get some collateral damage. Well they've they've still got you know Tarvaris could Andre Agassi -- reasoning by as far as running backs they've got -- Stock Qaeda and they always have always have had a bunch of running back through the woods and Sean -- been here you got Kerry Robinson you've got. Tarvaris cadet who made some people are assuming will fill that role that Sproles did how well -- -- I don't know. Here Thomas is still here. Mark Ingram so. Maybe -- well and he's ordered -- the one place that can make them and I've talked. About -- -- -- and I I've always had the view that you know I'm running backs and and a phone. Don't use them like these to drive and because it's such a vertically right now and they -- doing things through the years so often now that. That really the passing usually the -- that the modern offense is really working and obviously the defense -- -- -- that way to stop that. And I think any time that you have a packets -- complimentary but the other Mike. You know changing tires and race car you've got to change a lot. And so we know we have good three or four from there. You know we're -- good spot it means not only because -- hurt someone else asked what about kicker our kicker to we have. -- -- good. You know I think good enough. I think we're worse spot to where you know you you obviously he's dubious situation -- Liam now time -- now. He's. Not is not a Morten Andersen. But he's Nolan -- Ortiz and I think a lot of saints fans who'll were spoiled because we had Morten Andersen for so many years that we. Worry about the kicker trust me other NFL cities they're not really talking too much about the guy kick in the field goals are worried about him as much as we tend to be down here -- Orleans. And that's because the morning Anderson. -- And Anderson should be in the hall. And I was non compliance but he should be. Still holds that record in the week ever lost and as painful to even think about it. -- -- I'm going to note that the kids -- asleep. Yeah this is another -- and I hit a solo in front. As soon as some like to talk about on the radio that -- he's he's he's been great friends did you are in the blushing. Well I just have so many different. -- always chug a government or more men. And Bobby appear to you well. Get -- -- on for almost a decade these guys locker was literally three field across from me you know so every day it was some sort of circus thing. I. -- will help our own imagination out what we could talk about some at some point a hockey player of the political. Little bit more little guys just for the listening public if you're. That this is gracing this is I'm talking about listeners these are men of emotion and -- with sense of humor coaches are equally important. Stay with -- we're not done we'll be right back I'm Angela under the oil. I have loved every minute with -- court dominance is I really answered your wonderful guys in your office stories the off their story is -- -- yeah that's right. And many will turn those mikes on Monday and capture those protestors final thought on today. I think it's a good day for us saints fans in for the New Orleans Saints. I have to agree with with the NFL and other comets this now pretty much makes us the favorite to win the NFC south allotment. You know I guess to sort of a building block forests it would stimulate for sort of climb at this point and I think this boosters sort of necessary -- taken that latter to get there. Beautiful. -- to guys have a good day everybody.