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7-15 Scoot Show Bob Mitchell 8pm, Jimmy Graham

Jul 15, 2014|

Saints fans are happy because Jimmy Graham agreed to new deal with the Black & Gold--$40 million for 4 years, 21 million guaranteed. Does this sound like a good deal for both Jimmy and the Saints? Plus, as players demand more and more money to play all sports, in the end, fans pick up the tab. Are you afraid eventually the average Joe will be shut out of going to professional sporting events? ALSO: The National Geographic Channel recently ran a special, “The ’90s: The Last Greatest Decade.” In your opinion what was the last great decade 50’s, 60’, 70’s 80’s? What were some of the great moments of that decade for you?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is me Bob mentally real Robert Mitchell filling in Porsche -- again tonight and still always starts the show with the top eight things are going on while. Tonight we're gonna start the show with the top eight things. But Jimmy Graham is going to get after signing his forty million dollar contract. He's gonna get money. -- -- Cash. Shackles. Calling this -- dollars the -- those -- Eight different ways to say money money money money money money money money. Saints fans are happy today because Jimmy Graham agreed to a new deal with the black and gold forty million dollars for four years. 21 million dollars guaranteed. And we're going to bring into the show right now saints' sideline reporter and host of a double coverage along with T Bob Hebert on the morning on three WL. Kristian -- Christian we were talking the last -- around the same time about this and you said expected deal and the deal came through did it come through our earlier in the morning that you thought it was gonna come through. No on the -- I would come do come through before. You know -- crown it all in the end of the deadline was streaky and I felt all along very competent. The saints who Lorca contract with Jimmy Graham English to watch a boost from both sides did. You know I think in this in this deal and he's been both sides -- -- of work I mean. Jimmy Graham got a contract it was. Feasible -- -- in. Saint one that presents. Apple we certainly want to leave a close yeah diplomacy so. On -- -- -- situations that truly open and what you hope for -- a mile long term contracts in the year ago. -- can you do this from me and may be listeners who have not been around the radio while they can you comment. Outline what you know about the contract as far as what type of hits the salary cap is going to have. Yeah I mean -- whose four year deal 48 dollars over the life of the contract. Twenty that's 41 million dollars and -- -- cash and is being salaries this year. Is going to be on thirteen Maine now he's actually doing earned his tally this year. Italy -- mean now -- this thing actually say about forty million dollars. In the cap -- be so army once again it speaks to the volume of good. -- -- contract is for both sides. Were you when you consider when you consider both sides. Doubt they've -- but also. The saints were able to save some money here. Where you run. Surprised that it was four years and not six years seven years. Yet. Was -- -- I expect it all along that it would be. A picture deal. In the neighborhood of about sixty million dollars with about thirty mean are you Monica. What. That contract provides award Jimmy Graham is the ability. When he's 3031. Usable age. He can go back renegotiated deal as free agent or with saint -- again. So -- mean you know that's that that was the give and take this. Contract the conceit clearly. Is that while what in this issue deal only needed an average. Quite and one that he wanted Percy and he took another shot. Another -- at the apple looking -- And it's up and a few years and you know he can he can -- yielded in it was a city wide receivers and a from a wide receivers. Dead have a higher for average. Higher proceed to an average -- Jimmy -- so that the bear very very weird deal I think immigrant. We're talking as saying -- report Kristian garic. Personal -- -- -- to this question when when you look at the fact that it is of four year contract. And we fully expect Jimmy Graham to be the team for the next four years. In essence. He's gonna get all the money in essence it's almost like he's getting all forty million guaranteed. Yeah -- it's similar to that but listen. You know the incident in any way. The human operated under the salary cap usually. Which sent agents to the first two years of the contract. In those first two years guaranteed twenty million dollars and they can move money around renegotiate slight next year they -- particularly negotiate Drew Brees is deal because. The salary cap on occasion so yeah I mean law it's conceivable they get 27. He can play out polite and contract. You know it's really about for the saints. Big -- and now. In February about salary cap. Implications that took effect this team this year and actions -- -- -- with the rest of it later think you know it's proven to be it's a pretty sound. Strategy that will frequently. Do they look at it this way that as time goes on probably each year the salary cap will increase so. They may not be able to that they're under the salary of the use of funds played exactly where they are but they figure. Three years from now they'll have more room was that the way to look at it. Yeah I mean they're trying to project. What. The salary cap will collect actually here. And it's 462 because. About which which you know go -- ultimately. The TV contracts the network TV contracts that are gonna come and play. And how much is that going to have impact on. The rise salary cap and you know we don't know. Particularly. Exit you know exactly what those numbers are but we have an idea and it -- then it should. Increased the salary cap. Pretty significantly over here. Over the next couple years so it's -- ability to project that and then. You know sign the deal worked out -- that would require. And and absorb that route. The life of that contract and and the humor -- currently. I've been able do and move that money on a project that. Successfully over the last two or three seasons really to Korea all he's been out to meet either. In the police. Like. He is the singular most. Significant and masterful -- manager and the national all immediately consider what -- that. Place over the last three years of trying to get a deal for Jimmy Graham. I -- in trying to use the Obama couple seasons ago or agree here and bring in college you know Louis. Korean ally Harrisburg assault you and the ability. But he's shown to move money around and immediately. In terms of getting. Sean -- the player he wants it. In a couple of players that he wants to win games it's been in the short here. How important was it. For the chemistry of this team to get Jimmy Graham signed now and in camp with everyone else. I think that was pretty significant because the fact that. I mean if you can get you on today was not -- -- the one year franchise tender. It and get a chemistry that you worry about the distractions. Facing that collection at all hall seat along Wall Street should happen. Yes we all learned listen I'm not telling anything new -- -- it's very clear that Sean Payton does not like distractions of a football team and on this you know this contract today. It just proves that that he wondered if they wanted to get a deal on it put on both sides do that in. Now they can focus on football if you look at this roster on the saints team. The old nineteen suitable the editorial and one team should've won a Super Bowl in this team. And has I think more depth and -- mortality in India of the other two guys named. And now they can focus strictly on getting better as a football team. And try to in Colorado Lombardi trophy that I mean this roster on paper. Right tools that. Of the Seattle Seahawks who are you know the defending Super Bowl champion and certainly the class of you know -- you're. So you're looking Easley a double digit wins this year. Wow I mean in that subdued. Injury and art project that -- I think on paper if you look at his team. Change in the expectations. These very cute new bull see him rated. You know in -- schemes and I mean ideally. They're they're good enough to win again on a course out one snap. Of training camp and -- every kinks up first to suffer due to injury bug. But in them I -- this team that is loaded for bear eventually. -- the only question mark that is the depth along the offensive line but it. I could conceivably pick up the that you would see that team. When he 1213 games being in on one -- -- -- Is there are a lot of -- that sideline reporting. Because I'm you fill in -- camera and -- And make it big play tomorrow and it would. -- and you do a great job that is what would be your back ups -- you you're you're online account thank you Christian. All right all right. That's a question Garrity is the -- sideline reporter host of the double coverage on three WL along with Bobby. Not obviate their team Bob -- all right our problems are open to -- general -- 7866890. Its assembly saints fans. Are you happy. That the Jimmy Graham deal is behind you. And what I wanna talk about is that are you afraid. With these athletes both football and basketball wanting more and more and more money are you afraid that eventually the average 20. Will be shot out of going to professional sporting events if you go to a saints game or pelican game how much money do you normally spend. Opened the polls right now at 2601 late 7866. Edit and I know it's heavily. On -- -- build on WWL. And Bob Mitchell and Porsche -- tonight the poll numbers 260 late 7866889. Point seven you can text me. And it 78 -- much prefer phone call but -- the -- give -- a text from -- that'll be great but please don't text and drive our current. WWO procedure where people question is Jimmy Graham. Is now the highest paid tight end in the history of the NFL. It's a well deserved. WWL dot com 87% say yes. 13% say no right here's what I wanna talk about tonight. When you look at the type of money that all these players are making it at the money that Jimmy Graham of making. Of the money that Drew Brees may look at the players all around the league are making I mean let's face that they are getting more and more and more money. And you noticed more and more the guys are getting their salaries are portions of the -- guarantee and I have no problem and it looked at basketball. I mean guys may you know lead to only five million dollars a year. As players demand more and more money to play all sports in the end the fans pick up the plant. Normally means higher ticket prices and since so many of the teams have the concessions that means higher concession prices -- or you're afraid to. Then eventually the average Joseph is going to be shot out of goal and two professional sporting event. If you go to the saints games if you go to pelican -- did you go to any professional sporting games right now. Do you plan and it just financially getting tougher and tougher to go on. I would I would I would love to hear from from the -- fans who go to saints' games. Some he plans to go to the pelican games and just how much money that actually cost to ago. I had a guy called the other night he said he thought that for a family of war. When you buy tickets. And party and food at the game you to easily spend 500 but -- it if you go to any of these day. How about giving me a call at 26018788668890. It's certainly number one are you worried. Then as we have to pay higher and higher prices for these athletes and then you have to ask you trouble -- you -- they'll pay and higher tickets. And having -- strong teams or. They in the lower ticket prices having a weekly -- to probably pay the money I'd love to hear from -- you people that go to the games. Number one how much. How much of the costing you the goal right now. Are you worried that eventually you may not be able to afford. To buy tickets if they have to continue to raise ticket prices. In order to play the -- also. We have on our -- table. The National Geographic channel recently ran a special titled the nineties the last great decade it was a a three night special was optimal credible. And they refer to the ninety's as. The last great decade in your opinion. Once the money is the last. Great decade. Or with the the fifties the sixties. The seventies. Or the eighties I think the sixties. It was just an apple and incredible. And incredible error in oh you had apple will lead in incredible music and oh yeah and a the head. Of the big civil rights movement in the -- in the sixties went to the moon. In the sixties so what do you think is the greatest. -- of all -- the greatest decade about the fifties. Sixties Japanese 80s90s. To -- generally it's 7866. Gave -- nine -- devils go to Craig Craig are you tonight. -- -- god do you go to the F slain struggle pelican games right now. -- thank -- Molly to. Like two games you've played a game and they know in the superdome. And -- Ellis and. Or are you concerned that the prices are giving -- little bit too high. The whole -- but yeah all that you know well there. Very. How long does it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What does it cost the family support to looks like go to assigns him to talk about parking food and tickets. But you. Expel beer. Or how well. And and parking lots of pop up box. On. It. What little -- but -- Jimmy Graham. Is it. A couple of days not every article and it should be cited. End the couple go to Spain. You know if JT. Or get it yet. -- You know. The following year -- -- -- nickel or quarter. And then out delight in going you'd want a well. All the partner. -- short in short -- know like a couple playoff game but his other public about it. And perhaps on CEO. -- You know. And it and it you know all or want all or. You don't. Oh absolutely and Leo you know people play it it's too much money you know and I think we -- faced -- -- situation. As fans what do we wanna do do we want to spend more money and and and keep wildly players because. If not. It -- if we did not want to give Jimmy Graham the money another team would. -- out of you heard the other thing we're talking about tonight about of the greatest generation the greatest error the greatest decade. Of all time what do you think was the greatest victory in a vault -- 50s7080. Chinese. And it. It at. And -- Yeah. I agree with Tom Brokaw. My parents. Were. And -- can survive the complexion. End to world war. And read all yet city. And you on -- -- One. In the the port of order. And are you. Music. That -- -- music. On a boat alt a lot went -- and. Greg appreciate your Tony and let's go to but Gil Gil thank you for calling WWL tonight. I'm by -- what about you or are you worried as. The price of keeping his football players and spending more money on them and giving them these millions and millions of dollars that date. Can demand because of futile -- at someone else those are you concerned that eventually have to be almost impossible. To afford to go to any games. That's right -- that while really calling you it didn't element it 12. School can no longer afford to go to games. And so. Now. People be free tickets still okay al-Qaeda can't afford that pocket concessions. And -- gotta take. The -- until. I don't know cancer risk as -- publisher rich you know 411 game -- or. Well the Super Bowl the average person cannot go to the Super Bowl a -- of Super Bowl tickets -- Bought up by a corporate -- corporations and that executives. You and I -- I couldn't afford to go to the Super Bowl. Now well first saint scandal to accept it -- you work for tickets at the site scandal too -- state. And you know what a dollar fifty out -- Yet you know one went when you look at the thing I mean. The end of vote continues to grow the NFL is just an incredible. Business I mean. Of the money they make compared to the money the -- -- the when the saints first team around is not not not even close. In in the NFL at least they do have a salary cap. And it's some of these. Much of a -- that baseball and basketball and soccer. I do not have they have salary cap but there that's called a soft -- -- control over it if you willing to have to pay a fine. And you know we just plans or at that point that we either have to pay the price that they want us to play protect its. In order to a four of these big name stars or someone else some other team -- just it's just that simple. That -- right now are in the full output per game you know those seven dollars. You know -- sort of major sporting event not just sociable but just saint -- can't take it out against him. Just an average working stiff you know that -- just try to get -- Are unfortunately not -- people. Guild the National Geographic Channel Tunnel to get a chance to show you ran a special titled the nineties. The less grade decade. In your opinion what was. The greatest decade of all time that that you were. While -- didn't know what wherever whether you were alive or not. Oh I'm gonna have to go back a little little -- elect topic that previous callers probably somewhere in the forties or fifties he. You know I think those are some of the greatest stuff you know greatest decade -- Well -- what do you remember what if you had to look back in the forties and the fifties. What are what are you great memories from those that is what -- -- made those decades so special to you. -- from the fifties and sixties and the young country and not. -- -- people in general and less crime. And just the better two people grateful -- the job. And you know that the world scene about it. It was definitely a simpler place that's for sure. Try it was hectic it was simpler times and and that wasn't as much disparity between the -- While you write about that -- you know and of course it would the NFL it's getting that way now we you have. The haves and the have nots the middle class is gone and our country in the middle class has gone in the NFL also. -- -- -- So. That you elect cooperation. Stuff on the ticket you know the games. So at least -- -- You know yeah the biggest black music. But. That is what will give me anymore they wanted to make it count Google argues that -- -- -- Thank you -- -- -- go to David in -- David. How are you tonight. Eight I ought to bring about the ticket price you know it kind of like. That are spent a what I think we've. -- now. Where they're forcing you to that the children they'll all go on computer -- where. In and buy that ticket that -- right to be. Stay here -- hope that your fingers between. You know. That out a couple of them are. And negotiated deal and why. Are you -- trying to. Unload one. You know. And a -- To -- -- -- -- -- -- And so acute tickets there's been at it from police were pulled away. Like coach you know so that -- the net that's fine -- wait on money -- Certain person. And that it that opera though we. Well what do you think the the options are mean if if you want the talent you've got to pay the money if you if you do not pay the money another. City another team is going to pay the money your team is not going to win and then you're -- whine and complain that why don't we get some of these guys though. I don't know that there is an option. Well are up about engine program pay -- money. I'm ignorant kind of liked that line right Utley -- in -- the -- but. He was. -- gamble when they kicked -- -- similar. All. 08. Years that are open. So that the company just yeah -- -- them. -- or more in work. Inquiries. It would -- those that are out yeah. Group is the coach on that -- indeed. We're integrated. Mean if we don't take. Any goes it goes. Anywhere. We regret that player he would be here. He's not because through -- dot looks -- -- What do you -- do you think Jimmy Graham what would be great intellectually -- Brady. Our Tom Bryant walked out that great like it here up QB -- average. But I don't think derby all pro that he. Gets sixty trips around. In their soda all right David good for you go National Geographic channel recently when a special. And they referred to the ninety's as the last greatest decade. Do you butch was which decade was the greatest and well. I've got to -- eight. -- open at church and at that time up without. It was just the last apparel group was still on. Your -- you know that was the last time you had to worry. It pretty called Q not he had never beat at all. Our current and eat it bit. You're right the -- that's when they still had beepers. Ebert brought up every person at a record amount that the thing that the thing that amazed me when when you look at the progression we've made with technology. We had beepers and beepers were to send a phone number do you so you can go to a pay phone and call Deborah calling you. Been reinvented the cell phones shall we did need beepers now we have a cell phones and people use of war. The Internet. The send text messages and the last thing with most people do outsell both likely talk on it. Most people aren't these kids today they are out and talk to each other about it. Yet David Pritchard phoning in okay. Thank you can't show. All right we have -- the blinds open to secure a one late seventy. 866889. OH seventy director Linda you guys will be a -- we come back. I'm Bob Mitchell and for -- for the big -- seventy WWL AMF men dot com. Welcome back to the astute show I'm Bob Mitchell and force -- to buy a couple things we are talking about. In your opinion what's the last great decade 50s60708090s. To securely it's 7866. And a nine alleged to have an -- -- Talking about -- we're all happy because Jimmy Graham agreed to a new deal the blackened -- forty million for four years 21 million. Works apparently. Mean we can't we can't -- our brains around actually earning. That much money but. Are you concerned about this because as players demand more and more money to play all sports not just football football. Well -- -- professional baseball team that we do have a pro basketball team in the end fans picked up the tabs where you're afraid of eventually. The average Joseph will be shut out of going to professional sporting events. Linda I'll be with you and Justin and I promise we'll be really quick like get caught up a couple of these text messages. Bob my saints tickets and a place value of 300. And I've worked tickets for between gas parking food drinks whole game cost -- 15100. -- What do you do for a living. Let's say a fly in from Dallas every home game for the past twelve years honestly at the Ohio Columbus sites. As far as the greatest decade. The sixties dictate changed the world. The last great decade was the eighties Americans -- was high musical still great pop culture from the eighties -- still like comic. Every decade since then has been a slow decline. An American culture and values are right to a 6017866889. OH seventy let's go to Linda in Slidell Linda thank you for calling tonight. You can Google wins a mile. -- I knew that it got a live at the other end of a live in oak harbor. -- -- Like I know it. I. Do advocate of the game. It ought to try and make it. In -- night. On late. It can't and then on. -- -- -- -- We haven't. Being at the track. Meet. And it would do it again. Cho and president call. About it get -- -- We all that they. Are acting on a ticket to gain the kind of India and we. -- are probably. Would. -- can guarantee your ticket. The -- Actually -- want an open to. It. You know it's not. On the ticket I can go at it it was it was arbitrary name you. Of course -- -- I believe your right but -- the players those the players I was the coach's salaries are a very very big expense. It took to the individual teams. And -- are you concerned that his ticket prices go up. That because you know as each year goes up -- like for instance I mean Jimmy Graham they were already. Connolly in the same in the future of the salary cap is is going to be higher. So but as as my concern is that not just football bowl football and basketball. As the salaries continue to go up I was listening to -- Deke. This afternoon and he's right now Jimmy Graham is the highest price tied in in the end up well. That may not all at nine not last the year. And it went and salaries will continue to go up and or are you concerned that eventually it just -- too expensive for the average person to go to a game. -- content that you know it if -- you'll and that she can do mean. A lady it you want to. Believe and you know. You want. If we get to that actually. He he sure like to make. That's a great -- Linda in your opinion what was the last great decade. Want what what -- now we're in a. Music -- I mean how much of eighties music you -- Indian reproduce today that it can't. I had been on the court you'll enjoy it certainly is. I see -- the sixties musical I like the motel in some more babies and and I. A lot of -- And you know and and I I was on the radio 60s70s and eighty's -- -- played all the music my favorite music from this. And you are trying to think it and I like to -- Molly I was a kid into okay. Where many. Thank you Linda. Good evening I'm not brought up. Light. 260. 187866889. Point seven you can text me at age 7870 got popular lines open shall be called in right now. You wait only be just up a couple of big John Noble will get just ready to go we're talking about. In your opinion what was the last great decade the 50s607080s. And ninety's. And of course were all. Very happy that the saints and Jimmy Graham came to an agreement and has the list -- called in earlier. The the point is that if you want these people you feel that maybe we shouldn't opinion that much money believe me if we had not paid and that much money. No doubt this year of course say put it you have to sit out a year to go any place. But these guys these exceptional talented athletes and demand this much money. And if I had that kind of ability I would demand the money too but the bottom line is is as as good as things go up. As we just said he may not be the highest. Played tied in a year from now. And as ticket prices go up and expenses go up for these games are you concerned that eventually the average person may not be able to go to a professional. Football. Basketball or baseball game to secure a -- seventy. 8668 at 90 it's seventy I'm Bob Mitchell and -- boot a muddy over your phone calls right now limited seventy WWL a in my apartment dot com. WW almost help you beat the heat starting today you have a chance to win a thousand dollars of cold cash in on nationwide summer splash cash contest. Just listen WWL weekdays -- for the top -- over news of seven animal ability and 2 PM and 5 PM for the Cold War. The -- that word to 72881. Your chance to win without ever putting down -- -- that's 72881. Every weekday -- lucky listeners nationwide -- thousand dollars each and please don't miss out on the money sign up now for WWL. Cash club. You'll get reminder text just text the word cash to 87870. -- to fifteen minutes before each code word has announced so you don't forget to listen. Can't be any easier than that. The thousand dollar nationwide. Summer splash. Cash contest opened at the time to listen 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM good luck from Smart radio that are trump and all of us. At WW only get caught up with a few more text messages were talking about how expensive it is to go to professional games like. Basketball games and football games and his player salaries go up. A ticket prices will probably follow one. Or getting to the point do you think that'll get where the average Joseph can't go to one of these games. Text message it's very expensive would go to games but we can't blame the players especially when they take the money and give it back to the community. Look at the Brees foundation nothing Jimmy Graham was the type of guy who would do the same thing that yet they give some back but come on that that'll give all of of the network contract plays the salaries of the players that -- salary cap comes from. I'm not sure if that's totally true I know the network contract has a lot to do with the -- capitalize. I don't think the putt I think the players' salaries or more than just the dividing them via network conference as the network contract goes up. It gives them more money alright we'll come back after the top of the hour with more your phone calls. -- doesn't report like Bob out of curiosity salary cap is the main thing in Jimmy Graham and -- more money to split mostly. Amount of other potential good players -- Maybe. You need more than just good players to have a championship team you need to have several exceptionally good play excellent team. All right we'll go to new eligible to -- back. I'm Bob Mitchell -- seventy WW well AM up on the dot com.