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7-15 Scoot Show Bob Mitchell 9pm, Jimmy Graham

Jul 15, 2014|

Saints fans are happy because Jimmy Graham agreed to new deal with the Black & Gold--$40 million for 4 years, 21 million guaranteed. Does this sound like a good deal for both Jimmy and the Saints? Plus, as players demand more and more money to play all sports, in the end, fans pick up the tab. Are you afraid eventually the average Joe will be shut out of going to professional sporting events? ALSO: The National Geographic Channel recently ran a special, “The ’90s: The Last Greatest Decade.” In your opinion what was the last great decade 50’s, 60’, 70’s 80’s? What were some of the great moments of that decade for you?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit to -- the fuel and take part of the show love to have you had 26 year old -- 7866889087. Before lay out. What's on our WWL talked table with a -- got a great feel good story for -- remember last night we were talking about. Things that women can do that men can't do well. Women can hear this story and law that's so nice guys you can't do that you can think it but he can't do about love right. -- -- Celebrated the hundredth year of the -- surrounded by her family and friends it was a celebration craft and with love which marked an unexpected milestone. A hundred years shall remember. We were still flabbergasted because. It's a miracle that her daughter Juliette. A miracle not because so few people reach a hundred but because. A year ago she was comatose. With a mysterious illness doctors couldn't diagnose. All they could do is -- for two weeks to live. We started making funeral arrangements everybody was coming to town to spend time with her and say goodbye. -- somehow recovered. And apart from a little hearing loss she's living well now with a sense of humor about her birthday. While she's not divulge it exactly how she managed to make a 200 she won't take all the credit either her advice. Trust the lord and do good at -- Buell says all right here's what's on our WWL plot table tonight. All of us saints fans are happy because Jimmy Graham agreed to a new deal with the black and -- forty million for four years 21 million guaranteed. I'm like you look at I can't fathom that much money I can't fathom what I would do all of that money. Now this is some liked it a good deal for both -- in the sings to you according to our online poll at WWL dot com 86%. Say yes. And only 14%. Say no and have a question for you. As players demand more and more money. All sports. In the end the fans will eventually picked up the -- Are you afraid that eventually the average stroke will be shut out of going to professional sporting events and if you are -- go. The saints game Republicans came what does it cost you -- go. To a game how much money do you at all often can -- ago. You have to sacrifice to buy your tickets because as one on the caller said that some you really love you figure out a way to do it 2601870. 866889. LH seventy of attachment to Bob I went to one game last season. Just the two tickets and parking cost 330 botched. The whole -- cost me 700. And no hotel involved with loved the experience in the dome but can afforded. More than once a year with five children four grandchildren. Dependent on me. 26017866. And nine point seven is probably what you. In just a second but -- -- lay out a few other things that we're going to talk about the -- The National Geographic channel recently ran a special titled the ninety's but last great decade in your opinion. What was bullet -- decade fifties. 60s90s. And shareware means some of the great moments of the decade for you in have you heard about this guy. And Long Island I mean I'm envious of okay. He spent a half a million dollars. 500000. Dollars to remodel his basement. Into the enterprise. Bridge now I'm a big Star Trek I am very very envious of the skeptic in three years. To complete it because he had the taken you know by the different parts and and and fine. Different props and war. To turn his replacement. Into the enterprise bridge that was his boyhood fantasy role. Which brings me to this question. If you have unlimited funds. On limited funds spent on creating. One special rule in your home. What would you put there. And watch all right I'm limited funds give you mine and a few minutes. Since I can't do Star Trek -- this -- stole my idea I'll give you mine and a few minutes but I'm limited funds. Think creatively. It could be sent in romantic it can be summed it outdoors be anything you want but unlimited funds. What would you create and year old home all right let me get to via phones that go to Scott calling for industrial power your -- Eight our show thank you. I'm talking about a decade -- like the sixties. I like a theater like promote. There's like Q yeah. And charge -- program. It did four years at that rookies in -- desert -- he's done it yet -- are you to do you go to the games. -- little -- not too much cost too much if we're. Caught in March from -- Yeah lifting I've I think that's what we'll more more people are concerned about that as. Of these. Players want more and more money. You you know that put the clubs have got to get more revenue. Then. If you're gonna get to the point that you know the average person can't afford to go to the games. On Albert -- pointed that out now you can go out of Beers and and now. -- or its -- Polluted our outrages. Asia's -- Euros realm of all. And you know this I don't know if there is another option because. We as fans we want the best players know what I have a -- of -- future of the I've talked about what for what the break. And they said that when you. When you give these guys all this extra money does put to a situation where they beat cancer on some other good players that's true but to win the championship you need more than good players you have to have as many exceptional players as you can possibly put on that field. Now it's got to be had a chance to think about if you had unlimited funds. Under limited funds to build a rule in your house. What would you build. Like they were elected dog and two car garage. I would just like they have cleaned house. A well here's here's here's Lima news I would I would -- in which on the blog -- Aren't. And out but I've dogs did it just out and what you and I asked him -- plant that little right. Yeah. Here's what I would do I would take it and I would build myself -- a small football stadium inside a house and one and one of artificial turf. I would have won the wall -- I would hope to be the biggest. Screen you can possibly by of course you have to behind death. And and great sound I would have stadium seating inside. My room artificial turf of course. And then I would I would I would have the roof. Open and close -- that. When the weather's good acted in I can open up my dome and and enjoy the game with the weather. And when the weather was bad like I I can close and and I would dog try to recreate. And he a stadium. Inside that there. We got big dreams. Is it that you like that. Betray you know. And I and I -- can have some states some stadium seats and there. But I can invite some friends over and heck -- I don't start selling tickets. -- write about it until it. I think it's done right it's 02 Troy exiles or -- ruling. I appreciate Cheryl thank you so much like our. -- element look at it for a couple or years pre wedding. Or why are all saying. We bought tickets. Right -- -- pay an 8000 a year. While. Forestry and -- his -- programs. Include your. Playoff tickets this. Food at the game sold or. Every amber industries this year as it. I'm not crazy about the -- food I must admit it's been quite some time so and so I went -- -- probably bill and maybe ten years since I went to a game at the -- Let's just say eat the food didn't agree with me too much right. -- We. Beat the pop -- -- buy it that you were aware. Game stop somewhere will go. In and out there. Here. If you all. You know on. Which has got to be true well from. Post and AB. Let's watch Monty being sick comfortably -- -- are trapped. Well I know I think it was. And it was one day last week I think. Deacon -- we're talking about. You rather watch the game at home or actually go to the stadium. I'd like going to the L -- -- OK because I have a buddy. Who I go to his house he -- -- he's got the tickets he draws. He's got he -- got a parking space they have a great tailgate party and I don't do anything but except go. Well. So. Yeah enjoy going to -- -- games because. Spear -- a couple of they're between our strength. And the Indy. Austria and bell really jeered at street. And outpatient care that you. Must first. It's that they're here in order atmosphere and hit some. Al Stabenow should tickets already correct. And it still enjoy listening to. You know quite so they're supported by its you know you got away -- on social. While -- I have a text message here and it says the average Joe's already shut out. Absolutely average -- -- shut out and I shut out after this year lashing out here. I'm not gonna do it again. What. What in your opinion is the last great decade 50s90s. And Yemeni memories -- many of those decades. Absolutely. Brook area -- portrait shot so art art book or all of those but -- eighties probably triggered. I'd like the sixties because that when -- John Kennedy and that's when we had the space race and the battle between us. And the Russians -- week we went to the movement of course -- A total science fiction. But shall from me it was -- in the courts. -- 401 when you think about the sixties that that's when the civil rights movement. Crying and a lot lot more quality game. -- -- a nation so and it it's such -- the great. Absolutely. Argued that colleges. Were sixties and currently our member opposite. There it is happening pop it back. Got you draw appreciate your calling out thank you so much let's go to let's go to John. John or you tonight. I'm doing okay. Power analysis and and the car and about. You know. I am we got your ticket apparently. When tiger you're right throughout backhand and I don't think -- And these days we're paying her family or much -- short form where I felt yeah now. Ago and it's kind of money and we had a lot of sacrifice that it's certainly play. It also -- and the only time there's what eight gain gain gain that include tree -- and yeah that ten times that we. That we keep guarantee that our family all together for at least. You know effect neighborly and -- we can and you know it's hard to argue. Bat well you know no matter how much all -- well. So you look at more spending money for family time. Absolutely now you know right now. -- good point shell out the money -- not been told. I will be taking over. There and and then we'll probably have been you know make it in terms the public we can report -- one and sure it. It's too cute -- and two on and it it. It's too much of a guitar on same attitude that the yet all year here. And so far our senate and pretty good -- making that happen. John have you have they had any time while you want to hold the thick about. Those the situation where if you had unlimited funds what's special -- -- to create in your house. You know -- about that a little bit. It would be kind of like -- studio from our practice the well and you know. On the art and the other eight or. You know important and all my heart -- and loud -- I guess I have to have you get them down her finger on the main comment probably more like an entire. You know collapsed -- -- On -- environment comes here and management at an unlimited amount of money like it's kind of pull out all the milk -- -- make that your matter. You'd be able build your own studio that. Absolutely absolutely right now. On -- up in my garage in my front room my chart get out and it says that it makes for pleasant time but you know yeah didn't -- can. Thank you -- appreciate you calling 260170. 866890. It certainly. What was the last great decade of the 60s80s. United in if you had I'm limited phone I mean unlimited money. Would fantasy role would you create in your own hole 2601 late 7866890870. I'm Bob Mitchell in dispute will be back to your phone calls and minute. On WWL in my apartment dot com really -- coming to New Orleans Saturday July the 26 that the UN electoral arena and WWL measure clicked. This is your last chance to score and give you two ways to win on air and on -- comic talker. Would give away a pair of tickets through Friday morning between six and India. Will play -- Steely Dan song if you approach to column at the lyrics follow UN. But simply like a -- -- -- pick the online weather Sunday night had been I'm able announced what you went Monday morning. In the 9 AM well we're Steely Dan concert Saturday July 26 that you're electoral arena. From the station that love rock and roll WWL. All right a couple things we are talking about tonight one that I have absolutely loved and you can go on line and actually. -- a video up about the here on Long Island. As names and the is sports. Took in three years to do this but he completely remodeled his basement into the enterprise. Bridge three years that was his that was his dream that was his -- room but made me think. If you had unlimited funds are limited -- and you to do whatever you wanted to any room in your house may need to do you know money is no object right. It couldn't make it super super romantic you can make -- outdoors -- -- can make it like mine I'd kind of build muscle up a little. Near the stadium and completely artificial turf and a route that that opened -- -- that but to watch good weather games with the sun shining and of one wall and and hire high Def TV you can do something I've never anything you want. Get creative. What would you do -- limited bondage and what did you do what ever you wanted with this one room called me at two to zero late seventy. 8668890. -- that let's go to might. You. -- The war. This. Week. That -- -- Model that you should actually. And it take it down now. People. Projected -- law. Went down. Delicious all. And play. That. But they all all. You know. People aren't. That. -- Now what would you have any shows you know and it would girlie shows. Project. In. Just one -- Search market. -- Sure that goes strictly. Shall follow up and down. Yeah. I don't know how I'd like that idea Mike that's really good. I'm all for you. What was the last great Dick -- Look at what. You. Order a -- Well what we call that day. Oh all. You know look. All this great. People. Well like -- It's it. Agents brought the world closer together it smallish. People -- -- -- now. But look alike. In. That that it urged gates. It it's come -- hard now to even though. Think about what it was like -- before computers on though. For instance even in an imploding a radio show together. You know I used to have to take it's been a lot of time -- -- reading newspapers and reading magazines and and now. All you do is just Google the subject. And you got everything right in front of you. Right that information age. On the -- got out. You know the man you know I think. No the most important thing but at what they. Yeah so we took a -- -- guys at big money away. The -- at the -- But different. Or all. Not. On. The block -- should -- So you know I think we did it -- on developing them into. -- -- So to meet -- We also created. It will but it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right now on on on the other side he could have said. Well understood that sit out this year and then next year teams that have been lined up giving anything. He wanted to -- a -- hold a wanna give him credit for that I know where you're coming from. -- I think Jimmy Graham effectively and as a great player and I'm gonna repeat that a couple times. Got a text message from someone who says that we give. People like Jimmy Graham and Drew Brees all this money it keeps us from signing other good players and that's right. But to win a championship you need more than good players you need a few exceptional players. I absolutely -- a book four years ago. The opportunity. You. -- acorn back as well. As important question. Will all lose. Or negotiated contract. The people. That Jack is back. Eat -- we lost. It on. Though it now that we are senator you know call. Guys we needed around recovery but we could all. Day. -- earn money I totally agree -- You know. We also. Being true to our program. All right Mike I appreciate you calling 26017866889087. Let's go to author calling from -- -- author how are you tonight. I'm fine author what about you what is -- less great decade. The -- great decade active commemorate -- seventy. Okay and tell me why you like this Lebanese so much. Are correct that -- because that department are certainly enough. Are a lot of big change is always the mall people every human being and average sports network and yeah. We're a poll people. S department our new -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that in the sixties Civil Rights Act was in the sixties. In an intimate and -- done. It it. You're. Able. Yeah. And it has ever -- its beauty and I went people's parts who it and start. Greedy -- re read error right. -- and it did change the law and or deepened to keep people around like he was doing well. Seven is also was there of Disco music to. The fact it's -- and you need to. Well we'll talk about wan port yet is what you cannot. Author let let let me ask you this that it if you had enough money to re decorate any rule when your house anyway you want what would you turn that room -- A -- and describe it exactly what will look like. Well it would be. -- -- -- -- -- They were quick buckets and -- because and it's not used that you -- about. And where you can sit out and talk in what Martin conceded. In all your body yet to would you say. Gotcha all right author I appreciate your pony -- OK we have a few lines all but it's still a six year old -- 786689087. Were talking about. What's the last great decade 50s80s. When that is we also were talking your opinion about Jimmy Graham getting that. Now the highest paid tight in the history of the NFL and he deserves -- 87% on line and say yes 13%. Say no. And if you had enough money. To do whatever you want in redecorating a room in your house turned into what ever you want. Liked this guy and New Jersey a mean Long Island and a half a million doctors were -- -- basement. And of the the enterprise Starship Enterprise -- what would you do with yours. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- National and written on and Jimmy Graham is now the highest paid side and in the history of the NFL deserved or not 86%. Say yes. 14% say no and are you concerned. At all as players demand more and more money to play all sports basketball mean we have. Two professional teams here we have saints of the pelicans. And his players demand more and more money to play -- sports you know in the end you know loss plans will help pick up the tab. Are you afraid eventually that you will not be able to afford to go to professional sporting events. 260 late 78668890870. Can text me at 87870. I'm a season ticket holder and I never -- much except ticket. You just have to be Smart and going to a game eat a forehand. Of a couple of Beers. Outside -- in -- couple bucks but come the election that's. Park little further away. For free and get some exercise. I'd like that alright let's go to it's go to. Tarzan is that right. Hello. Hello hello easier -- journey -- -- and start. How did you get that name. I got. Got. A whole old Bobby. -- com that are that are out of -- -- it. At the victory is something funny when it went well I grew up not you reverend remember Tarzan son. Boy that's right when I grew up. That's what my mother and dad called me boy they never referred to me by name ever. I mean I was 1415. Years old. In Monroe when my mother what introduced the -- is someone to traditionalists on boy and by his -- mom. I have a name stop calling me boy. But -- That's a true story. All right Mario now are you concerned that would all these high salaries that eventually the average guy won't be able go to a professional sports game. Yup so do I -- that you know hundred tickets -- courts there are strong ally. Such a band or stuff you know an average guy got to beat it wanna gain possibly. You know -- this season ticket holder -- and got it. Oh. I've heard of families pulling their money. And -- three or four -- is buying season tickets and then you know just the body what games each of family goes to. Right aren't well but it it -- out how you call were hurt the other well it that he contracts make awful. And the Obama on the concessions and ticket prices are sponsors. Right before I do not believe. I'll have to check with deacon Bobby but I do not believe. That the entire salary cap is only based on the money they earned off of TV I think that's part of it. By -- I do believe that ticket prices and just were you know remember they have besides the the players of course they have. The businessmen have salaries of the executives in the coaches and so it's not just the money from. The that the TV contracts. I know. -- and the makes some crow on the word -- Gore. And the paper program problems ahead. -- -- I that you liked -- -- market. Are often. Blame right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll root out protection in the game. Mark on when you -- currently in Iraq. Oh you know that -- double it sort of let him. And airport on she stretched out all all people got. So if you work to build your fantasy -- to be a jungle. That would be humble and like you are here. But. But migrant empathy and you know -- we got cheating around a tree -- In the woodlands around album. If your popcorn machine. Never thought of ample theater that you you were kind of sink sink the floor down some -- like that that's a good area. The American you know. Ever look at contest for that record but -- -- game. One more question in Europe in your opinion. What's the last great decade. I'll say it's seven them and they -- about -- grew up you know of course -- he -- -- And seven man that we -- bringing back in the seventies -- would have they would like what. Well just music reports and just the altitude air strikes 01. Well about just we're a family atmosphere at beat that -- -- -- stop -- sale at digital out after seven and what litigating. I tell you remember -- somebody's also remember the oil embargo. And the longer lines of the gas pumps. I ran out of gas and laundry amount brought them. All of which are far away and we will look I don't want to talk eat yeah we get our air -- -- territories are now. How long did it left -- putt I remember the lines are remember him in a plan to get gas and I had a buddy of mine I had a neighbor. Who owned a gas station. So -- I was able to get there many times early in the morning but when -- When. Ike -- couldn't get him Ike Ackerman with a of the lines being like a block long but I I don't remember. -- remember how long the embargo -- model for how long that we had to deal with those lines. You've -- -- memories certainly correct they would like a full wants that span it would more some things other. Micro certainly got that air on -- far away we callable bodies yesterday we got there. -- -- All right but I appreciate your -- in thank you so much. All right like 60187866889. Point seven who have a few lines open. We're talking about the bid Jimmy Graham signing now the highest paid Ide in in the history of the NFL. Are you concerned with these ticket prices going up and I'm not ticket prices salaries going up and up the ticket price will go up and concession to go up and you might not be able to afford to even. Go to a game. In in your opinion what it is. What is the last great decade 50s60708090s. Whatever I'm Bob Mitchell and for dude -- -- seventy WWL AM up on the dot com. I'm Bob Mitchell filling -- to welcome back to the show. I know what's in the news right now the city has announced face to try and increase the amount of police officers. In New Orleans on the streets. Have you watched on TV. When they show that crime scenes. The shape of some of these officers that. Of physical. Shape therein I thought there were requirements and -- -- you know you couldn't beat. 5060 pounds overweight but some of these people that I've seen on TV in police uniforms. I mean. I can out run them. Just an observation let's go back to the polls let's go to -- and home how are you Glenn. -- don't know you'll -- Glenn what about you the last great decade. Eighties tell me why and what do you remember both the navy's most. -- you know we add to it that -- -- army would go to concerts outdoor concerts. Members there are these are the kids. And wanted to Beatles concert you don't -- part. And eighty is the best. Your -- You know we had a lot of keg party. Yeah Louis TP you know a year dedicate some great groups are. Now. -- off are you concerned that if players in all sports here in new -- we have of course the pelicans and the -- If the salaries continue to go up or your concern that eventually ticket prices will be. Too high for the average person today can be able to -- season tickets. They are yeah. There are there -- appointed game ranch here. The pitch. Under -- -- get -- in ways. By halftime after your problem I would. And he's markets are. It's up Obama's question at a -- him perhaps. You know borrowers who you know apartment manager year modest -- here about halftime. At spam or other ball. Hell I'd indicated that apartment I would say is that -- TV. Yeah that if you had time to think about that special rule if you have if as if I'm -- -- who. Have money are no object. What would your fantasy rule. Did meet -- argued that doing it and character and its -- -- That. Yeah I'd eat it -- hardened by an inch flat screen TV you surround sound. I haven't Mubarak you know -- for personal car won't start I don't have a say about a hundred gallon aquarium. How important. It can be found hurtful to go to our to have a stereo system and -- there would be our. No whips and chains -- in the. Oh no no no I'm not a two man Acadia cameo. That would be your program veto -- very. -- there. But it wasn't -- where you were duel with -- and that's no little -- on Tuesday. -- America theory -- that call you meant to -- better -- prefer a man. All right Glenn I appreciate your -- and okay. Alright let me read a couple text message were quote like the room I would recreate in my home. Would be the bar from the TV show cheers. Why that would be good. He also says why are we putting this forced the cost on the players want the owners are making billions I do not the that these owners -- could be wrong. OK I don't have deacon Bob beard to give me -- apple but I do not believe that the an apple owners are making billions of dollars of profit. On the -- team to not believe that at all. I've dreamed about a glass dome -- rule and suspended in the middle -- giant perished and I would want the tank. Filled with tuna Wahoo my mom is swordfish. And Marlins one at that really would be cool. 26017866. Andy and I know it's seventy all right I've got a problem here Bernie and Brian about come to your right now. The -- available give him maybe thirty of 42 so if you can possibly do me a big favorite hang on. And then I'll get to you right after the top of the -- of you wanna take part of the show we're talking about. The last great decade in your opinion 50s6080s. And nineties. You can call me during the news big job gets ready to go at 260 late 7866889. -- seventy. And if you had unlimited funds -- spent on creating one special rule in your house. Unlimited money anything you want. Use your imagination. What would that -- looked like you can call me at 2601 late seventy. 8668 at 90 it's -- -- technique at age 7870. I'm Bob Mitchell Bernie and -- hang with me and I probably target the right after the top of the hour news from WWL.