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7-15 Scoot Show Bob Mitchell 10pm, Best Decade

Jul 16, 2014|

The National Geographic Channel recently ran a special, “The ’90s: The Last Greatest Decade.” In your opinion what was the last great decade 50’s, 60’, 70’s 80’s? What were some of the great moments of that decade for you?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- may Bob Mitchell the real Robert Mitchell filling in for -- and since Bernie and Brian have been holding was so long a month ago went to the pose a burn your first up. Thank you for holding how are you tonight. This is burning high awards and Bob -- -- that did -- particular coal. You know but concerning. Graham. Increases salary. I think about the gladiators. But I do in the days of the Roman empire -- pet food gladiators prepared to do and played in the marina. And these -- sometimes former slaves that the trip and these kind -- would hit -- to muscle yeah. And that's the same thing with a professional. That you have to get these -- -- but it just Graham. Was not much of a football player government on a and you know he came into the professional LeBeau -- and these coaches -- -- talked about. The players in salary is gone out. -- the owners also hire these. Real. Skillful. Poor people sure are all so you don't prepare these players' ability to combat. And error. You don't want to see a clear bill and -- slaughtered. Do you want him. -- -- Bernie you're right now but what the cost of all the as the cost of the players across the coaches. Is that eventually gonna get to the point that the average person will not be able to afford. Season tickets will -- more people doing what -- -- -- -- where they get to a three families and they'll they'll buy season tickets and split them up. You exactly correct because that started out with to say that Tulane stadium while and I could go to the saints gave me then maybe about ten guys you. You have about 67 and out of each you know pocket. And we will come back with some money you have to have a beer popcorn and though -- would have you. But I stayed with the saints organization put -- seeking it was long and tickets you know and Europe. Season ticket in this -- is -- out of the stadium. And then distorted. That in the blacked out. Found it was much mobile financial equitable for me to just stay home. -- and I -- I have to admit. I'd I'd like to know -- coach in front of my big screen TV I got the kitchen. To the left the bathroom. To the right and had much better -- that you know. The right -- stand and it didn't even. The stated you're obligated last dependent. In the match and -- -- You know birdie which we talked about that last that we talked about things. That women can do. That men can do women could get in line in the and and and I actually go in the men's room. If you -- I win in the ladies' room that have the police only have. And be handcuffed your number that's right Bernie what about you when it comes to the greatest dictate 50s80s. Or nineties. I have to say the sixties that criticize school and college. In the 1960s. And also it was during the time that Washington DC realize. The inequities. The black man in this current. That was the start of the civil rights and no right way cue the music moat around well. Ted did the better than that you know right and we went to the moon in the six. That's correct that's correct and so you some outstanding personalities that came out there. That Tuesday's deal remembered him. I don't remember what happened in my is that it happened and if it's a though but. The sixties. Never in the horrible to me. The music that I've I personally did meet personally can help. I don't know if there is paid better type of music Motown to me was just the greatest music era ever. That is true I had the sensibility into the Motown studio my daughter lives and indeed choice while. And I have an interest in the -- so little artist recorded. And had a -- of that studio. Is this if it's. To do all our actual round that you will argue that it is. This has made -- walked into the footsteps of some of those guys that threatened to sink in its global -- Well Bernie do yourself a favor there is a DVD you to get. -- can get it online it's called standing in the shadows quoted -- an outstanding in the shadows and it's about Motown and the funk Brothers. And it is an incredible I mean I've got it. At every known that I watch at the music's great it it gives you. The entire history of of Motown. And if if you if you -- disposed and if you want to that studio I noticed it sure ocean that studio and knows all about it you -- all right I'm Bernie before you go. And had time to think about that special room. But it has to be a room with a jacuzzi. Lower jacuzzi. It has been heavily wrapped around TV and as the Hamlet of fruit or. Fruit -- in the -- does that -- and here vector. And beautiful folk music played through. You are relentless Bernie I know what's going on here today. I know -- headed up this Bernie in the jacuzzi and a he would like peace. All right burning OK thank you Bob that was let's go now to Brian Brian thank you calling WW well tonight. Eight. About Jimmy Graham now while the contract all of expectant Bobbie it's fifty mill about forty Bob guarantee that they got room. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was expecting between 25 and 27 guaranteed same -- here. Yeah they don't have a contract Lumet negotiated -- -- so that he'd. Hope he doesn't disappear when not physical BP get ultimate goal on -- every BP get -- you can debate this year -- -- -- -- a beat down yeah. Although the epic out at that that -- be brought against them I really hope you now. Maybe be he did work on that'll hopefully -- couple on batter and a new game at target on the shares. In about two cautioned though you know rising ticket price -- not to interrupt you saints game then. The saint split it doesn't -- it at all. And it's it's expensive food and eat in a one way that we talked Paris and walked always it is now. -- -- -- They I'm I'm actually. Got it down. To where. I can listen to Jim and pokey. And I can I can actually go back and forth like a listener driven hokey -- I can go to go to the network and and and I've got it down good. It you know if you work on that a little bit it's not that. Difficult to sync up. WWL. With the saints but. And though I. I like my food. I like my good -- -- -- -- -- good drinks -- -- the convenience of of the bathroom but they're not to have that none after stand in line. And I I and I enjoy it more. But I don't like traffic I don't like driving downtown. So. You know I'm I'm fun watching the game home. Well we give Troy Aikman and joke book on the game and it definitely regiment. Chemical. I'm on that -- the deadly dull really well. I can't stand Obama -- no flag. At me and you know opening up carbon problem as well a lot of team loses their home entertainment it's quickly outpacing which you can get it. Yeah you know apartment at at any gonna go home. A media that people like show -- portraying. But I mean how that colonel Campbell went ticket prices -- outrageous. You know he can get a pretty night TV and right around that them pretty cheap these days compared to ten years ago. Brian speaking of ten years ago do you have a favorite decade. Out of the -- Chicago teenager in the ninety's phenomenon that old that some people but it. Are the passionate video game. And intuitive than -- -- -- -- -- pad and was now it's pretty dollar industry. Pretty that the. And did you see the National Geographic specials called the ninety's the last great decade. Our life of -- I'm sure they run it from time to time it is absolutely incredible. I think it's three hours long. And in you know 31 hour segments but really really a great a great show. Yeah up the check but I mean like that you know what it's it it seemed like the gaming industry with its peak in the ninety's and now the basis. It's extremely uninspiring. It at that -- dam as it's disappointing. That you eat any kid grew up well video game that -- it's extremely disappointing. It's like a true equality flawed classic -- -- -- -- became really really good but everything else being could not be in it. Only video games armor play was Pacman -- I'm way back there. I'm gonna arcade and playing and pac man and -- and then. See where does the -- the goofy little guy running around. Well I don't -- I don't go out around the same time -- was. -- -- and and Mario super merry go. Yeah yeah happy evening maybe it bit eventually went on the Nintendo and made it really big. Big game not. And today. Are right now if you had time to think about your fantasy room if you could remodel. Any rule in your health money would be no object. What would yours look like. I would probably bit entertainment wrong partly political. A big screen TV. And I guess the market stated the other computers gaming. They invite people over you know and -- so -- on on. So it would be a big gaming room that for you than. Tried to doubt have a requirement. You know ladies -- guys. But -- that. All right Brian thank you okay. We'll we're gonna go to Joseph -- a -- tells about a bad the traffic accident. -- -- -- -- -- -- That's eastbound on the high rises. -- let's that that's -- LB. Traveling to go home -- about an hour drive through and -- be backed up quite a bit then I can you up to you to Alter any injuries. -- -- -- -- All right Jodi thank you so much I have you been listening to the show. I have. All right. Okay but thank you for calling in all right. All right. Here's what we are talking about tonight saints fans of course served rejoice rural happy because Jimmy Graham. Agreed to a new deal to -- -- forty million haven't heard before year's morning one million guaranteed. Obligates -- project where opinion poll question Jimmy Graham is now. The highest paid tied it in the history of the NFL do you think he deserves that label. 85% say yes 15% say no. We're talking about a special that National Geographic ran recently called the ninety's the last great decade so in your opinion. What it is. The last great decade 50s70s. And 80s90s and and and and -- -- totally wide and there's a guy in Long Island who spent half a million dollars to remodel his basement. Like the Starship Enterprise so a view to spend as much money -- you want a caveman look at your imagination go here. If it financing was unlimited. What's special role would you create in your house got a bunch of lines opened the -- all belong. 26 -- one late seventy. 8668 at 90870. Bob Mitchell on WWL I'm Bob Mitchell in approach to the poll number does it take part the show tonight is 260. -- 7866889. And only seventy. We had a caller our last caller said that there was. An accident of the -- and it was a four car accident eastbound. On the top Ira is now if you were in that area. And you can help us at all any information. Concerning the accident that's the high rise New Orleans east east well. Can you please policy and the analysts and shall we can help people in that area and if it's true and -- -- baca met -- and figure out oh away around -- so if you know anything about this accident here in the area. New Orleans east Tyrod is a butcher please policy and -- listen at 2601. Late 7866. And 89087. Alright here's what we are talking about tonight we're talking about Jimmy Graham contract. If you think Jimmie deserves all that money. Are you were Fareed as players demand more and more money. To place sport we have to sports teams here we have. The -- and we have the Republicans. You think it's gonna get to a point that people are not going to be able to go to the games or people would have to do with some -- -- are doing right now. They're splitting like an old couple friendly get together. And share. The cost of season tickets and divide the tickets to 601 late 786689. 0870. We're also out talking about what do you think is the less great decade fifty's -- 60s70. Eighty's or ninety's and really up -- a need to know a ball that -- -- slope if any of you in that area. Help Leo what that is a text message. I'd mentioned above the standing in the shuttle's. A Motown. Special. -- correct me that it's actually called stand in the shuttle's remote. And I agreed to a on the greatest documentaries ever recorded. Four of the great. Decades. I like the seventies. Elected Disco. Of the -- of the of the eighties. Unlike some of the early Disco but you know decide. Never really got into. The white suits and at. And you know and I didn't look like John Travolta so I couldn't do that. Let's always we have a caller who's got an update on Leo New Orleans east Miller is -- -- -- -- -- What do you tell me in the what is on it. But it is that regular track right now is they look two lead user. Loses it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- potential to -- a little long ago and then. -- all right thank you so much today. Let's go to John and John you have some information on an accident. John. Jobs out there let's go to Joseph in Chicago or did you vote. I'm -- -- you wanna talk about the greatest decade of all time 50s80s. Or nineties. I don't -- One of the sixties like the sixties does that today. Naw I was reading a text message from someone. Thought. It. I like meant what I remember about the the sixties as our our Merkel the space race with that the Russians are remembered. Now going to the moon and remember the great music a motel that. What what what. What did what did you find so interesting about this evidence. Well going to appear Ebenezer was I think -- -- -- -- not -- -- -- -- you know. And her family cards and groups -- -- or about 1970 pretty good. The -- back then Billy -- Bruce Springsteen and. Actually not playing Ellsbury -- -- back nearly statement. And that difference. In America where your help and meeting with a lot more easy going that is to make its way out in the street. You know unsupervised. You know quote yeah upping your backyard supervised. Eight world. That great. That's great decade while I do believe that I think he's a great decade jubilant. Of course let's say the seventies -- when you had to MTV today and an MTV start this Lebanese. MTV parent -- seven. Even -- the clarity and I. -- -- -- being pulled over. It. A thought maybe you got pulled over talking on yourself well. There are now Amman message Mario. The other -- -- look at orbit that now. I don't know how long you've been -- but of one of the things we've been talking about there is a guy in in New York. And he'd spent and Long Island spent a half a million dollars. 500000. Dollars to re model -- basement. To look like the Starship Enterprise bridge and even got some of the -- I think the props -- that he was actually able to get. Captain Kirk's chair. -- -- Question tonight is. If funds were unlimited if you could spend as much money in the in the words of your spending someone else's money okay. If you are spending someone else's money. What's special room -- created euros. Well. -- that happened based on where that. Having ample. But that money -- like it. YouTube of what the potential -- Which have did -- bastion attention maybe. Would have John -- might get -- It would they have very good friend of mine and -- -- in the kitchen I'll concede the best golf I ever met. What -- attention to what competition Messina. I agree kitchen he's got professional La battles -- -- there. I open -- a lot of room very great counter space eager to move around between the senator -- bestow the saint everything. Course it doesn't do any good to have a great kitchen if you can't -- the right. I didn't all of -- -- recipes for an -- of. So what what if if if you had -- kitchen OK and you were inviting me over let's aprons and she were to say. Fly up to Chicago and I'm gonna put Q a meal would you put the meal would you take it to a restaurant. Why the odds -- that yet you know what you'll -- You wouldn't just go take out and try to fool me. What would what would you cook -- I'm gonna tell -- your house I'm gonna fly to Chicago and click on the your house under the what are you gonna serve. I think I'm gonna -- That -- pitcher from the and that they are probably those. Louisiana -- future. Special recipe that. Update and now you know that New Orleans barbecued shrimp. You don't put barbecue sauce and you know that filter. Absolutely -- don't treat our our view. Of the -- and they barbecued -- Asian art in the other thing. Mean typical Chicago salute to. Happen right. The man go into a he's. Like. Public right away -- the using -- you know. I'm gonna use anchovies and it won't even know anchovies. There are likely battle I don't like and -- is okay go ahead. You all know there there are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That and play hard. And that's been there I'm like bill until they had special dish that much uncle used to. -- -- special customers and restaurant. What -- -- down AM medium rare underlying -- -- stake. And the adjacent. You know my -- out late. I'm -- I haven't had dinner and Hungary. You'll want to Bob -- Bob good Gloria. All right I'm hold you to that you know -- above dessert. There's very. And it just below under very. Peter good thing the music that then -- their line. Think the difference between New Orleans food in Chicago food. I want to Chicago a couple of years ago and a buddy of mine took me to -- up some steak house. Gordon Gordon jedi or something like that. Right and when they served the state there was no social and Butler see a New Orleans. We put sizzle and butter on our stakes of those was just a plain old piece of meat. Yeah important. -- here. Don't want to meet that on the same no real -- But the good thing -- it was current and isn't it better -- and -- -- any guidelines. All right while under the voting into a joke I can -- number I can see your phone number on the screen. I'm I'm gonna write it down the fact I'm going to Chicago is and the end of August okay and right now under the collar you and I'm gonna take you up on this because. It's great to have a list -- in Chicago. Are you an idea of your hobby here and actors out there. That well yeah. Letting. -- product there. And show. It -- all day. Here -- A very good company. Amnesia. Would make different good about it every hour as the example of what they're angry Egyptian app -- Show he would make -- But we ought to meet and. How back. It up that shot that the -- -- and basically. -- -- But caught up with a lot. But the real -- -- Artery. Double in the show. About. One. And -- in the locker room. And next meet that ship -- That -- -- shot on that and it's my -- when will the crops and that we needed to slot where right there in the front. Ready -- apple a lot and upon. Agree with that speak English French accent yeah. Great to me -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd joke from Chicago it got me. Thanks for -- and right. I'm I'm right you're element to your number down -- -- right make. Our -- And I got me a free email lined up. A major -- I'm hungry to do. 6017866. -- nightly family went some -- opened a woman though. In your opinion the greatest. Last decade of balls of the is the sixties -- The eighty you can talk about Jimmy Graham and think about their sports if you had a limited multi. What's special rule would you create. In your house come -- get creative. Think about it and probably 26017866. -- nightly family. And if anyone is not a New Orleans east around high rise to be an update on the -- I'm Bob Mitchell and what do in this is. The -- gates and the WWL. And missiles -- -- show I'm Bob Mitchell filling in -- we gonna go to Sydney Sydney you have an update on the accident New Orleans east. Guess about it they'll work in the act demanding that police and fire and rightly. Our traffic -- little -- -- that they'll look at the update. And saw I imagine anyone who's headed that way were probably. If they're coming from the downtown area. What the -- -- maybe around the gentility maybe global -- -- and take that -- highway all the way to. The east right. -- yet it could do that but it like that it movement and moment slowly but. I just out -- I about -- ago. That navy minutes into the show and Indians and troop build and on the other subjects you wanna talk about. All right thank you so much OK let's go to Jeremy Jeremy thank you calling WWL. Let me read one text message before. -- -- do you -- if you don't mind. Sure alone. You know as far as the fantasy room. Old school Bob Bob my room and have a full sized pool table. Let's scream bar and stereo of course but the -- -- would be the top of the line Brunswick what does that. Our. Comparable line bronze. Front I might. Maybe. A bowling ball and are -- oh. John can the find out formally what would your fantasy remotely -- Are usually library in rural. Would have to look -- lie. I would say. -- nice little bar. Like like I bar. Where you can -- figure beard and number you know what money's no object your. Money logic that -- are part crossover -- -- can run. -- I'll have maybe a cup or purple. -- in aerial treating it. I wore a -- hook lounge as well. Luke tomorrow. We just found out a -- which is the pool table. Or are all right Lee got you you'd you got the bars for the women right. All right okay. Now the an actual quote it was well on like the and in another room would be not aegis of love and generally one -- home. I'll wonder you need to make debate is did you want the courts -- -- error below research for. So little research for cancer. You wait a minute you can. And I don't. That's just where okay. And it's it's your fantasies again it's. A it I don't even wanna think about that but. What about the look what about the decades old what's the greatest decade to you there. Would be one. As the decade that's a year. Low earners in your. 40. That's right. The ninety's well there's a special and if you haven't seen it this on national the National Geographic channel it's called the ninety's the last great decade. And it is really really -- But so you go along -- the ninety's is the best that right there. All right Jeremy appreciate your putting and OK. All right we have lines open 2601 late 78. 8668890870. Political up on some text message while we're waiting for the call for comment Bob in my opinion the greatest music. That was ever recorded was recorded in the sixties for that reason alone I would have to say the sixties. Was the great a decade and here's a text message. Did you just say the sixties was the last great a decade. Let's that he -- assassination. The Cold War the Vietnam War civil rights unrest. The missile crisis a return Betsy and Camille the Weather Underground white flight. To name a few things. Well you know yeah you're right all of all of that did happen in the sixties but those of us. Who that the sixties as -- -- -- conformity. The music then and I'm a look at them totally differently. The JFK it was assessment -- -- he did give the country to have totally incredible hope and they -- have the country believing and you know as not want. Your country can do for US what you can do for you country. -- -- you know the -- the race against the Russians and felt that we were better than rush report felt that you know week we have a great country at that time. But like you know I acted when you when you look at all the other things I can definitely see where. If you did limit you to wonder why in the world anybody would pick that. All right 2601 late 786689. Points and all the Warwick go to the break. I need a little help. She thinks. It's a cute Fuzzy animal and once defeated. Every day. He wants to trumpet. And relevant. Is -- world. A Fuzzy cute animal or are right. With the -- the chief. Is my wife -- -- he is meat we have this world and it's driving me crazy and she wants to put out and she does put all of bowl. Vote nuts than in other stuff for the world -- welcomed them like deck and eats she wants to please. I think it's a rat -- the tail and I'd like to trap it. And get rid of it so what do you think hot you look at those world and a Fuzzy cute animal or -- rat. What they tale let's let's right. Squirrel does get some special notes. Right and I think. My wife thinks I'm a special not because I -- trumpet and I would do it nicely. And I -- or rat trap out but I would relocate the squirrels level like do. To me that's -- -- are rat with a Fuzzy furry tail. Squirrels do. Oh who was at the the robinsons on but honestly I tried. Never thought about that. Little -- not everything goes to garlic gullible. All right I'm Bob Mitchell coming right back at 2601 late 78668890. It's -- to -- you help -- what do you think. Is my wife right -- a squirrel prosecute them animal are in my right our rat will detail I'm Bob Mitchell on WW well coming right back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's a squirrel. A Fuzzy cute little animal or a rat with a Fuzzy -- let's go to -- Clyde is this world. A rat with a Fuzzy tail. At about there'll. Right in Europe. And you'll watch it like to make that -- -- -- like catcher in. The one and a little needs and habits haven't gone that. Aren't. World's it was good. Yeah. Grow a little -- -- she's been -- it peanuts every day what. All right so I should catch it I've got a little trap OK and it's it's not it's not a rat trap of the Rangel trial. And -- kill. -- Yeah a lot I don't know what to do that -- -- -- valued. -- right so you say stinnett cooked at. All right Clyde thank you so much -- -- Don't evidently Charles how are you Kevin. You what do you think Kevin who is this world a cute little animal or just a wrap -- the furry tail. Home and -- and they're gonna Google would put these government that was where burst. -- also. Has Apple's world my wife has been feeding this world every morning in now now the world comes on our porch. Every morning and looks for a little bowl of nuts. And I say let's wrap this world and get rid of I think this world to Iraq operate a lot like the relocated. Some place. Leave the squirrel little boy -- all right give me a rough road it's time isn't to be your favorite the decade. I don't lump Tug between and that girl in the community and -- -- statement the war and aka. Or two -- Of the mind. Though that -- OK and so you'll want -- club from like Charles right. -- The Euro on -- you in Lake Charles now. -- organize the work heavily inflationary -- a real or you know I worked at Yale candy -- Is it's still there. Yeah. You'll see you'll come on Jimmy Graham. And -- that would account beat up duping you. In game. And that's the reason that we'll bring. He's accepted that -- -- tied in and on his -- at forty million dollars a big toll one million -- are you concerned that when you look at the the salaries of the athletes and know how much money they're making -- which not only want. -- to the debt to the point. People will not be able to afford at least the buy season tickets. -- -- -- -- A year ago that get ridiculous. All right Kevin I appreciate your -- -- -- okay. All right 2601 late 786688908. Sanity let's see him I'm pretty much caught up with. All of mind text messages. It looks like all right our big it's -- Prodi jaguar opinion poll that would change that. What decade do you think was the greatest of 50s90s. At this point at WW well dot com. Only 11% say the sixties. 44%. Say the 70s33%. Say of the eighties -- 11% say the ninety's so you won't take part show. If you cast your vote at WW dot com if you want you and called during the news. And big drought that -- ready to go right after the top of the hour 260178668890870. And if money. Was no object. No object at all. What room would you build your house or what role would you you know -- decorated in that any type of fantasy role in the then you won't. One guys that -- half a million dollars turning his basement. Into the bridge of the Starship Enterprise on coming right back in WWL IAM -- -- dot com.