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07-15 11pm Scoot, America's Best Decade, Jimmy Graham Deal

Jul 16, 2014|

Jimmy Graham has signed a 40 million dollar contract, over four years, with the New Orleans Saints. What do you think was one the "best" decades?

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And it welcomed the show I'm Bob Mitchell and for us do tonight on WW LR phones are open to secure 170. 8668890870. Before -- lay out what we're talking about the sour and tell you what's going on. Have not heard about this. It's standing taller than Niagara Falls it's a new war slide now open in Kansas City, Kansas. The slides than a 168. Feet seven inches tall. It was dealt -- -- recognized by the Guinness world records as the tallest water slide in the world. After the first seventeen. Story drop. Seventeen story drop. At least sixty degree angle whether -- up -- hill before plunging down as sixty to drop in lending -- plea in a splash pool. A Reuters refereed to speeds of about 65 miles an hour and the entire -- last only ten sections. No this is comforting thought. The ride was originally scheduled to open a Memorial Day about the refs kept flying off the shoot during the test for a little known don't know. On that they can about a I'm not thinking about the ramp up -- about the -- you -- hit it that's. Could you imagine that this is slightly lending in the pool I'll see anything save about brides exec Bob miles well -- But during the test -- and kept going off the shoot. So it -- I what I have to imagine so. But anyway does that sound like override that you are trying. I'd actually try. And I thought maybe this this this last hour along with the other things that we're talking about maybe we -- -- take some phone calls with any really off the chart. Adventure things that you don't know what's the most. Like outlandish the most off the chart adventurous thing you have ever done I'm sure you well with mine mine was. I went on an open water on shark. And you get in the water was Leo we went to. Off of Costa Rica. We were almost -- little portage dive boat the true yet -- there were on that war. I'd take a week and a half park and call. And win when you go on in the waters forced white tip and reef sharks. There was totally shark -- could count them. So when you got in the water you were literally. With in. In goal all all I would sales tool but I would say somebody -- could count them okay. And that that the the the initial. Shocked of going head to head of the shark watching the shark turned you'd -- you were told in advance it's not in a worry about. You can do this but those first couple times until you got used to the sharks. Your heart really was probably but the what you got used to the shark it was like you were swimming with. A bunch of groupers. And we drove down to a 144. Feet which is really. Little bit beyond the limits of what you should do and scuba -- and we had to play in the opening but we want to seize the moment hammerhead sharks. And it was it was an apple will. Reel. Sued to get close. To these huge sharks and you know I got within maybe. And maybe 1520. Feet. Like a twelve foot hammerhead where you could see that big. Movie and Hatcher and that was a -- also edit and review. And have you one usher in the just absolutely off the chart of the intrusion did. You can add depth to our talk table tonight to secure 178668890. It's -- I'm gonna continue to ask people. If anyone is in the New Orleans east -- about a high realized. We have an early report of an accident I would like to have an update on that. The report that we had was it was on the high realized. East but also appear in the area and you can give me an update on that that would be great to 60170. 866889. -- seventy we're talking about Jimmy Graham. Jimmy Graham has a new deal and in a few minutes were gonna replace the interview with the saints sideline report Kristian -- to tell you. All all about that deal so we wanna what do you think of what do you think of the deal. And are you afraid that eventually. The average Joseph will not be able to go to professional sporting event from a regular basis because. -- just may be too expensive. Plus we have our -- seventy pretty drag -- opinion poll question which decade do you think was the greatest the fifties the 60s70s. The eighties. Organizers go to a Mary Amanda Milbury -- you. I just went into that network pan. And big man. With a musician Matt as a rock star in -- and that there be shocked if you. Cut it anymore. We -- different market to Miami. The expansion of the electorate time and I guess that's going to be one. Job. At a hotel. On Miami Beach while. -- -- equipment and you know we win Japan wanted to get the tickets. We watched it on a second ago. Prank and not that big and play was getting impact analysts and he started to -- it. He should have profound. Yes hey doesn't that. He let. At the end the end of his career -- got a chance to see -- during his prime and -- got a chance to see him at the end of his career and at the end of his career. He had lost his voice and just could not hit any notes at all. And I'm tired of people like it was and you know I'm just terrible thank you Mary is to get a job in our view. What's up. Or I'm doing fine and you will tell me about -- -- adventurer feuded. Yeah and we we don't. I was like eleven years old. Mickey what was on lake park strain in the book Love Boat and went out. I mean this is a little bit different which -- problems but we built the vote went out late. And the car changed around and we got stuck out there all the milk bottle. And. US. -- at eleven years will no adults and you know no adults at all. No adults and his wife bought. Eighty. By 84. Somewhere in there. So -- on the rescued. -- there. Believe it not matter -- it is well childhood I think we political. What are we not been -- we have that people -- next at a rate right and we we thought that we would do. It started to drop all boats were didn't he sort we need it and that was so that we stopped two and England -- -- We -- apple probably about I guess about sixteen dollars. In and adaptable came by jump and scream and -- -- to enhance food. No food you -- you parents must go on crazy. We had the best parents and warm and it was it was like it could not believe it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Back and get -- it at all. And we're rock and -- like at a stretch and in the current changed. And we started seeing as well they'll probably call the milk. More like -- transcribed and that we. And the bottom line is we started drifting that way and we thought Russell that -- yes -- and me and while agreed to get back. All right John great story appreciate -- voting and okay. Are -- are all right 260 late 7866889. A late seventy. All right we'll get back to the -- of -- second but our. In the in the 8 o'clock hour we talked to -- WW mostly silent report Kristian garic and those of you may be. Who adult Lowell holding him up Jimmy Graham contract. I'll replay this interview and he'll tell you everything about the contract. We're going to bring into the show right now saints' sideline reporter and postal vote double coverage along with -- Bob Hebert on the morning on three WL. Christian -- Christian we were talking no less than around the same time about this and you said expected deal and the deal came through did it come through our earlier in the morning that you thought it was gonna come through. No I'm not I would come do come through before. You know -- around that ball in the end of the deadline was 3 PM both. I just felt all along very confident that. The saints who got a contract with Jimmy Graham -- English too much a boost from both sides did. I think in this in this deal in this case of both sides -- -- work I mean. Jimmy Graham got a contract it was. Feasible for him in. That -- out one that present its salary cap early and certainly one that's really up -- on -- diplomacy -- -- -- situation and that's really all -- what you hope -- we've come a long term contracts in the year ago. -- can you do this for me and may be listeners who have not been around the radio while they can you comment. Outline what you know about the contract as far as what type of hits the salary cap is going to have. Yeah I mean it basically this is a four year deal 48 dollars over the life of the contract. Twenty -- 41 million dollars and guaranteed cash. And his base salaries this year. Is going to be up on thirteen million dollar slowly but please -- earned -- salary cap hit this year. Is only four million dollars in the saint actually saved about three million dollars. In the cap -- cap space so army once again I submit that speaks to the volume of how good it an album you know how might this contract is for both sides. -- you consider when you consider both sides. No doubt they wanted to but also. The saints were able to save some money here. Where you run. Surprised that it was four years and not six years seven years. Yeah about was I mean -- I I expect it all along that it would be. A picture deal. In the neighborhood of about sixty million dollars with about thirty million dollars in guaranteed money -- What. This contract provides award Jimmy Graham is the ability. When he's thirty to 31 usable of age he can go back -- renegotiate the deal. As a free agent or with the saint indicate again and so I mean you know that's that that was the give and take this. Contract the conceit clearly. Is that while it was in the six year deal in the median average. Quite them. That he wanted Percy and he still another shot. And by the apple looking broke. And it felt in a few years and it indicated he can organize Dieldrin and it was only six wide receivers and them come out like receivers. Then have a higher per average. Higher -- and -- Benjamin Graham so this is very very very weird deal I think during grants. We're talking the same sideline report Kristian garic. Personal let me ask you this question one when you look at the fact that it is a four year contract and we. Fully expect Jimmy Graham to be the team for the next four years. In essence. He's gonna get all the money in essence it's almost like he's getting all forty million guaranteed. A yeah I mean I guess similar to that but -- You know they until they gave -- the way. Mickey -- operated under the salary cap it's usually. Which patriots to the first two years of the contract he's in those first two years to guarantee twenty million dollars and then. They can move money around renegotiate slight next year they -- particular renegotiate Drew Brees is GOP turns. The salary cap ramifications so. Yeah I mean Wallace conceivable they get 27. -- play out a life of the contract. You know it's really about for the saints. They live in the now and they can be worried about the salary cap. Implications that took effect this team this year and -- and a great deal with the rest of it later and I think you know it's proven to be it's a pretty sound. Strategy -- the wall -- and everything. Do they look at it this way that as time goes on probably each year the salary cap will increase so. They may not be able to -- they're under the salary of the use of funds played exactly where they are but they figure. Three years from now they'll have more room was that the way to look at it. Yeah I mean you know that it they're trying to project. What. The salary cap will look like next year. And it's 462 in because to Bob which which have -- years ultimately. The TV contracts the network TV contracts that are gonna come and play and how much is that going to have an impact on. The rise -- salary cap and you know we don't know. Particularly. -- you know what exactly what those numbers are but we have an idea and -- it's expected that it should. Increase the salary cap. Pretty significantly over here -- over the next couple years so. If there ability to project that and then you know sign the deal worked -- a tie -- that would require. And then absorb that route. The life of that contract and end humorous and currently. I've been able do that in and move that money around a project that. Successfully over the last two -- three seasons really to Korea off seasons and now -- to meet either. Image Obama's. Might be. The singular most. CNET kit and masterful -- manager in the national football he immediately consider what he's at that. Place over the last three years of trying to get a deal -- for Jimmy Graham. I mean and trying to use the Obama couple seasons ago or hungrier than bringing in it now like Gina Lewis. Korean ally Harrisburg assault -- and the ability. But he's shown to move money around and immediately. In terms of getting. Sean Payton the player he wants it. In a couple players that he wants to win a game it's been on the actual -- How important was it. For the chemistry of this team to get Jimmy Graham signed now and in camp with everyone else. I think that was pretty significant because the fact that. I mean if you can get you on today he was not Clinton of one year franchise tag tender. And forget about chemistry that you worry about the distractions. Facing that collection all -- -- all season long Wall Street should happen. Yes we all learned -- how -- -- anything new you know it's it's very clear that Sean Payton does not like distractions on the football team in. This you know this contract today. It just proves that that. He wondered if they wanted to get a deal done include both sides do that and now they can focus on football if you look at this roster on the saints team. That old nineteenth on the suitable the editorial London team should've won a Super Bowl and this team. I'm. Has I think more depth and potentially more talent than any of the other two that I named. And now they can focus strictly on getting better as a football team. And -- to regular -- Lombardi trophy this I mean this roster on paper. Rivals that of the Seattle Seahawks who are you know that the eventual champion and certainly the class of -- right. So you're looking Easley a double digit wins this year. While I mean it seems that the new injury Antarctic project that but I think on paper if you look at this team. Being in the expectations. That is very conceivable could see him win. You know and cost games and I mean ideally. Yeah they're they're good enough to win not again as -- on people without want snap. Of training camp and you know every kinks up first to suffer through an injury but. But in them -- this team that is loaded for bear off actually. Defensively the only question mark that is the depth along the offensive line but it. I mean I could conceivably -- -- LP that you would see this team. When he 1213 games being the number one seed and yeah. Is there are a lot of -- that sideline reporting. Crap because I'm not -- -- -- for you know camera and pulling for you ought to be -- Atlantic it would make her play tomorrow and -- -- Vietnam and you do a great job and is one of the -- backed up console that you hear you guys are right equipment down all right thank you Christian. -- all right that. The question Garrity is the thing sideline reporter host of the double coverage on three WL along with Bobby. Not obviate their team bubbly -- all right our problems were open to six year old -- 78668890. Assembly. Saints fans are you happy. That the Jimmy Graham deal is behind you. And what I wanna talk about is that are you afraid. With these athletes both football and basketball wanting more and more and more money are you afraid that eventually the average Joseph. Will be shot out of going to professional sporting events if you go to a saints game or pelican game how much money do you normally spend. Opened the polls right now at 2601 late 786689. -- it's Lemony -- Olympus build on WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell filling in -- go to banner -- -- pretty drag gore opinion poll question which decade do you think was the greatest amazing how this was kind of leveled out. The fifties the sixties. In the eighties. All committed 17%. The 70s28%. The 90s22%. Let's go to MacKey calling from Metairie oriented -- MacKey. Good evening and thank you Bob for having this topic you always -- some fun topics but strictly for guys like me who enjoy music enjoys sports and enjoyed. Some of the history that we go through so. The reason undo those but -- for the most part. I don't give a rat's about politicians themselves like that that's. Right I put together a little on the list and I get through it quickly but I think the listeners will and so it just sit through it. You know after the fifteen and it had been my decade is the same issue sources that the of the decade in the sixties -- Those were my formative years the end of the decade I was becoming a teenager. Immaculate they ask you seven what do you think about this this text message I got dug this five points of a good point we're say in the sixties were great. And he says let's say the president was assassinated the Cold War the Vietnam War civil rights unrest. The Cuban missile crisis American Betsy American Camille the Weather Underground white flight. And yet we still think that was the greatest -- and I'm with -- on that. Well it's gonna mention a couple of the those -- you know that's sort of put more than a positive spin on and I mentioned those as the historical purposes. But that's a good point in spite of all that history it was still the great decade -- you know. You know we had a good day the music died -- Buddy Holly and and Richie. At ballot and and big opera and fifty not more than sixty came along and. So be checked abroad in the twist. -- -- -- twisted again the next year. We just -- Jersey boys Frankie valley in the -- and came along in the early sixties and they they will notice and then of course you know JFK was assassinated and 63 but then. In 64 you have the British invasion surrogate the beatles' company and -- head well and and then you had the stones and The Who and Clapton and so -- and then of course 65 we had Hurricane Betsy. But the union head Bob Dylan come along and change in music history and then and then. Roger McEwan in his twelve string guitar played a lot of Dylan songs and and and those were fantastic 66 you mentioned -- we have the Four Tops in the camps and smokey and Stevie and all the rest and some of the greatest. Music we have a head certainly. So period will -- today. But no need to go in of that. Six the and then 66. Of course the Packers. Won the first Super Bowl and mosque -- biggest memory of 66 I was ten years old -- sitting in the barbershop. And they. The guys. Opens up the -- them and it's also mainstay in November 1 66 -- these headlines about 23 inches it says New Orleans goes probe and I'll never forget that you know. Wind it would land on the moon. 69 that now now that just affinity -- uses solely at 67 had moderate -- summer of love in that time the -- Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix Jim Morrison -- -- -- local and strong. 68 we have added. A lot like the think the 68 as the shin dig hullabaloo years from Paul Revere & the Raiders -- schools turtles. And all that stuff that you adult pop got the station flight but. Hit you in band on the -- you know -- at walker and skinny -- me on. No I was with steely and walker until. Walker takes that diamond and only at home will -- Dillard and kind of stole an hour and though I don't remember all of but I remember some of them. Six BI and then 69 OK so 69 we have Hurricane Camille. You know -- don't want some hurricane Camille Little stock in upstate new York and the man on the moon a man on the moon. Armstrong stepped down in July. Camille I believe was in August in Woodstock was in August. But anyway just to close this -- I enjoyed that oh and the other memory ahead in the in the sports field. How many how many people can say that they saw these ready. All time -- sports. Athletes all in 134. Year period pistol Pete Maravich Archie Manning and Tommy Casanova in one decade that that's tremendous. You know. Boy you've got have been -- to Tom Dempsey. Kicked the field goal or. And until 7711. In the sixties was a 63 yard field goal there. Israelis -- the lakers moment you have father's camp tomorrow I'll never forget that. Al Webster and look who's doing that back at that time. Well I was I was actually. Standing next to John beat him. When that happened. I was up -- the press box and -- what was leaving you know look like the end of the game look you know we we have lost. And that kicking unit comes out and he says what in the world or are they doing. Kicking the ball -- he's thinking that they're they're pulling the ball away in almost certainly is possible. They're not -- -- kicking a field goal is a field goal you. -- -- The thirty haven't could remember that would go -- on the Golan and that. That block. And -- there and that's not standing right next to him when it happened. Well in in short this is my months some nation much in short it -- this attempted to complement The Beatles and in my life. I love the decade of the sixties the most. I'm what do you matching -- thank you so much I appreciate tripling and they usually have to show. Now that'll do and I'll leave until you feel. All right thank you so much all right 260178668890870. If if any of your Indy. New Orleans east area. Near the highrise we had report earlier. An accident. On the high -- -- and I need to get an update of that so if you're it was eastbound on the oil on the highway shall you can give me an update on that. It's -- 26 year old -- 78668890. Its ability to ahead and catch up on a couple of all of text messages a bomb Jimmy Graham deserved the contract. Put the often -- aside just looked at the -- he had most kids. Like Kim would have been in jail or Six Feet Under -- -- the decades Lebanese. In the eighties rather MTV started in nineteen. 81 all right let's go to let's go to Mike in applause Mike what about you your favorite decade as well what. Why you know -- what you first thought this I would kind of leaned toward the sixties. And its Lebanese against involved at all kind of -- we get an OK got to pick one little scope six these. But I was it's gonna help you out with a -- ago saying just now about you said. About Woodstock and Hurricane Camille and you mentioned settle with capital and debt capital whatever. And apparently would nobody realizes. Actually -- that happened all want the same weekend together simultaneously at the and as a matter of fact. I would do Woodstock while -- -- from the wall is I was thirteen years old but at the -- I was. Of the but my old brother of the nineteen year old. And I hit yet at the meat that you won't mean in the that went it would suck it wouldn't be surprised if I don't know maybe nobody from Louisiana what that would accept me in the algebra. He is nineteen and I was thirteen. That you did your parents know he was taking you to Woodstock. Well yes because they put me on the on the airplane and I blew up in outlook Boston he was in the city of Austin for the summer. And I -- so again it put me on the. But correct me if if Iran did. Did -- -- -- truly know what Woodstock was all about at that time. Nobody knew what Woodstock -- before it happened everybody would it was about our spirit good blend it would that's what would that why it would it would start because it. It it was -- Happen and you did. Didn't -- What was gonna happen and go a bit. So mom I had known what was going to happen they would -- little might go right. Yeah but we did talk about that Everest Everest you know -- but -- -- good at bats ballot bowl in -- look. Mike I appreciate your opponent and anything goes to a -- to the show. Well not. I could think about how did it but what was the. All right let me go to Chris. Chris you have an update on that nor Wednesday's accident. -- -- -- On Ira -- is going one technically it's -- -- tell us why you got the -- -- -- lot golf and it's and it still got caught. One of slow laying odds stacked out. I live I'm I'm gonna be lead you to go hole and about -- and as I should go another way then right. Not too bad it. -- pretty good job. Yeah but I cannot I can I can take in from downtown likened likened. Take a lesion the hills and hit. -- hit you don't gentility and -- Iowa and a note and avoid at all. You can do that. Yeah to -- always right right one. Give off before -- so little words. Right and the words of I can avoid the highrise should avoid the high rise again so it's a -- It stacked up but it admiral doc. It took me about ten minutes at all. Loan to think about that. Yeah but does that debt strapped to do. It back up about. -- Well Chris it's such a pro did not if you wanna talk about some of the other subjects were talking about we're asking people. Which decade do you think was the greatest the 50s60s. Lebanese eighty's or ninety's. Seven like assembly poll what do -- in Japanese. And it is and now. I was I don't I thought. Oh -- Do remember Betsy to Leo. And things like that you since then disseminate usually it's been. Didn't say that I was talking about yes and no -- seeing out. Off we can't say it's a ticket but -- to take the field goal. And then now -- giant you know what they're -- -- -- That would have been the first game of all the signs are straight right. But it took me out of games and everything so I don't -- you know watching NC still break her and and trumpeter the other guys are back back -- in a movie with a -- To blow somebody's put -- -- I'll Ryan Ryan right out there and I remember that that they had to stop abusing the -- they they would take a news. Used a -- whenever the think they scored a touchdown or something like that. Right rough ride and they sit idly. -- games. Fresh grass yeah are you worried that one if these athletes continue to make all this money the millions of -- with a football and basketball players and it's going to be almost impossible for a the the average -- 88 and especially by season tickets not even make the games. Yeah. You know and it would -- -- -- army in goat it's they all watch that respect game well. Yeah yeah but they'll end up watching the game in person is great but people are giving concerned about of the cost of when he talked about the tickets of the parking in the food. Art right candidate they don't -- it then you know just like -- off like a hog so delicate a lot of people all right. Right in this state that that's a perfect example in the about the pelicans you know eventually. They're gonna have to figure out a way to get some money and and and -- some of these guys. Even if that means a -- of I'll pay the luxury tax Chris I appreciate your call it all right. Thank you so much to his six year old late 7866890870. And -- to view or in the New Orleans east area on the highrise. If you can continue to give me updates Olympics. Fifty minutes I'm I'm I'm being southward to the try to figure -- -- get home tonight but I'm sure everyone else who have passed ahead towards Slidell tonight. Would like to know about the situation on the -- -- I'm Bob Mitchell missed the big -- seventy WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell and the students go to Linda you have an update on the situation the highrise. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Someone had called her -- there was a -- or accident and the police were on top aloha Russian -- is something else. I want it not been out of every. Rain coming. Actually. And -- it. West. -- -- -- -- Few weeks you know you can. Count right right and I played like that. All right Linda thanks so much when it might. That you have a more information on the high -- accident or is there an accident. Bob strongman. Just passed this up I always hear Martin here. And there is an accident but don't go away you'd gone manic than -- let them five men have been hit by Big Apple plain black but it took me about that -- approximate aggregate. So don't don't don't. Don't take -- torched a star. And -- off the end flat out bill. Right near you alone by that development at all be -- -- -- -- commitment right now that let that I mean that the game. Let's break Michael -- of censure a folder and I'll I'll give you -- -- out of fuel we're talking him out of the Jimmy Graham deal and what are the things that that I and looking Adam atlas and I'm glad we gave Jimmy Graham the money I'm glad we gave Drew Brees the money because. A couple of people. Have said well you know when when you sign these people like that it -- shoot for and signing a few other good players. And that's right but in order to win in the NFL in order to get to the Super Bowl and when. You need some outstanding players so. I'm all for that but what I'm afraid is going to happen is that eventually. That the cost of going to a game is going to be program -- the and people are not going to be able to go. Or they gonna do more and more with some people are doing now where a couple families will share season tickets did did you have that same fear. At about acting and the thing you want. -- brought them -- although. Yeah and they love I -- band and the department of law and. Why it is a great thing. -- and who it is that I -- yet. Up off of the battle like. All right Mike Mikey did you get you got to get on the bandwagon let's go to Aaron and Jefferson. How are you Aaron. -- I'm. Doing fine. I equate it to sure the -- that. So our record that you are. Don't let it all. All of that area that the that people that -- -- look at all at all. I don't ram you'll play at all rather it. Went. Around around 9 o'clock this morning signed a forty million dollar contract. The four years only one of its guaranteed. I think it was forty million. Forty million over four years only one is guaranteed to deceit in the NFL. Contracts are not guaranteed the words of this were basketball contract a baseball contract. The money would be guaranteed no matter what but in the NFL. Your salary is based on new. Making the final roster so. They consigned you to a four year deal for forty let's say they signed you to a four year deal for forty million dollars. And you're getting ten million dollars a year they can cut shoot at the end of the third year. And will not have to pay you the final year if they wanted to. All right. So there is still years. I. He's still -- good evening and has never been anything but a -- innings tied in. Andy's gonna make forty million dollars over the next four years. Barrett oh yeah we are right I got interest rates so. No Everett. -- -- Everything's done the appeals dole and the bottom line is he signed a four year contract. For the saints -- one million of the forty million is guaranteed. And you know -- everybody seems to be happy right now. All of that jet that -- a -- whether they are whether that. Garrett on you're marked as well it -- -- -- runner emerging. Eight -- that but now we update you play. Well. Well not all of forty million does guarantee 21 million is guaranteed and the only way you can sign. These high profile these super athletes is to guarantee. Part of the money. All right I'm Bob that chill coming right back on WWL AM at -- and dot com and our big date somebody pretty drag -- opinion poll question. Which decade do you think was the greatest the fifties the sixties the seventies the eighties the nineties. Here's how it's the should probably be the last update old give you tonight the fifties. 22%. To 6017. Percent the seventies only 2%. In the 80s13%. In the ninety's. 28% in what brought the whole question about was was of great special. That National Geographic channel recently ran the -- was called the ninety's but last great decade. And if you haven't -- that -- and on the -- they short -- from time to time. Got to tell you about our. Way to put some money in your pocket. WWO wants to help you beat the heat. Starting today you have a chance to win a thousand dollars of cold cash in our nationwide summer splash cash contest was from the WWL weekdays. Right over the top the hour news at 7 AM levity and 2 PM and five the import the code word then -- that word 27. 2881. For your chance to win without ever putting down your phone at 72. 881 every weekday four lucky listeners nationwide when a thousand dollars each and please don't miss on the money sign up now for a WWL cash club. You will get reminder text just to extort cash. 87887. We will work through fifteen minutes before each code word is announced so you don't forget to listen the thousand dollar. Nationwide summer splash cash contest. Don't forget the time to listen 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM good luck from mark radio -- -- come and all of us at the WWL. And -- ago. Got to tell you about are both so criminal of the day. This would come from -- in Florida where are -- little team of Serra -- and Steve Moore had big plans for a neighborhood burglaries. They had staked out their target well. And when no one was home broke -- -- numerous items including power tools. Extension cords and iPad. Ladies holding a mandate Natal hall it seemed like they had planned everything perfectly now. All you have to do was drive away. But that turns out The Beatles and part of a -- that was not completely fallout to get out of -- neighborhood you'd turn would be required. -- bozos attempted to make the maneuver in the end up getting their vehicle stopped in the ditch with one -- hanging off the boy. When the cops are alive are both those offered up a lane mixed Tuesday told the officer. They were driving around the neighborhood to familiarize themselves pulpit area because they were starting. A newspaper -- They couldn't explain all stolen stuff on the car and they were placed under arrest. All right that's it for tonight thank -- for all the calls and for all the text messages thank you big John -- -- -- -- -- -- In studio produces screens the calls and we it'll open Jack Harris about the last half hour show thank you for all the calls thank you for all the taxes. Us do it will be back. Tomorrow night -- everybody shouting glory hallelujah Stewart will be back tomorrow night and I'll see you. As Maury Povich -- -- time I'll see you next time America. I'm Bob Mitchell. Tonight guide publisher from WWL AM at them and dot com.