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Jul 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning David yeah it is hot today it's Wednesday and -- Again and armor thing I talked about -- members asking him would be ridiculous. -- -- you can pick -- It's all on that motion time to wait around -- okay -- common he's kind eat well get out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Now. That I didn't although it well. And it is a first time I've heard all the lyrics. While. I thought it was just compound pomp and get. Oh my goodness we'll get them and it Gregg got into the middle of the real absolutely. Kind of kicking and screaming that we have you year enough confidence and you notice the cold front. I did in the -- and Kenya and Errol morris' that was a rare loan shower that's what's described not a us -- -- yeah that's reduce and I am gonna blame you and I was it was -- all right -- oh well it was now absolutely but apparently not much -- today like 20% and not. The air should feel pretty good today and tomorrow. For that although I am thinking of the consequences. Being. -- Coup for. And now. Not all and I can ever remember you. Know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right right well take a couple degrees degrees degrees. It's not about. Yeah we always talk about what is wrong with people you may have heard -- is cable and tonight at Comcast. Represented just -- rating does god because -- what -- -- was just disconnected service nodded -- again you know when you call and look at reduced service account monopoly disconnecting exactly they try to talk you out and now those are -- go all special going on here you could really -- a lot of money well. Comcast is actually apologizing after tech savvy California customer. Pulled that eight minute telephone conversation online. In which each repeatedly I mean -- immediately to get a customer service rep to disconnect. Is service. Ryan Block the customer and -- it looked odd disconnect and the rappers say. But the that you wanna be with the number one cable company provider. The country on -- dawned on me and just. Tell me tell me and the guys who -- lot. Just cut the dang thing off I'd say yes and you cut it off you -- I just want you to know that -- the number one company every time itemize your hands estimates that -- and guarantees. A right now that you are doing an incredibly good job of helping the company. -- -- -- -- Wow that was elegantly on reality target about an apology -- my god that outcasts at the behavior of the employee is unacceptable. And the company is quote embarrassed -- And they plan to reach out -- it is. On the customer who finally after its and disconnected. Yeah but you know makes you wonder what if this thing it never gotten out yet Nadal and stayed under wraps. And I think that they're money given this -- -- raise. I don't know -- you -- -- -- a long -- customers -- why would you leave the -- the question for me you know I'd try to also disconnect -- -- reduce it and people want to. Talk you out of your decision. Or really know. Absolutely so the folks this morning our listeners you don't have you been in a similar situation. Necessarily the name of the company but. They're trying to talk to you. Out of it while you into staying at how did you handle that can be any company up and got it now I man I don't have to tell you lot I just don't want it -- -- -- lie outlaw it. I actually -- don't want line in your will -- it. Dave Dave error that the -- I checked numbers 8787. It was a cull it. Bible for 260187866889087. He had you ever try to disconnect a service. And the service rap is just asking you all over and over what can we do what you wanna do what you've been -- at the teen years what's going. How did you handle that that's all coming up. Plus we will talk to about two out in the WW LTV pinpoint forecast at about our holiday forecast and Steve Geller is it and the deal is done with Jimmy -- now the focus is on football. I'll coming up in just the moment this is the early edition of WWL first news. It is 518 on the early addiction. WL first news I'm Monica -- in for Dave Cohen this morning it is Wednesday July 16 and did you get a shower this morning has his rain moved. On because the front is still right over the area today and keep that a 20% chance for an isolated thunderstorm along that frontal boundary -- hit 89 today. But in dropping a little bit tonight upper sixties on the North Shore. Feeling just a little bit less humid south of the lake low seventies and partly cloudy tomorrow a little bit less humid but still hot heights of ninety. And the rain returns on Friday at 50% chance for downpours with highs of 89. From the pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura -- out. Makes a lot of right now it's 78 Ottoman insanity at north international airport 79 at the late Friday and 75 in the CBD well the deal done. Graham is bleeding black in goal and training camp is just around the corner. Steve Geller is in with sports good morning Steve good morning so the deal got done -- and yeah I think you live close to getting it right. Money guaranteed money where it would come down everyone. Is relieved good morning everyone will besides getting their mobile Qaeda and lots of to a four year forty million dollar contract the voice of the -- Jim Henderson says that the franchise also accomplish something else by signing Jimmy Graham long term. It's sort of distraction output strange don't have the -- it it was never going to be John Cho was done so it is gone and so that's the last major distraction that you see heading to camp themselves. -- -- The -- report to West Virginia for the start of training camp next week. Well the pelicans formally introduce their new big man GM -- then says making the trade to acquire center -- or she filled -- needs. Sometimes when you look to acquire. Players because you want them sometimes because the hand we think is both here. Angels outfielder Mike Trout was named MVP of the all star game after supplying two RBIs in the American -- five to three win over the National League. Players on -- yankees' Derek Jeter during the game as the Yankee shortstop is played in his last all star game he is retiring at the end of the season. You know I've always been. Uncomfortable so to speak one. You know focuses on me and and I felt as though that the focus is beyond. Everyone that's in this game and prevented the players to do if they distance. They'll be much better than if there is something that was scripted. And former NFL all pro safety Darren Sharper is returning to court in California. Sharper scheduled to appear today in a Los Angeles court where he's charged with drugging and reaping two women she's also been investigated for alleged alleged sexual assaults in Louisiana Nevada and Florida. He has meanwhile denied those allegations. Therefore on sports talk what's next for the saints now -- Jimmy Graham's deal is dawn plus LSU head coach less miles an SEC media days. I'm Steve Geller and that major early morning look at sports. Steve basically there's no hard feelings on any side of this right everybody did what they had to do that there was Graham and his people aren't saints the saints got their man for four years now and Jimmy got 21 million dollars guaranteed in forty million over four years. Offers perspective we were talking earlier this morning that. Compared to what he was making last season. One point three million dollars last year in his final year of his rookie contract. -- well so a nice upgrade for him well that's a great idea that when you when you hear that number and look at what he's. Making now you kind of maybe understand more. Why he was so adamant about fighting for what he felt he deserved and well I mean he led the NFL in touchdowns last year catching sixteen. He's 47 years old. And a player that's still on the rise and then you know it's great for him is the fact that. After four years she's going to be 31 years old might be able to parlay that into another big money deal -- keeps up his production. And a lot of those watching around the country as what was going to happen with this particular deal so a lot of other players are gone. Happened -- yet if your -- for. Vernon Davis from the San Francisco 49ers has won also a tight end that is going to -- he's thinking about holding at a training camp because he has a deal. He's just not happy with the numbers he has you know what the got to give credit to a lot of the saints players like. Drew Brees Jimmy Graham who have. Had these stellar seasons and never once complained they played out their contracts they never held out a guy like Vernon Davis is talking about doing that. So all attention now to next week training camp and accordingly a lot of people think this is the best saints team on paper. Yeah Bobby -- bears talked about it even Archie Manning at the Manning passing academy last week that fact that. Right now if you look at all the positions. And look at the players that are slot and each position it's really hard. And any weakness on this team and great cause for -- be excited and as you know that's all on paper and it only counts what you do on the field so. We fly out the gangs find out next week for training camp the players report on Thursday I'll be there Wednesday yet ready for things and they the first on the field practice of MB next Friday and football season's here love it. It's hair AT and specialized people thought our next half hour and we'll talk to you -- major attacks this morning what about you is they're great cause for excitement for you. As a member of The Who dat nation will not viewing the kind of season are you predicting. For the black and gold you -- Texas at 87878. A give me a call at 5042601878. 8668890878. This is the early edition of WWL first news. It is 5:26 good morning everyone this is the early edition -- WWL first news I'm Monica pier and -- Cohen this week and here's your forecast for today. On this Wednesday look for partly cloudy skies but right along that front they're still as a chance for a few isolated thunderstorms this afternoon. 20%. High still 89. Feeling a little drier though overnight tonight especially for areas north of the late 67 for low there low seventies for lows south of the lake. Then tomorrow we keep that dry -- place but still hot highs around ninety with partly cloudy skies. And Friday that rain returns at 50% chance for thunderstorms. And highs in the upper eighties. From the pinpoint forecast center I'm -- to -- opt out. Thanks Laura our temperatures are in the upper 70s this morning seven he -- on a run and 79 in the lake front 75 in the CBD and 75. In slide down we're talking about a couple of things this morning of course your reaction to Jimmy Graham -- to deal is done. It's training camp as next week are you feeling are you glad now the focus is on football and my great colleague she set out finally finally we can focus on football I'm so excited. So -- deal is done the 27 year old get forty million dollars over the next four years 21 million of that is guaranteed money. So are you excited are you focusing are you optimistic. And do you agree with Jim Henderson and Archie Manning and by the -- bear that was saying that this team is the best saints team on paper do you agree with that. And did you hear are we gonna get for a little bit later on. The at Comcast is apologizing after a text savvy California customer actually recorded and posted on line. An eight minute telephone conversation. That he had with a Comcast -- And he just all we wanted to do -- disconnect his service and the rep was such a great enthusiastic. Employees they just would not let this guy get away with thing actually disconnect my service he's basically -- rating. And being belligerent with the customer and finally finally finally he says okay -- a little disconnected but why would you would be disconnected with the best in the world. Comcast is apologizing and is embarrassed they said -- that the employee's behavior is unacceptable. We'll talk to you just a moment eighths and the -- of his or texting -- to the call 260187866889087. This is the only addition -- WL first news. I'm going to talk to Laura but on a few minutes about this. How rare shower this cool -- front outward to acknowledge it's very young just a little shower there was right over our heads when we came him. And now supposedly gone well now I checked I was -- just a few minutes ago and I feel a little aliens aired just feels a little wider. And the humidity is down who's gonna drop even more so. Lock -- isn't much but we're gonna take. And even if it's just my imagination out feels good in my -- -- exactly in your head in my hand I like ethnic and a half. Hopefully they'll major consequences as a result of this gnawed on -- and Nadia celeb mom. Yeah asks -- that through -- item online bride she's in the news on monetary defied the news with jurors never good you know I think she was she's couple's child but what is wrong with people and it's sometimes there's an answer to that line. What's happening now well you know of course she became famous in 2009 by giving birth to -- top blitz and now she's pleaded no contest. To a single count of misdemeanor will fifth fraud. She failed to disclose income she was receiving them videos and personal appearances. While accepting public assistance. You. You can't do both -- now we know that and but he can't do them yeah you're either on welfare and not working horror you're working and you're not on welfare and everybody. Was everybody that -- -- promises on the on the try to help her and I don't know what's going on her at one point I thought to be -- I didn't like him. She got a house yeah. And help with the children and and -- and lots of money coming out talking in the hundreds thousands of dollars easily yes Adam innocent the I'm on she says look you know -- troubles she helped with -- a structure for our. So apparently she decided to. -- she's 38 years old and her attorney says she was sentenced to 200 hours of community service and years of probation. An octopus small fine she was originally tonight at four felonies yeah you can't taker away from almost tear it down now now. And she collected 26000 dollars in welfare benefits last year but she also rule was making money from sales of the video and personal appearances. -- -- according to her attorney she has repaid the might see as a big. Hot -- is yes and what is. As my friend and I -- -- Sort of be pitied than laugh is that right yeah yeah as -- as his -- children you know she gave birth date I've -- and she has six older children. Who let out blitz conceived and in vitro fertilization. -- She's been having no. Yeah and it just never seems there and doesn't mean I know -- now so active. As I don't think you know pray for her pray for her pray for our Reynolds or our guests hey we -- hump day dawned on the weather's all right the weather -- all rye and Colorado I'd like to play a little bit of that video coming up and I tell you about the Comcast -- you have some of that yes and it's a it's absolutely. I'm not that happened to me where I just want it to disconnect service yeah on the continued its strong armed by a guy on the other end of the line. You've been he was person -- in 1999. What can we do deliver it does. You know you reckon outlet says what about the cats what about that yet. Yeah when -- Europe every throw in another couple months of HBO -- my house you know that I'm not authorized to do the gap. Do an album well not. Absolutely. Like the car salesman you know I really can't do this I'm gonna throw in the under corroding. It's a new year. Right. Excellent excellent. Again. -- Who will come flying off. You have to move them that you -- and this -- that really watching me on the radio danced probably the best way to watch -- really yet that's how. The only way you watch every. Once. What was inside bill. At the lane to the LA and it's com. And that Turkey lag like -- and I I looked very similar to that doing it no role close to home the upside to bring to break it out. A -- morning or help with the middle that we would hate it you -- high day you know I was driving from the West Bank over what the connection coming and amp. Shalit ride -- I mean yes Paul Laurie I thought -- it's just a very heavy downpour -- on opposite way from Metairie into the city. At saint Mary heavy rain yet slowdown rent. And it was just out of nowhere and it just over the city that -- -- raids -- dry cat hair was dry and it's really. Just over parts the -- it's long gone out earlier. You like and it worked at a record 34 and yet so I don't worry too much if you out a -- that at the -- that rain had ended but he made it to the streets -- -- to be careful to -- accident that he's -- just watch out. -- public and I are convinced that cooler temperatures here. We feel we think we -- Maybe that's what it's like like my game he got pictures and I feel better. Where's that -- on the North Shore and horse or areas -- -- one. If they notice any difference over the next couple days it's more likely to be importantly you're in the city. It's gonna stay open Mike here but it dry year maybe today and it's humid today. Heights -- upper eighties and that it you don't need ninety that report -- absolutely great to be out there still front and out over the area it's possible that later today. Right along the front we can see it's a street thunderstorm or two but nothing like yesterday at -- at least storms are apt. I -- that sporting to Friday. A week and yes though and now you may now want studio make me wanna afterwards it. Errors to -- a early. I -- there -- -- I know only because we've got a complete change around for the weekend Friday Saturday and aired next disturbance arrived it just means -- more scattered downpours around. Political -- weekend right now let's think today and tomorrow looking pretty nice and fairly dry and great -- have you ever tried to disconnect that service and the wrap. Was just like wouldn't let me get up the phones he could disconnect or they want to do they make it so -- call they make it's that it. And you just get frustrated or -- it signed up for like up higher service that. More money they -- and some you don't want my idea about the Comcast got to -- is trying to disconnect it and a twenty seconds of that you play a little bit about the Laura. What sort of information we're leaving -- -- -- -- -- -- basically. Eight days that immediately -- just your job this. I I -- declining to see why we are leaving Comcast because I know who -- an explanation. So if you conclude. I proceed to the next question if you have to play -- that's fine please proceed to the next question and we'll attempt to answer that possible. Why now. It's eight minutes of that with the guys that don't you wanna be the number one company don't want the pakistanis on the high pressure well and it's just. -- I thought. He had a hue on the right right right away like. Yet do you want to disconnect info press aware that. -- -- you never know where. And that that he Brecht doing -- -- its cable you finally finally finally finally the man that at that perfect and it right at the heart saying. For -- to learn. Is that now as a complete -- -- you know yuk it explanation. You have to explain why you say. What's it like you don't like about it no I don't want and that is all -- -- -- a law on life moment. Hello is complete. Tunnel one -- To go into the line. That short one at all like I. -- -- Short conference. Well we're gonna drive by cop for a couple of the merchandise ultimately. Oracle after lunch afterward -- -- the complete. Of that that you agree on the market. Coming up. -- look at sports with the Steve Geller and have you ever had that experience where you just tried disconnecting service and the person does it let you do it. Get you on the phone try to figure out what they can do. To keep you customer because you've been since 2202. Point eight. It's all coming up in just the moment I'm Monica pier and the Dave -- this morning on the early edition of WWL first news. 549 on the early edition WL first news I'm Monica pier and my big -- this morning to Shelden Williams just went to people enjoyed fetal. Producing the early edition with me. While attention turns now from Jimmy Graham -- contract negotiations to training camp. Steve Geller is ended with a look at scores good morning's. C good morning Monica and these days you know again -- -- and actually -- the -- deviant little early yesterday because QB Graham signed. At 752. And it was like I. I'm you and you don't have to worry about this is gonna drag out the 3 o'clock we know little about the sports to play the -- as -- each -- which he took. I've often chaired answer. -- -- -- -- morning everyone with the same time and Jimmy Graham now locked up long term with a four year forty million dollar deal. The focus now as we said turns to the football field as training camp kicks off next week. The KG -- Bobby Hebert says it's clear that Graham is a vital part to this franchise's success. They've -- ground. As a key player and I see individual that's gonna help him get to double digit win and you're you're out. -- the pelicans trade for all marriage she became official at the club introduce their new senator GM -- them says acquiring the big man was their top. Priority this off -- we went out of our way you know this for the guys targeted a mere. Is gonna bring so much to our team you know we're we're just thrilled to have them. The American League has won the all star game for the second straight year beating the NL five to three. Angels outfielder Mike Trout was named MVP after producing an RB I triple -- and the tiebreaking double. Meanwhile the -- stopped for a moment when Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter was lifted in the fourth inning players and fans applauded honoring Jeter who's retiring at the end of the season. My back was -- American know -- -- -- -- -- And then I saw -- come out so it was a wonderful moment that that I'm always gonna remember. Two house members have introduced a bill to require the NCAA schools conferences. As well as the college football play off. To reveal how much money is flowing through college sports North Carolina Democrat David Price in Wisconsin Republican Tom Petri. Introduced the bill saying in a statement it would allow for the first apples to apples comparison of revenues and spending throughout college sports. Four on sports talk what's next for the saints that it Jimmy Graham's dealer is -- Plus LSU head coach let's models at SEC media days I'm Steve Geller and that is your early morning look export. There was so much going on yesterday but there was news from the pelicans and of course -- -- at at the podium so it's a busy busy three days. Everyone talks about the dog days of summer and that's definitely officially over training camp starting next week we got pelican summer league ball still going on in Las Vegas. They made a nice move getting a big defense of peace for their team. It's gonna be interest thing this year because expectations. Are higher for this team everyone's saying hey. The movement they've missed the playoffs now in three straight seasons it's time to go back to the post season and some. Folks as jobs could be on the line that return to the playoffs is not in the cards -- I hear I hear yeah I protesting and like it it's really hard. Last year to put any blame anyone because of injuries but aft if and again if there's no success this year and they don't have a post season run. I think will be seeing a change. Probably -- head coach and GM and they could be clearing house not mr. Benson's put a lot of money into the ball club and made a pretty big investment keeping this team here. It's time to produce a winner in the smoothie king center. Absolutely absolutely it is -- and you told me that you are a great. Chaired dancer so hated Sheldon let me see. Yeah. I know some of the. Yeah again I'd like on the great. Shower singer on the awesome chaired an epic struggle to left first and let go to the drivers -- -- left the -- we -- let's -- to -- efforts wants it that ended swing all over there right now. I think you're you. See it. Coming up you know Casey case and died a month ago. We'll tell you what he still hasn't been buried itself coming up this is the early edition of -- WL first news. Apparently most of this rain has moved on his support as for today. With the cold front in the area this morning they're still has a chance for some rain 20% with highs around 89 today. But tonight actually feeling a little bit -- north at the lakes and upper sixties they -- low seventies for the South Shore. And partly cloudy tomorrow high of ninety looks pretty nice for Thursday but the rain returns on Friday a 50% chance for downpours and high of 89. From the pinpoint forecast center meteorologist Laura Bach tells. Thanks Laura right now 79 at the Lakefront 75 in the CBD 75 in Slidell 178 on upon. A spokesperson for Casey case and daughter says that famous father the radio hosts. He died a month ago but his body remains at a funeral home in Washington State a month after he died. -- children from his first marriage so that you'll be buried. In Glendale California soon this is why they say that Casey their father want it. But the problem is that according to the daughter is is that. His second wife Jean case Thurman has the rights to his body but has not yet arranged for him to be varied. You think in dashed at this suggest in but apparently not. A hospital spokesman says that Jason's wife Gina collected his remains in the hospital after he died -- -- that's all they Nelson no one really knows. About the arrangements win it's going to happen. I mean eventually you have to do something so called the Jean case -- attorney was not returns oh. Life issues with families take a quick break when we come back do you feel if he decided to. Just do little scratch -- game and you on vacation and you say. How we see back in -- more in new women. Even bigger we'll tell you what happened to one guy when he was on vacation this as the early edition of -- WL first news. How lucky can you be you're on vacation that's good you buy a scratch off ticket spent twenty bucks to get your money back -- the back and get another shot at this thing you do. And this time you win one million dollars it happens with the rule -- a lottery have a great day coming up is up next a --

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