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7-16 6:10am Tommy, homeless problem in New Orleans

Jul 16, 2014|

Tommy talks to Michael Stoops, the Director of Community Organizing for the National Coalition for the Homeless, about how many veterans are homeless

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David I think you'll agree Unita friends when you're both on and off the air -- that we can be totally and completely honest with each other congress hours ago. A case so while I respect you deeply please. Please stop BS in the people about a cold Alter its 85 degrees outside right now I don't know what you're feeling I don't know it your high on I don't know. What exactly changed your your your sense of perceptions so much but -- -- -- cool front it's 85 degrees outside knowledge. Not Tommy I'm just go on with the facts. When I came in this morning it was 79. And now it's 76. And the nor sure -- 75. Is 72. -- 85. I don't know where you gather for the team in and then the win which an international right wing hang on -- in the lower right hand corner of the TV is gone a little bit more it does say it would right now that it's wrong and it's now a 76. Mean money and try to -- on the TV. And you view America. So it's -- six right now in the humidity is what it's 80%. 80%. So what does it normally that's ninety. Now not weighed in on humidity is eighty humanity is nine -- so what you're saying is serve and -- recap for the jury. Is that this cold front if I may put that in quotation marks. Has actually reduced. The humidity by an astounding 10% -- now eighty to eighty while the temperature is as high if not higher than it is normally at this time. Now I never promised you're Rose Garden out of the -- you know it's it's the best you're gonna get is a little lighter humidity. -- will free old matter and opera tees and into a mom and tell you hibernate by let me tell you what's going on here. The smog jobs bill whether people are so tired of say in the same thing over and over and over again. It's a Florida 40% chance for shallow it's conspiracy -- -- tonight 40% chance for showers. Highs and I need them feel like 95 -- hundred depending on where you aren't and that's about it. But they need four minutes and dignity in -- these phone -- -- -- and like these lines but they put on a weatherman who knows it was a real. And I'll tell you something else. Violent doing this Expos and the weather guy you just as likely of sixty minutes honest on it is it is. Or John style solar remembered that like. In Yankee aid the aging guys on Judd ABC I don't know his name John -- now I think his -- it's this it's that. Bad weather radar and Asia via. -- the same picture if it's raining they Italian although it's rain look at it. And if it's dry outside an -- that's files return of the building -- here saying that there were other people got so gang I'm saying you're playing David that they -- this whole thing up is bigger than all of this and now wrapped in a -- shrouded by a wrist about mystery you don't. You don't understand what's going on here by the military industrial complex. Like those guys. Acquit him and Crown Royal brick corrupt brought. You know we retirement this earlier about quick and drink an announcement about ten years ago quit coming in and I had a taste for high ball. So NASA irresponsible blogs -- gonna wanna have one I bought a bottle of crown oil which is my favorite a couple of Connecticut on up and up and up and up and -- -- Adnan extra supreme supreme unleaded went whatever that. -- -- And yet to open as about five months suddenly can't. A cosmic rays so you god has so. -- tomorrow thinkable bloody Mary. Just like at the spot and now have one but it will be of urgent and time before he can work. Now. -- to talk about -- stress expressly part to an interesting conversation yesterday with a couple of homeless advocates about the people. -- gathered in global homeless project in expressway in your mind com. Stories -- back but every year every fourteen months they clean out the people wonder -- straight here. I certainly do we found out yesterday off financed always -- big goal for the Super Bowl because they disappeared two weeks before. And the next morning and back on the streets after the suitable. And then went to homeless shelters -- is that he -- ago to guide that runs along -- nations are -- some pretty good progress but then. They were able leaves only did I liked their freedom. Or America under so our question -- it was which your experience with the homeless and -- -- how many really homeless how many of veterans because I got a text yes it is very interesting and you know a lot of people say -- its veterans and -- have been homeless but does anybody have any. Discharge advocates on money managers in veterans to elicit sympathy. And how many are just -- is trying to steal your money from your Kanye out of ancient city who's up and to keep them from gathering in large numbers specifically under the project and expressed. And you think you could ever wind up homeless. The phone to -- coloring 2601870386689. Early seventy. And I think when you look at somebody almost a year like the people -- upon entering expressly. Do you say oh poor people to use a just a bunch of bombs. Idiocy -- But for the race I'd feel like Tommy Tucker we hear from you back in a flash on WW. There were a couple of sprinkles on the windshield when ranked team in officially though it's -- percent chance Chrysler -- showers or storms and it turns partly cloudy. Very warm and less humid by this afternoon highs around 89 with winds out of the north. Six to twelve. And tonight should be pleasant tomorrow. Will be another cold front with you wanna call it that remains with less humidity northerly winds shift in northeast. And highs around ninety right now it's 76. And we and a pretty good conversation yesterday in the 9 o'clock hour about the gathering of I don't know the people homeless gathering of people under the -- training expressway that are living in complete. And total squalor no running water no restroom facilities. People are complaining about aggressive panhandling and of course is a fine line between easily open it up for money. -- aggressively asking you for money. So we'll talk with you and a second right now the Michael Stoops joins as director of community organizing for the national coalition of homeless morning Michael good morning. Thanks for taking the time with a -- exactly would it be your organization does. The National Coalition for the Homeless the nation's oldest and largest advocacy organizations that we have been around since 1982. We sloppy. At the federal level and also at the local and state levels. And we work on all issues related to poverty. One of the things that we talked about yesterday was. That the money comes of verifying and homeless people or at least given statistics on that how do you know. Who were really veterans for example and and who gorgeous sand. It may be to elicit sympathy or contributions I'm a veteran. Help me out and they and they actually never served in the military York and other people that made even -- home that they go to ignite -- largest out there collecting money. Because that's their job in essence. While that there are people scammer is long homeless population. Resources gamers so long. Members. Of congress so a person holding signs saying in the -- this and that yes that does happen that way. True better applies forward. Official title here he has to show they're DD 214 year proved that they actually the served in the military so. And handling -- part of the urban landscape it's never going to go away. You know I think it's very interesting and I'm not laughing and anybody that's homeless but that you said there -- cameras. In the homeless population their d.s face gamers and congress is well. I I think I guess are you are personally know some. On both the personal professional level. I don't disagree with yet using its interest thing that. You know somebody it is begs for twenty dollars and and they really did don't need it -- and all of a sudden their vilified but yet people in congress it's -- yeah I always say in America if you wanna steal a lot of money. For the first yet do -- make it complicated -- if if it requires more than two steps of following by the American public the united they're not even about it. Catch on -- on the speaking -- that it is there money available how much is a federal government spend toward homeless and and indeed you give it directly to them or do encourage them to go in the shelters because I don't know if you know what's going on here or not Michael but. -- won a Super Bowl was here a year ago two years ago you might remember the lights went out. Com -- the homeless people disappeared two weeks before and then the morning after the game they were back and I asked yesterday where were they. And apparently there was some kind of ordinance sentencing you couldn't be on the street and they had to go into the shelters one man and own their shelter ran one new loans mission. So there were accomplishing a lot of good work until the Super Bowl ended in the people knew. They were free to leave so. I mean do you have the right it deferred to live on the street if you want to lawyers for their being some kind of this situation that forces people help themselves or get the attention they need. There should be right to shelter and collected housing in this country -- -- not -- no city in the country. That is able to shelter let it about housing that is able to shelter all of its homeless citizens. 35%. Of the nation's homeless or living on sheltered permanently. I'll sort especially. Patterns and huge number of patterns living you know outside because they don't want to deal with. The routine of shelter -- if they did that when you were in the military. So gone back to the original question Michael and only to pick it up here -- you know that there is really our veterans is there any way to verify. There are by going through the veterans administration if you Mercer if you served in the country in our country our -- find out. He is public record whether you literally that are not bodyguard -- -- sign. You know of course you know his name be. You're not going to be able to determine whether he really served or not. And I try to press the issue I'm just wondering. Did those numbers you cited about the number of veterans those numbers have been verified -- people and actually served or just from service. The of the numbers. There's about 58000. Homeless veterans on this -- on the single in the late in the country and and those numbers forward. Verified by board trained volunteers. And social workers who were now. On a given not -- back in 2013. So those numbers are solid. So the bad news is that we have homes that are -- good news is that here's David decrease and homelessness among veterans because it's it's bipartisan issues. The veterans administration forget about the hospital scandal the veterans administration. Is doing really a good job. And providing housing for almost better answers to that point 5% decrease. Since 2002. Michael -- and -- in -- taken a couple of phone calls her. Because I I think that there might be a lot of misinformation or or emotional opinion when it comes the homeless and com the phone lines are open if you wanna ask Michael a question or make a comment at -- 60187. Until 3866. 89087. Among the things I hear is. You know people homeless because they wanna be there's no need to be homeless in this country if you don't wanna be there's plenty of opportunity plenty of -- Tommy Tucker talking about the homeless situation. And we will return with our guest Michael Stoops in a moment -- in -- good morning thanks for calling on -- WL. Good time and what you think. I think part of our in the garage -- And the homeless situation man it is -- nightmare that. It like -- that area grass there -- caught up to the people why can't juggle. And they get blacked out struggle traditional talking it -- info and these people will come over. And it used to bat. It's horrible. It would give me yet like what can be done yet. I was gonna ask you why why does the city let this continue to happen it's like a known gathering spot where a -- you go Google would look it up every 1214 months. 115150. And cleared out another fourteen months not a 115 other 150 of them cleared out. It would seem to me if he'd do it on a regular basis every week make around -- gotta go you can't be here. Then that wouldn't continue to happen based on the -- is when you look at the people. There every day do you think -- these poor people do you think. Go out get a job do you think you know you don't have to be there or do you think they're kinda. Com is scam artists -- Sweden trying to take you money and and that they just have. No no goals no aspirations that's where they want me. Partially. I used a hillside to and that would give them a dollar to -- man went into work. On Saturday. Boring casual water. In the big -- opening -- And win and got caught in the lie now right there -- -- and I noticed that. The -- at mattresses they all it can't it's like at that he countdown. And should be AMD and afforded. I'll accept it and actually. Around into something the sleep on whatever app that answered one guy. All right up against the a rise so. And shakes out the course and hit it close on -- as well like a light there. This isn't the Great Depression I know there's been some economic problems in the country but. I don't think there's any reason that analysts and lets it happen thank you -- I'm glad you cult. Have a good day you bet more calls and we come back right now the time for Devin WL first news Mike hang on. You know -- on deck circle here though is David Blake with -- WL first -- David got an interesting conversation going about the homeless -- here but. In the nation just a quick reminder coming up before the news at 7 o'clock would give you the code word for this hour in the nationwide summer splash contests and when you hear it -- text and Edwards is 72881. And every day for -- listeners nationwide when a thousand dollars each and he can also text the word cash. 87870. Get a fifteen minute warning. That the word is coming up and it is coming up here right for the 7 o'clock news. Mike in batteries been hanging on to talk to our guest. Michael Stoops director of community organizing for the national coalition of the homeless morning Mike you're under the WL. Yet thanks -- it comment on them you know what everybody's face -- in May be a different way. How we can handle it locally in there and it's come up in our house -- and locally and in I'm gonna try this weekend. We. Don't like the way. I didn't judge how. The weather people are actually almost certain you know whether they're going back to their homes at night or or. Whatever exits. So we've actually put together. Gallons -- block right. -- items -- there is new clothing socks. Dental floss to -- -- nutrition bars things like this. And that got our guts or the in my strong now Erin -- try and that's weakened and I've been told that there. Somebody has truly homeless. -- -- warmly except these and they're not truly homeless but walked away from. And that way I don't out to be the judge and I don't have to worry about it. And I think that's an option and distort that out there that because I like the way out in the judgmental person. I'm turning my back on somebody in need you know goes back or buy it with Wednesday night when did I ever catch you up and then again on Donald. Think -- is beyond their scam and neither. Well no and that's exactly where that -- came from that perhaps there you know. In the -- so it's simply that came from because. You know -- all whether you're giving somebody five bucks and you can't give everybody you know five dollars ten dollars in during the week we can't. Do that everybody he can't pass the ball up so again this is an option and that came from now. And so that's what we're gonna try this week and we've. -- let me let me see what Michael thinks about that I'm so glad you can't and you seem like a very nice man. Michael's still possibly the director of community organizing for the national coalition of almost. Would Mike in -- do better to give that to shelters so that. The homeless do we need it seems like in a way you can make a case of that encouraging people live out on the street. People who are asking for -- change do need the money. Hopefully for good things and sometimes they used the money for for alcohol except for a it's okay to. Give directly to individuals on the streets if you feel comfortable doing that donating to your local. Sheltered. It's a good thing that featured tell the shelter I don't which supplies have. Big box of paper clips -- like five dollars I want to -- To provide direct aid so I. Well he's not a well money -- some -- as supplies like socks and underwear and toothpaste and those kind of things. Yeah I I think going up to someone on the streets in afternoon in part we have -- -- beat do you do you know of somebody who -- d.s peace talks because. A lot of people are embarrassed about their homelessness simply go up to almost foreign today you'd look like -- You have dirty socks would you like to clean -- it's better just to say do you know of someone you Jesus and he could take it and he give it to. Another homeless person so. Passing out toiletries and hygiene items stocks. Assent which is is -- very much of a good thing in religious. The witness. Michael -- -- -- ask you this before we let you go and that is a lot of people here struggle with the assured Mike talking about. You know I -- wanna pass somebody up and and avoid I contacted they really need help and on the other hand I'm not independently wealthy son I wanna help somebody. So who's got some kinda -- on here new loans we have a lot of people that are at the same intersections every day with a sign that says will work for food sometimes there. There hanging out with their buddies sometimes they see him laugh and sometimes it's a couple. The and they did seems weird because they always have the exact same pattern of of what they do and how they act so hey have there ever been any studies -- see -- if the people on street corners and they get there regular corners. Are are legitimately had made errors at their job in essence. I work with all the structure over four decades and the overwhelming majority of people asking for money. Are truly homeless and occasionally you have the scammer is who were going to have but the makeup of very small minority of -- -- population. Thank you Michael I'm glad you took the time -- -- a talk to you again you're Michael Stoops director of community organizing for the national coalition of homeless again it's actually comes and Tom did he just say everyone has their rights to shelter and yes indeed he did say that another one says. Where do you put MO PP's overcrowded. The mission as well as other facilities -- at maximum operations that he has no budget to take care of the people but they are. You know I'm not trying to be mean here a nuisance here at the lady caller earlier that -- just trying to go to work in his hassle but much in people go to the bathroom on the street and everything else. Baton Rouge is doing something that new -- and did a net a -- people out of town. This a lot of homeless. A lot of cities rather deal with the homeless situation by sending them to other places like here. Sometimes they send him to Hawaii with a one way ticket. Baton Rouge budgeted. 5000 dollars from one way bust against homeless people that the operation was a -- he called. Not laughing at this on to say and clean sweep and then he realized you know what. We've delivered better than that so they called it hope which stands for homeless outreach prevention efforts. Tell me about the homeless when you look at him do you think go out there but for the grace of god go -- or do you think you know what clean -- get a job and work hard like guides him. And heavy ever known anybody that was homeless navy. Was not right in the head couldn't -- and help they needed and wound up there and he everything that you could wind up homeless. You gonna work this morning 645 quarter to 7 Wednesday morning how far away from you. How far away are you from homelessness Tommy Tucker back in a flash under the W well. I Tommy Tucker talking about the homeless situation under the W well Tex comes in is -- now boulevard was there every day old and -- sign -- -- disabled vet. Many pointed out in the vets are disabled and get of the as a disability check from the government next day's news signed just said veteran. Hate to these people are using her feelings for our vets to scam money from -- jamming grad night here -- got a W -- the morning. -- -- A good. Link up with my light years ago. -- win and we would downtown shoot law and where and when it -- city. Well we called the trainer. We bought a point nick out. -- -- -- on one party -- Blanket. And we give it up in the truck stop -- about things to different guys out there. Under the express. -- I don't know and -- happen to -- The well. OK and that probably pick the guy has. Yeah. Because -- out on the water and only guys who all. Have clean underwear in week. And and something I -- wayward on. Something that you. And I -- from granite every single day these guys were bad for so just by looking at them -- Doesn't mean that. You know today that he just out -- people some of the blue object. And I'm a calming. And seeing people won't mention -- and on and and child that they the -- back in March and mine are they shall -- -- sort of quick -- around time. Do you think. In terms of getting people off of the street it would be better to give and not criticizing anything you did god bless what you did. But to get into the shelter instead of directly to the people are. I mean how do you clean he'd get the people laugh -- the streak if you don't want them living in squalor in -- a lot of people. Haven't what somebody -- do their business in the streams of. I have never seen one person that does from street strumming. Some people -- -- to do that. You know on I don't -- -- it would do. Law that -- upstanding citizen of the city. That the -- first all -- In the -- the I can say is walking and homework already it is apple aren't so. -- proxy to caller really doing gutless I. Yet report. Are a lot of the guys. Were veterans. Of Vietnam. And they shall mentally ill. Actually -- judgment just bought a candidate to all of are one -- -- it was actually obviously. The potential shall we couldn't afford to pay rent and in the city. Atlanta and. We we gotta run I'm so glad you called and it'll be called back some time 653 got the code word coming up in a 1000 dollar. Summer splash cash contest right now though time for Devin have you -- traffic and -- get a Terrell -- might well sorry my.

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