WWL>Topics>>7-16 7:10am Tommy, is Confederate flag heritage or racism?

7-16 7:10am Tommy, is Confederate flag heritage or racism?

Jul 16, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Mary Mitchell, a Professor of History at UNO, about the history of the Confederate flag

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David Blake up ready jaguar opinion poll asking does the confederate flag honors southern heritage or -- present racism and bigotry -- and a reason we're asking that is a Adam appeals court has said the state of Texas doesn't affect. Have to make a license plate with a confederate flag on it as requested by the sons of the confederacy are carrying -- retired about the historical significance of the confederate flag an envelope and a phone lines judges to hear from you if if the audience thinks it honors southern heritage award the audience thinks it's offensive and represents racism. And bigotry as -- -- yeah. Economies -- -- -- -- And you've written. They didn't like. Fights are sometimes courts do things that you think are fair and sometimes they do things and make you say. I'm not exactly. Com a California appeals court has said that this guy has a right to sue his friends. And as -- happening got drunk at a party in October of 2008. S.'s friend for a ride home is. News that he was Avant guard drop. So -- in his roommate and a classmate. From the cancels school of supernatural ministry. And on the way home. Go to grocery store he steals a bottle of wrong. So limit of wood which is a good idea when you're driving home drunk and you steal a bottle -- where Osi gonna go now but it -- Our class and a watches sunrise. Well one thing led to the other and this guy -- and goes over the cliff. -- thought that he committed suicide Azeri and drunken stupor they wait there for a couple hours look honorary ounce name and then go home. They sober up guys eventually found. Bottom line he's suing his friends for a million dollars for doing what are not get name often clever route from way it was a -- RC. Now is if your ride home with two people that are in the winners at school of supernatural. Is history now whatever and you steal and a bottle rom. Chances are Ewing gets a million dollars from I don't thanks regular rose wallpaper judgments you know I mean I'm not. I would be back talk about the confederate flag. And if you wondering why this song. And I think -- you figure out Tommy Tucker back in a flash and evidently well. Tommy Tucker -- WL 715. Allegedly a cold -- -- come through hours in the process of it. 20% chance for a isolated showers or storms early on and it turns partly cloudy. Warm but less humid with highs around 89 in the wind from the north at six to twelve so it's gonna feel. A little bit better than it has right now we're closing in on eighty degrees second up ready jaguar opinion -- does a confederate flag. -- southern heritage -- -- present racism and bigotry. And -- is because an appeals court has ruled in now the state of taxes has to make a license plate offer one. With the confederate flag on and honoring the sons of the confederacy. 81% of the respondents to our polar saying it honors southern heritage. Nineteen prisoners and it represents racism. And bigotry. One of text that come and proud of my southern heritage no hatred or bigotry. Another tax it is a rebellious flag and a loss they should take the flag down no one who loves America can lover rebellious flag. It is a history of rebellion against the United States of America you lost take the flag down. Doctor Mary Mitchell professor of history at my alma mater UN note joins us right now to talk about that. The -- flags actually causes more than one confederate flag and I guess what maybe the meaning that flag could be a good morning doctor Mitchell you deal. Why. Does everything and you run out of it getting better damn well they got a completely funded university because Clancy Dubose said. UN no built the middle class new loans actually that tell me about the confederate flag in and flags and know everything we should start with this. Well I get the place that started to realize it. And they -- symbol. Is it's had multiple meanings you know it's it's so. We're never gonna agree on what the flag means to get back at him any different interpretation. Though. In that are functional practical terms the confederate battle flag with whoever national flag in the confederacy. It's sort of became important over the course of that war. Particularly as -- army. Progressed over the -- sort of was there symbol and the first to flag that was about. It's quite different from the one and we call that sort of confederate battle flag now. -- went through achievement in several different generations overtime over the course of the war that didn't quite agree. Initially this battle that has developed simply because the first flag -- too close to the US flag. And that caused problems -- battles -- You'd think yet eventually make with that the -- that really got the war you have more what we think of it. As a confederate battle flag. At the end of the war and it becomes sort of -- symbol for her. The confederacy and then took a lot after the war. The without in pieces. Confederate flag -- symbol. There ask Allard -- thigh. Some would say white supremacy. Other than that State's rights. But all of the idea there -- bound to happen not -- cause. Mentality that seemed to dominate in part of the South Africa after the civil war but. I think the flag. You know. -- -- it -- -- meaning it is in the twentieth century. Almost as much as the nineteenth century we can talk about that always you would OK you did not and -- I mean over the court of the twentieth century have several things that -- and you have gone with the land it becomes in 1930. And that's sort of -- this whole. And re energizes maybe it's dated and old house and -- -- the old south of sort of romantic place. That has been law despite the act of course that it's built on on slavery. But what I think is interesting said that movie's only sixty years after the war. Yes yes. Well most of most of them while they can of the civil war that we recognize beliefs that two in your balance the -- -- statutes. The dollars of the confederacy all that that really comes at the turn of the century in the early twentieth century that's when that stuff appears. And I magical and -- not because what -- fifty years out of Vietnam. Yeah no I mean. It's look at Harry again. To the third hole of the civil war. In the way that means it's memorialized in the -- that it gets about 1920s separately when he's practicing all these monuments before their. There weren't that -- but then you get -- equipment that reenergize every day in the culmination of the old south become romantic. It's the only really. And the flag -- a boost there from from the movie. And all that certain of the -- that's sort of the the third generation of the clan and that and the late thirties and forties and that they. Popular in the flag and now. And then become the symbol for the Dixiecrat party in Italy. 1940. Which was you know their platform really was state bright white supremacy. You don't start seeing the flag of the confederate battle flag. Being integrated into state flags like with the Georgia flag and it was so -- -- the 191960s. And it's. A reaction to the civil rights movement it's it's that sort of assertions. States' rights. Again and the civil rights movement. -- saying you have to look at the flag. Not only in terms of of southern heritage in battle but of what it came to mean in the twentieth century. Absolutely. And I think that's where are a lot of them that present controversy is -- To their people but have you know vivid memories of that time period. And at the flag represented in the -- civil rights. They've represented violence and represented linking. For a lot of people why am black and so that's where I think our. Active current problem. Stems from an interestingly. During the government -- not too long ago. You know it reappeared a -- up in front of -- white house with the confederate flag and it becomes again at this symbol of resistance to government power. One question before relate to go doctor because I know there's gonna come up but. It is civil war and an -- you touched on this earlier but you worry Ph.D. in history I presume you've spent a good deal of your life studying this. People are gonna say the civil war was not about slavery it was about something else. And have a good. We'll have a -- -- -- hour to talk about but I would say that it -- that -- meaning the roots are multiple but slavery is ethical war. Thank you doctor appreciate your time and sale of their body you know -- well thank you doctor Mary Mitchell professor of history you know. So would open a phone lines now to 601870. Toll free 8668890878. The first confederate flag in case your. Wondering had the blue field like ours does with a circle of stars then one big red stripe. One big white stripe and then one big red stripe at the bottom which really did look a lot like the American flag. And -- that -- you -- really see it on the radio let's talk about are pretty jaguar opinion poll do you think the confederate flag honors southern heritage. Or does it represent racism. And bigotry you may call 260187. Toll free 866. In 890878. And would you want it on your license plate would you have a license plate with a confederate flag on it or or fly the flag at your home seven Tony three your calls when we come back. Time for got a W -- traffic now and for that we go to Mike welcome. Tommy Tucker talking about the confederate flag and its meaning where you walk. And isn't. Slap in the face slap in the face the black Americans. Or merely a celebration of southern heritage some of the guests -- and get here. And the doctor of history that we had on -- you know said. In direct response to questions civil war about slavery and she says absolutely. And it text comes in and says the civil war was about economics than north saw the -- moving ahead with cheap labor. And they couldn't compete stopped a cheap labor and kill their movement. I've heard a lot of euphemisms for slavery but cheap labor. I -- and addresses and up. Unless you're the one providing the cheap labor Ronald Houston in the morning on -- -- -- out thanks a listening. -- -- -- -- If there's a problem. The -- yeah. Okay thanks to pick them cause some unique perspective on -- -- public original report. And -- school which were adjusting nickel sized group which would a confederate general and with the rebels in and now being in uniform with the military consider beautiful. And articulate where he'll be honest Cory when the game a couple of street I was just couldn't wait to be part of it in an idea grew up. We came in ban. And in 1968. Neglect is stoic on the technical stand -- -- problem at all and all surgical area code that you would negate. But to civil rights movement which in full swing and thought god in an outlook and that Israel was seen. All steps that Bill Gates saying it did it represent nothing good. You know people what is on the on this stop and I don't get court abbate they're -- -- as a place. Andy's income YouTube next it is what state the so people could really look agency equally horrible people -- be tops. While it thank you Ron Newman led Kolb you leaded they elated -- on how you feel. Lets anybody else feels that he -- long ones -- on -- WL. And electric and right good you. I wanted to sit with the Dutch colony -- -- -- into trouble and embarrassment in 81% in southern pride right there skinny by -- is supportive that you asked them. Get the falcons won the war what exactly. What you think it -- was that was. Short supply widget and why do you think we went to war. You know I mean what. Did you expect. What about. -- you would like cheaply like that you -- not a -- actually very. And there's nobody can probably -- question mr. Which we won the war because why. What why you wanna be part the United States could mean. The American and I never inherited a product that went that far like the rebels stopped in the confederate flag at all. That you're the sort of of the a lot of people a lot of people and I'm not sure why people want to act would. What -- saying to use a credit method is okay if you're proud of -- southern heritage are you proud that you lost the war war. It means that -- you wish the warhead on the other way and if you if you wish you had it'd gone the other way why. Yeah. Let's see what people think I'm glad you called have a good day you got a 260187. Neitzel 3866. 8890870. Red hot topic liner two open if you wanted to jump in -- 2601878. -- three. 866889087. Inning confederate flag slap in the face of black Americans nor. A celebration of southern heritage right now time for double WL offers news and for that we go to David Blake. I David Blake thank you got a hot topic on about the confederate flag and and this was. Inspired by an appeals Gordon taxes yes it's -- you know what. Text you gotta make a license plate that includes the confederate flag if that's what the sons of the confederacy one. And they do and a pretty jaguar -- -- pulled as the confederate flag on -- southern heritage -- rep present racism and bigotry. 77%. Of those responding to polls say it on honors southern heritage. 23%. He did represents racism and bigotry and it Tex comes in and says the rebel flag as a celebration of southern heritage. Slavery was apart of southern heritage using it isn't -- a representation of the ugly truth. It also shows that white supremacy still exists in the hearts of some people. On -- and applause hi you're on -- have you good morning things are calling. Very astute person down -- yesterday also -- which said the date certain date. I don't get interpreter create. -- Specter of civil war. And almost basically an economic and social social. India was actually. Let's say get that. That type of being thrown in it where in the state. -- a slap in the face total debt at -- mean African American sentinel shall. Get a slap in the face what their kids. Poor diet or what his country and try to get right. But I think it. It's appropriate that it is also among them are dominant. And also what should turn. Do you think when people flight today they're trying to make a statement like for example if if your neighbor award to suddenly put up a confederate flag you'd think he'd be trying to. Tell you something and trying to let you know how he feels. Make an a statement about you or just celebrating his or her southern heritage. Wouldn't rule because. You know what you -- at all in the hearts. Continue to Kindle -- A good neighbor and he's true it is sort and that's important blacks took a certain way and actually do these. Kidnapped not -- because that's -- -- and that is where light as long as he's. Oh good neighbors and a respectable person. You can -- -- infrastructure project got to remember that something that you to her wrists and couldn't play. -- -- accuracy into just a lot partners and so on and so -- inappropriate to say you slept in. I'll be -- -- in election. Rates of people in the states but it will fly at such a split in the simply. But do you think it's freedom of expression where does that factor in this and in the first amendment rights. Ball popped seemed like it on the everyone at the right Jewish Burris -- Ultimately what they wanted to. Also there are betrayed was actually in exchange not -- well thank you. Thank you -- phone lines are jammed it just when it's as many people as we tend to carry investor in the morning and other WL. Good morning he beat previous column made the point from me perfectly but I am planning statement. Yeah his comment was. -- be racist but it until you get to know somebody in there are my comment is it very well maybe -- separation. And elitism between black and white. Let's be fair about it at the same time if you wanna make it something that's illegal but do away with miss Black America and united negro college on. Quality black or African American schools and organizations and foundations. Let's be fair about it in this in needs. Every race every person -- -- illegal immigrants nowadays have so many rights and opportunities. Everybody that they got. And everybody take care of themselves that could warn about the black lights but we're going to be a one. -- -- -- Do you equate ebony magazine and the NAACP. -- The confederate flag and and do you these are different. That same level -- and I did it but we are still creating separation. And we're still catering to one or the other segment. He is saying we either gonna all be the same or going to be different apps act thank you Terry I'm glad you took -- time ago. I -- created comment on -- -- X 187 Neitzel 3866. 8890878. A text comes in only un educated blacks who make a flag racist issues they need to get a life and quit expecting handouts. While I know this I was chaperone inning marching group and a parade one time we turned on this of -- And there was somebody flying the confederate flag out of the back of a pickup truck during money grow why I don't know. And there were two African American Jefferson Parish deputies standing there. And I just wonder in if trouble were to break out. Who would be the first one they would turn to. And now is left an impact with me after -- -- -- 742 time to take a break and come back more your phone calls and text under the W. Tough talk about the WL I get history a taxi comes in talking about the confederate flag and whether it's offensive Gloria just a celebration of southern. History in some money says I have one on my Louisiana license plate only four. On the fact that I'm celebrating my southern heritage and I tried to find a picture of that now and look at that. The Louisiana motor vehicles website right now -- like and sign at the C would have looked like and have one question though is you have one. And would you want one on new car car license plate that displays a confederate flag. Donnie on a causeway thanks -- calling -- on -- WL. It's. And secure -- to assemble anything more from Beijing you know. The movie and those short of the people -- it. An initial look that actually need we hear. So well straight Jake and they -- they -- And twisted and make. Entry if you want it to era. Our -- Bubba -- there's not really a history -- baby kittens. How -- you -- to think about you know people make up whatever created kinda wanna make -- you know. Are given what the professors said in an effect you know there was civil war of people making things up. Actually not many people to make. You know you can more twisting in the currently you want it out you know like the Boston -- -- some people think people -- You know. -- really -- he has been you know conscious of color are rationed everything we look at where the -- but the black. You know. So I where it's terrible and what didn't make it would be almost. All that look at it in Britain that look that you believe it gives you. So you're saying you could even make -- about the Carolina Panthers simple because a black panther. -- and you know update it -- rebel. It is day the -- in the gallery should they you know any -- the Ku Klux Klan and -- -- spoke. The black -- of the electorate to they would exact opposite. You know. Campbell there was an animal to you know understand. You know -- completely understand that would definitely. Do you know. A little. Well once once a person but thank you Don I am glad to -- We'll sit everybody thinks 260187. Needle free 86 exit 890878. Tony and threatening to morning on -- WL. -- One column with a break it called up and said it African Americans and -- and everybody -- -- -- -- do away. Well -- organization like the are you on college on my whole deal -- -- poor -- out well I mean it about it that it could be sixty. And then ultimately in the treatment segregation and everything and look at Americans wanna be equal of equal everybody we should all along -- this -- -- You know the big and -- got everybody you know my whole -- Hewlett. Why is it and I think nobody really in the media and cover all of the black entertainment network in jail on Cox cable BJ have been around. Why don't we have black entertainment television that black entertainment lord. That incident that like birds and you know to -- African American and all the people mean. -- -- and become a white entertainment. And pork that. Ward off and so on the confederate. History dropped -- appeal would be. The competitor and -- block it. Out and upper Echelon people in and make a big deal. Let me ask you this Tony you can get a Louisiana license plates on of this. A confederate veterans when they. Confederate battle flag on it would you want one of those would you be interest in which he won it on new car. Actually I would put bad -- -- economic would've been in a lot of people but I mean -- -- -- but I personally would not put them like. Thank you glad you called Tony had a good day more calls won't come back into 60187. Until 3866. 889087. Any attacks comes in and says the confederate flag represented the south that's it. The swastika wasn't a good luck symbol before the Nazis mis used at the confederate flag is not a symbol for racism it is a symbol for. Our heritage balances on what the black panther Indian guy they just called this stuff can -- be misconstrued. And he was on point by saying this country is stuck on racism. Another one says I guarantee that those same individuals in favor of a confederate flag or license plate would frown upon a gay flag or gay license plate. If we allow freedom for one let's allow freedom of choice for all the nine as I was Google laying. I imaging. The confederate flag has sold one superimposed on a rainbow flag and you'll watch all hell break was put a sticker like -- on your cars 751 time related traffic more calls when we come back. Right now though get -- Mike welcome. Tommy checkered evidently you know we -- more Steely Dan tickets to giveaway will do that next hours like 254 dollars worth of tickets and do the same thing where we play a bit of a Steely Dan song Florian and cut it off and you have to tell us what the next line is. Mason in new loans are about -- confederate flag mornings are you under the WL. Yes he's -- small but I'll make a quick statement -- be pretty possible luck. -- Bob Black African American and an option -- I'm really complex it is -- And about you know. Our thanks and giving a little bit too and -- and when it comes to people. Should do what you say on and -- I. On the ball. And try and lack dental that they now they've been able. And the confederate day displayed in various places. They never told me but what economic period as the gentleman about the miss Black America -- did. I'm gonna catch a lot of black and yes but. One but what happened at. What. Why America pageant. All we and lack. Actually Black History Month. At the white history and -- me and imaginable way and that -- -- a bank could be a little bit too and with everything he does not matter which -- which do you Obama and some back. One thing that -- -- are and lady call one thing that does confuse me sometimes it is. With an end this just is not about African Americans goes so all kinds of hard edges are we gonna be Latino are we gonna be American are going to be black -- to be American and I don't think you can be. Different when you wanted to be when it's convenient and then the same yeah and just what you're saying and then. If it's convenient for you to be the same name to be the same of its convenient for -- like you're saying to be different when you can't you gotta say on one sideline. Got you Mason that he called albeit a good day. And as far as -- miss Black America I'm not sure that it excludes. I mean it's title Lovett and I'm not sure that it excludes white women and at the Olympic qualifiers board but. I didn't majors being nobody applies I don't know. Or -- the united negro college funny thing would probably be limited to black people but that's not a contest I mean no one -- talk about that.

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