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7-16 8:10am Tommy, do you buy American?

Jul 16, 2014|

Tommy talks to Robert Simmermaker, the author of How Americans Can Buy American: The Power of Consumer Patriotism, about buying American made products

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We David are gonna continue our conversation about com. The confederate flag in and slavery in his offensive is not a sensible -- -- a talk about Wal-Mart they are launching a -- in USA campaign all were aren't enough where they wanna deal with American products and American manufactures and I think the question the audiences would you be willing to pay more Wal-Mart. To buy things made America -- Well you'll put your wallet where you patriotism hazard is all about price weather comes from America China who knows where -- care who. Who's making these things if it's like twelve year old kids in sweatshops are are you concerned about as bright. Yeah ally and there -- strategist almost every week we get another story about children and making things over in the orient whether or church or shoes or whatever. And that's pretty much common place and I don't know if that bothers people. Or whether like you said you've got that patriotic thing go on and you'll pay a couple extra box who have made in the USA. One I think is the radically. People want to buy American morning comes right down to it. Wally dictates. I think -- argue itself from one thing I don't get it again at these big warehouse things and I don't mention any names but. It confuses me is as a one yesterday and I bought three items. And they stop you and it's like you go -- through TSA because. Let's see what he has here -- got a -- you got a five gallons of -- okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But yeah -- but yet if you leave with two of these big push carts. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Magna had -- which. Thank you David tennis on a road a morning on Devin WL. -- -- They -- Internet radio down would you please send them welcome back to you right now we'll go to T incoming AT. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At that point. One day and age now. Southern that veteran. And -- And it intentions. Being sad as it. Is just the end to comment. About economic. And cement. -- economic yeah I've looked. At them islands. And and. He let me propose a quick thing to leave the -- we go as we had to get to the guest about Wal-Mart if if for whatever reason the Republican Party was. Somehow viewed to be the party of the rich you're the party of keeping people down or what have you. -- -- Think it would set a dangerous precedent if you were to say only can't fly the confederate flag and and before you know it because Democrats are intolerable and I can't slide the Republicans playing. A party who is against. Support people and and that's in the Republicans aren't saying if that's the way it's -- against poor people. Against it's for big corporations etc. -- would you have a problem we would would then if that's was what the Republican Party was to be associated with. That people with dancing night can't let the Republican flag. -- And -- I don't think it is my comment that. Looked. It's. Christian and the president and lunches and. Got to -- real quick if dealing Kansas shot and a Wal-Mart they get this maiden USA thing on -- pay more if you knew everything was made in Americo wouldn't be all about price with -- Try not acting nods right have been hesitant. And -- -- -- You got X amount of -- to cover X monologue. -- that pain is coming from Helm -- -- thank you. Hey I appreciate the call only comeback will continue that conversation and talk about Wal-Mart and made in America it's setter. When we return Tommy Tucker special surprise guests coming up at 9 o'clock. That -- with me in the studio right now we're not gonna say a word about it until 9 o'clock tag and a slash under the WL. Hi Tommy Tucker talking about Wal-Mart they're made in USA campaign and we're asking you who isn't all about. Money with you or or if the prices had to go up at Wal-Mart to know that you were buying products strictly made in America would that be all right with yet. I -- Cody joins us right now senior manager of media relations. For Wal-Mart -- morning Katie good morning how are good thanks for taking the time with -- tell me about the made in USA is -- a campaign or drive. I know it's a commitment that Wal-Mart made it to bits of commitment. That -- ten years. Wal-Mart will buy an additional 250 billion dollars an American I. Now what does that mean in terms of prices. On -- well. Luckily we don't believe that customers should have to pay additional money for American products. So really it's about economics of manufacturing playing now. Which are changing and making it more favorable to me its production of these kids to be back and so -- equipment reprimand. So by creating a demand for made in America products and because of the shift in the economy more. Manufacturing jobs are I -- being created because of Wal-Mart dammit trying to make this sound like a Wal-Mart commercial -- No theoretically an economically. This is so good because it's as cost effective for Wal-Mart to do business. With American companies or if it's getting that way then. You you wanna focus on American companies so that the demand is there an -- jobs are created and trying to. Yes sort that typically -- at that particular leadership -- helping in the its manufacturing back to the United States and help our suppliers. Remove obstacles the acting thing. You know we're seeing that that economic it is changing it's becoming more cost effective to produce items closer to that point -- consumption. That we -- think about it -- and energy. Prices that are tired going up and transportation costs are high all of these factors that are. -- leading to the fact that it's hitting. And more cost effective to produce here that were able to protect suppliers technique he no longer term commitments to help them make connections with states. To really accelerate. The pace of bringing those jobs and manufacturing back to being. You -- you -- cards so hard to determine. Whether it's American or not because it might have Toyota on it but then you look at it was made in. -- Memphis or wherever it might be made some of the parts came from here are some came from there and just wonder when it comes to meeting usaid doesn't go back to raw materials and where they are made and are they just assembled in the in the United States. Definite depends I believe we work closely with our suppliers. On the labeling and there's there's different labels that go on with it's. You know I hit -- 50% and components are made in the US it'll say that on the label -- its. A 100% does that mean in the USA so. And so little it'll kind of run. Varieties that. Again it's really about creating jobs than any of these products that were able to bring pieces of manufacturing back here and help create jobs in America advocate thing. -- you say I did these products is there a specific categories that that Wal-Mart is concentrating on areas it all comers welcome if you can. Produces do with a four costs that's. I guess what close to what can be done in a foreign marketer is does it all revolve around the price of Wal-Mart days. I'm so it's it's a wide variety. Many people would be the Pratt and hit it two thirds of familiarity diet are ready and -- our ground here in the United States. Until we're looking at direct the one part of the box when you think about it or were very large groups that are still a lot of battled the it's -- And there are looking at direct said the store everything from electronics to bite you looked. And and in and we just haven't opened call last week where it brought in need suppliers achieve pitched their idea -- that didn't. Are now going to be carrying their -- plates and am a product called -- -- -- and said that it's just a wide variety across the sort -- I gotta go. Wal-Mart comes in puts mom and pops out of business and is not really a good thing for America and that now. You guys again and look announcing in his stadium's history -- attacks they come in that now you guys are very -- sometime will would and you've heard that before what's -- responsible. Yeah I'm you know I think you'd be surprised to know. In an example at last -- this open call on these were small businesses from across the United States that are coming and pitching their product and you know we're able to -- you know kind the largest deal that and it's the product called trashy and it's little wire frame in the you can put on a picnic table if you don't have a trash can and -- to attract specs that's just. You know it's that simple invention that that. This man was able to bring an end and we're going to be selling an -- stores so you know -- supporting these small businesses them and also. You know a lot of product and our stores come from small businesses and communities that really marked support a lot of that department. If it means the prices may have to go up a little bit to stick with American companies Wal-Mart will -- that. Well we're working we don't believe that are customers have to pay more that we're working with suppliers to figure out. You know ways to bring costs down it's also not just about these you know final process that cost of the product but it talked about. Inventory cost Clinton went to -- made closer to the point -- consumption were able to keep what that Victoria and were able to ship so all of it caught after. Octavia appreciate -- time I really do been a great day thank you -- Katie Cody and Cody senior manager of media relations for Wal-Mart will take you calls. When we come back gates when he scored timely contrasting it to that would go to Mike well I Tommy records are about Wal-Mart and buy an American Davenport sulfur in the morning -- -- -- you well. Do you care about buying American products well. Well she you know top line 28 but I can't or all. Great for -- 22 months ago it got out of pocket it. There it everything at her at the box that all. Everything or. -- -- Runner on Iran. Her eight. Sure that. -- sell out but her products that you can try -- An ambulance who wouldn't -- Where. I work. Or World War II. We want -- you have a strong military back but a strong. Real page came up short at all about or. -- L does some. A world power should stay a world power it -- the world industrial leader. -- That it sure they have the power. Well. At one. Eight of their. It just machines. Like you know other factors that the back shop but at the sign another bullet. When it comes a Wal-Mart you sound like -- guides in favor of competition. And on the American dream days they are they doing wrong by come an end. And maybe offer in lower prices and input and some people lot of business or is that just American its competition. I killer or -- they are all art which today after this -- west eight years ago. Are I better get where we are you -- what. Happened or changed without. Sounds like it might be trying to get back to -- I don't know thank you Kevin. And lady called iPhone lines are open NC 60187. Neitzel freak. 866889087. In a lot of -- -- get to weigh in on the confederate flag. So that's up for discussion as well as buying American are you willing to pay more. If it means buying American products is Kevin is door and all about the prize in you don't care of its -- China and Korea. Who knows Bangladeshi you do is one price. And quality of course renowned time for double WL first news for that we go to David's life. I David Blake don't say anything that you see a mystery guest in here ranked. That you do and we'll talk about that at 9 o'clock. And now we have to wait till nine Malia because it's a mystery guests in the -- -- it would be much mystery and Edward. No we do have Steely Dan tickets to giveaway how. Odds are good burnout contest words. -- you know how it works and I understand those are very pricey tickets within. Pricing tickets like 254. Dollars and -- contest works is this you're. Just like it always has an -- I knew I just want to see if you knew. Yeah you listen to this song that we play let me start off by Tonya Steely Dan has. Gonna be in a wall and Saturday July 26 of the you know Lakefront arena and of course we've got you tickets. So what's gonna happen is. A little bit I'm gonna plays some part of a Steely Dan song and and -- just cut it off. Take the needle off the record. He's still playing records and Shelvin yet to take the needle off the record and then. You get to call in number NTELOS with the next line is in the first person to correctly identified the line. Winds and and Sheldon put the needle back on a record -- -- -- the line is. And now works out while it's great it is so you can win that way where you can like us on FaceBook we. That would be so that -- to still play records. Yeah I had. Some people didn't alienate or -- Marianne and I understand them. Or like us on FaceBook we picked the online winners Sunday at midnight and I'll announce the lucky winner Monday morning in the 9 o'clock hour. Below employee every day this week including this hour before we get to the mystery guests of its -- up. Steely Dan in concert Saturday July 26 that the you know Lakefront arena and it's from the station that loves rock and roll. -- -- Let me clear this up about the Louisiana confederate. Flag license plate. You have to be a legitimate member of the sons of the confederacy to get it. And look to see what you have to do it'd be a sign of the confederacy and it's not as easy as it is still an out of form you have to prove that. Your ancestors actually fought in the civil war for the confederacy and yet to have the genealogy to back that up so I think that does. In terms of license plates. Lend a new angle to the discussion. Of if you had somebody a relative of -- that served in the war and I presume it's the same way in Texas. Well does it make it as offensive to have the confederate flag on a licensed players that'll be different. Then. Just line -- if you've got no connection anybody that fought. In the civil war and of course the question we've been asking on a pretty jaguar -- by opinion -- Does the confederate flag -- southern heritage are represented racism and bigotry. He'll weigh in on attitude six 1878 -- 3866889087. We've had some interesting texts. And calls. And as it stands now on line about three fourths are saying it honors southern heritage. And about a quarter is saying that it represents racism. And bigotry. In terms of buying American. Tommy at Texas many dentists and their crowns to China to be made for 13 the prize. As a lab tech this put me out of business patience paid the same fee for a crown. And it Dennis makes a lot more. Four and I'm just quoting the text here crappy work from China. Soviet problems with foreign made products do you know -- Products that are being sent or at least it bought from overseas they could easily be bought here. And if it costs more do you make sure that you buy American. Tommy Tucker back in -- -- with your calls on WWL. I at age 48 talking about by an American with the Rogers simmer maker author of how Americans can buy America in the power of consumer. Patriotism the morning Roger. I. Thank you for taking the time -- I think is pretty important stuff because. And a lot of Americans the radically want to die. American and create jobs but when it comes right down to a political -- -- earlier says there -- so much money and I got to make it go. As far as I can't how can Americans buy American and still maintaining control over the budget. Well what I tell callers are people -- the issue of leader person out -- -- vote you know budget stringing money along. It's it's -- to buy American right where we spend more government more time supermarket. That's where you have brands that are really in different the world do the same job can count the intractable duke. You know mostly -- war with America like salt actually owned by the British -- Irish green American -- -- by a Japanese companies so. They'll they'll do the same job and are about the same price of one not start there and make it easier for yourself. So Irish spring owned by an American company. And journey ends on by two. Dirt sold by Japanese company generally about that. About what all sorts of America corporation and yet try to keep that streets and how do you keep its rate if you wanted to do the right thing and by American. And maybe when it comes a generic products. Well that's why do the research that is -- -- for everybody else spied my book how Americans to buy American has over 40000 different. American and for our server and so what separates about so accountant or work for -- And it's probably take the -- with Q and you can use that as a guide to. To vote which are dollars or would total only once -- -- were four years the polls. -- we vote every day our collars at the source or on the Internet and very important. I'm not trying to group who you book it all right drove people buy and and they use it but. Was one company buying out the other than a bigger company by his dad out how often does this change. What you industry often and that's why -- come out the book periodically ever been three additions in the last fifteen years or so. And I'm gonna come out the noble and pretty soon they'll be pocket guide. People couldn't stuck in the back pocket or -- that person to -- with a solo on it's -- things do change he says the factories to move Dorsey -- the United States companies get bought out. So what changes and I'm committed to keeping everything -- how hard. Isn't it. Yeah even establish you know like a bloodline of resource whatever you look back and who's is the father who smothered -- -- to find out. I guess the Genesis of these products where it is really really made in America the most of the raw materials come from outside of the country and what. In terms of by an American -- define net. Well -- buying American ruling means more than -- -- buying American made products from an American owned company and you true and he. These domestic parts content with you know products can only be labeled made in the US cities federal straight commission guidelines. The -- to be all virtually all made in the United States to have made in USC on airline companies are playing continuously our foreign and domestic -- -- They realize there's a consumer driven demand out there -- made in Merck products that are making their. Their logos bigger made USC bigger more apparent on the packaging. So you know but it's -- well and that should chill below 75%. Or something like that they have to put something like. A little watered down like on some more -- USA foreign and domestic component circle components or something like that you'll be able to tell. What about vehicles because you walk around show room or of the line and you look and it's. You know -- may in Japan but the parts that are -- company United States the other one's -- Tennessee but the parts come Japan -- if you look in -- by an American car how to go about that. Well that the Federal Trade Commission guidelines implement server they're actually different for the auto industry at the world -- rules. And that you'll notice if you shop for new car you'll -- that doesn't back in 1992. The American model built lately actually it that you had to disclose the amount of domestic. -- contents. On the sticker you'll also at patrol where the engine was made aware of the transmission source are so -- -- -- -- more specific on -- He keep a scorecard I'm not trying to be -- Roger wanna ask you this about. Percentages announced it was manufactured here that the parts came from there it was. How do you determine if you wanna buy American when it comes to vehicle -- Well I don't know I don't take you know any any contradiction thing at all console proper recourse. I don't keep track of that but I incredible resource for people to do different things like that. I would go to it's KO GOT dot com. And if you go there they actually break it down from the the parts were -- come from Indians in the trainee. The ownership of the company were researching the ultimate mistake and put a lot of scar. Spokesman for parts they may be made here that may have a decent amount of domestic parts but the engineered and designed. You know back in the home cultural -- and -- -- Korea or wherever. You know we need more than manufacturing jobs in the United States we need. They'll all -- jobs engineering research the spot design development testing. Administration and you know my point isn't Michael but making it. When it's an American owned company when of course are here in the United States more vote jobs are likely to be here because that's where. The prophets Carmen -- of course in the Wheeling -- Dutch striker. -- Roger we're out of time how Americans can -- America in the power of consumer patriotism. You get better at all the usual outlets. You can you know order that it's on the bookstore you can order stuff from the store or regular online. Or Amazon.com. Thank you sir appreciate your time all we talked to you again. Variety Rodgers their maker -- maker rather insular Rogers similar maker author of how Americans who buy American empowered consumer patriotism. 854 time -- Traficant for that we go to Mike well I Tommy Tucker we got a mystery guest coming up if we can have the mystery guest just say hello please. -- moon ID will talk to her when we come back in I think -- to be very interesting. Our that we spend with Tommy Tucker -- if you.

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