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7-16 9:10am Tommy, living your dreams

Jul 16, 2014|

Tommy talks to Kriste Lewis, a 40yr old mom who just got chosen to be a Saintsation, and Lesslee Fitzmorris, the Director of the Saintsations

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David you the song. Lot of assailant. No I don't even get on this campus and missing a mystery guest turn around and attack helicopters. Well it is the chance. It's no wind and that you though. All it's. That is -- sister from the train of course while not mystery guest favorite song. He goes a good job on -- yes he does he really has and I got and I got that from her bio. That I got from the web site. -- like you know at the site is yes the site is New Orleans Saints dot com. And she is a sensation but not just -- sensation David she is. And you know I know -- -- forty know how it. You know. Time marches on -- -- got turned forty in August and you of course just turned forty what was it march yeah march coaches are march from and this lady is forty years old and actually made the saints nations. Squad this year are right and I saw that yesterday -- a web -- -- actually on Good Morning America as well and I thought that was. A fascinating story of forty year old mom from Hattiesburg. And I think it's a lesson all of us about a secret for staying young about never being too late full field dreams. And one thing in life that you've always wanted to do but haven't done yet up. So what about yours Blakey elements -- always wanted to do and haven't done Allen is going to be a race car driver -- it's not two -- all I could still do that Christie since I just turned forty. -- right Chrissie Lewis who is a put David slots down and it raised this left -- blanket you know on Saturday about twenty -- -- fast -- on the racetrack I don't think it would be a good thing you know pedal to the -- I Lewis is whether she is at saint station that we talked about -- -- Fitzmorris humans -- well director of the saints a good morning ladies. And mark and hum. Leslie. Is there a median age when it comes as sensations. You know every year it's call we don't know what we're gonna get it as far as age you have to be eighteen is that youngest. And you know the median -- would probably be about 2420. 22 in the summer and take it changes you know this year at eighteen mural which -- ankle and Kristi is the party here. So. Christiana domain as it is we're talking about this before off the -- I don't mean this to be insulting -- the fact is -- your old enough to be that eighteen year -- mother absolutely. So when it comes and -- are with you Leslie to I would imagine party your job is offering guidance right and and and number. There's an image of the sensations and and a certain standards to be that which I'm sure all the young ladies do but we all occasionally need guidance and I guess you're there for that. Did DF to guide the forty year old. Yeah really really are meeting -- like eighteen or come back to the -- that the unit you know. That and it isn't that she's learning from -- and there are learning from her so which it really interest it -- interesting dynamic because. That you would think that cheated or that things aren't they would be bored when she asked questions that there needed in -- like a -- you know it. You know that I think it's not all the dynamic agent. The very beginning that there are meeting all -- And you know we want all in all on the punctuation -- want to Jennifer Garner -- the girl to girl next door that. It is dedicated to community her pocket and increased eight. Is that one of the things you need to qualified and who pit -- list. No confidence that he. And now I know is I love I love Campbell I used him -- Monday classes. And here right. Wow. Never girl comes in and once to danced at dances say the Beach Boys because she grew up with that chances are she might be a little -- Funny you say that because that the error our video art calendar shoot around -- beach blanket -- And -- really seen the video on line despite. And you're like 08. At -- And I Ireland and yet but I. -- Because I think is fascinating is a lot of times people think. I'm too old for this can't do that what what made you decide to do that. Well you know and that that's the whole point Tommy is that and you know sometimes people do feel like they're too old. Or on May -- there's an illness that that there dealing -- -- you know like myself for maybe they're just a mom is so busy with kids. -- even adamant that -- tell us about your -- a little yes OK how did that before we start and I was diagnosed with TKD it's poly cystic kidney disease I was Agnes fourteen years ago and and they found it during not not pregnant in her first pregnancy and and it was not a surprise. It runs in the family and neither has PK AD on she is on a transplant recipient. She received her kidney setting years ago have from a lab diner and rejected it twice. And on so I've seen Nance and I knew what the disease entailed and that was a big part of me trying now was because on I turned forty this year was a milestone birthday. And in mass family and the serious complications come around age fifty. And so I'm looking in and my eleven year old child and know how fast that Tomlin and I. And Alec animus of his forty and in the living here is only fifty and so I know that birthday will most likely be marked with. Dialysis. And transplant. So it held -- really noted that EST next year. There's -- here and I'm on medication now I see a doctor Nancy doctor regularly and he takes my kidney function regularly. And on and has a lot to do with the wild -- -- yet lack exercise. And my eat right. So right now you know that in eleven years you're you're you're looking at a kidney transplant. Give or take yet and it -- I'm actually very curious I'm very curious to see. How my lifestyle Willis thank had a doctor tell me on years ago when I was agonized in this own ministers resonate with me so much he said Christie said. Only to think of your kidneys like tires. He said you know your tires on your car gonna have to be replaced. Bet if you rotate down and keep them balanced they're gonna go a lot farther. And it resonated with me and said no I just keep my kidneys healthy and drink a lot of water. Stay active Al watch what I eat and like you know him and maintain in my blood pressure to exercise and and medication and and trying to keep them healthy begin as much adamant that can and and I'm really curious to -- because none neither didn't have that -- and have that at an inch. I was Dag nasty comments teen years earlier than she was diagnosed. And so am -- I'm I'm really QBS maybe I'll get longer I don't know. You think inning in roundabout way that led to -- being in such. Good shape then and maintaining your body that your sensation at forty. Absolutely on you know it it was one of the things Wear on failed -- it. And I thought why not why not got for this I feel good it's not gonna get any better you know it's one of those things where you know I'm not gotten. The better tomorrow I think it's today today's the day. And so I have to team by it that here's my story and as that they think the same thing today is the day you gotta do it today -- don't know what tomorrow holds. I would take a break when we come back on here about the -- -- did tryout audition and uncles call -- -- yes that because. I would think you know if if I were to go. Try out for something that. Involve a lot of younger people would think that immediately bit intimidated attainment and pull up and say okay this is a good idea and aggregates and Dunkin' Donuts now. It would be nice response and the -- would be Skittles. Now experiencing. Had a good run -- so let's get down. You know maybe -- -- would be. So enthralled with Kristi -- was saint station maybe should be -- attention on -- congratulate Andy. Gonzales was she's a beautiful woman Leslie when it meant that. And you look at that picture we post -- and that. -- -- -- -- Christie's winner and I ate at KR one cast he and I think you'll love the Little League point 1%. At this saint nation. Has down not not all he needs is the dates and UC -- Well I had boots that -- -- stand on account. I. So we're talking now Leslie Fitzmorris director of the saint stations Chrissie Lewis who made the squad this year she's forty years old. And not to be maudlin about it but she's com. Look at it maybe because of two genetic Vegas can any disease may be looking at a transplant. Pretty good chances that's what she's looking at in. She knows they have a kidney transplant at some point it's a matter of ten years or maybe a bit longer. So to talk about the process and a minute and we'll take your calls at 260187. Neitzel freak. 86 exit 89087. Chris slide out the morning thanks for calling. -- -- -- Now that. Encrypted but the bulk of the middle school and meg meg. All that -- tied here's talent tagging -- Exactly currently in the currency and bottle -- remember yeah. Stands at. He's a great -- into double. Compound very proud of -- and in she's just had been a great course are alive and no more pain as. And diplomat is that your success. It is just as great art. -- assembly tangled in and uses your eyes lit up when she I was out to cry and I hadn't seen since I graduated has been -- over twenty years since sustenance and that just. I have appeared -- well. I am and are -- Mount Everest. And it's gonna receive it could be my Cologne causing OK -- me yeah. I thought it was -- and if something happens often. Happens often with Jordan and -- and -- -- -- again let me about the -- so you'd go -- you decide who would need to decide to -- out at forty years trying to have never tried out before. And it was just 1 of those things evening when a colleague yellow car AD MC's today. I just when it's something to train for. I won it on something that was this as sick day eight then acted look forward to you and all my friends are Trane and from parent signs and track the lines and and and -- -- all these things that I think are just wonderful that they're just not -- they did not fit for me. And this to seem to fit for me and so I decided that I would do it and I started training about six months before because my birthday is not -- And size started training and we can be 41 and until -- and they forty bland and -- play the Packers. How will turn 41 in the superdome at I cannot even when I realized that -- like. Only now only play and it occurs on my birthday and I'm going to be in this column for forty -- which a little pressure on my husband for the 42 birthday how does say. Yeah not heavy over the top and finally on a weekend trip to Jamaica I don't know. Leslie I would think maybe in reality it's not the game and pre -- -- wouldn't be without -- -- -- -- -- -- All my good credit and how much money on. Anything actually and October 26. Should the network would -- on that -- and I know I think the absolutely. Jim Burnett not a uniform and aren't what Lackey gul if we get a black -- and it. And wounded cemented it come out like edu and restaurant get -- -- -- somebody's and -- -- Allenby is Chris and bodies. And. And they need to do these nontraditional birthdays on because you know ultimately -- to -- a real. I'm interesting we have more with -- when we come back that you can tell Lesley she's been hanging out with the younger crowd because she said -- low. Well she said that without explaining it but then she said car stadium. If she felt as though she had to explain that it -- so is the -- I thought. I did things go low and take granite. Hang out and do it again I will be right back to 60170. -- 386 exit 890878. And I do wanna hear the story about the -- because I honestly think. In a similar situation for a man proudly turn around and just left but you didn't -- picking up here we come back right now. Time for double WL first news and for that we go do David -- a delightful time David with saints Asian Chrissie Lewis made this year's squad at forty. Supplying a kidney disease she looks great but she does know that. Eventually he -- it's gonna catch up with even I mean that's what it is. I think that she inherited genetic please tell me about the trial now yet you show up in the youngest sensation is eighteen and I would imagine. Pretty good turn out to be on the saints nations. Yes there were there are honest to her via -- It's an entertainer forty girls and nine they were only keep in 36 week -- and they told us how many -- keep in the first day. He met on Al's very intimidated and on actually. That the biggest part. And ten and intimidation -- and in the clinic which was about two weeks before. And I was -- and an hour and a half from whispered to get the clinic and I promised not to myself. Out I just thought to myself -- am -- -- and in town forty years old there's no and -- detain. So in terms of -- low we look at it as well at least and enhance the experience of trying to and that's that's what started the whole thing was just had experience and tonight and memories. And you know and and that's. Not message. To anybody out there sent an. And I really had no expectation of making. Him. Earth Day it's like we have a panel rejected any. He can repeat that teacher team and they make teacher -- and make and so she went pre cut. -- page and that penile object -- -- know anything about -- they're just checking strictly on her gain credibility and her. Presentation and her and her physical and able to learn -- league. You know we actually gained from the -- you know and I think we need people who were. You know trained in procedures -- -- -- thirteen and he can perform. We have to be professionals you know and collected. Our day she ain't that the interview ground where they're cute business professionals like yourself people in the -- -- you know mothers that are. Yeah it -- -- like him. -- that let me tell you I actually went there one time and is at the time is that the did at this point in the procedure where the girls go and stand in front of the table when they got there. The record. It is what it threatens business and we want to limit their credit eat well. -- I don't -- girl nerves are there we intend to meet girls tortured that they are and can creek that. And represent this community awaited community and it. And so they were being -- trying to -- -- that demand that somebody boring and Kristi. You know just a lot still we don't the whole history you know we are ejected that we don't know about illness. In the final. All -- -- -- a panel and the other is that you know people in the median property and you know of their alumni groups and that kind of happened. And and here she comes out in chief saying that you like you. Mean the man is the clinic at this girl. -- oh. Now at what point did you find out what did they find out how old you'll Leslie do you -- old -- he has. I hate saying how old she is her -- -- that. Kind of. Day in a lot of people coming. -- -- and and people at the port okay which one it. Botox or -- and certainly. You can't student and -- -- -- right that's what they're -- ultimately it you know to initiate you know. And so. You know obviously when you get closer together and -- you know the cheap then you know eighteen girl and I love that about. And I get involved and I'll. Keep it. -- isn't -- But I'm Italian. United be delicate here -- all elements anything offensive blood. Yeah beautiful one you really I mean you know anywhere near four I would say about 32. Keeps them -- I spoke to her after she made it -- -- -- story about her in crying about a meningitis. In you know I do this because that would give city. Young girl and help them become better our special and our community because the deep are the women in our community and said the cricket -- that don't. Because actually better reach out to people because it even just in -- one person. We -- done. Wonders and the -- that's what we're here. -- pay it forward yet achieved the ultimate cheerleader will lithium and make me feel like I've had a pretty easy life and accomplishments in which currently thanks just local. Well everybody has the earth to see it it I you do overcome you know and cute belt himself up and get back in the right. I do and yet just as he struggled with something doesn't mean you're failing on tell you one of these do you think I'm struggling here is not an -- I don't -- any any time and adversity -- and their struggles and you know that's what makes -- victory since week is the struggles New York. When I -- I am around or and it -- -- Well let us take this that -- in my mind bounces around one of those those sensations trial if you if you. I'm not. Up on that next year again that we that we do we. -- on our final round you could tell people that. You know people are proud to have represented nothing Kristi -- Absolutely so. Yeah I heard a quote one time about it's not what you accomplish in life it's what you overcome. I think it's what you -- that make -- we only more so much time people get wrapped up. In this game or money or anything like that. -- like that she'd get like well that only -- so much problem. Howard can use that you do not need to do with chi chi Le grand. People. -- -- you know. If you're like in the -- the purchased and he will be given to. People help each other understand. Life is precious. And kind of taking a man he's with -- In terms of -- age. And Lou let me leave it Christiane at this when it comes in the NFL when it comes a ball player sometimes a concern arises about age you'll be able to make it through. The entire season and I mean this is a long season let's open goes through February. You don't wanna do you have any doubts about the endurance needs electricity human interface I don't think I. She got a lot. Detector -- -- in the war I think we do our work. You know we've had a couple of their training and she hang -- -- -- -- right -- the when it is at stake. You know. -- -- -- And and one of the biggest the biggest compliment I think that our receipt from the girls. During tryouts Liz Liz Kristi. You are you with this -- here. I hate. Yeah right she inspired them and -- Bar -- they're like. My passion I broke up with me. Manama and she mother's there and there. That need and that really need and the like. And feels like yeah. It is now about the experience you know these girls and in even during tryouts and that was one of the things a fan I Allison intimidated at first that their use and that their beauty. And you know as I got to know on -- realized that. They respected my experience and a carpet. And sent it in it comes full circle you know we we give to each at that are in and and. Eighteen not about. 36 girl let Albert patty do it. But these girls are -- height and -- -- is back like after being here but -- on the environment that we. Teach them it's okay to appreciate somebody or do you think your talent that is more talented new Smart and you. They -- excepting maybe aren't the except the up each other and appreciate what everybody brings to the team and that the department Kristi net. Yes and we take a break going to come back talk about the sensations in general and some of the things they do around community. And Chrissie about your family and how they've accepted all of this one thing I think is interesting is that he got a fourteen year old son. As a fourteen year old boy at around age you start to notice girls and I was telling Kristi before it could just imagine who would. The sports hero his name is pursuing his name is Jake with the binoculars looking at the sensations and check in amount and go along. -- -- Connie it's really the eleven year old he started telling people that the saints -- to a comedy part and part and the like the eleven year old is a work in Nancy -- -- in calling. Ingraham will be right back forty Euro saint station is gonna turn 41 that basically in the actor's. An incredible story who's fighting kidney disease I think an inspiration. Everybody over 35 Tommy Tucker back in a flash with Chrissie Lewis and Leslie it's Morrissey director of the saints nations. Evidently well. Tommy Tucker talking a forty year old saints -- in Chrissie Lewis who who I I guess on -- -- Leslie Fitzmorris director of listening stations. Has there been any. More seniors and station and it's never know -- well let's just leave it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And speaking of the calendar yet 32 girls sixteen make 36. And sixteen bank -- there. Well everybody. Now. Christina we're talking during the break about. Mum and dad and how they felt about this Christie's mind -- the kidney disease and have a transplant at 51. And we just when -- hit on I guess organ donation and living donors because you're saying that Angela to do with your mom been able Hambrecht. Yes yes on what I was saying earlier is that and I just had received a message on FaceBook from a lady knew. Was a lap down and that just amazes me because those are the real superhero -- Wind when some might take that that chance in the inning and they get some point that they're given life and it's not just the person who receives or again. It's everybody loves -- -- they're kids they're agreeing kids and the -- someone like that lady was a lab -- And in in kidneys are one of the organs that she can do that with bone marrow is another one that when your lap down during EG. It's better that the better on transplant it's easier processed. And you know because of someone like fat I got to eat breakfast with mom on this morning and she would Ding Dong. Almost ten years. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can Google it and there's a couple of web sites where you can register. And on nasty Leslie aren't you -- Aren't she registered as a. They're about yet is unfair attack there which -- true legacy. Of ITT which it's complex disorder. And -- that's what you know we need because I hate people that were in you know -- and truly be into it really doesn't matter and get registered satellite. Give Angela and it can excellent plot. Yet there's it's really there's nothing to be afraid having -- Google eager to -- a need -- they're very reputable sites and they'll have UN. And and that's what they day they're there to help people. And on and there's different ways you can do it and he just never know you never know who you're saying that need to be segment president and feature president the United States of America. Maybe you son may be Massa. Tell me about -- from your family's reaction this when you don't donated. Called -- on my husband was very national they -- -- hours there are few tears he teared. The boys were over the main and they were just ecstatic ecstatic they were at this time and half -- and tackles my daddy was -- He just peaking at -- in minutes in and it sounds. If he's didn't just adorable yesterday on was really an exciting day at a lot of phone calls go on -- yesterday -- a lot of Armenians in arrangements the inmate and that being called me and hundreds. -- ethnic questions about under. And the calendar coming in out like daddy am I'm Connie -- a promise that. On said they just the whole family is excited about this and it's something and that it's memories for my whole family just like right now my mom. Came to district an analyst with me she's with mobile always right now we had -- Eritrea just I mean impromptu you were going to be at the saints -- practice facility later on today. And so it's just memories anemic for columnists. So for people that are that are 35 right now and forty and begin in joke and says an onion all -- maybe they have a couple of kids and -- they feel worn down won't you tell him in terms of of -- feeling younger you you maybe can you beat the calendar -- do this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How is they're out was that mom out of Alice you know thirty with two children and that I just -- eleven -- just get my whole life -- on and I forgot who outlines. I forgot how much talented audience and effort guide. Does the feeling against it eight GG GS two decent and birds away. And you know. EE thank you your -- has passed in. I'm just here to -- -- weird redefining. And I really think my generation especially is redefining you know a year. -- forties an eight when he says it is an eight felony and I feel like I'm starting a brand new chapter in my life frightening now at forty and my kids are fourteen in Atlanta -- and I feel like they are -- journey with the it's not something I'm doing about myself. And steal their mom first and foremost on the soccer mom on the basketball non. I'd take him you know to school every morning happy Emma Aaron carpal. And that down on on me -- and I feel like I mean again and it's all the has started payments and in that and I -- -- new. It made my heart -- and I think everybody has something like that you've just got to think back. To be in town not touted during most of the professional cheerleader -- wanted to be a professional -- and Miss America that has with the -- I wanted to they would agree. Amounts ultimately it well on the a couple of thank you so much imminent we're out of time -- -- very inspirational. And that's -- we invited thank you I'm Angela thanks Johnny thank you as we appreciate your time to let it Fitzmorris rector of the sensations. Chrissie Lewis will be -- -- during the games he's alleged -- -- need to come -- back and evidently I Garland is coming up next he's got a great three hours planned for you talking about ten democracy in America be saved and -- about shootings in major cities across the country is an epidemic and finally. Substance addiction in the United States concerning 22 million people.

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