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7-16 10:10am Garland, gun violence

Jul 16, 2014|

Garland talks about America's gun violence epidemic with John Jay College Professor of Criminal Justice David Kennedy

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We're gonna talk to. -- pretty amazing. Doctors. At twelve noon. They say they have may have found an injection vaccines. That. Allows people the quit cocaine and met -- that means. And they've -- they -- with the other drugs. We will talk to both of them at twelve collected something very new very and of India addiction and substance. Of a problem we have in this country believed in the 22. Million people. Substance addicted in America once we know. Eleven call we're going to be talking about the shooting in the French Quarter and via. Merger violence in Chicago. We're gonna talk with -- David Kennedy author of don't shoot. Here's a gentleman did two years ago. -- we achieved in this matter whom you should get him over and you'd written a book called don't shoot. And days and people in Chicago and many of the cities. Or working with his formula. To try to reduce violent crime in city. Sold talk to -- all through and so. It's. Or wouldn't talk about something that. It it's it's hard to -- port. But oftentimes when I've seen stories. I don't know for sure on that pertinent in the while. I wanted to get its own bid bid looked like each other people together. And I'm just looking at you and all of this that. One is called the time blow them out of political. Says two and thirty injured zippers -- birthday. America is indeed -- oh in deep trouble. -- we have been no one room it says that Hedlund says. An exceptional decline in four Nixon -- of acceptable. Country with a question mark. And I've got the most recent Oakland city group and each of BC bank AG's -- bank. -- users. Long ring. Drug money in -- terrorist money -- Nobody mentioned nobody try -- -- Citigroup. One of these many banks that fuel. Or near depression of 2008. Wii -- at Tuesday's citizenry we have homeowners. Lost about nine -- four million dollars and and -- -- -- -- was big to do. In several -- Poland. Citigroup. Seven billion dollars over the homeowners. Get money back from non. How many bank members or and he knows how many Gordon prisons so for -- And then finally this -- article a look at it and says America fails the rule of -- -- And -- it's. A little former executive branch employees. Maybe. Military. Veterans he the writing a report about what America is doing or -- over and over Nazis that they. -- lumber models. Usually -- -- wanna talk about this type of absent -- object. A call delegates don't diver who's an expert on the political saudis an expert on them round. And over the years ago we discuss this topic here and in different categories and shown room for a long time. -- -- -- -- -- Again in news specifics and and if you don't agree. Napoleon and do you see. Kind of not undescribable. Rent to this country. Everything from gridlock. What we do don't who -- well we do and don't do here in this country. How -- I don't think there's any question about it and I'm sixty years old ethnic have been through in Spain and studied in -- about it otherwise commented -- an awful lot and the last subject you brought up this to me. The canary in the coal mine and although very few I was can release. Seen it yet and that is that the rule of law has seen its best Tuesday's. In the country the nation in the world. That was always in its history recognized as the nation's two most remand. Other actions and the importance of the rule of law. I think as we talk about it post partisan. America. We have to be talking about the rule ball and about away. A post partisan America only comes when people who were not a part of the disease in Washington. And frankly in government throughout the country regardless of the level. Until people who were not in net system not a part of that system. Find a way to move the country to post partisan era we will not go to post partisan here. If we let the elected officials and a broken system. Continued around the country. There will be knows no post partisanship. And America is gonna take it the likes of which we have not seen since the Great Depression. -- and who deadbeat dad can make the difference. I think it happening as we speak you know that you referred me to an article on Politico from jeopardize -- hurt -- at Duke University duke lost. I was not I'm not in agreement with much of forty says there but he's a good example of people. In and and all all over the Internet. And -- other. And the audience work they do on the do a lot of work on the Internet and do a tremendous amount of public speaking. To a lot of radio. I'm just ducked down here in this part of this -- in America that there are. Audience of thousands of people in this country who were doing one part or the other of you are one of the best examples there is. And frankly I think you also. -- post partisan. And I think that's the point I don't believe there's a system. Where we can take what is the follow in this country and six. -- who we elect an uncle step further I think it's remarkable. That two years apart we -- Re elect. Take governor. Who does not believe in the rule of law Bobby Jindal the Republican. And we re elected a president. Who does not believe in the rule of law Barack Obama as a Democrat. I think we know that leadership. That -- is not in this day -- -- gonna produce take great pride about the way I -- Why I think we only have three great presence in our history. George Washington Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I think they're the only three week because. They came into the presidency is sexist and shall protect this nation. And that -- that -- now by the grace of god we have. Another one knows I don't think this country will land in other ones with the present system. And one of the reasons Garland as -- voters in America today don't have a clue what's going alone. And that's because most it's not about the media's failing it's not about not living in information with the Internet. It's about people in America retreating politics and government as a spectator sport and it's killing. So somebody's going to step -- -- -- and I think it's happening right now. -- -- break when we come back. Wonder where you were or when ever die mention partisanship. I usually mean politics but. It struck me while I was preparing for the -- and what Ramon told you about kind of a divergent from the main topic but it relates back. You mentioned Politico. And in -- -- -- -- -- attracted couldn't determine whether liberal or conservative. Well what they're writing about seems to be liberal. And have pulled -- of and taken if they can ruin your ports and read -- bill mortars those with at regal who. Then I go through this city group pages PC. Those or conservative publications that would go to him America appeals ruled wall that's liquor. I don't know exactly what they orbit. 10 with a comeback. What I've learned in this show. My producers. Every political story or controversial story we do. We literally. Won -- -- or try to get the liberals -- Or try to get to conservatives. And the information. That they provide is militantly opposed every time. To what field -- cities. And in the question about for whom we come back. If all of this is true. About America being in deep trouble. What are we didn't go to get the information. To base an educated. Decision on how we vote you vote for. Coming right back -- ago. -- 70 AM and five the Ria. Are borrowed talking billionth -- clippers. The -- that turned tool would tell him. When when that talk about politics when the -- called so about. Things happening -- in this country things happening. All over the world. Uses demographer understated and the numbers -- the solutions. And what were. What we're talking about today. Number of particles a lead over the last few months all suggesting that that America has the potential problem. One of them playing super. Feeling that the rule and all locally nationally. Subsidies. Others call list ton bombs. Others city Woodward in an exceptional declined for an exceptional country. And -- We'll call this morning while we scroll over you to try to get down to the big expect this. One of the go back too short to have lived week. To -- -- after something that is. On you you -- of course about them 4057000. Units come across from border depending on which news review booby. Aren't I have owned a liberal and very conservative. Groups veterans actually blow them. And the liberals as it could -- -- reading these kids in in Honduras and Guatemala. Being tortured. Bodies -- import the rule in the current front door girl ring got its. Little -- 67 years old ports to ruin drugs for the cartels. Just. Horowitz who -- In the liberal. They're brokers and have them all you're absolutely right we're Christian nation we should be very concerned. Conservative Kimmel it's all of that that's New York time it is primarily teenage boy -- -- A lot of -- their older parents. And do what you would do is can -- of this country what are we need sit in the back. So after the show. A would walk through drew with two forms. As a about teenage boy that I would back. Dorktones. Huffington Post and over but -- -- now. I'm looking for truth. So wouldn't put her on the radio -- but ended. You know just. I really think -- neglect as well. I really think that that the thing people don't hear an answer that question is that we have to dedicate some time. Probably not anymore. For most people that what we used and reading a daily newspaper and then watching the evening news. The chief -- -- it and finding the -- Kept others in the genocide and you test for yourself. To be. Let's let's just say again poster nonpartisan. Always recommend to people that they go to real clear politics dot com. -- -- It's specifically include Paul Klugman. At the New York Times as bad as it is that. Bright arc or post article from Marco Rubio the point of it is to put a ball up there among other things that real clear politics does. But my point is I don't think we can keep blaming -- of this total lack of information. You've got to say you're gonna put the time. And by the way I appreciate you using the example veggies. The -- I think that is an excellent example for all of must be paying attention to right now there's no question there's lot of children. We're coming across the border. Especially of course in Texas but not exclusively. And we have laws that today you can't just come crashing in to the United States over the border. And and be able to stay here. Not a part the world hearing nine. The rest of the story is there's a law from 2008. It says that if the children who come here or not from Canada or Mexico the and you didn't you -- to. Bring him here provide the care that you need to put side until they can go to -- -- now. We know it's going to be very very long time for the ego to -- because there's so many but the point is. There are laws being broken both ways. The congress now has to come up with a solution that settled law and here comes paper. Take care of these children. That's the key to the whole thing. Are we doing it for the preservation of the rule of law not specifically were doing it to take care to children. Because it's the right thing to do we say that is a part of our cultural values. We need the congress to reconcile the dispute. In the law and about away there -- -- bicameral bipartisan bill that's winding its way through already to do that. The president has asked for almost four billion so he won't get that much but he's gonna get enough to take care of these children. I am enthused. That the debate did Stan is pointing up the problems with the law. And the media on both that Garland is telling this story. The conservative media rating pointing out just 2008 law came from President George Bush. There also pointing out the current the other law also the other of the world. -- it is the political world and I think that proves that these things can change can happen. But I think its rarity and you're making the point did just spoke in America there's 319 million. Just spoke to in America. Don't know who to listen to the batteries. Comes hard but I think the answer is spoke in America we're gonna have to figure out. The information is there and it takes care to uphold their responsibility as citizens they're gonna have to figure that. Elliot stabler a big we're gonna come right back when we come back and the lips -- talk about the report that says it's. America fails the rule of more tests over the one final question of elegant stones are getting Ritter -- marred demographer political analyst. America as good number of vote question but we have limited time. More for the people that say you know I'm I'm in New Orleans we sort of were making groceries. Taking the kids -- whom. Paying bills both would have to I'm glued to -- real politics rather be cool areas that gives votes of comprehensive important initiative is that -- people join clubs like. Democrats and Republicans. And and -- go with water but they're told to do. I think so and I think that was particularly the case in the past. I don't know it is as much today. And I think the answer quite frankly is that the course in the Q described as part of America's problem that person is not part of our solution. And if anybody has -- any doubt that they do not want to be. And -- will leave Italy. By either of the major parties they're just not. Attention there is no -- That all Republicans. And default to what Republican leadership. Anymore and it's exactly the -- for the Democrat party. That's -- people of good faith no matter how much they disagree on the issues. Are looking for a post partisan America so the folks at all and I don't have -- You know I know they'll go to generally stay home too often when there's an election. But apart what guys here in Capitol Hill you know duke got because they're really Arctic. Elliott always a pleasure and we're busier -- time. And we have -- -- coupled with the vice president and publisher of the Cato Institute John thank you for joining us. W a quick idea what we're doing your -- whenever it started for shows I hit of the things that the government from Saddam should do usual and apartment pending follow them and again and number of them that are similar. Consumers -- Calm and collected as political talking about that and ball. That America news working alone. Concerns in the fact that we don't work on our problems. And the lack of partisanship that we've talked. There -- gobbling bug build more yours sitting exceptional decline for an exceptional country. And he give reasons for. I would -- Citigroup settlement HSBC. Bank sells and won't work. Banks that watch morning not only for drug cartels but or terrorist. Ago or allowed to -- upon nobody dips name nobody moves -- trio and then finally. That was Forbes a look at America fails the rule of law student. Former executive branch employees from -- Liberal and conservative. Military's feel talking about that things are doomed hero and oversees. The root against the rule of law. I guess my overall question is do you see this type -- thing occurring again and if so is that big problem. All the world. That you talked about -- it was a series of different things that. I think it is always. -- -- -- -- the people talk about the the government not confronting issues. All of the things that need to be dealt with. The fact is that probably you know on the early fifties toward -- most of my life beginning in 1970. Government that was designed a particular way which was designed around congress but if you look at the constitution. Which it is with a government that's designed not to do things easily. So you know words to get anything to get actual laws that you do law the law. It would sure. You'd have to go through. Large. And -- process and have a lot of places where people compete to Mexico wants something done. Did you think about congress -- congress the president the courts have to approve some cases there's other -- that the now institutions that exist that have to approve. So it's government though premier origins was designed to. Make it hard to do things but only to do things that people really want it was widespread consensus so it's not a democracy by sort of thin majorities -- Bjorn 60% plus want it's. It's supposed. Larger. Majority did -- policies and that has the result and in its. It's that you don't often if there's not a lot of agreement in the society that goes beyond just the simple majority can do. The other side of it is. What you can do for -- they're not popular they work out it becomes also marked a change so I think that's part of the historical ball care. Is that it's had little problems with. Public consent to it. But it's also been impossible to change it becomes President Obama and old essentially he could be totally new kind of chip from the little changed in. The act but that also brings another thing to mention quickly which is the move law. -- spent some time you know where the executive is. Maybe fifty or sixty years executives have been expanding. The well Thursday the administrators state which has put surrendered eighty years. -- law had a period where you know law should be passed by congress that they were interpreted implied. And administrative agencies and and doing that frequently these agencies. Have the right to legislate they -- something that looks a lot like legislating. The quartet and you know caught after Ford but. Patrick incredible tool wall for some time in -- state we can't really rule by administrative Fiat in these days obamacare actually where. The Waltz past a certain way but some part of it is -- delayed some parts of the ladies. And so on and so forth. None of that is gong to kind of a constitutional process and and so you got -- -- the -- -- move law. I've got to take a break and I've got about 2000 more questions for him or you just said something we come back and learn more. About congress passing -- law. And then -- administrative. Agencies. Able to -- and -- do you critically. Two to modify or change pieces of them in budget crunch and a moment come back we'll learn more. -- on the radio Jones sampled vice president and publisher. Of the Cato Institute coming right back. We're here sort of thing -- about the rule of law and his country. And how many talented seniors who have been violated by government official banks. Military. Username and humbled we're both get -- -- -- sampled -- vice president and publisher indicated Winston. And -- have understood correctly and we used crude here but didn't when it comes to congress passing the wall the too big payouts law -- -- And did agencies. Can modify or change that a bit explain that. Sure that the idea delegation of legislative power in the interest that is. Congress through. In detention mental mistakes sole purpose. And it's powered technical problems. 21 of the agencies and agencies. People are elected to have no real accountability. War. Legitimacy. Get to use the legislative power to likable. That is so that by the constitution actually the first the first words of articles on the constitution. Put the legislative -- making power in congress spotted in the administrative agencies. The negative example -- talking about it the most infamous legislation actually. The last decade at least. Namely the park. Legislation that 2008. And if you -- closely it that people could read -- palaces. Cato dot war it's CH TO. -- award GB. -- analysis of the the TARP would have -- that it would stop defy that basically what happened -- congress. Appropriated. 800 billion dollars. Billion with a -- And it essentially -- to the Department of the Treasury in the Federal Reserve and so on. You know there's one -- to Lubbock on the year to get war for giving this money to banks. But I achieved its side how to allocate this money make economies stable. In other words all the discretion all of the legislative. Law making in law here has delegated to essentially -- with the department of treasury. And which you got was you know typically for -- ball flight thereafter. Until law but it would demand that sums of money. That -- appropriated would almost no constraints on the metal a lot of discretion for the administrative agencies there's others like there's a lot of what. Environmental Protection Agency does -- in the past has been to make decisions. About two those kinds of limits on pollutants or whatever they have tremendous impact on the cost. And therefore on the society in the economy but the thing decisions are generally made. Over at the EPA and -- in congress so you're really talking about situations where. All important. Congress is giving away -- lawmaking authority against the constitution. And yeah at this decidedly that the boldly to constraint is that governments by experts. So it goes on. The problem is the -- Supreme Court. It's not been really willing to to try to strike down this kind of behavior. So actually. It has in the style. You -- congress. Aware -- -- concerned about it and so what can be done about. All of them and part of the problem and congress you know I mean one of those -- there under the constitution expected congress to be really responsible really proud of the game and powerful and strong and not put it do stuff like this but. You know I can speak about the proper legislation the region that was -- -- laws is because all of this happened about a month before election. And the members of congress didn't want to be accountable they didn't wanna take responsibility for what might happen that in -- take responsibility. The for the legislation itself because they expected correctly. There was going to be a lot of unhappiness from the public. So a lot of the stuff that happens with you know one of the theories it is for a quake and the congress that it's stopped -- -- hot potato down to agencies. The agencies that do -- that make people happy you know they make decisions that are really legislative decisions. The public gets angry and then they go to congress -- of course congress should at all both stupid guys in the administration won't take care. So actually that's the first quality word he think congress' help that you that they actually would do well because. While -- to win actually. And in Redmond that this hyperbole. And we've got. Faceless bureaucrats. Making decisions. All laws and how they're to be implemented that affect all us. The correct in many cases in congress want them to do it. It's not every case and in some cases congress contrite to. I have effective oversight you know -- -- one good thing about those towards that I don't multi. Agree about much but. She was an old war at that time in 2000 it would -- -- -- actually try to do you have effective oversight on. And she was blocked by congress thirty different points. So it's probably cases congress simply go to -- to take responsibility. I think it I think -- itself global problem. And very interesting conversation. I think a learned so open let's do some more Utah in the future. Good. I don't forget. Come up until a few minutes were gonna give a thousand dollars it's called this summer's Blige and content in -- but the -- -- -- -- -- -- Code word in the number call so statements. Craig come and objects were going to be talking about two -- -- talking to. The individual the mayor of Chicago the mayor of New Orleans. -- -- and to lead them news. Continuing. A series of violent crimes and in both cities sees the guy that threw the book called. Don't shoot and bones leave the expert on the world on news that by.