WWL>Topics>>7-16-14 12:10pm Garland: on substance abuse

7-16-14 12:10pm Garland: on substance abuse

Jul 16, 2014|

Garland talks about substance abuse with Dr. Thomas Kosten of the Baylor College of Medicine and Professor Therese Kosten, PhD.

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He argued a lot of blow my source information. From. Just silicon people. Having breakfast with the a couple business people that didn't rose in the -- well a couple of weeks ago. Drugs -- the the problem we've gotten on troop withdrawal and and the -- of Ayatollah I've been reading about 22 million people substance addicted and I think. But I told so prescription medicated medication. And and it's costing us a lot of money well in the middle of the constitution does have moved. You read about those doctors in Houston that the may have the cure or things like cocaine addiction met them that a -- -- That I did and more from actually use then thanks so we've we've got a hold opening and then. Asked him and come on the show with this and it's a little bit different thing from what. I was told an outbreak of its -- but it's absolutely fascinating. And I think we're very likely to have both doctors -- Doctor told Wisconsin and trees costs and just happened to be married and there with the black literature and propelled through psychiatry. And -- and form apology. Immune apology apology. Court -- Dan Duncan institute for political transition -- search. Baylor College of Medicine. I get tired just reading your crew didn't. Welcomed the show. Thank you are out. And visit to reassert the -- -- Hope. That. I would just selling our audience that dead in the -- whose -- coach from with a number of business people. About something entirely different drug addiction -- month. They mentioned your name to -- thought you were doing and and when I looked looked it up pursuing also was an addictive substances. Hijacked -- normal bringing reporters. And these two doctors hope. A cocaine vaccine that development is -- three million from their addictions. There publisher Terry you give us some idea what's going on this sounds -- and it. -- the top. And we've been working with these vaccines for about twenty years now initially developing vaccines for cocaine and nicotine. The. Nicotine vaccines had subsequently been picked up by the large pharmaceutical companies such as no Florida. And GSK. Two develops. Their own versions for vaccines. And has put them through. A variety of clinical studies and there still under development. And the latest vaccine to be launch will be the day picketing vexing problem. Pfizer. Which. Hopefully will be. Out for clinical testing in the next few months. The cocaine vaccine is the one that -- focused on during these twenty years and have developed one that works NA. Interesting way that or the drug -- of these are much too small to stimulate an immune response and produce antibodies. But -- we attach these drugs of abuse to what's called carrier proteins which are typically something like. -- -- -- -- -- Cholera toxin deactivated color talks that is which are typical immunizations that people are given against these diseases. That when we attach the drug that would be -- of those. Big proteins. Your bodies and not only makes antibodies to. The tech stocks soared to Ortiz the power talks but are also making antibodies to would effort the drug is to attach to it. And arcade user nicotine or cocaine. That process takes several months of repeated vaccinations typically three months and as many as five vaccinations. And at the end of that you'll have. Very large amounts of antibodies. Against the drug of abuse. So what does that mean. Well it means if you use the drug abuse the drug abuse will be attached to the antibody or attach itself to that antibody. And while -- actually that antibody that is. Spot in the bloodstream can't -- -- the brain can't get into the heart just can't get out of the bloodstream. And so it will then eventually the metabolize it instantly turned into an inactive substance. As a -- passes through the liver or in the bloodstream itself. And you'll get essentially no effect from that drug of abuse because it's been. Block it's been blocked like being trapped in the bloodstream. Dario a bit of form from something that I think I can understand. What you're doing -- been described as a big plunge. That that sold so these these substances. I'll. And to get it analogy. And mostly. What I focused on it to capacity. Areas and combinations. I think -- proteins and drugs of abuse in the animal models in to keep their functional. And you know I think. You know in theory it sounds like it's an explanation of these markets and capital can in the brain that reality. Things you know law and -- back on the spot -- mention -- -- there are sound. Amounts of the truck -- will slowly creep into the burning. A lot. Reinforcing effects of drugs are related to the speed in which and the truck crosses into the brains. Rush and -- even to -- that plan and you know MP. Greatest idea -- -- totally pocket dot. I don't think that's like a realistic thing but if it is slow it down it's citizen. Com happened reinforcing effect and I think it should have in the active as well and we kept us in the animals -- quick look motor activity. Usually tend to see if it's. -- and normally these drugs -- increased animals look motor response they run around. Spock. A law that it's been vaccinated. And give them mr. They don't run -- As much in addition -- functional. Effects of the vaccine. Greg maybe four ribs this incorrectly. And in one instant Hughes in the activated cholera toxin pro team. You attachment to cocaine. And porch came up -- it was a vaccination. Against both. Call raw and cocaine if understood that correctly. -- that relate to others things weathered the in the kind of addiction you can think of that so substance. Yes we can that this we can certainly developed. Vaccines against. Almost any other drug that the -- except two of them are one of them this pot in possible in the other one is very difficult. The one that's impossible alcohol. Alcohol as -- extremely small to lead to Corbin long. Now -- occurs in your body in all kinds of different places. So that your body will not make. An antibody to alcohol because if it did make an antibiotic alcohol. It would actually start to destroy -- your body so palpable vaccine is not possible. The other drug that's fairly difficult to make your vaccine to it is. Marijuana. Tabloids. Because they're very oily substances and the chemistry that we do in order to link the routine with the drug of abuse. It's chemistry that's all water based and so. And I think that is. Oil -- reflect marijuana is. On and being difficult to due to chemistry to -- the linkage it's not impossible simply difficult. And so we have chosen at this point. Not try to make it a marijuana vaccine. But we. Have been able to make vaccines to just about everything else opiates certainly at various sorts of methamphetamine. Well. If you can think of it pretty much truck abuse we can make it -- Our Olympic got a quick break here we only a few minutes with the yeah -- doctor Constance. If you just joined -- But it fascinating stuff over certain that and they've been 2030 years. That suggest as there may be he may be some vaccines. That would help in addictions to. Addictions like cocaine methamphetamines. Come right back it's double ago figured 70 yeah morning -- the Ria. -- book America I've clearing we got a fascinating. Subject here. -- doctors. Doctor. Thomas and Terry Collison. There would Dan Duncan institute for clinical and transitional. Groups -- Baylor College of Medicine. And do. Everything you read in the media today or hero and reviewed on to watch and you read in newspaper. You've got to be suspect. Because. There are others who -- journalism going going out there and so much of it is it's slanted to make you pick it up. Who wouldn't. You read this or you get the feeling. That these two doctors. May have come up with the instead it was range to the addiction drug abusers to use. It's a syringe to deliver a pact seen. That could. At least. Promising. Evidence. That it could prevent cocaine. Addiction methamphetamine. Addiction nicotine addiction. And so let me go to. Doctor Thomas person and doctor terror or arguably pursuant. Doctor -- -- -- these media reports -- the exaggerated. Or is this real promise and so what kind of timeframe we look. Well I think Israel promised that the vaccine. The major problems that were running into the vaccines that are not nicotine vaccine. Is that the major pharmaceutical. Ball companies who would be that people who could really. Manufacturer that's in large amounts and marketed situated in the readily available for the public that they have been in. Not very interested in. Addressing this population and that is that that is cocaine abusers are opiate addicts or. The ones that have a certain stigma attached to them on nicotine dependence of course does have a stigma but it's a it's a very different kind of stigma that's attached to it and it's -- market core capital flows very profitable since the expectation is that. The markets sides for the nicotine vaccine is approximately three billion dollars. On the net just in the United States the worldwide market could be easily twice that and depending what happens in China when it got very high smoking. So I think that -- yet we have moved into clinical trial before nicotine and cocaine vaccines they've gone into. Advance. Multi site national studies where they count some efficacy. We're now working on a very improved cocaine vaccine. Which we hoped to get. Fruit from the FDA to start human studies -- the next year or so and while the existing cocaine vaccine is certainly. Quite useful. Rather than. Continued to perceive that one we're gonna go with a new one that we've developed which is in fact much better -- probably two to three times better. And what we hope that this will in fact be useful for everybody's the cocaine abuser because it's. It's it's a blocker but at the blocker that can be overridden if you use you know. 78 times the amount of cocaine that you would ordinarily use you're really determined to all raw like the blockade you you could do that cost a lot of money that you could do it. That we really want to fact that we have people who were motivated to stop using cocaine. And again that's probably -- thirds of the population of cocaine -- -- they would you really like the stoppages -- so. How -- that means in terms. Whether we would have something on the marketed -- very heart to know what I think -- the nicotine vaccines get and approval from the FDA in the next three to four years. That that would greatly enhance the chances that a major pharmaceutical company being willing to make the basically tens of millions of dollars and that's meant to carry these other vaccines to their final. Approval mean right now it's been your tax dollars that's been. Conquering -- course of developing taxing people through the National Institute on Drug Abuse. But in the final stage you really have to have a commercial. Partner that would do it. Terry while Baldwin the pharmaceutical please be all over of faxing cocaine methamphetamine. Seemed like Dave make a lot of money on pub and I can imagine there being those that move toward producing them with the big. I'm well. They're probably isn't stigma. My secret still in. Culture wars that people. A lot people think an addiction is a moral -- shortcoming. Not too much in the -- duties. And and I don't I'm not a pharmaceutical. -- that this person but I I don't know how much money they could make. Object -- -- could make relative to -- high blood pressure or that some of these requirements. Diseases so. Another -- of a profit. Probably not mean it really cash in at addictions. Very. You know it has a lot of that effects on the economy its society and and families to suffer with -- but. When you look at the scheme of things. You know. Publicly pressure is picker problem. 200 people who are affected by the I think I -- business timely. Put my money on. -- one final question admitted we have strings a little bit off subject. -- -- -- about what to do this one of the paragraph of the media wrote. When intoxicated by the drugs and often for noble we captors -- Some abusers have a tendency to become so -- ethically. And even kill people. And it's -- abusers brain doesn't register. That another person is in pain. Or that the U abuser may be causing emotional. And physical extra us. It if that's true are they guilty. And it has -- some strange question but. If it's -- -- Korea actions. That removes. Their moral compass. Are they guilty of what they're doing. Certainly a very interest in person that has plagued the courts in terms of criminal responsibility. When people are. Capable of making. Rational decisions and then there has been work I've done with neural imaging and other Europe biological studies. Indicating have cocaine abusers would end. Date do you experience emotional and for example we had any video of essentially -- -- actress. Who was. Portraying. Deep depression. And the video -- a couple of minutes when normal people watched that video. All the areas in their brain that are involved with emotional reactions very much got. Excited and activated. When the cocaine -- looked at those same videos they had very little activation in those areas. In contrast when they were looking at cocaine -- news. The normal subjects had very little reaction to those cute but the cocaine abuse at the same kind of reactions that normal people would have to this very. Deeply depressing and -- effective. Displayed that was being portrayed by the actress. So I think that you'd -- certainly can say that yes their data to support your say and then whether that means that they are criminally responsible because there. Brain has been do you ranged in some way -- are the courts the rule that. Know that -- woman is clearly psychotic and somebody that is -- completely divorced from reality. That they in fact you have responsibility for their actions. But that will be uninteresting things that plays out over time and increasingly it becomes. Clear how these are brain disorders and they do very much make your brain abnormal. But the fact that it is eighty a willful act which you take these drugs has so contaminated I think the. Argument about how much responsibility. Do you want it. You -- to individual war criminal acts. -- go to sneaking suspicion. That. Professors shares of psychiatry and neuroscience form ecology immunology. Pathology. Don't usually call reviewed talks so that I -- I appreciate you taking the time out I just think this is something people should. Know what was going in and -- -- a -- is that do you have a website danger hospital. Have a new website where people could gather more information on this. Well I think the best web sites for people to consult with a launch from the National Institute on Drug Abuse is part of the National Institutes of Health. An extensive web sites that describe the effects of drugs in new treatments we have and -- -- on that treatments that include these vaccines. That's I would -- All right -- in the and I get details their -- -- try and figure skating to product and -- a lot of perhaps our scientists from general radio talk show. Thank you so much doctors have a great debt. Very much Barbara they're gonna -- of mobile brigade celebrity 1053. Yeah. Time for the whole stack of stuff. Several boards while it's. It is a par or. Like telling you about things stumbling crosses do quite a bit in the program. And that -- about it that imports come and as questions about committee called two's exit -- 17. Those little light information reading. What things are brought about as. And collected do a couple of and local -- -- so called shall rule boy world. Familiar with the business landed rectangular so -- on human group -- today. But serves ago. In we're. Standpoint I'd. He's come up with the road for these things and in the building by troops. Driveways. Even -- -- is across the nation. That can be saved with the electricity. And what he's done books from there and had to go on shape. And -- -- they can withstand everything from hail storms tornadoes have these storms were two vehicles. All the while generating. Electricity. So his identity it is this would be a reasonable. Both physically and financially. If technology used an alternative. To apple ruled in -- wars. Beatrice and you Bob Woodward here in New Orleans road so I can imagine. A solar -- celestial group movement and hold up under. Eighteen -- truck. That viable. But the -- instincts and submit drops away that might be an interesting concept. Here's a note and in when whatever of this optimists -- would have done this wouldn't. When my kid was preschoolers. Here what is it says. Parents from strapping this device. On their cute it's called his on. In the eyes Z or win. It's LG electronics -- introduced the device. And it's -- put those in preschool in prime numbers -- And essentially. It's from respect. The fractured her child. It uses why -- abuse -- champions. And it provides. All -- real time location. That parents can view on their Smart well and and -- wouldn't phone. Sam tone and road whatever it is. And the ban also has one step direct call feature. Which allows the parent to communicate with the trauma. The trial. Can press the button. And the device will call. A pre configured them. If she's mrs. called from that column. And doesn't answer the call from that moment within ten seconds. A built in microphone. Automatically turns turns -- allows -- to listen in determined. While the child is doing where of their car. Via the GP. Theoretically. You can and cinco up and keep tabs on older friends have -- remembered -- two of the toddlers walking among news. One. Assorted group doing this supply and they'll put you experts think. And there was -- professors seem to have pretty good credentials. Of culture education and human computer interaction. I was the university. A fellow with -- via. -- consider Newbury Internet and society. At Harvard your neighbors -- looks like it is the street cred there. He serves like it causes it's a device that engages our leaders about society. He thinks rescinding them as students and children and ourselves. The the world isn't -- And and his words world was both happy news and doom. But that lack of safety has always been there and he -- the devices like please. Served as a billboard reminder that anything even bad things can happen in time. And things that they need to constantly new world loved -- or are. All who were tore apart. Post September 11 years. And nieces and he's an often -- from the parents and to live not the trauma. Here's another one of Steve Roberts and Francisco lawyer wrote. It Arab children the privacy rides shows his adult. It is -- because -- their minorities. It's. And -- has or older children and their parents may want them to do -- -- that the glued to the court ruling. Older children teenagers. We'll have started to do resort to annual prediction of future moon moment. And once. And see what the professors saying that the -- and spear to the world I don't know. 234567. Euro and the little respect and it's cute took a big watch. And -- them. North York old and and goodness forbid. -- something happened to him like an abduction. You know exactly where that where you could even turn -- of -- so than listening to what. So -- Tuesday 0187. Giving call. Lines are wide open 20386. Dictated and 08. All right just going through my notes backed himself thing news. That left and wiggle boom -- of -- a -- that really go forward -- shows. On getting a gift for Buddha and compassionate. Compute -- gaming you'll knowledge being lunar tranda alike they hit this stack of stuff. Let's go to -- he bureau governor bill appreciate the call. -- -- He went -- -- you are a little and you realize there wouldn't talk and if you ever. I've often thought. -- but we will probably bring. 203. Plastic ball border per person every. And we used plavsic's every two minutes and computers telephones and payment. And always wonders all ending up in. Landfills and and it's an. What they have -- news in their guessing those who have real -- cycle about 910%. Plavsic. What they get posting news is we've got about one million tons of plastic. That's been put into the ocean since the early 1970s. When the perch as the problem. The -- what's interesting about it. Out of -- of those who reviewed for these -- huge. Actions. In every -- that we have. Some of these areas. The measure between seven to 35000. Tons of Plavsic loading in one group. And you can't see it from -- its -- student poems pose a passing boats. Because it he would he would treads water. Anywhere from six inches two through three feet below. The surface. But they're of these huge. Floating Eric. And they've known about it for 45 years. But they sort of computing. The amount. The -- them. Plavsic. That they think has gone in the ocean. Its interest in it's only a fraction. That that they have found and been able to measure. And -- 99%. Of these -- again. Intrusions of plants that are put into our oceans of the daily basis. To what picnic. May be some of the plans to -- watching back ashore. But they dismissed that. A lot of that breaks down into small plastic but it so we would be all over beaches and mountains a -- realistic. And also. They think may be it breaks down into really really really fine. Undetectable pieces may be some of the group microscopic. This fragmentation has been going on since the seventies and they think it's a real possibility. And this and that they think the small organisms. Or growing growing and some plant that makes it he every year. Instincts it down to the bottom of the ocean. The one they're concerned about and one that I think they've proved the most credence as to where it's all going. Plankton. It's small fish eating a plants. They think that's the most plausible hypothesis. What they say quote after all the time you play as a bid to team to have vanished small enough to beat by something called -- plankton. Which are known to munch on plastic. And they argued that certain page beneath the surface may be human a lot of plans to. And the question becomes. Is that entering our food chain. And if it is. How toxic is that if at all toxic chemicals can clean plastic. In the oceans and accumulate. But -- -- in numerous -- on how much -- is actually does passing through auctions food chain so. A bit it's a strange world we live and when we have these Jai and -- violence of garbage in all of our. Oceans but we can't -- Lucille. And we don't know where most of his -- -- BO would come. Don't go away eventually you'll have agreed three -- come. -- -- interviewing doctor Jeffrey routes New Orleans and new coroner. Interesting question is more businesses and residents consider funding a secure reviewed the history paying off duty officers. Should that he considers security company that hires former law enforcement. Officers. Part of it is. Security company it was a supplement -- OP -- -- -- coordinated schedule officers take on liability. Holding contract -- businesses. Introducing concept. She'll also lastly you feel like we're losing what makes America a great huddle -- revitalize. This nation's. Three very interesting topic coming up on the -- he'll show. Bill goal you're listening -- a BO the 170 AM moral 53 yep it.