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7-16 4:10pm Sports Talk: SEC Media Day

Jul 16, 2014|

Kristian Garic talks to WWL listeners about what LSU Coach Les Miles had to say at the SEC Media Day.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Several five welcome in the sports talk here on the B to B well I am FM and WWL. Dot com busy day in Hoover Alabama at SEC media day. I'm Kristian -- in four Deke Bellavia you'll hear plenty from LSU coach last miles at today's media frenzy. In Hoover Alabama it's kind of the unofficial. Start kick off on the college football season wraps up tomorrow. Miles pretty between fourteen squad was peppered with questions regarding the quarterback battle between if the agents and Brandon Harris. Of course the Saints report to training camp one week from tomorrow. So what's next for the black gold -- to grand deal is done business but also we'll take a look ahead throughout the today. On salary cap ramifications in -- breakdown of his four year contract and potentially what it means for the Saints. Next season this season next season and beyond. Will also ticket on the NFC south as teams get ready for the start of training camp the -- Falcons who -- going to be hard knocks. Of course. The Carolina Panthers phone lines wide open for it to 60187. He -- 3866 and 890870. And also Texas. And 87870. And our our WL party -- people alive for WL dot com. Who should be the starting quarterback for -- -- this year should be Brandon Harris and Anthony or -- -- agents. He weighs in at W like -- calls at 2601872. Or 3866889087. Less miles and -- Press conference today from the SEC media. It sounds like he might. Mean it's not been determined but it sounded like if I'm reading between the lines a little bit. They might be. Considering playing a bit of a platoon. RO rotational to two quarterbacks we've see them do this in the past. As Annika take you to the LSU Tigers. World rotate a player a quarterback in Wetherbee Brandon Harris or Anthony Jennings have packages for both we talk about both quarterbacks along with. Incoming freshman running back winner for net -- dog. And his expectations for the freshman. You hear that from -- miles an eleven minutes of it he talked for a quite a while. In his opening statement willow -- play that forty year will lose will step away it would come back you hear from LSU coach less miles an SEC media basis sports talk on W to dwelling MFI meant to be to be well -- come. The LSU Tigers open up. Saturday August 30 against Wisconsin in Houston. News LSU's day at media days in Hoover Alabama today. Here is LSU coach less miles and his nobody seemed. Afternoon and it's not always great to beat back the means a summer's over and we're around getting ready to get ready and I yeah. And seeing two wonderful piece my tenth year are these. How fortunate I've been tough to lead the Tigers in the battle and -- review the very quality players and I've been fortunate to coach him. The three guys who we have been here. They're representing us assure you aren't just the style -- that. You'd love to spend a decade what. The SEC media days -- 12100 credentials and a bunch of chaos and it's. Kind of lets you know how important the job you have the -- how much you enjoy way. That that piece of the -- -- live. In the last five minutes congratulations on -- cable picking up the SEC network. In the fact that will be able to people van rouge excited to watch tiger should now. I won't have to change my my cable provider the miles family. Smacked a while saying I took a vacation and went to -- Austin took my. My three children with me and so we had six. And that two -- support children. On a campus it was miserable I hated it. But it was great fun and demeanor was not a beach you know it was not sand but it was. My family and that was the best so while. Manny is my eldest son these pitches and then playing football and fifa was on TV it. He decided to take a -- and they got soccer ball -- couple buddy nation. He -- you pick up soccer game for four hours to think about that right so. My -- she miles. Is -- pitching and fast pitch softball and Orlando Florida -- the World Series certainly there's a lot of media there as well. She's signed an 810 and under league in she heading. Before she whirlwind as a pitcher -- -- -- every quality. Smash your club. That she faced this morning yeah and now. The growing up there -- young family arrived then now miles East -- and she's twenty and my youngest was one and I carry her into Baton Rouge and she's eleven so off. Anyways. Came -- you. This is our our fourth straight ten victory season. We returns sixteen starters six on offense and one defense three -- special teams. Were a and eighteen -- truly -- -- proof that opportunity to win championships. If you look at the three games we lost that turnovers played a very significant role. Say annual battle and certainly we we have. In my opinion. The style team that can win championships -- time. The necessity to do some of those things that are here and -- out. Can make a difference. But the program is graduate and our guys should you need 70%. Were. Gonna put on sixteen -- juniors and NFL in the last two years we play. What was nineteen. True freshman in the last two years. And -- 95 victories sixty drafted. Which is second only to one other team in non not in our conference. And thirteen first round -- So horrible but for many Chiefs were wrong. Recruited. -- the second nationally ranked. Team in the last year. We're a fifteen wolf expect some of these freshmen to come and play Poland and sworn that marker or -- kind of freed yeah CJ Garrett. And Brandon Parrish that is to name four freshmen that we would expect. To have great impact on our season and it. A 102000. Tiger Stadium. We if you if you thought we were -- before them. We we just got louder in. I how fortunate it is for us to play is such a great venue. Offensively. We're a quarterback will be if -- Jennings for a while Brandon Harris. And it'll be a very competitive. Event from the start to the finish. Cam Cameron the the guy who's you know made a career mentoring quarterbacks in this our offensive coordinator will be. Do exactly the right things and those guys and you'll see. How well they freshman can execute it quarterback they have veteran offensive line certainly give those guys some time. While Collins and and -- Hoskins. My opinion to be to the finest tackles in our league. Will loan will be veteran at the guards and to send her. We. Then these should give the opportunity for the offense to continue down the field. The that we have two. -- all the tight ends. And and really quality the list there of cash but. We have a out. Don't Gordon. Any who's come into his junior years in a six foot 4285. Pounder that can run and catch him as well as block. Can. You will will be able to put it very very competitive group out there at that spot that running back. I will have to veterans who have -- Terrence McGee and then Kenny Hilliard. And we'll have two freshmen. -- torn as to who's number one. Tailback in the country. Ranked and -- Williams who's a very very talented. Young freshmen so. Will be talented there at fullback kind of neighbors comes back with thing you know a lot of experience the very talented guy. In a wide receiver of the the two veterans. Trading Terrero who. Had a very very strong spring -- made the great catch against Arkansas in the in the game to win it. And this really isn't developing very nicely. And in those those young freshman -- tried to preach frequent PG chart. Tony a church. Those casual. They have all been looked at by our players she made -- a constant rumble in. Our building about the abilities that they have to go get a ball and -- participate. -- Quinn is. Continues to be reviewed by our players -- coaches have seen them. I'm -- guys just really experienced it and understands it great ball skills and so were really excited to be. Defense will be led by John Jamison -- six years and he's the best in the business he's a guy that. Is this a rule advantages and in this team understands the ability and in the the ways to get the best out of our players. In the defense of line I think. Everybody want to producers will have to know where we play our defense of men's between -- I think at the Neil -- and that's -- Roscoe can. Mean arguably being dished to the finest teams events in the country role will play. I mean anything group of young defensive tackles all of which are anywhere from 642. 310 pounds when they're all willing to give you a he -- very very. Strong presence inside and so I think our defense flying will be great I think our. Linebackers will have speed. -- -- -- Mike -- and just continues to play better and better and worry Kwon Alexander may be the most active. He he'll run under 45. Lamar Lewis another tailback in high school runs under 45. And the end Charles may be the fastest linebacker that we have and so. We're going to have speed and ability there and though none of those transition players you know he's changed formation a linebacker of course challenged. And that will be a they agreed groomed for us in the secondary. To -- and his wife Shauna Robinson. We turn a corner. Safety should when we come off an entry with -- Thompson. -- Martin continues to improve had a great summer lost weight. -- ejection in two freshmen that I want mentioned safety Jamaal Evans and John -- I think both of those guys. We'll come in and playing very significant roles for -- there. The special teams. Credited a peep toe coordinated national championship here returns. We were thirteen to fourteen with Kobe tell who say. In field goal kicker he returns. Our kick off guy we lose but. -- the main thing very quality. Our team. Has a big way it got Cameron gamble comes in and how file so. He'll be great competition there we figured the opportunity to kick it out or play. A nation. Tall ball and grounder with speed and hit it is will be available to us. The -- teaming Keane returned this big strong legs certainly won't have finished. Most consistent year knows more about him returners. We will have the style returners will you be comfortable with Jamar Adams should be this way. To name just a few terms mean he won't return on kickoffs. In conclusion our our kids have had a great summer. Our players our team. And it paid tremendous price. There's a you know with the opportunity you have quality to the nation. Hard work in -- 21 step at a time. We have advantages the who should fit you know what I would be willing to bet that that. Not many picked Auburn a year ago and so that it wouldn't generally seems to me to be. Our position is don't bother us. We don't care. And we just won a war when we get better and won't improve -- play one game at a time one point that the next opponent. And now we understand that that doesn't mean we're. In the immediate talking and if we continue to do things we'd done in the past will our way. And I like us and I like -- in every game. Ellis -- coast less miles -- SEC media days in case your counting keeping track which I was. Quality capable in terms of how many times he used quality over cable I got to count -- eight. Qualities zero cables. And then eleven and a half minutes of his opening statement there from LSU coach less miles coming up after the news headlines. -- take your phone calls at 260187. At all 3866 inning 9087 in. Who should be the starting quarterback for the LSU Tigers Brendan Harris Anthony Jennings also. We'll break -- -- -- contract year by year right here on sports talk news headlines with Jim Enzo. Yeah -- format is is doing exactly we should be one of these you know in the weight room running and being in great shape. He's pursuing the classroom she had good grades. Leash he's quiet and should not assuming. He's humble in this approach. And I think it's exactly where he needs to be not -- -- -- you know he expects himself. You know to be something very special and I think that thank you for Michael Jordan Michael Jordan could not have been coached to be like Jordan Michael Jordan. Accepted the role of it expecting him to be better than. -- and I think that that he has a a quiet confidence there that that will be full benefit him and I think we will always have an opportunity to play. At that spot the running backs. That refresh. High expectations for incoming freshman running back Leonard four and at less miles an SEC media days go more to come. From last miles. To six -- 187 till 386689087. The Saints as well gearing up for training camp. The report one week from today. And hit the field Friday. The 25 for the first training camp practice to get there at Greenbrier. Have team meetings physicals and conditioning test and then practice on Friday but. So to -- grip did Jimmy Graham deals came in the place yesterday and what about six hours before the deadline. 8 AM will -- six or seven hours but any and it came down to and he treated these bleeding black and gold senator. And he's started to wander in and the number started coming in. Four years forty million dollar 21 million dollars guaranteed. And he mealy said what's the captain. -- mean dollar cap hit this year will get into the details of the contract here momentarily but. It is started to make me think they would in this Jimmy -- deal. One point seven million dollars under the salary cap. They ended up shaving off about three million dollar. -- dollars so there about four and a half million dollars under under the salary cap right now. And it may issue really I think appreciate. The job they fumes -- -- Carly have done win they've been so tied up against the salary cap. The last couple seasons. And yet they've managed to bring in some big time players and sign. Their own guys. And now road apiece at WW elect Obama and our whole division real icon. Mickey Loomis for MVP most valuable player and you price in all he's not a player can't. Can necessarily be considered for that -- right. In Mickey Loomis. Is -- a player in the traditional sense right I mean he doesn't block. And tackle and catch. And throw touchdowns and like that what he does do. Negotiate contracts -- like players that blocked tackle scored touchdowns for the team. In me he enjoys his role as the team's GM he stays out of the spotlight. He didn't seek a lot of credit. That he is probably deserving of but he can make the argument and lewis'. I think. The most vital player any organization. May I get Sean Payton's head coach and without him. A Saints would not be the force -- they are. And it's so be out of the relationship between. Sean Payton and -- it works it's it's a perfect marriage. But. I've got a shot and I think where they would be without Mickey Loomis. Mean and one time cab guy. Under. Randy Mueller. Has turn moving money into an art form. How many times over the last I don't know 23 years. Have you cities so how to get it. Pay this guy had a union is down -- -- for example I set and a bunch. That if you just take a quick glance. At the work -- is done and just a short span. Couple seasons ago signed Drew Brees to a long term contract check and that done. Free agents being Grubbs Q Lewis terrorist bird. Altering those players Red -- two out of three at least have had a pretty big impacts. Since joining the black eagle Q Lewis a really solid -- behind Richard Sherman really pass breakups. Last season in the entire NFL. Lock up Jimmy Graham to a Smart but -- fair deal checked a dead on. And of course locking up shopping to a long term deal. Coming off his suspension. -- Mickey Loomis. I know that you know maybe he doesn't seem to credit doesn't want the limelight. But I'm telling -- he's one of the best he is the best money managers. Saying in the entire league. And now. Kind of -- Different way I need to make an argument that he's the MVP. He's a player of a different system the cash system but he's really good at it it it Tiant and Slidell howry Tiant. There yeah hey Alan I don't -- the -- is -- for a -- You're looking at the -- during. Ankle have been in a row and he. -- great. While we got to make sure -- birds back is healthy he had surgery in the offseason and Sean Payton says that to be back in time. For training camp and yes I do if -- -- is healthy I think they do force more turnovers because Harrisburg. Either you have a knack for you don't we saw that a few years ago right with with Darren Sharper knee a guy and it just had a knack for forcing turnovers and you gotta get to the football. -- -- -- -- Is a similar player he just has. For whatever reason just has that ability. Maybe -- you know just instincts. Better instincts and then Malcolm Jenkins and Roman Harper better coverage skills that I think it's your question on. Who's going to be a starting corner cornerback opposite the -- -- a battle and I'm intrigued to see shake out is it going to be Corey white is it going to be Staley Jean Baptiste Champ Bailey -- give. The early edge to right now but. You gotta wonder. How how he's gonna hold up I mean that's a fair. Think to question. -- -- in only fifteen years but I think Staley Jean Baptiste before it's all said and done is gonna have a bigger role in the secondary. That maybe he does when this when the Saints initially opened training camp and into the pre season. I'm but I I if I had if you force me to make a decision right now just venturing a guess I'll have to see Champ Bailey. I predict that -- minicamp and right now my operate fridge and I'm just so that I think we just thought the rocket from the Brett managing peak. Yeah well I mean. Became -- that it Pat Robertson and court right. What's funny is Patrick Robinson didn't think about a my mouth makes goes to show you -- if a former first round draft pick has fallen down the depth chart that far. Right its interest in. But I don't know I think you go the experience in Champ Bailey and he kind of just. That the Saints MO has typically been to bring rookies along slowly. Don't just throw them typically they don't just throw him into the starting role even. The Toronto Armstead last year that that was about as close as you get to throwing some body to the wolves. Are -- -- their original plan let him was. This year you know they they wanted to but did to have him start this year have Charles Brown get through. Last year in it and move on at that point but torque -- -- that was gonna force I think you might see. I'm not necessarily through bad play but maybe because of injuries you'll see roles for different guys Staley Jean Baptiste goal will have one. They they really liked them obviously take them in the second round of Nebraska. OK I recruit that but I want that thank you. Depleted down. -- -- thanks for parliament. Music so. When he seventy till 38668908710. In Springfield. Sit and argue phone calls and also Jimmy Graham contract breakdown coming up next -- sports talk on -- -- to -- LA -- -- -- Ted and Springfield. Be patient and Emma get tip promised that Scott on Twitter and it's made my day -- mix favored -- between the mine earlier from earlier today. And that says. I I -- earlier today listening to keep the flight so this morning a double coverage. He was. Klein by himself no one man show. On three WL. And you rob had a nice little funny joke. I'll give credit was good he said I wasn't there this morning that a sex change operation. But. In -- -- that and I treated and I enjoyed it was funny it was entertaining but. Hash tag payback is hell I got a bigger states today on WWL -- and for Deke Bellavia the sports talk on WL anathema dot com but Sammy might baking mix the dream 99. Wait about a monster player he's gonna have would be the year. Can't wait see teammates this year I get to a text message here. An 878785552. Says OK now we had Jimmy Graham signed now Saints have two years to show -- what they can do before the chickens come home to roost and we get real cap trouble not necessarily. Not necessarily. TV contracts network TV contractor expected to. Come into effect come and play next year's salary caps expected to balloon it's. Gonna rise dramatically. However you do that's a pretty big salary cap hits next year. Drew Brees accounted for 23 million dollars salary cap room. Yet Gerris Byrd. Who counts for three million dollars it's can't make -- counts for ten. Ten plus Jahri Evans eleven -- veteran in the neighborhood of nine. So. It's gonna the -- kept going to inflate. But so the salaries and at the same time I still think that the seem to have. Chances and find ways to make it work they live very much in the now. And I think it's a solid strategies proven to work for. An -- by the -- two years from now they were about it this year and and after the season no worry about it next offseason for this year. It's been -- pretty solid strategy for. 260187. Neitzel 3866 inning nine -- 087810. I guess I'll get to your phone a lot promise against a boy from a allison's tell me I gotta I gotta get out here for second. You lead off slowly come back about performance I welcome back Ted in Springfield you're on WW a quick those other. -- Greg Moore and everybody can get up there I think into Arlington that simply going to be the first player. You're cut in and out the cut in and out here I apologize tidbit of what I'm getting. From which are trying to say there's a Kenny Macau's another. One factor into the mix -- no doubt -- to the CLE play him now more as a full time safety and don't forget his versatility to go down -- play in the slot at times in. And his injury is his rookie season was cut short by an injury. Last year with. He gives Rob Ryan and that's secondary. A lot of versatility because he can play a little a little cornerback he would get give physical in the running game. He might see a blitz a little bit more this year and over Iraq feel bush. They like their three safety combo. -- bush they matched his offer sheet as a restricted free agent from the Atlanta Falcons as a reason why -- -- Raphael Busch David Carroll. In the makes it -- -- I think you'll see. -- mean we we we've seen Rob Ryan give very creative. We saw last year. Maybe this defense doesn't necessarily. Make -- big leap from four to one. And overall defense. They they fall back 101112 and any room but they force more turnovers. Q Drew Brees 101215. More possessions this season that they give him. You know an extra ten or twelve more turnovers. You like your chances in terms of Drew Brees trying to cash those in. Two points to 60187 Neitzel 3866889087. And nobody involved. More on Mickey Loomis for MVP in my opinion. Next hour it's the 1000 dollar summer splash cash contest the code word this hour broke PR OKE. Text the code word to broke 272881. That's seven to 81. We -- chance when 1000 dollars nationwide without ever putting down your phone your chance at an easy 1000 dollar. Summer splash cash just one -- the way. Was for the next two were before the top and our news at noon tomorrow are -- me tomorrow morning at 7 AM we never charge for text. But individual plans and data rates may apply to look Smart radio intercom. And WWL sports talk rolls on next hour.