WWL>Topics>>7-16-14 2:10pm Angela: on security in the French Quarter

7-16-14 2:10pm Angela: on security in the French Quarter

Jul 16, 2014|

Angela talks with local security company owner Chad Perez about how best to fund more security in the French Quarter.

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One -- doctor Jeffrey Rouse once again for spending part of this fortieth birthday with this are new corner. Lots of enthusiasm. It's gonna make a big difference working very hard already and -- it he's very open and I think that's important and he'll spend time with us again. As as he gets into his new facility and makes the changes that all of the -- needed to be changed. So happy birthday again. We're doing a little bit of the metal -- but not much because were were talking gonna talk about crime about how we fight crime. How we perhaps limit the number of people who need autopsy -- We are concerned about what's happening with the you know PG that the great shortage of officers. The slowness in hiring more the morale issues that keeps surfacing. It is very complex. With no easy answers. But there are those who are offering suggestions on what can be done to help these issues. And more importantly. Create a better sense of security for the whole community. Joining us today is Chad grants. A former NO PD officer who served in swat narcotics and gang investigation. Assignments for fourteen years. He was named officer of the year twice. Well today he is president and CEO of pinnacle security and investigations. A company made up of former law enforcement officers. Andy has some very strong thoughts on what can be done to get us through this crisis I do appreciate you you coming in to talk to us. Chad had called -- well we did a story recently. Show on. The French Quarter looking to build a security district and you were one of the callers and then sent me this great email at that you know what we've got to pick this -- -- 114. Years on the and a PD in a variety of situations and obviously awarded in many honors. And now you were out of -- -- impede -- forming your own company correct so let's go back to the days of the end of PD. What are you seeing. As a -- scene today. That maybe didn't exist that kept you there for fourteen years. Well locked into -- -- fourteen Q -- you career. Morale never been as low as it is right now. I came on as a bright eyed young 21 year old in the mid ninety's. As did many of the people on right now. There was a big push of the recruitment push at the time. And when we -- on the police department. We know that the administration. Possible bounce in our commanders. For lack of better term held back from we went out to the police were gonna street. Now times have changed with talking going on almost two decades ago now. Police work isn't what it used to be. You always had to walk a pretty thin line. Durham police work when you -- street. In that line's gotten thinner and thinner as he has come and gone by -- how you approach. In some aspects yes yet and are -- -- suspects. What you can and can't do. Has police -- always know what you can and can't do however people that do my name Monday Morning Quarterback you after the fact. May have a different opinion of a decision that you made. In split second. They may take weeks months years. Reviewing that decision when you had to make it split second. Well. In years pass you had a pretty good. Backing within your immediate supervisor. And the administration. Basically the community as a whole. Now it's not really there anymore. In part because there have been some examples of analysts say abuse went overzealous -- on the part of some is that is that. Real to all that plays a part into it from every organization whether it's a police department whether it's IBM. Whether it's ago disposal company. They have bad apples give people a break the rules. The problem with being a police -- is if you break a rule. Eaten in jail as opposed to just being fired. You know I'm. Not to get into and the particulars -- any one case or -- thing. Because they're all different harmonize their opinions of what happened in each one of those cases. But it did shed. Bad light in general on his apartment as a whole and the problem is people made up a blanket. Came to -- opinion of the entire department. Which was unfair which is completely unfair now there's an excellent people who work in that department and I think the concern is is we're gonna lose those. And and that is a concern and we're down to 11100 when he 500. Police officers. And you don't Wear into you know it's not that they're not trying they are try. Are they are trying the problem is you your face and budgetary issues. Are you facing. A consent decree that is is. Making that in mind that I spoke about even thinner. Offices. Look at. It let's say this if if you're an officer in -- on the street. And you do your eight dollars and 35 minutes in your assignment. And you do nothing. But answer a radio. In response to citizens' complaints and you go home. And you don't go out UN go the extra mile. To put yourself on the line to put your life online. You get the same paycheck as a person -- does that. Well would you do -- and by doing that is due for a possible citizen complaints. Which could affect your livelihood when it comes to details promotions. You avoid. Scrutiny of of an investigation possibly and losing your job. So I think a lot offices looking now saying well. What sense does -- make to do that I get the same paycheck as a guy that does that and I can keep my job I had the security. And I don't make any ways -- like about it there. And so that diminishes to hold apartment it does and the profession it does it doesn't and this is not something that's unique to new Rawlins. I believe it's it's happening nationwide. Police departments around the country are getting increased scrutiny from the federal government. Which is making these these lines a lot thinner for the on the walk. The point where they're being handcuffed. What would you do if you were chief to say. I'm gonna make it better and know the morale is bad I'm gonna make it that. Well on our. Can't really speak for up for it the superintendent. I don't know how much legally -- at this point to do anything. I don't know how much his hands are tied because of consent decree. But. One thing he could do is rally his offices together. In any organization you look for a return on investment. Your biggest asset in any organization include the police department are you people that's your offices. You invest everything you can into those offices. When a frivolous complaint comes up you know -- an officer for three months -- His detail. Ability it was built to work deep down supplement his income. Think people wanted to ask where he's not ministries serving public. And then -- clear in three months later and put him back to work. And that that's not what you did change in minor things like that would go a long way. To help them out with an apartment why does it take three months. Well. And biased by state law but please also dollar rights yet sixty days to complete an investigation. Now that's if it's department policy has not criminal. If it's a criminal allegation. Are. Let's say it doesn't have to be a karma allegation of did you suspect -- it's one. Then making keep that open as long as they want to. It takes a year to investigate it and if you clear regulator. You go back to work but that's a year that you Saturn -- lines that you couldn't make the extra income you lose out and over time you don't get promoted. And the citizens ultimately lose the police also worked in the streets. You bring up some. Very very interesting points were going to take a break we're gonna come back we're gonna continue our top with -- -- about. Some thought he has now that he has out of the NO PD and has his own company. About how may be working together can help us get to this crisis stay with this financial under the W well. With Chad Perez who Juan was up and a PD officer for fourteen years now owns his own security company pinnacle security. Talking about really his insights into. What. Kind of what needs to be done. Let -- talk a little bit about about the morale issue yes but it all every time I talked him. Both. Panel and -- -- police and others it goes back to. That office a secondary employment that was set up so that to the detail thing which have been highly criticized. Would be run by the says. And yet it is just falling apart. Understand they also -- -- actually pull on green so it's it's not working if they can't go to the judge and say let's rework office. Your thoughts. Well. The also police the second our employment was treated as a result consent decree her. However the consent decree does not mandate that that office be on the way it's in being run -- run a City Hall -- is simply doesn't he just says an independent entity outside in -- PD. Pass to coordinate the details. -- cannot coordinate detail themselves. I think at this point. Every also has come to the conclusion that the old way of the detail system. Although everybody has their opinions that it. It worked fine and those days there are long gone and it's not gonna go back to that. So would. They need to do at this point is come up with a solution with the doing now isn't working. The businesses are happy the offices have a bad taste in them growth for the office second -- employment. And that is simply not signing up for the so at this point I think they should bring all stakeholders. To the table. And say let's sit down. And come up with some that will work. I know the police associations have been talking with everybody involved to try to get that. No they're making some progress I don't know how much progress there mating making. Believe they're getting some kickback a push back from the city. How -- the city I'd say let's hear what you have to say. You look to other other departments. Nashville police department for example Nashville has a great policy. That would satisfy the consent decree that takes the control of details outside the hands of individual offices. -- national set up is you can get it Ito also freeways. A business can contract. Themselves directly what the officer. They would have to get a state license content security board to do that. And in doing that they would take on all liability. And it would not be able have a a patrol vehicle for their. Detail they could have police awesome enough -- The third the second -- they can do it is making contract with the private security firms such as myself. That -- as a management agent. As a staff and -- -- What people a roster police offices. I would. Enter into contracts with businesses and and supply the businesses with the police officers. And would be able negotiate rates on behalf of the police offices. The third way that Nashville does it is. You can contract directly with those secondary upon an office with Nashville police department. In doing that you do pay a premium rate. And the only way you can get a patrol vehicle for detail would be to contract directly with the second employment office. So that the department -- -- any funds that may be necessary for expenses on vehicle's maintenance things like that. What that does as does a few things that satisfies a consent decree because you have an entity outside department. -- on the details. You could also set it up to where. -- the city's gonna charge iffy let's say a dollar an hour. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the city would make a face off the equipment used in the details. The officers would be satisfied because they're not restricted to. The policies of second unemployment office which from one stand a pretty stringent. Have you suggested this. I have not met with any officials on -- that this policy. -- still on the job. As a plea of the detective -- -- appeal for on the job. The the the culture within the police department. Is that someone in my and my position doesn't have much of a voice within the department. Any any suggestions made would be just pushed off decide. If you could even get him hurt at all. Since then. I have spoken with. Businesses. Who believe it's great idea. But I haven't spoken with any. But they'll stakeholders for the city and -- that. It just -- I think we're in a crisis I think everybody agrees with that it's gonna take a long time to get 500. Officers. And and they're hustling down and they're doing everything they can now it's just. It is they announced yesterday gonna go to the cities try to find some there definitely encouraging military which should have been a long time ago. Makes so much sense but. If one of the things that keeps people from joining. Is you don't make enough money so you have to do the details and now the details are so cumbersome and not to your benefit. How were we gonna get people. Well number one week at people as you pay him what they should be paid. Looked at the story yesterday where -- in new recruitment drive a face to the recruitment -- -- and an up market and other cities like Houston. I will host Houston makes a belief somewhere around 30% more than in the PD officers. Are you can convince money to leave Houston come work in New Orleans for less pay. Given the consent decree there under the morale issues back and happened. He can come up and all the software is in the marketing drives. And and promotional items you want. If you wanna get people here. Are yet to do is come out with one campaign and that says. In a PD officers now get a thirty to 40%. Increase in pay. The floodgates open when applicants. And I can guarantee you have a influx of offices that have left -- looking to come back. And would that would do also is can retain that the current office that you have to keep that experience on the job. Well that's a huge thing keeping the ones we have. But the reality of what our finances. Are if he is what stops. -- Absolutely I mean -- everybody knows the budget issues at the deputies on their of the city as a whole. There was a budget. This year for hiring 150 police officers believe I think there heightened trying to five point seven at this point. No additional funding has to be somewhere. And I believe that this attacks coming up for a vote pretty soon. It's a vote has to go before the entire state to allow us to vote for correct. And it will be it will be in a village on current and only increase for our police and fire and you know I think. Given that citizens knew if that money was gonna go to a rates for the police department. You're gonna get increase manpower and communicating pre services. You have a lot better chance at getting that past. We had to consent to read it needs to be funded. But if you said that openly and honestly that part of that that funding that comes in with that Milledge is gonna go to races for the new balls -- department. Well I think people would rather be -- We've talked before about. It's backwards we don't pay police enough. Which means I have to do details to make -- decently living correct -- if we had just made up our mind you know what let's pay him right in the we don't have this issue. And not not the people at work overtime in what works overtime but. It isn't this all consuming sixty hour of 65 hour 75 hour week. Where you have no life or a family life absolutely. Look at it as the profession that it news. Correct the no officer wants to do an eight hour shift go home change uniform and and go back to work for now they outs away from its -- If they were paid. A reasonable and well deserved salary when they didn't have to do that. Yet among must adopt more productive office on the street and you get happy prophesied in the street which goes a long way. And the offices vets have more time -- with the family. And then if they wanna work details here and had to make a little extra money to supplement their income they could do it. But. Not paying them what they deserve and what they need it forces in the work like you said the sixty hour weeks. And they're tired yeah everyone and I have to break for news but stay with us we're gonna continue our talk with Chad -- I appreciate the collars stay on with this. And don't hesitate to call this is a conversation. 260187. We are talking with such -- Perez a former and a PD officer. Now has his own up. Own company pinnacle. On security -- twit or go to our callers -- you've been holding on and I appreciate it. -- fascinated. Here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I don't want to say. If we're budgeted for 15100 office years. Ago. It would -- -- me yet achieved broad depth but there. -- -- the money there are. The 400. Being. Will were were budgeted for another 150. That they were hoping to -- this year and so far it's as you said 2728. And then there I just read yesterday were there. They're getting close to another. Another class they have to do all these battleground investigation. Well let me ask her what 15100 member just say number no it's -- the -- But we're not budgeted for. Now they're their budgeted for the other 150. Throwing out that fifteen -- be there and make it sound like if we -- fifteen -- are you we regret that minister. Well we can't even people with. And dollars to an early for each yeah. Thank you very very much Jeff I appreciate your holding on for so long so let's go -- in New Orleans. And I got a spot they have gotten bit ignorant question. Why oh why do have to deal with his consent decree where where. What may happen and why we have -- building is at which airport remained. Take arm I mean that is notably of all money we don't. To work out. Now we get in trouble and so the feds came in ending. They did a whole investigation of the whole department said this is what you have to do and it's -- you know that it cost you 55 million dollars or whatever it is isn't our problem. Do you have to do this event happened yes we have to do. -- I can tell you that part of the reason the consent decree is here. Is it because the federal government came and put down fist down and said we're taking over they were actually invited. Here by the city right they were inviting and give a comp lost to. Do what they wanted with in the police department. And with that. They probably overstepped their grounds and I'm sure they've worn out their welcome with. The department and probably the citizens because the constraints they put on the. Yeah. That's probably true to. Believe me I know the only sitting there with a consent to cowboy. It may actually down the media site. Maybe we need a little well now -- -- -- -- I don't know maybe it credible that Mullah Omar I would outlet and. You're adult thank you for calling thank you very much -- let's go to home. Yes you had a question for chant. Yeah apparently -- I Darman. You. Out there and tested -- you know it is great you can do these at least are religious start strong business. How how -- it does this. What do you mean by how largely asking how are always. Yeah anybody. Right now I have to between fifteen and twenty employs. Our Camara rhetoric cool you know are -- -- Why -- you know OJ. Befitting the hell and archer we don't know there. Our Carol good didn't or JR and then ways. Why can't be a company like you -- and other reliable you know. Our -- very curious to get together who would this city and be calm. You know right you know. Well now police are also very narrow. But helping you're in your rest and a good question -- you really are and I think that Chad probably has some thoughts on the idea -- Well I'm actually trying to do what you're saying right now. What will work best in this city is. A partnership between public and private entities. Geared towards public safety. My company employees strictly former police offices I don't employee any security guards that. It's basically took six hour course -- an eight hour course and became a security officer. Not that they're not needed not that that's not a viable industry is. When I left the job I just saw a need. For the security firm that took advantage of the hundreds of years of experience with retired police officers and sitting in Saigon. And I'm not talking about it only. Old -- police also every tie thirtieth. You know. I came on the job and -- when he won. And I'd done my full tenure. I would have been fifty years old retiring young young knows -- to -- there are guys are retiring with twenty years four years old. Very capable working have twenty years of experience on public service in law enforcement. You know how to deal with the public they know how to solve issues and they lead -- job and go into other industries the sales and marketing whoever it May Day. So I saw a need for that brown -- issues that in -- PD was facing a manpower. I saw security concerns throughout the city rising. And that's it you know let's take advantage of that experience of sitting on the sidelines. That's my business built around. I got a phone call from. And also to retire 23 years on the job. When he learned what I was doing and he called me up and says. The only thing you can do he says I would love to leave the sales job that a man. To give back to what I love doing nets serving Republican in the law enforcement capacity. -- -- Well of course. These are truly need. Retired option you hired. Okay now are you doing a thorough background -- army just make sure in. You know promises. Well there -- reports. Of course I don't background check on them then they also licensed by the state. Border promiscuity examines. Who does another background check for two Louisiana state police. Are. Officers that work in the city in the wall and actually have their. Go through a third background check with the -- PD. These -- special offices commission an ounce are through a special losses division. In the actually decommissioned by the superintendent. With deputize the rest pops. But but in theory. Could we. Companies like yours in this time of crisis were were solo on manpower. It's in some way beat them join hands and and how would work but it would be. For the the general public that wants to feel safer -- in -- They lured great you know. If copyright year's PUB com. You know the -- -- it's very well. And -- That's a good point -- that is thank you very much for your thoughts plan. That's -- that's America point. A company might like mine that doesn't ploy in the -- police officers. Could be utilized in neighborhoods. Funded by with brother it's residential homeowners associations on the business commune whoever it may be. To be an additional said he years and I it's for the and -- needed to know -- We talked with the again the French Quarter group and and I know that that you know the gentleman talking about very nice his whole thing news. The general public wants to see the blue shirts correct they want to know that it's NO PD and that gives them -- sense of security it does how do you. That that that is the challenge. Educating the public that there is another option out there. Without reducing the quality of service that you gonna get. When you take a retired police -- that's on security details that's done law enforcement. He's gonna change in uniform the uniform just looks different it's -- -- -- can't arrest that into everything but they can affect an arrest if -- witness a felony or misdemeanor crime happened in front of them. Or if -- credible witness approaches Iman tells them that individual committed a crime. Now. The definition and arrest people get analog mixed up they can detained the individual that can handcuff them. They conduct a pat down with Pete which many people call frisk for any weapons or anything. They can't conduct a search of the individual's. Pockets or anything like that and that point they would have to contact the and a PD who would come out. Paco the investigation at that point and make -- a system with an anyway I needed at that time. Okay we're gonna have to take another break but nick I want you to stay on we'll be right back financial on dubbed -- We are back talking with that Chad for is. About what's happening all the with the and a PD with our community and nick you've been holding on thank you so much. Yeah. You know. Care. Definitely with you about the probability shouldn't be careful what. I mean what should probably would train and prepare them what we or what mark. And -- that -- all old on other it's wearing the other way and we'll help you want swing that is what you like. Did a typical police chief. You can't get help football. Basically I'm I'm. Like bank -- that is there. With him because people and that through. Everything like that used to at one point -- and it was like anything they could do -- damn it that we. And like you say you hear from the higher up and everything else. If you could do well -- -- you can do law and that everybody is watching it back and watch what they do so I mean it's a good. -- -- -- Com. And yeah I think you there may have been a little mischaracterization. With which but I said. I wasn't saying that the police also were allowed to. Two. At least an abuse so on our take advantage of any citizens or an overzealous overzealous now that's not what I was saying. What I was saying was that the police officers who are allowed to do their job. And didn't have to walk a cinema line is they do now. When I mean by that is the -- sauces. Knew that if they had to make a split that second decision. That they're training we kick in. And that in their mind made the right decision. That offices. Superior offices that looked at that after. Would look at that with an -- that was not geared toward that they did something wrong. With an independent guy that was freeing clear of any any persuasion. Whether it's from the DOJ. Whether it's from the administration within department whether it's from the public that they got an honest. Fair shake for lack a better term. For any decisions that we made for a things that they did. Okay I appreciate your call very much let's go to. -- in Slidell. -- as a taxpayer. That's a chance we may. I wish. Sure -- -- so. Yeah actually heritage that he. 10. Where are you are China's Shelley which. Is why into. -- thirty years. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which you speak about the pension issues. Some that's a little bump my head I do you know you retire with thirty years and get a 100% his salary. However that he is and always has been part obvious enough to come out and put your life on the line every day. And not in -- pay well. And -- church I don't know. -- or -- urged voters are. Step toward Asia have. That that's correct and you bring up the good poignant and you know maybe that's another whole show is probably a really does but it's interesting you're saying that and yet. I concede that would that would be an incentive because you're not paid enough. All during those thirty years so at least you'll have. Salaries and their retirement benefits have always been won the big incentives. For my access. Or are charged. Well you know that brings -- -- I hope you'll calling in -- that we do a show on the pension because it's it's a good thought both. Not just here but tonight universally and what's happening with pension funds thank you very much for the call. Real quick cut Jackson in New Orleans. I do that your. Shouldn't have like your -- where they control what people who in the department. I was wonder that spores may have policy issues. Would know what exactly current number OP. Police are actually on the street and stick it in short calls -- accommodate an emergency is possibly hear people. Waiting forever for -- should servicers. And the it keeps getting worse in hand and put more people leaving a quarter net you have an insider on. Exactly of people that are actually the fortunate. You know and all I don't know the exact number I can tell you it's very low and conversations with. Friends -- job it's critically critical to thank you very much that Colin Jackson. Thank you very much Chad for your insights thank you for -- really appreciated and maybe there will be joining hands as we. We all look at this center with a look at it with all different kinds of lines yes thank you very very much stay with -- everyone we'll be right back. Thank you Chad for being our guest and stay with this we're going to be talking about what makes America great.