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7-16 5:10pm Sports Talk: SEC Media Day

Jul 16, 2014|

Kristian Garic talks to T-Bob Hebert about what LSU Coach Les Miles had to say at the SEC Media Day and LSU’s upcoming season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rock and roll and our number two of sports talk here on the WW LI MFM and WWL dot com still to come more from LSU coach -- miles an SEC media day I'm Kristian -- in four Deke Bellavia. SEC media days at -- she was up you'll hear from last miles more from him also will preview the NFC south. And get a lot of action on text line and 8787. About my column I wrote a WL dot com. Saying they need to make the argument for Mickey Loomis. As the MVP. Of the saints' organization. He's not a player in the traditional sense. But he's been able move money around. Been nothing short of Houdini -- But I attachment to says from 547 before making -- the Saints in VP for sure to me. He's been here. He's the best team in the league. I'm getting a -- a Loomis Saints Jersey. I love the job he's doing. Another one says in the hours. MVP most valuable player Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis. And you know nfl.com ranked. The top coaches power rankings -- was number two behind Bill Belichick. But what if you ranked Phantoms. General managers and coaches. Any better than -- pay them a humorous. Where were they they ranked executives. Like GMs. Mickey Loomis have to be a top story. Now -- -- his ability to procure talent for Sean Payton's squad but his ability to. Stadium make they'll make it work make the numbers work -- it's an accounting far beyond. My little brain in what I can comprehend in terms of how they move this money around. But. The way they can massage it has been any kind of -- a big part of that. -- the way he's done -- -- fumes and speaking of has been incredible. You look at this Jimmy Graham contract. When he fourteen is captain will be -- dollars. Like I said earlier the Saints had a one point seven million dollars of cap room left before the grand deal took place yesterday. They shaved off three million dollars they saved it so they got a four point seven now a cap space. His base salaries going to be one -- fully guaranteed in Tony fourteen. 2015. The captain ballooned to eleven million dollars. Base salary two point nine. It is fully guaranteed on the third day of the league year if he still on the roster which. I'm venturing a guess and I know I'm going way out there here. They can be on the roster. Come next march just gassed. And -- fifteen he's got a roster bonus also five million dollars and work out bonus on a grand. Points sixteen cap hit for Jimmy Graham goes up to twelve million his base will rise to eight point nine million dollars base salary. It's a 1000 dollar workout bonus in there as well Tony seventeen. Thirteen million dollar cap hit. Seven point nine mean elevates -- but to me dollar roster bonus a lot like in 2015. If he's on the roster. On a third calendar year third day of the calendar year are the the league -- should say. Which begins in March members it's from the start of free agencies -- to kick off of the new year of the new league year. The -- dollar roster on that third day. -- the 2017. League year two million dollar roster bonus in the more I look at his contract. It's not. The numbers are astronomical. In Jimmy Graham gets another bite the apple when he's 31. To be potentially -- top paid tight in once again. Two big time contract potentially -- for Jimmy Graham sixteen touchdowns a year ago. It's conceivable to think. He produces that many this year. Maybe they're maybe they're 1214. But how many does branding coach take away only because the potential production from a the rookie wide receiver. Who adds dimension to this offense that they lacked a year ago. But Jimmy -- still. I'm more than makes sense it was Smart on both sides. 21 million dollars guaranteed. You get -- playmaker. -- in the league player unique. What he does for the offense. And -- I know the than not we've heard it. I don't know ad nauseam since March here he'd shut down by elite corners only teams have who's a key to leaps. How -- -- those teams had that that elite safety like. Cam chancellor for Seattle. They can do that I mean that they're not littered film the league's not littered with those players. In hard pressed it to do that and occasionally. It's gonna happen. Especially when you're facing really really good defense is Seattle shut down a bunch of good offenses like -- In on a huge stage in the playoffs with the Saints offense in the suitable. With the Denver Broncos offense. It's gonna happen but now that they have. More complementary pieces around Jimmy Graham teams can't essentially focus on. To stop a number eighty. 260187. Neitzel 3866889087. In. He text me as well and 87878. Mickey Loomis for MVP. Or give a shout out to making he'd like to credit. Can't sit back and does all the grunt work and doesn't get doesn't seek the limelight but I'm now I'm here to tell say it like he's he's tremendous. Top three executive and National Football League. They'll take a mobile approach shy away from it doesn't. Seek that know those TV interviews radio interviews but don't give a shout out to Mickey. Stone and what to think his ability -- -- contracts signed. Lock up the coach. Be the general manager. Pretty outstanding job to 60187 it's all -- 86680. -- -- weights and is a sports talk on W him -- well. Kyle Love allowed the text messes again. Especially from one Steve court. Always troll in me. Your brain is very tiny reptiles like he text. It is. Hopefully -- got -- yet. Another text -- says what about. Don't forget about. The ability from a Mickey Loomis. The plug in the holes when there's injuries guys like Jeff Charleston and aren't in the 09 season. Chris McAlister when they heard that rash of injuries at cornerback Chris look at Chris McAlister comes in Mike McKenzie comes off the street has an interception in the Patriots game. As another part of his duties of these stats with -- Ryan paced. News has that short list of guys that are on the street come -- work out plug a hole. For an injury for a few weeks or you know perhaps. After the season because they lost a starter they lost they lost some depth. Through injury. Jail cell phone you're on WB well -- -- director Christian. Registered topic aired here. You know buried behind the scenes job -- without. Taught there's no doubt I'll -- would actual trade. Inning you know obviously create actual -- Drew Brees would not have that. -- Super Bowl. Nobody thought we were ever in it all. Obviously you weren't on the streets -- -- -- -- has gotten. You know -- ago as long as we get the same Gil Cleveland -- All of you know but -- You know obviously I'm glad that didn't happen now and you know where the other best GM's in the history of belief within you drinks. Figured out you know at least give out the the level where we were the laughingstock of -- -- -- even you know really catch near cap -- the first round playoff Jim war. But these guys play well for -- all the way that you global war to match just. Recovered title remains a suitable deep playoff runs. Since 2000 mean -- 2006 obviously it's an AFC title game. Missed the playoffs in 0708 suitable -- nine playoffs in 2010 playoffs. 111 divisional round loss and won eleven you've got a if you looking at the success between twelve year he counted to three count it but you can see that. They were severely handicapped without Sean Payton so I don't know -- you couldn't he just say all right with him on the sidelines. It into divisional playoffs. Two years in a row. -- -- With him on the sidelines. Highly highly successful very well run organization and very -- -- EG did you the way the older -- down there at. I hope everybody really appreciates. What you know Ricky chore especially true as well apparent for the sitting in your all for the recovery and the Oilers you know our football till that. Ellis Adrian it's got it in your organization that's for sure the blacking glory years. I. LSU coach less miles and and SEC media day. And we just wanna work when we get better and won't improve or play one game at a Time Warner pointed -- next opponent. And now we understand that it doesn't mean we're. In the immediate talking and if we continue to do things we've done in the past moral way. And now I like us and I like us in every game. You look at LSU's schedule obviously they opened up against Wisconsin. On August 30. Right in and where they going to be. Underdogs. -- game of the NB underdogs they should be favored of course they'll like us so to speak. Aziz echoes what you expect the same but Sam Houston State on sept September 6. In Baton Rouge. You'll Monroe Mississippi State four straight weeks at home they wrap up September. Against New Mexico State and get into. The heart of the SEC schedule Auburn Florida Kentucky. Ole miss Alabama on November 8 they should be favored in all those contests. Intentionally may. Be Ole -- that might be dogs there at home -- Me too often they -- another team. Going in Baton Rouge Alabama of a race Arkansas Texas seen him on Thanksgiving Day. In College Station here about that. Construction worker and Kyle field they're expanding cal field. As well. Eric -- stated stadium is in and redone and -- -- bigger is better. These stadiums are gonna all -- 10208000. Or Michigan used to be called big house -- there's over a 100000. Seats but spent every team now is going to especially in the SEC but a construction worker. Was arrested. And this is big time big time opponents though I give credit. He's arrested for. Putting in Alabama flag on top look outfield fly and Alabama Crimson Tide flags. At cal feeling College Station and the company worked with promptly fired him how he should be fired for that. I give credit the minutes. He its opponents to do that. You're in Texas -- them. You put Alabama flag up there but it doesn't surprise you does it for Alabama. It's the poisoned trees and eight. Flags and other people stadiums that's what Alabama fans do. And they called radio shows and talk about it and teller and tell world. The -- Medicare mean RB Updike ask it this gentleman's name that did it. That. Put the flag at Kyle field. And that College Station at Texas Stadium but. -- and fired four negated as a company. He don't want any kind of controversy like that -- your employees. Doing that but maybe -- suspend him for a few days he's got school spirit. Alive -- this team it's -- it's a university. And speaking of jokes and funds. To about a bear. My partner mark ghost on a double coverage. Said that I was missing today because thousand Dallas this is funny I Indian credit. I wasn't on the show today he was flying solo. Because I had to I wanted Dallas to that secretly wanted to be. A part of the Dallas Cowboys -- Dallas cowgirls. Cheerleading squad some I was having a sex change operation. The -- you know that's fine. And I'm trying to plot. Away. To get a little revenge on my coast. Getting suggestions call me a text me. 8787 me phone lines open at 260187. It's all free 866889087. Are. Ready jaguar Pena Paul line for -- WWL dot com who should be. The starting quarterback for the LSU Tigers this season. Brandon Harris Anthony Jennings. You can weigh in. -- you go to -- to to a dot com. While phones at 260187. He -- 386688908754%. Saying Brandon Harris freshman over Anthony jinx. 46%. For Jennings. 5050 might EC. A platoon kind of system. We've seen it before we -- when Jarrett Lee and and Jefferson. Jordan Jefferson -- freshman kind of rotated him in and out. I'm never been a fan of the platoon system at quarterback. That's one position we maybe can't he's actually cannot do it he just need one steady voice maybe. In the huddle or. Just need to steady leader. All the observers. That watched spring practice. Including T Bob -- -- deacon and the others feel like. Brandon Harris probably has the edge. Over Anthony Jennings. In this quarterback race. We'll see go in the -- report to camp and go through fall practice less miles. Spoke about both quarterbacks. And that competition. You'll hear more of that coming and actual also visit when Michael host. T about a bear the breakdown SEC media days and -- she was up at the podium Leonard four and that hasn't played it down. Official downpour LSU yet but he was there an SEC media days today the expectation surrounding that young man. Are stupendous right now. Freshman running back gonna come in and LSU when he arrived on campus down there and they need a big big big deal about it. Had cheerleaders doing back flips and somersaults as he arrived at. At the dorm -- the football dorm there. Very much very very celebrated running back high expectations for a winner for net as they should be watched him play high school. He's something else he was something else at saint -- 260187. It's all 386689. At 087 in to hear more from LSU coach less miles at media day and also will continue talking about. Saints general manager Mickey Loomis MVP. That player in the traditional sense but what he's been able to do for this organization. May yet to be -- especially managing in massaging his cap. Getting a deal done for Jimmy Graham. Great organizations. Are run well from the top down. Every -- football are now in in regular business. He's got strong leadership at the top. It's gonna trickle down you're gonna have success and the Saints have it. And they got a great tandem very symbiotic relationship between he and Sean Payton I love go to our CBS news update right now. You mean we can't gate T Bob Kerrey's team -- follow. He's always available. We. -- do we -- we unit we intercepted a phone conversation between T Bob and Nick Saban. What's this about. I keep up thanks all of it back and -- not go. There's a watch at LSU. And I know below the Tigers. Wanted to be a chance John. Don't championship caliper to -- I'd like join my coaching expect. This -- a dream come true afford wanna be a part of this team's been team epitomizes championships stability and character went to restart managed great. It is a great opportunity it's just what I've always want. But it worked out a match -- to the team. Role I'd roll I'd roll I'd roll I'd roll I'd roll I'd roll I'd. They have pitiful LSU tiger. It is going off joining the LSU coach I -- joining the Alabama coaching staff leaving the double covers leaving WWL. Going to Alabama. Dance craze. ZT. Bob -- -- he would. He had the decency to call me guy hey look I'm gonna join nick savings go to snap now and that's that's the ultimate sign of betrayal. He just left LSU and he goes over Alabama coaching. Under Nick Saban. It's not so we're not gonna have to you out on the show. -- no -- we got to -- about how do you explain yourself. -- -- -- -- -- Well. Yes you throw away. When you wrote. In your -- well -- Your happy. I. Oh yeah. -- prison that got -- I smoked you I told you I would get revenge. For saying that I have a sex change operation. I'm all in. All he then. Followed it via. How does it feel -- -- like how when I'm amazed -- is how smoothly. Roll tide came off your -- enemy like you say it in your sleep. Happy about balance they've at all in the -- -- -- or put together. What. You go through used like. I see like students is movies -- -- you know work. Like McCauley Culkin. Did you and it was juror. Suspicion -- at all. About not at all thought about that. But hopefully. A little bit. -- Difficult you. -- court ball. And era and try to be good workers on who questioned. -- well. I -- oh and what did not think. You -- appropriately accuracy. Down. They're so good job. I Tivo let's focus on -- as. It was great. As you could tell it to run well my my my voice is still very DC but. You know it's still pretty it's gonna take a little while I'm gonna take some some those hormone pills it's that are. You know they -- in new -- and did it work. Yeah I'm glad that you're comfortable. You I didn't mean it era beyond. Yeah mom I'm extremely happy IT about. That now look -- the skewed to SEC media dale issue at the podium today less miles. Speaking quite a bit about the -- -- four net this football team he used quality. I counted eight times in his opening statement. Well. He had his quality times via that's by my -- that could be wrong but anyway. The big debate right is who's going to be the quarterback Anthony Jennings or Brandon Harris and -- and you feel like. Brendan Harris is ultimately he's got he's got a leader in the clubhouse of the two. -- And that probably currently giving underpaid and all the quarterback matter if you were -- vote. -- really just sit there and it got so little. Of the he only got it straight game. And that to -- Last Arkansas. In the bowl game last year and outlaw -- here and batters are getting. I don't know. You know day in day out that he would played better in each set up the same thing -- Our hitters did look better as the game and that shows our potential and really. I think all loved his attitude and I. Top secret it would put me in the eyes a lot of -- high school is. Or can't talk you know that they're operating under not a -- At all double averaged three batters and go see. A study came out as a starter. I know a position group you'll be paying close attention to this year and it's one that is expected to carry the Tigers tried to steal a line. Mean that's that's gonna be -- that the strength of the team to two bookend tackles. -- Yet that we should be they're all out Collins -- -- -- -- tackles. You'll play. A lot Utley returning starter. -- order obviously to hole out handers extremely. Experienced by this point. And then you're better. Old. Optimum game experience on it that it spot. We've either -- right now or -- I got -- topic removal from bill. Most known accurately not a question mark at like that book. Tackles that often so warrior and obviously gotten the key where it is and yet. After all he's been under jet grind it out well is that you'll encourage Grimes is a -- it in -- GG GG GG so what do you. What everybody. But you know equal in your Lackey. Tebow before Iran. Are Janet another good conversation about -- that's a forty year old saint station. Mother out of the Saints squad is Christie Lewis of Hattiesburg miss it. Yeah regret curriculum it. Graduation. Yeah well this is the some monumental feat but also meant she she doesn't look forty Al to say that. You know acknowledged forty. It got our -- Asian. Doug or you know like your -- and you're spot. More importantly he didn't think about -- what. Ball more ways the good news here. Cheerleading outfit ever so it's not add. You had to deal without -- -- had to deal with some civilly had a very good look at mother growing up. -- so it wore on it the other approach where OK now on. Tebow. Pool parties. -- sleep over and I'll try -- -- up -- in there. Yeah that would mean there are holes. Whatever it takes us up in the air and I think positive. -- -- -- Blockers and what -- actually went out this morning. -- top she always got to do. It's soccer used it at the -- -- -- get it out in -- well. The body there have fun tomorrow morning man try to -- a place down. Oh wait no I forgot yet to go into coach's meetings right with -- -- even if you're going Alabama. Coach. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anthony Slidell you're on -- WWL how -- Papers to -- well look out physical coach he bobbled a look at priest fans or Tuscaloosa now. -- Yeah he's. He has bounced so let her run but yeah I don't know I just wanna have a little follow them in. How I like creating things on these audio files that we have all this technology we have a weird I mean if you just what happened was is I called. I got one of our production assistants. Involved Massa had agent call team. It tellem you have a commercial for him to to cut and he can do over the phone and is I wrote the script and she emailed it to -- She got on the cut it and it was really. About a bank and yeah I had them think and he was endorsing a bank and he set a number of different things and I didn't use probably I used maybe. Tanner twelve seconds of -- actually said in displaced and all together and animated. It sound like use have a conversation with what we want that we're. I have -- well ago operate in you know awful several double or not welfare you are out but I still think. Opening inning will be you have restored order for -- on an up and it was a routine during the statement sleeper this year all of do feel appeal that are I don't look -- -- -- do -- and were -- was part four back and umps are important addition to that. Hope it will of people come down -- not a -- for TB. That was ready to play alternate Vanilla as you all come down to a just I don't think I think people were OK but -- -- will be weaker hole. If you look at the SEC is a whole man AJ McCarron gone Johnny man's elbow on is the big -- -- Burnett there's so many experienced quarterbacks. Not not there anymore -- there no more. Sports talk on WB well. -- -- -- Yeah yeah I think -- really. A couple of questions for -- Cute little Mario and I love college you throw well -- -- okay the other quarterback -- it yet but last year young -- accurately or. -- -- -- So yeah there in any Jennings should be the starter over Brendan Harris. These big. I guess plus outside. For Anthony -- While folks that have no cover -- you practice and everything I've heard is that the Atlanta schism. He throws he throws a ball of a better than Anthony Jennings he's got a little bit more of versatility in terms of not just being able to. To be Q -- his arm but. He's ready to come in he's got tremendous athletic conference is ready to come in and start right away you've seen we've seen freshman quarterbacks. It's it's different than years past were. Freshman quarterbacks can now come in and start right away and have an impact right away ala Jim as Winston this is sports talk on WWL IMF and --