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7-16 5:10pm Sports Talk: SEC Media Day & NFC South

Jul 16, 2014|

Kristian Garic talks WWL-TV Sports Reporter Juan Kincaid about what LSU Coach Les Miles had to say at the SEC Media Day and LSU’s upcoming season and to the Voice of the Carolina Panthers about the NFC South.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our number three of sports blog here on WW LI MF have a guy come get a number of text messages. On the the team Bob rule incident from last hour. Of course SEC media day welcome in to sports talk WB well I anathema dot com crushing -- in -- Deke Bellavia. One week from today will be I'll be up in Greenbrier. -- pretty white -- hills I think it is West Virginia the start of Saints training camp but less miles peppered with questions today about his football team. And SEC media days world -- -- many Chiefs were wrong. Recruited. He's the second nationally ranked. Team in the last year. We're a fifteen wolf expect some of these freshmen to come and play Poland and sworn that marker or -- kind of -- yeah CJ Garrett. And Brandon Parrish lose to name four freshmen that we would expect. To have great impact on our season and it. A 102000. Tiger Stadium and then if you if you thought we were loud before we yeah we just got louder. Nineteen true freshman starting for the Tigers over the last three years. Here's more from miles quarterback. Will be if -- Jennings for a while Brandon Harris. And it'll be being very competitive. Event from the start to the finish. Cam Cameron the a guy who's you know made a career mentoring quarterbacks and these are offensive coordinator will be doing exactly the right things of those guys and -- yeah. How well -- freshman can execute it quarterback. That is are ready jaguar Pena Paula W -- dot com he heard there how well freshman -- excuse quarterback -- be Brandon Harris or should it be Brandon Harris or Anthony jinx. Who should the starting quarterback be for the ocean Tigers this season. That's are pretty jaguar people on line for -- -- to be well. Dot com right now fifty -- the brain and Harris and -- -- and cast your vote. -- to be that you -- like Elmore called me at 260187. Neitzel 3866889087. In. Tone of this -- wall also preview the NFC south as. Teams start reporting to training camp next week the rookies. Throughout the -- falcon teams can have their rookies report on Sunday so -- football is right around the corner but two weeks. Will have a pre season football and which is the pre season. But -- like this one this offseason has been. Little bit longer. Then -- most but 260187 Neitzel 3866 inning nine is nearly seven years more from LSU coach less miles that SEC media days -- -- why. Receiver over the years the two veterans. Trading -- who. And they've been very strong spring and made the out great catch against Arkansas on the in the game to win it. And this really developing very nicely. And in those those young freshman Mauer tried to preach frequent PG chart. Tony -- church. Those casual. They have all been looked at by our players she -- -- -- constant rumble in. Our building about the abilities that they have to go get a ball and -- participate. -- Quinn is continues to be reviewed by our players our coaches hadn't seen them. I'm missing guys just really experienced and understand -- great ball skills and so were really excited. More from LSU coach less miles coming up throughout the next hour and 45 minutes here on sports talk also get a lot of text messages about. -- -- -- Going to Alabama and we'll see we intercepted. Conversation. That T Bob Hebert had with the Knicks even on the phone take a listen. I keep up thanks parliament backed out of the -- Konerko. There's a watched at LSU. And I know he -- the Tigers don't wanna be a good chance John. You championship caliper to -- I don't like -- my coaching expect. This is a dream come true afford wanna be a part this team's been team epitomizes championships stability and character. Went to restart managed great. It is a great opportunity it's just do what I've always want. But it worked out attached to the team. Role I'd roll I'd roll I'd roll I'd roll I'd roll I'd roll I'd. How easily MEL amazing how easy it comes off the tone for the bodies to dream come true to go to Alabama and join the coaching staff leaving a cushy. Radio gig to go coach and in ultimate betrayal Levy relish these that these are by -- angle -- would throw but he's not. To get -- up for saying that. That's sex change operation as well as an on double coverages -- and -- this sport's all star break you down the NFC south -- next. I look back sports talk Christian. -- in four Deke Bellavia. Go to our FaceBook page WWL radio. Check out the the latest on T Bob joining Alabama coaching staff. Screen audio that we leaked. Great video as well. Like it Chara. Are you there -- great will captions. So like it's on FaceBook also go to W do elect -- Video is up there as well in our video player. And get the latest from -- as he looks at the SEC Kentucky in Mississippi State. The latest on Jimmy Graham. Breakdowns. Bobby Bears reaction to Jimmie ram's contract. And Graham all wrapped up what's next for the Saints in the salary cap. All line -- and WWL dot com. The unofficial start of the college football season pretty much. In Hoover Alabama at the SEC media days and today was L issues turn and their bite at the apple wanting -- From WB well television joining us now he's out there in Hoover and what's the scene like what was it like today it's always interesting one win less miles steps at a podium. You know like Christian like -- -- become the rock star yet to see people talk about Nick Saban and the ol' ball coach Steve Berry -- baseball helping Corey in the day. Left -- would be the most popular football coach in this up or not in America. Because -- were on display at noon and and it is the media -- -- at all opening very popular person today. He gets the on the cutesy you could hear it in the questions. Mean I don't know what he's gonna -- Yeah I counted one in the opening. Statement and it was about eleven minutes were previews this football team every coach goes up there and and and you know as a opening statement to talk about their team but he used the word quality. Eight times. -- -- That's right ultimately keep the conclusion that this. I'm bigger now and then take it -- figure out which you know that. Forty's now albeit feet eighteen plays come Corey Brewer. It up and a picture about -- program and people can -- a better -- -- smile and talked about it and you know 95 victory over the last. But would only freshmen and last couple years with sixteen season in that one year. You know -- gradually equal one in the program you talked about this year now. -- -- Coming in and contribute right away for them country -- there -- Brendan -- or. He is putting the right -- program definitely excited about the colonial it was not -- Won the overriding theme. Narrative the questions was when they were really geared toward the obvious one which is the ballot quarterback between an agent yeah Brandon Harrison and Leonard won at which will gates and but who do you think is going to end up being the guy or could they could we see I'm now kind of read between the lines were. You could see both these guys packages for both them. I don't think Brendan Harris spark early on what they -- economy that -- not -- that we -- that -- can -- It just a better all girl -- quarterback but you know it is -- have experience -- Our -- -- mean to the young player who could run all that legal and when you start that he -- for some odd games you wanna get some rhythm and football team confident -- -- -- -- -- -- culprit behind about it in the being taught in the spring game. Brendan Harris the -- pound quarterback and he made a fine fine fourth in the defeat and but I could keep both of those guys playing well on the court similar quarterbacks like mirror images of each of the ball on the ball -- got to a ball. But I think you know who can be a little more -- -- -- delicately that also on Duke system. It -- and Belichick mental problem throughout the team Alabama Georgia. There are people that are starting first car burst or a quarterback there in the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- immediately -- Question for the quarterback position. Look at the young guys grow up quickly completed the course. And you look around the SEC no woman -- award Johnny amends now there are no more AJ McCarron so he you don't have to face that gauntlet of of really superstar quarterbacks. In in this conference the issue Jeff Driscoll of Florida's the one. Is really the most senior guy you know I mean -- Murray Georgia mean there's. Is and has to be in number teams I guess is when I'm trying to convey in LSU situation and inexperienced quarterbacks one moving on. Two guys you watched play -- seen all at running back now and afford that. What are the expectations. For the other freshman running back. He didn't like Christian you listen to my house -- all these players spoke about it you know we talk Eric. If -- the first time on -- yeah he called compared. He competed and when you're compared could not you know the expectation I think. To come in and be. The guy right away -- -- -- But I'm succeed and he's not party. I didn't think it could pick him on the stock currently mile and then. Are pretty much high you know he -- and the greens are -- -- -- You know if there is no. When afford that it is -- it would be. Icicle when he talked about that he has that he -- and felt well and -- -- -- that he believed in the when -- on the topic you can expect the big hit right away. And then -- -- -- -- -- -- because you know he didn't expect but now she threw the ball will be. I. Want -- WL television joining us now from Hoover Alabama had SEC media days in. Want -- to Brazil right how does that mean for the World Cup. Identity it was fantastic in the person passes by saying we know we all beat him -- he Bob you're glad the World Cup -- -- I'm not really because they're real well on -- But it was a -- time it was a good good being a part time. Different cultures and just enjoy in the world game and -- and I can appreciate all of football you know. And I really do but it was like being in big playoff game every once called that one team that -- -- I'd change that. Yeah. -- -- a long way you're. You know -- I -- I've ever cut at heated conversation I had a you couple years ago about. About soccer almost at a point where you're you're ready to put your hands around my neck and choke the and I I opened my mind a little bit. I am certainly a team USA anything fan doesn't matter but at the that I've got to -- listen I'll give credit soccer. Internally by the choice if you'd if you told me he would sit down watch. The World Cup or College Baseball and the college rules series I'm I'm I'm taking the World Cup honestly. -- you know it's not an economic huge baseball guy. A lot of money and you know and I'm not been on got a group of grit and played baseball my life and mob. Odd to think that he's been too long can sit out two games went to college ball. -- -- -- -- And in the back. -- happening in the -- really don't count about children game aren't much I would say that it did it to but it typical woke up like it for years ago. I couldn't and the complaint that when the goal being scored but it was really exciting walk company. With one not. It was a very exciting one game they could have been to a 31 goal cordon so this -- a night -- hope for -- and if it -- on the score in the game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wanting Qaeda WWW. Well television will see up there are Greenbrier -- and -- for David training camp. I'm look at what some of the green card here yeah. When I community guys' faces but that's reality not a now -- Exactly they want I'm a bunch make great stuff. -- Delco in Berwick was -- Delco. What felt so. Well mental make you -- treatment. At Oakmont beat Bob and I know. That. -- award. -- Well and me. I -- -- Magglio them. He said he -- he said I had a sex change that's there's nothing worse that might be the networks but. I guess is -- and he did that. Yeah that he went to Alabama. We'll all make it out there like the Steelers a little bit ago -- this -- -- -- the audio of that that we ended up intercepted. Bout they call back. I go. All -- -- -- issues and I know we. Tigers only -- told I don't agree you check in that. I'd like to my coaching staff. It's a dream come true afford wanna be a part of this team these games are my idol champ Egypt's stability and character. Went to start managed great. This is a great opportunity to. Just do what I've always want. Or excited -- -- the team. Role I'd roll I'd roll I'd roll I'd roll I'd roll I'd roll I'd. To have a little fun with the. With you go mail well you know that I. It didn't do it'd -- -- -- went Taylor. A at that time and that he had no choice at the Saints didn't want them you know so where he would do to got to do you know you are excited about the the Jimmy Graham power -- Mexico. I've submitted to me but my phone yesterday and then on my friends call me go -- told me about it mayor good. And you know people claim that the -- double -- players. Even though dust in the pretty. They've had the highest paid contracts and NFL history big guard quarterback tight end in safety. At the time at the time the deals signed they've had the highest contracts. Doled out to guard. Tight -- quarterback in safety. So that that argument that they don't papal -- I don't know I don't know which team they're watching the teacher quickly mid city how -- -- Don't go and then I mean it significantly this bracket will be -- -- we talk about. Coach you wanna think ten games last four years. Let. It let. Think he has. Alabama. Went seven and football game -- out here international championship. Well that could be duplicated. Again. Picture and any team in the country. 72 in. Through their pitching -- okay. You think -- of the duplicate. Beats off I mean they've had their dominant run in. They've had a dominant run is no way they've got the best coach in college football. To well look thought trilogy. -- quality of the government league. But in our radio like an outlet Alabama all of them at the beginning of the year but they wanted it to be. I don't Alabama people who have pretty close to all the students who quote could work him there Alabama so much doubt about saint. Everybody in the country he was in the -- from -- country let them -- Incumbent. From auto racing down. A lot I'll keep an eye on that name entered our member of the U the one at that said I think for the phone calls teacher and a good one -- stranger I. I make Nixon from the Carolina Panthers play by play guys joining us after the news headlines with -- -- We always have a quality tailback in that game. And -- the opportunity to call runs for our tailback is something that we will do routinely do. And now we're not an easy position where we have to. And I love the way -- quarterback Kerry it's just not something that we have to do and so. Then you'll find that time will have me being very -- approach that we head -- Second Vernon -- many balls either so. I guess my point he is she should move that will change the off. The offense not changing despite. The fact that they'll be a starting inexperienced quarterback. This fall -- to Brendan Harris or Anthony Jennings who should be the starting quarterback for L issued this season Brendan Harris or -- Jennings it's RWB well. Dot com party jaguar people right now it's 5050. Paris in Jennings. -- in there had to be to do well dot com or call us at 260187. All 38668890870. Here's more from LSU coach less miles an SEC media day. Yeah we like playing homers and a question will be out and enjoy walking down the hill for that stadium. We enjoy the style of people that come in there that are intimately attached to our football team. And that that the opponent has a very difficult time getting the ball snapped when we understand the advantages we also. Recognize state and taking eighteen and you're playing and name me a very quality opponent sort of Wisconsin's bat. I'm in neutral site game and you were in a position where. As a program you're going to be challenged that they usually they -- necessity cancer challenges allows -- Me out a level of execution allows -- level of play that you need to start she's -- and I think there's some advantages of that and I think Houston's write -- -- for us and it's a very quality place not to play ask him recruit to. So I I look forward to we have been seen before and then. And being great venue will be a very competitive game should be a lot of fun. Less miles on the opening opponent for the LSU Tigers this year in Houston against Wisconsin. He's in what's five hours away. -- as a big big footprint in Houston. Yet dare I say it almost be like a home game for the LSU Tigers against Wisconsin on August 30. 2601872038668890870. And of course a 102000. Now for LSU in Baton Rouge Tiger Stadium an even bigger of the construction. Complete. How allows that -- going to be. RD loud before. But we saw attendance when he and a little bit last year times. And I think it's really just the landscape of college football because. There's so much on you lose one or two games you're out of the national championship picture so maybe. Folks might not. -- ago -- experience at home might be in better I think they're not battling this same. Issue that the NFL is in terms of the experience at home because he's college venues are special and there's a lot Corey. Just the atmosphere and pageantry so much different at the college game compared to the pro game. I will start checking in on the NFC south as teams report to training camp next week. First the Carolina Panthers joining us now the voice of the Panthers make Nixon and -- how are you ready for training camp. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll start to get ready -- -- mine you know coffeemaker packed in pillow and you have training camp we're looking forward to -- you gotta do it presence that he. We're good we're getting ready to go to I leave for Greenbrier West Virginia next Tuesday in the sports team needs our sports team here at WB will be up there for training camping Greenbrier I am looking forward to the temperature change I'm not looking forward to. Being away from from home for for three weeks but -- what has you most excited about this panther team. That spotlight that they that the expense report would go -- you better. -- -- besides I'm not sure you can expense the expense that. Anyway not a question Christian I think. I think there's been that we haven't societal fascination with the new. So the rookies you know Kelvin Benjamin a first round draft choice -- wide receiver -- -- -- integrate into the mix at that would be. Will be a lot of -- -- is also. A later round pick -- been a bit -- -- From San Jose state that just has ball skills for days I mean he just looks so comfortable at OTA's and mini camp on. It they'll be huge jump up of course went and that the pats get on in the preceding games -- regular season games yet but I think a lot of staff is looking forward to seeing it. I'm happy to do and and the Panthers have two tackles. Nate Chandler added weight and Byron bill has lost weight this on the opposite side of the ball. And and I think really the Panthers may go this year as far as that Reid made offensive line can take them. Make mix and play by play. Voice of the Carolina Panthers here on sports talk WWL and no team any NFC south has ever repeated as division champions the Carolina Panthers have a great year last year ripped off a summer with wins in a row and looked like Ron Rivera was going to be. Tinsley out of a job eagle on and and win a division but. What -- -- Greg Hardy. Make me the -- franchise tagged and in reach a deal so he's gonna play and that tag cracked. It is yet been in the news appear a lot lately he was in court. Last night as his. A girlfriend Nikki holder had accused him of assault and he was found guilty of that charge. But he's appeal and so it'll the way it looks like shake out now was still play that -- they'll they'll practice and play. While the while the appeal is his -- that'll be heard until after the season is over. But it problematic I mean hopefully this will be a lesson for him that then he'll learn. That that that that maturity curve. Is important it's an important thing to do to crest on and off the field. But what he's right I mean -- at the personality player comes off the edge to edge pass -- that every team is looking for. And he's he's got that incredible motor and and down and hopefully he'll play this year with the special strength of the truly motivated. Cameron Newton coming off foot surgery any any offseason how is he progressing. Vickers and his ankle was. It was pretty bad ethnic amount I'm sure that that that doctor Anderson Bob Anderson who did the surgery relief. Thought it was maybe going to be. That. That being up in in the joint until he saw -- stall they X -- in and really got in the air but -- this has been going on for the Cam Newton for so long. That maybe I'd go solid back to junior college. That I think even -- himself -- not quite sure how it's gonna feel to be able to plant and cut and run and jump and be completely pain -- He he's been very careful -- in his word Christian -- he cautioned. Himself for me to even here in thinking out loud say it I'm not going to dialysis schedule. Even though I am ahead of schedule. But does that training staff -- that hold him back he's wanted to take every drill and and be at every meeting and throw every pass to practice that's just kind of the combative a competitive athlete he has. How much of the would would go south for the states is because. You know he's such a dynamic player I -- and say that kind of tongue in -- make. Yet you would you would remind media that decals on would be can Bobby in the element and I told them. That I have my personal contribution to the Drew Brees retirement party to 1000 dollars and announced last month. That it was itself from 500 last year -- he would comply. Make makes and then filing before you run. -- -- who we feel like it comes down to in the AFC south on the Panthers up there with the Falcons is -- this Saints and camp season if you internally that out your just your opinion. The Panthers are getting no -- nationally it's almost as if we just arrived at the net at the NFC felt from the Atlantic Coast Conference. And and it and and people tend to forget that the Panthers were a handful last year with that defense that it has been in the run game. Not maybe not great the back end of the front seven definitely cut about and then an offense that could possess the football and make yards occupied clock and score. The whole river -- rock thing was not just a catchy phrase coach -- started exit. To go forward on fourth down started to really get in touch kind of with the DNA of football it is. You know it is it is not for the risk averse. So -- coached in up in an outstanding late last year yet every all at least all the talk I hear anyway. Is about how good the Saints are going to be and how good Atlanta is going to be and how Lovie Smith got to rebuild Tampa Bay's. Maybe that's where the Panthers like we tend to have our best seasons in the Carolinas. When not much is expected of us. -- that the two before you run Roman Harper housing thin up there. I love the guy like that seek out almost too much gray areas we do in the broadcast -- people outside that Labrador Retriever that's been around and neighborhood for years and years and years and got the great -- to show for it but. He's been pure class from the everything he is that everything that he has tallied comport himself about the facility. Just just making it very very glad that he can exchange the Saints uniform prepared to uniform beat do you think you'll have a good year here. I think if they I think in that system the way they're -- they're probably gonna use him. Yeah I think you -- help on and my concern though is that. If he gets isolated a pass coverage. It's gonna be dangerous this can be scary for another words at that through who get exposed if if if teams can find a way. Which they did at times when he put him in pass coverage last year and forced in the cover the that's not his strong suit. It's -- -- yet. Smacked -- when the Saints and Panthers played in that regard. Oh yeah that's I'll talk to the -- about about the other day is how I -- on the exit to see how Sean Payton and drew try to take advantage of that. Who will -- seems to be in what is very very clear mismatch if they can put a running back against Roman Harper or. -- Jimmy Graham against Roman Harper that's that's game over in my opinion but -- hey I appreciate it man great stuff from you as always. Property secrets in. Can have a good -- accounts is when he. We will we'll make mixed -- but I play voice of the Carolina Panthers and couples break down the NFC south. As the AFC south and Saints report to training camp next week teams across the NFL report training camp between the sports talk on WL anathema -- Welcome back sports talk Kristian -- in four Deke Bellavia. -- run along and our number three. LSU SEC media days. Panel wraps up tomorrow Ricky about it on -- And over Hoover. I'm going Allen Mickey. LSU coach less miles. The rock stars Jared from wanting skated WL TV. The rock -- of SEC media days and here is LSU coach less miles talk about his football team. Quality tailback in that game and -- the opportunity to call runs for our tailback is something that we will do routinely do. And now we're not an easy position where we have to. -- he's a quarterback Kerry it's just not something that we have to do and so. Then you'll find that time will have me being very he's like approach that we -- -- Second Vernon -- many balls either so. I guess my point he is she she would that would change the off. It's. -- coach less miles goes on defense will be led by -- John Jamison -- six year and he's the best in the business he's a guy that. Is this a rule advantages and in this team understands the ability and in need the ways to get the best out of our players. In the defense of line I think I mean everybody want to -- -- -- have to know where we play our defense -- -- because. I think at the Neil Connery and that's Mark Roscoe can. Mean arguably being -- to -- finest teams events in the country role will play. Any any group of young defensive tackles all of which are anywhere from 642. 310 pounds when they're all going to give -- a you -- very very. Strong presence inside and so I think our defense flying will be great I think our. Linebackers will have speed. Vijay Welker or Mike back -- Just continues to play better and better and worry -- Alexander may be the most active. He he'll run under 45. Is -- you squad loaded with talent right and that's obvious by their top five recruiting classes you're in a year out. Unknown. Unproven. At quarterback can get a veteran offensive line. And incoming freshman running back Clinton -- no more recruit the country. Lost a ton at wide receiver -- Beckham junior. Dawn Jarvis Landry go on to the NFL to break win. True freshman -- I do three true freshman. -- -- -- -- Lot of young players. How quickly did they -- do they grow up. And we've seen this before. They. In less miles talked about it. In his opening nobody had Auburn as the favorite last year in the SEC. When they do salary are they were a little inexperienced new head coach. Came in -- quite well. But it's the unknown factor. Loaded with talent. Can they grow up at the quarterback position. In the secondary. A couple of guys that don't have. They've they've got the ability but don't have that. Who JT. And get it on job training the experience factor. Not as high for LSU. That the rely on as journalists while say a lot of freshmen. Come in their play key rules form that's not a bad thing. Will -- it if it doesn't pan out for you this year in terms of you know. A great season. What that's going to do for. Your football team your program. Next year in the year and the year after. When you see so many teams assuming guys leave early after junior year but it's a team that it could benefit quite a bit from maybe taken their -- this year. And go through some growing pains at quarterback her corner at. In the at safety linebacker. Mike takes a -- there what's I going to do for your team next year and year after. And have experienced squad then this is sports talk on WWL AM FM WWL dot com.