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7-16 7:10pm Sports Talk: NFC South

Jul 16, 2014|

Kristian Garic talks to D. Orlando Ledbetter who covers the Falcons for the Atlanta Journal Constitution and Roy Cummings who covers the Buccaneers for the Tampa Tribune about the NFC South.

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Several viral right along here on sports talk Kristian -- in four Deke Bellavia on WWL anathema WWL dot com. Still look on the solid second on the Atlanta Falcons. And also the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as we preview the NFC south. NFL training camps open. Next week the saints' rookies report to camp on Sunday. Veterans report Thursday conditioning test. Physical. -- the field for practice on Friday. Friday Saturday Sunday will be non padded practices three days of non padded practices on this CBA that was signed a few years ago and you'll hear from. Those folks in those cities Atlanta and Tampa Bay as we -- down in the NFC south. And -- more from LSU coach less miles at media day in Hoover Alabama. And it off I was just on talk about. Tito's first. And it's -- strange but I was just in the break room here -- -- to do well and I decided. That if you gonna go to vending machine. And you looking you know you'll Hungary he actually get -- Snickers bar right light week but if you gonna get chips. Of the best bang for your for your buck is cheat notes he could eat it during those there's like five chips in there. For -- roses like it was like must've had about fifty chips and not back in 85 cents. I have kind of taken the edge off the hunger. With with Tito but I would have been -- do that house wrestling and I was really grappling with she goes into Rios. After only pull the trigger and I to my delight. I opened the bag and it was a ton of Tito's and there and I've gotten to Rios before aren't all -- like five chips so you get disappointed so. The at the tip -- the day if you learned nothing today on sports talk just know that if he will next time you're at the at the snack machine in your office or wherever. Just think Tito's. Bang for your -- value. She goes remember that you heard -- from me. 85 since seven that might have been some of the best -- as I've spent. Recently. I feel pretty pretty you know not start Ellis -- stomach was eating itself. Good value there though. And in opened the bag. And his dozen but there in a few chips. The stuff your favorite chip Pate Tom does it. I McConnell probably be probably. One -- we right now talk about -- chips oh. That's not food. Your favorite potato chip -- Clearly Cheerios. Because of the value. Text me your favorite David Jim Bates 787. 2601878. Hole 3866889. 087 operated at -- people on line for it at WB well I've -- who should be the starting quarterback for the -- Tigers this season. Brendan Harris if aging it's been sitting tight all the strong at 5050 for both. Those players here for about two hours now. You weigh in though ad -- if you dot com or call us 2601872. All 3866 and 89087. In. Of course. Brennan are the true freshman Anthony Jennings coming in last year once sect member to a disease CL. Which Obama always act member. Could you landed in a better spot in Tennessee. Still you'd take on Jake Locker for the starting gig of their who's -- nowhere near entrenched. The second member landed in a great spot but Brandon Harris -- Anthony Jennings in any Jenny starting. The ball -- it's highly came in against Arkansas pulled off a win. After a member went down an injury. Brendan Harris the unknown. But maybe more talented unproven. But talented quarterback. Athlete. The Orlando Ledbetter. Coming up talk about the Atlanta Falcons in about five minutes this is sports talk on WWL IMF MW WL like come. Are you guys make me smile with a text messages I promise you talk about a bag of chips Tito's a burritos that and I just. Sucked down hold back if she goes. And went on to say that you know basically it's the best value for 85 since it's only she goes in your bag with. Text messages and 87870. Says. When -- onions are by like the four unions. I'm a big funding guy but actually about a handful of position I'm in their -- And in the -- you know we're -- -- review it you can eat like five or six of those. One reason. You don't go year anybody don't try to kiss anybody anybody speaking of which did you know today is national hug your coworker today. About that I'm just full of hard hitting analysis. Today on sports talk in his last hour. To read -- mean Tito's and how your co worker day. I yet -- Quito about. Probably not the best help the Williams put there. That and they for Jonas Devils break down the NFC south obviously checking in. On the Atlanta Falcons in and what was your reaction of the fairway and they decided that they were going to be on hard knocks. Talent muted you'd know we -- the book -- Bad about it they've been blocking in the period. That years. And the bench -- the blank in the marketing and team. One out they have -- -- yet been out here. And a little bit. What -- -- today you know. And I need to go Willard -- point six million man. One week delivered to -- deliberate about strapped in and -- a little bit more about club. The Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta journal constitution does a great job covering the Atlanta Falcons in. Ford twelve a year ago is Mike Smith on the hot seat. I don't think so personally potentially you know in. And I dropped a lot but they are keep and then no way. People -- put this operation together and go -- alone time. You know there -- and no consecutive win in jeans I mean for years they had the -- to win in the lane. Expect him out. Behind the Patriot. You don't want blow it into the bird trouble you'd go out and -- their way out of it -- And if they cannot get back to their way to -- -- think you know. This year -- maybe net. It's not turn around about it and 2006. Team headed into -- that you're a -- -- you made some changes -- -- What are they gonna do it tied in with Tony Gonzales out another got some young talent just on proof. Yeah they don't have a tied it replacement. Being too low blow it -- ointment that the red. But you know they in debt that the rot while -- It is Beckett you know you'd like you're you're and count on the -- that. -- checked down you are now on third down situations. Gordon Tony amok they relied so much on him. That you know it's gonna take more than one or it to replace all of that production. However how is Julio Jones coming off that hip surgery. The last and we meant certain many -- kudos. Britain that low bullet being -- forty yard that are in that relate to the round. Similar route tree as -- book but they're being enough extra caution with is retired I was -- it would not over portraying it. Or month recovery in the you have the you know part -- grant Jim -- builder not a vote around met ankle and that that matter are -- -- target in training camp and he'll probably be you know who are going to be limited or short. You know there and report that. -- him and haven't opener against the the bank the year Georgia though Christian. I said hip hip surgery -- mid foot surgery I know they took up. It may take a part of his bone art some sort of tissue so they did did they go into his -- to help. Repair the foot. Now you have -- Yeah a court I'm working on the other end. They're not the that by two there's. With a bout they took them Amaro act or -- it's probably hit. To. And Jack in the area. -- -- area you know. To some some -- in years and they'll restart type you know they do it a go and help. -- the blood platelet around look at their outlook bullet going down. Tibet and areas. Yesterday it would hit the cut and tired in talk about yeah the one of them comprehension that they worked to so a lot of people are looking at it -- it in the end it. Miracle -- recovery -- Winding down with the Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta journal constitution helping -- break down the Atlanta Falcons went to they. Report to camp to do they have several reporting dates for the rookies. -- 22 two rookies 23 of. When he left that meeting day. And I -- hit the hill on the forty bit believe that two of the way and there third is the meeting today Friday is a art practice that 2014. -- I think this NFC south is gonna shake out and where did the Falcons and have a rebound year you think. I'm not sure that it looked really thought. I think Tampa -- improve. Thought about it that everybody really get to this that being -- round. And that no way that all of them make it through. Stop and have too many a lot that they've got to go right they tried it a lot stop the and generally that takes more than one year when you EPO. You're trying to rebuild both lines at a young secondary and allowed back there and -- -- don't have pre -- so. -- -- works out on and they been like that it is. Eight maybe taking went to an eleven game. That that was a rare rare these. How can folks followed you for the latest on -- Falcons they wanna keep tabs on the Saints biggest rivalry rival on Twitter or. Long line. Where we're at exit route in that third quarter don't need that. I prayed debated these days out there and -- you know ot 88 he dot com -- April. Tree web site and you know we have Miami Heat are premium content. Or chicken on the we. They're trying to put all I've mentioned up there and make it that they're both two up through the readers. We'll see you week one down here are up there in Atlanta for the opener between the Saints and Falcons couldn't ask for a better opener and Omar pulled Bart Scott can't wait. Around. Yup record and they'd have me out. Sure thing the Orlando Ledbetter the Atlanta journal constitution. I shifting gears quickly. He missed it LSU coach less miles at the SEC media days in Hoover Alabama in spoke to spoke to the media for well over an hour. But here is the first eleven minutes and twenty seconds is opening statement. And and his outlook on his football team. Afternoon and it's not always great to beat back the means a summer's over and -- were around getting ready to get ready and I yeah. Seeing two wonderful piece my tenth year are these. How fortunate I've been tough to lead the Tigers in the battle and moved I reviewed the very quality players and I've been fortunate to coach him. The three guys who we have been here. They're representing us assure aren't just the style amendment. That. You'd love to spend a decade what. The SEC media days sure. 12100 credentials and a bunch of chaos and it's. Kind of what you know how important the job you have -- how much you enjoy way. That that piece of the talk mushers live. In the last five minutes congratulations on -- cable picking up the SEC network. In the fact that will be able to people van rouge excited to watch tiger should now. I won't have to change my my cable provider the miles family. Slack while saying I took a vacation and went so well Austin took my. My three children with me and so we had six. And that two parents and four children. On that campus it was miserable I hated it. But it was a great fun and yeah. Demeanor was not a beach you know it was not saying but it was. My family and that was the best so while. Manny is my -- son these pitches and then playing football and fifa was on TV and he decided to take a book they -- soccer ball call couple buddies said. He -- you pick up soccer game for four hours to think about that right. So. My -- she miles. Is -- pitching and fast pitch softball and Orlando Florida -- the World Series certainly there's a lot of the media there as well. She's signed an 810 and under league in she heading. Before she whirlwind as a pitcher -- -- -- every quality. Smash your club. That she faced this morning yeah and now. The growing up there -- young family arrive within miles East Coast and she's twenty and my youngest was one and I carry her into Baton Rouge and she's eleven so off. Anyways. Came -- you. This is our our fourth straight ten victory she's in. We returns sixteen starters six on offense and one defense real special teams. Were a and eighteen is truly on the cusp of that opportunity to win championships. If you look at the three games we lost our turnovers played a very significant role. Say annual battle that certainly we we have. In my opinion. The style team that can win championships -- done. The necessity to do some of those things that are here and year out. Can make a difference. -- program is graduate and our guys should you need 70%. Were. Gonna put on sixteen. Juniors and NFL in the last two years we play. Now what was in nineteen. True freshman in the last two years. And 95 victories sixty drafted. Which is second only to one other team in non not in our conference. And thirteen first round which. So horrible but for many Chiefs were wrong. Recruited. He's the second nationally ranked. Team in the last year. We're a fifteen. -- expect some of these freshmen come and play Poland and sworn that marker or -- kind of freed yeah CJ Garrett. And Brandon Parrish that is to name four freshmen that we would expect. To have great impact on our season and it. A 102000. Tiger Stadium. We if you if you thought we were loud before we we just got louder. In. I how fortunate it is for us to play is such a great venue. Offensively. We're a quarterback will be if -- Jennings for a while Brandon Harris. And it'll be made -- very competitive. Event from the start to the finish. Cam Cameron the the guy who's you know made a career mentoring quarterbacks and these -- offensive coordinator will be. Do exactly the right things to those guys and you'll see. How well -- freshman can execute it quarterback the veteran offensive line certainly give those guys some time. While Collins and and Jared Hawkins. My opinion to be two of the finest tackles in our league. Will loan will be veteran at the guards and December. We. Then these should get the opportunity for the offense to continue down the field the hit. We have two. Prick all the tight ends. And really quality list there of cash but. We have a don't Gordon. Being out who's come into his junior years in a six foot 4285. Pounder that can run and catch him as well as block. Can. You will will be able to put it very very competitive group out there at that spot that running back. I will have to veterans who have -- Terrence McGee and then Kenny Hilliard. And we'll have two freshmen -- -- torn as to stay number one. Tailback in the country. Ranked and Darrell Williams who's a very very talented. Young freshmen so. Will be talented there at fullback kind of neighbors comes back with thing you know a lot of experience the very talented guy. In a wide receiver of the the two veterans. Trading Guerrero who. And they've been very strong spring and made the great catch against Arkansas on the into the game to win it. And this really isn't developing very nicely. And in those those young freshman -- tried to preach frequent PG chart. Tony of church. Those casual. They have all been looked at by our players she made -- a constant rumble in. Our building about the abilities that they have to go get a ball and in participate. -- Quinn is continues to be reviewed by our players or coaches hadn't seen him. I'm -- guys just really experienced it and understands -- great ball skills and so were really excited to be. Defense will be led by John Jamison is six years and he's the best in the business he's a guy that. Is this a rule advantages and in this team understands the ability and in -- the ways to get the best out of our players. In the -- line I think. Everybody want to -- -- -- have to know where we play our defense -- -- because. I think I -- Neil Connery and that's -- Roscoe can. Mean arguably being used to the finest teams events in the country role will play. -- mean anything group of young defensive tackles all of which are anywhere from 642. 310 pounds when they're all willing to give me a the -- very very. Strong presence inside and so I think our defense flying will be great I think our. Linebackers will have speed. PJ Walters -- Mike back -- Just continues to play better and better and worry Kwon Alexander may be the most active. He he'll run under 45. Lamar Lewis another tailback in high school runs under 45. And the end Charles may be the fastest linebacker that we have and so. We're going to have speed and ability there -- though none of those transition players you know he's changed formation at linebacker and course challenged. And that will be a -- agree groomed for us in the secondary. To previous -- Sean Robinson. We turn a corner. From safety should we we come off an injury with -- Thompson. -- Martin continues to improve had a great summer lost weight. Rookie -- -- into freshman that I -- mentioned safety Jamaal Evans and John battle I think both of those guys. We'll come in and playing very significant roles for which there. The special teams. -- a peep toe coordinated national championship here returns. We were thirteen to fourteen with Kobe tell who say. In field goal kicker he returns. Our kick off guy we lose but. -- the main thing very quality. Our team. That's a big way -- got Cameron gamble comes in and how -- so well. He'll be great competition there we figured the opportunity to kick it out or play. A nice. Tall wall and grounder with speed and hit it is will be available to us. The -- teaming Keane returned this big strong legs certainly won't have finished. Most consistent year knows more about him and returners. We will have the style returners will you be comfortable with tomorrow and should be this way. To name just a few -- when he won't return on kickoffs. In conclusion our our kids have had a great summer. Our players our team. And it paid tremendous price. There saying. You know with the opportunity you have quality to the nation. Hard work in -- 21 step at a time. We have advantages the who should fit you know what I would be willing to bet that that. Not many picked Auburn a year ago and so that is what generally seems to me to be. Our position is don't bother us. We don't care. And we just -- -- -- when -- get better and don't improve wont play one game at a time one point that the next opponent. And now we understand that that doesn't mean we're. In the immediate -- -- if we continue to do things we've done in the past -- our way. And I like us and I like us in every game. LSU coach less smiles at media day in Hoover Alabama for the SEC. Laid it down like only can yet to have a degree in less miles isms. Quality the count at eight. I'm Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune joining us nexus sports talk on WWL. Welcome back to sports talk Christian -- in four Deke Bellavia breaking down the NFC south joining us now Roy coming to the Tampa Tribune. Lots and lots of optimism surrounding the Buccaneers. This year new coach Lovie Smith. Watson new talent really good down Mike Evans -- that pick. In the draft by the way and of course a Josh McCown at quarterback in that she's there and away is there. Reason there are enough reason to. To be. You know from right here -- Bucs fans there they're very optimistic that they can have a shot at winning the NFC south this year. Well killer waited ten years optimistic and correctly -- you know I think every team believes it's it's doing the right thing to try to get that -- You know the Bucs believe that they did you know really special thing like Lovie Smith that they think that used. By far the best coach available. It and it wouldn't want that if you would not available. You know what great show opened -- you know I I don't think you would -- -- but I if someone would -- the argument they -- you know what keeps his job -- that is an out there. If you -- you know there's certainly open be set for that argument but so we got a chance get a guy. I would get anyone to victory record. In what once at the time still is. Some degree very difficult division in the NFC north. Are -- central and you know took eighteen to 113 division titles to -- the Super Bowl. In Columbia and especially the guys which you know extremely well you know he used to work or so. That's really where the -- out that submitted does it will be met they they -- they -- -- that. April -- on the scene that they were playoff caliber team that should contend for a playoff spot. Value fueling you know you brought up without Parole -- channel back in. All around murders so you look at the talent mutate but -- at least you know -- got shot like you say that the receivers. Well he got a couple of twins out there that can Jack the Mike Evans and got to beat new site and Jenkins and it's a sort but as well and he got a bunch of running back so. There's only you know the that this team could do something I don't know that thinking is that they're gonna be. Well Lebanon you know to fight like he worked well for Turkey but I think there's a chance for -- to be. And I wouldn't even if you win nine win nine games in the week you got shot play so. There is a lot of optimism I think it's legitimate that it's justified. And -- a matter of you know seeing how -- how they play well enough there really secular. How much has -- been talk about Josh McCown all the sudden what is written you know -- put together. And Chicago -- -- for Jay Cutler and I saw John legacy is comparing him a little bit too Drew Brees who from what I understand he's got a lot of similarities with comment Trace that'll these. Yeah and -- right and he's -- that. Compare and but more than navy and compare that certainly had to -- in the kind of player is more compared to Italy. He works off -- -- the work its class. Are there parallels there between the great quarterback. Peyton Manning Tom Brady Drew Brees you know those guys that they figured out you know what he's done off the field and ordered. Really be successful on the field and which on it's it's that he's seen it just found a couple of months too remote to beat but whip them. The -- CNET similar kind of work -- and he's he's a guy -- Mentally at least get it figured that out knows. Exactly at a -- down hill but opponents. -- check -- the -- where holes our defense. Where controllable all -- can't throw the ball which probably even more important. And you know for that reason we're hopeful that. Just count can continue to replicate what did. When you get replicate what it last year in Chicago. Win now he had a very similar to scheme and that certainly talent around. What -- -- boxers that they know secret of the fact that the trying to replicate urine sample what. We could so it would have ever seen all year you could see with a wide receivers and that's one of the recently that tall wide receiver Brandon Marshall. Now John Jeffords that there Chicago they're trying to give those big guys that's what he sees -- do well with that Roy finally before. We lecture on out of here -- I guess what was the immediate. Impact is that that you saw Lovie Smith in other words like we came in right away was there one singular thing he did that you said yet. This is this is you know his way of basically putting his stamp on the team. I think you know he'd been very fair with the players I wouldn't say it -- because. We we really kind of waited for it to happen but it happened well quit. He he earned the respect the players almost immediately. You don't think they are a lot about what kind of coach is going to be. And then you know you really in sports that. Reinforced that into the players are very fair with that he's he's very -- -- his approach. Under but you're very firm and at the same line. He -- he expects. I think what's the view he's not treat these guys like kids. Like college players which what the problems vote based on -- that he treat them like pro and he is the thing to do for a win. And he says now -- to with a double and -- your team and I would choose the position because I believe this is what you can do now you go through it. And when you to the players -- In order and -- and there's expectation but his talent and skill level. -- -- pretty much you know we went to the players. Need and and I respect that for that. And that let notice more than anything it's that there is no real. Willingness to place the guy and it desired plea for the guys. That I haven't seen in awhile here these guys are ready to play for -- they're anxious to play form and they want we inform I think the feeling years that they don't succeed. They -- -- that they disappointed Lovie Smith and they don't want at this point that at the big change your -- That's powerful and NFL locker rooms and coach's -- to convey that to their team and they and they truly take on that mindset where they know. 111 down it's significance is a lot Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune and joining us and them breaking down. The -- may Buccaneers Roy finally very random here. But to read those or cheat codes which one. Ole boy. Well at the top one. You know what for -- lead to read notes. A good value though on the bags are and are not as to impact you know I mean. You're you're you're right about that and and I -- -- pitching goes I'd probably go with the crunchy ones. But. Oh boy that's a tough one -- a couple of accepted to Cheadle would be it's like if I like it too many mechanic you know a bit in a hurry. But with the go so probably garrido but it's up caller banner that I'd like to know the results are that -- -- I think forever ago is that the were appreciate the knowledge as always man now we'll see at during the season. I'm Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune still Tito's guys that are out. 85 cent bag of chips. More chips I want bang for my book this is sports talk on WWL. Are winding down here on sports talk about five minutes left scoop will be up at 8 o'clock. If a man pays a woman. And allow us to date her and she agrees is that prostitution. -- now a dating website allows for just that by letting young girls become sugar babies to older rich sometimes married -- Is that any different from those women who date. Or marry a man for his money. -- -- -- We push boundaries. Homeless guy -- reaching 38 states to be on week nights eight to midnight right here on WW well coming up at 8 o'clock beat you also be the first to know about. The Saints and LSU Tigers the pelicans breaking news sign up for RWB well text -- just extort sports team 87870. To do the same for whether. And traffic 870. 870. Our our sports team on Twitter at Bobby directory add deep big chief -- -- crushing -- want at tee about 53. Which oh by the way. -- year man I've got a number of text messages asking me to explain. I'm first in McCain about. This morning I wasn't doing double coverage on three WL thirteen fifty kudos for the for -- -- on work and evens. The T Bob. Did the show by himself which is a little scary. Considering. It though allow that -- -- do three hours a radio by himself on supervised. At it that guy needs a lot of supervision anyway now I love them but anyway. So somehow he told the audience this morning that. I wasn't I wasn't there because I was having. A sex change in Dallas Texas to become cowgirls cheerleader Mets -- my ultimate life and vision so. I wasn't there I got word written -- set up pretty good. Basically. I. Pats to scheme to give my payback in the exact Irvin by. Getting one of our production assistants. Involved patty Berman -- very talented. Woman. Called to say that that at this commercially Utica and you do this. And so I and handed in the script it was strip for you about that to cut she sent it to home. Pulled out Q how marvelous. And it was all kinds of things about annual annuities don't get tied down. I'm rated the -- An interception of a telephone call voice mail -- Nick Saban and T -- -- there. Keep up the extra -- back I don't quite know Monaco. There's a watched at LSU. And I know we love the Packers. Wanted to be a chance John. You championship -- to -- I'd like to -- all my coaching staff. This -- a dream come true afford wanna be a part of this team this team epitomizes championships stability and character. Went to restart managed great. This is a great opportunity it's just do what I've always want. It works out -- to the team. Role I'd roll I'd roll I'd roll I'd roll I'd roll I'd roll I'd. -- next LT about about that so if you were asking I didn't hear about it. There it is that's that that was the end result but came out to be what -- about thought he was doing a commercial floor. Yeah it's amazing what you can do -- audio you can move things around alone technology. -- ransom Massa controlled big thinks thanks for your help and of course Steven Geller. Producer. Morning sports anchor as well problems put together the show. I'll be back tomorrow in for -- we get ready one week from Saints training camp tomorrow -- -- football right around the corner. Right -- coming up next. I'm crushing -- simplify -- out.