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Jul 16, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

If you have any excuse to get out and go somewhere tonight to go somewhere is very very pleasant and it's not to often this pleasant this time of year sell. If you can think of an excuse to get out and walk around or drive around with the windows down it's actually a very very pleasant evening but you've just heard -- forecast. That the humidity and the soggy weather will be returning which is typical for this time of year. Where I was filling in fort Garland yesterday. I was talking about the movie dawn of the planet of the apes which I thought I had a really strong anti gun message. And I wrote a blog about it it's a turning on our web sites titled apes movie and it's powerful messages about human nature. If you saw the movie at some point tonight to you talk about them acted the message that you've got from the movie. You could duck caller showed tonight the blog on the don't of the -- the -- movie is on our website at W bugle dot com down the right hand column under our opinions. And schooled on their you can find it if you saw the movie you might totally agree with me you like totally disagree with me. I'm not a scifi guy and I've I've been honest about it and I I don't criticize people who liked scifi movies. And that's just not my favorite -- And and I guess you could argue that this is a scifi movie however. I thought it was excellent and they were such here. It's well actually there were several great messages in the movie so again that's something else we'll talk about the -- It's time for tonight's topic to date here -- topic things we'd like you know which we begin our show tonight on -- WL. Number eight. Director -- Howard is brilliant when it comes to telling true stories in movies. It has been announced that Ron Howard wrote directed and produced a documentary. About The Beatles and their tour in years. From 1960 to 1966. Now they didn't arrive in America until 1964. In fact that was fifty years ago this year and the -- -- only tour for a couple of years from 1960s. Thinking 67 I guess it was -- -- -- 1966. The equity quick tour. So they never -- that -- And I was a Beatles fast with the top cats in a while laboring Waltz and their rocket to -- -- and -- -- just a whole bunch of other people on Saturday at house of blues. And they estimated to say a few things that I discreet help protect talk about how. Over very brief period. The Beatles gave us. A diversity of music that know what the band has given us. We think about the range of music they started out with. -- simple happy fun songs like she loves you and that would they went on to the more intricate musical sound of songs like a day in the life. And data on the list goes on a phenomenal phenomenal to hand it. I really did give us an unbelievable amount of diversity in a very short period time I'm thrilled to hear that Ron Howard is gonna direct a movie about The Beatles touring years. 19621966. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. How everything is flavored these days. You know flavored vodka is in flavored Beers -- earlier this summer we were talking about it the peanut flavored beer it was coming out for the summer. Peanut -- for the year. You know I think things should go together if they're going to be flavored. Will be a Huffington Post editorial staff got together and they did a taste review. Of the new flavors of -- dictatorships. They harshly criticized flavors like mango salsa. And cappuccino flavored. Chips. Cappuccino flavored chips they don't have salt on them and they have a sequel to -- so they're not really potato chips. You know I think things should go to -- you know if you had if you had coffee flavored doughnuts. That okay that makes sense to me. -- flavored coffee that makes cents. But coffee flavored potato chips that just does it make sense and they even said that the the one the and bacon Mac and cheese which they thought sounded awesome tasted. Relieved at. -- and guess it would sell within the last year so. Speaking to -- for things I -- and and for smoked salmon flavored vodka. And I'm thinking. Fish. Flavored vodka. I don't know you might drink vodka with fish but you know a book which you mix that would mean I guess I guess -- Or something like that you couldn't just makes it with. -- anything -- tartar sauce number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Growing acceptance of homosexuality. Leading to more homosexuality in America. Are there more gays today. Are quite often when I talk about same sex marriage and gay rights and my supportive of gay rights. I hear people call and they talk with discussed. About the growing acceptance of homosexuality. And how it's leading to more homosexuals. Well there's a new federal study out that shows that only 2% of Americans over the age of eighteen describe themselves as gay or lesbian. And that's about where this percentage has been from the very beginning just got a text are gonna share this with. Chocolate flavored popcorn is fabulous. Okay -- I can see that because. You've got the salt in the paprika chocolate thick chocolate covered peanuts chocolate covered pretzels. I concede yet if you wanted give me some boos are flavored thing that he is either terrible or good you couldn't send Internet texted. 877 -- that throughout the show. But when we talk about gay rights on the issue of same sex marriage people do cola and they're just disgusted. And the really fearful. That the acceptance of homosexuality is leading to more homosexuality. Mean I think that's absurd because I believe you're born that way. Some people don't believe that but I just don't think anybody just decides what's yeah it was immunity -- -- typical try to -- thing I don't think it works that way. But only 2% of Americans over the age of eighteen describe themselves as lesbian or gay here's the question for -- -- Which of the following best represents. How you think of yourself. Gay. Straight that he is not gay bisexual. Something else or I don't know the answer. Female respondents were given essentially the same choices lesbian or gay straight that is not lesbian or gay bisexual. Something else or I don't know the answer. I guess some people may ninth. Be sure but ultimately they'll figure out what they are but there is there is no indication. That there were any more homosexuals today than there had been in the past. It's just that acceptance of homosexuality. Tennis has increased but that doesn't mean more people are becoming homosexuals. Number five on tonight's list the top eight at eight. Good samaritans smash in the window of -- car to get children out who had been locked in the car by their mother. And apparently used this whiners. One of the Ford or jeeps. And I just -- -- crashing in with a with a hammer or a tire iron. The -- smashed in the wind is to get these kids out the mother and left them in the car. While she went to get a haircut. There have been at least sixteen close calls were kids have been left in hot cars. Over the last ten days. And apparently this is not just some crazy moment in time when people were not paying attention. But this is something that happens more often than we think the very high high profile case of the Georgia dad -- leftist when a two month old in the car while he went to. It's his office centered worked all day went to the car during noon. During its launch our and it did notice that the -- was there and and got in the car after seven hours advocate being in the car. And then drove a couple blocks and realised the capers did jump right so you know that story I mean it's it's it's a bizarre story as far as -- know the guys still being held in jail without bond. That is once again brought to light the idea that people leave kids in their cars. And they were here in all of these things about things that you can do you remember that your kids are in the car. How politics. Just remember you have kids. And if you think you can remember that you have children. Then maybe you should really do less and in the favor and and don't have kids. I mean honestly he if you need something to remind you that you have kids to me that's fine. But I don't know that any thing's gonna convince me that we need to go whatever way as a society. To. Come up with new technology. And new devices. To remind people. That their kids are still in their car when they leave their car. And I talked about this -- says it CNN legal analyst. Who said that she is -- two kids and she take your shoes off when she gets behind the wheel of a carpet to shoes in between the two car seats in the back seat so she doesn't forget her kids. Is that that's a ridiculous. To gets out realizes she's barefoot all oh my shoes old -- on the kids are packed here. So I just don't think we need anything extra to remind people that they have kids in the car it's your responsibilities apparent to remember you know you've got kids in the car. Number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- don't media starting a new campaign to recruit some new police. Officers and the goal behind the yet behind the -- campaign. Is to fill the ranks of NO PD and I think with the next year so they're looking to increase the ranks up to about 16100 officers -- short of that now. What do you think NO PD could add to the campaign. That would make it more attractive to. People who might wanna become police officers. And would you like to be a police officer. Why would you not want to be a police officer. And if you're police officer. What's the best part of your job where -- have been a police officer what's the best part of your job. And what do you like least budding police officer -- No matter how exciting job might be there are good good things in bad things about every job I mean yeah they're good things in bad things about this job. Most of -- good obviously there's the bad things about every job. So what's the best thing what's the worst thing about being a police officer. And what could NO PDA to the campaign. Get behind the bench. That would make it more attractive for people to become police officers. Relatives. You to the police -- can speed. Up on joking about that but we we do talk often on the show about what we believe to be many police officers to. Take advantage of the fact that they're in a police car and they speed even though they're not responding to a call. He's gonna get home and -- and policeman got a car -- I'm sure not all of them do it but it appears that some do. Number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Republican candidate for congress and Arizona. Went on a tirade when a -- past with children. It -- add a clause in anyways which ranting about the flood of young children illegal immigrants coming into America. His -- included him saying I could see the fear. In their faces. He was ranting and raving about these children coming into this country any looked into the boss and he could see the fear in their faces. It was a bus full of YMCA -- its. And they apparently according to other witnesses were actually smiling laughing and taking pictures of the big fiasco as the bus went through this area where people were trying to stop. A bus of illegal immigrants coming -- Here's some here's part of an exchange where if a reporter. And this guy ran for congress. -- fabricate the rule of law and certainly you choosing. How to follow us. You you're going to have a terrible result -- -- I was able to actually see some of the children in the buses in the fear and independent fund and their faces. This is not compassion when you rule of law and and secure border and in citizenship and immigration naturalization process that works. You don't see this this is a two very sad. Sad state of affairs that we have right now which children on buses where those we saw a school bus with plenty of -- on it so like I'm I'm assuming that I was a bus that was moving through. -- I know that was a bus with YMCA kids that's what they were side to. I apologize I didn't know I was leaving I was leaving when I saw them so that was a school bus people or not. Happy down the line it was that doesn't that that's an error by me. Position -- you making those kinds of his assumptions on such a charged issues to talk about seeing the kids when those weren't against -- that I saw children. And I saw children but those weren't. My grandchildren those were not migrant children that's fine. Listen when you see. I have people it was this that was mistake if that was not does not correct and that's mr. Republican candidate running for congress in Arizona Adam -- criticizing the plus but it's a -- NCA AQ. I mean seriously. Does this not totally explains his the only surrounds this this whole issue that hysteria that's around so many issues in this country. This guy like. Getting upset because the fear on the faces of the children in the -- I mean it's. We universally -- the poignancy when you were a kid. I wasn't. In any event this very very embarrassing moment but I think this speaks volumes about. -- -- -- -- -- Am -- studios filming a but I just think this points out how. Hysterical but some people become over over certain issues. If you wanna join our show with the comet tonight on numbers 2601870. -- free 8668890. It's having a tech's number is 87870. Here's the text about something that is flavor yet you just joined us -- ever wanna get caught up on the topic to date. We've got it posted on our our website to Debbie if you will not come up with a top there's a bar shows and schedules. A click on that go to this two page and there's an update of the top unity and every night we sort our show with a top -- -- making catch -- on we're talking about. We're talking about the criticism of the of the new laced dictatorships flavored potato chips like. -- cappuccino flavored chips which apparently is is very disgusting. Here is taxed. That reads. Turkey and gravy. Flavored. Caribbean from. It's -- if if you know of something really bizarre flavored it's either good or bad did send it to me and -- now. I'll share that with when everyone 87070. Number two in tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Conversation that I started yesterday -- filling in for for Garland. Could America's put aside the -- their allegiance to a political party. To send a strong message to politicians that we need to work together. To solve the border crisis and other problems as well. If the politicians currently. Reflect. The divide in America. Then instead of blaming the politicians for that -- Why don't we start. Examining her own. Our own -- our own souls our own conscious. What if we united as Americans. What do you and I as much as we differ when it comes to opinions on different issues. What if we should the most important you can have your opinion I'll have my opinion. But the most important thing is for those who has the information and the power to solve problems. Shouldn't we force them to solve problems. Again I I left to study the relationship between mass media and society. And the public uses mass media in particular talk media today radio and television. The public uses it and politicians use it. We're so busy taking sides. Were so busy applauding for for. Our elected officials who take sides against the other side. That we don't show any any form of being -- We don't show. A United States of America. And I think if there's this this idea that the politicians reflected divide it's in America. Mean if we united on the grassroots level of just being average American citizens if we united. And stop making stop making everything so politicized. Right left Republican Democrat when most of this country. Isn't strong -- strong left if we united as a country and sent that message to politicians would. Would that not lead to -- reflecting our united attitude as opposed to our defied an attitude. But the question is can you as an American put aside your allegiance to a political ideology. And send a message to politicians that they have a job. To solve the problems they have a job to solve this border crisis and right now the president is blaming Republicans Republicans are blaming the president. What's being done. These kids are coming into this country. And think about the hysteria that we just talked about this Republican candidate -- Arizona. And a -- -- and ranting about the young children coming into the country and he's all upset with -- bus coming in talking about the fear on the faces of the children. It's a busload of kids go to the YMCA. This really is a microcosm for the hysteria that surrounds this and in so many other issues in this country. I really think you would not have the power. To -- night. And not tolerate any politicians that they are not willing to work together. You might think your site is right you might think the other side is wrong. But there's a relationship. In a personal relationship in your relationships that work in the relationships between the White House and congress. In relations between Republicans and Democrats there must be some compromise it in order to move forward. And you and I as the American people are the ones who suffer. We are the ones. Who are the victims. Because they are protecting. Their party's image they're protecting their ideology that is the most import doing what's in the best interest of America is not as important staying in power. And we tolerated because we continue to put them back in office. But I think some responsibility falls back on the citizens of this country. We. Should be more united and we should start expressing that through talk media because ultimately that's what politicians respond to the voice of the people. And they hear that -- talk radio to hear that through the television on cable news networks that are very a partisan. If you gonna join us with a comedy here's the question. Which party do you think is more willing to compromise. Republicans. Or Democrats. If you wanna join our -- undermine our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And a text number is 87870. -- right John wicket taking up the the drum sticks he's ready to hit the Tiffany finally tonight number one tonight's list and it -- with -- in the yeah when I'm not me or does it he doesn't forget how to dealing. Is dating or marrying for money. A form of prostitution. Think about it. That's -- WW up pretty general opinion poll tonight. He's dating or marrying for money a form of prostitution give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we'll talk about this throughout the show. This hasn't come up as a topic because they are there are questions that have come up a lot of web site. That lists. People who wanna be matched up with sugar daddies and sugar babies. The website is seeking arrangement dot com. And it's a website that was apparently used by the Google executive to meet the prostitute -- charged with his terrible overdose death. She's being held I think code 101 point five million dollars -- and she still being held in jail. If if this man and it here is. Here is a rich wealthy executive. Who. Spends money. To have a prostitute artists fifty foot -- Is. Hiring a prostitute. Any different. From dating somebody. Or marrying somebody. For money. If you gonna join -- show what your comment tonight are numbers 2601870. -- free 8668890. Point seven. -- numbers 87870 stood -- tonight is titled is dating someone for money a form of prostitution. You could read that -- -- others it's on our website at WW -- outcome would be talking about that tonight. And here's -- WWL pretty general opinion poll is dating or marrying for money a former prostitution. I know people who have sacrificed their standards. And they have dated and ultimately sometimes marry somebody just for the money. How was that not a former prostitution. Our numbers 260170. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. Texas states have VA seventy. This is the -- show and we'll be right back on WWL. It's going to be great any chance. Peter Frampton. -- -- -- I wonder if anybody is going to be paying attention Tuesday marijuana lawlessness still race. -- -- This is the Scotia -- -- -- tonight here's an update on our WVO project opinion poll is dating or marrying for money. A former prostitution. 35% say no 65%. Say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com for the nor short -- welcome to the -- -- good evening. -- good and that all about that unit that. Is. That. -- thank god it didn't happen but we're gonna you know now. The you know. Keep it. Second. One on the board with that -- that well. -- let them like -- in the that. What what to do that to welcome party but it. -- it. Pertinent or. Do you people are not. Constitute itself. But that. It is but it that the people that that -- Obama partners. Aren't. Aware of -- and done the and he won't get the -- duke the pretty caller. Sure you can make some -- -- -- you -- debate about it. You know bush beat differentiate that somehow I'm in the dome and then that -- We have very I think this is. Very is the distinct analogy if you or with somebody for money then they're basically paying you for your attention. And ultimately for sex and I think this comes down to the question of when were actually dating. There are people who take somebody -- on the -- date. -- even younger males and there's this expectation. Of sex and there are women who give it up. Because they went on a great day. It. -- -- Except in some ways it's worse than prostitution because. Independent. You know I didn't plan to go well but it won't in an and one and two. He finished the thing it's what you -- not your typical Specter -- -- problem. But. If you if you bury somebody really wealthy and you get to force today you may end up with a lot of money so you know -- you were you won the lottery being a prostitute. A commitment. But a deal would insert itself the senate would say that which the prosecution on the -- -- Other people can. In the Vietnam right right now it's a 35% say no it's not prostitution 64% say yes it is the 35% maybe the the women and men who marry for money. And -- that well it's so you know good if you don't want a product that makes -- well it's. It's it's -- what -- doing that children -- similar thing happened differently towards but to assume that it is illegal and that. But he a matter of prostitution is illegal because it's race sex and companionship. In exchange for money then how -- marrying somebody you're dating somebody for for money how is it any different. Denny -- right I'm glad to call the show and thanks for thanks for listing if you're holds they would this if you wanna join us with your thoughts and comments tonight. Numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688908. Saturday and a text numbers 877. Is dating or marrying for money. A former prostitution. That's -- WW -- pretty general opinion poll and the -- like tonight is titled is dating someone for -- a form of prostitution you can -- venture with others it's on our web -- It's a VW -- -- will be right back at least fifteen close calls have taken place within the last ten days of kids being left in hot cars. And here's a question. OK so the woman says that she locked her keys in the car. With their kids in the car. How does that happen. -- lucky keys in the car. The cars running. You get your kids in the car. President. A from the marriage on your identity of the -- -- triple -- that that a child neglect. To the public opinion I don't care. At least fifteen of the last sentence. It seemed to an angry August you know until the ability to do something we're gonna AM. Children in the ties instead of two incidents John do you understand why this happens. Because people -- -- their cell phones that are so against that and mentioned before you know 1950s. This never -- that didn't keep them and so distracted by everything you can look at barber only a mother. That is it a bad -- And for the other child who this week in the backseat so to -- you an idea suggestion for its. -- little sticker -- -- -- be peace Serbs they -- comedic. They had to -- a cartoon. -- it's just easier. Than it used to since it gave basically content. The -- -- -- out effort to get married rubles. Or can't do that and the and the dots are okay tournament -- and says all right you have the ability to attract our. And you -- -- voters to the renovation that is -- he'd make a -- about two to ever. And put -- put the stick and then he added that -- who -- Who wouldn't cut their brick and you would be John I wouldn't bet that I need to passport to get -- -- now. Etiquette -- news break I appreciate you calling to show. Somebody suggested that we put those -- baby on board signs put those in front of the drivers and the driver remembers the kid is still in the car.