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7-16 Scoot Show 9pm, Allowances

Jul 16, 2014|

if a man pays a woman an “allowance” to date her and she agrees – is that prostitution? A dating website allows for just that by letting young girls become “sugar babies” to older rich sometimes married men. Is that any different from women who date or marry a man for his money?

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Is dating somebody for money a form of a prostitution or marrying somebody for is that a former prostitution. That -- to prostitution is come up because this says Google executive had died of an apparent heroin overdose prostitution -- a prostitute was with him at the time. And she has been charged with his death in the chairman overdose accused of injecting him with -- lethal dose. Carolyn. So this whole idea that it a rich executive buys a prostitute. And again. Users or services. Brings up the idea of of being with somebody for money. Because there are a lot of women who make the decision and I guess the Iron Man and who make the decision to be with women for money. Some people make a decision to be with somebody just for the money. Did dates -- jest because they have money have a nice car. And I seen in my life this is not something that I'm just making up or or reading about I mean I I've seen. I've seen this I've seen this happen firsthand. It it is an unfortunate. Ugly truth. Here's a -- W a pretty general opinion poll is dating or marrying for money former prostitution 29% saying no but 71%. Say yes. You be shipping by going to our web site WW dot com. We've also been talking about kids being left in hot cars are read an article today that that it had been at least fifteen close calls with kids listed on cars in the last ten days. And it really is sent to the it's it's it's amazing that somebody would forget their trailed in a car. If you wanna join us for the comic tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Total free 866889070. At a text -- 77 tomorrow night on the -- shall talk about MTV's -- shale in the that's a controversial shows like sixteen and pregnant. While MTV has announced a new reality show. Called virgin territory. It follows the lives of fifteen young adults -- -- some are anxious to end their virginity. Some are vocal about waiting until they get married to lose her virginity we'll talk about that -- -- shoot tomorrow night from the plus -- welcome to WW -- -- The problem here. But it's a tremendous. -- a group. -- -- Time. Some political in my area I think the -- And incitement and and it. When you're on the roof of your house. All time -- the -- it was -- moment and move them. And here in my leg and I feel that -- -- about it this and I. And I've been able to myself is that I can't do that. I got the same position. -- particular group of guys who. Will you call 911. You are often don't really get hurt. I called 911. No one American this -- I have. Really you -- Willis. And hello -- Yeah. Yeah really unique you need to call 911. Are there are. I'm gonna put Willy on hold just in in case he he still racists -- -- write a check with him. It sounds like he's getting a hold of of somebody may be maybe 911 but that would be the that would be the number to call not not this number. Where it all he was talk OK I guess he called us and then he realized what I guess he was stuck on the roof anyway he was talking to 91 oneself. That's good news if you wanna join us tonight our numbers to it if your car on the -- for -- anywhere him via the call -- -- 2601 a seventy. Toll free 8668890. -- tax is 87870. Here's a Texan reads I think prostitution is illegal. Because of the threat to public health it poses. Someone marrying for money in and of itself does not pose a threat to public health thus there's no comparison on that level. -- May compare on a moral or ethical level and I guess that's the level that's it I'm really talking about this on. Moral and and ethical. If you or with somebody if you in the beginning pretend to love them. Because you like their company you like sitting in their nice car. That isn't that a former prostitution. And if you go out with somebody and treat them during nicely. Expecting. Sex at the end of the night. Does that make you a job. Tonight we're also talking about whether or not. We as American people. Could change. Instead of applauding. The the politicians. The talk show host. Instead of instead of applauding the leaders. Those with voices that stand up for our side our ideology. Instead of applauding them to the point where they realize there's a benefit in in being divided it. What if we you know knowing it would if we became more united. Would decked. Would that ultimately be reflected in politicians I mean this is not gonna happen overnight but if we as Americans. Became more united. Would that ultimately forced politicians. To be. More willing to work with the other side and which party do you think is more willing to compromise. Republicans. Or Democrats. Are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven tech's number is 87 -- -- reach for your text you're just a moment from -- Brian you're on -- -- -- Excuse they can already been am accommodate the Chinese people is really at the quit this might -- -- -- your payment chemicals break. We're going into saint and falcons game you know I don't like the and in the -- -- like this today. That they -- don't like each other. And on the biggest problem of his you know that taking each issue its own matters in making your Oman. You know people blindly following -- -- If in theory and I I think this is true if in theory politicians the divide in Washington reflects the divide in America. That theoretically. If we became more united we can still believe what we want to believe but if if if we became more united in terms of just promoting the idea that. -- problems need to be solved. Would that not be reflected in a change in the attitude of politicians particularly in Washington. Of -- if people because people. The politicians pretty much gave people you know who -- fault what they. You know I'd take if you support one party can promise you there and I'm going to be that I'm going to be back. In a big -- the other partner a couple of big problems to people. Eight gold watch with politicians view they listen to what they say you know have a listen to quality you watch Whoopi cute. Actions speak louder and wired. And another reason you know if you need any. Any idea. Oh this government and I'm not distraught about the problem interest rates and but itself -- -- -- -- is like open at ten years more Americans at what this country to expect that. More -- American history of the United States last year now this citizenship. People eat that people. And that's what people -- -- to get up in week. Well there will be enough people to please it would manifest any real change in the of the political process here Breyer and and -- not enough people have that that kind of financial option. I do know that there are people who are totally disgusted with with congress but yet they continue to sit back and the representatives. That's right -- think it's just another thing you know people. Eight they just did not willing to watch what they did you know like look at look at Mary Landrieu in the bill but he commercial -- spotlight on both. Me and that they're locked people believe. We think anything could. Brian I'm glad you called the show if you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. It's every text number is 878 salary from Lafayette Jeff here on the Scotia -- -- -- Vote of course you know what you'll brokered comics and -- mind you -- -- Now in the government it merits it's basically. A union between you and -- to purchase the but in the churches being. You you know -- persons coming and to wonder they are correct by. It. They have common law matter which is basically if you live gathered you irritated by it so agreement that sort legally marry. It's party to a Shiite government that the legal. Action because it broke out as the guy. Ordered by first. Then in the inner. -- apartment so agreement and orderly manner in which you hit it out of money. And other recent. And in what. They cooker comic strip would pick a date tiger the drug that we're the traditional value of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Port saint. And the -- higher girl for less money and the ultimate bearing its respect. The other night that that's what we're looking. And you would agree they don't vote a lot of a lot of males. Spend money on women and try to -- Whitman because they are hoping their their. They're hoping that their money translates into sects of the into the night. Of course I mean they're not retiring any guy -- -- -- -- not put it. We're just they're gonna walk into a bar or restaurant or anyplace that matter meet her element she's gonna go out all in just a personality. In other experts -- out -- that you know millennium and you know we got straight out money. Draw you know attention to yourself man with the borders -- popular that he -- the million dollar is attractive to a lot of them. And then. -- -- my point that it separately wide that the government. Force women to future do whatever they want to their -- regretted the abortion debate big -- -- -- cannot -- -- -- something that. Or you're out and I I think that's the ultimate reason I'm having this conversation. That is city if something happens between two consenting adults so why should the government be involved in it why should society care. About the morality of of this issue why not. Why not let it happen it would difference does it make it two consenting adults and I think it really comes down to steal. -- two consenting adults. Going out and a guy spending money on somebody expecting sex at the end of the night. Morally and ethically that's no different than hiring a prostitute and a bit more dating study legal. No idiot -- -- -- -- apartment -- look at it simply that you previous separate but they're Barack Mike it is shot at it. Spent Rambo you're gonna get shot at. So used to do you spend money on hookers. Yet like. And the women. As frequent topic at and it's been very content class college educated. That does that make -- student. You know how how much. And don't don't tell me what that includes but how long is -- how long do you. How long you with your. Color is she in your. It. Than not -- and so -- go anywhere from. We've seen it all two -- Is not Russia such so you know. Guys. You know on the lot at work a lot -- wrote. And meet him up there aren't they -- yet successful. Actor. Not -- chose to duplicate that it felt at the time or a collection. And that's what I'm -- I'm hearing a lot about this from silicone valley and and with the executives they're they're busy they don't have time. And they have the money they don't have time to meet people they want to satisfy this aspect of their lives so they hire prostitute. That you should bring them out a program and grow your experience any of them. At that you would normally would -- your great -- Ports are not magic but. He. Can't experience or something international matters that are still -- and and -- beat front so I think they're greatly -- brought to beat you or straight after -- the popular program. At the bottom anyway there. I think divorce rate because the most men cheat on women -- myself included. What subordinate relationship and sexual aspect that. It exciting expect that want that New Year's war one the site of -- -- That was back to what my wife at the time and and you know -- out. This is a typical. It's a typical attitude that a lot of people have Jeff I'm for legalized prostitution began again because it happens between consenting adults. Where do you find these these giving you know pick people up off the streets so we're ready earlier where do you find somebody. Very very -- Armor class B escort her out there are orders wanna. Out -- Used to it and anywhere lock up. You can find me on the Internet. You can profile emerged there are viewed they are spurring. You are -- -- -- your spring. Make sure that their suspect he's back. Well there's this web -- enough I believe the year the Google executives used it and also I think the year I think the prostitute who's been arrested for his his heroin overdose death. I think she used it as well it's called seeking arrangement dot com. And they -- their mission is to. Bring two parties together for now only -- personal but also a business relationship where. Women find men who will pay them away an allowance or pay them to that to be taken care they're called sugar -- and and sugar babies. Ouster I mean that there. They're the upper east side that you don't want to like that the people on water and -- CBI. Is another person they'll use their rates stand there and you know at least meet. Underworld accurate view that it's not -- Jeff did you ever find yourself. Yes sometimes there is -- love at first sight sometimes there's instant chemistry did you did you ever find yourself. -- somewhat heated just wanting to get emotionally involved with somebody that you were just with. There's a couple of programs into several years after my divorce that starts in a year. And yet we become really different and actually gone out actual. Traditional dates where when a program like people program by -- -- -- -- yet. But the essential aspect is that it pitcher at that point because. This just -- Trent and you know it's our right to follow these are somewhat yet it can happen paktia and it. But you know interact with anybody insurers some very emotional attachment. To someone when you become intimate with them. Same time. Yet in my mind I don't use it as a business transaction that is something that like on the storm by -- I know that that. A relic that whale -- the business transactional borders nor. I'll be out there that I need an automatic you know pick up and go back well. I missed companionship -- all they love how people operate. The last -- our stock. So you know it. Occasion. -- -- beat south -- that that need to be decided between. A man and a walk in and not the federal government but it can't eat it -- that it's out there I -- -- -- of marriages in the form. You know Zardari mr. rock and look at it. -- -- -- -- -- -- She and in my opinion jeeves a prostitute. -- horse and therefore you don't. So I'm you people great judgment yet as double what what below morality level. In reality it's reality they're dated people extremely -- it'll look at -- what match dot com is what you think. That a web site where that it's not there armored your -- -- remember that -- are just a website at all. Well the there are people who have met people on those sites it and gotten married there are people who are there are people there who were trolling there -- people there who are honestly looking for relationship. Jeff I've got to get to break but I enjoyed our conversation internationalist and here is a taxi it's in ninety dollars in the Dominican Republic for 24 hours it's also. Legal. Here's a text conversely if I fall in love with my lover is it a longer prostitution. Here's another question. If a girl is a sugar baby to a sugardaddies. What does a guy to a sugar mommy. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Saturday and don't can be lucky. -- text overstates of the 87 this is dispute showed we'll be right back on every bureau is dating or marrying for money. A former prostitution as a Debbie W a pretty -- opinion poll big swing in our poll tonight. We open up the show is sorted out 40% said no it's not an 80% said yes it is. Here's the latest update 42% say no and 58%. Say yes it is give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. A -- more telecheck we'll talk about the NFL network saying that -- distant number two best active coach in the NFL. To line. Or too low on the list also in the thirtieth anniversary of raising the legal drinking age to 21. Was at the right call has -- its as it. Been better has it kept more teens from non drinking. As one of the things attacked a couple of things and talk about tomorrow morning so remember that morning's feel a whole lot better with Tommy Tucker in them. Tomorrow morning from six to ten here and to be WL if you wanna join our show with a comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And -- text ember is 87870. We've also been talking abouts Republican candidate for congress in Arizona who. Criticized a bus with their children passing by. He thought it was a bus full of illegal immigrants. And he said he he he said he could he could see the fear in their faces city he kind of -- about all of this. It was actually a bus full of YMCA kids. And I think the fact that he kind of went crazy about this and -- -- border area. I think this just speaks volumes. About the hysteria. Concerning this issue. And in many issues in this country people become so hysterical a what you hear a part of an exchange between a reporter. And this Republican candidate for congress and -- clause. New fabricate the rule of law and certainly you choosing. How to followers. You you're going to have a terrible result -- I was able to actually see some of the children in the buses and fear and independent fund and their faces. This is not compassion when you rule of law and and secure borders and and citizenship and immigration naturalization process that works. You don't see this this is a it's a very sad. Sad state of affairs that we have right now which children on buses where those we saw a school bus with plenty of children on -- so like I'm I'm assuming that I was a bus that was moving through. I don't know that was a bus with a YMCA kids that they were side to. OK I apologize I didn't know I was leaving either I was leaving when I saw them so that was a school bus people or not. Happy down the line it was that doesn't that that's an error by me. Position -- you making those kinds of his assumptions on such a charged issues to talk about seeing the kids when those weren't against -- that I saw children. I saw children but those weren't. My grandchildren those were not migrant children that's fine. Listen when you see I have people thought it was a mistake that was mistake if that was not it does not correct and that's mistake. But does this not demonstrate to hysteria that some people. And getting involved in and buy into. This this candidate for congress in Arizona Adam -- and I think it perfectly personifies this this idea the fear in the faces of the children oh well what they were -- NCA AQ its global they were sent to. -- -- -- It's it's it's almost funny but it's really really sand. Politicians are so busy blaming each other the president is blaming Republicans Republicans are blaming the president. In the meantime we've got all these these innocent children who were in this country illegally we can't possibly take care of all of them. We've got to go through this process. Of sending him back but he it it is a process. And unfortunately. Some people have gotten the idea that if they just come to America there are welcome here. And apparently vicious now the prevailing. Sentiment that that there there. Told that they can just come to America and the borders are open. More than escaping violence that's the most recent thing I've read about this. Exodus of so many unaccompanied children coming to America. And these kids are innocent. Mean it's it's it's added I know you have your feelings about. Illegal immigrants and you have your feelings about. About people coming to this this country but. From a humanitarian standpoint. We should feel badly for these students. Mean it's. It's sad Demi we should be humans before we were Americans before we're Democrats and Republicans we should be we should be human beings. It's a -- I think we forget to be human beings. And we would focus more on on well I'm a Republican I'm Democrat. Do you think Americans could ever put aside their allegiance to a political party. To send a message to politicians that we expect them to work together to solve problems. Like the humanitarian crisis in the border. And other problems as well or his party loyalty so important. That we will cheer for somebody who represents our ideology. And our side of an issue will cheer them on. Rather than tell them hey you know -- figure out a way to make this work. Figure out a way to solve the problem. We are so busy. Becoming an audience. In America forward. -- division politics today cheering on those who represented one side or the other. That they don't feel an incentive to really try to work together. To figure out a problem. If you and enjoyed our show at a comic tonight -- numbers 2601870. To all free 8668890. Point seven in our text number is 87870. I'm still looking for the name if if a girl is say I sugar baby to a sugardaddies. Then what is a guide to a sugar mommy. Because this at this website it works out these arrangements its calls seeking arrangement dot com it's a website that apparently this Google executive years. And be a prostitute apparently wish on this website. On their website it says home of over three million sugar babies. Sugardaddies. -- -- -- So what is a what is a guide it was sugar market is there is -- fort. Here's the mission statement of this website to seek arrangement dot com. To deliver a new way for relationships to form and grow. Sugar babies sugar daddies. And moments. Both get what they want. When they want it that's the mission statement. There was. A college student on one of the news channels like a flip around so -- should during the day I don't always know which one I'm I'm watching when something happens. But there was seven and an attractive young female who is in in college and she was talking about I think this one this one -- I was giving her 3500 dollars a month. Not to be your constant. Companion but they I mean I guess she can be with other Felix it was putting -- through college. This was how she was paying for college tuition. So really honestly is. Is there any difference between. Dating somebody. Or even ultimately marrying somebody for money. And prostitution. That's a double to give -- pretty gentle people give a sure opinion by going to our web sites WWL. Dot com. Here's a Texas says it's called a cup. So that's what you call. A guy. Who is with a sugar -- A cup I guess to some degree that would make sense but I had never heard -- a word Ford also this could blog tonight is titled is a dating someone for money form a prostitution you can read that share with others is on our website at WW dot com. And also was still on our website you can go to our opinions and scroll down to you find it had you seen the movie on the planet of the apes. I talked about this briefly yesterday senator filling in for Garland and the think tank. And I saw the movie I thought it was fields with greats messages about human nature. I was also surprised that it had such an anti gun message and it. Now it's an anti gun message but that doesn't mean it was a it was a and on message of gun control. It was a message about how humans. Have the need for guns. And animals don't. And I thought that was a profound. Profound. Message. Anyway if you saw the movie you can read it you'll either agree or disagree Toto we're excited every divisional dot com if you would join us with your comment tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 866. 8890 -- every text. Is -- 7870. We'll be right back. In our top eight date tonight we -- talking about NO PD starting a new campaign to recruit new police officers the goal behind the campaign called get behind the badge. Is to attract more people to become NO PD officers to get to the point where there were sixteen under police officers on the force and there was short of that now. What could NO PD due to add to the campaign. That might make it more attractive to be a police officer. How about promote the idea that he -- please great speed and hurling a replica. I got a -- about it but as I said earlier we've all seen people who appear to be speeding because there's a police -- even though they might not be responding to a call. Here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight is dating or marrying for money a form of prostitution. 38% saying no 62% say yes give Fisher opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. Angela Hillis now part of the radio -- here -- be real on our show tomorrow starting at 1 o'clock could the city of New Orleans known for partying and being lazy fair. Culture city could we become a smoke free city. Big cities like Boston Chicago San Diego San Francisco. Have now. Become smoke free cities. Should New Orleans kick the -- to. -- City Council member of LaToya Cantrell is leading the charge sponsoring a smoke free week starting this coming Monday. -- first. As she hopes to expand this movement and get legislation passed -- would make New Orleans healthier and a smoke recent. When when I moved back to New Orleans that was one of the first things that I noticed having been in Denver. Portland and Seattle. There's essentially no smoking in the cities. And I'm not even in bars. And when I move back to new world that was of the first things that I noticed was the smoke here so that's going to be a financial show tomorrow at 1 o'clock should do -- was being smoke free city. Also a college campuses are -- not reporting or under reporting sexual assault and rape on campus -- Louisiana stack up. A state senator. JP morale is gonna. -- -- Port Angeles session tomorrow and he's calling on the Louisiana board of regents to investigate this also should mentally ill people. The New Orleans parish prison. Angela talk about all of this tomorrow it's an open mind with Angela hill beginning 1 o'clock tomorrow -- before -- -- -- -- -- well. A -- or your text here in just a moment. Here is set -- -- on our -- if you're a pretty general opinion -- dating. Dating or marrying somebody for money is at a -- prostitution 30% no and 62%. Say yes and the -- blog tonight is is on this subject you can read that in. Share with others it's on our website devoted to real -- content. Here is attacks that reaches about the children coming in this country. So the inference is that we -- inhumane to acknowledge that America cannot currently pay our bills. And us. Cannot afford to -- and closed and house. Everyone on earth the problem is that Mexico. And others are simply manufacturing a crisis. I know it's real just also note that we cannot take care of everyone on earth. Without borders we ceased to be sovereign cold hard facts. I I realize we can't take -- of all these children. We have to do more to discourage people from coming to this country and plus the coming year. Legally. Now may be that means sending troops to the borders of the countries in Central America. Where these kids are and and to adults as well are being loaded onto buses and taken here with this idea that. They're. They're gonna get free passage in the United States. And that's not the right message to send the administration. Has not done a good job with this but Republicans haven't helped out either. And both sides are so busy blaming each other. That I just don't get the sense that this country it is gonna come together to solve this problem. It almost seems like it's more important for each side to blame the other side. Did this for politicians to really trying to come up with the answer. And from a human standpoint. Would it be more important to compromise and find an answer to this I don't know what the answer is. UN I don't have access to all the the power and the law -- all the resources that are that are or are applied to this situation. So we can't possibly make a totally intelligent decision other than to say they either stay -- they don't stay. And we can't keep all these people here. But we have to stop the source we have to stop this idea that you just come to America and you you can come here and you can you can live in this country. We need to discourage that we need to secure the borders. How great would it be I I think this would have a tremendous impact on the the stock market. And on consumer confidence that they would have a tremendous impact on the spirit of America. If the president. And Republicans. Physically came together. And addressed America and said. We are going to work together. Wouldn't that be great moment. In our history. Because right now it's not about what's doing best what to do it's not about what's -- doing. Things in the best interest of America. It's about. The right in the last it's about Republicans and Democrats and in blaming each other and and sticking with their site and then. We rally around them and we applaud their efforts. And we. Speak to them through. Talk radio the talk media. And talk show host rally people opt for one side or another. And it just seems to be a vicious cycle that they're reflecting the great divide that exists in America. So in theory if Americans. Became more united. And less partisan but believe what you -- belief. But if we became more united would that not over period of time become more reflected. In the politicians. Would they not ultimately. Have to. Become more united because they reflect us. If you wanna join -- show with a comic tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688 -- early Saturday. At a Texas a 77. I -- and we'll be right back on WWL. And welcome back to the -- showing a very very comfortable July night. It's a Wednesday night it is not often this comfortable this time of year so if you have any reason to just drive around with the wind is down. If you have a -- opera sunroof remove roof you really should open letter purported down -- any excuse to just get out tonight get out because it really is very comfortable from the world's generous here and WWL. Yes you get -- did it. Yes the thing. Even accompanying -- -- but still it was a good thing and I -- in the Wednesday. I think it's an -- But the company is -- okay the company decides. That that don't want to smoke and you know in the workplace I understand I think the ticket package that can be significant accounting. It at the -- Doesn't you know wanted to be as rapidly down the camps I'm -- Around the apartment stepping union -- -- that you would say something about. Increased security. Oh what -- that actually be. Well there are some cities in California apparently Boston is expanding this in San Diego and others -- there a couple of a smaller cities -- California. That have banned smoking on public streets. My key he cannot depend on. How I know you will -- -- you don't need me. The freedom Dhabi and stepped on and -- to -- Communist and he it looked at my mentality in fact you had. -- benefit from the senate bill which you don't think it was Carolina at the bit about smoke accountant. -- the not just a step side. And the commitment. Now Janice I would have to would have to agree with you in fact. You know I can be kind of rebellious at times almost wanna start smoking to -- and was and have a right to smoke no -- not gonna do it. -- are are there more homosexuals. In America today because of the growing acceptance of homosexuality that's one of the things we will talk -- much right after the news.