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7-16 Scoot Show 10pm, Political Allegiances

Jul 17, 2014|

Could Americans put aside their allegiance to a political party to send a strong message to politicians that they need to work together to solve the border crisis and other problems? Is party loyalty more important than demanding that politicians work together? Which party seems more willing to compromise: Republicans or Democrats?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I wish I would have had time to go on during a news breaker distant or walk around outside it is a very very comfortable night -- not often is it to. It is cool to suddenly cold but it's cooler than it usually is on. Our August night I mean on -- on July night like this so get out any joint united you can if you drive around appreciate the fact that you probably don't have to use your. A seat -- if you enjoy pressure with a comment about any of the -- for talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- are separate text number is 87 B 870. We're talking about whether -- not Americans could put aside their allegiance to a political party to certain ideologies. And send a message to politicians that we expect them to work together to solve problems like the problem of the border crisis. That is humanitarian problem. We didn't create the problem although I guess it could be argued that we did because we don't send a strong enough message to the world that. Everybody can't just come here and -- whether -- did enough to stop that whether people just created this idea in Central America that. You can just go to America. And look -- people are making money bringing these unaccompanied children to America. But their kids and we we need to treat him any humane manner it doesn't mean that we can afford to take care of but we can't just let them down and we can't just lock -- product I don't know how they physically get across the border in the first place. Without being stopped. So it's there it's a very complicated problem. But what I find most distressing about all of this is that both parties. The president representing the Democrats. And Republican leaders are blaming each other. And there's no sense of okay we've you know we've been wrong about this and we've been wrong about that but you know let's put that -- what's. Let's for the American people sake let's figure out what we need to do to fix the problem. I don't get any sense of it. That's what's missing in this country. And we can blame the politicians all we want but I think it really does come back to the American people because they're just reflecting the divide. That leaves in the hearts in the minds of so many Americans. I think we need to start using the talked media. And we need to change ourselves as this is not gonna happen overnight but if we. If we became more united. It seems to me that that would be reflected in the talk media that would be reflected also. I'm with the politicians. In Washington DC. We've been talking about prostitution tonight the crisis since this case came up that this this Google. Executive who died of an apparent heroin overdose in the company prostitute who has been charged with his his death. There apparently are a lot of people who do prostitutes. And not just street prostitutes high class prostitutes. And they are are executives who were very busy in effect we talked to. A man who is a successful businessman. He travels a lot he says he quite often uses a prostitutes. And it's -- 150 dollars and their high class prostitutes -- when he travels to New Orleans are two different cities he. Know this and they're certain ones that he he calls on and uses to the same -- it really brings up the question about whether or not prostitution should be legalized. Antony brings up a bigger question about is dating or marrying somebody for money. A -- prostitution. That's -- WW a party general people here's an update 38% say no 62% say yes. Give a -- thing by going to our web site WWL dot com before -- back to your calls. Whenever we talk about same sex marriage and show -- or gay rights I get. People who who call and say. Well you know the acceptance of homosexuality. Is leading to -- homosexuals. There are more gays and lesbians now because of the acceptance. Of homosexuality. Do you believe it. According to a federal -- -- reported this was part of our topic today tonight. Only 2% of Americans. Over the age of eighteen describe themselves as gay or lesbian and that's about where the percentage of gays and lesbians has been for a long time I thought it was around. Around 3%. But their people say it's 10% it's not a percent their people in the gay community to promote their their gay activists and advocates who promoted the idea that it's 10%. Such -- percent. It's about 2%. And the questions that were give it to -- -- the options have -- given demand and asked the question which of the following best represents. How you think of yourself. -- Straight that is not -- Bisexual. Something else or I don't know the answer. Females given similar choices gay or lesbian straight that is not lesbian or gay bisexual something else or I don't know the answer. An idea I don't know appease the answers -- I don't know what the statistics -- on those who said they didn't know. But to based on this a federal report which I think is done every year. Only 2% of Americans over the age of eighteen describe themselves as -- So there really are no more gays today than there has been in the past. And I don't think anybody. Becomes key because of the acceptance of homosexuality and if you might know somebody's game. If you would've -- which gave because of the acceptance of homosexuality but it doesn't mean that there are more homosexuals in the world. Tomorrow night on the -- show we'll talk about how people are outraged conservatives are outraged. That Archie comic book character. -- -- -- was shot and killed. He died. Saving a gay friend. From a bullet. He jumped in front of his gay friend Archie is dead. Saving a life of his gay friend. Conservatives. Many are outraged. We'll talk about that on this cute show tomorrow night if you're gonna join us tonight are numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889070. And a text number is 87 -- every from a beat a springs rusty -- and to be WL. -- Just not the sacred anymore and uncles will be doing next and law to protect her children and Chris emotionally cunanan's. Yeah I am. Interest in the border crisis because they're pretty much group there language specifically. A mission to -- realm border murdered currently it to a group there she's sure it's panic. Current -- -- money -- grandparents for next candidate came over and migrant workers shall. Date pretty much grew up work in the field at all. Similarly to. Paid to join the military at one of them and one X well at about seven Brothers. One album did not graduate college stressed that he didn't want to leave graduate of Stanford. They served in the military. 100 a sister became a non. The key is assimilation and we currency wars assimilation. Inaudible southern border is being -- Overwhelmed. And we packs and the American taxpaying public is being. Straying to the point of collapse we support the entire world. Giving. Billions and now people don't like this -- for humanitarian reasons. But when you allow your country to become. Overrun by people who are sending billions of dollars looking economies of the countries in the Southern Hemisphere. And -- -- -- -- -- and contribute. And it's our -- to the country. Cannot be ignored and that's what we're facing today. And we don't do something about it I'm afraid it would reach a point where given the other issues. Identification. Politics thinks that the crisis. You know problems with the remaining issues. I think to work and eventually reach a point where we can continue and when that happens -- gonna bring about actually. Horrific and frightening situation. Rusty I do see this bad tendency to not assimilate. With some cultures when I was on the air in Miami I thought there was a huge problem there were. There are areas sieve of Miami they were actually like -- Cuba and they they wanted to just maintained that culture in the United States. Maintaining your culture is a wonderful thing but not assimilating is is not a good thing. And you can go to a suburban mall. In a suburb of Miami and I'll never forget my my girlfriend of the time we went into a shoe store she was trying to try and appear issues. And the young clerk brought heard that metal thing that measures your foot he thought that's what she was talking about rather than these are issues that she went to trial. It's it's unfortunate that some people come to this country. And feel like in America they have a right to not be America. And there are other cultures. They'd go out of their way to assimilate and become part of America -- nobody should ever lose their culture and what a rich person you lord if you. If you have more than one culture if you can be part of you your old culture and also be part of the new culture of America but assimilation is is is key. Yes and it's not. Just for other -- spared the difference it's -- Financial and now. Also say a social requirement in order to be able to continue to welcome and bring it. Well and it. I've never been there but I have always read that in areas of Quebec. He color you are required to speak French. Well that's not true and you speak French have been compared -- run into the problem and they seem to him and agree. A rail against that -- in fact they're trying to -- characters or English French conflict since. I Khomeini was below is Europe maybe it was on. Navy was in maybe it was in an area where it seems like if you wanted to work for this city or the government you had to speak French. Yet it is it is. It's not canceling mandatory -- speaking English -- They currently there you know they're special -- -- or not -- and -- they are so there are also flexible. But when I went to Canada to work a year ago courtesy what I have to go through. In order to clear. That I have the skills training education to do their job and there's no Canadians can feel that China and even when on days. It still resentful in -- And vacationing in Canada first I'm more that there was actually quite surprised at how defensively or as pale hand. You know it doesn't go to a common American perception as you can hook. But it's very very uncertain and they're very quite measured and prevail here and. And you know I have a lot of -- to expand and I do. But you know to union I don't always buy -- managed by this time because you know -- From an area where this has been known for years and actually done work that Americans won't do. Which is board regarding. Building. Constructing roots. Of twelve inch flat fortunate two inch -- We -- on court in swamps the speed and so did you know snake infested swamp where these locations and setup that they need to put a preliminary. And I was the only English and English speaking American and -- oversaw development work. And I I got to drop the trucks and -- some skeptical because as well. Well -- Seattle to the -- question that there are a lot of illegal immigrants hired in this country by American citizens who are driven to hire them out of greed and that affected some Americans won't do some jobs. Absolutely. I'm rusty and and appreciate cheered around it's pretty and -- I enjoyed our conversation yes sir did you think you have been. Thanks sourcing if you wanna join us for your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Recently Texas 8787 here's a quick update on our ever changing WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight. It's dating or marrying for money a form of prostitution. 41% say no. But still a majority 59% say yes. It is. And we know situations where people have been with somebody. They've allowed themselves to be in the company -- somebody just because that person has money. And the person what sex. And gets it. Because they have money. So how is that any different from prostitution give us your opinion I go into our website WWL dot com Jeff welcome to dispute she'll. Pace -- I just wanted to shall agree with you think the -- -- We dealing important issues like. The board right through that does apart partisanship and I think we live our culture now it would sound byte culture and a optimistic outlook social media we've got these -- You've got conservative liberal paper column -- -- Me out there. And everything has reduced or shall by slow him and it prevents. Meaningful. You know consideration issues than. Our. Politicians -- all apologies that likes. -- let people -- lips and city issues we just basically. Had shut. In early years in the years that I've studied the relationship between mass media and society and -- the concept of mass communication and in society. I view television I -- radio if you entertainment as a reflection of the audience. And I think he could be argued that politicians are mediums as well and they reflect their audience the voters. And if we are divided then they're going to reflect that divide. If we somehow became united instead of blaming them for not being more united may be we should start -- ourselves. All right. I'll be hot now. Surer -- that I think what the -- mayor. They're almost pejorative term for people actually trying to beat by parts that are pure pop in -- that he believes that. You know. But union should be supporter. Why you know if you're a Democrat that you know it's not sure. Callable ball. A call that. Com you know -- type thing or prohibits. Com an urgent -- came without caller why they believe campaign finance reform bank. About money big money out politics. -- I really think that we need to cut through the slope. And mean and basically. A look at what issues. You know generally -- across at all. I take steroids and you know there was a high profile button conflict between Ronald Reagan and Tip O'Neill speaker of the house but. They had their public battles that ultimately they didn't work things out. For the American people didn't work everything out but they did show some signs of working together. I do agree with you about the name calling itself. You know I see -- on -- show. I don't know what I am because I feel certain ways about some things that make me a conservative I feel some -- about some things that make me seem very liberal. And it's almost as if everything's a litmus test if you party supports same sex marriage thing you you've got to be a liberal well art I don't think that's true. And this idea of being a rhino. Republican in in name only is part of this name calling process to where people are discouraged but you know. Most of the people in this country. Do not buy into the extreme. Ideology of the right with a -- and most the people this country are more moderate. What you -- and Tea Party are not overly. Can't believe that there. Manipulated by -- think about that that Coke Brothers. Basically funding. Portrayed like this grassroots. Program what you think. Well it's my understanding bets that the Tea Party named after that the Boston Tea Party was originally. A movement that represented. Lower taxes. Represented. On -- government. Balancing its books on the cutting spending and being fiscally responsible. The Tea Party however has been taken over by people like Glenn Beck and others. Who -- -- all of these social issues and made it seem as if it's a real right wing extreme movement. When he didn't start out that way. And so now all these social issues have been tied to that the Tea Party and I think that's on -- to -- it -- Sarah Palin and and people like that have have added. On additional meaning to the Tea Party so it's -- no longer how it to started out. Jeff I appreciate the call is actually listening if you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And our -- numbers 877 he -- a text so we are turning the country upside down for 2% of the people. Now. If only 2% of the people or gay or lesbian. There are many people in this country who -- gay or lesbian. But support equal rights. So. Big gay rights movement and same sex marriage. Is really being emotionally funded. By people who just. Believe in equality. Not just gay people. I'm screwed it will be her right back on WL. Director Ron Howard his -- These stories. In movies. It has been announced that Ron Howard we'll direct and produce a documentary. About The Beatles -- years from 1960 to 1966. Can't wait for that. When you think about theme that the real life stories that -- told Apollo thirteen among them I'm looking forward to this he's really a justice of The Beatles only two are believed. Didn't arrive in this country to 1964. So the only tour in America from like 64 to 66. Days it's amazing that they had this kind of impact. Over really brief period of time I was it to Beatles fest -- The top cancer motoring walls but it sure from the impact rocket -- a lot of other people Saturday and house of blues which is always a lot of fun and nasty to say a few things. And ain't talking about this being the fiftieth anniversary of The Beatles are writing in America just couldn't help focus on. The diversity of the music of the deals over such a short period of time. And so many of the people who were at a house of blues for Beatles fest. They they won't even born. With a Beatles broke up in 197 and born after The Beatles broke up. So they still are having a tremendous impact but those those early years actually and in Europe and Germany -- for 19601966. That will be the subject of Iran Howard. Documentary. I'm -- ledger with us on this Wednesday night very very comfortable out tonight if you would join our -- with a comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- seventy. And -- -- numbers 878 -- WWL wants to help you beat the heat it's not that hot sticky tonight but it's still hot sticky this time of year. We're giving you a chance to win thousand dollars in cool cashing in nationwide summer splash cash contest but just listen to WWL weekdays. Right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM for the code word. And text the code were 272881. For your chance to win without ever putting your phone bill. That's seven to eighty point. Every weekday Ford like you listeners nationwide 1000 dollars each. And please don't miss out on this money so sign up for the WWL cash club this is where you get reminders in attacks were about to give the money away. I'd just text the word cash. To wait 78. Stephanie. -- -- cash too late 7870. Will alert you fifteen minutes before each code word is announced. So you don't forget to listen. The 1000 dollar nationwide summer splash cash contest is going on right now and don't forget those times to listen right before the top of the hour news. At 7 AM. 11 AM. 2 PM and 5 PM good luck from sport radio and account. And all of visit WW well remember that we never charged for text but to individual plan text and generates may apply. I hear is attacks that reads on the subject of money for dating. The old saying goes. And I'll clean this up the most expensive blank is free why. Because if a man. Really would just hire for example an escort for a couple hundred dollars. Four tryst. It would probably cost much less than a sugar daddy having to constantly by dinner and buy things. And go to the mall in Guinness or whatever. You spend a heck of a lot more money dating and going to movies and out to dinner and you expand on essentially. Prostitute. Here is attacks. -- reads you often use the word greed. You sound like I'm making a profit discreet it's not if you ever had a poor person give -- -- job private business is not like government business. Make it must make a profit while I understand. And I do understand degrees is part of the free enterprise system. I'm greed is a part of the system of the Communist government that also has a free market society. In China. So that's part of human nature Greek. When we're so greedy. Fat. We break laws -- we're so we'll just think about -- that you know there are so many conservatives in this country. Who. Condemned illegal immigrants. And yet who's hiring illegal immigrants. Some of the people hiring illegal immigrants are conservative Republicans. And they do it out agree. They also do it because it's my understanding that there aren't some Americans they won't do the job I've had countless text and phone calls from people of who have hired people and they say that. In many cases illegal immigrants are harder workers. Then. Some American citizens. So it's the free enterprise system it's supply and and demand. It creates a market for illegal immigrants. Whether that's brighter wrong I think that is part of agreed it's part of our our system of thumb a free enterprise a from ocean springs Terry you're on the -- -- Straight to our Gerri. Thanks so noted first from a courtroom between beer and I think he's got a great courses and great court. Unfortunately you know -- fees commonly. Crumble Scott elect. Unfortunately with our income in my travels throughout the country and yet we -- label that we have to hit. In certain ideology in the and that's per you fortunate because I was the guy who voted for. Both sides of the law. And I'd I'd looked at the person in the individual people would probably more trailed him for bargain away from Lawrence. Was that generally is if you were outspoken bit eerie spotlight is sky for whatever reason. There's an inquiry he literally Regis you couple in the it's it's really sat in in the and I were ordered the government right now. And I can -- -- -- you know. I would true. Talking about we follow the number of what country we live and what we're talking about re voting on each other governments on each. In the it's it's do you know that the state of mind today with the extreme groups softball size what it's Republican -- Democrat. With the lies that spray on both sides. We aren't they out here in this country apart and that is -- data can give careless. A popular a bit merchant ship it's it's about how much money he can line their pockets with. I agree and it's about staying in power and and I think you bring up a good point -- I often talk about it on the show why why are we so quick to label people meet people -- labeled the liberals under -- label me conservative. It's not that I don't have conviction because I do and everything that I talk about. But that conviction doesn't allow me to fall into the category of of right or left and -- I'm quite proud of that. But people aren't comfortable with that can't labeled you. And I think that this really the fault of America and collectively. Well it I think our that is who -- -- get so -- In Warren who will lead in one. In it all in my car itself. So that you. Couple periods in the eat only. What they're troll that would -- pretty well -- -- -- right more aware about what mark felt. It's right it's easier to find things that day it's. Dates support your beliefs that to go out and try and find what he's really true. And there's no question that Fox News is an echo chamber for that audience MSNBC is an echo chamber for for the audience. It only if we shouldn't be so quick to toll I and so might I had seen in probably. Twenty years. And he he did know that I was back -- did know that it was to a talk radio. And we worked in radio together many years ago. The first question he said I've listened to talk to a WWL first question you an Obama supporter. Why is that the first question comes to mind. Is it weird there's the Puerto. Going on in this country -- scenes saying. Well I'd you know I'd vote of both coaches want it I've -- -- state -- -- -- well. And natural tendency in this week before Labor Day. What is will be. Sure it will work before you will be put out fear. Shouldn't be sure about what was the people. Bet they'll Wear it -- -- that we just didn't make -- -- I -- treatment and by the way and I'm now in American. Street and so do. It and just like everybody -- -- me. And even a portal to information about sort which brought the she's here in bogey. Shakespeare -- mean it was not. Built -- through the bulk import. You know we're seeing here like here at auctions -- in Mississippi. Right now that they would it was a certainly. Senatorial. Well at all between two Republican. And you got one who treat party and one -- you were Republicans. The party guys burger. It's got its profits. Because of acute and more of of impropriety. That happened to the election he. So Allen is also initially. Initially there aren't true. And initially there was criticism because is Thad Cochran was appealing to black voters is and that's something that every candidate should do appealed to all voters. Jack. Cory ward where -- guys. Mr. McCain's stated. -- although Republicans. Should be allowed to vote for -- Republican. What does that mean we all -- can. Do label now well and -- Democrat or report. Dose this Internet service and that's the sad state of this country people are defining themselves as conservative or liberal first. And American second. We we got -- -- we gonna do scoot it in our guys like you. Cheap imports in the spring because it's so important that Americans realize we'd welcome Americans before we all people. -- I need people like you keep listening and keep voicing your opinion because ultimately. The talk mediate is is on the verge of changing. And it's it's. The the extremes on the right and the left are fading. They hate talk is fading and in a desperate attempt to be heard they're trying to screen even louder and bring up even crazier ideas. So we'll see them kicking and screaming like a dead animal before. Ultimately passes away that if things are changing and -- Terry I really enjoyed our conversation went nationalistic if you -- -- a site with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy text. It's 8770. We'll be right back. On -- WL earlier tonight's Glenn Beck was on Fox News Channel with Megyn Kelly and by the way general Aviv noticed has denied that day and night and Kelly wanna -- but my guess one of the ways that she's trying to maker shows seem exciting and different. Every night she is a different haircut. Not not haircut but every night she's selling her carefully. The criticism it's just an observation. But Glenn Beck is on there and I guess I am I was still astonished that anybody. Would pay attention to anything that Glenn Beck necessary. He has cried wolf so many times. In -- overly dramatic about revealing things. In his predictions never come true. So it just amazes me. How people just quickly. -- somebody. And even if they make horrible horrible predictions and mistake after mistake after mistake. People still follow them. And to me that's a really disturbing. Phenomenon in this country. You know mark you WBU. It could mark. But -- -- there with the and because there aren't. First of all the extra everybody. I mean I -- people go to use. What they do some people can be died in the wool. Party -- You know I was going to be. I don't think a little acts. Politicians. Certainly don't try to politician yesterday in Washington on aware of the dissatisfied. Feelings that the American public about immigration. Let's go back to win. Obama was elected I had a democratic president democratic majority in the senate democratic majority. -- programs. And these -- could only get one dollar and emigration problem crossing the border. We call it if you eagle -- could actually. -- -- problem or. Along. Audience easily probably if you want to. Welcome America. -- -- -- And that goes back you know sixties infidelity and -- you look at what's his problem and will it match. What any of these problems. Where would work when you haven't always count for a few you have an obligation to do so. So we have this while opposition. Republican -- Democrat style -- play well and that's what they like. I wanted to know where I'm reserve chairman. -- -- no matter where I should. The situation now now with all these kids -- You know that whole bunch of change in the ball. Just one party while I agree he elected. People in Washington. Who act as yet. They have no prisoners do and the most important. To do. Well the sad reality is there and they're more interested in. In. The power that they get the attention that they get from defending their side rather than even pretending that they wanna work with somebody else. It says one more effective and this is. How I -- I may -- wrong I'm frequently wrong. The last call at all and innocent. Played a different kind I kind of rate call. And he. Tell that -- black. African American he goes Tuesday. People are saying and courts to go to work out and he feels. Marginalized. And he talks about peace and it rates in Mississippi. Now Thad Cochran. In college Democrats to vote in the Republican primary because I can't and that's. The republic. Mark I'm gonna let a little like other like you finish your thought but hang on I've got to get to a -- to break here we'll be right back -- -- -- well. I'd almost out of time for this hour here's a Texan -- Cisco seems to me you love blacks and gays. Getting a lot of text about like comments about Glenn Beckel talk about that in the next starlets finish of our conversation with mark. -- which had more time for even a good time for you to finish a quick thought. Well you know I understand that whole new way abuse rates. And -- aren't. People want not racists. When Andy warned talks about the truth of the economic situation in this country. And as far as I'm concerned the only people say any thing that is. Actor or people in the identified himself that teapot. And say we're broke we can't keep that. The. Yeah it's it's a shame it's -- its -- Well it's great group. It's a shame the Tea Party started out mark I've got to get to and appreciate -- It's a shame the Tea Party started out with with one on mission and people like Glenn Beck in fact that it where if all these other social issues. For decades the Republican Party has defined itself with white males. So. Racist feel more at home in the Republican Party it does it mean all Republicans are racist but if you're racist you're more likely Republican will be right back.