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07-16 11pm Scoot, Political Blocking

Jul 17, 2014|

Can the democrats and republicans break party lines so that can resolve the Mexican/U.S. border problems?

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Organize your show -- -- so Wednesday night tomorrow night we're gonna talk about -- this comic character Archie I was never into the comics but I -- Archie was -- very popular comic book character. -- stint. He was shot. He was shot and killed seating is gay friend. A lot of conservatives are going crazy -- ethics are outraged. Talk about that on the show tomorrow -- also tomorrow night of the Scotia we'll talk about MTV's new show. Now they -- controversy shows like sixteen and pregnant they've announced a new reality show virgin territory. And it follows the lives of fifteen young adults who oral versions. Some -- in their virginity they're embarrassed that they're still virgins. But some are very vocal about how they wanna. They wanna wait until they get married so we'll talk about those two things a torrent sites on the scripture here on WWL. Here's a quick update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll. -- is dating or marrying for money. A form of prostitution. 41% say no and 59%. Say yes. Here is attacks that Reid says did you just say that if you're racist you were more likely to be Republican. Really based on white. -- whites who went about African Americans. What you know that's true I mean African Americans can be racist as well so I was speaking specifically of of white racist and this conversation started when a caller earlier. Call from ocean springs in cities and African American and he he voted for George W. Bush twice and I think he said he voted for his and his stand as well. And he said he went to a Tea Party rally I believe in Nashville and he was just looking for information. And he said that he he felt like they were very rude to him and he was he was not -- and treated and did feel like he was treaty with with welcome. A welcoming attitude that it was his perception I was and they are so so I don't know. There are a lot of people who do play the race card their people who claim their victims and every art the year people who. Who blame. Race for things that race should not be pulling for. This is no secret. If you are a racist. And the good juicy news most people this country I'd like to think or not racist. If you're racist. Are you more likely to be a Democrat or Republican. That doesn't mean that all Republicans are racist but I I do have to respond to -- this tax -- save it. They're racist does apply to. I to a lot of different people. Not just whites. If you are Joyner show with a comic tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Which seventy and a -- number is 87870. Here is attacks that reads a U. For the weird -- for the weird flavored conversation -- for the we're for the Paris at. Earlier tonight is that top later date. I was talking about the criticism of the new laced dictatorships the new flavored -- dictatorships. And it was harsh criticism of the mango salsa flavored -- potato -- and also the cappuccino. Flavored chips. -- flavored chips. That reminds you so that we talked about -- long ago which was peanut peanut butter flavored beer which it with some of the it's some some some beer company was offering that is -- summer selection peanut butter flavored beer it seems like things should go to gather at their flavor you like. And I mention this earlier. Coffee flavored doughnuts. Mean that makes sense. Don't -- flavored coffee that makes cents. But -- flavored -- doesn't make -- so. Here's a text responding to that and says have you ever heard of the rumors of bacon flavored mouth march. Would you try that no I don't think I would try. Bacon flavored mouth arch. Because it may be -- would be one of the way she -- -- one of the things he would get rid of if you had a taste in your mouth. Here is attacks that read it's you were always ripping on conservatives. And other text. You are slipping. You like to be straight down the middle and you see you'd do not one under Glen deck with an interview. And he's from the right. Who from the left. Which a liberal which you know what underwent an interview. Personal I didn't say would -- Glenn -- -- an interview but I just questioned why anybody would interview. Glenn Beck -- cried wolf so many times I don't understand why anybody would give him credit of asking his. Observations on anything. I just he has he has earned a total disrespect. Claiming so many things were gonna happen yet he's he's sent a sky is the falling kind of guy. And I just think overtime win these things don't don't happen then -- and -- pay attention to and yet he was on Megyn Kelly tonight. Here's a Texan -- I feel the same way about President Obama that you feel about Glenn -- your opinion. And my opinion are both valid neither one is more important than the other but with President Obama I am very tired of his lies. And it would not honor him with an interview either even if he is elected. Well I I understand that. And for all the hate that there is about President Obama there was there was a lot of hate for president George W. Bush to. There were people who defended George W. Bush said well you know you should at least honor. The office of the presidency because he's president you may not like it but you should offer you should part of the office of the presidency. But yet many of the same people critical of Obama and disrespectful of the office of the presidency so you know again and the political hypocrisy. In this country is. Is just so widespread that it's consistent. Amazing that more people don't don't focus art and I love this text it's -- seems to be. -- seems to me you love blacks and gates. If -- supporting equality. Whether it's for blacks and -- But I don't understand how that can be low for. A disputed describe that -- if you hate blacks and gays then I guess she would perceive. My opinion and it's loving boxing games and a sensor Prussia like I can't change it. I'm really collected a said the -- A moment ago when I said. About disguise who sent me to texture you like to be straight down the middle. I don't like to be straight down the middle. But I like to have credibility as a talk show host and I try not to be hypocritical. Guy I'm I'm a human being -- I'm -- -- times that I'm hypocritical but I try to to be hypocritical. And there are. Their opinions that I have on some issues then it would classify me as a conservative. And there are. Opinions of I had that would classify me as a liberal so I can't I can't fall into either category. And yet there seems to be this propensity to want to define everybody on radio as either right or left. I guess that's convenient. Because if people don't have to really think about what you're saying. They wanted to know if you're liberal or conservative. Because that's that's convenient for them. Think they would just either accept or reject everything you say. If they know what they just know what you war. But I think that's one of the down falls. In this country did this this labeling. And in the name calling and had a caller boarded up earlier rhino is an acronym for Republican in name only. And John McCain and others have been criticized for being rhinos. Republican in name only that they don't really act as Republicans. And yet if you really search Europe political ideology. You would really find that in some cases you're probably. More liberal than you think. In some cases may be more conservative anything. There are a lot of fiscal conservatives. Who are also social liberals. There are a lot of people who believe in conservative values. Belief in what conservatives are supposed to believe in -- A fiscally responsible government and a smaller government. But yet they also. Do not oppose legalization of pot or for same sex marriage. So. There needs to be more respect in this country. For those people who cannot. Conveniently labeled themselves. Conservative. Or liberal. And that's an important. Having conviction. On issues that. Is important. Here's a quick update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll is dating or marrying for money. A form of prostitution. The highly publicized death of 51 year old Google executive forced Hayes is raising questions about the wealthy. And I and successful people and upscale prostitutes. High priced prostitutes. Alex tissue and 26 years old. Is in jail she's been charged with the murder of four states. He he was aborted its fifty foot yacht to whisper. And his captain of a yacht found him I believe the next day he died from an apparent overdose apparel. And the young female. He was apparently paying for sex is accused of administering the lethal dose of Carol. Prostitution among rich executives is not a common. Busy lives. Little time for personal life some executives find it practical to pay for sex from a -- prostitutes. And they can afford it. And that occurs under the radar of a society it's it's differed from hookers on the street. There's a web site seeking arrangement dot com. And is being used. By men who were looking for physical intimacy. And companionship with attractive females. And they're willing to pay fort and it's my understanding that this prostitute in his Google executive both used seeking arrangement dot com. It's also used by females who are willing to trade their companionship. For money. And sometimes big money. When female user who who uses the web site today admitted dictated a social news earlier. Admitted that. She makes connections with men who are willing to pay for her regular. Companionship. Who give her an allowance. And that's -- her college education. Is the practice of -- paying attractive women for their companionship and sex. Much different from an attractive young woman dating or marrying somebody. Because he has money. I see it and I'm sure you have as well. I I know people who are attractive females who have. Gone on jets. Private jets with guys. They find on the golf with -- -- than the fact that they had money. Is spending money on a lavish expensive date. With the assumption of sex at the end of the night. Is that essentially a form of prostitution. Is there any real difference between a young female who dates or marries for money and a prostitute. And many high class prostitutes to fill the emotional bonds with men. To pay for their services. Does this not blur the line between prostitution and those who marry -- date. Because of money. Money by sex. Money buys attractive companionship. That might be an ugly truth. It might be conveniently ignored and denied by those who participate. But it is a reality it it is -- truth not everybody's this way of course but some people are not every attractive young person. As a married and under attractive older man because he has money. Some actually fall in love with people but that doesn't mean that there aren't a lot of people out there who don't date. Somebody because of their car because of their house their apartment because of money because of where they go and and what they do. And if there is an assumption of sex. And if so people are willing to. Provide sex at the end of the night after a great date how was that any different from being a prostitute. Now again there are younger women who want us to fall in love with men and and Richard. And there are Richard men who were older who honestly fall in love with with younger women. But there's little doubt that money pays for sex. And in transcending agent financial status. Throughout mainstream America. There's been this expectation of sex at the end of the night. On a date and many males younger and older spend money on dates with the idea that sex is part of the date. Doesn't always happens. But there's quite often this expectation news this is not new. He might be unspoken. But isn't this essentially like prostitution. Throughout our culture there are wealthy people who were treated differently. From those sort wealthy. The street hookers with the drugs. They're partially condemned by society. More harshly criticized and high class prostitutes were paid handsomely for their sexual service to wealthy executives. No indication this of Google executive -- taste we don't know what really happened. But he died from a heroin overdose and prosecute he was with his -- charged with -- murder. What's the difference between. His prostitute which drugs. And prostitute with drugs. Walking on the street. There's a difference. If consenting adults agreed to exchange sex for money. Whether it's an obvious exchange or the subtle exchange for an expensive date. Should that be the concern of society. Should prostitution be legalized. If you wanna join Russia with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. In a text numbers 87870 here's our WWL pretty jacked about the new poll tonight is dating or marrying for money a form of prostitution give us your opinion by going to our web site. To -- W dot com. And the scoop on tonight is titled his dating someone for money for prostitution you can read venture with others. It's on our web sites it every WL dot com. This is this -- show Wednesday nights and we'll be right back on -- -- well. Before it -- -- -- -- get to a couple -- east next year's attacks that reach your 100% on the money no difference between a hooker. And a gold digger morally. Here's a text we need a third party in the middle what do you think obviously if any third party would be great if we had four -- five parties. But. The politicians on both sides. Are more interested. In being elected. They're more interested in money and power. Than doing what's right for the American people. So they're more interested in this two party system because they have the most to gain from it would be rates. If we took it upon ourselves as Americans. To ultimately create. A third party. Here's a Texas who want to show and I respect your thinking and being not scared to put her out on the show. Here's a text about African Americans who only vote for African American candidates. Might do well I would think that their racist. An African Americans can be racist as well if you vote for somebody because they're black. By definition you could be racist. If you vote against somebody because they're black. You could be a racist. For Slidell Betty you're under the WL. I want him back here question. I don't know -- -- view of the management at WWL. Know. Because it lies. I would take my habits you know wait -- W Debbie you know there is no greater sense of the accused saying -- Republican. Rate. I didn't say that Betty are going to be ninety tied. Teddy we knew we couldn't speak well because. Denny talked to court. -- use -- I said if you're Republican your that's what you -- OK let me set the record straight on this. I did not say now I I can't help if somebody here's what they wanna hear. I did not say. Putt if you're racist you Republican. I said. If you're a racist. You are more likely to be Republican than Democrat. But that does not mean that all Republicans are racist. In fact I would say both Republicans are not racist. But honestly if if you're. If you're a white racist. Are you a Democrat. I -- if that reality hurts. Then I guess so -- it. But these are are are clearly. My views. Here's a text cute on the race matter. Most Americans refuse to accept or really don't realize the civil rights movement occurred well into the sixties. This means my lifetime and I'm not fifty yet. Also. Meaning my mother and grandmother. Both a life lived through official. Lawful. Apartheid in America. Point. Is not that long ago now it's true. And race is still really really ugly subject. And it's really sad to me that that people like useless caller here what they wanna hear. Honestly. If you're a member of the -- and which party you more likely to be part of so the port news. In the same way that liberals have a challenge. Of distancing themselves. From. Maniacal. Maniacal. Ideology. And Republicans had the challenge of distancing themselves from those people who unfortunately. Give a negative image to the party. In the same way that the Tea Party. Should be upset. That people like Glenn Beck. Have. Have infected. The Tea Party Sarah Palin has infected the Tea Party movement. Which. As far as I know in the beginning. Did not hold. Social issues as they're they're the major part of their movement that the Tea Party was promoting smaller government. The Tea Party was promoting. Fiscal responsibility. I wish -- see how anybody can promote the idea of bigger government. And yet government continues. To grow. Government is not a business. And and we should one government out of our lives. Therefore. We should have a smaller government. And we can't keep spending money we don't have as far as I know that was the original mission the Tea Party. But did all the people who thought that who also felt strongly about social issues like same sex marriage. Race other issues that come up. They align themselves with the Tea Party and I believe they infected those who were pure Tea Party members in the beginning. If you -- enjoying our show with a -- tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Recently -- -- receipts have VH seventy. But a couple of text here scoot to every one and a podcast for that caller -- another text Betty you're wrong. Yeah you just have to laden you have to. Try to listen and not just here. Paternalistic here is attacks actually not true. In and out if you Republican. You have more of a chance of being racist. The fact is that Republicans have for example were instrumental in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. -- Getting passed by Democrats like Robert Byrd and Al Gore senior. Who tried to block the deal Rucker Burge senator from. I wanna say West Virginia again it may be -- at the West Virginia. If I'm not mistaken Robert Byrd was a member of the client. And yes he was. He was a Democrat. So of course there are exceptions. The exceptions to everything in life. And I've tried to be very careful to say that of Republicans and racist but if you Horry. If you are racist you might feel more comfortable in the Republican Party in the Democratic -- so I think this is one of the positioning challenges. Of the party to make sure that they distance themselves from that because if they if is it extreme conservative. Speaks out in support of something that seems racist. And that's more likely to come from a conservative Republican -- liberal Democrat. Doesn't mean there are exceptions. But if the Republican Party doesn't denounce that. If the Republican Party doesn't denounce. Does that denotes. Those who say. Dumb things about rape and abortion and things that came up during the the 2012 election. -- they're gonna have a difficult time winning the White House. They have to embrace this idea that. In all honesty. That this this country is he is not. As of right and left as many people would have you believe or at issue would believe if you if you pay attention to the media. From Edgar -- a year and a BWL. How big an Al third. -- wonderful. Quote. Yeah you know deployed -- it. You know. -- and all that now we thought it -- Obama now. You've got to. Operate -- But the Tea Party. On their relatives are relatively new movement. -- and are you are. No. I mean what -- it's it's Obama's been in office. More. Or. Well Arthur but I don't. But it's for -- as far as I know. They were not. Online -- with people who. We're judgmental on social issues and and racial issues. Are well aligned themselves win. With this idea of smaller government and fiscal responsibility in the part of the government but others who who do believe in smaller government fiscal responsibility. Then have other views will they have aligned themselves with the Tea Party so that Tea Party has. In my opinion unfairly. Been labeled. From the the original -- the the original goal of the of the Tea Party I think it's been distracted because of people who have aligned themselves with the Tea Party. No not on -- profitable. I don't know it -- I don't have that in front of me is -- wants to tell me when the Tea Party was found that I mean I can find -- during the next break and now -- Tyson keep -- you know ultimately it's it's already has it. I'd send a text or -- how long look at -- during the next break and I'll tell you when the Tea Party was sport but it's relatively new movement. You know our government been -- It would buy our debt. Now government spending for a long time yeah -- right author of the government's been big in and out of control for all for a long time. Hold it hold it got -- now. Well I don't know that we're gonna get it under control. -- -- it would be nice if we did north art by by appreciate your call. And government spending get out of control for a long time. Wasn't there a time. Wasn't there a time when Bill Clinton was in office. And Newt Gingrich was speaker of the house. Wasn't there a time when this country actually had a surplus. It was squandered. Which again I think it points out that. We can't trust politicians. Here's attacks that says maybe she I guess this is caller earlier may be she would feel better to know. That most eco terrorist and terrorist. Anti oil people activists are Democrat yes. On there's a group. What's the name it's elf I think it's the Earth's birth limitation of earth. Liberation front. But the two -- -- a -- a -- which is still look at up the Tea Party was formed in 2009. Here's a text only after the financial crisis after 2008 -- Tea Party founded in 2009. And here you can correct me if I'm wrong on this but it's you it's always been my understanding that the Tea Party was founded on. This this this idea of of not increasing taxes. And reducing the size of government. And only doing things that we can afford to do which is something they were -- ultimately have to. Took to reckon with the here's another 6040 was founded in 2000 thanks that a journalist thank you -- that. The text. But the tea party's been infected. By people who have added social issues to what was more of a pure. And goal in marked. And I have to admit I was one of those who didn't really understand the Tea Party until I've I've read a little bit more about it but let me go back to this earth -- liberation front. I had experience with him and Portland and it was on the there. These are vicious vicious people. And it Democrats. I mean vicious. I mean they're violent. They don't like gas guzzling vehicles. So. They have been known to burn entire parking lots. Of suvs. And trucks. -- -- Limitation liberation front I think it's front -- founding I think it's I think it's may sound -- Anyway I know the Akron indices. Itself but they are extreme. Leftists. And day. -- fairy. Very. Democrat and dairy fairy hateful. Here is attacks to but -- Clinton was able to work across the aisle and he cut taxes. And entitlements and welfare. Well I know and and and President Obama does not give the impression that he wants to work across the that he was to reach across the and Republicans don't give the impression that they -- duty. So it's and and and we're the ones who suffer. We are the ones who are the victims. Because it's it's all about power. -- about money. It's all about. Maintaining there. Job. And yet they're so busy maintaining their job. That they don't do their job. And we use this as American citizens. We. Should not punish. Our elected officials for reaching across the -- I'm gonna bring us a began X I think it's one of the most classic examples of of being punished for compromise. And it shouldn't be this way. George Bush senior. Sent right here in New Orleans when he accepted the Republican nomination. Read my lips no new taxes. President Bush reached across the aisle and compromise with Democrats. And what did Democrats do. They turned around and use it against him in the election. He broke his promise. Bush was compromising with the Democrats. And he was -- sports. So. That's a mistake. And that's something that shouldn't happen it would what we shouldn't punish politicians for reaching across the dial and that does happen. Here is a Texan reach of most people aren't like you they don't think critically or listen. Instead hearing. Oh instead but they don't to think critically or listened instead of hearing. Fantastic showed nicer thank you very much for the text from New Orleans Derek -- WWL. Based -- there -- -- from Dominique barber earlier good dinner for India. There is more -- Cuba are no talk about political worried about big government they're paying. What about the political debate in the -- like call that they -- the they're saying you know our Google now and laws you know ball all the hold -- -- you -- wall it would make 100 to about. The security units -- two hours. Me being here sir and as a hotel employee. You know Warren about the economy here and I didn't hear what else to business. Already greatly -- and a tropical but smokeless cigarette we're also won -- in providing a much greater. Can only wonder what it's gonna do about that. I don't know and then there's this freedom of speech thing that it comes into play there it's it's a problem and you -- you -- I lived downtown so I see it all the time and sometimes it's a very aggravating sometimes people are very polite if you don't give a -- and sometimes they're very aggressive. Yeah I'm not worst enemy is make -- certain -- pitch at all so -- -- certain role is to go work. Dog there's really about when you have a prisoner come to our pupils city. And you know people candy than you know Camara and so I'll pull -- credible so there. Into ourselves and relaxed about somebody in bombarded. -- Mario for a cigarette. And -- especially when it's -- somebody comes from a small town and they're not used to a big city because it to some degree this goes on in in every big city but it -- new worlds is the big city that you. It that you go to -- you're not used to going to big cities and some criticism assistant fact that some people live in small towns which is wonderful. They are really I'm going to culture shock when they come here and it's it's sad I agree with him. You know -- you know we need -- he would be. It goes you know security forty people -- -- -- -- street I think we're lacking. In the security or really bad because the same guys that Betsy. There united walking alone big chain and stuff like that at the -- this they're outraged. It is definitely topic we will continue to talk about Derek I'm going to call we showed nice a nice talking to you. It's a problem. I mean we have this freedom of speech. Issue. Which is a wonderful thing in this country but the question is does freedom of speech protect panhandling. Does it protect aggressive panhandling. And this is something I -- every day of my life. And there is very aggressive panhandling downtown. And I can see I guess since I've lived here I I know it might not be as threatening as it might appear to some people. But I can see how some people visiting which -- to be very threatening. If you wanna join us for your comic tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- -- text is -- 7870. This is the scoots you know it will be right back at WWL is dating or marrying for money. A former prostitution. That is -- RW WL party general opinion poll tonight here's an update 40% say no but 60% majority say yes it is a form of prostitution. A tremendous hail Mary your -- astute showing WWL. Yet. I used. Yes okay. Wouldn't have had. Been at the time that you -- very Smart man and good thinker. But I want. Your opinion. OK you know these children come across the board and that action. Well it again now he would counsel he would vote campaign. He is tightening them the country. And what he. And it. People like one of the intact and you're gonna -- It on -- waiting. -- Pay attention to their children. And everything and go on and because. Without it and about one. Because you. And order. -- and but again -- and it caught that. He can -- And -- remained out they are now. One would do that. Now Buckeyes -- He would. Stay and that they. -- -- mania and and with our. People. And he. Said he -- and how. To -- And day and am. -- demand and talk about it and I wanted to know what you think. Do you think it could be in the country and then that. You know. That powered weekend and the people and the and the Boston Marathon and from Maine to California. I'll try -- you pilot and do you call that place. And he hit and I edit they get on one thing -- and you know again. -- and take it. -- The -- Yeah I think critical of him for not going to the border although I also think to a president's. Or regardless of their party affiliation. I spent too much money going places for photo opportunities because it doesn't really do any good. However if you are gonna be like President Obama as many presidents aren't you do take advantage of photo while some news here after. After after Isaak can but did it his presence really change anything no but if you are gonna take advantage of those photo ops wanna go to the border. Mary I you know -- -- I hate it -- the baby. And may -- I'm incredibly naive I don't think I -- But I don't think the president of the United States. Is planning the downfall of America. Well it depends on the president happen to be at a time line and I don't I don't I believe that -- that I'd. Do you. And so in Utah. I don't trust in the president no I don't trust. On vehicle -- -- And you know and Mary. I I heard when I was on the air people say the same thing of bush. With a different put it differently. Well what ever read that if people justified their own opinion of a of a president I mean I am a lot of people agree with you. Extra bit went at it and it didn't public they -- State public say are you lie here. Yes absolutely. Absolutely. Yes married there were people who did think that of President Bush now. Not -- it's there everybody remember welcome back everybody everybody. All of your friends they think Obama's a liar. But that doesn't mean everybody in the country is a liar I don't believe President Obama is planning to overthrow this country I don't believe that so. I hope that gives you reason to rest comfortably tonight. Now let me -- found dead wood and and I did it in you know have they had a problem with god and Hillary is always applauded being introduced. She was a bit and you can't the people behind. Them but I'm Muslim Brotherhood living and how important -- So what do you think's gonna. I don't know I am still yet again until it every night into debt well well 1800. Come out. Actor we -- Q hard to make our it would. Mary it's not gonna happen. He doesn't mean we're not going to be attacked but he the president of the United States and Hillary are not plotting to overthrow this country. I appreciate your call it you have to get to break and I have thought I thought about it and I just don't believe that that's. Exactly what's happening. The border crisis is a mess. And the Obama administration has not handled properly. But both parties need to stop blaming each other and worked together to find a solution that's their job. I'm -- and we'll be right back on WL. I'm getting some text -- are calling it from Vanderbilt Mary said she says 84 years old she says scared today as she believes that the president. Is -- moving people around the country to ultimately destroy the country Mary says that all of her friends are talking about this if you're what do Mary's friends. Please stop talking to -- about debt and it's not scary Mary at a party -- erosion on WWL. I go to our I don't know when people going understand. If something is on the Internet act does not make it troops came in. -- -- -- was -- and literature is quite intelligent. -- within it built and cheaper in -- it's just an incredible law. As far as president lying to Patrick president and my life aren't bad lie. But you know what -- -- I'm I'm going to call in fact I'm still convinced that we were told lies about what George Washington's it. I'm convinced that we George Washington chopped down the cherry tree. And his dad asked him did you chop down -- cherry tree I'm convinced that George Washington looked as dead in the -- and -- dead. If I tell the truth -- ever get to be present. I'm convinced that's the way it really came down. Here's a text regarding photo ops are exactly right and president W bush was vilified for not coming down. For a photo op after Katrina his reason was. He did not wanna get in the way with all that Secret Service an entourage of the National Guard their first responders and all the other relief efforts. I understand this I'm not for president's. Going to some going someplace for photo op. But if you are going to be that kind of president and Obama has been that kind of president. And we talked about that on the show. Then why don't you go to the border. If we didn't get to your call tonight I apologize. You can send me an email my email address is scoot. At WWL dot com he could join me on Twitter act -- WL. When -- John wicker studio producer also reject terrorists in the other studio have a great night we'll have a lot to talk about we -- tomorrow night. What you do --