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7-17 6am Tommy, Peyton #2?

Jul 17, 2014|

The NFL network says Sean Peyton is the 2nd best active coach in the NFL. Is he too high or too low on the list? Tommy talks to NFL writer for the Bleacher Report, Jason Cole to hear his take.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now it's Tommy Tucker WW LI MI famine dot com. Yes David -- sunshine station is manned and we are here to deliver happiness. And boundless joy for the next four homeless and joining -- now. I don't I don't think -- any bounds the local about a powerball ticket it's got the right numbers. Well I don't -- does anybody have -- not run here. Is I had my powerball ticket in my pocket -- and you said that we shouldn't even checked and I heard the story about the two guys and each other and I was gonna ask you are you willing to. Forsake give up any share you have in this to know and you have none -- just have done it beyond that they did. Largess of mine aren't so you're saying you have not checked your numbers and I did anybody win. I don't know. Can I looked up object in numbers and if I'm here next time it did you get one line of numbers -- -- -- demand -- I will and if I'm here next time you do news you know it's not a winner. -- -- If you goaded me and I'm not here in them wave -- from the car you know get yelled that's in your government I mean did he used you just have one like. Set of numbers we got like five on the ticket I have one ticket I got -- for two dollars all you need in my opinion is spending more net. It's I can really increase your odds I think it's all up to the good lord of its your turn it's your Hamas terrorists jackpot karma or -- I don't care you know right now is to be at least one million is certainly -- -- point fifty would help me. That -- box yes exactly not millions. And you know witness helped me spew. A problem yesterday in judge rule them. The West Bank where Israel of some rockets into -- -- lob in rockets back and -- other -- again. And killed some kids get the latest on journalists in Jerusalem. And you know it and I'm not trying to be funny when I say this beat but when you think about why can't the people in the Middle East work out their problems. And like this is nothing admitted that would just if you've ever been through a divorce you know with the -- to fighting the property. Can take a long time getting two people were married to agree on anything move so what happens when you talk about centuries and generations. And homelands. And religious beliefs you can imagine how hard it is for anybody to ever get along and it's really not that much property up it really doesn't but it just goes on and on and on it and ways I'm on the -- would not talk about the middle East West Bank now -- me when -- -- -- -- much property they're gonna divide my estate with tweezers. Time that's over it -- mean I microbes. Called body. I'd Sean Payton the second best coach in the NFL according to Jason Cole. I believe it is an nfl.com. Writer. And guess who is the worst coach in the NFL according to him I don't know. Dennis Allen with the Oakland Raiders who and then -- -- with the Cleveland Browns is some of these guys and even though we're coaches did you know Jay gruden was and go to Washington rents are earlier and I gotta believe it's related to Jon Gruden. I would think always -- I don't know. Bill O'Brien coach of the Houston Texans in a 29 did you know he was they had doted. At Houston now now -- -- there Mike Zimmer and you took the viking -- only from watching. Hard knocks with the angles and I know he had us on here win. I think Mike Zimmer seniors wife died and and the son's mother died done around Buffalo Bills Gus Bradley head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars towards these are teams -- have not been doing what Wright who knew -- film and I knew of him with the dolphins mark -- -- The guy from Ohio State with debaters. In -- get Jason Garrett men -- Sean Payton is behind only Bill Belichick. So I would ASCII -- triggered ballot check could be ground right on top. Rated where he should be at second do you think he's better and Belichick and is -- -- they Belichick it's it's spelled with a nicer I think it's Belichick. Anyway. And what do you think it is and make Sean -- such a good coach. So phone lines are open -- 260187. Neitzel 386. Exit 89087. -- cold front continues David. Dad does and this is the last day. And and tomorrow we'll get back to the -- in the showers but you know we got these sixties on the North Shore this morning people actually have windows open. Really that's crazy I was out last night spraying weeds and then I -- the dog and they felt humid and hot to me I didn't really see a difference. And dog if you live in my neighbor and I apologize 'cause you don't walk in in the dog. You know try to be delicate about this nature calls. And I and I mean I have plans and intentions to to pick it up comeback with a shovel but I never do and -- and a I don't know of when woody Dylan and I again I don't know beat graphic here in the morning but I know people -- a plastic bags around I can't see myself doing that. Walking around with a shovel would be pretty tiring after a -- mentioned in the neighbor's attention. Or you're getting their attention and -- -- you -- I feel terrible about it while the dog is. Busy and she's doing her thing and I'm want to we both look like we're making a deal in breaking bad. Very nervous look at all around see if anybody's watching this and then after it's over we the way -- Jason Cole NFL writer for Yahoo! Sports joins us right now and talk about Sean -- good morning. Birdies at work or -- a -- and as Lebanon and about you. Under. Which were. Quicker only read what they tell me and so sorry Jason from our partners. I tell me about its list of -- NFL coaches I'll start with numbered and mark Malia year -- -- Andy -- with the chiefs Mike Tomlin Steelers John Fox Broncos. Pete Carroll's Seahawks Mike McCarthy Packers Tom Coughlin. Giants Jian hall John Harbour bar with the ravens Jim Harbaugh with the 49ers. They get to Sean Payton and Bill Belichick it's sounds fair to you. Wouldn't that reward. Darryl truck equipment Pete Carroll will flow. From our member of -- -- feature where would you put him above. We put him. Jim -- law. You know man. If you -- at work here archer war. Exactly where that there. Embryo. Ban it there are barred what with a -- there are a lot of work he should be -- You do if you. Well -- culture. One. Are in jeopardy. And him matter. Our. -- thing given in at the -- Now -- saw like a charm of our armed guards are. On shore bird. Or call him give up partly. Our you mean -- year. Now that target that. That I figured there's a certain amount. Certain amount. -- -- -- which are. -- it and good belt and between being healthy I'm healthy. And -- -- -- I never -- and Sacramento. And look everybody's -- -- -- of the murder. One look at her at her I -- Belichick he can't get more arrogant Indian canyon and Laura -- and. It looked at this year. Among people. Who are great at what they do actors aren't aren't you never rule and should like. But there's a couple of small group. -- point to the point I was trying to make is is arrogance may be a part. Although not very attractive it's it's not a trait that a lot of people admire -- it's kind of part of being successful NFL coach easy you got up. Be good and you feel is almost think that you know it all because otherwise maybe doubt comes and. Let me arrogant. Improper and are part of being good news for people who. Trick urgent and culture or. What I'd do and I would certainly disagree. With. So you humble as well. -- -- expert curtains were where do you think it's a telecheck. -- -- you're older. And -- However Coughlin in here to get. Where they rate in terms of all time NFL coaches is -- and I think. Is kind of a contradiction and always seems like he has some great seasons and hasn't terrible seasons but yet. And in in a number one media market and in the country it seems like he aegis -- hangs on. It won't go in suitable minister do. Particularly what via premiere pitcher has ordered -- home. There have been utilized. -- -- -- -- on network through these Internet couple oil. Do you. What I'm going to do what -- -- If you go and government broke and they are their arms worth -- you look -- all of -- and political battle of Britain. But it doesn't. -- the milk or outlook is how are well aware that Robert could you not like that. Crippled in order numbers. -- -- and the -- order all on top quarter of Eli. Have to agree -- then go to suitable -- but the numbers are. Of being -- -- -- -- -- order even if you should which some more. Are certain public figure it all right but you wouldn't occur traffic. Maybe you -- Liu. On every partner. The palpable out to do with it appeared -- the ago he meant it in. Our. Now you talked about the -- -- immigrant culture talk. That would be pretty secretive guard Erica -- -- -- Bill Walsh. All around. He's he's in the current discussions let's talk about it here. Again probably -- -- all of our urgently be -- Peyton. You know about it at first he didn't want me. All are approaching book -- put the baby. In the area culture of news. Again or -- top five because YouTube you're not a part of her head coach art -- those who are you comfortable or as well. And you're probably. One reform groups speak for the workers. Administered. Jason appreciate your time we got to go Jason -- in Colorado for Bleacher Report dot com and hope we talked to union. Parker thank you we're gonna humility just getting six when he sixth we'll talk to you we come back at T six of money San Benito -- 86 exit 89087. Not talking bad about the guest -- just. Following up on what he said I could see a little touch of arrogance and and maybe some pop possibly there six when he -- don't -- deal about it. You think Belichick is that. Far ahead of Sean Payton and the other coaches in the NFL but he's going to be in the top five all time. And FL coaches and Sean Payton may be at 1020 years could work no it at the end of his record worked his way to the top two money. Is what Jason Cole says it's that would mean Belichick's one heck of a lot better coach in Sean Payton and the other NFL active coaches city -- Sean Payton should be number two should he be higher should be lower in -- -- you think he ranks analyst and NFL all time coach Tommy Tucker taking your calls.

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