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7-17 6:45 Tommy, fighting in Israel

Jul 17, 2014|

Tommy gets the latest on the conflict on the Gaza strip from CBS Correspondent David Jablinowitz.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker is 645 here in New Orleans and the gulf south and you got really appreciate the power of WWL -- go live to Jerusalem right now and talk about. The problem between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip David -- which joins us right now -- journalist. There in Jerusalem good morning Dave and are. Good things are taken the time with this. If you could please begin is by put in the Gaza Strip and historical context and why it is. That Hamas and Israel haven't. Trouble and launch and rockets at each other because I think a lot of people know all of it but they don't know about it. Well that or commentary goes back a long way in 1948. When stage. Israel was established is that not in the Gaza Strip at that point. I was actually occupied by Egypt. -- nineteen years later and 1967. War. When Israel was the fact it's been captured the Gaza Strip among. Them a lot of territory as well. And also the west by example and -- Point the Palestinians. Has being fighting for. Stay on the West Bank in Gaza Strip or those who would argue. That actually. They were fighting for techno Israel or Israel leading captured. The west bank and Gaza -- the ninety -- seven that they want all they called Palestine. But mitigate in the Gaza Strip. What you have is that in 99 -- read Israel and the Palestinians reached an agreement on self rule. With the Palestinians vote on the west bank and the in the Gaza Strip. We now -- Palestinian Authority. Hamas a terrorist organization recognized as such by the United States as well over control of Gaza. From the Palestinian Authority due out in and leading the audio web site and -- that well actually before that but certainly since there have been firing more and more it's. All of Israel now Israel he argued that you -- a lot that over and over 2005. Israel would -- elements in the Gaza Strip. That the settlement over the course of time. Pulled out all together and we can't even say Israel argues that the -- was occupied anymore and it was clinical. Collateral in 2005. There would be -- -- excuse that well in the anymore fire rockets from Gaza but they continued and in earnest. For many many years and apple we have right now in a month as a as a terrorist organization they waddle -- -- -- all the map there aligned with -- -- So that the difference between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority -- rules of what I. What that is -- -- -- solution both the Palestinians and Israel put in context but that it. Does a mom so. Boy I mean no I mean there's always been trouble first -- there there was no country of Palestine right in this country was not taken. From the Palestinian people -- they come from that they were displaced when Hillary was created. So upper Albany Palestine is historic name -- in time certain example. Where in the British rule in the area that now the stated Israel and other areas around quart bowl though it would call mandatory. -- it was a British mandate over that area. But that argument a lot of Israelis make and Israelis the deeper than what call them the camp for lack of literature of the the fact that the Palestinians. Have come to the land. As a simple if you wanna call on the people in later. Was here for many years. But the point is that the other Jews of course who back for the Bible and the palace in all of -- -- used in. Identity like -- triple alike you know plays on -- that there is no question about that. People on the -- here though. Apple -- -- to get. What is there and you a couple of you know on the west bank and in the Gaza Strip. And they're all. Along here that all out and you have to deal with reality in -- And become more accepted. -- -- -- -- -- -- In the bank and Gaza with various. Legal ramifications that we're not exactly in the same place -- 97 but. So you know thank -- the state and Israel and the other territories. In 1949. So getting to latest trouble I presume metaphorically this talent of volcano every now and Nan and who drops but. Lobby is constantly flowing underneath the surface accurate or not. Sure and I think that what a lot of people or things like OK great that was spot -- about a cease fire and unofficial reports. That yet another cease fire has been reached known not to be shoot. With the five hour humanitarian cease fire which is -- and the ten minutes from now. A real he's fired the -- that they. Tomorrow morning our time -- in Israel and he got up at what inspired me and that. Goes to your question okay. A lot of Israelis are saying about Israel or that you have to -- Otherwise that you were going to be -- and again you know -- -- -- -- and you -- a couple beer or whatever now on another cycle of violence in the Clinton won it these are what to do that isn't it that. Even try to improve the conditions for Palestinians live in the -- on the strip you know improve their economic conditions of -- loses. The power that temptation the people to be drawn to a terrorist organization. But you'll the same time not only take that -- look at multiple take your arms and ammunition -- Arnold they've got. -- want to start well the tunnels from Egypt into the chip. So they've been making if you will only -- with in the so the question is and you -- more than a region. In the negotiation now and how to all the way. Future complications and Israel as -- market in the back up on the Gaza Strip Israel will not act. David I can't thank you enough food for that history lesson you gave isn't -- a snapshot of what's gone on there now and I hope we get to talk to you again. Thank you -- they say David Dublin awaits CBS correspondent in Jerusalem with.

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