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WWL>Topics>>7-17 7am Tommy, big payday for false convictions

7-17 7am Tommy, big payday for false convictions

Jul 17, 2014|

A man who spent 15 years on death row for a confession, that was later ruled false, wants compensation. The law says you can get over $300 thousand, if falsely convicted. Tommy talks to the President of FalseConfessions.org and President of Soury Communications, Lonnie Soury on the history of interrogations.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now it's Tommy talker WWL. Any amount -- dot com you know David the great walking your dog picking up whatever it presents the dog leaves three neighbor's -- controversy continues you opened a real count are more -- is being honest that's what I do here I know honestly you know my life is an open book you on and they -- -- yeah. And then he'd go after her role. Apparently. If people. Who walked. Who have lawns. Now who really care and maintain them are not happy. With a surprise Christmas presents from Santa dog and but then there's this when they comes in and it says I carry a bag with you in at least bend over and pretend like you pick that up that works for me. Is seed that is -- thing about life that I is hotter it got it I bet I'll. That says everything about life and politics and everybody playing fair with -- each other. Budget. -- -- No love it yes. Like -- Mom I'm really really troubles started and yeah Gaza Strip out. Because of the guys -- the yeah. I guess there would be sand and I don't think the big trouble would be dogs that they could be cat. Acts and what you think as a whole the whole thing and I don't mean is in a negative way but just from the cat's perspective would be. A sandbox I wonder if you live in the desert Heidi get a cat the uses and box. Good question mound though really. It's I'm just I'm just trying to help younger bombing that's okay. It's a terrible question. Listen to this the escapade casino boat Mayo before we head -- casinos BP is set to Tony's casino cruises asks announced on cruise in -- -- -- Blog lasts a proper right going to EW -- down here casino. And with the people east I hate that in there and that casinos themselves you state that they would come up with a lot of reasons. Why either the weather was quote bad or the water was quote too -- As people like to be able to come in Italy the ball -- Remember the thing was the crab traps and now I don't only don't was all and when they try to go out on the late in the I just I don't remember the controversy but. There was something about crab traps and then they had to come in they stayed out too Wong and it was a mess that's. Good point. Not really arms but anyway. The escapade casino boat ran aground now off of the coast South Carolina. And they had to rescue people. And everybody got off the -- safe and of course keep in mind unlike the Titanic. It's a little bit different with them but the casino boat that is gates of women and children. After the cash. The caught in the chips and of course the pit bosses then. Yes the women and children as a pit boss is a concern with the money and they're concerned with themselves. And and the women and Agassi -- at a child and casinos they shouldn't be there anyway and and a man malignant fend for themselves. An interesting story coming up you know pretty jaguar opinion poll reflects that. Would you ever. Confess to something you didn't do no matter how long you were interrogated no matter what kind of pressure was put on by the police because they gotta gotta confess to a crime. Spent fifteen years on death row he says that. And it's been found that -- confession was falls. So now I was for VA's effort compensation from the state. And loss aging at light up to 300000 dollars may be loaded -- he wrongly convicted that. If you confess -- I don't know this case fascinated me in every hearings schedule. Forman who spent some time fifteen years on death row which that's a long time to be on death row but. He was there because they're saying now all of a phony confession -- -- confession and he made. Payment -- ago forty released from prison September 2012. One Paul Connick junior the district attorney Jefferson Perry said he couldn't rely on a primary evidence in the case which was Damon -- and those confession. Serious crime that he raped and killed fourteen year old crystal champagne in 1996. Payment and don't confess and all night nine hour interrogation after that it played a large role in his conviction of first degree matter. And Paul Connick said you know what new and this -- Nam. Toss out the conviction as judge talk epic toss out the conviction. Because he bases conclusion did the DA -- on. Renowned forensic psychiatrist findings Michael Weiner he says the man falsely confessed. So as soon as the prosecutors and defense attorneys asked judge to throw the conviction now. -- though was released released from angle within hours. Now he's entitled to like 300000. Plus dollars compensation. For wrongful conviction. But the attorney general is refuse and to pay it because again civil laws different and criminal law unlike. Being innocent until proven guilty in this case buddy Caldwell saying payment of DeVito is guilty until he proves himself innocent in order to get. Think compensation. That the law says he's entitled to you ready -- opinion poll is asking you. Would you under any circumstance. Confess to something you didn't do now. If -- were voting in this ball I would say no absolutely not no matter what pressure you put on that being said. I've never been that situation. So -- is that salary story her money Serrie joins us right now the president of false confessions dot org. And president of story communications morning line. Thanks taking time to tell me hmmm I guess about your organization. And a about how common -- Well two things -- loud was that to help out on major cases wrongful convictions. Including an apples in the West Memphis three in Arkansas which is near by you guys. And multiple confessions of a young man named -- Kelly. Who would confirm who -- into confessing to -- which killed three children. And -- -- -- New York -- all the sixteen year old who is court and that in fact in that he marked as parents. Now what happens I don't think people understand is most times in the fall and factions in fact it happened at all. And it happens. At least 25%. Of all wrongful convictions involved all the factions in New York State alone that number rises up that 50%. -- 50% of cases that have been overturned. Involved false confession in -- multi. Percent of overturn -- -- I cases in New York. Involve balls and then that's. Now what happens is people but that's not like somebody stands up and witnesses like I did it. It's easily happen hours and hours of interrogation went. And a very crafty way in and year was it may not notice the police can lie. To witnesses to defend. And mark exactly case he bounded on the brutally mother brutally murder and as far the daily lives. And he was told by the police that he would be taking equaled the 911 immediately tried to revive father's -- that -- July. Haven't but the cops told them that they were taking Marty sixteen year old -- to the -- all -- other instead they took them to the precinct room and so -- it was wrong. And in a few minutes Marty of course that I didn't have anything to do it everybody knew who killed Marty father's business partner of half a million dollars and threatened to kill. But the police said Marty they said that we just got a call from the hospital. And they shot him all the with adrenaline. And he woke up and -- few of attacking him. And Marty we challenge your air. Knotted around. Mother's dead in -- mail and Marty which found your blood in the rain in your house and you must walk off the blood and Marty -- this is impossible. But what he did say it was what you're telling me that I'm must've blacked out so the only rational answer to that lie. And the Supreme Court yet the police investigated that quite -- life unfortunately. It is. I must've blacked out or another Marty did it and that's how -- inspections happen. That scenario is that Nazis that you would never confess that back he probably would you may not say I did that you would send something that was incriminating. And all them. Bet in this. The confession -- signs that the witness doesn't even know they recently confessed they know they may have that pay enough Marty did not make him off the block that out. Don't back. Happens often it's very it's not that Arctic at a company that to make incriminating statements when presented with facts that. Are unrealistic indictments in the code. He was presented with facts that -- and potentially from the crimes. Against infection did -- and. Wanna talk about the police's. Motivation for this because I don't know if it was known before hand or not that is business -- partner hated this guy. But but why would the pleased that it would seem like. They wanna get the right guy is -- non not only obviously in the wrong guy in prison but and yet the real guys run an out of -- One series against presence of files concessions nor president of salary communications. And company you are with this case. Lonnie story president -- -- concessions on organ presents or communications but. At any point during the trial the track isn't any point Utley was on death row for fifteen years -- yeah. Similarly. We -- almost immediately there and -- -- I'm -- false confession cases. That most people don't even realize that they've -- -- -- -- -- incriminating and eat -- we can't immediately. As did Marty tank and and the boys in Arkansas but what an essential part job. But what's really -- before you let it -- them then why would the police. Wanna get a false confession well problem from a from a defense that well what they want it confection. It is in the Supreme Court and the rulings like Miranda -- Arizona which which called for you know allowing you to. -- lawyer in question it. Said that confection is the most compelling pieces evidence that you could present to a jury in almost always results in a conviction. What other evidence is there a network young man in the object -- if -- somebody else's. DNA it was on the woman who was raped and murdered. It -- was sixteen year old boy who was troubled and see a ruling you know schoolmate and he confessed. After the crime half hour interrogation. And brow beating by the police and even some of the and it was there. They convicted yet to get. So when he. It comes the police. I would presume their benches were about a clearance rate on homicides are crimes they wanted to get the right person and the -- deluded themselves and I think in that. Any confession that they get is accurate and true so therefore they get the right guy and they're assured of a conviction or his. Allowed entry yet I think that I think that's what -- which one -- We're not about every interrogation which is a case money that they think if they get a concession no matter how that it's accurate. Well yes that's I think most people believe doing your poll most people people believe -- -- and nobody would confess to a crime that they didn't commit. But in fact the research and practice shows that that happens time at the time at the time. And that once again and back in Europe police thought -- get the infection. Even likely that it is troubled many confesses without toward. Want to get it back to when he can go to and say well -- somebody else know what happens often is that you try to build the case around that infection. Other cases. Police officers realized that one's. You know that was an anomaly the dispersant in fact but probably didn't do it. And sometimes -- that a rate once the prove it but more often than not that why we have. So -- wrongful convictions involved in all the factions want to get infection. The -- I mean I work him and you're familiar with the start select cases in New York where police officer got. You know hundred infections or in Chicago in the -- -- and I'm not. -- have been an insurance salesman need to make more money. Well you know I try to be flippant about it -- I would think at some point did there's a lot of salesmanship involved. Well you know there's something called the re technique and most detectives I don't know that it's true and then in your area but it probably is. Pay it's sort of the gold and in the books have been written about how to get a confection. And even in New York police department they're still doing an apple what is needed in the reporting of the interrogation. -- potatoes and action was recorded but not his interrogation. So people would see what was what was said to him that would make him. The -- word and then into the state it was alleged that he was beaten what happened that infections so -- than nine hours of little food and water you just. Just think the system will work to most people believe in the. Bonnie -- right there can you join us after the news. Is that so my question what will take care of that off the Arab and I have so many questions for -- -- -- -- fascinating. And up ready jaguar opinion poll says 86% would never confess to a crime. They didn't commits I'd like you again to maybe point outed in and -- step by step basis what you know is that they don't. And I think another angle on misses of the police are actually doing detective work. Wouldn't they if they knew they lied about evidence and would tricking somebody in a confession. Will when they think well okay he said it but let's see if it's really true if it's based on lies and and how much validity. They can give to that and say well we actually solve the crime and fears the detective that led to hear from it. That's music's 187 until 386 exit 89087. Or. If you've ever been interrogated by the police you know there's always this discussion about art imitating life for a life imitating art -- as we talk about false confessions and look I'm not. And I'm Megan thought this and all of -- suspended fifteen years on death row for them you didn't do or falsely confessed confessed to is not funny. Will be rejoined buyer guy that works of this so time Lonnie story. Present of false confessions dot org he reminded me of this stated. -- -- He paid for the groceries. Yeah cause. That's. Which you should. It at what point did you shoot the -- I took the twin issues I -- the club. And just like that -- according and that's My Cousin -- and it's a funny scene that apparently when this man as Elvis is that. It happens like that ally in the police sometimes outright lying to a defendant to get him to confess because they know that's a gold standard get a conviction. What prompted this talk about this and and you know David sometimes there's a whole world out there that you don't know about. And I had no idea and in New York -- 50% of overturn cases because of balls confession I it's it's just I had no idea I mean they're not ready jaguar opinion poll asking you. Com would you ever confess to a crime you didn't commit. And 88% are saying in note 12% are saying yes. You never know what you don't know until you do what I can't imagine and I would and I would have to be within an 88%. And get a text your problem economy and why would you continue to interrogate a suspect that you knew the DNA didn't match a crime scene you're obviously looking for clearance rate. Now once -- got to be kidding me a couple of knowingly lied to someone's get a false confession that person's it's in prison. Is slightly sometimes get no respect. And they deserve to rot in hell keep in mind you can't Plano police of the same. -- And then there's another when you hear this all the time money ID channel accounts interview in quotation marks and be able. 8910 dollars I'd just about confessed anything. How to make the cops do their jobs properly that from -- in coming in -- to Lonnie story president of files confessions oh org. Answering communications. And is -- hearing today I believe for. I demented ago forty diesels spent fifteen years on death row and Angola. Because of the confession he made it was balls to confess that he raped and killed fourteen year old crystal champagne. Back in 1996 -- -- DA reviewed it. And as -- it earlier you know doggone well DA with. First degree murder conviction. Including rape of course the only way the death penalty can be involved is if there's. A murder but anyway if if the prosecutor has this under his belt you better believe they have to have serious. Thoughts that the person is innocent man's money as the judge to release him when he was in a matter of hours problem is now there's a legal disputes state law says that. It can get over 300000 dollars in compensation for wrongful conviction that the attorney general bloody called wells and -- proved to me that your innocent. Annie get your money which -- the interrogation process -- games that statistic earlier New York. 50%. Half of overturn cases are due to falls. Concessions and I want to sneak a couple of phone calls and here I can't Lonnie jar. John good morning WL. Morning. Where basically. And I'd just in the college or eighteen years old. And they can pick out at my my part time job. And the over it ended in human. Rights are trying to end. And the -- tank here. It is to the end and it just started to interrogate and it went from. Something. That I. To a certain time. I've been over a decade maybe you know two decades. And the -- find it at the cop was just. You're trying to make need. You know. -- you know they said that they had pictures in the they had everything on me and now. But I didn't have a party that ticket. AG is here younger college. And I was and other state our protection. And I actually was in the artery in. Here anybody close. Duke in order to to see -- in college I've never. Objected. You know what you. In acute danger. And now the only interrogator to me now or five years. And you know you really you know start to -- you know and. Most -- in mind and tell me why you thought. A large on your members not know and what you would do one or what -- street did you get to play and we confuse -- Israel what was not what was true what was -- Mean after. Two hours and days -- just you -- just. You know. And so everybody. -- it's just teaching. And then. Hopefully -- players. That can prove you in. The end you do. -- -- you know. Sexual in the 33. And it ended. America actually root out there. And hand out at 3500 hours. That he was from -- in -- cheeks and down and eat out to everybody and get. Them. It was a it would make it and ma am. Pretty much -- the director did not -- African man. And she and forestry and you've won a key to our. Certainly didn't UC you do know. You know initially in there only. You know. I don't know that. Hurt me you know for me I don't know that it didn't -- teach -- anything. And like almost a year future. Of college in you know he has. It happened in August. And when you're eighteen years old years a lifetime. -- John hello thank you for both for being so candid and sharing this story -- this. And -- the reason I -- John on the details was. If people get nervous on the radio telling a story occasionally I'll you know try to aid to get the facts straight and sometimes -- I stutter and stammer and and I just wonder if you're in an interrogation room -- you feel as though. The entire world is against I would think it it it might beat him pretty hard to. Denied get confused and also get a text says many people confess to a lesser crime and a plea bargain agreement. To avoid added prison time. Well that is really tragic and that is very true that that person that sent that very accurate people just want to get out there facing. Death penalty -- -- -- terribly useful in all compact -- -- number. And often there's no you know that we talked about random -- but you know the right to counsel. But often people should -- been to a rule. They're not given that right or they are you know it is really an encouragement. And -- this young man that most people especially accurate and then you just believe the system will work let me get out of the room. An -- improve mine. It's a great mistake because once you've made incriminating statements. You know the police will then file you know in fact most infections -- -- written by the police have not signed. By the -- so lots and defendant don't even know that they can until. Six or eight months later and all that is that such an effort to get a conviction want to get the confessions. Of the -- giving people. Realize when I'm sure your poll in -- for the city 86%. Or 86% said they would never confess to a crime that needed to commit. Well yet that the -- and of course nobody I think this thing that. But people don't realize that you know you can be life too often and I think -- -- have adopted some -- -- he went in and out lie detector test. And said told the sale. But it was falsely administer wasn't they lied about the result right. They -- about the results of you know all the people that the police say you know you'd we found Saturday in it that I can see what you have to say. So it's very confusing to people just -- an -- in the room it's a real threat in Matt -- wrongful convictions happen and we epidemic. Yeah we're out of time and I appreciate -- giving a CR but bottom line is it and I don't wanna get any guilty person off here but. It is it best just not say anything to you get a lawyer. He added that. And that that the only thing that can help you just demand the field -- realize and I tell my children now. Don't you know you'd never know what you get picked up four and just keep it very hard to just get representation that you must. Money appreciate it I really deal what is the name of it wrongful conviction that all action on the and I thank you so we'll talk to you again. I'd man that's a whole world I know anything about it Italian Lonnie story present a false confessions that -- story communications.

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