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WWL>Topics>>7-17 8am Tommy, 30th anniversary of drinking age

7-17 8am Tommy, 30th anniversary of drinking age

Jul 17, 2014|

Today is the 30th anniversary of raising the legal drinking age to 21…was it the right call? Has it done anything to keep teens from drinking? And, if teens were allowed to drink, would it help prevent them from experimenting with more dangerous or addictive drugs? Tommy ask these questions and others to Dr. David Anderson, Professor of Education and Human Development at George Mason University.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Doctor David Anderson joins right now a professor of education and human development. And George Mason University did talk about. The thirtieth anniversary of change in the legal drinking age from 21. To 18 morning -- Good morning. You -- let me ask you did did doctors actually economy in -- here you can say anything good from 118 actually. I do and I just -- -- just to correct you know why because I was so concerned with addressing -- was not an island to doctor's mind being called dot. Like. All the none meet and mean in general. Chart doctor's OK doctor yeah -- -- to be evident different now we haven't. Thirty years what what prompted. What prompted the change -- historically just voted yeah. That's real quickly you know. It it's it's a State's rights issues states to -- with the legal drinking age is further states and many states at that point had an age of 21. Some had eighteen or nineteen. Some had different beverages for different ages. But what really prompted it was the disproportionate amount of young people young drivers who were getting involved often fatally. -- in car -- And so there was a big effort by Madd Mothers Against Drunk Driving to. -- CH more universally. And so that was -- half the states or at age -- so this really made it pretty much in national profile it's not a requirement. It's in incentives because if you don't -- the extra 21 on the the state did not rate that it was 10% of its so all the all the states rates it was signed into law thirty years ago at present rate. What what have been the results of that analysts heaters hidden in fatal accident absolutely yeah it. Yes short short answer it's been successful from the car crash are the -- perspective -- young people. Is that is a perfect no has to have we seen reductions in the states particular states where the media and the agents went down war. -- what we used to call -- borders unfortunately. But yes -- see reductions in youthful involvement in alcohol crashes the other thing that we've seen. It's reductions in alcohol consumption. If you look at. School seniors. Thirty years ago. You know thirty years ago. Almost almost four out of five high school seniors had a couple last thirty day. -- five principles seniors at a public that was thirty years ago. A country that's -- and so that's college students and college students but that's. Put high school seniors it was. It was to -- its. It was 67%. To ten years before that it was 68% nauert 39% world -- that. So we have about a third of high school seniors. Today having alcohol in the last thirty days. -- -- can hang on a couple of seconds related traffic here and then we come back and -- here there's been -- throughout the nation really. There's been a crackdown on prescription pain pill abuse and as a result that's led to an increased use and heroin in my question you Izzo though. High school students college students. -- high schools since at least drinking glasses has alcohol been replaced by. Something else you gonna answer when we come back our guest actor David Anderson professor of education. And human development at George Mason University talking about the thirtieth anniversary. Raising. The drinking age from eighteen. -- Tony 130 anniversary of the legal drinking age being raised from eighteen and 21 amerigas says it has. And that's and the statistics -- this out reduce the number of alcohol related fatalities among. Teenagers and doctor did just to get it straight less teens are drinking in high school now correct. That's correct and less college student traditionally college students are drinking what has. That they and then the other piece with high school is that the heavy drinking which is what really concerns a lot of has been reduced at college that has not been read and so we have 40% of Palestinians having five or more drinks at least once the last two weeks. So. You know all of this is. Yeah we've made a lot of progress. The drinking -- Has I believe made and the data supports it has made a difference we've both been driving. Alcohol impaired driving in May making our roads paper as well as -- heavier drinking but we have a long long long -- ago. Time before the break I mentioned you know DEA's been cracking down nonprescription pain pills as a result. Heroin use has gone up so has the same thing happened with teenagers -- they find in different things to. Absolutely and I think that's -- that's exactly the key point and that's what we need to address. You know I think in our in our culture we need to talk about what's going on and why. Young people in particular are drinking and drinking heavily coming weeks. I did a study would you've got to sit here George Mason and national study. And what we were talking routines with its focus groups around the country and found out what's going on their lives and and found that a lot of averages drinking it. Or that old Adobe drugging to meet some other -- and a lot of the parents -- of the schools aren't addressing it they're doing some piecemeal things and he's little piecemeal things don't attack it and don't don't really address what's more would be on people and so so popular with young people having parents dialogue with them. And and whether it's going to be alcohol which was the focus support study or marijuana or heroin or what ever else is next. People are trying to numb themselves and escaped and and we need to do a better job dealing. Escape what the normal and well -- the normal health angst of being a teenager did and I went to the teenagers and and we found ways and and probably for most of us it was not as much on the substance signed. Sure there was substance abuse. Well but it's the normal thanks to being teens and you know convertible. Future shock and -- factors society was moving forty years ago it's. You know it's lightning speed -- and so. The pressures means there are racing and then moving oriented texting and interpersonal communication via. Digital approach it's it's just. We knew we need to have more dialogue mortar. Interface and this injustice saying. This -- Normal for each thirteen this is normal operates fifteen to have those tanks and the purpose supplies and so with the lecherous. Try to find some way to talk about that. I mean there's a lot of resources out there I mean that the -- over. A teen drinking Saudi doctor doctors -- is the foundation for -- alcohol responsibility and responsible -- dot org. Our website at first Mason seagate PH country -- -- the resources out there for parents for young people turn. And and what's important is to have the dial. Just going back to the drinking age thirty years ago before that was asked colleague of mine and in another state senate. He's talking with the governor there about race in the drinking -- man and -- they raised the drinking -- in alcohol related crash is went down and then a few years later politics. Caused them to lower the drinking age and guess what. Alcohol related crash is went down. And the reason was. They were having public dialogue. And so the public dialogue about the controversy breezing along the age with a healthy thing. That ended up resulting in the public being more aware of the dangers associated with particularly teens and young adults drinking and driving. Higher public awareness. Lower problems so I think that same discussion -- ballot today whether -- and or oxy code ago. And other pain medications were -- -- -- marshals and -- the reality a lot of the pain but it's around as with life whether the economy here trafficker. -- -- life and then you know with so much of this we can do. Better and more naturally and in you know I think. You know my -- on all of this if we have a societal will to deal with this there's plenty of ways to to address. The pain medication and a pair -- and so. I appreciate your time -- in -- we got to get to news is for -- case study of -- -- I dealt with my yanks and I I swear to goodness is true with the red soda in two -- to skeptics. Our that would do it from me not -- neck because then people -- -- -- -- -- you should need. Well it is it's all it's all a matter of -- moderation and and and doing. Doing as healthy as we can we can keep that Montrae mind being as healthy as we can and and living our potential we can do so much. Batter while that is what data for me thank you doctor precise time -- we talk to you again all right -- -- doctor David Anderson professor of education and human development. At George Mason University on an open a phone lines we come back and -- X -- 187 -- freak. 866889087. When did you start drinking did he keep you off of other drugs or did it leads you to other drugs and -- handled that with your kids. I know some parents that. You know closely below is an -- underage kids drank salons and on drive him. What's -- -- -- your house -- like coming up before 9 o'clock more Steely -- tickets to giveaway in -- the lovely Monica Hernandez from channel for -- at least 63 did you know I did not have -- told statue as beautiful young woman good reporter to. I did did a story about Danny hunter. Former police officer detective that left. Because he just couldn't put up with a anymore in and so much is heard about. Recruiting. Officers it -- -- retention and and experienced people like Danny hunter will -- be in studio with us at 9 -- are very anxious to hear about stories as are we and we're talking about drinking right now and teen drinking and you know I'll I'll admit it now because I don't think my daughters listening although and kitten because we have had the conversation about it. -- started during denies that decree. Out on it and while them and means part of the culture where it is and and that's probably not. Rap on usual and Owen knew exactly what the doctors said there was some things going on -- and I guess and Nat peer pressure but. You know a lot of kids -- -- and answer Leo we'd get our. Quart bottles of beer and six and not advocating any this believe me it was a mistake and and lord knows how many brain cells are destroyed that it could really use today. Some but I do think inning and then obtuse way it kept me off of any other drugs is an average -- had the urge to. Smoke marijuana like other kids were doing their. But I -- all young and both drugs are no one's better any other other -- legal but if you thirteen and not legal. And I edit no it is and is that your doctor that you had the interview with -- you know and it's just another drug so you were masking whatever or or peer pressuring. With the blues blood. So maybe it could have been somebody else see. The only question I have is our teenagers really. Drink and less and they really wait until they're 21 because I don't think they are I think -- is gone. Under the surface or they found something else Alter their consciousness which brings up. Maybe philosophically another question because yet you yet cracked down on prescription pain pills he goes to heroin you crack down on something now sending a -- people. And you've seen it on this -- intervention program where they they'd take that cans. That uses sprayed it called -- I think despray that the dust off of the computer thing apologies. And -- a hundred of these a day after consciousness other people doing with paint people do with airline Lou. Airplane glue rather and for the model airplanes to see in other Yankee in the real planes together with -- at least I hope they're not. But the point is is it and is it normal to want all to your consciousness or is there always something going on. That makes you use a drug borrower. Chemical and yet. From mask the pain don't take always they're always haters are just some pin in the human condition on that. You know we would like an old song the wildwood we would want take a trip in -- relieve the farm I don't know let's talk about it at 260. 1870 toll free 866. 88908782. David in -- week LA David. -- agree accurate and experiences that you would go all out they're seen on. Well. Being an open that -- agree that you think this is just me or alt. There's been -- To -- Lowell drop an entry and adult and mine and low across the bowl topic just are elections -- general direction not just young kids. Secondly. Just like he says I think they turned darker. Which they drop and with arrow on it goes straight for the now. And third -- wouldn't think. All right and even said that college age has actually increased during which would lead you to believe. That those pent up gesturing what each -- they change they -- -- not the ones that cause -- So that. Point is that human nature. Attracted big picture. Award she tried to do. The European model where and he. -- -- -- transition children into it that's why you've seen at dinner where. So when you go to college about volatile about it stone throw you uncle he then why are -- You -- and -- And -- -- much more active -- you -- actually at yankees should jump in the call but these. Were down. Why. Control -- -- friends. -- -- Just double -- so between general. Let's face -- at midnight when you charity saying you don't automatically mutual treatment so it's a process. And if you know you can you can vote EP which you gotta be 11 coming it's ludicrous. It's -- -- number come from right David let me show you real quick on your eighteenth birthday. I didn't I know a lot of people did it I know of somebody that dated just recently even though it wasn't legal. They got commode hugging and Niekro and drunk on their eighteenth birthday. Well I was sort of in the army -- seventy and so on did that before I -- more likely trigger real quick I'll always thought they should be heard legal two year. Between seventy -- want. Because you don't grow and it out and that large tree can and everything culture -- different laws or transitional age group are really believe that. David appreciate you collar really Dylan and I points you made and at do you think yet the question why is when he won the magic -- and is that the right age for everybody I think some people. 45 is not old enough they can handle their liquor. Or they have some other problems that cause in the turn -- -- other drugs -- other people. You know developmentally maybe -- okay -- Metairie on -- W good morning. And probably will -- explain to me how are you can be. An adult legally. Through everything they changed the kid trying to be please explain that term. I can't what do you think. Politics you mean to tell me somebody's taking it though. Is not the vote for Barack Hussein Obama -- they realize they made a mistake they -- around there are a few period. Always -- big -- at least he kept politics out of a Derrick in ocean springs in morning on WWL. -- -- You know it causes these kids to go to. Drugs and all it's called it's called the release until I mean in the brain to steal your chemical that's released in the brain. -- -- -- Well and that's when and ask -- so whether your kid -- Young -- an -- person is -- -- -- Just inevitable as that party human nature that you know like an animal I guess some animals do it if you find something that. Alters your consciousness and releases -- mean that. EE NBC you're never gonna get people to not want to do this that maybe there aren't always underlying problems do you think there are. You know even even what you just -- animals do it and how watching the show or on TV very. -- -- There were watching these lions. And these lions were chewing on this client that they have never seen before and when they studied the client it was a -- -- Jim. A new Olusegun. Incredible event thank you Derek would get a time constraint and lady called in note and thank you sir Preston. I want content and to think. Well it's more. That they -- -- in -- cheated didn't pick. Experience been in contention on what we it'll do what we experienced in we look at. -- dependent economic counselor that if they Dick -- like you have to mood altering chemical. An expectation or experience it out make sure -- Why does one person ticket drink and -- -- another person a couple of it's all related to a human in case. So. You have if you have alcoholism in your family or drug abuse. Of any type who would it be best to keep kids away from under tellem look grandpa had a problem with the pills. I've had a problem with the illusion moment watch yourself very closely. Yeah it felt that perhaps it -- There aren't there is in those that occur -- -- that -- immediately become. Dependent on alcohol -- drugs because I think the -- there experiment. -- thank you human.

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