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7-17-14 10:10am Garland: on drones

Jul 17, 2014|

Garland talks about drone usage with Steve Bucci of the Heritage Foundation.

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-- you a pretty interesting today we've got consumers who once again over our infrastructure. Got the American civil engineers. Association saying that. Most who was -- bridges get a -- -- structurally depletion. And didn't number robo a media organization grow and secede try and get -- permissions state says can't give it. It's. Federally control. And the feds say that information is not to be given out and we we get all kind of debate about and what board did structurally deficient mean and is it really that threat. And even for the conservatives so we get that the American civil engineers nothing brutal lobbying tempered. To get more money for engineers and city coffers and so forth and so -- And they've got figures they've borne out the big claimed our infrastructure is better than you -- in Europe who's considered pretty good. And they make mention of the billion to dollars and spent. And live -- money spend. We still have an overall. Lebanon -- something called school four point own screw them practices. This is an income. Wrong by young entrepreneur who were -- from all over the country all over the world. Better come to New Orleans and and most of them have some connection to education. And there are vaults that are educational system is failing to show us all working. And they have come up with some really introducing innovative. Brand new -- idea. There's such a point. That there are major blunders or Bill Gates and Melinda Gates and Wal-Mart the Wal-Mart -- So that should be interesting to what they're doing. This -- won the fascinates me more than anything. Watching -- sixty minutes number of months ago. A European saw it ambles on. Or bridge and later owner beat those bogeys in his. Showed him. Small drone it's that they wanna start using and start using and soon there are petitioning. BofA paid till Lipton. Test these -- marching in state programs -- headquarters located. And their intent is to eventually deliver. Water every order from Amazon. Within thirty minutes. Via a small drones. That -- -- fifty miles now. And then you look at the military decided drones and you look at the recreational side -- -- then you look at the privacy concerns. Then you look at the incredible things that could be done with them. And Margaret Margaret Court shouldn't is that thing congress' told. Of the FAA by 2015. They want to plan as to -- all baskets manager in the meantime let's statesman and a prolonged. Conflict with the trailer so. He had looks like -- the future. The question is. Nobody seems to be true what future looks like but there's always. We're we're computer as we go to Korea expert -- Bluetooth director of Allison center for foreign policy studies. Heritage foundation for the former special forces officer in top pentagon official Steve thank you so much I appreciate the call. -- me on the show. It's which is old school. Well. It's going forward. Whether we like. The key thing here folks it's not a trial or everything get. You know what ship these -- trying to do. Will start out small start out in areas that. Making it suitable in -- and not necessarily going to be quiet down. Streets of New York City you're border -- metropolitan area. Because it's going to be Herb -- not want chances there -- -- But Europe as others you know we are. That Customs and Border Protection oh Hughes drove in order to try to help them. Keep track things the military obviously you struggled a lot. There's a lot of good which uses these banks we you have to work out the details right now FAA. See the aspect. Bill. Our -- and to -- -- rig when we come back. As you arguably good example. While back -- one local -- or moles. And I've seen within the employees at one of the the technologies Stewart's blog the drones in them all. 400 books or. HD high definition cameras. I think it was like. Quarter mile wireless control. And everything -- in the open his opponent even could record what was looking. When as you wanna come back -- -- that actually does does it means. All the business. If drones being used for agriculture clear they'll be doing. What is it that keeps them from running into the -- that at Fordham. Main thing to mobile computers come right back. If -- obviously they're -- interest to -- drones involved in the wrong business. The -- to -- zero wanted separately -- operate anywhere in the country you're 66 it'd and he says. -- good about drones it look like they're going to be come ubiquitous. And in about a year. FDA. Had been told to come up with rules congress gave -- New York. By 2015. Of all of these things can be bought and flown privately commercially. Veterans in this we have closed the -- -- -- -- is who credentials director of the pilots and sooner. Foreign policy studies at Heritage Foundation again either former or news that forces officer and top pentagon. A state. It once we get hundreds of thousands or hundreds of and to these in the year. We coupon from crashing elected a plant -- in the national -- the regulations. Double play as a BCD. Which which covers. The different levels. Is is that part of probably gonna keep him from hitting it to. That they rob it's why they're saying here's you know does not rule out quickly. It's very complex and if you think about it for a the FAA was passed by congress to Kabul with the safety regulations and and since then is when mister -- knows better but he tension by saying. You want it but it or is -- products that way you can bet that next day yet it's sixty minute show. Those guys yet saying scratch your heads -- back at that point -- if you think about it that that that so. Are there really you know it worked hard at. Out but it sure -- -- difficult via. Government regulation trying to keep up. Very fast moving -- illogical. You know patients at. People's imaginations. It's very typical of the do so. I don't have the full explanation that is what yet page trying to figure out how they each and all that stuff. Yet taken urged her in real airplanes. Now applying it to these smaller MB. When you were in special forces you guys -- -- the and they old drones. They get what I was there but that guy now -- -- It's it's a wait to see over the ice and see what's on the next table I think -- and tactical intra patient that they need. And date they also condemn link from the baker wrote that the military use Intel. I don't know you're aware of this. -- mention it into word. I was watching video a couple of months ago. Near drone. That please. Or proposing used in big big cities like like New York it's cold organs. And it can be viewed the entire city of one's. And when people come out of this building. It puts a square -- round them visual square. On the screen and a signs in the number. That goes to the cloud and when ever they walk out or in to know the building our car -- -- -- tracked again. And investors. Say that the Boston Marathon bomb they literally would be able go back and have a new media profile. Or all of the people who was standing there. What do we do with the privacy side there's the the legitimate sides of this in the benefits -- this seem obvious but how in the heck do you come up with the privacy so. Well alleged that the big -- society are we actually do care privacy. Constitutional rights. How do we balance be the obvious security there -- these new technologies. Against those privacy. And and it gets very very. -- Something like the -- that happens -- that everybody goes out. At these closed circuit TB -- result over. It helped us and fight -- It's it's something we need to work out society. It should not be done in secret should be done. With this much engagement of course it is possible but don't want should be under any illusion that are simple. We but we need to figure out. Do you see -- -- worried cued to really control this I mentioned who went to break. I was at the small number of militant group victims last year. Saw one of via technology experts have one of the in the helps companies. Flying drone 400 books. Or HD cameras recorded on -- -- phone I think it -- quarter mild something like that wireless capability. And I've read this morning where they have developed a a number of drones that when they store running out of power or they won't return. Wherever you war. And into me or. -- peeping Toms and pop -- the and that kind of thing. Is -- gonna be -- -- top things that even if they become illegal. Well I think that first that is why try. Out. You know that you can't go walking -- the -- find out that troll -- window that bachelor week. I would shall we did a world. So that that's the first step is -- -- all forty year -- BY. Technology. And frankly. Most situations. And will be few others that we're gonna apps. Built -- go to court. Scorched make decision. Used that but people just. That -- out that that. Or east base there. As what's on what's. Again we we get new technology. A lot of hopes are actions. Might gosh as -- walks that's. Probably unnecessary today let's see what why then -- but the states that don't. I had every other experts on the on this subject over the months. -- up on this left look through Supreme Court Google Supreme Court ruling. It's Florida Bruce's royally please use a helicopter. They were looking at a green house that it's missing panels on the top club it. Spotted marijuana plants use that is immigrants -- maintained or gotten to obtain the war. Supreme Court ruled that the aerial search did not -- -- the defendants fourth amendment rights. Because citizens. Can have no reasonable expectation of privacy. Of anything -- will promote public event. That that would. That would contradict. Being protected by the privacy laws that. No 88 or get the best way to explain. It. If I policeman can -- into the building or street triggered our local your insurance. They knew that no expectation by this. ESP -- special sensor. So look picture Reich to determine. Thing. Somebody a good bad or something like that that requires more. Oh yeah that you think it in the cage years citing. Because the world wars. There were opened spots. Or helicopter just final were conceived illegal activity. That would tense situation -- and again for the June depressed search. So. Basically -- need to understand if police can look in your window. On the ground all -- and other public vantage point -- -- war if they have to do something special. They do. Are boring patrol and oh this fortune or let's say. As best they probably need a war. But it is somebody decides to challenge it in the morsel -- look at that situation. And decide now whether that's -- Helicopter. I think is. So I think it would be war but now that shall we court ordered determined these. We always sort of pleasure to have -- -- and love to get back on this subject before again. Very complicated and and we'd all like to understand it think -- you'd think -- -- Thanks for having me appreciate economic cooperation. People need to think about will be little. If we're going to have experts like you've given -- dude you're very busy time. We can't get educated so thank you much. We'll come right back when news when we come back instinct is does in this league deal longer as I. I'm -- exciting. The possibilities. The column from this technology. But then again and again very confused as or it could possibly be implement. And the privacy thing. -- brochure of privacy laws when we have. Police departments that don't have the funding don't have the person now. Upon a bone to people Linda with two and 400 dollar drones. That they comply where with the award and watch whatever they want to and can that be regulated can be controlled by -- -- you think. Two's exit row one celebrity told free and in the country. 86 dictated and zero rule aide says. WWL first news it's 1032 I'm Chris Miller on -- official weather station WW LA anathema dot com. After weeks of public disagreement governor Bobby Jindal and education superintendent John whites sit down talk about standardized testing for the upcoming school year issue in this afternoon's meeting -- the comic core education standards in the. Are welcome back -- -- about -- and and what got me on this subject to yen. Because a couple of years ago in particular when they're using human Afghanistan all of the players should do a number of true. And -- fuselage of the use those the only original neuter Amazon. Was on sixty minutes and he wants to do he showed him. A drone for remembered -- probably about two feet wide put -- it. Very light for big propellers on it. And what he wants to do is eventually. Put these all over the -- world. And today he will deliver packages. Five found it and then let's open -- Turn your front door. And there won't guarantee it in thirty minutes or less like heartbeats. And sixty minutes did a big piece on. And then I pink. He's starting to experiment -- that overseas he wants to do it in Washington. And the period won't let him bond. Yeah page has designating -- think it's six states Texas called -- or forget the where there'll allowing law enforcement to use -- models. Off. Where they're trying to figure out how to do that I mean if you just think gambles on loan. Can you imagine. How many drones will be flying around -- city. And all I can think of as maybe you'll do in the rural areas spurs. In get a fine tune. And I was thinking you know. How do you keep all these drones. For running indeed true. And if you'll pull up by nothing cutesy in my view that you lose him two web site. Some young scientists there have come up with -- Flocks. Of very small drones being they're like two -- three inches ball. Very very light -- And you're all birds fly together and usually good reef how can they change rector and that -- -- all good ago what they've done. They're putting huge amount of drones. Important please. And program them that way in which airborne moved everybody moves in some -- so. I don't know maybe maybe we control it with having -- of drones that. -- a whole lot more different than. Delivery -- it's it's is getting dirty introducing does he did this bother you. Forward. Or you all for. I think a -- or did I just can't figure out. How it can be safely done in the privacy thing concerns but let's go to Michael Michael or your -- double rubio appreciate call. -- And -- and progress like duke. I'm all -- -- -- Michael touched the student electricity and all of which which kind of people and problems. But there -- benefits. Outweigh the problem it's going to be blown enforcement it's regrettable. But the of course. So is -- Louisiana still here. Do that in our our solid state. Going to be against it and as -- way you produced cause that's some but owns a model and it would welcome -- next week. That it at La mafia out. My neighbor's house and take a picture in garbage electric car. Yeah secondly. You previous. Immigration with the draw emigrants and everything. I have a problem sacks on twelve million immigrants in the country. To host the next 100000. Immigrants come and illegally every year. As detached. At 8000. Kids and destroyed that country it you know -- that. That's what they do as they wanted to stop the -- Does the web. And -- it up. Filipinos who can -- and obviously gonna put out. That -- that -- take on the situation. Michael -- pretty if you go interest in thoughts and and understand that there were already so long because. What's happening throughout the country states from making the wrong angle it's because congress -- because of course gridlock. But -- the problem with that big columns. -- you get a whole bunch of conflicting law. We do one thing one -- one thing in the other but. Just because it may be legal hoopla over your house and take photographs. I'm sure that can stop a lot of people and and I just wonder about the the good element that the more excuses for bad purposes but I also agree with -- -- That that this is coming animal forthcoming and -- a little confused as to what the -- who's gonna look like. But in the end these -- Users Balkan predictions of gloom and doom and often times new technology does. Cause some real problems and we get tested and becomes part of -- Barbara we don't think about it. Coming right back what do you think drones you're OK with concerned about privacy. Concerned about crime or do you see how would work to EB -- quick idea I thought. What a great way to break -- Because -- these I had an uncle one -- who flew out to culture. And way back then it was like fire was 600 dollars an hour probably thousand dollars an -- today. So for a forward that -- thousand dollar drone 400 dollar drone. Putting -- On crops a B grade from food prices and everything. And then I thought yeah. But. A pilot to -- kid walking around this region going shouldn't drop the -- sides then. A pilot. -- problems with word the dust is programmed ago and change. And killer -- and I and I guess Ian troops who are you running the drone is looking at a video screen again kingdoms and what are your thoughts to -- 01 eats up. Well reminder rebutting a few minutes we're gonna have that thousand dollars Summers players tariff contests and -- -- code word. And a number of attacks in -- may be within nationwide. -- -- about Joan had two homes and so is Jerry and a friend -- welcome to -- Pritchard the call. I don't you know you have -- bureau. Yet commercial photographer and I bought a true. -- out for construction property and for people like me. All the anecdotal. Currently at spears normally drone is -- people like. -- drawn out and want to eat by eight feet you know you destruction. And that's I'm not flying over someone's yard and even keep to what the irrational -- it's. The court talked at one point drone -- -- on -- speed up. And concede it. You know ought to tell it there's a car and rightly so there's a human being on there it's just it's a fourteen megapixel camera a lot of the little outnumbered -- And don't want you to wait on people that drove Colorado looking back yard I'd be more effort from what the cellphone -- long went camera. No. For me. Personally. Very few items in the years but yet on whether buying you know Ottawa site. What -- one site where I can see it easily it. Practical useful pool will be purse. I hear what you're saying. I think two things were -- Number one American people I think have been lost a lot of trust and almost is neat thing. Please governmental security. Justice Department you name. And when you look at something like the Argo which drones. That have capability of being -- -- point 247. And literally were courting every body's good moves in and out when the war in the city and -- goes with the club out. Granted. Probably all of those controllable laws will be Britain and and just like anything else scores killed but. Mostly they're tremendously. Beneficial. Probably be the same thing but I think the the lack of trust doesn't just come from that drone industry. If it comes over all that people I think they're just worried about Big Brother. I agree I agree totally. Yet to -- legislature need be pushed forward because when it you know legitimate people who. You know. Don't need to fly. Out and be near racquet in my drone over four -- so. I don't want that I also another thing I want to point out too that the companies that create strong physically and Al. They still didn't. GPS the L affiliate telling them what to do any part that they built in GPS seeks. For example I were called the airport by my drove up. Within two miles an import it will not even talk -- -- out. Did -- get locked out and then as you go further away because it classy controlled airspace it. Allow you a different down different altitude it's on at -- you. You're restricted -- it can't fly into that restrict airspace it will automatically -- -- A lot sort of built in down GPS. All jury on a run out and I'm I apologize -- please I'll do the show didn't call us back to use information blitzer and Europe. Coming right back -- --