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7-17-14 12:10pm Garland: on Louisiana's bridges

Jul 17, 2014|

Garland talks about the condition of the state's bridges with Dr. Kim Movossaghi of engineering firm Fenstermaker and Ken Perret of the Louisiana Good Roads and Transportation Association.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back. Recent stories in the media. Playing that. Troubled bridges. In Louisiana. Increased -- numbers quite a bit I think it's about 14%. And all -- listeners. 18127. Bridges. Rated as structurally. Deficient. Let me use live to the next page. And another. Nineteen under almost 2015%. Of total listed as functionally obsolete. Mean the regional group meets modern safety design standards. We tried to get the state to comment. And they did send us an email and said they could not comment and because number one billboard true with the criteria ones. In coming up with the -- descriptions. And the pointed out. The please keep in mind. -- termed structurally deficient and functionally obsolete. Or not. Synonymous. With the on Saturday. And they say they couldn't give us in the information. On the bridges listed because indeed they cited. The federal agreement. With the -- in her apartment transportation. Include a look at the point 8%. Of over how would system. And they bishop who said the couldn't comment anymore than that. Better understand those. To better understand this returned to. Doctor cam -- -- the executive director of the American. Society and think of civil introduced. Report card former secretary due to media and my posture. Now president. And two maker. And engineering forum and Olympia doctoral welcome back the short appreciated call. Thank you served very well -- to be what you. So we've we've got conflicting things and we've got the president. Who's come up with -- very and build American transportation. Investments. And their initiative. We've got the president. Asking for. And being turned down. Pro about 302 billion dollars in spending four years. And we've got the conservatives. Saying that. What civil engineers society. And the Obama administration. Or just looking for more government control more government spending. There's no need for -- this it's being sent. What -- talked -- don't know. Well. We. Confused and disappointed. -- dysfunctional congress and Pol -- -- spend. Washington garbled it all went and I need to talk -- their -- navigation. It did. Transportation and as sort of the engine group. And that ought to stroke fruit bowl. Our infrastructure. Our way transportation systems sold it in nineteen -- these. You aren't in our situation and and since -- -- via Google he's been stated we have not spend money to take care. And now it's getting into the into the lot and Nicole. Pretty -- you you've become you. Let your kid being -- and you're you you do everything. Think -- -- transportation. A new transportation systems operates very well very efficiency at the track the -- would get older it becomes. Very efficient. Got potholes than you've got these problems. The bridges you've got problems that go so. That is the problem and and the congress cannot come to a group as to what is the best way to do it. That is it senate bill already passed the senate environment and transportation committee unanimously by the autism. As war here on April and the president has submitted it's -- bill. But did the conference's. Who get to year and and find a way to fund transportation. Which has been economic engine of the country. And and and and exit. And right now. And -- and yet -- before yesterday's house passed a little actual at ten billion -- patchwork. -- would be trust fund the crowd with their enforcement and operate under ought to until next day. And he wouldn't run out of money so -- -- front provision that -- -- to shut down their operations. So. Around the country. So that the real unfortunately. All right let me take a break here and for the audience. I think Gibson is no surprise in two -- eons slightly conservatives stayed in all the figures that breed. Say that missed the papers -- was second in the -- third in the government lord Jeffs. But most of those years including me say they would -- or have small government. We don't trust Washington. We don't want them to do that things are attempting to do. We'd rather -- been here. And control. Our own taxes. Well this this says it's correct. But it says. Where is it where is at Brigham and bridge inspection programs in Louisiana department for an agent bill. This program that is 80% plundered by the federal government. Only says to congress. We applaud your gridlock. And we're gonna do this on -- Where where is the part that says were forwards small government. But when it comes to boys and a lot of these bridges were talking about. Or not a interstate bridges these rural these small cities so big bridges too but primarily. Rural why don't we detectives caught on ourselves. If we don't like big government. And I asked myself that question to. Using 0187. Until 4866. Aided 90. Itself. Well President Obama says we need to and only 300 billion dollars for over the next four years. For. -- infrastructure in this country bridges. Deteriorating roads deteriorating blood. If you go to. Forbes magazine. Figured what -- at that they represent the conservative -- They put the president and it's saying quote. Now over the last four years construction crews who built or improved enough roads to circle the globe fourteen on and -- graded on -- railroad to go coast to coast and back. We -- prepared to replace more than 1000 bridges. We've helped get tens of thousands of construction workers back on the job. And and Forbes -- writer as circle the globe fifty times. Shouldn't we at least get a B plus from the society. Of civil engineers. We're talking to a doctor wrote cam going -- sake. Doctor well what about it sounds like -- -- hundred on the money already. Shouldn't we have an improvement in the infrastructure. Also because our population that people want. -- we need to -- when he got more commerce and written on -- interstate system powers but it is that today than ever fall. The pocket where all what -- Eagles. Bode better do it all again that the number of fox got it in -- economy. India after local -- local people we have ought to market rules shall -- given -- We expect that it hit them like weasel. Because we're at our economy would not have been expanded to where it is today it would be eating the world but the dollar on. Shall there has the -- but the fact of the matter is that that expand insurance. You need to more repair and more maintenance. -- is applaud that we have not paid any attention to. As the system gets older. America at the londoners have looked at the condition. And based on existing condition and they equate that -- -- -- -- -- -- They're an objective grade and it is based on witnesses -- -- today. Do we have enough in some areas of the country be pivotal role is on the other content to mobile -- I'm I'm looking. You article thing but didn't -- bullet correctly. Brought me here American association -- -- civil engineers whose call failure to act studies. And give him price tag group for bureau pitching our infrastructure and it says. It would take one point seven trillion dollars recruit to our current infrastructure doubles at. An extra 160. Billion dollars a year war. One point 1000000000002. Million art infrastructure needs through 20/20. It in the in the congress in gridlock is there -- any chance of that aura or those numbers for a. All the equivalent colorectal are. Under a similar study it was built by the congressional established a national sort of transportation policy. And that is that the commission. And bear numbers. As bet we should be spending hundreds and eighteen are billion dollar annually for the next fifteen years. To bring all this culture to an acceptable level. Sort of numbers. Are different and a privilege to same numbers. The finding. Their record usual. To move the GA -- need double in the question. Traditionally. Traditionally. The transportation. Is supported -- -- -- think about the fact that you're not they're redundant bridge on the call orbit on who's got out. So our state unpalatable to the federal government. That there are being attacked has not increased. In the last block from the it would be updated which was about fifty years ago so. The crime or the gap intact. Have. Have been involved where prices had gone off and just not enough to maintain. What we get mad at -- Public -- demand Google's demands -- We demand equity to get to all draw in a reasonable. Number of minutes or -- number of hours. Higher. -- system is not capable. Our bonds that means that the happen to that -- doing what -- -- -- And that's the problem and it is is that I'll war. Public responsibility the -- to move some poll only come -- -- that the longer we wait in addressing this issue. Be more expensive. The group and maintenance is going to be. A Tea Party leader almost got elected in Mississippi. A lot of conservative. More to the right movement all over themselves. And there are all talking about we need and left us from Washington that was the big push in Mississippi. -- the attitudes of we need to left money coming from Washington. In this -- saying hey there's this. Calling our bridges structurally deficient all that means is some of them have a little problem. We reduce the load will we see yet. And we would try to replace them when we can but there's no danger out there. One would danger do you see -- the state says the structurally deficient. Or just bridges. That are starting did did -- it's a little bit but no bid -- -- What is it simple example. So old equipment and now. And then Yorker who -- it. It doesn't -- The result they range when you've got -- recruit prepare. Shall get cute and barrel not I mean it is not accurate technical group that little pot and it connect the walker and I'm -- It would be okay. Then it all worked on you don't admit that. -- what happened to that Putin -- And -- and your group of the global groups animal group of the normal grip. And it actually. -- -- -- We can't. Use that if we have that on what it deficient bridges. And it all -- -- -- -- an accurate picture due to emotional. Symbol -- you ought to -- thing. This segment of the population that you is that bridge not to be able to you that British people aren't predictable. Doctor weir is always android have a new owner appreciated that time got to meet de -- News caught -- its coming up but thank you so much have a great day. -- I'd come and -- where we're gonna go to. CBS news UP I haven't heard about a Malaysian another. Malaysian -- plane is down. And this. It's down nick in the Ukraine. And release some Ukrainian officials. Are claiming that Russia. Shot down. If that's the case we should have some introducing news right now. Since to shall she what gridlock. Looked like Wednesday's. How went -- for the United States was going boss going bankrupt -- -- correctly congress. Came up more than though we kicked the can down the road measured him on -- Funding to mixture of the jobs and laws and state revenues. Are not a loss the liberals say it's just the budget him cocoa. And including one in the room probably result in companies under for an -- their pensions. And the liberal one -- The gaps that taxes have to go out of the maintain walled -- what would -- bill. And report the gas tax and go about since 1993. You lost almost 40% of the -- -- against. Because of inflation. And get these reports that. Louisiana -- to the numbers here are. Some stores and probably. 1227. Bridges. Labeled structurally. Deficient. And you've got 1000 -- and 63. Bridges. Listed as functionally obsolete. Means aboriginal and Jeremy Martin's if he does. When the media tried to get information on these bridges. Wrong to say this that -- We get. These these labels. Or wrong structurally deficient functionally obsolete. Or not synonymous with and -- a lot of -- small rural bridges when they've developed a problem state reduces the load. And it did get through port where they can't reduce the loans anymore. Than they do worry with Britain but they're basically saying no big problem. -- -- -- The conservative media is saying hey you know who's behind this American Society of Civil Engineers this what they say. Public's building lobby. Of the call them. Ready to mobilize within the -- report -- for aging and on reliable roads and bridges. Our infrastructure is as good if not better. Than Europe. And it and they point out what. Society of civil engineers is asking for. Would cost. About one point one trillion dollars of which we don't have the Monday. And then get it -- almost -- and suing against what I would open up build America transportation. Investment sooner. House in the department for a confrontation. As governor wants on -- cities and states. Where we can -- in the financing. And partnerships and products sector. So if if you re like I do you Google computers and you know calling in -- President of Louisiana good roads and transportation association and welcome to Lucia. Good morning appreciate being on your program. Arab procedure called -- so what is do we have a problem or is this. Just politics -- what's going. Where we have a big problem because. All of these static. A situation would it would -- jester actually it was a good mechanism when it was first. Real and it initiated it did provide. Lending poorer system that we have today but the problem is the guest sectors per gallon and when the price of has -- That it's actually increased the -- can increase revenues sure when everything else is increasing cost. Well -- of the equipment to her own used to bill project. All of those cause he'd go to appease. But the taxes of blackjack equity per gallon and actually caught giving them also it's complicated deal compounds -- problem because. Are -- using less gasoline so there's less revenue coming in to ticker Mo would be shall. That's the -- -- just and funding to keep up with the critical needs you know that usually economy. You'll Hartley. Transportation projects. The real -- -- -- quality of life in our jobs and Puerto Rico so we're gonna do. We have to figure out a way to get some additional revenues. And they can make prayers of -- people. Operating the picture or electric car are you using -- -- which in in the instructional book. Wasn't that big issue there and there were working to try to figure out -- True both short term to get additional revenues and below are trying to figure equitable. -- systems so that everybody -- their pressure. Are deported -- in the conservative media. Among the twenty largest countries US ranks second only to ten of the quality of the infrastructure. World Economic Forum index cultural shows -- infrastructure beats. The European unit averaged by a wide margin. US's fourteenth place ranking in the world economic -- Infrastructure. In debt. What what they're saying is -- how can we are being -- much trouble warmer doing so well. Well we have -- -- the problem Robert -- aging infrastructure. And the prosperity that the country. Has enjoyed the last fifty years has been due to a lot of -- because. Well the good transportation system that we interconnectivity of our -- Our you know -- real system -- and and -- system all work together to fuel economy. And and that's a good system it's an aging system that would bridges ticket could be good dear little more they the age of major Euro. Rehabilitation -- just -- That last forever -- look as big problem we have so it bridges in Louisiana. That note because of artillery and bring that would we do we topic problem with or with our aging bridges that they're just. A lot of were pretty even that'll be replaced PPP rehabilitate -- of the Arctic Ocean you'll note according to figures should. All right we're thinking about two -- funding in this country that virtually bankrupt congress. In their gridlock position. Recently editor of think about ten months of funding taken down the road they're gonna come up with -- financial boom we're in others whom. What do you think too secure 187. It would come right back. Well. Very confusing a bunch -- reports saying oh resilient as many movies structurally deficient bridges. In -- and then we broke the American saudis civil engineers saying there are broad broad system in this country really only -- at the -- plus. Then get the conservative media and the Republicans sitting and we have spent Linda Poland Poland and money. And everything is fine and we don't need to raise the gas tax to get done. -- can bread with the -- president Louisiana. Good roads and transportation association. Let's bring some in the audience in we'll go to JJ your home with. Are -- -- call that went thing what electrical are urged to protect linger out prepared or use fear something along those lines. Because it at all really partly -- gas tax there's there's not going to be a way around. The other thing that I think is gonna have to be you know and some are within the next twenty to fifty years -- to build. Secondary Roche it's -- ball all the interstates and major highways forty lightweight vehicles and motorcycles. And vehicles in -- certain heritage -- That's going to be all albeit more power transportation in the future just not safe to have all those vehicles. You don't think highways with eighteen wheelers in suvs and stopped like back in all possible court it's your chance to get stuck in there so it would. You know -- back here. Return to my bills that go to give motive for the boom we don't have money for that. Well you know that's a good -- of the question because it's a matter of fairness and equity that that everybody that uses facilities should some. You don't have Duchscherer in the Austin. Weather's been at the local level -- -- -- -- parish or city level or state level bilateral level. Depends on the type emotionally as a talking about it much. That's something that that these -- you look at -- and legislation does lecturer. There's an equities and people are paying their fair share of the title so there's a W. Beer can read I mentioned did earlier. I don't think you would be surprised ruins slightly conservative state. Mississippi almost. Elected Tea Party represented the whose main blog form I think was let's bring home fewer dollars from the federal government. According to be tech I mean the email I got from. -- drift rotation and about quotes on this. Those citizens who collect and funded to do with the bear with me you. The bridge inspection program it is a program that is 80% funded by the federal government. Happens is we as conservatives states actually start to act. On our belief -- we need smaller government. And saying we don't need Washington money wolf on what we need. Well let's let's look good deployed and I think the there's the issue would be -- what is what you what's in the national pitched well over. There's a certain Russian system like being in the states as well as special or significant -- the -- major highways. Wouldn't -- two. You know parish roads and state highways and city streets. That should be you know global responsibilities state responsibility. To -- it if in the long term government doesn't need -- Involved in those decision ability to be good. In the decisions that affect the national economy that are in order. -- and major Patrick. Yeah -- served in that. Sort of led 80% also touch on parish city streets and bridges. Well. In the arm got a but -- Normal doctor's patient. On federally type projects 80% federal quality and in the state -- triple match. But the state who you know and local. Parachute -- projects you know -- percent -- -- as a local president better we have a program called the green light program. It -- is not a lot of street -- jail charged Monday. Cannot call -- -- the clock can be listened to closely. Run out of time -- begin to back a leader Dave we didn't -- getting educated enough on this. Love to get you back for a longer period time thank you for this time. Or are first created in Abu Dhabi on your program we call him -- I think you. Come right back a bit of the. Don't go away and Julie hill is that she's gonna have blow -- intro when rubio reserve of three. Nationwide colleges not reporting her own reporting sexual assault and -- on campus. Every time we do a show on illegal immigration I get a lot of calls and emails that say. -- what part of viewing the media don't understand it's against the wall. What -- the university. Presidents. Not understand. It's against the law it's a felony. Alberto via.