WWL>Topics>>7-17-14 2:10pm Angela: on rapes on college campuses

7-17-14 2:10pm Angela: on rapes on college campuses

Jul 17, 2014|

Angela talks with state senator J.P. Morrell about how rapes are college campuses are under-reported.

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Well we've all heard the figures from one in five women attending colleges or universities. Will be a victim of sexual assault. Now one would think that alone would prompt schools to have strict policies of how to handle that. That however is not the case. US senator Claire McCaskill released a report showing colleges and universities nationwide. Violate federal law by failing to investigate. Sexual assault on campus. Most shocking. Over 40% of the universities and colleges. Hadn't conducted an investigation. In the incidents of sexual assault in the last five years. Because of that study. Our own state senator JP morale has called for an investigation. Into how sexual assault and rape. Are handled in public colleges and universities here in Louisiana. And he is here now to talk all about it and I really want to invite -- listening audience if you have any thoughts on this any questions in. Give us a call 2601870. We've got this man for a whole hour. Was that the the study by the senator McCaskill that that prompted you to do this -- The study certainly proud of water I can tell you this past session I had passed a bill to really fly under the radar and I was surprised how many groups picked it up. We actually passed a bill requiring. A cataloged in inventory it all and -- -- it's the state of Louisiana because I've heard. Variety of individuals on the law enforcement and other agencies that. They were. -- reports of rape processing those reports and basically in certain parts of the state. They were on beyond that initial process -- generally speak so. I'm already on my radar was the fact that we have this issue in Louisiana regarding how we deal with sexual assault. Then this maccast study comes out and I mean I encourage you to hasn't ready to read it it is pretty horrified I mean it it's. And NA -- country. In modern times and a country that's as progressed as ours is. When you see these numbers of how many universities are compliant with -- basic federal law or basic common sense you've got. 30% of universities in the survey. Who provide no train a faculty or staff or anyone employed there with how to deal with some reporting to you look at the sexual assault. Their businesses. That do that businesses have had classes on sexual harassment. What he was sexual assault you look at the fact that in this survey. Ten to 12% of colleges to even respond. And then you look at this data out talks about how. They're required by Department of Education to report when they've been holed a set a case of sexual assault occurred. Then they're finding that the reporting to department education. Is seven times higher than the actual investigations. Legal and they're complying with the law there is no direct correlation. Between. That. Actual reports of the federal government and actually doing deals investigating the case more importantly. A lobbyist -- -- we'll have these very archaic standards of investigated -- sexual salt -- for example. When you're dealing with something as debilitating. Personal sexual assault. Best parts across the country is that you cannot have its. SGA student government officials. Sitting in on -- sexual assault case. And expect that not to get mean these these these stores -- from women about. Going political process when they do report and the stigma that's attached to them have been reports of harassment afterwards. Best practices twenty years ago moved away from they said if you're gonna have investigation of this nation FB confidential assuredly confidential. They have to have some some sort of an actual law enforcement. You can't have the same group that looks at whether or not -- you don't test investigators when you were ranked right. And in some schools Clinton are and they found that the athletic department's. Are doing the investigate that part the really we talked of this really insane 3% of the school surveyed. If that athletes involved in incident sexual assault -- while the athletic department to investigate. That has got to be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. It's outrageous. On many levels outrageous. It is. As you said archaic it is an area of our society where we still want to -- him -- so if we don't see it it'll go away. And what's happening news. There are more and more brave women who are coming forward that the article in up front page of the New York Times and Sunday was breathtaking. You know humanizing the issue on the right one woman and it. You and another article it was when you look at her experience of what she had to go to go through a truck and report what happened tour. How you look at the question she was given by other students who were on on this panel. I mean it was. I open in his -- is -- the polite way to spin it but it it for I mean. -- I was joking with -- before the show when I read that that Claire McCaskill study what I read that article. My first thought in my head was -- gonna home school my three year old daughter -- I mean how do you sense someone. Into that environment how do we as a society. All allow. For. Schools. And not do very basic things -- very basic level of safety safety for for young men and women. How do we how do we allow this to happen. He should be. Well just as for many years as you know if there were. Robberies and things like that not rapes but. They didn't want to talk about that either I mean ultimately they were called to task on that they had the safety phones out there's finally a push. For the recognition that -- crime on campus. Right at your -- beautifully right now I think that there is some an on and it's not a subtle warned attention but whenever you talk to. General school official staff -- we don't wanna talk about things that may dissuade someone from going here. And that. Is akin to add to that GM saying our admissions make your car pull up when you -- all the buy cars but if they're dangerous sure you're required to four people while. At a college university. You would. You do not want to miss inform parents you can get there tuition money if you're putting their children harm's way that the goal should be. How do we address the issue finally make college campuses safer that should be the goal not let's not do anything that might impact kids -- in here. You are right we're going to take a break we're gonna come back -- continue to talk with JP morale. And we're gonna talk about there's just something about sexual assault where especially if there's been drinking. Either one she escort her to she was two drunken it's her fault we're gonna talk about that aspect of -- stay with this financial under the anyway. We are back with senator JP morale who is taking on an issue that needs to be taken on and it's all about. Universities and colleges. Acknowledging when there are sexual assaults. Doing better investigations. Taking charge of this vs what has been happening that we now know from me the cast will report. That they're just dividing. Absolutely and that the when it was a -- when it you know different organizations list of business or school or whatever. -- EC these groups -- -- the path of least resistance and when you look at what they sure from some college universities that are looking that that the Specter the problem of sexual -- campuses. It is probably in the -- mine's easy year. To not comply with the -- and cover up than to go through the hardship of actually tackling the issue at all. And that path of least resistance on issue like this is not only doesn't work it's it's it's it's completely inadequate defensive and I applaud senator McCaskill from basically waking up the entire nation to the issue the issue that many activists and fighting for years -- Really I think the last couple days is they've really been a spotlight focused on it. And I mean now I was encouraged and I think it was definitely Manama in one of the things that drove -- to -- to star -- this very. Difficult dance that's gonna happen with what the what with the border -- it's over this issue but. I would hope and other states other legislators do the same thing is at least. When it comes to our public colleges we do have the ability through the wall trying to address the issue so you have sent a letter to the -- asking. I've sent a letter to the border regions and what are camera question that they give mediator of the last five years basically it's the similar vehicles in the castle study. How many -- and yeah had they've reported of sexual assault happening. How many houses they investigated. How do they train people how to deal with it. Bombs so we talked about before what the break about how you have these these myths about you know to be -- wrong it's okay and that sort thing. Specifically. In existing law that to talking about sexual assault on title nine. You're supposed to educate people who were involved in this process. With. How bad these rape myths -- more. For example. Most young men and women both don't realize that. You cannot give consent to have sex if you are intoxicated the point of being being wasted. And these are like basic education to the freshman should be learning because. Young men should know going to college if if I take advantage of a woman if if you if I give her drawn to the point where she can't say no that's not saying yet. That's the that is correct and how many of them think. Well she stayed with me we were getting drunk so she obviously was OK with it. I mean you can see how twisted it can come enemy that but that's what that's why part of this process part of what this report was so important is that. It's one thing for four colleges two and two to provide. The basic services the schools for people to make informed decisions when he see the colleges are doing. The basic fraud and work for a -- You really have to start coming obviously. We need to work towards greater prosecution. Greater convictions for rape cases but if -- were not doing enough on the front and two. Disincentive -- these price up I'll tell you one thing that really bothered me this report is that. People who are serial rapists people who -- creditors. These are often some of the smartest people you'll ever meet and if you have people who are on a college campus for four years. They know they're on a campus where these types of behaviors are not prosecuted night and investigated. It emboldens them to do things like this. And you'll find that our campuses where has taken very very seriously I'm sure the outcomes are much much much better. So I mean it's kind of why you you start with university its argument here I digress. No -- but it's creating the environment right -- Right off the bat it's against the law it's wrong. Here so let's establish that boys and girls here's the deal. And then you have to do all the investigation. You know having that environment may prevent some but there will still be incident at some -- then you have to pick it up from there. And again it goes back to wait a cultural thought of -- once -- drinking it's you know. Anybody can do anything wrong. And it's. It's absolutely case and at that that is honestly. We talk to victims of of rape domestic violence there's this there's a social. Cultural phenomenon where people think if I -- under the influence of something I'm not responsible for and I honestly. When you watch the the shows like law and order and always -- they always know you know I wasn't I wasn't conscious I didn't know. That really isn't the case -- if you know someone that your interacting with that your trying to relation with. Is too intoxicated to function. Under the law they cannot give consent period like what's once that purse recyclable complication. Even if there even if they give consent McCain gets in yes. It's -- that it's it is the thing is that -- -- our whole. 300 college freshman. In the state of Louisiana. Just from my own informal discussions with the young men that I've spoken to. In these colleges V 3% when note that we'd -- most of them think it up and coming college you were drunk anything goes. Colleges in Vegas. How the hell -- -- you know -- money gras not Mardi Gras this is the EU if you're if you are an adult and the vast majority of those people in college are adults. You have to understand the basis of consent if you don't understand that you open yourself up for so many horrific instances. You know the article in the New York Times which I wish we had copies for everybody because I think it was eye opening. But it was a young woman who -- did get drunk admittedly. Ends up being taken down to like a pool table or something -- three man all of them lied. And the article eventually showed. And prove that. -- they would oh no actually I was right or -- well I touched her arm I mean it was one line finally to the truth and nothing ever happened. Right I -- -- the thing is is that being in that same story. And really help wish he would show notes to attach it to -- -- and now try to weed out after this after the after the the story -- Donna but. One you see this young woman being interviewed by the panelist try to would adjudicate what is fair. And you read these -- squash as you can tell obviously no one on the panel of even read the reports even read the incident report. These questions they asked her were so offensive and ridiculous. That. It really made her pause and rethink -- and even report this nothing's gonna happen. And see that right there is the the core of what. So many young women must think. That does get oh I was drunk you so you start playing that mind game. Did I invite that no and that's that's where the education comes -- that's exactly even front you're invited nothing but that's -- eyes she's -- and -- don't do -- An enemy that -- you think. As much as college is an opportunity to make terrible mistakes or even just the mistakes of glory in life. A basic responsibility of freshmen or freshmen orientation gender or could have a static class on sexual assault assay. You're going to be here year in college you're probably gonna drink your -- to do stupid things we'll explain you. What's not acceptable why it's nice comfortable in what happens if you do that's right that can last the rest of your life capsule now it's some. So you've sent a letter you gonna wait for a response. Yes. In the letter I gave. The border regions and -- the mid September to to give produce this back now. Much of the -- should not be hard to file what I asked as far as the numbers. Should be coming out while -- okay. And so ever gonna have to in erupt on again we have this horrific situation with the plane crash and non. We're gonna go to CBS is gonna have the very latest on it. We're talking with senator JP morale about. The study that was done by senator McCaskill about the very poor showing of colleges and universities when it comes to rape. And not sexual assault and he is now going to ask our state to get better and in its that the process has started. We know we have some callers let's go to Kevin O'Shea thank you for calling. Thank -- much for senator thank you very much easier for in the area. I was former rape prosecutor in the DA's office handled overlap hundred cases many of which. Work well gate were tried case. -- through listening to cheapens things senator and I agree with everything you're saying however part eight -- That you -- holes that they're being mandatory course for all we see a college student. Both the out community college level as well as that the higher educational level. Concerning eager -- regarding actual ball and it should be at work for every single week freshman culture -- course. And doll thank you very much all the viewers. I think that is great advocates and excited and honestly Kevin wanna. Why are wrote that letter to the border regions actually included the Community Colleges that are because. That the the what we've just seen is that the surface seem to this is not. This is not unique to any particular university it's it's you it's a University College culture and -- 100% right week. We required classes for individuals on a variety of things -- basic core pieces of the core curriculum. That everyone's require taking every university. It would not be overly onerous to add this as a base class in the core curriculum of colleges universities and create thousands of state of Louisiana I think. That's an excellent idea I think that. That is -- almost on Angela earlier we -- to a fiscal section and -- -- fiscal session each legislator can only file five non fiscal bills. And just in my -- the last week and I started like really begin this issue. A more -- bills just trying to pick different things and obviously that would be one thing that would definitely take on tackle because. The universities are feeling these kids have a basic level. In that if if they were truly knew what they were doing and I'm not making excuses for predators album saint if you. If the very least if you begin there by educating kids and say. This is not. Rio di Janeiro during heart of all right this this is a universe as a college you're still in the United States of America. This is the bear requirement as a human being exposed to do and here's the law -- here's the law. That on a basic level everyone starts on the same point yes. Well let's go to Dan in Metairie. Yet enjoy this because -- exclude happily try to of course. Like athletes -- in the include. Tax -- and we're humor you. -- -- Please get away with a lot of stuff that other students. Would. Thrown out of school for -- dropped by hat and these guys in the I didn't bars throb people rape people land. Although it was a good reason for you know. Well I think they're both of the cases we often hear about. And that's the double edged sword of being well known. Is that it does make the papers but the same time I hear what you're saying to it does seem as if they get -- And dental treatment would like -- and then to at that point your your 100% on in that study were talking about -- council study. Should they found that in 20% of schools bail out athletic department to investigate. Sexual assault cases involving athletes that you let's -- -- special treatment. If the star athlete. Assault someone. And that coach who just decide who needs that player that next week just the -- whether he's guilty or innocent I think you we -- not gonna turn out. And that the truth and I could be on all of those. Panels -- they would -- guilty and I it's wouldn't show up and say look we know he's not guilty. Of an app that no matter what it is. Oh my gosh thank you -- very much opening and calling. Knowing if it's very pressuring but this is a major first step for our state to get that ball -- because it goes back to. You know if we say if I'm walking to my car and I'm -- and raped. What is the difference in a -- on a college campus. And even if I'm drinking and grab in right. Right and induce enough artist remember from that from the break. Gestures prior by that the game plan asked how things are gone now so I sent the letter to the board of regents and all the systems publicly colleges. I requested. Some basic data basically how many assaults have been reported how many they investigated. Where their training practices do they have any kind of special treatment they get people. And I gave those different groups till September mid September's -- -- fifteen to respond. I have not received any response or indication they plan on response in body as of yet. Home is they don't respond by that date there's a couple of steps we can take the first is. As state universities. Are branches of the state of Louisiana the legislative water and the state inspector general both have jurisdiction over them. The next step would be if they just refuse to comply today and compel them to reply. Obviously totally prefer not to do that I would hope that our university -- universities to step up and be partners in solving the problem. Rather than sticking their head further in the stand trying to hide from itself. That's kind of the next step but they don't comply hopefully I don't have to go that route and it's gonna be even more thorny and harder and difficult to happy to do but. It whenever you have someone you know Schwartzel and voluntarily want to rehabilitate him fix themselves. Rather than make them do it could just make the process so much easier. Which you know they can turn that around and say we're going to be a university that takes the lead we're going to be university system that is gonna do it right. We don't we're not proud that these events they happen but by golly we're gonna be there. And we're gonna take charge. That that is certainly my hope my hope is that we see some systems compensate. The senator morrow here's the data. We're not doing as well we should help us find a way to have better outcomes help us. Give us the tools to make us a better university a better school help us make our camps -- safer. I mean at this point everything's on the table if you need additional resources and state police to schools what you need to tell us what you need. I will find a way to get there. I think they'll our original -- start with the clash with the clerks Arctic blast would let you into recess to outline but it again that needs to be crystal clear. This is the law. And yes to have somebody on campus title nine person or whatever. But it's also called the cops. You have to call the cops. I mean I mean that that the thing is is that. There's this very. Weird tension and dichotomy between. How they investigate recent college campus and yet some. Advocates victims' advocates who say listen we don't slip up cops involved in the original fact finding because some women will never come forth to have to get a look out first. But many also with best practices at some point in this process. If it's a case that looks like vacation got turn it over because. I can tell you you can expect a better outcome with a competent BA. -- a panel of 220 year old and a college professor who may or may not have read the port to begin. Stay with us and one will be right back I'm Angela under the that -- well. And we're back talking to senator JP Burrell. Let's go to our caller chuck in Bay Saint Louis. Oh yeah. Moral thing done in cases of false reporting -- extra personal meaning because to victim. We're -- or at their situation in the military. Well I'm -- -- curriculum for investigation. To support general court -- looking on the reported. -- decision made that you associate transferred to see your lesbian girl friend in Washington DC. And that should three times in the -- of church that your email Argentinian. But what did you bring up a point and that's a very horrible what happened to -- but. About how does this work with faults report on the go through the as far as false reporting. For us -- false report is obviously going to be balls -- what was false reports like you said. Here -- just in the military yet a false report. Throughout. The city of new walls dailies in the United States people make false claims all the time. The only the only solace liking give you -- of camera in regards to colleges is that. And you've heard us talk on the air -- purely about education. Some palms which you find a lot of these cases when it is a false report is that. You have two people that to young people who -- a situation where both were so intoxicated neither one -- what happened. And part of that education like the doctor about consent is that. If a young man and woman both know that if you're in a -- with someone and their -- beyond all compare and they can't consent to anything. In May help young men and women not put themselves to -- issues where they can be the victim of awful report. People notice -- that that education kinda creates a level plane Phil -- what is expected to view as a as a citizen as a person as far as interaction. That could prevent some of that for malicious people who were doing false reports you can't really account for that. If if if if you if you try and draft the law. In the instances. -- -- if we -- draft robbery and say what's -- it's let's let's let the law regarding robbery so that it caters to the point 5% of people literally clues a robbery but you really wouldn't have a law at all which you can hope is that. The Trier of fact in that case if their if -- educated if they know what they're doing they can ferret out also that kind of goes back to the whole issue of -- really want. A student government president. And an academic determining whether on a rape occurred in a way it kind of makes the case for you want law enforcement involved because they trained detective. -- trained prosecutor. You really trust those people who deal with these businesses every day. If something is false it is far more likely that that prosecutor who's prosecuted. And that one case with Kevin 11108 pages that guy's gonna know when something doesn't smell right whereas when you have this rotating faculty member and rotating student government person. Those people are not really won't -- know what is true and what's not in your most more more likely to get negative about well blow it. Well -- the persecutor -- it comes our prosecutor. In my case presumed guilty until proven and his sense and it was until December and it wasn't so. -- that that mentioned winter and arms and military -- Smart defense turning people who are current watch and actually look after bola. For falsely accusing and counsel that's simply not -- particular to somebody who falsely -- -- will. -- I can tell you as an attorney. The -- your situation in the military is very different than everybody. Because the military tribunals or military law is very very very different so. I think it had your situation happened in the military he probably would have gotten a different outcome and you pilot got different advice from your turn so. That's just my two cents or not I'm officially not giving you legal advice as a lawyer -- Smart but what I will tell you is. You. The military law. Very basic what we would do with the criminal colonel accusation. The burden of proof was even different and criminal and a criminal matter and -- so. I apologize for what she went through it sounds horrendous -- That's also part of the part of the mechanism a military loss and here's. Well efforts are -- -- to say. After -- -- there are verbally and military -- stated that the force ours on to -- -- -- military. Arms myself to open so importantly do you write books are running book about right now. And it is in Expos uniform code of military and just just or the military such as a Wednesday. I'm an irishman won three years in those programs aren't up -- now I'm an entire Kruger. Until everybody knows that -- on military because the way that he screw you over. Well good for you to write the book get -- -- -- your system put it on paper chuck thank you very much for calling and I agree with him on Soria had to go through something like that. We're gonna continue this in the coming months as you get information hopefully the the regions we'll get that information to you. Promptly and if not if you have to go the next step and then as we get closer to -- the actual legislative session. This is important. This is very very important. Union knows somebody who's in college you don't want them to have this experience. And honestly if nothing else but the one take away the short term takeaways parents. College's starting shortly if until we get colleges educate your kids. Please make sure you educate your daughter's -- to what's going on account campuses and my wife give him as a vice ever heard make sure your daughter has several friends and make sure they leave no man no woman down -- behind any any night. Very good thank you. Senator -- -- morale we'll be right back. Stay with this the next are very interesting about mental health. And our prisons stay with us.