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4-17 4:10pm Sports Talk: NFL Salary Cap

Jul 17, 2014|

Kristian talks to Salary Cap Analyst at overthecap.com Andrew Cohen to get a lesson in salary cap 101. How does the salary cap work?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- five Thursday edition of sports talk here on WWL anathema WWL dot com on Kristian -- and four Deke Bellavia. Come up on the program -- go around the NFC west. Preview the south yesterday. Also who are the top three teams in the NFC. The Saints in that number. Analysts say top three teams in the NCR Seahawks. Saints in niners where do you rate the black and gold and as a pro ready jaguar opinion poll line for -- at WWL dot com. Glad to have you with us on your drive home phone lines -- for yeah. At 260187803866889087. He can also. Call told 3866 -- -- joints and -- text line and 87870. Salary cap 101 how do the numbers work we've seen and we talked a little bit about yesterday. Right. How much the Saints have the size of the cap they've been up tight against hidden the last couple off seasons and yet they managed to. Find ways to bring in talent pay their own players put what goes against the cap and what does and I'm intrigued by and I know some of it but I. -- -- Fascinated by this process how they can move money around Andrew Cohen of salary cap he's salary cap analyst for over the cap dot com -- -- great work over there. You know check them out but. He's gonna join us after the fourth thirty news at 435. The talk about salary cap 101. Going back to the top three teams in the NFC in our party -- people where do you rank the black and gold. Right now what would they be truly we we we would threw it in 2009 the Saints right in going at that point in season as Super Bowl champions. They were the team to be on the gets it say about the 49 I mean about the Seattle Seahawks at this point in defending Super Bowl champions of the team to be. Output the Saints ahead of the 49ers -- at 2 am looking at it objectively. At two right now with sources -- you look at the additions the Saints have made you look at some the additions it's attractions. The Seahawks have had and 49ers. The world is now I think. As physical. As those two teams in the NFC west is. The most physical. Division in the -- in football. That's a brutal division. Four really physical hard nosed football teams. -- the Saints have. Made enough moves to improve that and improve their physicality fuel I'd put them ahead of San Francisco. Where do you rank the black -- 2601872. Or 3866890870. In a 5 o'clock hour -- about a Americo host would be on free to be -- double coverage. And sixth when he start get into the NFC. Last Bob. Kind dot Seahawks beat writer for the Seattle times and Jonas might -- Covering the 49ers for kgo TV in San Francisco. At the bottom at 6 o'clock now Bob McManaman a friend of the program senior sportswriter for the Arizona Republic covering the Cardinals will be -- The latest on the cards in -- Matthew especially. How he's recovering from that ACL injury of a year ago in Tony softly will round out the 7 o'clock -- Saint Louis rams' sideline reporter meant that defense that for a four. For the Rams might be the best in. In the NFL this year can make it Sam Bradford go on candy in an offense that compliment that defense. There -- when their well along that our front four front seven he would James Laurinaitis also in there at linebacker and Rams defense is scary good. But can they compete offensively. With the likes the 49ers Seahawks in that division. And don't forget who. The Cardinals wanting games like shooting game at the post season. Tough tough division there in the NFC west preview. That division throughout the show 260187. He told 38668890878. I'm Kristian -- and forty Bellamy this is sports talk. On W into LA anathema dot com are welcome back to sports talk. RWB well party jaguar people analysts say the top three teams in the NFC. Seahawks Saints and 49ers -- you rank the black and -- or two or three catcher voted W did you elect Tom -- -- -- factually via the phone. As the numbers 260187. In -- 386680. -- early so don't text line and eight Seve. 870. Tomorrow one -- like to join me antibody Darren double coverage live from the caught you club restaurant six to 9 AM cardinal club won 21 -- on center court. It's 24 hour Jim. When did you want to wait -- so -- So severe and -- and I -- so well. So -- dancer and tomorrow morning flew by side in the NT Bob. Will be broadcasting live from the party of club industry and six of nine. On the yeah newest branch of WL three WL thirteen fifty on your AM dial. Phone lines I -- for it to 60187 -- told 3866 and 890878. Really good piece from Steven Geller on line at Debbie did you elect John Graham is a part of the Saints essential Corbett who else obviously Jimmy Graham. Then locking up a four year deal forty a four year forty million dollar deal. Earlier this week the crisis was averted. Drew Brees is top target will be there on saint deported training camp one week from today. Just how essential is Graham -- rights. Over the last three seasons he led all NFL players wide receivers and tight ends with 36 touchdown catches. Now he's. Probably -- Gellar says Steven says it -- by number two on the list of the most important that's obvious drew is the Drew -- the most important player to this Saints football team but. Ron -- was on ranked. The essential core for the new world saints' defense -- Cameron Jordan one word he says for camp stud. Six foot 4287. -- -- ability translates into a defensive end -- around for a long time that's right the other team just picked up his fifth year. Club option for rookie contract. Yeah Cameron Jordan first Pro Bowl selection last year. Big things twelve double digit sacks last year along with. Junior the last. Big time player I think emerging as a merged and will continue to. Play well I think in the Cameron Jordan goes on Stephen yards Gerris bird. Oh by the way. Joseph Morgan tweeting today that. He had a great work out what Jared burden course -- -- was -- question regarding his back and whether he would. Be available missed the offseason but Sean Payton said that he should be available for training camp will be available for training camp. And looks like he's out run around with Joseph Morgan. To Jared Burton and Marcus Colston alone guard Jahri Evans. Who is the essential -- to the Saints. -- make analyst drew -- Jimmy who else he had. 2601878. -- 3866889087. Mark in Baton Rouge you want to be a -- You -- you don't. And yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They buy apartment and being patient but. One is being. Chipped in nickel. It it it. And hello yeah I'm here to listen in an eagle -- the other. One. What. All decade Albert -- didn't. Look in. You know -- did. -- -- it. Build a BJ you. Want to point. Out that the break it to. Maybe -- make -- nick yeah. Who would you go. -- you go 34 -- five a classic and over the top five list that's. And Broderick. And I'll be a different team for the Bears to. Yeah about being open it up. I think the things that back and just not sold on the Bulls quarterback but if I had to go over the top five mark. -- UB Seattle the world in San Cisco. I think Green Bay would be for that and look. The Lions to that I like what they've done this offseason. Lines I really liked the way that roster and -- wondered -- this is the year that Matthew Stafford finally. You know makes that step he was. Projected to make it to take that step I'm when I came here in 2011. -- to face the Saints in the playoffs a lot of folks were saying in Matthew Stafford the next Uga is the next rising star at quarterback and he's had some setbacks but. I if I had to -- the top five that would be mine. In the AFC. They Odom could be you know we could be. You know -- be a player. Being called it will be a big. Mean these -- actual. Clinical obvious surprise. He'll be the where -- at the deal you know -- be the -- an. Acute. You know getting you know beat people -- be pretty. -- agreed in a game in the. I think your hunch is correct. About it and that I classified as surprised that I I get where you go on -- get -- may look to -- Essential core to the Saints saw Steve yellow column -- do you like Tom. Graham is a part of that essential Corbett who else he would Cameron George Harrisburg Marcus Colston Jahri Evans who would you throw in there market's gone the buck gave a Carroll. -- -- -- Steve you are talking about Marcus Colston. In a recognize that Colston didn't register a thousand yard receiving. Last year just the second time in his career by the way. But consistent. Year in year out he's a go to guy for Brees. The quiet storm. -- -- He really picked up his play towards the end of last year just under a thousand yards receiving and in that. And immediately spew my one point two eyes start to decline skills started to diminish. I think Marcus Colston belongs in the conversation of essential core players for the Saints. Think. I don't know be harder. To get. Too picky but it -- bird. Unproven and Saints uniform so I don't know that I'd. If there's one that he could move around the board there of of the -- Jarrett or I think he'll eventually -- this year. Through his play won't get into that essential core. I really like Steve can column though on line for WB well -- come. Jahri Evans. In the IP. Like Colston. A bit on the up back half -- the back nine in his career. But man all pro -- nine at twelve. Being -- banged up still one of best guards. The National Football League. You weigh in though you're central -- your. Top three teams in the NFC what he -- the Saints. By the Seahawks number one. Behind the 49ers at three commute top three. In the top five. And where you put the Saints won two or three. Maybe it's pull out of the top three to 601872. All -- 866889087. Can also Texas at 8787. You know not do not pick up the phone to join the show he can also email me Christian had to be did you elect Tom. -- you can text an 87870. Always enjoy Reid knows. Of course is always something new -- to do well not come a developing story Malaysia airlines flight on seventeen. Went down all 295. Passengers are dead 280 passengers fifteen crew members it's expected from all over the world. Aborting including Americans and according to CBS. US intelligent out and intelligence now confirms the Malaysian plane. Was brought down by missile but it's unable to yet determined where the missile was fired from the passengers. -- plane left and today and to a quality -- crashed in eastern Ukraine fifteen miles from the Russian border. Will have a live updates every half hour here on W -- developing story. It's a little unnerving. To say the least I was watching that earlier today. On -- couch -- ready to come into the office and just hearing that news that's that's disturbing that's not good at all. It's good to see how this went on polls will more that you find out. 260187. It's all free 866889087. In -- top. Three players are three teams in the NFC along with the essential core for the new policies they report to training camp one week from today. In Greenbrier. West Virginia. He -- and a head on out there to about and I'll leave on Tuesday the rest of the crew Jim hokey and and Deke or leave him Monday in their drive -- homage to the other the road treats those guys with a thirteen fourteen hour ride up there who. -- Danny on a -- sit tight. Will get the news headlines here in just double minutes -- couple seconds here. But when he which you gotta say where he put the Saints in the conversation of top three teams in the NFC. 260187. He told 386689. Joints of the you know what I lied Danny you're on WB well. Pay -- ago complement the yeah -- and number two I think that jumbled between. Seattle and efforts that they're there at the top thirty. But really think what we're gonna beat it ever between a preteen. It -- it would get home field advantage. You know really the question I think if you vote whichever one it preaching to prohibit parents -- going to be and make them Super Bowl this year. Yeah I think that's. -- I don't know if I can disagree on Allen mean you look at the Saints when -- that'll -- event with the with the Duke meets Seattle. There -- unbeatable there just like the world is unbeatable here since two really tough Green Bay really tough to beat at their place yeah I mean. That's at a pretty. Pretty solid take -- The NFC though so much better right in the AFC -- CBS update. I welcome back sports talk Kristian -- in four Deke Bellavia one of my favorite sites over the cap dot com. And I excited to talk to Andrew Cohen salary cap analyst for over the cat dot com in many years checking out -- agree breakdowns on contracts and ramifications house salary cap -- etc. it's really just up Andrew hey thanks a bunch of time operation in. That's not a problem -- Good good listen can we start this Jimmy Graham deal over. Three or four years forty -- dollars. 21 in a million dollars guaranteed you like his deal for both sides. I do -- guilt from both sides. Based on the circumstances I think -- -- -- for pat Graham hit the open market he. Would've made it a lot more money. And the same human. Are a low number it Hardenne franchise tag. -- -- program why I think there are -- both sides. I can you help explain Andrew. What goes into the cap. And what doesn't what counts against -- in what doesn't and how have teams especially the Saints and there's been others that have been so successful at moving that money around but what goes exactly into the -- -- -- the -- salary any player -- are count for that league year what dumping count and what gets pro rated is. -- is deciding vote so. Program. It's time -- that we -- twelve million dollars so and it was a four year deal to an average is packet. Evenly distributed among -- Warriors so. Three million about twelve million dollar counts on the 2014. -- three -- on 2015. And papers 67 in. So if they choose to. -- if they trust the program after straight to about fifteen then that Corey money that happened -- -- actors aren't out yet. -- would be debt by a bunch of rhetoric about that but in the -- -- about six million dollars. Would be dead money hit it would be on the Saints. Salary cap Kirk. After you that -- in which you about sixteen year. I think it was pretty instinct that it wasn't Saints got -- deal done. Actually shaved off three -- dollars of their salary cap hit they were able to get the health the three million dollars of relief I just think. You know that that was. All the more reason why they needed to get a deal done was because there yet to. Yeah absolutely it and you know those -- or something -- aspects that go into it 10 what is interesting is. Is Graham has no -- million dollar cap hit a year. So and and saying that now I have. With that I think -- -- per million dollar. In. To about fifteen salary cap commitment so that means that. Somebody. Some notable name is likely going to be -- and and now -- yet. Is that the abroad B Marcus -- last year came because there a need to clear money somehow and keep adding aging locker -- -- -- -- -- Yet that we put on and not -- that our cap that next year. He's got that debt Marty associate with the airport but they have a good amount of money -- we call that -- -- He is the only option that they -- Arabia or release regard it legitimate. Andrew Cohen salary cap analyst for over the cap dot com. How have I mean I'm sure you've studied the Saints over the last three years -- how they move money around how has Mickey been able. -- and besides this capsule. Yet exactly what excited. It's clutching money packets -- contract restructure so -- probably that would triple -- next year -- that. Art and Norman captain what what. What nick you'll -- -- -- players to. Convert from their base salary and deciding on that so they get more money up front and pat -- is Oreo for a longer period of time that every time we do that the year you're creating it down the road so. I think next year that New Orleans and how well outcome to a point where there -- what some people go out there -- -- already going to go for so law. Next year with a TV network TV contracts kicking in how much are we expected to see an increase. In a cap -- in here I go to 1518 million. Now I I think it really matter now because it's. You know. Two years ago it at that salary cap or lack the next three years. Earlier in the year expecting small increase generators all the way to 133 million -- way to cap a salary cap. You know it's it's been no axe murder and nobody knows until. People actually come out and number so yeah I mean with the new TV money we you -- which should be an increase our red. Might call an honor that and going 240 million. Which would be you know at twenty mile and seventy million dollar increase over two years. But at this point in time which -- really no way back. Andrew Cohen salary cap analyst for over the -- dot com how -- folks -- guys on a social media and certainly. Over the cat dot com has great stuff as well. Yeah Francona over the -- to our problem we -- -- -- at least I operate operator permission I could follow me on quarter my candle -- AJ calling bureau parade. And Doughty also followed -- and who run the side. It's analyst Jason underscore OTC any -- or to ring operator permission. Andrew I appreciate the time I get to you and I'll follow you -- -- back though. -- -- -- Salary apart you got it yourself but dale. Sweet -- Andrew Cohen salary cap analyst for over the cap dot com great stuff as always thanks a bunch. I 260187. Neitzel free. 866890878. Text message from 584 sevenths is. Well on as my page just for fractures -- right. How long are we going to talk about Jimmy dropped the past quote unquote Graham and his overpriced contract. -- paying attention. I don't think we are I don't think repent when not watch in the same game drop the pass and we scored sixteen touchdown that. Last year 36. Over the last two years and national football more than what receivers and tied it. -- -- -- It's pay attention to watch numbers the numbers will lead you there. Now I get the you'll be critical but Saints got a bargain. They got on a bargain in the first four years they got a pretty good bargain in this forty million dollar contract when he -- mean guaranty program the sports talk on WB well I anathema -- I welcome back to sports talk rolling through some text messages here -- 7870. 3149 let's talk some soccer just kidding Christian. Of the senses the sense of humor that's for sure Christian another one from -- -- I know once his Christian. You were seriously thinking that they were going to sign Jimmy. I know you need fodder for the talk show but come on I never thought they were consigned him Ingram. I mean that was never in fact I was pretty much on record from march saying that a deal was -- -- done. Now I did write something -- back in March saying it. -- might wanna consider the possibility. Of trading him for 21 round draft -- some of the non exclusive franchise tag tender. And which would allow others to do that. It's worth considering that and had to do it. Look. Any player that can -- 21 round draft picks aside from a quarterback. You gotta think about it moving on. 260187803866889087. To get a lot of conversation on this. Court essential core players Steven Geller repeated W if you allow outcome outlining his. Core players for the Saints junior -- not on that. On that list but get a lot. Brian's. On text line and 8787 also Keenan Lewis. Aside from Richard Sherman had the most -- pass breakups and the National Football League last year. And as this text -- points out. -- you know once his shut down Brandon Marshall. DeSean Jackson. He saw when he went out their playoff game and rod sweeting had a going to cover Desean. The Sean was classless. Until -- Lewis when -- an injury. And anywhere where they go immediately went to avoid. Mike Evans while Mike Evans. Julio Jones Steve Smith and Michael Crabtree. Stevie Johnson. -- -- -- Really good addition last year. At cornerback who's going to be the starter opposite -- lose this year. Find out as the saint reported training camp one week from today that battle ensues this is sports talk on WW LA anathema dot com. You know T Bob. Three to that picture of my -- My -- operation. They superimposed my face on Dallas cowgirls cheerleader but here's the thing I've got a picture of T about actually wearing. Alabama Crimson Tide gear that I didn't have to Photoshop. -- weeded out in checking out act crushing Garrett won. It T about rock and proudly via crimson wearing it very very well in that and have the I didn't have to do anything to do that the doctorate so. OT about oh by the way he'll be -- this. Next hour for a couple minutes to 60187 there -- 3866 and 89. Zero weights and the analysts say top three teams idiocy. Seahawks Saints in the minors where he ranked black and gold 12 or three cast your vote at WWL dot com. War begin -- phone lines to 601872. -- 3866889. 087 in right now the consensus continent number twos against them to -- the Seahawks it's the 1000 dollar. Summer splash cash contest the code word. This hour -- PA in the day. -- the code word and 27 to 81 that's 72881. For your chance to win 1000 dollars nationwide without ever putting down your phone your chance an easy 1000 dollars. Summer splash cash just one text the way it was a for the next code word but without an hour news tomorrow morning at 7 AM we never charge for text. But individual plan and data rates may apply good luck from -- radio intercom and WWL.