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4-17 5:10pm Sports Talk: Saints

Jul 17, 2014|

Kristian talks to 3WL’s Double Coverage Co-Host T-Bob Hebert about the Saints 2014 season and the roster.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Roll right along our number two of sports talk here on WW LI MF women dot com Kristian -- in four Deke Bellavia. RWB well ready jaguar people online for yeah. Analysts say the top three teams in the NCR Seahawks Saints and 49ers. Where do you rank the black and gold 12 or three. 33% of those voting in our. Unscientific opinion poll. Say number one. 42% and number two in 22%. And number three in the NFC he catcher go right there at WB well not now or Paulus. As final four to 601870. -- 3866889087. In. SEC media days wrapping up -- who well they'll I don't know if you heard Nick Saban was asked questions about the possibility. Texas offering him a hundred million dollars during their coaching vacancy. Places I never had any conversations. And stop if you've heard this before from Nixon who I never had any conversation -- any interest. In going there. -- like it. Typical wine in the year earned that number times. I'm sure if the money was there. -- -- -- Nets it's proven that he's he's about them money and a and I get it he's Alabama he's in the great place in terms of you know football. In the SEC. Power conference. But for the right money. Everything is negotiable and everybody has their price for the right money to that that -- -- Paid he's a company check to pay a prostitute right. And what goes through your mind the company check on this it. -- -- you know take up this offer from this girl walked in and offered sexual services for money. They won't miss that company chat. I'll think about getting fired over that. Anyway at full story. On line for a WWL. Dot com 26018780386689. Is nearly seven -- -- talk about the Saints course Steven Geller. I'm more of sports anger also helped produce the show. We're nice piece about the course Saints players Jimmy Graham Drew Brees in the conversation cam Jordan. -- bird Marcus Colston Jahri Evans. Honorable mention if you will -- Carroll. What about junior go let. What about low it's -- that narrow what about. Perhaps. The city trying to kick it around here. Couple others. Come in my Q Lewis -- to make that argument he's part of a core I think you have to throw Keenan Lewis and now I think about it but he before junior collect. Just because of what he did that pass defense a year ago. But you -- your core players. You agree with Steve's take -- at. Those five players and that is rattled off. Drew a Jimmy out it's kind of hard to argue Peyton is is a core and of itself is shopping is a core unto himself which look at the point twelfth season. I come up players here. 260187. Neitzel 386689087. Cam Jordan Jerry Byrd Colston. Jahri Evans Hakeem Nicks seen a conversation Xena. The core of -- -- Last hour we had a little salary cap 101 this -- to about a -- -- them. Double coverage on three -- we will also still to come Bob. Kind out of the Seahawks beat writer for the Seattle times'. Mike -- covering the 49ers from kgo TV it's -- sisco at the bottom but the 6 o'clock hour. In the 7 o'clock hour visit and Arizona and Saint Louis is a breakdown the NFC. West Bob an element senior sportswriter for the Arizona Republic covering the Cardinals will give slowdown. On the cards and then Tony softly St. Louis Rams silent reporter rounding out the 7 o'clock our key to Metairie howry Keith. Don't remember what happened. I would take it out there that we brought in last year that got hurt like -- the Butler and everybody but he got from your opinion Coleman and Kenyon Coleman that you I mean you wobble along with -- -- troops on the roster as you know -- on the roster. He's not on the road for the tournament and. While on the -- He George pectoral muscle and now he's up there he he was probably a one year player anyway stop gap where -- ray player under. A little bit more concerned about the -- of the defensible. Position look at all of about it that you have Billy come -- old. Hopefully build on the body move that can help him play and -- elected political. We'll figure available Pope wanted to -- well production work. Doubt -- -- the most in in treating. Position battle to watch. Try to all of shakeout at the number two quarterback spot. Does divided as the veteran in Champ Bailey still have enough gas in the tank yeah hold -- I'm Alexis so that it is though it will be. Musical. The full court Q what was. Or what can strictly would be as well. We -- -- Role players though. Will play -- the -- of the mice into players. -- guys like him Jordan. There are different that -- operate differently at him there a difference makers and I didn't Hawthorne now listen Keith I think. Davis off the it was a bit under valued at times -- by the organization talk about around the league surely it would do last year. So but I do at a tolerable -- decided to pop which you can and what you felt that we have a good view. I think -- and it ago. If so what we have fun fun season provided they stay healthy Keith in -- things from a phone call thank you I'd rather. 2601878. Till 3866889087. This is sports talk on WWL AM FM in WW well -- I want to back sports talk couple text messages here and now wondering what took so long it will meet to. Curtis Lofton right as well a core players. Mike linebacker in a defense versatile player over a hundred tackles. Every years since he entered the league one and 2007. W. Started out with the Atlanta Falcons. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Certainly honorable mention -- core players for the Saints. Impact difference makers. The other -- -- from 3980. Thomas More Stan. It's funny Colts on -- -- it's Pat McAfee. Wrote a column and it felt like come putters are people too and I'm not trying to take away Dave Thomas Morse has done. Mean the ambush. He does change field position. As upon -- great weapon. Tremendous weapon for the Saints football team. And with the opponent normally how would it be pushed that show that the to decide that. Thomas Morse that definitely. A weapon for this football team Carlos on a cell -- -- Yeah I'd go. There I wanted to know why -- wouldn't. And Tanner and pick out should. Why didn't -- Put in Indy Tanner and take out nick -- Yet -- they don't. Are -- and I think. You know and you can't -- to be fair. It was on the -- only one and got released in and was put on the practice squad after week one. And they tune you -- mean outing is an important year for nick -- I mean yeah he knows he's fourth round draft pick at 2012. A Wisconsin big physical receiver. Kind of a redshirt year his and when he twelve. And last year inactive for a large portion of the season. Yeah but that what does mean every time I hear the -- dinner and look. How do you not -- for that -- right but every time I hear a pro in 82 in a conversation I immediately goes to. Hey what does he do that it's different. Did any other receivers the Saints currently -- roster what does he bring he's not. Terribly is that the that the speed demon and have a niche he's had -- run good routes. And he catches you know the ball but. Ultimately what what unique skill set does he bring. I think he could be like back at -- I think to restart and they got that can still that's my point. They -- they have that yummy. Yeah Eric I mean I'll look again I'll hiking and eat dinner. Yeah. What does he do that's unique. I mean to me -- every. -- -- -- them and he caught heating up now wants. Every. You know it. I think he's been with the pain in -- what but two years ago. But you're expected to catch the ball. That the NFL oh yeah you know -- mean. Who he I just uniqueness that's what these teams look for things for -- phone call Carlos John on the -- you're on WB well our job. Sure he didn't. You know care I must say -- am -- transplant -- DC so are are -- in the Saints but the Saints burst through their own team or uninteresting that I'm not. Do you negative Ernie has been instrument you know and so I'm in the -- And I worry about states in general because as a look at. You know Washington there are cheaper usually you know. Back cornerback. If the Saints lose to breeze. They're dark and calm almost they remind you are like that. You say that for just about every team that definitely quarterback. Yes you're right and -- and that's true but I think especially like here so much. A coach on the appeal -- And how worried about offense art and I'm not an obvious we don't shoot -- all are what you. What what do you think about programs are in general and specifically do you think. -- it -- of the younger players is gonna change any it's pepper in a mood loss as to. Last year and no we. You know setter positions changed. -- just worry about true as you know getting blind side over or it's gonna. Be so good rhetoric quickly but. It just takes one player or argue that that he knocked out. Guess what year you're not the only fan thinks that matches your new worlds but also. Across the national football league of their New England they're saying the same thing you worry about it Tom Brady it's wanted Peyton Manning in Denver. I mean Aaron Rodgers saw that last year -- -- -- now and that's legitimate concern but you know I like to softens one ounce nothing's actually played his best football last year. He was rewarded with a big contract and I think he's deserving of that contract he was the most consistent offensive linemen in Toronto Armstead aside from that Carolina game. When he was thrown in there. You know in the middle of it all aside from that that -- First half I thought he played well he he saw an improved running game with Toronto they got him there because I think you saw being -- not have an overcompensate. For Charles Brown at left tackle and they can actually they can actually get some rhythm going there. It is you're certainly in the C did you notice they're sort of you're right you know it's legalized and -- But I don't know whether Stewart watched a lot of. There is the position a lot and it's obvious -- -- telling you the you know Marty -- Mean yeah Goodwin and in Toledo and I think. Lito might have a slight edge but integrated. The six -- a great position -- Lito doesn't work out right. If he doesn't beat out jolly good when you know what you got -- regularly experienced player. That -- lead up to the end. Be the swing guy and play the guard position back up both guard positions or if he is the starting center. And you if leaders started senator. And you suffer an injury to what are your guard positions being Grubbs or Jahri Evans the -- like Toledo he plugged on a good one in there and I mean it's. They're a really good spot they they did a nice job of adding depth there and that's my overall concerned about the offensive line would be. The depth across the board what if Toronto arms that goes down. -- have a lot of experience there already. Didn't have to play left tackle and protect -- blind side so if I mean I think. The starting five is going to be really solid I just think a running game will help them and they got a they've got to stay away from the injury bug hopefully doesn't like there is nothing that's where. If they if you ask me where there the finish that might be the spot and then they're pretty thin. And our our kickers -- -- no question every day pride talked about it but. -- situation with. -- Graham. -- Graham. And didn't keep. They're lucky. Even about well to be -- Leah. Can I can you call -- back during training camp couple weeks in the training camp pre season. On now on I don't have an opinion on that -- yet. I don't. I think article all I Wes on a cellphone. I'll squeeze -- after we get the CBS update here in about 45 seconds and also. The news headlines you can join the conversation. Phone lines went up for it to 60. 187 Neitzel 38668890871. Of the core players for the Saints. Me five off. Five players and also where do you rank the Saints in the NFC. Ahead of Seattle a number one. Team and to the teams that beat. Number 23. Out of the top three. You beat top three teams in the NFC 260187. Neitzel 3866. Inning 90 -- avenue the CBS update. In news headlines back. Crushing arrogant for Deke Bellavia the sports talk to 601878 till 3866889087. West on a cellphone how are US yarder. And it's it's -- etiquette talk. Like lies. To bring. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's much and then get lashed. Out and Drew Brees. It. -- brown on. And now Eric -- If you -- here -- there is. Out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You. Know. -- she. -- the last true. -- -- -- -- -- Like. Where should we just being able program. And Jimmy. Being able to echo one. Targets out -- So. One concern about how much should make it. But we just. Opened -- action well. I can only say you should. -- and clay. I don't know they'll agree. Post in. Oh he you know. What a great. Some answers to that article and what. Seemed like. -- playbook. To keep him out so -- Taught you about -- You know. Country that we listened. To which should thank. You won't open so why aren't. And he breeze. -- and there's all actually you would you agree it. When I agree with what that he was hit hard last year. Gallery that. Are here so I'm -- -- distance. I'm I'm tracking on the on the 82 in a conversation and I got -- Orton and a and I guarantee your development that I wanna be clear on the O line and -- are you saying. That. First I never said it was the strength of the team. And I never said it was strength of the team and none and no problem that I heard -- yesterday. That LSU's offensive line will be the strength of their two arms. And that's okay. Now as far as that lit up -- on hold analogy here. Response to any tonight. Yup okay so eighty -- -- he said. That. There's a lot of past -- tried it was Colston you pointed out -- had a couple of drops you had. Sproles Graham. You -- -- to drop a couple football last year. All three of those plays that you mentioned though. Had uniqueness to their game that was the speed element the size element. Being able to be able to get matchups that favor the offense. -- indicator though. You're right when he's open. He catches everything. But. Can you throw that ball when he's covered. -- -- Dave McKenna because of the size advantage when he's when he's covered in only because of his sides. Are his arm -- wing span is unique in that football now he can't so. That's that Wesley you -- -- that's what I mean it's things like that there's several things that make Jimmy Graham meaning there are several things that make markers. Colston unique Darren Sproles when he was here. Don't want to -- uniqueness that's that I mean. Rare. Rare skills and as far as a Graham playbook. Every so 31 other teams. Have Aqib -- Richard Sherman. Can't chancellor. Now. And -- a couple teams there were able and I talk about this yesterday and I don't wanna rehash of his couple tees and yet they were able to focus on him. And shut him down at times. But. With the addition of the some of these offensive weapons -- Brandon cooks whats that going to do for. Jimmy Graham I don't know that have a playbook on I would necessarily say playbook I would say there are some teams that do match up against Jimmy Graham. A vast majority of them do not. They took a phone call us the sports talk about a America on next -- just -- quick before we get the -- about. About this. In any Tanner uniqueness debate that we seemingly here are having here. Okay -- so if you think you should. Beyond a team and play more whose spot -- -- that's the ultimate question you take over Colston stills. Books. Graham Morgan -- Now. So if you want in that top four wide receiver you'd take him over those 30 in those four steals Colston. -- Graham Morgan. Now. T about a bare my coast on double coverage through the to a thirteen what about yeah. What about ten caddies get on the governor of that they'll we had. -- have and I just kind of came about. With and what about any team and how come he you know they don't replace nick toon with a eighty -- and you know what about. The fact these that a Morgan on the roster -- on the roster in my argument you about was. While any -- is a good player. Where is he unique with what's skill set does he bring that that is dead that offer something different than what the hard hat you mean. Yeah it's to actually -- -- I don't. Nobody should be fair game really argue Korea. Substantially. In the course of -- -- at least bring to the yankees' roster spot in the -- includes. T about SEC media days wrapping up today surprise at all that Nick Saban was asked about turning down on remain dollar -- from the University of Texas. No kind of seeing -- instincts throughout the day and -- that much notoriety. Calm but what happened Parcells torched. The Capital One million dollars in rumored and in -- Everybody's saying that like -- As he -- Saying that they thought he hit the little short of the media that pretty well. I wouldn't be an SEC media day without them getting short and losing is. Boston didn't. -- into a bowl -- Our fingers let it right. Coach miles. He did just talking. The better you get the job. Intense. And little into the fray but was area entertaining and chart. In your question. To me. At -- -- -- -- blanch the gap get some debate while being charming. And I don't I think that guy's gonna end up in the NFL for the next couple years I just think that. And he looked. -- BC. It just like comic -- I don't know some of his quotes talking about the team's second rule. Are you a long period of those. Couple good -- so I guess I don't know separate contusion on what are we -- to. The winning game a conference game. Think I came and said that is conference records in his conference record against knicks' David Price. -- Yeah -- Used in your group of youngsters are probably. You know. Among some thick walls as long years -- did that we made that. He Bob NFC rankings the Seahawks I think you would agree if your ranking the NFC would be number one because it is defending champions -- put the Saints. 23 outside of the top three maybe five in the. I mean I don't know -- heard about that -- -- -- what you want. Think at this point -- champion Saints Bears -- -- that you wouldn't -- -- a lot more. Is Seattle armor as it may be -- about the difference in those states. A lot of 49ers may have a bit of down here and I don't. Eat. When you consider that it really NFC championship grows so will -- -- Will be out here then so I'd actually add me I think you look at objective. Obviously going to be -- -- Look at it objectively. I could easily make cases Saints beat the second best team in the Pepsi. He got and I'll be broadcasting live tomorrow and double coverage from the card you club -- -- and sixth at 9 AM once when he -- or months that are. Court is 24 hour -- softer near death sugar industry in Columbine the morning and he CT about throw some weight he'll be up there. Bench pressing and -- in. Bump him poppy -- I'm sure outward what we do it after yet meant yet you get more people say a lot when I'll do is -- I just -- -- -- a towel you can do lifted Ozzie do you tell -- -- got great character and having your average that's where everybody shown so. AL about a way nice nice picture of me this morning Dallas cowgirls cheerleading outfit and by the way checked you're to enter his I didn't have the Photoshop. Your picture and Alabama. Honestly it's. I got here we respond. That being. They -- used the picture from a that I honored to have. Yeah I get my -- or altered to -- on every one on. -- that -- and long. The result there. Certainly sheet each -- any. -- had -- garbage on and why. I think -- I don't know about tension that all we know you should get to -- Now that. Then. I probably. It was a great team that I got -- then we'll we'll talk about this board of law. Now. Six to 9 AM will be. Double coverage through to -- well thirteen 50 AM this is sports talk on WWL 878 in a 105 point three FM.