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4-17 7:10pm Sports Talk: NFC West

Jul 17, 2014|

Kristian talks to the Seattle Times Seahawks Beat Writer Bob Condotta about the NFC West.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yes indeed our number three of sports talk here on WWL am FM and WWL. Dot com weighed on -- phone call told the call me back. CBOs. -- afford that conversation. Wanna talk about Jimmy Graham and the likes -- up for the next two hours will preview the NFC west broke down the NFC south yesterday. And he west maybe the toughest division. -- the ball. Three teams -- double digit wins last year. The Cardinals and you make the playoffs. But an emerging Rams team perhaps. How the Seattle Seahawks handle. Being the defending Super Bowl champions have that target on their back in the 49ers finally get over the home. In. Arizona. Pushed aside via 49ers. And Seahawks. And -- left front for their front seven really be like. For the St. Louis Rams -- had an impact. Well Gregg Williams have on that Rams defense. To 60187 he told 3866889087. Do you. Have you saw Bucky Brooks. Whose latest column his best safeties. Top ten safeties dynamics the Eagles. And the National Football League to say. In the top ten number seven came at Carroll. And force them before Gerris bird. By the way if you're wondering the Seahawks have two as well cam chancellor five Earl Thomas number one on the list of Bucky Brooks says. Give him a Carroll last year's first round draft pick was seized -- his record in a Rob Ryan. Boldly called the second year pro the best overall safety in the NFL plenty of observers assumed the defensive wizard was simply pumping up. One of these young stars on his defense but there's. Something to this bluster despite suffering a season ending ankle injury week sixteen the Carroll finished his rookie season with 79 tackles. Eight passes defensed. One pick one forced fumble. Bucky Brooks because -- of Arsenal defender held his own in matchup against top tier tight ends like Tony Gonzales and Greg Olsen. That week one matchup against the Falcons he got his hands and football and Roman Harper and a rally to seal the victory over the dirty birds. While displaying the -- cover skills to take on Larry FitzGerald and Brandon Marshall in the slot and with the Carol. Also making cameo appearances at cornerback it's easy to see why Ryan is buzzing about as young stud in New Orleans number seven. On Bucky Brooks is top -- a dynamic safeties in the National Football League -- -- albeit too. In a few moments. Where is a Susie from Atlanta. Talked to Susan before training camp. Hope she calls and a couple of days all felon for -- love conversations. With Susie from Atlanta you people. Al on the West Bank how argument. -- -- -- -- Are you lie and any children played and actually -- in six nights a week. Utley Jimmy Graham was going to be why should not play that happened last year. We cannot have a chip should -- be playing with a -- And parity cat who is currently. Page saw -- it. The differences that there's questions you know it as. BP's numbers -- it get in the playoffs. He's got a PLO. Pushed his weight or get a little bit Papa. Didn't and make it. These are shown me that -- he's got the breakaway speed at least to get open. And he's gonna put him another. If people security. Awkward. Fifteen a point touchdown passes. In a fifty between more catches. Law I mean look that we you don't even be better to be the same and he's been consistent the last three years and he's been the starting tight end I mean it. You don't need to be arena mean the numbers he put up last year sixty touchdown receptions and you don't need to be much better than that and oh by the way. You got more of a complementary deep right now branding coach maybe his numbers go down in terms of overall catches. We replaced field don't get locked in action coming up. On the ends a lot out there are. Two more has got to recover from a CO these not. To be continued on that one in enemy. It's not a yeah that's not a done deal. But I don't think coaches. It got to be taken -- I smile on a proponent of there's. Okay. But it. It's saying what would do. Checked the the the little attention compromise or Miami. So I seem on paper that he's embassy. Yeah he saw he said -- we get a minute pass academy now thanks for the phone call 504260187. Their toll free 866890870. Twinkle in his eyes smiling out of the corner of his mouth. He smile on the warrior -- -- I missed a breaking down the in this the west. Next our our on our excuse me than four minutes bomb. And -- Seahawks beat writer for the Seattle times and next this is sports talk on WB well I look back to sports talk. We welcome in now -- can Donna and I apologize bothered by mispronouncing names he ought to be -- writer for the Seattle times that I get a right there about. Not close enough between Garnett and it eat you got it in the seat grammatical -- -- it's it's an Italian names out differently. They go away you know. They are it's a break down the defending champion Seattle Seahawks -- me where where do you think they got better where do you think they now have some holes after last week. Well but they got better and it might as -- -- a pretty big inning there it is cheaper the Golden -- but I think it. Pretty art and he backs entire year I think it -- battle you know cancel each other out the bad part is a great player. That ball in her comeback -- eagle so here each and -- Here but yet -- -- or treat it -- -- It into the draft part sensed that that bullet and predict the -- -- At the net and it it it really. -- They don't like it made it and get better work out here. But Russell various third year mark it up there it's a little bit beat. This Turkey and open it. Pilot yeah well that the one question mark I'd been created a little bit up on the -- by. They -- three -- You guys he'd been for quite awhile Brett who -- -- to -- out that actually. You know they they've been out -- -- a couple of guys including current equipment cheap starter. The last three years and they've they've got some young guys that pretty I'd that they got to sort through the first you know so I think that you -- -- -- that kind -- like -- -- I don't legitimate question mark is a bit about it but it eight Kurt Kurt put up here but certainly a little more into -- How much they have that answer questions this year. About. Being you know the target in the National Football League and as a defending champions have a talk about that and and and what it -- been -- that -- -- have the embraced that. It. -- we'd like everybody that short circuit. So he took very ala. I bet that got irony -- -- don't work out in charitable Super Bowl don't look at it that. Anything that in each year they -- talked about it at all and it out they would -- yet I I don't know that concerned about. How other teams perceive them you don't terms of being credited it hadn't been in the territory. I think they're more concerned but the -- -- -- -- You they you know they know it went there the -- they've got a better opportunity here he would see Patrick that the itself that. In an Odyssey to be -- keep it to 12 all disappeared he'd he'd get -- Super Bowl. Don't count political -- but she did it gently it. In so I think that's what they're more concerned about Alberto is yet to make it it would be to do that it was to. Breaking down the NFC west and the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks could beat writer for the Seattle times' Bob. Couldn't go to. And -- when you look at this is team mentioned Marshawn Lynch being up there in age I think and go to -- a running back by committee approach and their backfield largest -- -- beast -- Get it. Relative. He turned in April so IT guy IRL. -- it. At MI NFL standards that's about the time. It'll -- but it is -- and it can be. The very obvious that. -- You know they'd be in the transition -- last year but there are picked up the -- -- At. That time but it seemed like well -- at -- That party -- that that didn't vote at the target go out of their wage or I think what I chose to play. It today typical you know and carried it. But you'd think -- selectors to Michael you don't this year and -- so -- did not work load -- it. Don't give it to try to think it -- You don't hit any target and Peter picked up here. They can work but it ninety and he did -- -- -- -- that does all timer like so I think it will. Hope that they can -- carried -- for it to be that way and it opened out in that -- to keep it if you -- it which. Was a little bit out more I'll. Never uttered it early that -- upbeat last year while -- spot. But you don't. Arteries in Europe which are so on that it is -- situation let. Everybody pretty -- -- it -- such an equal equipment that sheer number ninety captain of the will be back. -- this year at -- out of the Bible and at the article turned into -- -- well. Did you like it could be a little bit more media and -- he. -- -- that all -- that early it will be. Who do you view as the biggest threat to. The Seahawks in the NFC and in their own division. Well it just means you know until otherwise until further notice but they're still keep it that that -- the Seahawks were. You know the actual number. I eat out -- out in Britain on. Well you know they were -- -- cards and to get -- the -- and not that there. Are out. That. It'll -- -- couple different things maybe -- complete back and change or about the -- he would he would even. But it here so. I don't think dignity that he is here at all that that that. It should. Eat -- That. You -- it appears that are -- It's party -- out. But our team in the lap he can -- -- that that you don't. Think in as well and yet but the ground that -- could have done it they've been on it. McCardell a separate ops but like or didn't -- -- that they're -- -- -- he'd be better than where. They. In conference. He. Thought he would -- that in the pocket at. The top -- that. -- This year. They'll never considered it so this yeah oh that -- the one -- it is this year to eat. -- before he really your run here Bob can go to. Cover in the Seahawks for the Seattle times is this hatred between Richard Sherman and Michael Crabtree real. I'd never -- sure -- happen. As. You know that was there was incidents that nobody knew about that he has a game but currently at the -- out here. A tragedy that something interpret it like it. And step but there. I think Richard Sherman is one of those like a lot of guys -- days they they try to think. Like. You are correct yourself up that everybody that it probably ought to be well and we're concerned about it. You know Michael Crabtree he is a -- Here. I think from the beginning he's had he not organize -- as you'd like that. We're gonna you know -- -- year at all. Any chairman deal. We -- by the advocate for some reason it's not like Michael Crabtree country you want it. And their ego so -- -- -- -- you're accountable to our board somewhere up about it but paper right now and the situation there are. Yeah community they beat the -- each other than that he didn't need that tool that that. Today I -- get through to get to where they be happy yeah there's a reality. Bob can go to a Seahawks beat writer for the Seattle times and great stuff great insight repression the time about. It I. There goes Seattle Seahawks be Ryder. For the Seattle times' Bob can go to -- -- CR yeah that's a tough division as you heard. And Connolly out there and Sam Bradford can just improve. And play stay healthy. The Rams and on the team to keep an eye on that tough division course the 49ers. There they've been a mainstay for the last couple years as have the Seattle Seahawks in. Don't forget about the Arizona Cardinals. Again ten wins last year didn't didn't get in the post season. He beat Seattle I forgot about that until Bob brought roundly beaten Seattle and Seattle. What late in the season -- was no way I thought was going to happen. 260187. They're told 386689087. -- a party jaguar people align for Debbie did you elect Tom. Where you -- the Saints in the NFC. 12 or three. Behind Seattle at two. Had a Seattle one or three behind the niners maybe. And see optioned catcher go to WWL dot com or call us at 260187. It's all -- 866 inning nine. 0870 after the CBS news update law -- breakdown. December -- 49ers. As a we continue our road trip in the NFC west and that tough tough division but the CBS update. On that -- plane crash over the the Ukraine today. It's big. Big story developing story and -- -- -- for each and every half hour here on WWL will go to that CBS news update your phone calls. A welcome to 60187 and it's all -- 866 and 89087. Tomorrow join me into about a bear for double coverage live from the caught -- club in dash ran from six to 9 AM -- new -- the one point one -- on center court point four -- -- -- -- -- tomorrow morning sweep by its -- though. To me to about broadcasting live from the -- club industry and 6109 AM on the -- branch of WB well three to be -- thirteenth at the on your AM -- I was talking -- a little while ago will catch up with the 49ers trying to get from a -- preview of them year. This hour but a -- and a little while ago about Bucky Brooks of nfl.com does great work breaking down -- in dynamic safeties. And -- the -- coming in at number seven on this list. -- -- There were four. And Bucky Brooks writes the pass happy nature of the NFL makes it imperative for it even -- defenses to have a feature ball. In the middle of the field in the Saints now have. Arguably the best center fielder in the game. Having just signed bird to a monster contract this offseason the six year pro. 42 interceptions and 73 games. Thanks to exceptional anticipation. Awareness and ball skills bird. Has a gift for reading the quarterback's eyes and get a jump on passes thrown. In his direction where some safeties -- guessing gamble as we saw a lot Malcolm Jenkins to make place Byrd is simply an aggressive technician. With a great feel for the game thus he's rarely out of position on deep balls and opponents have a tough time for him. On double moves or gadget plays. Playing behind an aggressive front seven with a pair of pass rushers. Mike Cameron Jordan junior collect bird it could take his game to another level in New Orleans this season and beyond. Number four number seven. To Saints safeties. In the top ten. Number five. The loss of the Seahawks -- number one Earl Thomas of the Seahawks and cam chancellor. The Seahawks at number five. Run down the list Aaron Williams from Buffalo -- -- -- Arizona Cardinals at nine Mike Mitchell the Pittsburgh Steelers. And eight as imaging team accounts seven Eric went all the San Diego Chargers at a you talk. That's six chancellor once again at five birdie at four Antrel Rolle from the New York Giants Eric Berry. At two -- -- in and number three and of course Earl Thomas. And number wants of Saints can colonial love. From Bucky Brooks he also -- -- which would talk about tomorrow is Drew Brees the best clutch quarterback in the game. And the numbers if you looked animal talk about them all sports talk. Pretty eye popping. This is sports talk on WB well I am FM and WWL dot com back to sports talk always something -- a WWL dot com a developing story Malaysia airlines flight seventeen went down all 295. Passengers are dead 280 passengers on fifteen crew members as expected people. From all over the world world on board including Americans according to CBS. US intelligence now confirms it was a -- was brought down by a missile but it's unable to yet determined. Where the missile was fired from in the passenger plane left Amsterdam. From Qualls and pork crashed in eastern Ukraine 1515. Miles from the Russian border. Listen for updates every half hour a year on W also talk about a related. Column on line it'd be like come from are very Steve Geller Graham is a part of the Saints essential for and who else. Part of that essential core it's pretty clear right he would drew be Drew Brees Jimmy Graham. Cameron Jordan. Steve galleries Gerris -- Marcus Colston Jahri Evans honorable mentioned Kenny the Carroll a -- mix but who else would you throw in the -- of that essential core to the black and gold 260187. Years told 38668890878. Will also continue bringing down the NFC west. Next hour by Bob McManaman. Senior sports writer for the Arizona Republic covering McCardell in the opposite common a common name writers. We have -- can go to sea Hawks beat writer for the Seattle times earlier Tony softly Saint Louis -- silent world to us. At the bottom of the 7 o'clock hour but. -- near central war the -- -- handful of players that. Make up via. The backbone of this team. 260187. -- told 3866. 890 -- and he can also weigh in on our WWL dot com party -- people analysts say top three teams in the NFC. Seahawks Saints at 49ers what are you like the black and gold right now 31% of those voting. In -- -- Say number 140%. Say two and one -- percent -- three the catcher -- right there at the B well like Tom -- Pick of the colonial fashion way. Love the chat with the 260187803866890. Eights having White Sulphur Springs West Virginia that's the side of training camp for the New Orleans Saints this year report one week. From today and return home August 14 in hold the final seven practices of training camp into -- with one practice held in high school price will be open. To the public except for in the case of inclement weather. First three days Friday July 25. 8:50 AM eastern time to 750 back here nor Owens to 1142. -- -- 1040 -- At the Greenbrier -- first three days all AM PM practices. In -- now Friday Saturday and Sunday their first three practices -- non padded practices Bubba in -- haven't heard from you little long time but how aria. So I don't -- There. -- -- Yeah. A little. Girl. While versatility. Mean. You know in the guy came -- he's their most complete running back I think a player that I that I really we keep an island this year I'm excited see. Is -- Robinson. And out of his role all year. I mean if -- it's just. I'm exits the O'Connor Robbins is role -- this year but -- Pierre Thomas he's done since he entered the league 2007 as an undrafted. Player and is done -- -- becoming hear me please start out as a special teams guy and -- found his way into the backfield he can protect. You pick up blitzes. He -- passes out of the backfield. He runs the ball while knee. Discreetly every play for him is is his bread and butter fuel yet Pierre Thomas and you put have a knack for. Oh so. I can't. -- It. It took you to -- matters into a phone call John on a cell. Howry John you're on WB well. Hello John. Eight thank you pigment culture I like Edmonton on -- then. Can we need him. Steve diligently values and core all. In -- name mention. Edmonton. That would mean -- I didn't have a thousand yards receiving -- second time in. In his career since arriving year in. Thousands states that he didn't go for a 1000 but. And he looked at his plate it was back in the season this year really stepped up and he's one of those plays reliable. Stay he battled a foot injury last year he says is completely healthy. From that. -- -- -- Bigger it's a little bit bigger faster I think right right right at it like well. Yeah consistently Nocioni you know Dumars -- and and you know he's so on. Like most wide receivers that day you could make an argument that. Maybe Colston would deserve the or the right to be a little bit more flamboyant but now -- touchdown passes flips the ball to -- three quiet quiet quiet doesn't. Seek the limelight rarely does interviews not because. He he he wants to be jerked to the media -- -- would prefer not to have the attention these guys that humble guy to speaks to who years. They are on a big fan of I just I just respect the professionalism that. And Marcus Colston conducts himself with. Well well. Well yeah. -- done. Placement jump shot on a cellphone argument. -- I like Shea I know we -- in a player. In my -- would be natural that you read -- in. Being rated. By like the quick Q and -- -- on the way came on the better outlook check out cornerback. We're so loud rap you allowed they've ordered the trip it and or rather lack. Of an L about oh ranked player who came here it turned it extra. -- -- Governor from Spagnuolo -- it -- -- job you know and that's why aren't -- -- -- released we couldn't get that anymore -- Even -- it. Because he won't shut down corner. Helps and he's a local guy to writes could C a local guy come home. And do well enjoy success. Can't think you know in the -- guys do you aren't sure there. Note you wanna do what could be back at all. But -- eventually make it. To be between him in camp Jordan but certainly all sports all. Obama and making them. I got to jump shot. Have a good day meant. By twos until 187203866. Inning nine -- -- and give me your core players. Five. Guys along make up that the backbone heart and soul if you will aside from Drew Brees and Jim Ingraham. Was there too obvious ones to 601872. Or 38668. Nines there it's the sports talk on W -- -- I welcome -- sports -- and this is why I look forward to the most right year. Suzy I asked and -- call. Susie from Atlanta. She wants to talk about Drew Brees and I'll bet you. She says you people at least three times in the next three or four minutes that we have -- how are you Suzy. Do you think you think about it and it happened -- Georgia. Would think. I think that. I think Atlanta's gonna have a rebound year from four and twelve. Yeah I think it's going to be. Of course he would. Talk a champion. Important thing complete security. When you clean its group green. Ticket it. Whatever that is it's it appeared at -- It. It. There will be nearly politically correct I heard it here. It's like saying. I'm glad. Sexual on the same team. Yeah well yeah that's typical -- to have that kind of belief and you know. It's unfortunate that. She weighs that much time thinking of really silly things to say that. Have no bearing on football which he's yet to really debate on the merits of her Atlanta Falcons team. I got regular credit though. She didn't say you people. She at least was willing to have a conversation. A two way conversation back and forth not usually. Dominated by her screaming yelling at me Deke your body. So will make -- of progress with Suzy. I still think she's eaten a lot of paint chips as a child I but hey look you know. At least she called and she's excited about our. Atlanta Falcons were going to be on hard knocks and trying to rebound from four to twelve season and really don't have much of a defense to speak up. A defense has been riddle me just been. Crushed. Riddled whatever. Word you throw in there and they're not going to be very good defensively can't be. -- the -- Got more holes than. Swiss cheese. Can be bad the bad for the Falcons and our guard. Does it might have the offense Julio Jones coming back for Atlanta. But -- Just next time I invite your phone call any time I'm on the year. But next time you have two and a half three hours sometimes before you got the call. You evidence distinct advantage over me you can think year. You can figure out your take he can he really -- down and really -- a very well thought out opinion. So I invite you to do that next time just shot a couple of notes down. That and have to be much a bullet points right instead of you people in the Saints saw. I mean at least be creative. I'm all for it. I'm all for entertainment and fun. But. They'll. Pick the time. To think Leo bit. But -- I enjoy the conversation it's always fun when you call. I feel somewhat sorry for you at times. Because. I think your brain might be. A little wrapped -- like a very big. 2601870. Till 386688908. Said he -- you -- out quickly here on WWL. Yes that your I'm gonna get graduation out there are a team that most people don't know that we. And and that is the US eight under nineteen football. Proper last week in an out date there. Playing football in Kuwait City Kuwait. And they won the world championships. And mine are due at the quarterback -- and they come back tomorrow. So -- want to congratulate all the guys on the team -- opener but they are back. -- on thanks Mike and we are certainly proud of them. The -- -- the nineteen. Nineteen USA under and under team for their victories in their great accomplishments are -- sports talk -- on next -- continued. To check in on the NFC west the Cardinals and Rams WL IMF and -- did you elect Tom.