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Jul 17, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Good evening it's Thursday night Friday is almost here it is almost the beginning of the week and glad to witness on this Thursday night. Lot of breaking news today I was glued to the television for much of the day watching breaking news of the police airlines flights which shot out of the sky over Ukraine which is essentially. A war zone on this this planet. And a lot of questions still remain about -- which really eerie. Is a passenger. Took a picture of the plane I don't know would be seen as we had a runner FaceBook page W radio. Earlier today but a passenger took a picture of the Malaysian airlines flight. And because the other when -- disappeared like 370. The took a picture or they said if this flight disappears. This is what it looks like. And the flights. Disappeared. Also breaking news we have third ground troops on the ground team in Israel moving into Gaza and that tension continues to. -- intensify tremendously just so many innocent people are. Are dying there it's just a reminder of how sad to reward is and that is. That is just such a volatile part of the world and I I hope and pray that there can be peace there one day. -- special CBS news update on today's breaking news coming up at 831 tonight. It's time for tonight's top -- dates here -- topic thinks we'd like you know it was we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. MTV has announced a new reality show called virgin territory the show will follow the lives of fifteen young adults. -- -- Now this is another MTV production that I'm sure he's gonna get a lot of negative attention the MTV show. Sixteen and pregnant. Received a lot of criticism because people felt like it was actually encouraging young people to get pregnant. But there are also people who -- the show as showing the reality. Of being a teenage mom and that that would actually discourage people. From being teen moms so I think it missing about this new show virgin territory which I'm sure he's going to get a lot of criticism. Is that some of the cast members. One and their virginity they're really embarrassed about being purchased now I did say these are young adults. So these are not teenage virgins these are young adults males and females between eighteen. And 23. And for various reasons they are still virgins a summary embarrassed and they wanna do something about it. And you know something can be done about it and then their there are some that are very vocal vocal about waiting until we get married to in their virginity. So I I hope this show. -- gets attention for doing both things and not just gets attention from one side of this this debate. On one side of the of the culture or if you wanna call it that America. I hope that there's recognition for some of the teenagers I'm -- teenagers but some of the young and the young adults I guess that would the other -- adults eighteen toward a three. I've subtle more -- virginity and some are talking about waiting until they get married so I hope the show gets credit for that because and that's a reality. Mean in the real world some virgins do talk about. Maintaining their virginity until they get married. And then there are some who will lose their virginity. So if it's a reflection of real life I -- I haven't seen any previews of the show so I don't know what the content is going to be like. But you know initially -- first the -- as you know this might not be a bad thing and hoping it gets it's a fair shot. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The opposition to legalizing pot for recreational use including predictions of an increase in crime. In Denver Colorado where the recreational use of pot has now been legal for six months now. Crime is down. Crime is down even even with violent crops. There are four basic violent crime categories homicide. Sexual assault robbery. And aggravated assault. And for the first six months of this year and its recreational use upon became legal in Colorado and in in Denver a January 1 this year. The city has seen a decrease of 3%. Over the same period in violent crime over the same period from last year. Now in the four by categories. Homicide sexual assault and robbery were all down. Aggravated assault was the only one in the fourth it was up it was a 2.2 percent. We're -- recent robberies of the city's dispensaries. Of the medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries. That his hit a three year low. And property crime in the city is down more than 11% from last year at the same time so. It's going to be interesting to see how this does -- out to right now Colorado and Washington State. May end up being the the the proving grounds for what happens with -- marijuana legalization of it around the country and we talked about it recently on the show how much money the state of Colorado has generated so far this year I'm not mistaken I'm trying to remember I think it was 24 million dollars. In revenue so far this year now I don't think you should legalize something just because he generates money. I think it still comes back to the question of whether or not it's right to legalize marijuana and it's a debate that will continue. But everybody's watching Colorado and at Washington State to see what happens with crime and if you think about it think about all the -- you hear about on a regular basis here. Where. It evolves drugs. And quite often the common drugs -- one. So would that not take. That trade. A way for criminals. That's an interesting theory when it comes to legalizing -- Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- anniversary of raising the drinking age 21. When did you start drinking. Now I started drinking and -- it was legal for me to start drinking at the age of eighteen. I have to be honest with you an -- that guy. I had a fake ID I'm not proud of this but it's a real at a fake ID and -- in bars in the French Quarter and seventy. I'm not promoting that I'm just being honest that that's what I did and that's what a lot of people still do today. President Ronald Reagan signed this senate measure into law back in 1984. Thirty years ago about half of the states were still at eighteen and if I'm not mistaken -- you know it was one of if not the last state to raise the drinking age to eighteen. Andy it was because the government. Told the city of -- on the state Louisiana. You either raise the drinking age to 21 -- you lose. Federal highway funds. And so they kind of use that as an extortion. To get the state to raise the drinking age 21 which is ultimately did. But you know I I I guess I feel ambivalent about this because I felt like I was responsible enough to drink at eighteen. If you responsible enough to go to war and eighteen in keeping it to married at eighteen and make that decision -- why shouldn't you be able to to drink. Now it should never be of doubts. Drinking responsibly. It should always be doubts drinking responsibly. And it doesn't matter Whittier 182545. Or 55. You're supposed to drink responsibly. And I realize that we tend to get more responsible as we get older but a whole lot of people around me. Who aren't are always responsible. When it comes with if you enjoy an issue with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668. -- early seventy and a text -- is -- 77. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The US military is gonna begin treatment of priced at Chelsea Manning I forget what his real name was but he changes aimed at Chelsea. And he she is going through. And identity gender identity crisis Andy's going to be treated for that condition and I guess one question -- should the federal government pay for this. The bureau of Fatah prisons has rejected the the army's request to transfer this private Chelsea -- From a military facility. So the military is going to have to begin. Gender identity conditioning. Treatment for this case. And an offense official says that they will start. A rudimentary level of gender treatment of the army tried to get Manning transfer to a federal prison where. They have dealt with this before but those discussions came to audience of transfer -- take place. So private Chelsea Manning has been diagnosed with gender. -- for -- Which is a sense of being a woman in a man's body. And so the military is going to treat this while he's in prison this was a national security -- So he's -- prison. He might surprise you. That I don't know that this should be treated by the federal government I don't know that this should be treated and imprisoned. I don't know of anybody who -- died from gender just four. And I realized that the people have this and I've I've heard. People say -- again I felt like a woman trapped in a man's body and I guess the opposite can be true as well. But I don't know if this is conditioned that says. Again hey look if you if you can do it. In the in the real world if you could do it outside of prison. And do it on your own and get treatment for I don't think there's anything wrong with that but I'm just not sure that I have to support. Treatment for this in in prison because I get this is done disease that is gonna kill somebody. If you -- a shorter -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Points early seventy. And Tex receive 77 number for tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Is it prayer for the media to continue to refer to congressman -- McAllister as the kissing congressman. McAllister was caught kissing a mayor aid. And he says he -- -- run for reelection. Governor Jindal and the Tennessee Republican Party Louisiana. Both call for him to resign after he was caught in this escapade of sort of kissing -- I'm Mary its aid in his office caught on surveillance tape but he announced last month that he will be on the ballot November 4 he's got raising as much money as he would like to. But I can't help but think that. Is it time to and no longer refer to him as the kissing bandit I mean I'm in the media so I understand how the media works but I don't know that it's always fair to label somebody. And you know I forget the guy to beat the guy should be forgiven. I mean this is a pattern of behavior that's one thing but if somebody makes a mistake they should be able to move on so. I don't have a problem with him running for office who really should be about what he's done since he's he's been an officer has been in office and law. So is it fair for the media to continue to refer congressman -- McAllister as the kissing congressman. Again that's the way the media operates. But is it fair. Number three tonight's list of the top eight at eight. And Captain America will be an African American. Marvel Comics has announced that Sam the falcon Wilson will take over as the patriotic adventure. In the upcoming installment of the long running comic book series. Captain America this announcement came yesterday. This was said they did during an appearance on the economy since the so called -- a report a Wilson was the -- Was some of the first superhero. In 19691. Of the very first when he first appears a superhero in 1969 as falcon. And he's one of the comics -- first African American superheroes. This will change this coming November in the all new Captain America. Number one and I would hope that nobody has a problem with that number two what tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Conservative radio talk show -- is outraged. Over the comic book character Archie. Getting shot. If you haven't heard -- got shot. He was shot because he jumped in front of a friend if he is trying to save his friend's life he took the bullet. For his friend who -- a gay politician who supports gun control. And his conservative radio talk show closed in the -- blog is about this tonight it's on our website at WW -- account title Archie shot some conservatives react. And that's on our -- cited a VW -- icon is a comic book now being used in the liberal propaganda machine I guess that's the question. This this talk show host bill for eighty. Host a show called lock and load the lock -- rate lock. And -- radio show. And he's being represented. By somebody who's pushing interviews with him to speak out on this this issue of the shooting of Archie. And in the fact that he. He saved the life of a gay politician. Who is. In favor of gun control. And it's taking it to take this that seriously suggest that he comic book has the power. To somehow. Affect. Political opinions in America. And I would think that it has -- the ability of reflecting rather than dictating. Opinions side adding we'll we'll talk about this on the shooter night. I'm not a comic book reader I I read comic books not even as a kid I didn't -- comic books oh. Mean honestly I've I don't know much about comic books. I don't know about that phenomena and I'm really not into movies that are based on comic book characters I know they have had some phenomenal movies based on comic book characters that have come out. But is that really you know just -- into that they've -- Have have comic books had. To comic books had. Social political messages in the for a while it is the first time I'm I'm hearing about something like this and maybe it's come up before just haven't been aware of it. If you enjoyed -- if effect if you're a comic book reader you international atomic tonight are comic books. Using. Social and political issues. To reflect. Modern times. And is it wrong for this comic book character Archie to have been shot. He's not dead. He was shots trying to save the life that is gay politician friend to his parole. -- gun control. And taking their conservative. Talk show host reaction to this. Makes it seem as if this and this little comic book has the power to really affect public opinion if you went into an usher at our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven tech's number is 8787. And finally tonight's number one on tonight's list of the top eight and -- A Malaysian airline triple seven shot down over a war zone in the Ukraine. Israel invades Gaza as tensions the year explode. And they're still continuing humanitarian crisis at the US -- Is the world on the eve of destruction. What is the media just make it seem that. I I heard some people just speak with dye your thoughts. About the world is collapsing. And this is really all series each one of these events is is very serious. And there's a lot of tension in the world leaders. Growing tension between the United States and Russia the old Soviet Union as far as I know they still have there. -- nuclear weapons. Many of few words are too young to even remember the Cold War but there was a time when. We all grew up -- we were afraid that any day the Russians could lecture nuclear attack against the United States. We've had practiced in school what we would do -- a nuclear bomb dropped. Not that I think getting -- your to your desk or walking down the hall quietly would really help matters at all. But what went thinks like this happen together I think it's important for us to sit back and and maybe wonder what we demand it does it just seem this way or is the world on the eve of destruction. You know what I was at a teenager. There was a lot of tension in the world including the Cold War. There wears a battle over segregation. There were problems with with China here is here's part of a song. That was called eve of destruction done by Barry McGuire. Longtime listen to some of these horses we go to this break this is -- the first time this world's gone through a crisis. It's been. Men's sports -- WWL. To join in the talk it's doing golf Bible for 2601870. Our toll free at 8668890. Late seventies it. Every night we start this group show with the top eight -- eight if you want an update on what we're talking about tonight you can always go to the scoop page on our website at WW dot com. Shows the schedule says -- the top click on that got the scoop patient get an update. Are over talking about MTV has announced a new reality show called virgin territory it follows the lives of fifteen young adults who are virgins. Some are really interested in no longer being versions but summer saying that they want to remain virgins until they get married. Also today is the thirtieth anniversary of raising the drinking age -- 21. What is that the right decision. And we're continuing to talk about the breaking news today in Malaysia airlines flights. -- -- -- simply -- like seventeen shot down. Over a war zone in the Ukraine and you just heard in a CBS news update it the Korean government is blaming Russian separatist. And they did recognize it as a civilian plane saw in in many ways this is an act of war who specifically is to blame. And what should the response of the United States the if you -- join us for the comic tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- sent -- text numbers 877. A for the door short Bob you're on the -- good evening. -- Two very different it is Bob I think you. He's mail all fear and anger. And we're talking about all things that are going on out there all around besides Graham. But. I ran across the quote -- -- give it to you from the book. 1996. Al Franklin. Al Franken says that we are all living in a while more complicated world. And we were born into at the same time that trust in our institutions. In government and Sam lane and individual is eroded. And -- lack of trust create fear and fear creates anger. NIC. And much to the news coverage here. Going border crisis. In much in the news coverage. What's going on between Israel. And the Palestinians. Gaza. You know the world I believe he's not coming into the hands. It's here that we have a lack of trust in our institutions to handle the multiple crises that we faced. I think it's a really good point and a lot of people -- gonna dismiss what Al Franken said because they think he's a whacko liberal and he might be but what he said I think he's really valid. A sexually lack of trust a creates fear. And fear creates anger and you you see that with so many different issues today Bob. You know and it's going and numbers six. Eighteen year old or 21 year old drinking -- yeah. Short war story commanders Portland or would I ever soldiers go to Saint Louis. And one to have a beer with his body he was great to -- they were all arrested. And unfortunately when he got to Gailey called me it is commanding officers within one call. And I called. Mayor at all. And I explained -- situation. And that he wouldn't soldier. In good standing that he was about to school. Sacrifice his life for his country -- to Vietnam although I didn't know who's going. But I gave them there's long sob story. Am sure about that many years since the young man home alone is personal airplane. And I got more tickets to St. Louis Cardinals. Football game. The gist of the story is. If we have young man and women -- our defending their country at age eighteen. There are considered by the court to be. Adult man it was things we treat them as adults and not allow them. It is the responsibility. Of drinking and days. I've always had a hard time reconciling this idea that you -- responsible enough to. To carry a gun to deal with weapons to to fight in a very sophisticated complex military. But you're not responsible enough to drink responsibly. And I think that there's a moral issue about drinking that day comes into play here as there was during prohibition. Absolutely I think it's. Came over are no fun yeah. Well hold this year and my son probably 1980s. Currently serving at Camp Lejeune as April but he Marines. And I would assume that from time to time he has quote adult beverage and we'll. Not that there's anything wrong with that I don't. Bob I want to thank you and your son for -- which you don't for a country. All right you -- ridiculous. A -- Guerrero Tim -- on screen showing that the WL I don't let him. I wanted to comment on that you made earlier about being picture. Are about whether he should treat people going through these exchanges where people like their women when government bodies. Yeah we're talking about their private Chelsea Manning who by the way is selling his a man named bush bush Brantley and need to change that to Chelsea and he's been diagnosed with gender disk for you. Are you stated that you don't. Personally think that opera and -- About if you whether or not. You think that prisons should people with severe depression I looked anti -- You know I would have to say yes and cells that leads me back to my answer about I don't think they should treat. And gender descent to story of that. If you related to depression then I guess station I don't know I don't know about a full section Tuesday to treat it without giving an awful sex change. I mean that this issue come with men and women being operated secret. By adding that side. People go and suffer from severe depression may view them and committing suicide because they feel about. Tim I'm glad you brought that up thanks for bringing that to my attention if you wanna join us with a comment tonight about anything we're talking about. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. At a -- ever is a 77 here's a -- resistant how many Americans were on the Malaysian flight to you know. You know when they if they did at first glance of the the flight manifest in the -- -- on the list. They did not find any Americans but that doesn't mean that there were not some people on that flight who were American citizens I know that sounds confusing but some people can have dual citizenship. So at first glance it did look like there were any Americans on board but. As we've continued to learn more more about this tragedy that might change. And I guess this at Texas in response to be single what should the US response beat this. If if Russia or Russian separatists. Are totally out of control. Even though no American was killed in that Malaysian airlines flight. Isn't this something that we should pay attention to. If your -- they would -- -- and we'll be right back on WL. A conservative radio talk show host is outraged because the comic book character Archie get shot while he's trying to save the life of his friend who is a gay Republican who supports gun control. Is a comic book being used in the liberal propaganda machine. As -- as a comic look at the power to that to change opinions in America is this something that if your conservative if your Republican if your. If you're a pro gun rights to the point where you're anti gun control. Is this something that you would be concerned with as well a -- blog tonight is it titles. Conservatives react to -- shooting and Archie is in intricacies of course when you say Archie in in this area of people think Archie Manning would talk about. Archie the cartoon character. That's on our website at WW -- account also tonight we are talking about US military are beginning to treat. Private Chelsea Manning formally a privates. Bradley Manning forties gender identity condition. And my question is should the government pay for it is here's a text reads -- treat them for their depression do not pay for the sex change that's just ridiculous next time. Would we have to pay for the plastic surgery to get a boob job or. Two gates penile implants. Here's attacks and I'm getting a couple of now. As say somewhere between 24 and 25 Americans were on the flight and that's something that I missed I was watching -- much of the day. And the last report that I had that they had not confirmed that there were any Americans on compilation flight. It was shot down over the Ukraine again big breaking story along with Israel with ground troops going into Gaza. And there is some suggestion that. That may be all of this is for the best because it distracts the media. For focusing on President Obama and the border crisis. Do you think this is some kind of conspiracy. -- and -- -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 866. 8890 -- seven Texas 877. From homer Glen year old dispute -- Eight. Want to comment -- and airlines to check. I didn't smoke in three years. Okay. There hasn't changed my tendency towards not think you know -- Spectra REU. Law back. You know I don't -- nothing you know -- McKee do you know privilege and it's. In NASDAQ cook that Turkey. I look at tech tour and it is. Private. Or that whatever. -- decency and yeah I'm not. -- -- don't know I'm not our government and Paris and I have to pay act now. -- I'm. OK ladies -- look every day. -- yeah yeah and obviously you think you should be legalized. Are you are born man. He's seen you know look at Colorado in Denver. Look at the tax base. -- -- produced ER two is that you know attacked attacked and. Now I think so far this year since it was so legalized or January 1 recreational use I think this year they've generated 24 million so far. Yes actually carry -- and yet you know wake up. No not something a bit up and smell the plot to detonate. -- I'm I'm I'm glad you called and you -- if you smoke can be careful and then they'll get behind the wheel the car. -- says there's been a lot of breaking news today we're gonna have special news updates from CBS news at the bottom of every hour coming up again it. -- 931 tonight will have been set throughout our show we'll get an update from CBS news coming up. In about ten minutes so this Malaysia airlines triple seven -- shot down over a war zone in the Ukraine. Israel invades. Gaza with ground troops tension there continues to blow a lot of control. And is a humanitarian crisis of young children unaccompanied coming across the US border putting a strain on. The US and then also it's a humanitarian crisis because these are kids I heard some people put all this together. In the media today and I forget which -- -- channel surf between their news channels so much tonight I don't remember which is which person was talking about what. All the time. But somebody was putting this altogether it's saying that -- the world is collapsing. Do you think the rules on the eve of destruction. Or just the media just seemed didn't make it seem that. If you gonna join a show a -- tonight on numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Or seventy. And a text -- -- 77 order against play another part of this song that I remember growing up with. There was a lot of tension the world when I was growing up I'm a member of the baby boomer generation. There was tension around the world there was fear of war world war world war three. There was there were battles over segregation and integration. Is a lot of tension in the world. This song by Barry McGuire title eve of destruction many if you will remember this but listen to listen to some of the lyrics of the song reflecting the times. Oh man it feels like until I do live news. I'm zip yeah. -- -- The truth. Didn't know no regulation and hand. Let's just days and -- crazy world is guys do -- -- they didn't -- -- now mean. And I've screwed and again we'll be right back Brandon WL. They're all movie you've -- -- drugs here. Today is the thirtieth anniversary of raising the drinking age to Tony -- as some states including Louisiana. We're still allowing people drink at the age of eighteen it was until the state which threatened with. Losing all federal highway money and that's that's the story unless I'm mistaken you're correct me -- -- If I'm not accurate within but I believe. The government was gonna withhold federal highway funds if Louisiana did not raise the drinking age from eighteen to 21 you know how strong vote. -- the liquor lobbyists here in Louisiana very very powerful mean my god we still have drive through factory shops. It's just that they can't put the strong in that factory because that would violate the open container law which if you tell people that around the country they think it's absolutely insane. But it all to -- comes down to responsibility. When the 182830485868. It all comes down to responsible. -- Here is -- oh this is a setting up for talking about today the comic book character Archie. Get shot trying to save a gay politician friend who supports gun control some some conservatives have reacted to that. Here's a text and I don't believe that a comic book has the kind of power. Addiction -- influence people but it's funny that some Republicans. Would be outraged by the right to report she expressing his opinion. I don't think chick -- has influence on politics but Republicans certainly supported that owner expressing their opinion on gay marriage. Here is taxed I think that if year. In the military at eighteen you should be able to drink because eighteen year old people who were in the military are more mature. To be in the military obviously should be able entering. But what if you're not in the military what if you're old enough to be in the military. Like when I was growing up. Eighteen was the of the legal drinking age in in New Orleans and really -- Louisiana. So I hit that -- I thought I was responsible enough. Our young people not responsible enough today and we've got to -- story on our website at WW dot com and there's information from a doctor that indicates that. The traffic deaths among teenagers are actually down since the drinking age was raised. But I wonder if maybe that's because a lot of teenagers are doing other things to get hi this is the -- Schilling will be right back.