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Jul 17, 2014|

Tonight on the Scoot show…compelling topics…lots to talk about: the latest on Malyasian Airlines Flight 17 shot down by a missile over the Ukraine…however US intelligence is unable to determine where the missile was fired from. What do you think is going on? Was it terrorists or the Russian government? PLUS: the MTV reality show ’16 and Pregnant’ was criticizes because some thought it promoted teen pregnancy. Their new show is ‘Virgin Territory’ which follows 15 different young adults all virgins. Is this a good or bad show? AND: the comic book legend ‘Archie’ has been shot and killed in the latest issue of ‘Life with Archie’ which follows the life of an adult Archie Andrews (he is still alive in the ‘Archie’ comics which follow his teen years.) He went out heroically by jumping in front of a gay friend who was about to be shot because he was campaigning for gun control legislation. Some conservatives are upset about the anti-gun message. Do you have a problem with a comic book expressing a view on a hot-button issue?

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Okay it's Thursday night tomorrow night it's Friday night tomorrow night is the beginning of the weekend and you've heard the forecast good chance of rain tomorrow Saturday. And Sunday as well also we never can control the weather so even though it might rain just find something else to do that we'll help you. Enjoy your weekend we're gonna have another special CBS news updates on the shooting down of this -- airlines flights it's a triple booked a seven. Like the one that it disappeared. -- seriously few months ago. I miss a shot down over the Ukraine which is a war zone and we don't exactly know who was involved but the US has confirmed that the plane was shot down. And the information that we're getting now is that there was a a communication indicating that whoever shot this plane down and it's either Russia. Ukraine or Russian separatists and the government in Ukraine saying it's Russian separatist. Whoever shot this down knew it was a civilian plane. So this is truly. An act of war we'll have a special CBS news update coming up at 931. I MTV S and -- into reality show called virgin territory -- you know that the show sixteen and pregnant got a lot of attention. And people thought that that this show sixteen and pregnant I saw bits of it I didn't watch it regularly. But they thought that it was encouraging young girls to get pregnant. Now when I saw the show is seen to paint such a realistic picture of being sixteen and pregnant. If you watch the show. I never got the impression that they were celebrating being a teenager and being pregnant. I got the impression it was more realistic view of it. If you were sixteen you really wouldn't wanna be in that situation fight to watch it on TV but you'd rather not be in that situation. So I I know additional virgin territory is going to get a lot of attention. The reality show is gonna follow the lives of fifteen young adults who are versions down their ages eighteen to 23. And some of them are really eager to no longer be virgins and we we know what the remedy for that it's. However some. Locally talk about how they wanna wait until they get married. To have sex they -- remain virgins until they get married. So I wonder if they show -- gets. Just blanket criticism or if if maybe there's a redeeming factor in defected. In reality in life there's some people. Don't get Barrett is -- some people do at least this year was promoting the other side. That does one remain virgins again I haven't seen the show yet so it's retarded to comment too much on it but it's going to be interesting to learn to watch it. The the reaction to -- issue virgin territory on MTV. Also Tony we're talking about today being the thirtieth anniversary of racing the drinking age 21. Now MI hypocrite. If I say well. I was eighteen. And I can drink. And that's OK but if you're eighteen today you're not mature enough for you should be -- is is it hypocritical for somebody in my generation. Who could drink legally at the age of eighteen. And I'll tell young people well no you can't -- -- to a two year. You're 21 we have a story on our website at WWL dot com. Which are quotes doctor David Anderson to talk to Tommy -- this morning WL first news it's a researcher George Mason or George Mason University. And said that we have seen a reduction in useful involvement in highway crashes. And he believes that by raising the legal drinking age of 21 high school drinking has also dropped dramatically. He says he was nine at 67%. Now it's 39%. Now I wonder. Just bringing up this question. Is this because more teenagers are smoking pot and taking prescription drugs doing other things to get a -- or are -- were teenagers today. Getting a buzz and generally it if you were teenagers are getting a bus that was certainly be goodness. But on this the thirtieth anniversary of president Ronald Reagan signing back in 1984 via measures that made the legal drinking age from eighteen to 21. Is. Is this still a good idea should the drinking age Sylvia Tony want to if you -- join -- for the comment about better. Meaning we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. Enter text numbers 87070. Also we've been talking about the Malaysian airlines to triple seven shot out of the sky over war zone in Ukraine. Israel is invading Gaza as tensions there continue to may grow out of control. And the humanitarian crisis continues. At the US border. I heard some people putting all this together on the news today. And they made it seem as if the world is on the eve of destruction. And I'm wondering is who is the world anymore. Close to destruction today. -- what's in the 1960s when when I was growing up and maybe when you were growing up. For those -- who didn't grow up during the Cold War. You don't know what it's like to. To believe that any day -- to be reminded any day. That the Russians to push a button or the US could push a button and that would lead to nuclear war. -- half of the globe would have been destroyed that was the conventional wisdom at the time. And then during the Cuban missile crisis which I wanna say one is 196300. -- of 1960 to 96 to three. The Cuban missile crisis. Russia which nuclear missiles in Cuba. Aimed at the United States ninety miles away and it was a real standoff between president John F. Kennedy. And Soviet premier. Nikita Khrushchev. And ultimately can be -- Khrushchev. Back down. But there was a lot of it was a lot of tension it was that it was I guess to relate that to the world today it would be is if organized terrorist state in the Soviet Union in many ways was more was more threatening than terrorist -- today. Because more people would have been killed by -- tropic of a nuclear bomb or firing a nuclear missile. There -- killed by terrorist attacks up to this point. But it would be -- if a well organized. Group of terrorist. -- what's nuclear weapons. Very close to the United States aiming them at the United States and we would have to negotiate with them to. Get them out and it was a threat there was a possibility I mean I remember being a young kid and I remember the possibility of a nuclear war. As as a result of that so is the world any closer to destruction today that it was in the 1960s. I think sometimes the media makes it seem that way but. I mean there are a lot of good things going on I mean the saints signed Jimmy Graham you also talk about the stuff that makes it seem as if the world's not coming to an end. If you join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- -- And a -- Amber's late Saturday September 2 mortgage texture just a moment from Metairie Brian your on this crucial. They can about the Captain America and I'll have a problem when it -- because it and other people who have been Captain America. Fill in this sense he's just taking up the mantle so to speak. -- all the same thing with Batman and want to come Bruce -- In it great and Robert. Don't accept -- the same -- -- it does this add insult comic comic. You into comics. I calculate he really control the content possible. On now. It is it. -- for anybody who just joined this it was announced by Marvel Comics that the new Captain America will be an African American. It's going to be -- Sam the falcon will sit in first appeared as the wings superhero falcon. In 19691. Of the comics first African American superheroes coming up in November he will be the all new Captain America. A number one. Now released look up people really start can't divert down though he saw that earlier this week but they -- on the war control want. -- about head exploded people do not like because either established air date been four -- -- different than. You know taking the mantle because that no amateur -- dot -- completely -- can't go. People mad about -- -- thank enough the can't Butler did it broke the -- and you'll hear more about it. The -- fantastic forum moved to west every booting. Are making imports will now be able and any as a white -- -- there. So a lot of people -- about that if it makes no sense that the concrete. I would think if there -- a lot of young -- -- how many young people read comics great young young people don't see race the wave older generations to. Why am I don't see anything wrong -- as a means it will lease with the Captain America because it is you know cap Damascus is I call. You know at the big dog is put the -- -- Any -- -- -- mean like I said you know they've been different Captain America opening puck deep who has the winter sold -- even the bench which Captain America. And the story out really don't follow the movies it must mean they go all the politically some problem what they've. I'm trying to go as -- go -- nationalistic and here in the comics is is this something new comics reflect modern. Societal and and political trends. And we've been talking about their conservative radio talk show host who -- outraged over the comic book character Archie. Getting shot and he he gets and he he gets shot trying to save the gay politician friend. Who supports gun control. To some people are outraged that this comic book is dealing with. I I guess -- arguably a pro. Gun control stance. Have come I I have to admit I'm not into comic books I never have been. Is this something new the comic books and more starting to reflect. On modern society are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866. 8890 -- seventy. And a text of receipts of creativity I stood and we'll be right back on this Thursday night like -- New Orleans under WL. And welcome back to our show are you heard that there's some some rain coming so I hope you make plans around that this weekend and realize that it's a weekend and hope you have a good time anyway. So this a comic book character Archie gets shots he's. Trying to save his friend and and ultimately saves his friend. Who's a gay politician who supports gun control. Now our our comic books. Reflective of what goes on in the real have have have comic books become. It become mediums for for for messages here's a text look at captain America's main villain the red skull. Russia. It is always felt that what's going on in the world. I think there was an African American Captain America. For a little while comics no big deal here's attacks I think it would be cool. Have Captain America be an African American. And here is a text. -- I think he should be 21. I was lucky I made it. Not to Tony wine from when I was eighteen and driving thank god I didn't hurt anybody or damage anyone that's from show. It show you ought I have to I have to admit that. They were so many times in my life that's why I drank while I was intoxicated and like I should not. Past and I'm just very very fortunate that did nothing happened and and most of us can actually relate to that. And I I don't see that like I'm proud of it I'd I'd say that because I think by admitting it. We realize that it it something that. Date we used to do so casually and there's so much more attention paid to -- today but even today some people who pay attention to it. A -- independence Jim -- under the WL. -- -- like the general public thinks about that police chase took place but yesterday. Several guys took. Hostages after robbing a bank. My personal opinion is get the police ward anxious to. -- body be super macho. Economists would helicopter. And just watched the automobile. And it could've followed and a hostage probably have been though nobody would have been martyred. What can be -- and ammunition waste that. It would have been course it would have been extorted from them. Have been a lot better. I have to I have to admit I don't know all the details of that story and vaguely familiar with it but I I hear what you're saying and and and there are people who will always question. The way police react to certain situations at the police always have their strategy in the excuses that they. Harvard using to say this is the way we need to handle it. And then others like yourself a civil you -- need -- to handle it that way. Yeah -- just curious out of people that. Thank you very. Our Jim bicycle if anybody wants to comment on that our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- text number is 87870. So Malaysian airlines flights I think it's like seventeen. It's -- and other Boeing triple Seth and me can you match in this. The problems that Malaysian airlines is having now than other flight just disappeared -- like in fact. When I turn on the news after I've got up today I I turn on the -- it first started here this breaking news I thought they were recalling. Information about the other Malaysian airlines flight when I first started seeing the coverage of this on the news and I thought. There must be some new information because it breaking news Malaysian airlines flight seventy I thought -- I think it was like 370. So it seemed to be different flight I thought they were just recalling when it happened during the there's some new information. But it was shot down over war zone in the Ukraine and that's a very volatile part of the world right now. And then Israel invades Gaza with ground troops and tensions there continue to grow and in this humanitarian crisis and the US -- I heard one person's suggests that there might be conspiracy. That the Obama administration might be involved in the -- that the shooting on the Malaysian airlines flight. Because that distracts attention away from. What's going on win if the border crisis which the Obama administration. And in the opinions of many Americans have not handled very well. If you -- for the -- tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And a text number is 877 -- two more via text here in just a few minutes or remind you -- coming appeared distributors so we'll have another as CBS news special date. On the latest information. Apparently the whoever shot to whoever used to surface to air missile. Apparently the -- initials missiles came from Russia. Now we still don't know as far as I know Willis has been a new update it -- get an update from CBS news here in about a minute. Unless there's new information we don't know who actually fired. The missiles. And it's my understanding that it was Russia. In -- for all the Rivera who was on outnumbered that about Fox News Channel show where there's one guy in the in the restaurant -- been on the panel. He was a scheduled guest in this was breaking news that they were talking about that this morning. And -- assailant on Fox News today that he thinks this is Vladimir Putin. It wasn't. An hour after it happened before there was this a speculation that it was Vladimir Putin. So it's my understanding -- he is the Russians. The government of Ukraine. Ports Russian separatist. In Ukraine. And those -- I guess the three main possibilities but in any event. This is just a reflection of how volatile that part of the world is. And how concerned we all should be although I don't think we're near the eve of destruction how concerned we all should be about. And the relations between the US. And Russia which is the old Soviet Union. This is the Scotia we're coming right back with more after this CBS news updates. Under VW out -- CBS news update coming up at the top of the hour followed by our local news from the WWO newsroom. This is this -- show ledger winners here senator comment about a comic books and I'm not a comic book co efficient RO and in any way. The X-Men. Had a gay main character. Who had a wedding where all the other team members attendant. I'm straits longtime reader and can admit. It was very curious. All I know I'm -- governor and and admit that his character is a bad ass and well written a well written staple of the comic. Interest yes it's I'm not into comics I guess it was a little surprised that they would be such such commentary although I don't think there's anything wrong with it. Such commentary about ten about a pro gun stance about -- gay politicians supporting on gun control. And this is in this is in the Archie comic and then we also got news yesterday was -- -- last night on the Colbert Report Comedy Central. But the new Captain America will be an African American. Here's the text it's was very curious that you refer to the police explanations as excuses. -- and you know if I had written this script out this is -- radio. I was talking about two. The excuses that police Q for the -- handle something a more appropriate word would have been the reason they handled -- dissuade their explanation for. For handling at that -- so. You know again this show is live in such scripted an -- a excuses didn't seem like the right word to use well while I understand it. Here is attacks I wish cops would use rubber bullets more offered. I witnessed someone get shot with a rubber bullet it's stop them and the cops quickly cuffed him. Interest. Here is -- attacks to scoot your back I experienced withdrawal symptoms I've -- appreciate that here's a text. Funny. Obama places. More sanctions on Russia plane shot down yeah I believe it was 24 hours before this plane was shot down. That the Obama administration -- more sanctions on Russia. And I have heard in the news today that the sanctions are starting to have an impact on on Russian business. Now. Tensions have continued to grow between Russia and the United States to continue to get worse. But like I just like I can't help but think about what it was like when I was a growing up and really willing to. If a willing to -- in the eighties because it was until Ronald Reagan that with the help of Margaret Thatcher and and others around the world communism. It came to an end Reagan was very very tough and you know in a lot of ways. We need another president like Ronald Reagan when it comes to a lot of things not the least of which is. Is it is the military stance. That Ronald Reagan took. To the world now I don't know you know you can't always judge things in the context of the times now compared to the past. Because. It's different in and Ronald Reagan may not handle things the same way. But I I I do get the impression that -- while we should not be anxious to go to war effort. And we should keep our troops home as much as we can we shouldn't be eager to get involved in any any conflict especially if it's something that doesn't directly involve our national security. I'd hate it does seem as if they are are some other entities that are becoming more and more -- And Vladimir Putin and the old Soviet Union as far as I know they still have their their nukes. -- against they're still going to the United States her -- -- it wouldn't take much to dust them off in their program him to. Face the United States. I just always thought that that was a threat. And after communism collapsed we went through this period of this peace dividend that's what they refer to it as a peace dividend. Because the government wasn't spending as much money. And in the military was it spending as much money on on -- the Cold War crisis. But I just remember how volatile the world was -- when I heard somebody on the news today kind of putting things together like. But what's going on in in Israel between. The Israelis and Palestinians and -- look what's going on our border. Now look what's going on around the world look at this -- to civilian plane shot down over the Ukraine. That the world is on the eve of destruction. And I'd like I can't help but think about my own experience. What do you remember when you were growing up what do you remember about the brought you -- Do you think the world is more volatile today. Is it's always easy for the media or for people to. To get excited about what's going on right now. And again remember it's. Getting people riled up that does gets the attention of people that creates audience. So drama creates audience they afford the media tends to be a dramatic I'm not saying that what's being reported here. He's not all accurate. Bites they are those who gonna try to put these things together. And make it seem as if and desist of course the world has ever been and I can't help but think taxes it was pretty volatile when I was a young teenager and very insecure if you rejoice for the comic tonight our numbers 2601870. -- 386688. -- nearly seventy. And our text number is 877. Here's a text about a comic books the new authority is going to be a woman yet you heard that the new stores going to be a moment. Now I can't relate to how profound -- is because -- I'm not into comic books and never was. But for those who follow the comic books that is a very very profound thing and outrageous things that four is going to be a woman. But apparently there's there's reasoning behind it did Ford does -- have to be a man even though the war. Has been a man. If you'll sort of react to the Malaysian airlines flight that was shot down over the over the Ukraine today we can talk about that we're still learning more more about it. But as we as we go to this break I -- once again play a clip from a song that I remember listening to -- my little transistor radio. When I was a teenager. And I guess it was a young teenager at the time dishonest by Barry McGuire. And it was called eve of destruction. And the song reflected. The -- two worlds and I grew up again. So listen -- some of these lyrics and tell me if you think the world is that much more volatile today. It is -- well. Below lists -- new. You're old enough to Jill. You don't believe in -- bullets -- -- yet so do. -- even that Jordan River. Now I know who's usually so -- it's. -- Bringing -- success at -- steroid seventy. -- -- it was 8787 exclude him right back on WWL. The song by a band called time zones -- all the structure of this came out I think in the mid eighties. Question of the eighties. It was a relatively peaceful for decades since the sixties. The seventies. And eighties. And nineties were relatively peaceful as well. If you are gonna show the comment about anything we're talking about tonight our numbers to. 60187. Toll free 866889087. Texas a 7870. -- from shell met Paula you know the -- good evening. I know that the world war the other but not. -- news that we. Can be. Well my parents are here that they let me watch sitters and I was a scared little kid plus I -- I did talked about -- and how we're suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder so you know badges and to fight in security. Absolutely. But the difference now is not much that there's so much more complex. But at what age. There will -- that went out and work. And it -- and the epic and it worked out and agree to get. The ball. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah you're right we're divided in this cut people of the world so divided around the world and I think it was the movie dependent stayed at first made me realize. Well would this world come together would we all come together as one. If this planet. Was attacked by yeah by aliens by a people from another planet would we unite. And as a as a world. I would want to know that would have I hope it doesn't happen but if it and we will. Like Ali. Mark that earn your way out -- the though we are out there oh well liked that it did that happen. It would ban together because it would not island. Not that big and people you. -- I got a you know I mean I enjoy our conversation bicycle if you wanna join us with your thoughts your comic tonight -- numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668870. Texas 87870. Mortgage Tex coming up let's go to -- -- your Honda VW well. Page through its target. But what the world is coming to an -- and -- around the world can. Scene he would deal on what. You know coming -- -- yeah I mean Russia and yeah. In Ukraine United States you know we're never gonna -- but. Lie Juliette unitary conflict. Okay yeah army are gonna understand India where elected you know World Cup yeah okay. Well since we are. The world's. Biggest superpower we do have responsibilities and other countries don't have in terms of keeping the peace but I do agree with you clearly. We we can't be the world police. Now we check in -- we are really bad problem here with -- much. Where education. You know let and -- really -- -- and send in billions. -- country's debt. When I you know I know. We will never received that money back. Now and much of that age is designed to to keep the peace in those countries to help keep the peace in the United States and I know it's is such a big controversy. As soon as much as we stand to. In dollars. And foreign aid it's just a varied fairy minor percentage. On the overall budget which is totally out of control Glenn I atletico show here's a Texan re still like you I am a baby boomer also. And I learned that we cannot trust Russia. They have lied to us more times that I can call thank you for great show. I have is since the fall of communism I've been concerned abouts about Russia. Now there was a time when when. The Soviet Union the also beating of Russia the United States for getting along really well. But in in more recent years there's been a lot of tension. And Vladimir Putin I think has a lot to do with that if you are the leader of a nation like that or if you're a dictator. It's important to have an enemy. And there's no bigger enemy to have in the United States of America. And if you stand up to your enemy. You are popular with Europe people. And that could be part of the motivation. Of of Vladimir Putin to gain his. Continued popular eager to continue to contribute to his his popularity. I have always been uneasy with the growing tension between the United States in the old Soviet Union Russia because states still have they still have the weapons. What is it that you remember about growing up especially if you're a member of the baby boomer generation. What specifically do you remember about the world and how dangerous the world was when you were growing up if you manager and are showing your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. -- interstate 77 here's detects the reason if another planet comes here we're toast well that's very encouraging. Like to think that maybe we can do something. There is a -- -- late fifties and early sixties. We had drills at school which required that we get under our desk. They would tell us that. Was the drill afterwards yeah I remember that. And I'm thinking the power of a nuclear bomb. And we're gonna get under our desk. And that's going to protect us. Or walking in single file and not not talking to anybody else that's gonna somehow keep a safe as we've walked out of the school. If you are are too young to have remembered -- it wasn't that long ago that people and I'm I'm among them. We're actually. Growing up with this this this fear of nuclear war every day. John which -- appear in my computer screen remember the sirens every day at noon yet they would have notre sirens that would that would test the then the the bomb sirens in case it was an attack they would they would test those what's -- That was a really eerie thing to grow up -- I don't think the world is closer to destruction today. That it was in the sixties. In another scary thing wise in my neighborhood there were a few people who build. Bomb shelters. And I mean that what's scary. If you -- joiner -- comic tonight -- numbers 260170. Until 38668890. Point seven text. Is a 7870. We're also talking about the comic book. Like with our -- the main character Archie has been shot he's still alive but he we shot. Taking a bullet trying to protect his gay politician friend. Who is pro gun control. And apparently some conservatives are upset with that we'll talk about that and more when we come back on the Schuylkill -- -- if you will. Others are also remembering what I remember which is those are drills that we went through -- schools to get under our desk his Texas remember having to get under my desk at school for a drill. Here's a text that's like running to the bathroom is a tornado bulldoze your house to shreds under your desk in school. As a nuclear bomb drills. And I here's a text about the the world's we're we're not going to last. Apes are going to rise up. And there will be at dawn of a new era. Yeah I saw the movie over the weekend in fact via the -- to a blogger says still up on our web site. W view of the economy apes movie has powerful messages about human nature I thought that I -- of the -- VHS and very powerful messages. Up from Harry Joseph you're under the WL. I thought that they'll move it was a cryptic reference for the -- of about really and I had a seat of a term from the book of revelation. But. You can't tell what color how to play what. Tumble out. But. On the part what these -- I can't win this event in the Ukraine at current on the same day. That Israel is going to come out. And that's. Really double double jeopardy. What from -- -- the world going. And when -- company in the -- he -- -- Well I don't mean to add to downplay it at all -- it I don't know how this is gonna play out to put it there have been so many outbreaks in in that part of the world. And over the tested several decades. And relieve their their battle goes back thousands of years I don't know if he'll ever be peace there in fact I think maybe. One of the first things it they should admit and we should all admit is that there's never going to be total peace in the Middle East but they need to learn to coexist. Well at this moment doesn't I'll tell you -- thank you kind of got Dario I think. The government cut out -- -- And -- what happened there has basically put in Russia and the United States -- police. Somewhere down the road. And well I'm not. And I am going to do that -- Donald probably or. Biblical probably in the book of revelations from knows that that's probably about it it's -- about potentially. -- -- -- -- Also dot. As far as the Gaza goes this is what what my concern. If Israel wants to long days turn against Iran. And the issue war that. They are faced with fighting on a second front. Which is what Hamas and provide -- kind of trouble because now. -- you'll soon be free of Hamas wants state party jamaat. And it can turn their full rights against Syria. But. Just I'm gonna have to get through news break here interesting scenario and that we don't know how all this is gonna play out but when I heard people trying to like connect the dots of the the Malaysian airlines flight being shot down -- Ukraine. Israel on the invading Gaza Anders crisis at the US border at the world is near the eve of destruction. I thought back on when I was going up and it was pretty bad along time ago to.