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Jul 18, 2014|

Tonight on the Scoot show…compelling topics…lots to talk about: the latest on Malyasian Airlines Flight 17 shot down by a missile over the Ukraine…however US intelligence is unable to determine where the missile was fired from. What do you think is going on? Was it terrorists or the Russian government? PLUS: the MTV reality show ’16 and Pregnant’ was criticizes because some thought it promoted teen pregnancy. Their new show is ‘Virgin Territory’ which follows 15 different young adults all virgins. Is this a good or bad show? AND: the comic book legend ‘Archie’ has been shot and killed in the latest issue of ‘Life with Archie’ which follows the life of an adult Archie Andrews (he is still alive in the ‘Archie’ comics which follow his teen years.) He went out heroically by jumping in front of a gay friend who was about to be shot because he was campaigning for gun control legislation. Some conservatives are upset about the anti-gun message. Do you have a problem with a comic book expressing a view on a hot-button issue?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As I was watching the news throughout the day with the breaking news of the Malaysian airlines flight seventeen that was a shot down over Ukraine is is clearly an act of war. Apparently whoever shot -- the plane down knew was a civilian plane as Sony did this to make a statement and to kill innocent people and that's clearly an active board -- The question is what what does this mean and I guess that's going to be determined by actually who did it. But I was as I was watching this today and I've I've heard connections being made with. What's going on in Israel and thousands of Israeli troops have now. And infiltrated to Gaza. Also the continuing. Border crisis with all these unoccupied kids coming in the United States. In an in hearing about all of this today. There seemed to be this idea that some people suggesting that the the world is more on the eve of destruction now than in the past. And as a baby boomer I I grew up in the sixties. And as a young kid in the sixties I was scared almost every day of my life as somebody called earlier and said that their mother were not even allow them to watch the news. And my parents at the noose on my parents I guess repairs didn't think we were listening because people would come over my pairs -- have a couple of cocktails with neighbors. And they -- talking about the Russians. And they circuit talk in my nuclear war and bombs and I think we were scared. And then with the Cuban missile crisis hit in -- was 6263. I was -- indicated school and that was the the talk of the school and there are bulletins on the news and I guess the the only way to relate to that today would be as. It's it's the the Soviet Union now Russia but formally the Soviet Union. They had nuclear weapons and put him in Cuba ninety miles away from the United States aimed at the United States. And -- Kennedy stood up to Nikita could -- could shift the Soviet premier. And to make him back down and he did and that was a very victorious moment for the United States but that was a really scary time. I guess it would be easier if al-Qaeda or the talent on or some really organized. Terrorist group and again you can't even related terrorist group to an entire nation. But he -- if it organized terrorist group placed nuclear weapons. Within striking distance of the United States. And we had had this tension with this terrorist organization and we know what they were gonna do and we were afraid that they were gonna push a button and -- the United States mean that's that's a serious it was stand. What is it that you remember abouts. Are growing up if you group when I grow up or what when you were growing up was the world. What was the world of violent place. -- I think back in the eighties. And especially after the collapse of communism we went through a very. -- relative to the world we went through a peaceful period. And with the threat of communism was was no longer there the United States experience what has been referred to as the peace dividend because the government didn't have to spend as much money and effort. On our military. With. Visit the the tension with the Soviet Union so that was called the peace dividend and it apparently it's a the United States money. But is the world any more. Violent today is the world any more unsettled or more on the eve of destruction today. Then it was in the 1960s. And what is it that you remember. About a growing up during those times I've talked about remembering the a nuclear bomb drills. And then John -- -- producer remembered the the sirens they -- -- there were sirens. I think the siren in Metairie closest to where I was was at the corner of -- -- drive and veterans by the water tower but I'm not really. I'm not sure. Nine judges told the that his was on the need to deal with campus but yeah I mean imagine imagine growing up at a time. Win sirens were going off to test the system. And win -- when he came on on television that this is this is a test of the emergency broadcast system. That was taken more seriously than it is today. If you graduate -- was your comic tonight to your memory of the growing up when the world was -- settled our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's every text Amber's -- 77. From uptown Mary Ellen you're on WWL. Bit -- it's like -- -- happened to -- and mine and they beat Villanova was going on today I think along the way and that they had they'll pull off. They'll be I lived in elementary. And they had -- -- killed in the front yard and the what they've put it goes down under the ground that was built if you remember that people build them and -- -- house. Well see is that by neighbors had about a few of our neighbors -- but they were in the backyard. Well whatever. But but the deal is nothing in the front yard apathy that hole it was obvious what it was could you could. Basically feed him and yeah I was reading since whenever they head that would picking up the clown yeah and you could feed yet though I was. I knew that it was there but it didn't bother me -- -- -- -- but I want to let you know that I was engaged in getting ready for my wedding. October the point here. And I really didn't listen to might have been news. At all and then we went in math we went in Miami and later in the into the nose at all. When they came back and that was like my parents don't have enough yet complete and have -- well at all that back then. And you know we head that when we land on anymore and they -- they aiming the nuclear missiles at Florida at that. And so that was during the Cuban missile crisis. And they and -- -- I got him back to the police in north who would make it back at all because that could have been shot you're way and we will we have and a wonderful comic know nothing about it after they got back. And your parents are concerned today you're the -- -- all the like that. And your parents were concerned. Bela -- I hysterical because the big men have cellphones back and get in touch with me and I'm glad they didn't you know. But we did it can have a. I don't know if you would what your Paris ruin your vacation. -- tell you what's going on in the news. No -- -- than those with several weeks duplicate competing having wedding party and getting -- capital adding that we had this unit and as I know nothing and I got back. So that's the so naive yeah. Well and we we over ninety's also I feel like I had to grow marry Allen going to -- -- show I feel like I headed to to grow up in a lot of ways when when I was young and to have one of the reasons was. My dad travels and and I felt like I was having my day which only when he would leave you now beat the man of the house. He's a man about how some kids. And it is like scary and in the news bulletins would come on about all the stuff going on the world so. When people talk about the world -- self destructing today. Without trying to downplay the importance of what's going on in the world today I can't help but think that. This is not the first time the world has been this this followed what is it that you remember from from the past and for those who were our younger. They might be amazed at some of the things that you remember about the world that but you've lived in which was really not that long ago from diamond Teddy junior and heavy WL. There you are. Euro. You know we want to an elementary school in 1963. Hours and for a separated. Called rebels instrument elementary school just outside news. Miami. And -- and Cuban missile crisis we were required treatment so thank. I know but they were -- six there are kind of stupid that's. Yeah I mean it's it's not like their desk is an overly protective British fewer in Florida during the Cuban missile crisis that was a really scary time. There -- -- area. A elementary school student had been an important -- about Britain and had been adjournment. And so apart his reaction. Receive right now at this time where and so we told you that that's not quite a bit this year. I know they redid the movie but there was something really haunting about the the movie. Red -- And he was red dog and it was about it was about Russians. It landing in America and into invading. Invading American territory and that was something that was -- a strong fear at the time. Yeah outside. Also awkward. Where that came. Out right after Cuban crisis is a lot of people Miami built. Bob shelters. In their front yards and they're back here. And jail time for crop warriors and then when that threat. But the perception that accurate decreased from the tournament swimming -- -- you -- Also important for urgent -- -- it's an improbable. It. I didn't realize that's what they dividend I remember I remember one time we were to go visit some friends in my parents in Dallas. And -- bomb shelter in in the backyard was the guest -- they turned the turned into the get we see in the bomb shelter. -- I'd -- -- Right approach December. Remember. One admired. Elementary school of France visiting his ports and goes over its goal. Walked analyzer in the family. Are sheltered kind of hang out there. And -- they were just doesn't that was just part of the times and then. Suddenly it became a swimming pool below. A clear a clear metaphor for -- times had become more peaceful. And I and I -- a conversation -- specialist into W Leo at night here is attacks in recent during the height of the Cold War. I played golf 800 times today even. With the -- communication people complain about Obama taking a vacation. Well I think that's part of the hypocrisy that we quite often talk about on this show. We sometimes forget what we supported in the past when we criticize people today from -- entity and it revealed. It will open. Party that. Won't come -- -- Italian -- and it was -- It will go. I think he can La and I happen. And I'm up at the -- look. It could be. Outward and actions -- -- and -- quite. Available. -- it looked you know. Well that School of Law in between I believe. You can you heard about the trip on the ground by -- and -- -- -- local and could go. Out there. -- -- -- -- -- And the people. And La county got it. Helped label -- -- children. I'm not a -- the world war could do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- bit ago. And he couldn't operate. In the you'd -- about it. And you -- go to and it will be. Mellencamp. -- you remember. Tension in the world when you're growing up. A lot. The -- getting young black people and the right at the Arabic community. And our. Guys really it was a very very it's a tough time in American -- bye -- and remember those times published part of any specific. Civil rights -- remove it. The -- Let politics Backstreet that -- The boardwalk it. We Clinton. Iron and opening the woman and I think that. That. We've got back and their valuable. You know authorities to manually -- opinions. While I think I appreciate you sharing that to experience witness. Doubt we'll let. -- try to -- you. And know that India. -- Back. To a it will. But -- Got to -- out -- After school. I. And going -- and brought the war. And we'll tell. You what it is and cried out. -- -- -- -- Straight well they can't to -- A better country. Let me get that out actually. Better to -- Independent and benefit. We have the music -- -- but. And how prepared. In connection back and come back. I think. It was a it was a it was a tough time I mean fewer and fewer African American in this country then. You had as much to fear from Americans as you do it from off from foreigners and then. I thought I would have to get to break -- or anything. That the killing at all. I doubt bout that -- -- -- India and America. And Ambien eight -- there. Are likely. And let me tell you got -- and let them there. Well I understand that Nancy and I've I appreciate what you do for our country and -- a -- through a tough time but she made it. -- I notice a notice. Our mantra -- allow about being in the bottom Reagan type president. You know they've -- electrical generating. And he hit it to go Trout and the law. Had a look at the -- that good and -- -- Good at all. We need to do it and yet he dug up and the world war. -- -- a quick end. Another trauma and it got everybody. In -- -- -- and evidently the and a leading to unload. The bags and even though. They're. Didn't know that -- you could meet. Them in that and Japan. Not want it quite. -- I appreciate your time the color showed tonight. -- you have a good nine thanks for listening where. I think. Well and I'm going to had a chance expressed that opinion. Here's a text that -- says there's a huge bomb shelter. At the corner of punching boulevard in Rock -- I drove by that the other day and it's like there's there's there's growth all around it. This is clearly the mayor and city officials and state officials anybody in this area that's where they were good ago. If there was a nuclear attack. And it's just over growth over the fun of it so I don't know him that maybe can be they be can be turned into a reception something. You know party in the bomb shelters. This was a sign it was written a long time ago I remember growing up when I was -- called eve of destruction. By Gary -- listen to some of the lyrics. On a new way and they'll know on this stadium it was a little world and agree that Diego the grounds of fly. On this guy in line. He ammo so little. While ago there was fear that the world was self destructing and we're still here. -- -- it will be right back on WW -- restaurants again. Welcome back to discourage showing his senate Thursday nights getting close to the weekend and you heard the forecast is a good possibility of rain tomorrow Saturday and Sunday so. But it's still the weekend you're still gonna be off work most of you anyway. So find something to do if it rains and still enjoy your weekend because we've had some great weekend -- we won't always have wonderful weekend. If your whole stay -- this -- right back with more of your calls Specter we're very close to another CBS news special update. That's coming appearance just a moment here on WWL. CBS news giving us a special dates on. The shooting down of this Malaysian airlines -- to use civilians killed and apparently whoever shot this disk civilian plane down. Knew it was a civilian plane it was in the cargo plane was in building new civilians were in this -- that. Is a very very strong motivation on the part of whoever did this Russian separatist Ukraine. Or Russia don't know yet but we've got an update coming up so if you're -- stay with a sport vehicles to more -- -- are coming up. I stood under the WL here's another special news updates with CBS news under the W -- and -- CBS and there's update coming up at the top of the hour and eleven other update again -- 1131 were bringing you visa on -- because of this tragic situation as Malaysia airlines flight. -- Latin seventeen shot down over the Ukraine and people pointing fingers at each other's gonna be very important to determine who did this mean obviously this was a blatant active of war. And when I heard talk about this today I was flipping around all the channels watching reassess throughout much of the day. And and -- people of a few people start to just talk about the world in general. They're shooting down of this Malaysian airlines flight is real on the ground invading Gaza. Tensions there -- growing the continuing humanitarian crisis on the US border tension with North Korea tension around the world. And it was almost a suggestion that the world is on the eve of destruction. Is the world -- on the eve of destruction now than it was in the past. -- up here just a few minutes or go to a break with a song. That. Really sick a lot of doubts. Life in America. And tension in America. In the late 1960s or -- was the very early seventies. But I grew up in a world that was that was very unstable. I -- -- a world that appeared to be on the eve of destruction. And we're still here so I have confidence we will get through these times if you enjoys with a -- tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in a text of receipts of -- anymore of your -- are coming up let's go to Amanda feel Maryland you're on WWL good evening. I can't -- to talk about the Cuban missile crisis and that stupid thing mid -- and global art. What do -- and volatile -- And instead just like your -- that was going to be. All the big. Politicians and hope that put them on the west and -- can -- now they have built on a -- articulate that and. No it's still they are they the houses are built on and the other -- -- -- -- it's it's still -- I drove -- at the other day it's -- -- To going to the there was all this growth over the phone that I don't even know Tiki Gideon. It. I would imagine it did. -- -- that I think about it and to use -- to the that was an area that was devastated with flooding. And but it was legal and I was a kid barely was it was eerie to go by there because you do -- okay wait a minute. If we're attacked all the cities just going to be safe. And it is still there. Yeah. Cuban missile crisis. My husband and out pain lately have been Miami I don't know -- -- -- -- American amp -- Miami a little bit -- -- -- -- -- That runs into empty in two Key Biscayne. On that way that you all point. There -- that you it was when. It was at DuPont plant it was an opposite field and enhance how well Obama. -- here yet but it yet. And why I keep a pack up inadequate and the next day that we can't pick and beyond that and restaurant there -- in the building. And what you did the people that currently. And that's what -- would get ready to back in part to come out to -- it. Which we -- and she kept it. An insecure walked out the back of that that hotel that the technique but the message that it was right there. And she pointed now you put on a key point. While I'm monetary and it hadn't been testing -- in my life in public may. Not -- Right time -- DuPont plaza hotel and that's -- you could put your hand on tactic backpack and the -- So what it was it was US sub so what we you will be fearing that point to something was going on. Cuban. You know like it was going -- about what that. That you know what you go to camp camp in in Mississippi you'd -- -- beaming them you mean in Miami River. I mean the Miami. Miami with a mind. Like an entity that. I know you just mistakenly called it the Mississippi. I don't that's like -- would you like to see it all that they would like but it would you have any with. You could put India and Pakistan it would. Practiced that at all things that stick up that app and it yeah I don't pick it up out of the water that I'd want it. And at the time of the Cuban missile crisis. That had to be I just recently. Because there was a big blockade around the island queries ships have been blockade that is very very scary but we got to a -- With -- patently. Apple Mac make it -- and fury impacting tactic -- in trouble with that again. I think we're like travel and Florida Wal-Mart. Cards that are like something similar to mark he -- Everyday and -- -- -- -- right now almost children down in for coming in back into what you've done. He keeps refusing to go and they keep it becomes eighteenth state and he and it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think what he said that keep people who opt out of the country. Column development council. Called the big men college -- hi there. The country and it's an. But then. It's gone to his experience in the experiences working with. Makes no -- Still. To come in ten. You can. That. It. And -- -- the united. And into the so -- spam and beat. Into the -- To. Beat them out. A country. And I think. That it on and put the expect -- -- did. -- -- And Maryland a lot of people I disagree with much of what you say but a lot of people agree with you and I can't I can't prove that I'm right but I don't think it is I don't think this president hates the United States although I don't like to -- -- audience that it. Well I don't think -- Well -- and I appreciate you calling her show. All right here is attacks what does Russia called his bluff. But if rusher called the bluff to Cuban missile crisis -- -- -- by Ted Kennedy stood up to Nikita Khrushchev and the Russians backed down and ultimately remove their missiles -- for Texas Howard you're on the -- showing that VW note. Much you produce about the average show that descendants punched -- ball -- But is that where -- -- funeral made his famous comments don't believe any -- is what you heard from me. I don't remember but -- for some reason I do remember. -- hero being the mayor of New Orleans at the time because I have this vision of this to this day. Of mayor ski -- going into the bomb shelter. Don't believe in the moments what you heard from me so bad guys that replicates in -- coats. Would that all the -- chemical plants -- What protected on both cook. Don't want to not know what that is pieces that don't should definitely doubt that -- literary use the laws -- ago. My concern is what is protected on both groups. He's -- kind of situation. Well I don't know that anything could it could get this far without others being alerted did and I I don't to worry about security here although when I was growing up during the Cold War I was concerned that since we had a naval base in New Orleans. New Orleans might be one of the -- cities it was attacked. Now one thing that go back to World War II you people know that -- assembly. Top leadership comes out supplements there. And color and it won't it black now. That's what it is practiced real black -- because the lights on the rise from the Wallace it was so ships coming -- -- aspects. -- -- -- I talked do you know what it might be more lap pool right now is immediately. All thought that would. I would -- the destruction less. But it's what one yeah. I'm gonna look I'm gonna look down a little bit out in effect argued John on -- I think it was buying. On. Say anger and Evans are as some some group like that so we'll we'll we'll play that. Let's go to the break with for what it's worth this is a song that's an awful lot about tensions and if you're Arnold -- -- If you were to join us for the comics and item numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's -- And our text number is 877. Listen to some of these lyrics this release sent a lot of doubts how America was close to the eve of destruction. A long time ago. Now I thought we were going to break with for what it's worth. Buffalo Springfield right what what what this is let's just go to break -- will will bring this back we'll come back and every WL. Is the world closer to self destruction today that it was a long time ago here's a song from 60s70s. Does that a lot of on America this is Buffalo Springfield listened. Talk -- -- good show tonight here's a Texan reads the Germans had a sub at the mouth of the Mississippi during World War II. And here is a text and mayors -- said don't believe any false rumors and what she hear from me from a town Lewis here and -- -- -- well good evening. These school believes. Diplomacy. They give me follow -- their formal. Well -- in fact came -- in the science it is school then they need to listen to you in -- war. In the -- -- portable -- to its in the people argue that we can Trent. -- radio stations. Follow the agreement animals the street that it was -- and look at the black and white portable TV period out he says in the let the watched the world move. -- into the true in the sixties. Don't saint we'll probably in your mind and precipitate. That the radio station and the music was on my bookmarks skinny. I was and actually on the air yet in the sixties but I have been doing this for very long time. A long time. Okay it and the article you mean the state. The hole in the that we feel insecure. In the -- and I can remember feeling insecure -- in the science. And I think outlook for the job and -- schools of some of the book the school's commitment and and the reality convoy. A multiple whole -- -- when one of the teachers on the floor -- mentioned it. The president mentioned that you back to exit the and so when. You know it's like everything changed and almost eight B Felix. Well cynics. And and in that -- you know another assassination. Of another nation you'd put his brother and more on the cable bill. So. My point is. I have to go on people's minds. In the sixties and almost like. That you -- coming -- you view of the things. That's happening now in the world for the plane is the ball is almost that could definitely -- -- current. Well our -- Lewis do you have a sense that because of of what this world went through what this country went through in the in the sixties. And even into the seventies. Because of what we went through and we made it do you get a sense that OK all of this stuff is is bad but. We're gonna get through this. Yes. I believe that we could -- true but I also believe they won't get there. That's adaptability. Really felt that I. We do that we'll there was no particular bits on and it took its own bottom of that also believe that they would now be. Peace and call. I would agree with that. I hope things improve with with Russian because cyanide don't want another Cold War and remembered that he still have their nukes and we know where -- pointed. They are -- right thanks for missing a from New Orleans Larry your under the WL. Her budget bill Cutler. Well right now. Are there other continent to make. They're monitored the principal with a Jumbo jets talked about doing. It's like a side stage -- who your ball and Albright was there. Are you to give a lot of court talk in the Bo Bo Obama should go down Mexico. Popular speaker in the -- on the presidential bid but -- -- from the Mexico. I truly believe -- somebody written up this week for -- to -- -- -- it would be that they're all but one thing you'll all agree all agree you know if we have to go to Mexico. Well Larry -- -- and I think it's a point of criticism and and there are those who will look for reasons to criticize this president I do understand the criticism because this president like many presidents. Take advantage of photo opportunities in the talked about this on the show the other night. He didn't dual bombing any good to spend money to come to New Orleans after Isaak. And I'm I'm I'm mentions that -- it was a photo opportunities so if you are gonna take advantage of photo ops I don't think president should. But if you're gonna do that -- go to the border but this president hasn't gone to the border I don't think there's any. Strange reason why he's not going others in May be to just be defiant to those who -- saying you gotta go to the border. And -- recruit they've been in the greens with anything about it but the key drug defendant to a vote. And go. Do you think that somebody what you think they somebody waiting for. Product attributes a look at what's going on in this world equipment deployment during about the -- blew up. I don't want to be connected to admit from the government to the United States rated -- -- probably get to link personal was it cut -- back nine. You going to explain it it's supposed league clash today. -- -- you know it became obvious and it in the right the only violence -- now to be that they it would play because. Oh no made me like Coptic he would consult. -- you think about it you think about this ship on right now with them -- play. Jobless so this year and truly believe that played albeit that the United States. Well Larry I hope you're on a map to get to break it -- a singer if you wanna join us for your comments that I numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text. It's a 7870. It. It was into the -- Profound lyrics from the song Sager and Evans in the year 25 point five was still few of these words to this song as we go to break. Is the world really close of the self destruction today than it was say in the sixties and early seventy. I'm astute. They were coming right back on -- -- -- will. -- Welcome back to -- -- tonight on WW -- -- I I expect to be here tomorrow night but I have jury duty tomorrow. I get a chance to. To be real citizen of the United States of America citizen of New Orleans it's it's criminal. And it's and anchored for several hours during the day I don't think it would be -- but I don't know. I wouldn't separate little snacks. Because and it's a long time when -- -- who drinks and snacks or something. All right here's our. Tech's number 877 he hears it takes it reads I heard a radio discussion about a week or so ago the most vulnerable coastline is the Gulf Coast. Not the east or West Coast but from the Gulf Coast anywhere the United States could be fired upon us from New Orleans Derrick here and having WL. Praise goes to Derek. There you -- automated they're they're bound make him. They had been warned though. Which are about the rest of their talent that watermelon. All you know in the current quarter -- -- period everything let that retarded about big government. We're so we've got to do with the Arctic to the law that voted about -- -- put the quote the there. You know who will it -- He's got the bill in only have to look at it really embarrassing. There Derek I'm gonna talk about that on the show tomorrow night -- I hope you'll have a chance to call in and you called in last night in and you work at a hotel and you're talking about doctors to go outside to smoke or in being intimidated by panhandlers and analysis I live downtown idea with panhandlers every day and and some are nice and courteous and saved me god bless you have a nice statement. But others are aren't are not so nice and they're -- It's just it's so difficult to define. Panhandling and aggressive panhandling in some ways in a police are such a shortage in this city that. It's very difficult to ask the police to to be. Dare to find those people who are being aggressive with their panhandling and and arrest them but this is something that we will talk about militia tomorrow night. It he's cute man I love you man it's of people deep water -- elect you to bear in Tampa Bieber. Is she calling -- don't talk about it tomorrow night. Robert you're under the W -- got time for a quick comment. -- -- Robert. I think we lost you. Salt or I'll do is simply -- -- to call back if you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- -- text embassy 7870. We've talked tonight about to MTV's new reality show called virgin territory. I'm sure this is gonna get a lot of criticism this reality show follows the lives of fifteen young adults who were virgins. Someone state merchants and we actually get married have sex and others are eager to no longer be versions. He -- like tonight is titled conservatives react to -- shooting and that is the cartoon comic character Archie gets shots I'm -- we'll be right back -- him.