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7-17 Scoot Show 11pm, Malyasian Flght 17

Jul 18, 2014|

the latest on Malyasian Airlines Flight 17 shot down by a missile over the Ukraine…however US intelligence is unable to determine where the missile was fired from. What do you think is going on? Was it terrorists or the Russian government?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I hear that holy cross is having a big clash for union tomorrow and this weekend that should be a -- to -- to this day I still get somebody comments from people -- School I remember when you went and -- humble. Went to public to holy cross and I was before one of their big games and it was something. Something about a coffin I don't remember all the details but there was something about a -- but I do remember a lot of people. A talking about I think maybe we made a couple of appearances only crossed. We -- talking about the shooting down of the Malaysia airlines flight -- it's been all over the news today continuing into tonight there's senate still want to be. -- learned from this who did it it appears as if whoever did it they did it because they wanted to make a statement. They wanted to say he. -- that they're ready to be recognized and it -- we don't know specifically who did it but there were conversations indicating that. -- only was shot down by missiles which the US has -- pretty much confirmed. But also there was a conversation that Dayne whoever did it knew it was. It was a civilian plane. And that makes it worse but a lot of planes were not flying over Ukraine. Because of this possibility. And whether the Russians did it or Russian separatist did it or whoever did it apparently. It's almost certain that they did it with Russian missiles. And this continues to contribute to the growing tension between Russia and the United States which is not a good thing. And this and shooting down this civilian. Airline. -- comes I think 24 hours after President Obama increased the sanctions were renewed the sanctions against Russia. Which I heard on the news earlier today were really having an impact if you wanna join us with a comic tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's -- Texas a 77 as I was watching the news earlier in hearing all of his since hearing some people connect the dots that. Malaysian airlines passenger flight shot out of the air over a war zone there's tension in the Middle East Israel is now sending ground troops into Gaza and excellent for Hamas leaders and to dismantle Hamas and you know we know it's so many innocent people on both sides of that tension or are dying. And and then there's the humanitarian crisis still looked at the US border even heard a suggestion earlier today that. Somebody brought the possibility that Obama is somehow involved in the shooting down of the Malaysian airlines flight to distract attention away from the crisis. At the US border I don't think presidents do that but there are some people who believe they do but it hearing all of this talk -- and his sense that. But the world is at the eve of destruction I couldn't help but think about the world and I grew up. On the baby boomer. And I grew up during the Cold War the height of the Cold War when we were concerned about a nuclear attack. At any time every day and there were warnings throughout our lives at school with sirens in in society. On the news there were there were warnings constantly of the possibility of a nuclear war and then there was the Cuban missile crisis which for those of you were too young to remember that. It was pretty scary mean the Russians to put nuclear weapons. In Cuba and president Kennedy ordered a blockade of Cuba surrounding the island. And threatening Cuba and threatening Russia if they didn't get their troops out and they finally did and did get -- to get their missiles out of Cuba. Well they did remove the missiles they backed down. And that was a really tough stance. For president Kennedy in the United States that a lot of people were very proud to be Americans at that point but is the world any closer to the eve of destruction today. Than it was say the 1960s. If you -- I -- comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- separate tech's number is 877. Robert your -- spiritual good evening. If you look back now are you didn't. Get punished shall. Shall good news at night on -- -- called me. There's guys that -- everybody could -- shouldn't -- are against Obama. All legal and until it's scary all -- sure they get old. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah we had a caller or otherwise bring everybody up to date had a caller earlier if you register orders through sag says he believes that sits there are so many. Republicans who want Obama to go to Mexico. Are go to the border it's somebody's there waiting to shoot him. -- -- -- -- It would actually -- near the border ejection as what Rick Perry an audio people marital. Well there are out there are a lot of there are a lot of people want on both sides of the political spectrum that have. Said the president should go visit the border but the president says it's not gonna do any good if I go there which. By the way I agree with that although if you're going to via a president who takes advantage of photo ops and why would you not take advantage of this photo op. Why not go to the border. Okay well. K. It would be supporting what you're trying to do. In Asia across its jet jet engines being here. -- You know Rick -- Italy and people like there. -- and when. I would -- 000. Just as Judy that are. It'll. -- she worries have been practical and school it was tactical. In Korea. The border and this. Is a matter that is true as far as the shooting a little. That's a bit strange dying art. Rushing out there -- and -- Tonight -- made a -- Harry calls. This thing you know -- Just I mean jail. -- -- Did this and you know. Situation being president. And the region and true. Italy. -- you know you thank. You you know. Because our -- Accord to. And it you know what. We're gonna benefit to America people -- yeah. Children. Don't short and didn't come -- -- so. Many felt so. There are able -- -- June the border crossed over. Coyotes to collect -- Is -- there is it has set up Robert it which some people believe it is and and if it's a set out why or is it just the result coyotes in people who are bringing him here making a lot of money. Under this false pretense that everybody's welcome to America. Well. It will only shut up or you are Jewish should it be Asia. Now I'm asking you who do you -- set this up. And a. Girl. Yeah they -- people. Agenda and this out in all regions. All of the actual central location that you are -- -- people. It is now. No and it didn't -- people sympathetic. Deliberate well. But he protestors. Protestors. Were changed her mind about coming down here and number their content out there like there. But what's the goal if this is a set up Robert what do you think the goal news. -- Our our people. According and should -- I'll open it concrete. But it is that American people. Potentially. Stroke. And the country's. Will be the same problem. -- -- now in -- and -- this finger. Well I don't think they're going to be able to stay here I don't exactly know -- phone to get him back and we can't know with the answer is because we don't know all the assets that are that are available. Last night in the show Robert we talking about now. Both parties the Republicans and the president represented Democrats they're blaming each other finesse and and frankly. They need to work together to figure out a solution that's -- not to trying to make it seem like they are right and the -- wrong. They need to work together to figure out problem on tonight. Well to want bit by that comment -- oh we -- Billion dollars or. It is billion dollars they are only. Eight people why they are the people -- about an hour before I I don't know. Stated markets we still didn't. -- American Brothers finished the project. It is people -- -- people in. Your shirt you know. Right I do every -- -- mentioning that burst into a saint and saint and -- it. Radio pressure. Jail it's a bottle their belt. I do agree I do agree with you I appreciate you taking time to -- showed express your opinion. They're our. Some suggestions that maybe we should have US troops. On the border with Guatemala for example and do more. To actively stop this transfer from from starting -- stop this at the at the starting point. Here is a Texan -- Americans new favorite game is blame Obama. I got a headache because of Obama. Traffic Obama I'm broke Obama. Everything can't be one man's fault from -- Marty year old -- -- to be WL. Stay with. -- I won't. But that. That there. That person. That means that situation that they. Secretary. Without look at -- you know. Who's the secretary of war. It. Do we do we have a sick we don't have a secretary of war two signatures of fans Chuck Hagel. Okay target dictionary of -- little -- Bought the book which. -- apple -- 20 with a possible involvement. And I'll stick it where. Like the more people -- prisoner. It consulting. By security. Secretary. Chairing the support. So that. It. Oh. Now. Yeah this guy -- guidance in the home. But it is what -- it's. The heat. Wave that -- let. -- A quarter. Which. Sure there are. Which show it in. What is the how. When she. I do think this I do think it's curious that the president has not gone to the border although all I can very easily argue that president's should not go places for photo opportunities because it cost so much money. And if -- if the business you're working for his broke then he can't get on the private jet and go wherever you -- ago. -- -- -- Due date. But that Q did you. Years the -- so Julian Gonzales. -- Except like you like this. Set but. So I knew you. Were being what. It was the. Well I'm not sure what -- Gonzales has to do with what we've been talking about tonight party. To. Get it. There we. Sent back. Our company. -- receive that kind of rhetoric which supports. That just put it all that it. But what's this what's so should still water. That's what are putting more I want to hear more about fighting for a solution rather than blaming each other for the problem Marty and I'm Politico. If you to join us tonight with your thoughts your comments on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text Amber's late 787. Tomorrow it'll always has fallen short fighting actually show which is unfortunate but Fides are particularly fun. At 1 o'clock tomorrow adjoining Angeles for what's trending in the news sports and social media. Adjoining Angeles will be up from my channel four. Try and strong. And Dan -- a top Manassas and Steve suitor from magic 101 point nine. I would join Angeles four what's what's what's going on in in the news in sports in social media and let's have fun Friday. That's going to be at 2 o'clock previewing the new movies sex tape with Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal line -- preview for that intellectually interesting. Other movies coming out including for the families and d.'s New Orleans fire and rescue excuse. I won't go but it looks like it's -- that for families of the race this weekend it would be fun thing to do. Then at 3 o'clock Angeles -- This is a great New Orleans story heart warming modern day fairy tale. From New Orleans housing project to yield the story of -- Gelman. And that's at 3 o'clock don't miss Angela an open mind legally enter into legal tomorrow and weekdays one to four. Under review well let's go to break again with another part of this song eve of destruction that I remember listening to a little transistor radio as a young teenager. And this was it was very reflective of the world that -- I grew up it. And I don't see the world today. And any closer to the eve of destruction. That when I was growing up so here's here's part of this song as we go to break again if you wanna join us on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven tech's number. It's a 77 he will be right back that was part of the story. It didn't. I'm zip yeah. Eight games. The truth didn't know no regulation ends. Hand the they send fizzle crazy world is just to try. Now and -- found me. A brand. Where all movie you found his drugs again. Tomorrow night on the show will talk about begging for money and cigarettes in downtown New Orleans in the French Quarter. Sometimes it actually evolves into intimidating tourist. And we had a caller last night called again earlier tonight wanted to know what the city can do to. To address these complaints that visitors have about standing outside of a hotel smoking. And while listening out there they are being harassed for money and and and cigarettes by aggressive panhandlers. But it was got the First Amendment soul. Can you really define. When he becomes aggressive panhandling and and do you really want the police -- do we have enough police to be easier to focus on this crime. If indeed it uses it and I would think -- that aggressive panhandling it's a crime. Have you had any experience with news. I do every day we'll talk about this suns could show tomorrow night. A right wing radio talk show host bill -- he never heard of him but today he is said conservative. And he says that conservatives are criticizing the shooting of comic bookstore Archie. Who took a bullet saving the life of his gay political friend who supports gun control. Now -- host a syndicated radio show called the lock and load radio show it's about guns. And he has a representative pushing him to do interviews. About. Commenting on that the shooting of of this comic book character Archie. -- Is anyone really taking this seriously. I mean I guess at least this does conservative talk show host -- supporters of both political parties tend to react hysterically. Wearing a certain things come up when it involves. An attack on their side of the culture war in America aired their side the culture wars under attack while they they they get all riled up. A pro gun advocates. They -- bring itself as a viable source of information over the shooting of a comic book character to me this is laughable. And yet there are many who will rally around this call for condemning. A liberal agenda message. In the comic book now I'm not a comic book fans. But -- comic books. Our comic books a source that deals with social and political president I know. There was a gay character of our recently and that that cost a big controversy but. I would think that if that's part of zoo world why not have dead and in the comic book. But if you're a comic book fan and you pin and more information is Lisa Kohler show or send me text I do comic books get involved in social commentary. Mean even as a kid I never read read comic books. I used to like books with -- magazines with pictures but they were really coming -- angle they. I just I I can't. I can't imagine any negative effect from a comic book. Having a politically sensitive message. Mean does this talk show host bill for eighty or anyone for that matter really believe that a comic book the life with Archie. He's got to tip the scales in the gun control debate gun rights debate in this country. Condemnation of the the shooting of a comic book character Archie. Suggested a comic book has the power to sway public opinion. Now that may sound absurd but isn't that exactly what this conservative talk show host is promoting the idea that the comic book. Is promoting social commentary. And who would read this book -- who who reads like with Archie. I would think with all the diverse selection of hand held intricate. Very detailed computer driven entertainment that. That would not be a lot of kids reading Archie but I I could be wrong. But he is a comic book like with Archie being used as part of a liberal propaganda machine to brainwash America. I would I would say to the right wing radio host a bill for -- or anyone for that matter who is concerned about the negative impact. Of a story about. Are -- and comic book character getting shot and saving the life of a gay gun control advocate. Let me put your fragile mind cities. It's just. A comic book. And yet people take opportunities like this to screen the sky is falling. The a scoop like tonight is titled conservatives react to Archie shooting and that doesn't mean every conservative but there are some of -- according to this talk show -- who have. Reacted and expressed outrage over this. This theme in this comic book if you -- -- -- -- tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's evident. And a tax receipts -- -- seven also if you haven't heard it was announced a last night on the Kobe a report on Comedy Central that the new Captain America. Is going to be an African American. And this just came out last night. Sam the falcon Wilson is going to take over the patriotic avenger role in the upcoming installment of the long running comic book series. And you know what -- -- dentists have of getting nevermind that we've got a news update coming up right now will continue this Torre would become back yet it's interesting things going on comics. I'm scared and WWL here's a special CBS news updates on the shooting out of the Malaysian airlines flight. -- enjoy this on this set Thursday night that there will be more information overnight concerning the the downing of this Malaysian airlines flight -- Again I know a lot of airlines didn't fly over the Ukraine because of this possibility. So why was Malaysian airlines flying over. Ukraine again I think there's a question it will ultimately be have to have to be answered the latest tomorrow morning on W you'll first -- with Steve Cohen and David Blake. And then tummy -- you'll -- the -- -- during the Vietnam offers news from six to attend. So Marvel Comics announces Stan it's a superhero Sam the falcon Wilson will become Captain America you'll take over that patriotic -- role. In upcoming installment this is gonna happen in November the it's always entitled new all of their new we all knew Captain America number one. And since I'm not familiar with comics I can just go by what's. If economy here Wilson their first appeared as the wings superhero falcon in 1969. And was one of the comics first African American heroes. And if you haven't heard the news this is just a travesty. Sacrilege to so many people. The new floor. It's going to be a moment. We didn't for always have had long hair. -- four wizard there was a guy. Horse and got. Not a goddess. So it's going to be interesting to see how that plays I don't know you know maybe it's gonna be really sexy thing. Maybe it's going to be like you know Wonder Woman. Or. Who was the who was that females it got so much attention. She was attractive but she was fairy will built. And she. I don't remember the name of the show but it did to attract a lot of attention a few years ago. Now we have been talking about this this idea that with everything going on in the world today that some people are suggesting the world is close to the eve of destruction and I don't think the world is any closer to self destruction today than it was in the sixties when I was growing up. That's not to diminish anything it's happening today because everything is -- is very serious. With potential. And danger and in in the future. But we've we've kind of been tunis and I think we'll go through through this and we'll get a the other side of this and will ultimately be okay it it doesn't mean that there might not decent turmoil in the process but. I just can't help but think about the world that I groping and as soon as the baby boomer in the sixties and early seventies. And how unsettled this country -- from within and how unsettled the -- Here's an interesting -- it reads -- people need to wake up Republicans Democrats and any of the politicians only care about the next election. All they do is divide people. So we don't pay attention. To what -- up to. And I agree. Xena warrior princess that's it so -- -- I had her pictured in my mind but I'd progress is Xena princess of where printers that support of seeking. I would do I I would agree we talked about this on the show at -- last night. -- We've reached a time when it's all about political power. I mean it's always been about political power to some degree but I don't ever remember time went both sides have been so deeply divide it. When there's been so little compromise. And compromises necessary in any relationship. And congress and the president Republicans and Democrats whoever controls which they have to have they have to have a relationship. And whether it's in your personal relationship your relationship work. You you have to be able to compromise. And that's not something that should be seen as a sign of weakness. It should be seen as a sign of strength. And rather than the Republicans blaming Obama and Obama blaming the Republicans with his border crisis. We the American people should be demanding that they stop fighting and blaming each other and find an answer. You -- I don't have all the assets and all the information to know what might be done about this week we're not advised with all the information that both sides are advised with. But -- I'm convinced that they can figure out a problem and if they just. If they just came together. And gave us the American people the impression. That what's in the best interest of this country. Is more important then then they're advancing their political party. I think this country would feel a lot better about itself. Here's a Texan reads I agree to a point scoots there was unrest in the sixties. We didn't. A -- didn't exist which terrorist. Attacks by Muslim extremist. On our land and their goal to destroy us. Well the Russian's goal was to destroy us if if anything happened -- their. I think a lot of people have relief forgotten even though they lived through it that the goal of communism was to take over the world. One of the reasons we were in Vietnam. Was because of the fear of the spread of communism. The Russians were supporting the north Vietnamese to a degree and we came to the aid of the south Vietnamese along with with other allies as well. And -- the goal was to stop the spread of Communists. I even remember. It being really young and hearing conversations about. The fear that communism was going to spread up through Central America. And up through Mexico. And that communism would be on the border with the United States. We have a border crisis now. But back in the sixties there was talk of a border crisis. That would make this sport crisis seem like it's it's not a big deal. Because the fear was that communism would be at our border at our doorstep. And sold this was this was a very unstable world and as I was just watching the. It different news channels today I just could help but think about now adamant mean. You know that the media's job my guess is to get attention -- To make things seem so dramatic here. And and if there's if there's fear and the people will pay attention to the news because they're scared. When in reality I think we'll get through this again doesn't mean that everything's not release serious but I do think we'll get through if you wanna join us for the -- tonight are numbers 260. 187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. In a text number. Is -- 7870. And it was a really tough news to hear earlier today that says the that piece. Truce between Israel and and Hamas. I didn't last very long. And now Israel has sent holdup I think 70000. Reservists. And they have sent sent troops there they have essentially. Invaded Gaza. And that is just gonna continue that attention that he's been in this area just as long as I can remember. I remember as a kid. We are set to ago. It was that it was the first weekend of a summer. And we were set to go to a place from the Mississippi Gulf Coast called brought water beach as a great hotel in Mississippi Gulf Coast port boarded B two to. Beautiful hotel in the beach and we were set to go there was a family event a convention my -- had to go to put we went with him. And I was so concerned in my purse and talk to me about things you know things are gonna be okay but I on the news there was. It was a -- out there was a there was a Middle East War and I wanna say it was between Egypt in history. At the time. And it is it started right before we were actually going to. This wonderful little trip at the beginning of summer and I was so scared that something was gonna happen as a result of this. And I really -- -- parents would have talked to me a little more. About what I saw the news. Because I saw the news. And a lot of kids southerners. And parents I think are better today dealing with their kids who -- news I guess my parents' generation just didn't think that we really paid attention to anything and honestly we were we will watch in the notes but it that he talked to us about it that. Led to even more insecure. In a young kid in America. So you know. I honestly that the world is tense now but I just don't think we're any closer to self destruction now than we were back in the sixties and we made it this far I think will make it through this but. You know leaders have to make the right decisions. This is this good show and will be right back -- -- WL. Is it fair for the immediate -- to continue to refer to congressman Vance McAllister from Louisiana at least a fifth district. Is it is it fair to continue to call him the kissing congressman and his for the media does -- -- we -- -- catch -- -- -- -- and everybody's attention -- This guy made a mistake. I forgive you for the mistake if it was a pattern. And a continual that would be one thing this is the guy who was caught kissing a married aid. And he wonders and just denounced by Bobby Jindal and the Republican Party Louisiana demanding both demanded that he. He he resign. And he didn't and even in right now is planning to run for for reelection in November says he will be on the ballot in November. But is it fair to continue to call him the kissing congressman I don't I don't think so. And the biggest mistake he made -- running on a platform of family values and then. Just not manifesting family values once he was in office. Also opposition to legalizing pot for recreational use included predictions. About an increasing crime. Well in Denver Colorado where the recreational use of pot is now legal for six months. The first six months of this year they've seen decreasing crime for the first six months of last year this time in the city and county of Denver. Violent crime is down 3%. Three of the top four main categories homicides. Sexual assault and robbery were -- down. The only when it was up was aggravated assault and that was up 2.2 percent. Robberies and burglaries of the city's dispensaries of medical. Or recreational pot pot that is reached a three year low. A property crime is down by over 11%. So this idea that crime will increase if you legalize marijuana for recreational use. He's not coming true in Denver Colorado and I realize this is only six months into this experiment. But for a lot of different reasons a lot of people around the country are watching Colorado and also Washington State. Now that to marijuana has been legalized for recreational use to see what happens there if you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seven Texas a 77 here's a Texas -- in the Russian shoot down a civilian jet before. I think he didn't. Here's a text. What would the eight -- mr. -- What with the needs to. You know talked about the needs -- on the planet of the apes which that was brilliant move. -- word. Or more peaceful. And the humans who were innately more evil. You know I guess. I guess the eight would have tried to maybe through a spear. It's designated have guns again if you haven't if -- -- seemed on the pearly -- I've recommended in. They're still review. The movie and economist -- me about the movie I don't think it's spoils anything for anybody has seen it. But it's about some of the messages -- in the movie to on the planet of the apes and that is a similar website at WW dot com for new orleans' own little year on the script -- Nice is. That. It was. Wendy's. In India. And it is to grow. So each and -- it will. -- it ought to -- And that Olympic. Actor and it in the -- Well I'm not a biblical scholar but I would say that it's there it's recognized as the birthplace of christianity news that the problem is is that you've guide. You've got Christians you've got Jews and you god Muslims. And and -- Palestinians very. All of these people because of the -- -- they lay claim many of them -- -- to the same territory. And they don't wanna recognize each other I also would have dimension and these are. These are not new testament driven religion c.s are. Well the Jews and and Muslims or aren't aren't they don't they don't have the new testament there. I don't wanna say they're not forgiving but they're a little more. They have Israel has a little bit more of an eye for my attitude and the United States. But I I. Hey guys we're hard pressed to really caught the holy land I would I would agree. The black hole. Is. That. Hillary at. These. And so to that again. And -- -- -- that's your holy land. You. View his entry. Of the united. That's you. Feel. I think that's great. It. So. -- -- And be. -- Do. It. So. It is. Why. It's cool the -- Indeed. The well. I think it's it's confusing for a lot of people it's my understanding that this laws that two children better not coming from Mexico or candidate they come from other countries they must go through a process they must be processed before they're deported. If I'm not mistaken that was a law that was signed. By President Bush became law winter George W. Bush was in office. Now is it a case of a week we keep them out of the country and don't let him cross the border do we get him here and send them back. I can't imagine that all these kids are gonna stay here but I also think that sending them back is gonna prove to be a logistical nightmare. And I'm I'm just not really sure how it's all gonna happen yet. A little I'm glad you called in -- thanks for listening. What are the sprayed with another section of this song and it just reminds me of when I was at -- teenager growing up -- in New Orleans. In America. And we grew up in a very tense time when the -- was believed to be at the eve of destruction. And this was a popular song by Barry McGuire. -- spoke about that I'm -- it will be right back on -- and real solutions to the words as weak as we go to break this was reflecting America along time ago. Why you made. Both more days and it's amazing you know any area it's did the same old days and have found another. But in this case you didn't bury our day. I've only about two days snakes on next dog name yeah I don't forget to -- -- COO. -- oh good now no load and brands you don't believe we're home. Their -- they believe. I -- it they've also been talking about this being the very 430 in the thirtieth anniversary of the racing of the drinking age to Tony one. A Ronald Reagan signed that bill into law thirty years ago and nineteen Nen 1984. -- it would have been on the air and -- 97 Becton. I if you could legally drink when you were at eighteen is it fair to say that young people today are not mature enough to drink at eighteen and this goes back to the ultimate argument. Last year mature enough to fight for our country are you mature enough to. And sued to drink it really it to me comes down to responsible drinking and not how old you war because there are people who war. 55 who were not necessarily responsible drinker so -- comes down to that. Here's attacks that raised scoop what proof do you have that violent crime is downing Colorado is due to the legalization. Of recreational pot use occasionally here in New Orleans they announce some crimes are down. And we have legalized pot use and -- this would not be a suggestion that the legalization that crime is down. Well I guess it would be a suggestion the crime is down because of the legalization. Of pot crime is not up and as I say when I was talking about it I mean the statistics -- there. This doesn't necessarily. Mean it's a trend but in the first six months of this year the first six months of legalized pot. Crime is down violent crime is down. In night in Denver now the second largest sitting Colorado was Colorado Springs and in as far as I know they have voted as a city. To not allow stores to open up that is a very very. On conservative. Strongly Christian based out faction of the state dot did some Christians don't smoke pot but it. That's a whole different city then and Denver. But I've talked to people who live in Denver and they've told me that to crime is down and did they see nothing by Ted benefit so. It's too soon to tell that we don't know what will ultimately happen as a result of legalizing pot. We know -- the world hasn't gone to hell in Colorado -- Washington State visit as a result of that so I guess you could say that's that's good news. Mean if -- legal. You might you might disagree with that but you certainly would want -- to be down as a result of anything that happens. But to go back briefly to this at thirtieth anniversary of raising the drinking age two to 21. I really thought I was and sure enough to drink when I was eighteen and that was the legal drinking age when I was growing up. And if I'm not mistaken -- he knows who was one of the last states. To raise the drinking age from eighteen to Tony one because the liquor lobby here is is very powerful. And it was a threat from the federal government. That if Louisiana didn't raise the drinking age from eighteen to 21 to the the the state would lose out on a federal highway money. Which of course was a really good way to get to the state to change and the state did. Ukraine has blamed pro Russian rebels for shooting down the Malaysian airlines flight. It's gonna be really interesting to watch this what will President Obama do in response a lot of news will take place between now -- tomorrow. We'll have the latest tomorrow night on -- who -- have agreed to think John -- Syria Priscilla you know Rollins.