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7-18 6am Tommy, Update: Malaysian Flight and Gaza strip

Jul 18, 2014|

Tommy gets the latest on the Malaysian flight from CBS News Reporter, Terry Schultz, live from Amsterdam. Later he spoke to Retired Colonel Jeff McCausland about the situation in Israel and if the two have any relation.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker really has I captured the attention of the world and in a way is drawing more attention then. Huge news story in that Israel invading the Gaza Strip in which are about the the crash I guess is ultimately the result of Malaysian airliners 700. Malaysian airline has 777. Would have Teri shields right now CBS news reporter in Amsterdam the morning Terry. Good morning here and there is a vote up. Was up in the morning 270. Street accident yet and a lot of people in the country at. Atlantic where it. But certainly that is in mourning like they're cap step across the country and it really hard. 1773. Dutch and how many total on the airliner. I'm almost 300 on the 300 including including the app and the pilot. So we don't have any word on if any Americans on board early reports that at work. All he doesn't that backtracking on that apparently didn't check passport. And at a news conference the morning in clothes and Wear on them by Malaysian Transport Minister and he had no word on American and it worked 41. People aboard the flight. It nationality toward you know. There's still a lot of uncertainty we are we at reading conference cheered them airport at the top of the hour where. We hope you can get more clarity on on what they know about what's happening in on. Look with a board. Terry is anybody taken responsibility for this are they shirking responsibilities and they'll announce. Well. On that wouldn't be here in Amsterdam. On the ground in Ukraine is important. And I mean all union and finger pointing blame me yet a lot out. Comment on anything yet again and lab anchored at them. Hindering the investigation but now they're very strong international call or an un under investigation for. Expert international expert Ukrainian Russian expert Tom. To be given election the crash site. And Ares I ask is there been any talk in Amsterdam of this being a terrorist attack or a mistake. You know that being Ukrainian prime minister of the morning terror attack for the first time on the Dutch government. Admitted it evidently live shot now which means is. I would get. Around to the increase in it that what that your. Her work to another panel tonight. And again in Italy and transport of the morning with directly. If not Malaysian airline made it into thinking that. It you have in your entire like tried it. But he. Not we are getting cleaner and our pilots were told it was okay. And fifteen at sixteen airlines that. We believed. He would not he would not say it. And is there a big bash it because of course all comes down to money in fuel and shorter routes. Guy by the Dutch against Malaysian airlines and you know each and. I think I think you know it's like that become a little bit early in shock. On they still don't know if there attempted an account at. You know twenty more work out this morning it is the candidate and leader aren't your hotel and next it next to the airport being included are pressed on and meet me yet. We were called yet to hear why yet. Angela crash site and we're hearing this morning there. On conceivably because of the camp he won. Well Terry appreciate your time I really do and I and sure we'll talk to you again is next week progresses. Thank you so much Teri shields CBS news reporter in Amsterdam we're gonna talk to colonel Jeff much cause when than a minute I retired CBS military mowing no he's a retired colonel Lee has our current. CBS military expert knowing it is take on this. On this Malaysian jetliners well as what's going on between Israel and Palestinians. And enough it's a country per say you know it's the Gaza Strip and a thankless welcoming colonel Jeff what caused right now and we'll talk about the Malaysian jetliner after that about the morning colonel Ari. A good look at what the that is there to Italy. I know it is sir let me I gave it straight to Israel and Gaza you know numbers like 2000 rockets exchange between the two I think 15100. Into Israel alone they paid for some people get a handle on the geography of what's involved here would that be like Mississippi and Louisiana exchanging rockets. It was about her that would probably gone through an area. The while the third outlawed Italy if you who died in Butler beat you more like. Detroit a lot break from the side of the Gaza through. The earlier Tuesday in the amenable to a lot in the level throughout the oh. It true though it and number that the Rangers have the weapons that they. That they can really target and there throughout the country it is partly though you'd rather than successful or I don't know certain. Santa thing that did that struck me about this all talk about the tunnels in the second is that. The I don't see there's we Nissen and al-Qaeda operating out of civilian neighborhoods of the Taliban or whomever. That should have the quote that we that we know exactly where there are remote that the order in Gaza and that but the floodwaters the root of the problem the problem. There are probably or you know or not but it was reluctant murder. Are that numbered years ago but it further government area you know as a government that's true. Electric government and law and the law partner but it it is populated area awkward. Call the bit about what a great people as there entering the violent turn it could. So they they're trying to target these tunnels right that. Hamas a terrorist organization is using to get into Israel and there was some video yesterday of some guys actually being busted coming out of the tunnels and heard the drone went back again. At the if you're if you're the Atlantic bird in. Cooler tomorrow and you're in the so they brought the brink or does count or is into Israel also the pain or. They're gonna try to do that went there to hear a lot they're the structure. Well they're out there near the Iraq it's lot blog site to local. Strip. The ball is. So. Houses and I mean did they put down Hamas were at the time began and then and I'll flares up again a little bit in showed mattered time. But the real question that the prospers and that Israel is the third about a warriors they're there. Involved and conduct with the year of the Gaza Strip and a lot they're looking for the sticker who he is the regular spot when you're an idiot I don't. I think our air and it's so tiger is so that the Egyptian are currently negotiating separately with of and is over the epic and broker a deal. Prevalent that brokered deal that will be the same goes along workers aren't meant to be saint. Again I think the Israelis are very very adamant that aren't going to be some kind of resolute low will the global corporate power. And bottom line is Israel doesn't want Hamas is a neighbor. As so they'll never agreed Hamas imminently and blowing. Well it integrate their corporate it mean luck elect Obama with the ruling. Of the Gaza Strip won't blogger or it would arguably been the leader of the mr. under the trick here. Threaten Israelis are you do well Israeli occupation. It's also the only industry a couple of things boy it is it is in the Palestinians between Bachmann about. They have developed in north west bank and Mott controls the Gaza Strip. They have come together the last few months into an effort to work together but they've always been strange. Level lot that they'll rent. A one on YouTube and present mr. Lloyd but he was somewhat sympathetic view. What do you suppose the presidency he's not. Back to beat them and allies of the Muslim Brotherhood which you were supposed to try to strip out. Some way to get in particular the the Israeli beat up a lot of them are possible. And eight times limited real quick when it comes as Malaysian jetliner Ukraine. Did it would this be an act of terror can this somehow be in the state where they didn't know what kind of that plane it was. Do who's responsible what he what do you think. I think that the tragic here record. Like that will either side has struggled the Korean government or so called separate. Could believe that cheating there and essentially airliner because they're. Richard report well. Mile capital in the case of these aircraft was low gates. During the course beat by Gotti spoke out there Russia is fighting with. It is in the eastern Ukraine even greater that there they import it there. Rick Butler. Oh in the order it your plan. Ukrainian at present shut down and credit transport. By The Who looked indications now. In the case and not confirmed. It was followed transport in 08 with a little system that particular the nineties in the other. Colonel thank you so much free time and you're busy have a great weekend. It colonel government caused one retired colonel CBS military expert and I agree with him I just you know only he always look to motive when any crime happened and certainly in an terrorist attack would be a crime. And I don't know what's side would wanna be responsible for this or what point they would be proving so. I just think it was a a misuse of weaponry and they shut down what they perceive to be an enemy plane went in factors it is easier to colonels and we'll think. It was just a Malaysian civilian airliner. Take a break we'll come back to basics so 172038668890878. It's about real estate next hour and a wanna ask you see what have you ever sold your home. Because you were made an offer you couldn't refuse. Are you look at your house. Ed as just that a home or deal look at it as an investment where if I enter and is over billed as some Els on the end. And have you ever flipped a house bought property with the intent of red routine. A torn apart renovated and then turn around put it on the market and made money I've ever done it. And launched your rear end and tell me what the secret is to do when it right in some of the mistakes you can make if you do it wrong Tommy Tucker back in a flash under the W.

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