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7-18 7am Tommy, booming real estate

Jul 18, 2014|

What up wit Dat? Hear Tommy's take on current news. Also, Medical professionals moving into town are buying up property in Old Metairie. Would you sell your “house” to make a profit or is that your “home” for life? Tommy talks to local real estate analyst, Arthur Sterbcow, on the metro areas booming real estate.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How Tommy talker WW LA MI famine dot com. So many business David does so many people in radio David Blake you know have a business on the side. Yes. Some people restaurants other people have. The web sites things that they solve a dual bar tending their -- little disk jockeying Bob had his as a sportsman's show -- and and thinking about. If I sell my house. Getting into the house flipping business. -- like you guys on TV kinda like that yet yeah idea dilapidated property then you put some money unit -- -- -- so if you'll have done that I would like to hear from you. To -- mean that things to watch for the things to avoid in the things to do it feel and a Hoosier you know. Michael no -- And it's people who do it doesn't know. A lot of people do make him look good on it. Capital gains. You can find some mom. But he -- deductions offset that you know. David Blake this. Is what I'm managers do right here there are a lot. Research projects that happen. At different universities throughout the country this is a graduation thing. You know it it's the only college music -- only one I know if you Pete if -- quit blowing up the illusion. And just play along for once you do that -- aren't I am I'm playing along side. There are a lot of he's got a better palace now I don't than my criticizes him. I think he did is that there's a graduation song I find -- -- let's start the zone. -- you know -- playing mobile -- him a lot of students do a lot of good work which means when they graduate. -- beautiful day gonna be remembered for what they did yes. -- -- -- -- Thanks Frankie and I -- to -- they're going to be remembered for what they did get a remember remember from maybe things they invented discovered at prestigious universities. Like -- That's -- down -- long pass or have men and it. So look. You've heard of finger -- -- night. Finger cheese zealots ourselves -- and -- -- got stuck our space and everybody calls it -- -- yeah I love that stuff you know anything any contract you gave me. Box with some rates and I'm gonna spray it all over the top of a medical designs and eat it have you ever. -- and off the fingers know Jesus is watching. I really am certain room right now I would tend to want to wipe off rather than them I'd -- reasons he's fingered she's Jordan news I Shelvin and have you ever. Well any ideas to get it on the cracker and their net you can wait that long. Not copies since I've got it in your mouth well which brings us to the thing that you haven't students have come up with it's rates hate. June started as a class project for a couple of haven't students held John McCallum and -- milk cow ski. And and they were shot to nobody at daughters before. So then the process to get in the patent made and I think you're gonna make big money from Duncan Hines or are Pillsbury wanting are unable. On and what it is is -- -- in -- hands and you microwave it. And you have to take in about a minute and a half say because it comes out risen already. Are OK and I I was worried that it was like that she's that you were gonna spray. Cake into your mouth you're dead on right chemistry -- amount that I think makes this so great on knowledge that you said you have the pocket first you suppose which is on a crack is yet to do anything you don't want. Is supposedly cookies in the oven right before they can now tell me you never eaten raw cookie. Why have done not -- Game -- anyway we'll look for -- were able to play better made a lot of I -- fraud case then they ought to be to -- -- you liked it until now the triple in the statue and -- Yes normally -- you'll -- -- rod take better as well. According to -- channel -- story was lovely Monica Hernandez matter fact that. Medical professionals are pushing -- real estate values and old Metairie as if they weren't already high enough then. When he posted the market being down in certain areas you know any time in the market if it's not maybe in sales of -- -- and is buying opportunities authors -- -- joins us right now. Local realists in analysts and randomized morning Arthur. I didn't. Tell me about -- what's going on. In old Metairie in like this and I think that always wants an area that held its value was always increasing. Yeah it's insert -- -- -- rock solid area pretty much like -- -- an area of the war on search company into goals standards of a property values in the area. It's all it did. A solid area for. Yep the scale folks who are in the medical industry as well turn -- -- on course as these hospitals have continued to our -- -- -- footprints. More more people are entering the medical industry here in in grip on it's it's gotten huge. You know if you think about how big news hospitals war let's say twenty years ago the footprint on the space that they take. And look at the sheer size of these institutions today it's it's incredible. So if some people are pushing up property values and buying houses and old Metairie where the people better sell them going. Well they're moving up they're not moving out. We don't have a -- -- migration. The way that we had I would say 1015 years ago. We got a real and actually work crisis -- -- A real lack of competent schools system. And and and -- -- in a crimes and issues to date certain but it was bad actor it was a combination of factors in many areas of the city. Our band as a positive changes you would -- No dispute newspapers BP's. But you know we can remember when they were 300 plus murders in the year and that would it would maybe upper or something -- I don't want to Manning. But as a as a result of that we got some tremendous rankings. From a lot of different institutions and media across the country. -- did you -- slips and has just listed. All the things that you won't just come from the top of Sudanese different rankings studies in and it's an impressive start you know we look at. You know beaten beating the mattresses nationals. News Chicago's and so many so many Arenas. -- business -- -- to say it -- -- the it will beat the blessings if you want to learn lessons from Katrina which is simply that the renewal of infrastructure here in the city and a lot of these. Which brings us a lake view one -- more attractive places and as I understand it right now people are buying like crazy in lake view property values soaring but yet we hear about. Hamas a lot of understaffed NO PD and -- speaks my street signs are popping up all over to people. If you look at the neighborhood person nor about the streets later or maybe even -- police protection secondly will. Well it look at -- means you know does does help once again look at Oprah and other taken a look at positive factors. Like he's got to rip the convenience factor great. In a transportation -- when you interpret. -- there's not a huge traffic. Jammed a -- story that approached or not none of schools who don't -- -- Like a geographically it's -- that actual reduction from the school or four traffic. And so they you know it's -- workers and -- -- all most people right -- but but it's. Beyond. The convenience factor which is -- the schools and like you or again and you know -- old. Our goal post to statements again. Tell -- that the schools are currently under the property values are and that's it as a very accurate statement about like you're. Spending some time with -- -- stirred -- local real estate analyst and a lot of questions coming in via text about different neighborhoods and we'd love had recalls well into 60187. In. Or toll free 866889087. And are there when it comes location location location. Is that consistent -- certain neighborhoods is certain areas become hot and then all of a sudden not so much like a nightclub needs to be in the eighties. Yeah it did at certain -- can certainly get some momentum. Under their wings for example -- may be some are blighted areas or real you know negative. Aspect of a particular neighborhood gets. -- renovated fixed up and does some fresh energy comes minimal competence on it and and -- -- well as something as. Should that simple streets but. Those streets or are important. -- -- can wrap your age pretty good so. Don't have pensions and infrastructure improvements. It makes a big difference now it certainly virtue Albert do. -- street -- hole total -- three months or six months you know -- cases. -- -- are lower Garden District one man losing streak it was worse so law. Because it is two buildings that they you know lord Lawson so it was horrible merchant bank street. And that area. What's -- you'd cut finished you know we'd get lit up like Christmas trees so. Again you know -- areas and get some energy to its new jobs it is certainly. -- restore order for a -- about it. They get a taxi comes in on since Katrina late -- no longer the neighborhood I grew up in miles still nice it's lost. Some of its original charm its neighborhood confused with a mixture of all kind of architectural styles. Currently view rebuilding process is allowed everyone to build what they wanted as every south from ranch victory indicating. The old neighborhood blended in is still there it looks like a neighborhood confused but. Are there I don't know what what people think about this I can't stand. Tract housing where egg every three houses of those you know I mean it's like house ABC house ABC how I can't stand. Rebel installed and visit reasoned moderate new 2000 on the planet battery. As. If that exact same color that things -- extreme. You know landscaping in the arts people -- different -- and in in what. What it should be. A lot of folks that you know legacy can be dumped you -- the way they were cheered when the area that's normal in a -- that he's just. It's just not realistic. You know changes is going to happen and I'm not going to be able to stop it. It's something the public does that you like the -- I used like that that little neighborhood store was certainly some ice and and -- you know just didn't make any economic sense -- -- things open to open. Population with their greater you know greater choice. But but -- just in the call is concerned you know put. But you know regular depositors you know look at that city park area which -- new development in there. -- I -- an annual golf courses used to be here but but there's a tremendous improvement in June and able. And in some questions of them that are coming in where a lot. Ask you to answer him after the the attacks one of them was talking about by -- Saint John with salmon and ambulances old. On Jefferson about property values there how attractive is it men are any another one says one question I have is about again she call but town between. If you draw alignment square between clear view. -- say west and net by -- rather west and the late. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we do -- tickets matter fact this hour. Presuming we're disciplined. And up to remember to do it being nice and sometimes we aren't but today we will be. -- am getting players Steely Dan was Sheldon and played at least Slobodan steely dance song in any just stops. In on I mean it's like Steely Dan in erupted out. And then we ask you to call in. And -- what the next line of the song like Ricky don't lose that out. Current don't began and the -- came in -- just -- -- I'm so happy and maybe a different artist you know maybe like. Well it. And a different artists and different song I'm just giving you an example. Of how he does. If it was an Eagles song for example. Was running down the road trying to lose my load with. And then we stop right there out there aren't that -- songs and and anyway so when that happens later on his salary you're the first to call with the collect and correct rather lyrics that follow you win. But is another way to eat it like it's on FaceBook we picked the on line winners Sunday united midnight and announce the lucky winner Monday morning. In a 9 o'clock hour Steely Dan you get tickets and ticket master in concert Saturday July 26. At the you know Lakefront arena from the station at loves rock and roll. -- W Allen speaking of the Eagles both bands out of Los Angeles Steely Dan and -- the Eagles. That song ended the line in the song -- hotel California based added with the steely knives but figures can't kill the beast that's about and it's a great line from. One is Steely -- wanted to -- guys and is their girlfriends was a big Eagles fans -- the Eagles put that in there and take -- -- Steely Dan. I little. Didn't know a little bit of our rock and roll his wow what are about the -- about the winds on the mirror lines on her -- -- -- you know. I think back with authors -- our local realists say analysts and a very good friend of ours and Arthur. I just mentioned in passing. That you know maybe we'll see what happens maybe ideas so my house downsize in the house flipping business and had offers from a what are your -- -- about -- -- know our limits just say I guess media be aggressive to be in a business. -- Tommy please ask Arthur about it Algiers Rihanna -- been on a market for over a year. But can't sell it in part timbers. Yet that. That's adopted there you know court for the issues are -- insurance on the West Bank. Obviously -- house it's got -- elevations they might be able to. -- lucky break on what -- pregnant but but the perception on the West Bank. Just in that it's you know -- -- it's the offer between. City of new ones in the -- -- that is perception that bridges -- certainly helped but but the reality yours when the oil industry pretty much moved out of court and you own area. They were large large parts of the west. When they left they -- world they have a lot of holes and it'll. Leo and Els did arsenic Katrina there replaces -- work. I guess maybe they were marginal -- understand why they closed after Katrina because of West Bank. You know right after Katrina was you know booming -- of people lived at least temporarily -- a lot of places chose not to come back. Yeah -- you know the infrastructure of shopping. And just the transportation -- at the -- which were collected Katrina. It was -- -- I mean you know it was it was difficult for everybody to get to and from -- or black ribbons and medals section so there are a lot of jobs down there that people live on the west. And some of those jobs disappeared and as such. You know people move with the jobs so again it orally gets as big but when they left they can't -- areas to relocate to. -- right -- eighties a West Bank was man just -- nine more marry any attacks comes in and asks about the Manning. Well -- -- this simply is an outgrowth of the French Quarter. That is you know again -- -- -- -- Connie neighborhoods in the country. In that it's a residential component of the French Quarter. But but a -- -- little more commercialized any sort of the fall but a great you know talk about war abilities eagle here or there. And just a lot of young people in Russia before. Tell me how many people commit to Mardi Gras and jazz past and a French Quarter pests and tell you how homes sales going to be in New Orleans next year. And papers Rubin -- routers and and they decide does stay. And that we have a tremendous market grudges -- past and that French test this year in and day switching. Court ordered that is as well region why is this -- hot time of the year problems mean there's. This is the hottest time of the year. Put people to move around because schools -- schools in -- to more mobile. He did the area between candidates square to get drug nine note it's called Bobble one side leak avenues and the other Carrollton. That of course the lake in and west esplanade is that becoming a hot area. It is should they become our area is there 11 -- the solid neighborhood of the region. Again school's convenience to be at stake in -- -- BD. And good streets and at local are. Just one of those really nice stable neighborhood. You're in at affordable prices or are pretty. Some of the homes have been renovated with real stereo upscale market charges and as a real bargains in the air. You know a little. Structure of updated as can really -- -- ran as an actual bungalows and cut you can still -- out there you know. Under 200000 dollars. And and picked him up in your victories so -- area. I Herring in river ridge a text casts. Well I don't think it's culinary gets -- -- school same thing. Proximity to hospitals jobs. Get a -- in -- is just one of those now. Solid areas of employment in the greater New Orleans area. And that area. Higher ground basically -- flooding not the big issues as it is or perception. That it's not the big -- And in great shopping opportunities are here. Are out there is tough question romance is somebody. Text it in and -- you can answered or not -- and I don't know I don't you know obviously does not opinion this is if facts prove this out. It says simply blacks and Mexicans move in property values. Go down sad but true is there any truth to that at all. Actually that's ridiculous. In fact did the converts them to more people that. Want to move into a neighborhood it's simple Lamotte support and many. So you know that may be a few people go are not here. I'm Taylor a lot more people ago I -- here. So. I think that that's kind of an old school -- There's still some people who -- absolutely that weigh in at notre. But but the numbers don't so I just wish the actual physical numbers of neighborhoods -- -- that. This is an intriguing question when English turn becomes part of black men's -- how do you think that'll help. With sales and I've I've heard no secession or annexation -- if you. Well and at least it kind of -- off the rate or sub group of folks who want to have. The West -- to secede from all in Paris and and performance compared with those cities that they they're you know not treated just barely made the as a as -- there Orleans parish. But the reality is. Go anywhere. They get real tired they. Are not liked him to be some -- down there and street where the ultimate -- Pretty good tax base Orleans parish -- -- -- returned we think. I would because a lot of infrastructure definitely -- doesn't that it got. Loose and you know I think they're just as many people who want to be portable -- -- lot more -- Orleans and maybe part -- black. Anderson and and it was just speaking about it in we'll do that another day about infrastructure and property Nicolaus and bridge in archdiocese an interesting story you following. Arthur I appreciate your time I really do -- her grow realists and analysts and I'll -- a great weekend. And give that thing users.

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