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7-18 8am Tommy, Jindal and White in bad romance

Jul 18, 2014|

The Governor and his Secretary of Education try to hammer out an agreement about educational standards and standardized testing in Looziana. Whom do you trust more with the kids’ education…Bobby Jindal or Secretary of Education John White? Tommy was joined by Founder of Educate NOW and Former BESE member, Leslie Jacobs, to talk the Governor's indecision.

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I'll Tommy Tucker WW well they are miles Simon dot com. Was that wrong. I got to plead ignorance on this thing because if anyone had said anything to me at all when I first got a view that that sort of thing is frowned upon. I work a lot of offices and that's George to stanza as. A tribute to the gentleman in Slidell who is facing charges force humbling company check. He and you using it to pay for prostitutes work. An hour and from handing handing the demanded deliver on services in the entire evening. Being captured on store's surveillance video. K so you see the cameras a year even if the darn things are hidden. And you work at this place you should know they got a surveillance gone. And yet was that wrong because I got to plead ignorance on this when our real they had told me. When I came here to order on that I could use a company check. To pay a prostitute to have relations at work in the back and if they had stated he'd look I'm Manningham loaded handbook now. And it doesn't are constantly crew hold that note. So again like George he would have to plead ignorance on that one. Speaking of ignorance I forgot to do the Steely Dan contests because I am no discipline when it comes to managing the clock or this radio. Station program thing whatever we get out as a show but you do go in the morning sordid nude and at 9 o'clock hour because that would lend itself sort of fun and a 9 o'clock hour were to talk about. Bodybuilding because mr. Olympia. Universe mr. world Olympian mr. it's coming back to achieving mr. Al to Lloyd's EA it's coming back to TV and and mr. Al Orleans. I hadn't hurt us when I went into a health club the other they just trying to what was going on until a guy at the desk and need to work on my L two point seven wryly and said you mean dealt. That's the same thing as a fibroid yes and when our final thing and why would you I don't colleges. It rhyme. Pretty jet where people do you consider pumped up body builders attractive or grotesque. And as it stands around ninety say experts that are saying grotesque. So why are people trying to do this I do note that. When he comes and ladies I would love to hear from you when it comes to meeting. People of the other. Persuasion got sexy looking for somebody with the big biceps Selig and some money with the low but he weighs the pounding panics this does strong held towards a war. Are you looking for somebody. That. Can make you laugh and audio out terribly offensive is about personality or looks does. And those some of these guys they spent so much time and and Jim made that's so we get the talk about an if you body builder would love to talk to you as well it is. At takes a lot of work. Whether it be a fascinating conversation or her role are reminding Jenner. You know. Just to talk about it a lot of Illinois drew definitely analysts were going to dues get some I know I don't want a lot of time minute mad at this let's think this through Shelley intrigued a mop. And how you right into the ground and somebody would say you know they would evening human element X pumped up and I'm here are vehemently utilities by cents easily. And I know I don't know did it but if you like it that's fine and and I just thought the when people look at this and I know they apply a lot. And thank you she'll zone tells earlier not to use baby oil but things to make him shine it in cause. Some problems and and also. To dig yourself that being. It requires them starving yourself to death designers and it's of the ninety's those look healthy. And is picture of development when in fact you probably about the pass out because it would yet to do. In the Texas says LaRon Landry stud bodybuilder. Away now I don't think we ever said that there and it's our exit. It's just rather not you think it's attractive and and you work out because of the way you look. Well because you're under the tree house in which is the greater motivation I think the way you look would be the greater motivation. We'll find out we come back we'll try to sort out all of this standardized text testing. Mess that's going on Louisiana politics are bringing to a common quarters in there it is a mouse I don't know how you'd yesterday's meeting how you could expect success from that because I don't know you could have. A compromise between common core and the the other standards. And then handsomely crafted tests the standardized test that would accurately measure the results of that curriculum and what would it mean. Now Leslie Jacobs joins us right now founder of educate now on a former SE. Member people's SE board but again as Leslie to exit be redundant wouldn't a year or not. Yeah tell me about com. Any expectations you couldn't add from this meeting yesterday what it was about. And is there any way to compromise common cooler with what we have now and develop a standardized test a test for that. Oh. I don't know if there's a compromise because the government. Fundamentally wants that seat to abandon common core. And not have attacked. Bad a lot of common core you have a blog and play silly and every other state let's be clear Barrett states that rejected common core. And every state that's rejected common core it's been by both of their life to share the governor has not. Try to. Unilaterally. Do it and so what happens is if you look at the constitution mean this is really a constitutional. Fight. The constitutions. Says that me. Quote shall supervise and control the public elementary and secondary school. You don't have a law that would put in place an attempt to override you know but it has to get rid of the block bail this option. And the law explicitly give them the responsibility. For her contents band. And this ballot being I'm quoting developing and established. A statewide contents standards for that subjecting pot. It did it affect the English math science and social studies based on the contents standard. And that student achievement. Have to be. Able to be measured. And compared to test scores that student of the same grade level maps. You have a lot as Betsy you set the standards. The standard used you. You are the institutions that create the tough questions and when you do these standards and pass. You need to be able to compare Louisiana State is that students across. So how can you do that if and I mean in Iraq Jim but eating their bright back to where you were how can you do that. If some states are accepting common core and others aren't or is there either common core or one standard that's not. Well it doesn't. Compared every state in the nation there are at least forty states forty out of fifty states in the nation. Are doing common core talk about what common core is that is that a lot and from Leah. A case. Pretty broad statements there letting students sit and be able to get. So one of the changes the these standards for example than standard that I put in place. Old standard for call them. It requiring students use the language. So the best. Example they give me I use the information. Still an old leap past what it said it is an eighth grader writing a letter to you principle that you would recommend to be prince. Yet to be at substitute teacher and a new question might say here are the biographies. Or the red and made that three people. Which one would you recommend to be at that seat teacher and why it goes on the first one was give me an opinion the second one would look at this date. And give me your recommendation for much more data. Have the use that information because kids entering school today that would be totally overwhelmed by. Tommy Tucker talking about becoming core with Leslie Jacobs founder of educate now former Bessie member and we'll take you calls. At 260187. Toll free 866889087. Any of you have any questions. Or comments about common core. About Bobby Jindal and and before we get to the national politics Leslie Jacobs of of how common core became so political. In terms of politics in Louisiana. I find it. Incredible that the governor and his own secretary of education. Would would be at odds with each other because secretary of education correct me a might be wrong doesn't work for the governor. He doesn't senators. In he would sit on why is not secretary of education he's the state superintendent. He has appointed by that he worked at that they take eight to hire them and eight cents to fire him. Since we at the state gone to an appointed superintendent the governor has reappointment on that. So every governor. Has gotten that he or she wants to be state superintendent and governor again I wanted. Patent on it found John White could be state superintendent. One thing that counts and that's real important. The body you're listeners can understand what to buy it though that the public can't make me. Adopt the contents standards so the fight over the past. You know and and what the cup doing is using that commissioner of administration which is. Now a bureaucratic arm of government to meant to make certain that. People in government down on it checked every contacted the contract properly. Hasn't been improperly procured does that mean is illegal doesn't. Budget that the legislature gave the contact. And though. A department of education and has had eight testing contacted by Barry Bender who assembled the Tet and give the test in great testament. You know make certain that the cheating analysis. In place since 2003. It's been approved under multiple. Administrations. And now that general administration has an expansion are two of the contact if saint contact not ballot. And that the site is the governor wants the state board of education to go out RFP. Request for proposals and you contact. The state board of education the governor will do best which you don't get to Kalla. What questions are put on the task. You don't get that power power in the due to our. And that you have been printed as a follow the law. They're going to have cracked the purple polka what they put in the weather to the governor is they want attest that at least four million students are taking the they compare performance. And that comply with these factions of the well the moment they do that that's exactly what the governor does and why so what you really have evade. My opinion that they constitutional. Issues that if compromise is not reached and I don't think it's going to be it probably ultimately resolved by the court. And the kids suffer in the meantime would this be accurate to say that the governor is using his power did teach you contracts and correct me if I'm wrong. But as an end run to. You reverse engineer if you will curriculum for kids by saying well control test. What I think I think partially correct it's not revert engineering and the curriculum has that all of this is really doesn't opt. Schools and districts kept effective curriculum. Do you think the power of the contract. Two river and near or over ride. State law when he weapons except on getting in the legislature to do what it once and override that he's constitutional authority when he not exactly getting antsy to do it. Summary in it's sort of auction posts here back in June and it says the governor issued an executive order to remove Louisiana. From a consortium of fourteen states and district District of Columbia. That's creating new standardized reading and math tests he says it wants to. Be about Louisiana I think he wants the officials to develop Louisiana standards in Louisiana test. For Louisiana students and when we come back. Who would last few Leslie Israeli good news is that nonsense is a make any sense at all in Missouri and winning gonna happen. Leslie Jacobs founder of educate now on former Bessie member of the meeting yesterday between John White the superintendent. Is that right Leslie. Not secretary of education superintendent of education in Louisiana. That is that was hired by Bessie. And the governor meeting in and no new ground gain David I think it's human nature I'm guilty of and I presume Mueller to not new news gathering. Capacity but as a human being of a lot of times you make up your mind on some than. And you passing along some dogma that you believe maintenance money says oh really why how does that. Where does that. The connection between is. And ya can't you can't tell and you can't it can't back it up it's hard to explain it and well I guess no they can't be and will work. And I told a bunch of people. You know in and opine that. Bobby Jindal was disagreeing with his own. Secretary of education and it's not it's actually the superintendent of education that Bobby Jindal was once. I guess a big supporter Robin and Bessie hired him now he disagrees and Leslie Jacobs nice enough to spend an hour whether she's the founder of educate now and former SE members. Separate fact from fiction and Leslie ID you know let me ask you this and I hope it's not a dumb question but. Where does the leap tests factor notice. So the leap at Stamford leaping out educational assessment program. Pet that we week at eight leap tests that it is. Park is not a test market they test. And and and ultimately that is please mark. And so part is the I can remember opening at the partnership that it it is the consortium of states that the ballot questions that the governor's. Now opposing new head coach at 50000. Student. He has been passed last year and look at. It is so it a focus group protesting where you see of the. What happens I make I design a test question on the teacher and a consortium that teachers them where math teachers in the design Mac path question. You still have to take every single tough question and put it in the field and give it to student makes certain attacked question is. Understandable. That it is reliable is ballot meaning that reliable as every you know kick at the same level will keep performing that way. I sat there ain't what they going to measure and the giants won the correct and that's understandable but there's all these. Checks that you have to go through for eight passed question two actually going to be part of the real test every now on them people out and say what do. Stupid test question it was overwhelmingly that the question that's been field tested and isn't really part of Alec it is going to be great. The week at 50000 students feel have questions last year they. And and that creates a texting back and so what would be happening not only is this test and it would go buy some of those questions. And put them in May have that can administer to kids in the story. Now he can call the leap past you can call the APC casting call the test with you want to call it. So it's the differences black. What are the questions that make up the task and that's to acknowledge that the even states that pulled out a common core. And the standards are really big statements and when you look at that standard state adopted Q it goes to readout from the education journals. That commentary on both sides of the equation is. What India adopted the exact same standards that did not call common court anymore. Polls have shown that people are not opposed of the same standards if they're not called common core. Exactly and so the question is. Step back at it very high level week schools let a great letter grades are overwhelmingly determined by. It's perform on tap. We now have said teachers have to show have to prove that there adding value that they're teaching kids for them to get tend that's measured. I attempt to week day didn't can get back out chairs. School that didn't. Get out just depend upon them integrate its schools get which are driven by the attack. But the real issue is are going to have a good path to. And read the state formed a consortium is a tested expensive to make. It's very expensive to and that's why so many states and they did it individually handled his now multi culturally Bobble. And so the real estate on the consortium is that every state making up its I'm past questions. Let's get together politely sources and they played better tapped. Prediction that this is what will be the quality of attacks because you want and didn't protest in Japan because you have. And the high level decisions dependent upon. And teachers are going to quote teach to the past and then the level that he passed that's saying we're in the past how kids can play. How well they can write will be processed information I don't my teacher teaching that. But the complaint though leap tests between now it is that. It wasn't enough critical thinking it was they wanted more which is so the material. And that's what this means test out loud happened. And and so. The guy. Involved Asian not really gonna change the standards she could call them. Something other than common core it's how good that the have to you could have an entire accountability system. Vouchers teacher tenure it's better. Are all using the past results for high level the. So lead stands for. Sweeping education. Program is that tests still available that's been changed well. Here's here's land mass because. It is available it's just not available it has happened at. You have to do that has half the field passed the test questions that you create something called a test question bank. A couple of years ago the state and an African state money. Quit field testing new questions because they knew they are gonna start getting those park question. And so there's not eight have questioned bank to go cool I'll be English and math question. Again park is his English math grades three to lay that's what we're talking not doesn't that I'd go past. It doesn't effect. Fine and also that it's great 32 late English in the. One thing I don't think anybody can argue with is that the governor is not an unintelligent man he mean maybe very shrewd he may be very pragmatic. But he's very intelligent and I just don't know how. The governor could be a passionate supporter of common core and then all of a sudden. He says that he realized oh wait a minute. At some Tea Party groups expressed his status that at this status dissatisfaction. With a so weigh in as government control of it education I just don't think it's plausible that a man is Smart. Could be enlighten all of a sudden Indian. Well it's interesting. Public affairs we hit it about in my mind and excellent commentary that called the governor on. Mean the governor has is right to change his mind. But. Right to say because I've changed my mind I'm going to override the alleged. Constitutional authority at the legislature and the constitutional party. And that's what he's doing. Change his mind. LI I I'm not going to get into that debate. Heats. But in every other state with the governor's change their mind they've done it they'd done it through the legislative process. So how many people on dancing. There are 1111. And from the governor has three appointees. Cracked so Bessie hired John White because. They governor. It's suggestive him recommended him. I mean I've done that yet to redundancy under governor Locke and governor Blanco and again sent. Superintendent has been appointed by me. Every governor has gotten here so you want governor Jan don't want it state superintendent John like he'd next superintendent. Hillary's and asking them we'll wait lately at a time and I think is fascinating and Maliki Pia. He doesn't have the votes to remove John might from the votes from Bessie to remove John Mike says. And while thank you Leslie appreciate and I hope we get to talk to you again. Thank you so much have a good weekend.

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