WWL>Topics>>7-18-14 10:10am Don Dubuc: on the NOLA connection to JFK's assassination

7-18-14 10:10am Don Dubuc: on the NOLA connection to JFK's assassination

Jul 18, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with author Ed Haslam, whose book "Dr. Mary's Monkey" recounts the 50-year-old unsolved murder of Dr. Mary Sherman and its ties to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

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And on Friday's us the Friday edition of the thank -- down to -- filling in for Garland Robinette thank you for tuning in got a great she'll thanks to our producer -- and tanning. We gonna finish up later this morning action this afternoon will be talking to Dennis Michael lynch a filmmaker. About they come to America the name of his film. Discussing these children that being held in detention centers in Texas and Arizona lots of questions to pass without very many chances what's bringing them here. What about the violence the crime poverty. How we handle at least 50000 children what do viral children what about the next 50000. And then the next after that. Wants to talk about the guy who's been very upfront and honest and actually on the scene down there at the portal talked to Dennis Michael lynch and final hour. Middle hour. We're also going to avenue distinct topic CBS military consultant and retired army major. You've heard before Mike Lyons is gonna Angeles talk about the Malaysian plane incident. What does this mean as far as implications on -- in a national level. What about the ongoing investigation. And not asking you how concerned -- you. That this may happen in the US. But the first hour I'm really glad to tell you who our guest is for the first down -- and has -- those have you been listening to thanked ankle with the years. Knows that the name and has on the author of several books. I'm dealing with a number of topics. He's going to be here in New Orleans coming on Monday. He's the anniversary of the fiftieth anniversary of a gruesome murder that took place here in new wall ones. That of -- doctor Mary Sharm. And a lot of unanswered questions but and hasn't has been working on this. Crime -- and actually the associated. Events surrounding it and related to it for a number of years. He's continuing that he's coming here it and I'm going to be presenting a new update those view and many of you know we've been contacting listening to be purchased though one of his books are actually both of them. The first -- you -- was Mary ferried. And the monkey virus and he wrote doctor Mary's monkey. He's also been working with Judy -- who we have on this program that's the lady that was here. Back in the 1960s. Working with Leo Harvey Oswald and David -- on. Cancer causing viruses is an integral part of the whole story it's a very involved intricate story. When I'm gonna try to cover off in this hour but certainly wanna talk about. The new additions to his new book Edward has -- -- primaries monkey some new information on documentary -- Ed thank you for joining us this morning appreciate it. On an expert in Europe same here with you if you would first of all tell us about. And that the new addition for people who have been keeping up with this a lot of them all our. -- -- -- a new photographs to new autopsy information on doctor Mary Sherman and why. Is a doctor Mary Sherman murder that's been on solved now for fifty years why is this so important to. Much larger issues about the spread of HIV. All the viruses and also -- and ultimately to the JFK's assassination. And Wayland in the second -- does this. Yeah well let me start with the new book -- the first ball at -- -- recovery that we've never had before we're excited about that because that means it's got longer shelf life for libraries -- Itself which is why I'm doing a presentation on Monday evening out at church and parish -- -- west Napoleon. At 7 o'clock that's free and open to the public please talk about -- I'm going to be talking about the book and indeed -- for a couple of hours. There is the new addition which we could -- to alms. Be released on Monday the fiftieth anniversary -- murder. Has 25 new pages it's got new documents from the FB ICI AC/DC. And the NO PD. And it also has the crime scene photos taken by the coroner's office which the coroner's office claimed they lost but somebody sent them to make. And so on what those. And there in the back the hardcover and not put them on my web site for anyone watching just. Go to my web -- to go quick look at it it's doctor -- monkey dot com the spell out doctor. Ducked her response -- dot com and it'll say right here crime photos just click on that and which -- the he is what the public was never shown before and the fact that her. Bombs would really happened to her is something just burned off her arm -- about effort chest. Banned all you can see the internal organs and it -- horrific. Situation that you know it's a major effect to the case in the -- the underworld Republicans echoed the -- Hunter has that story and all all around the country was never told that her right arm repaid were burned off. And so that's kind of in a nutshell what the updated the ballots that 25 new pages com. In it with some new information that I received. From the air and the other issues like should we care about this today well you know we have an epidemic of cancer today. And this whole thing with -- Sherman's researches issues doing in the world in the sixties is all about cancer causing monkey bars as. And they're the ones that were in the 200 million doses of the polio vaccine that were released in the late fifties and early. The sixties and I speak for. Early frequently Republicans a question -- assess the audience is there anybody here in the audience that does not have a friend or family member. We're on cancer. And nobody ever races there and I mean cancer used to be. Extremely. Career on the -- story in the book that -- terms of medical school they woke up the middle of the night to showcase the one cancer. Isn't so where they were concerned he'd never seen again in his career. I mean look how much things have changed from -- particularly with the soft tissue cancers right about breast prostate melanoma and full. Ed column -- books and your researches led you to come to is to some conclusions what's I would say a very profound one the CIA involvement in JFK assassination of course. The relationship to the the exponential. Explosion of cancer in this country. Also about a serious cover up and I don't know you know now. I think if if this Mary Sherman murder in the JF king case thing would've happened. In this time frame now that we people have seen. And and have a great mistrust of government the government's been nailed in time at the time and in and we see how they cover things up back then people would different than they had mostly our sincere trust of government and took a lot of things that they said. As gospel but. To start off with the part that is the linchpin in this whole thing was a merry Sherman Marie and any reasonable person. That looks at those photographs that were taken of the body that can say that. The conclusion that the penalty the in the people who did the autopsy came away with in that report that she was stabbed. And a body set on fire there and bed there's no way you can believe that so that alone and yeah. And once I think and I think you'll agree -- his wants to marry chairman case. Is -- clan and if it ever resolved on who murderer and why then I think all these other pieces of the puzzle -- gonna fall imports. You know it's the hardest -- -- in America as far as I'm concerned is the it is the the center. Of the hole. On thing that we can figure it out I think we figured out a lot of that. Already -- all the other pieces will fit in to play some oil industry is saying that I've seen on this and and is that the morning they found very termed body into -- -- -- 4 -- this morning they found on the 21. President Johnson a -- we today. Jumps in his. -- visiting without warning tell the drivers take over the Pentagon goes competitor raises hell about topics. And enhances driver drives him over to Arlington national cemetery. Where he goes and stands at JFK it's great by himself for the first time since the assassination. -- -- that happened at that and that morning is that connected to -- sure I can't prove it but I certainly campaign attention some time on it. Enough to know that that happened the same morning so there's a lot of strange stuff how high it is as though we've got to. -- a memo in the new book. -- in the updated version from. And on page two of that memo there's a note in there. Talk about Barry Sherman -- or -- is burned up and rib cage earned offered in the next sentence says somebody's name was found in her address book. Odd that two witnesses now. Who saw Lee Oswald in the patio apartments were -- term we have one of them. So leak inside of Mary term and so apartment and said Mary chairman telephone -- on several occasions. Well. If you tell -- on several occasions it's logical. That -- might be Lee Oswald name in her fumble which is why they did tell the boss and so. I contacted the FBI. Has that you know we got freedom of racial and it tipped their records to active and they guys are busy but -- answer for one word. I I need to know with that name is an FBI took were not talent. The field department justice -- -- -- department of justice and they said we don't have to tell -- and we're not going to tell. And so you know I'm I'm. It should be left it to me. As an independent writer one -- with a word processors to guess what that word is even though I do you know it's only six letters long. And whoever it was -- in the in the body using his first name went in the communication to. -- -- So that came from the -- -- PD to the FBI office in the world which is right next to ordeal. And then went up to Washington DC in and -- -- just fired back don't good news and under threat of reprimand. And we're gonna take a break here we come back you know and he if everything that you alleged. -- happens to him to come to fruition and we say you know you know of the CIA was involved in JFK's assassination Oswald was simply is set up a patsy. I did the cancer experiments on the mice in the monkeys back in the sixties is that part of the reason why we've had this dramatic explosion of soft tissue cancers. And an on and on about the cover up of the emirate of -- Sherman. Why is that significant in this day and age now that people know that these type of coverups forming receive this thing going on with the VA in the IRS nobody puts a -- Why would it mean anything to know that we still gonna have to deal with that what is it. That's the question we'll put there and has listened as we comebacks -- it was shall listening to the big 870 WW. And welcome back to the think tank a programming note we will carry president Obama's press conference about the Malaysian plane crash in the Ukraine. Sometime after 1030 so stay tuned for that in the meantime was speaking with Ed has on the author of the book doctor Mary's monkey. He's got a new hard bound version out he will be doing signings those if you were texting. This coming Monday he will be at the Jefferson Parish library and giving it talked at 7 PM. On Monday evening. He joins us now in -- question -- left -- with what does this mean if in fact doctor Mary Sherman's murderers are found out. And we also find out more about the powerful people who. Provided the cover up in -- involvement with. This explosion of cancer across the nation and possibly solving the JFK. Conspiracy. Which most people believe now. What does all of this mean if we do I mean certainly it's always very important to know the truth the truth story. But is there anything that will come on it is it is there's still people around who could be brought to justice for their involvement in this. Well I think democracy only works if the people know what happened. If they don't know it happens and we're flying blind and you know so wires or even news in the first place you know. For us to understand what happened how it happened is the beginning. Figuring out what to do about it because -- we don't know that than and again we're just. Line O line -- where. -- believe and all the apple were being instead by all the various institutions than. Not all of them are telling the truth and I I think it's Saturday. Part of waking in the waking up of -- of America to really get past some of these things. And we need to put some of these things in perspective I mean on September 11. 2001 we lost about three and a half thousand people due to terrorism. That same day we lost about 3000 cases of cancer next -- but 3000 cases can't connect earlier that we've had like twelve and half. Million cases of cancer since September 11. And I don't think we've. Given that the kind of attention. That we needed and the only. Think we ever get to without so by the -- make a donation you know figure doctor. Yeah it -- we need to know where some of the stuff came from because communities to be extremely rare and -- it's not. Ed is there any thing that. Are listening audience can do that the people here in the wall and side know that you actually gave credit to the station in an interview that you and I did previously in helping you locate a very critical witness in. A someone who possibly was involved in some form or fashion maybe even the murder of doctor Mary Sherman. Because it was a listener who responded to you being on this program is there anything else that you could put out their for the audience that might be able. To help you with any of this -- Judy -- -- highly confident come on -- coffee company. Lee Harvey Oswald's involvement David ferry. Ed Butler -- there's a cast of the wall and related characters you can go on and on is there anything else you think that might be able provide some pieces of that puzzle. Well let me say in my ears are open most of what I have learned since 2007. When -- came out -- doctor -- monkey. Has been brought to me by people. And you know what I did was analyze -- figure out the significance of it. But I was able to plug it into the larger puzzle if you have -- thing which you. Think I should know about. Just. Send me an email at author -- doctor Mary monkey dot com it's on my web sites spell out doctor DOC TOR. And it and let me know because this thing you were just talking about the Stanley stop I was. You know I started off with we believe that a doctor doctors and everybody knows it's at least killed Mary sermon. Well you know I've read the policy -- report on his name in the air. And then I was told that he committed suicide a couple of months after the murder when that -- it -- and what turns out. But thanks to pick the guy that contacted me three year generous offer the Stanley died thirteen and a half years after Mary. So everybody knew. -- family killed Mary chairman outcome. Now that was done in this thirteen and it appears that followed and I thought that was a pretty significant. -- point which is why it's in the book now. But just send me an email author doctor Mary monkey dot com if you think you -- anything I need to know about his new world that's full of people with information. Absolutely a lot of connections to all all the facets of this case. And certainly someone wants to contact us on me personally here at WWL radio we will certainly get them in touch with you. I get the text in -- that wants to know if you books are available as audio books. I yes they are. On Amazon be just -- amazonian and they -- paperback and hardcover and audio. And it's ten hour read -- very happy would it be this pronounces a couple of names which. New Orleans people -- but other -- he does a great job of raw read the book. Very good all right the phone numbers -- 26018786688908. Simmons who like to join in the conversation also a text message board is open for you at age 7870. Simply send me a text please remember to text responsibly. If you are driving use a designated text and if you're texting use a designated driver also wanna remind you we're gonna continue our conversation within has them. We will be carrying president Obama's press conference about the Malaysian -- plane crash in the Ukraine that is scheduled for sometime after 1030 so. State tunis on being told by mark arms -- engineer that'd probably will be a little bit closer to 11 AM. So get calls in new text and it will be right back after the news to continue our conversation with the author of doctor Mary's monkey and has. -- been told that president Obama's press -- will be upcoming very shortly those of you on hold please stay there -- got a couple of text in it has -- -- I guess the author of the book doctor Mary's monkey he will be at the Jefferson Parish library on Monday evening at 7 o'clock. -- giving a talk about the fiftieth anniversary of horrifying homicide that took place and really was Memphis altered wall as that of doctor Mary Sherman. It will be at the Jefferson Parish library he will be signing copies there are those of you were asking how to get signed copies. Recognizing I think with the value that is going to be in the future you will be able to do if you go there on Monday audio copies are available at Amazon. -- the one question I keep getting in is no we got a lot of ground cover little time to do it. But people want to know about the connection in the cancer link to this and how of the virus get out to the public. I'll if you could just in in his concisely as you can explain that connection. Gail let me back up the two things she just said -- on with -- without. What is the he -- at -- Jefferson Parish fly everything got a bought two branches that's who won a west Napoleon ports -- several western polian. And the other point about these signed copy ice -- sign copies off but my web site so they can just go to my web site and use PayPal and all by one there right side right here chip about myself. Good and that's doctor Mary's monkey dot com it's spell out the word doctor. DOC TOR org is Google has full Monty he would find it. This thing with cancer. The polio vaccine. Would they were real Hillary to do the polio vaccine. For reasons that I talked about the book but I don't wanna get into in the air right now with the when they started to produce the polio vaccine they discovered that the polio viruses love the kidney cells of rhesus monkeys. So they're actually -- the polio vaccine. On these monkey kidney cells and Wednesday. Took out the polio virus for the vaccine they got while all of the other viruses that were in the monkey kidney cells. And they were dozens of them and on in the polio vaccine that got this on page one of the who newsletter from the National Cancer Institute so this is not a conjecture on my part. And after they had released about a hundred million doses of those. Is the researchers opposite. National Cancer Institute project Liberty City insert Stewart. On discovered a cancer causing virus. Which they named Ali -- And the moment they did that -- -- surrogate electron microscopes to catalog the -- vs. And it was not before long and we're talking late fifties here they realized that there was a cancer causing monkey virus. In the polio vaccine and -- as the forty. It and yeah I'd abducted genetic engineer once talk to a doctor -- opening. Is something it. And he was asked me that that's before the and he waves them but he over of this what was the genetic engineering and ask her about this is that you know that's before he -- and she said oh yeah we use and all the time. It is so good at penetrating cells that we. Piggy back our little inventions onto the back of it so that it will climb inside the -- and deliver. Can help -- SP forty is. The most cancer causing entities they have ever. Or run into and what it was discovered in the polio vaccine that was like. Really really bad news -- news is the biggest mistake in the history. And so you know what you do what you know now and that's what they get. Really busy on trying to develop a a vaccine against SP forty and and they were not her so that's why they use the radiation and you know it's got all to do with cancer at all to do with polio and people like doctor Sherman were all experts in those areas. Exactly I wonder about -- wanted to know how to -- it. Get out to contaminate the public was it through that the polio noble thing that we all have on our our shoulders with that little more -- vaccination what -- -- in the cubes that we hated the schools. Who first saw little mark on our shoulders smallpox a trip that. The the polio vaccine was officially released in April 1955. They were they were testing it. On schoolchildren before that I've I got a communications from. A woman who lives north of the lake who's told me that. She got it on her state. On her eighth birthday she got the vaccine before hand that was like in 1953. Two years before the official release so there's a lot of squirrelly history here. But in. When they released it in. 55. It was the salt vaccine and they rejected it and that's the one that all the -- injected into his grand. Our children and killed his grandson with it was faulty and the salt vaccine was pulled away. Six months later they came back with this Sabin vaccine which is a slightly different strategy using a week -- strain of polio. But he was still -- monkey kidney cells and that was officially released it was a syringe for awhile now that are. And then finally became picture -- The big difference between this range in the sugar cube is we eat -- sugar -- you have the whole protection of your contestants. Trying to keep Al self that's not supposed to be in the air when you inject something into a -- national protection and just goes straight and the way to us. And so. The wade got into the humans that was they it was in the vaccine that they released and we really sad part of this story was that they've figured this out after -- ordered released about a hundred million doses than on the another hundred million on the shelf would. And they didn't want it. Withdraw them -- you want to admit why they were withdrawing them in -- so they just kept distributing. From all the way up to 1960 during. Incredible -- stay with me we're gonna take a break here and I'll get back to you and again I wanna let the listeners will be carrying president Obama's press conference. In listening to the think tank on the big 870 WW. Well perhaps President Obama got the message we're having a very important conversation with Ed has on the author of doctor Mary's monkey's got to hold it off the we will go directly to his press conference -- when that airs. Ed is AM local guys a graduate of jazz went high school and also Tulane university's -- author and now he has an expanded and updated edition of doctor -- monkey if you have not read it. You can get all the latest information by getting the latest copy if you have -- it is certainly wanna get this one too because. Many people -- text me email please tell me it's fascinating you read it two and three times and I -- completely agree with you. This new information includes new crime scene photos documents from FBI CDC CIA and the NO PD. And I'm gonna kinda ask you what I was saving for the last question now -- May -- get to the other because we may get cut short here. But you know I got to worry about -- -- really respect what you've done you've you've made this a passionate viewers. To seek the truth on all of these different issues but I want a little bit about -- gone and some pretty dangerous places in up against some very powerful people. What impact is this avenue. Well it's. Become kind of you know a major. Feature much alive for parents say. You know it when I start -- start for myself what is realize that there are a lot of people have a lot of important stuff in this country -- But surrogate worried I just pretend I'm bland faced down the beaches that they would chemo would machine guns are common in over my head and realize what the item -- So I I just you know this is. This is my job. You know as those that a lot of -- on itself but this country this one is mine I don't think there's anybody else that could have carried this particular. All just because I was in the middle of -- nine new players I was from -- world. It's -- and ambient from the world and so on on Monday morning which uses the fiftieth anniversary of of various. Murder we're gonna have jazz funeral type tribute to are a part of threats band. To be on the sidewalk out front 31 no one saint Charles we're gonna have been our problem traditional in the world and -- as such if you would here today. Jazz funeral -- you know because fifty. It's it's time to give Mary -- a better sendoff that she was given 64 with all the horrible rumors were spread around about. And 31 a one saint Charles was an apartment of doctor Sherman. That that's where he used to be called patio apartments in and out on condos so they just got 3101. But it's right here by Louisiana -- -- you -- -- from downtown it's right before Louisiana on the right. I -- get to a couple of these questions again most of all coming in concerning the cancer and some very good -- one wants to know if you think that a person who got that vaccine. Let a contract of cancer would have a legal cause of action against someone the federal government the drug companies that -- to the -- affected the vaccine or perhaps some of the people who. One hosting the program. Well there -- better and number of lawyers and you can find them on line who've tried to do that. One things that was done during the W Bush Administration was that pass laws that he could not sue pharmaceuticals over vaccines. To give them -- further layer of insulation. There were some class action lawsuit I personally know lawyer who. -- try to get. Help -- 141. People. Who got polio from the polio vaccine and she tracked down who they were if you -- the documents saying that's what they expected me. And -- Wednesday lawyers she worked for the government at one point sushi it's not shy about some of the government. And she was called the judge's chambers and then judge said you know it's it's government senators -- the end. It bidding there was a problem with the polio vaccine if you wanna keep practicing law drop the case. Adam got more questions we're gonna try to get those in in case I don't get to talk to you we have the press conference -- will see you Monday evening but stay with me he can't. We'll try to get as many more questions and if you got one text me at 87874. And has will be right back after this time. And we now take you to CBS news -- president Obama's press conference in regard to the Malaysian plane crash in the UK Ukraine and will be back with the rest of the think tank on WWL 870.