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7-18-14 11:15am Don Dubuc: on the Malaysian plane crash

Jul 18, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks about the Malaysian plane crash in the Ukraine with CBS military consultant Mike Lyons and Jeff Mankoff of the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

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And on Fridays -- Don Don did you -- with you thank you to Ed has -- author of doctor marries monkey you know later on a show I'm gonna repeat those appearances have been making here in town Roma because. A lot of your text me wanting more information on Ian is the book signing of doctor Mary's monkey will get to that but. Right now we just heard from president Barack Obama giving a press conference with regard to the Malaysian plane. That was shot down in Ukraine. Joining us now to discuss this is CBS military consultant and retired army major and a familiar voice you and a BWO. A Michael lines Mike thanks to take him at times to. -- if you would. -- tell us what is is gonna mean in for the future of this struggle that's going on there if anything I mean is -- gonna bring about a cease fire is speaking to cease fires the president is calling Ford and I'm calling from the international community demand is so who actually. As -- authority to tell these countries to tune -- to stand down and if they don't what could be the possible repercussions. You'd be in the album to do it but. At this point to the -- -- -- -- with regard to Russia old ski gear. In -- -- for example in a move to now are just not not the button and not equipped than. Am get T get there and -- and Ukraine government talking to find out what can happen to civil war. And that working out but you know this important program durable be on the blood pressure and you do that. And you know you hate to think about a confrontation coming down between either the the international UN and in Russia or the United States and Russia. What the US says Russia and the USA confrontational look like military loss. I wouldn't be good for anyone -- I think I think that. Especially in light of the tactic that curious in that particular military equipment and how -- argue or anything. The lesson here. -- Weapons choose between Churchill and molecular and actually you get. The dirt and so I and and top. To keep that in order over but it looked like it to occur. Which chip so. I don't keep it in a huge fire in come. The condition that the equipment goes back to Russia Russia actually had been brought it to them. I'd stand with him Mike will be right back after this break you're listening to the think tank I'm Don Dubuque -- stuff Friday morning you know on the big 870 WW. CBS news special report I'm Steve -- for -- We know at least one American citizens. Quinn Lucas shots man was killed President Obama at the White House moments ago with first word that an American was among the 298. Deaths aboard the Malaysian jets shot down in eastern Ukraine. Our media focus will be on recovering those who lost. Investigating exactly what happened and putting forward the fact. The president says it's clear the surface to air missile was fired from territory held by pro Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine. We know that they are heavily armed and -- they are trained. And we know that. That's not an accident that's happening because a Russian support. Mr. Obama called for a cease fire in the region and says it's up to Moscow now to tamp down tensions. We want Russia to take. That would result in peace in -- What's so far at least Russia has failed to take. That path. CBS news special report and Steve case him. Actually here in the think tank -- Don Don Dubuque in on Friday's vote Garland Robinette thanks for tuning in our go to guy with regard to our military questions. Consultant for CBS and retired army major Michael Lyons joins us and -- Mike with regard to the president's call for an investigation into this. From a military. Jurisprudence prospective. When we do get to the bottom of this and appears that it probably was the Russian dissidents who were responsible for shooting -- down. Could this -- -- is an oops moment where it's collateral damage we warn you stay out of our -- base we've got a conflict going on -- could someone be charged with a war crime. And have to appear before international tribunal. -- to get what. Put in a war crime I don't think you can get away with -- and oops moment and important -- -- the lack of competency. Equipment operator which was. A sophisticated military piece of equipment and art and art center. Multiple people that called the shooting that plane out most of whom are. It it's about market is likely it will try to bring justice whoever was responsible to figure that out. You know something that's come up in this that I don't know -- ever come up before they're looking for black boxes. Arm and -- not really ready to give them up give people access to it would dispute military operation to go in and get panel demand it. I don't know that would be something military accomplished. And that's that the black box and -- -- That -- at about 12100 mile per hour. By the plane going about but -- not too sure that crew knew. What -- election. And what's more important would be -- -- And ground and it specifics with regard you. A -- destroyed you can count on your broke out. And like -- exactly what happened so I don't think the black boxes matter unfortunate. Not being on the ground out China on their side the people were -- they're calling over the crunchy right. Out of Schroeder. Immunity current evident. I think you're right Mike thanks for taking the time on a busy Friday morning the Jonas -- always appreciate it. -- all right that is retired army major Michael lines in the CBS military consult an operating opinion poll haven't mentioned it to you but the Goodwin going on it's about what it's 5050 it's now. 52 to 48 asking is do you think. The jihadist movement in Iraq. The Hamas aggression in with the Israel. The Russian incident that took place -- our border invasion almost all coincidences. Is it coincidental. Or is it parts of a larger plan right now 48% of US saying it's coincidental. 52%. Believe it's part of a larger plan what do you think cast that vote and 870 units WWL. Dot com and is cast your vote right at you wanna talk about it you can call us 260187. War. Texas a late seventy -- will be right back after this this is the Friday edition of the think tank on WW well. And welcome back into very busy Friday -- of the think tank -- down to Bewkes is a pattern here things just happen on for a comment about it. But nonetheless we got a great program for you going -- thanks to our executive producer violence and Tammy does a great job on booking guests that you may not hear anywhere else. And she's done and again Jeffrey Manning off joins us now -- deputy director and fellow with the CIC as high as Russia. And you raise a program the perfect person to talk to with regard to this latest. Event taken born with the Malaysia playing. Incident Jeff thanks for being with this com. If you could kind of tell us what's gone on over the -- first of all what it does have a particular goal in mind is it true that you think he's trying to. Recreate the old USS song that we had the Cold War with so many years. Well I think it a little bit more complicated. So potentially what happened is. You had to. Former Ukrainian current. You AMOCO which would be a sign agreement to bring creating a European Union and Russia are much agreement. That is being or step Ukraine kind of moving out of -- and moving. And a lot of pressure on him to pull back. When he did. UMB Matt street protests eventually -- You all remember the pictures. Protesters on my. The barricade -- And then and well. There's a conditional. And then. In the habit -- going to I'm in and out points rupture started stepping up the pressure. Using it yet patient Crimea. February and then continuing. -- now -- efforts to destabilize. Situation in eastern Ukraine and I think underlying all of the action actually desire. Foremost cheap. Ukraine from a -- ball away. Russian. Anything million inning and are most concerned about the potential Ukraine and NATO actually. I think you can -- more -- about potential through Ukraine to emerge as they expect old democratic western. They would after the kind of counter example he'd be. -- chair in the anti western. Eight. Would have been building up. You know. The international community it is not happy with what's going on and the president is now calling for economic sanctions. What will it take to back. Who went down off of this whole effort are they bulletproof when it comes to economic sanctions with the Russian economy or is it gonna take military force. The day in a typical questions because. Brushed economy is not there right now even ordered sanctions work. And now that looked like. Economic growth and most of the year of the year now. It's it's probably -- even lower there's been substantial capital flight. You know on the order -- -- billion dollars a gorgeous that you yourself are. Bible. You know -- these efforts to continue destabilizing situation in the eastern Ukraine and I think the take away from. It basically. Economic sanctions economic pressure. Have not been not so are probably not going to be enough to get. Direction and leadership to change -- calculation about the dangers Ukraine. Moving away. And so that -- real conundrum about how to actually. Salt problem and it is certainly not a -- nobody is he is in the interest in fighting. The corruption that -- remember. Nuclear -- I think you know on July and is in. Allowing crying beat both expedient. Creating the kind of democratic transparent. Pro western government that it in the majority Ukrainian -- -- create all the PG. -- pillaging and sovereignty over all their territory in providing them monetary. System. We're talking with the deputy director and fellow with CSI as Russia generation program Jeffrey Manning -- also the author of the book called Russian foreign policy the return of great power politics. Jeffrey what do you believe to be the next move a year whatever happens with Ukraine -- Ends up remaining. Free to do what it will often actually reverts back to controlled by Russia. Is there -- next step that we can anticipate. On who are on and on Russia's. Yeah well you know look I think this isn't just about Ukraine. It changed couldn't came back to the Kremlin in 2012. And even a little bit short then. And basically anti western -- Soviet statement directional leadership and alternative to. This sort of global democratic model that we. Here in the way. And that provide some backdrop for what club now and Ukraine -- the division not going to be pretty well. And so I think there are a lot of other states right now that are in and out of position and watching very closely. What's happening in look at. Although state Georgia. You know you need to order deal and look at. State but other stamps what they're very worried about the potential for Russia to continue. Trying to stand in political diamond -- bringing -- -- -- Russian orbit. And I think the next step is going to be figuring out how to help. Beat other. -- in addition he. Thinking there are looking independent. Given what you know about Russia and its political workings. What would be your advice for the United States who we have a hands off policy level whatever would be be or should we continues to try to not eat until. -- -- else's resolved. Well I I don't think we can sit aside and sort of thing the you know American influence in the world's largely. You know come down to. The perception that we are willing -- -- Camden and do things to support is that we claimed to believe. And Indians work. Out of those that -- that Ukrainian. And the other people and -- the world have been. Trying to change there -- politics to move out of the -- and think yeah. Ignited a allies don't. What they can support the effort that going to have. Negative repercussions battle of people in the states but also the perception. You of global leader -- the ability to and get things done more brought your around the world so I think we do have to be. You know engaged I think the certainly forward leaning. I'll be boat helping each. On our -- -- talked about succeed. And also in helping to secure burger. And -- mentioned -- neighbors. Jeff is someone wants to get a better understanding. Of the nation of Russia and if foreign policy on your book of foreign policy return of great power politics and some of your other publications where can they view them more approaches and. Well I mean they're. It should be on and the yeah they're -- your local booksellers. The book published a prominent little old -- income go to their web site. Orchestra. You know go online and. I'm very good Jeffrey sorrow we don't have more time but we're kind of work -- abbreviated schedule today and now thank you -- we really appreciate it. -- -- All right he is with the center for strategic and international studies Jeffrey -- -- -- we come back after this we continue with the Friday edition of the think tank. Your text though welcome text responsibly and 8787. And also on the back burner marinating like a big Gumbel is our. Pretty opinion poll question I'll check them out for you to you can cast your vote a double to deal not come back with more right after this.